Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 22: May Gets More Respect

May works her magic

on women with the right heart,

helping two of them. 

“So, who’s next?” asked May as she and Duke walked back to the interview room. Little did she know that everyone was listening to the clack of her heels on the floor and the grooms were breathing deeper, trying to capture the faint scent of her perfume.

“I’m thinking Amelia. She was the financial lawyer for TTI and is wobbling on the fence.”

“This one I remember from when we talked about her before. I’ve been thinking about her. Do you have a pair of high-heels made for her that haven’t been delivered to her yet?”

“Yes, and I think I see where you’re going with this. She does respond well to the amenities. I was thinking of bribing her with this new piece of baby-doll lingerie, but shoes should do just as well.”

“Why not offer her both if she’s a good girl?”

“Tell you what, I’ll let you make that call when you’re interviewing her. I’ll make sure that both are in there with you, and her groom, Miguel, is standing by in the other room with me.”

“That’s perfect my Duke. I’ve missed M’Lord Groom Miguel. He hasn’t been over since way before your mission.”

“I keep them all pretty busy May, but I’ll make sure that you have a chance to get all mussed up by him.”

Smiling, May said, “Thank you my Duke.”

When Miguel brought Amelia in, just as he was seating her in the chair, May got up and from the speaker came Duke’s voice saying, “She asked specifically for you to muss her up a little, my friend.” May shivered a little at the leer that Miguel turned on her and when he spoke to her, her knees went a little weak.

“Wench, you should know better than to ask to get all mussed up by a man when you’re wearing that ‘Knock Me Down and Ravish Me’ perfume. If Hefe wasn’t watching, it would last longer than this,” and Miguel mauled her body and kissed her all over her face and neck for the better part of several minutes before he let her go and walked into the other room with Duke.

Taking a couple of minutes to settle down and do her best to recompose herself, May sat back on the desk and crossed her legs. She looked over Amelia’s five-foot-four-inch, 120-pound frame and whistled a low but unmistakable appreciation for what she saw. Even as unkempt as training left her, Amelia was a stunning woman.

“My master said you were hot, but I see what he meant now. I thought he was talking about you being sexually hot, but you’re stunning. My name is May, and I’m the personal slave of High Lord Grandville. I’ve been sent in here to give you a slave’s perspective of life here on these Estates. Do you have any initial questions?”

Without thinking Amelia asked, “Is it really called ‘Knock Me Down and Ravish Me? That scent was divine when I smelled it earlier, as you came in, but after you and M’Lord Groom Miguel played around, I could swear it got more potent and headier!”

“Yes, that’s the name on the bottom of the bottle and it’s manufactured specifically for these Estates. My master hints at how expensive it is, but I don’t know an exact price because money has ceased to matter now that I’m a slave. I get the finest of everything and only have two ways to pay for it, and that’s with my service and devotion. In the last few months I’ve gotten a closet full of hand-made dresses and lingerie, specifically corsets, shoes and boots fitted to molds made from my feet, and my master maintains closets full of toys and tools to use on this body of mine. 

“We go to grand concerts in the main hall, both locally produced and imported from all over the world. Just last week we went to a lecture given by Cletus Molevy, the noted Anthropologist that just discovered a whole new sub-group of missing primates on our evolutionary chain. The week before it was a lecture and book reading by the latest best-selling author on the NY Times list. We have art showings to go to, again, both locally produced and from the other world that you and I were kidnapped from not so long ago. I am experiencing more culture since I was kidnapped than I did when I was on the outside. 

“When I prove myself, Duke has said he will take me on a vacation to see the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. There seems to be few, if any limits on what we can do here once we adapt to their ways of life and learn to be pleasing slaves to their desires. 

“My Duke keeps me well sated whenever he’s around, and that seems to be the norm around here rather than the exception. In fact, I want to try something with you. Are you game? I promise it won’t hurt.”

“Sure, why not?”

“M’Lord Groom Miguel, would you assist me with this?”

Miguel came in and untied Amelia’s wrists from behind her back. He then handed a brush to May who proceeded to brush out Amelia’s hair. After she was done, she helped Amelia on with the baby-doll lingerie and handed her a pair of high-heeled pumps with two crossing straps going across the insteps and had her buckle them on. Then Miguel tied Amelia’s arms behind her back at wrist and elbow, until they touched. He then tied her ankles together and ran more ropes around her legs above and below her knees. He hoisted her back up until she was standing and then turned her over to May.

“She’s all yours, May,” and he went back into the side room with Duke.

“Stand there slave and let me appreciate you.”

In the other room, Duke looked over at Miguel and said, “She’s a natural switch when it comes to another female slave, easily topping or being topped. I’ve seen excerpts from the recordings with Brigit, and I think she’s the perfect one to test the bi-limits of Amelia.”

“Hefe, they are giving me serious wood.”

“They do seem to be having fun.”

May was making Amelia squirm in her bonds, being the natural aggressor with Amelia the hapless recipient, but she was by no means the damsel in distress. For being bound as well as she was, Amelia was giving as good as she possibly could. The sounds of woman-on-woman lovemaking sounded genuine and were getting more intense. As May got her hand all wet from thrusting it between Amelia’s legs, she started to bring her to a fever pitch, but Duke’s voice came over the speaker and said, “Stop, May. She has not earned the privilege of coming quite yet. She got her lingerie, heels and a little make-out session with you, but she has to earn her orgasms. Go ahead and untie her legs but leave her arm bound. Then you can finish talking.”

By scent alone, Amelia was close to coming and she trembled with anticipatory pre-shocks as May untied her legs. May was both invested and affected by their little make-out session and knew she wanted to get her hands and mouth on this sizzling woman again sometime in the future. The thing was, May knew that with the right training, Amelia would be in the outer family and that that would be her opportunity to ravish and be ravished by her. May put it on the back burner and would let it simmer. At least she hoped so.

“So,” said May as casually as she could, “you’re no stranger to being tied and ravaged by a woman, are you?”

“No. I’ve had several girlfriends familiar with both sides of BDSM.”

“Then you’re also familiar with the top end of the partnership?”

“Untie me and let me get these ropes on you and you might learn a few things more about me than you might like.”

“Oh, said the masochist to the sadist, how do you know that I wouldn’t like it?”

“I forgot where we are and who you belong to. Of course, you’d be familiar with the more corporeal delights of playtime. Can you give as good as you take?”

This time May got a bit flustered, having wrestled with that question more times than she could count. 

“I don’t know. I’ve never been in a position to find out. Obviously, my Duke doesn’t play that way, and my other partner is more the sensualist than a masochist, so to be honest, I don’t know.”

“If you ever need a classy chassis to practice on, and we can finish what we start, you know where to find me. All the men seemed very excited when you just walked by. By their reaction, and our brief encounter, the evidence points to you being smoking hot, and you smell like, --- well, I want to rape you. I’m sure there’s a large contingent of men here with similar fantasies. Where can I get some of that perfume? I could have made fortunes persuading judges to adjudicate in my favor with that stuff. My god it’s potent. Heat and pheromone activated isn’t it?”

“Yes, they synthesize your natural pheromones and then fuse them somehow with the molecules that are heat activated. The hotter your body gets, the better you smell. Each bottle is made specifically for one woman. It’s pricey stuff, but worth every dollar.”

“So, am I going to be sold to a woman or a man? Or do you know?”

“You’ll be given away, not sold. The only auctions here are the play kind where you’re auctioned off for a charity event of some kind and then it’s far from permanent. The ‘who’ you’re given to is up to my Duke, so you might want to be nice to High Lord Grandville if you ever run across him during your training. All placements are up to him. Now, from the report I’ll give him, you may get placed with a woman. Would you mind being owned by a woman?”

“No, if she isn’t a sadistic hellcat, a crazy shrew, or an old withered crone it wouldn’t really make a difference to me. Why? Does your High Lord Grandville already have someone in mind?”

“As a matter of fact, yes, but she’d have to choose you first. You don’t have the right to choose who you’re placed with.”

“And what happens if the match-up is a disaster from the gate?”

“If the match is untenable, then you would come back here for re-training. In your case you’d be trained for a man probably, because you’re more than most men ever dream of when they dream of a female slave. I really don’t know though, again, that would all be up to Duke.”

“Why is it that you get away with calling him by his first name?”

“He actually prefers me to call him Duke. I get away with my Duke and Master, but he’d punish me for calling him High Lord Grandville. He would view that as disrespectful from me. For you it would be just the opposite.”

“May, can you tell me a little bit about this woman that they have in mind for me? Or is there a special man in the running for my body, mind and soul? Telling me would give me something to think about as I go through the endless training sessions.”

May looked over at the window and Duke said over the speaker, “Go ahead and tell her about Lucretia. I’m liking the match-up more and more as I learn about this woman.”

“But Duke, I really don’t know all that much about the High Lady Vinzini.”

“Then I’ll tell her. Amelia, when I was still a groom and starting to teach my protocol of training, I had just gotten May as my slave. Lucretia Vinzini told me after she’d seen the training job I did on May, that she wanted a slave just like her when I got the chance. Right now, she has a high-protocol slave to tend to her needs. So far, you’re the best option for her. I’m reserving judgment, so this is not a sure thing, but it looks good. 

“Lucretia is 51, young at heart and spry, five-foot-nine in her flats, approximately 150 to 160 or so, depends on the day. She has ash blonde to dirty blonde hair, again depending on the day, and has a fetish for her hair, which is down to her waist. She has blue eyes the color of fine china and is one of the shrewdest businesswomen I know. She’s every bit your equal when it comes to smarts and experience, if not a little smarter. That waits to be seen, but I know she’d need someone at least as smart as you are just to keep her interest. She is more lesbian than bi-sexual, but I know men that have been with her and later rave about the experience. Her libido is always on high. She’s been a member of these Estates for well over two decades, which means she’s been worth nine figures or more for some time now. She holds a high station here and few survive confrontations with her. Lucretia is a force of nature. She’s also my friend, so I only want the best for her. That means you will satisfy me with your training before I’ll go past the consideration point when it comes to giving you to her. You will earn it. Now I know you would be well cared for as her slave. She’s generous and loves her luxury, but you would definitely be her slave, not just a partner.

“For Lucretia, you would have to be trained first in the high protocols which was explained to you in one of my speeches to you new slaves, and then retrained in my personal protocol, or the Duke protocol. She wants you to be trained like May here, and May was trained in the Duke protocol, but Lucretia, for her business dealings also needs slaves trained in the high protocol standards of service, so she can maintain her airs within her social circles.”

“I am intrigued, High Lord Grandville.”

“By what exactly, lawyer?”

“I am intrigued by the concepts of slavery that you present, versus the preconceived notions of what we learn slavery is all about. I am intrigued by the open and respectful sexuality I’ve been exposed to since I’ve been here. I expected to get brutally raped many times, yet all the encounters I’ve had here have been consensual and fair in their give and take, except for not letting May have her way with me. I am asking you formally for a chance to get either ravished by her or to ravish her, or both. I will take a rain check from you if one is offered. I am intrigued by the breadth of activities May tells me about here and the culture of this Estate. I am intrigued by the facility. This is not some unused gymnasium. This seems to be a well thought out training facility with responsible, experienced and well-trained grooms run by a hierarchy of cultured men and women that know what they want and have found a way to get what the outside world condemns as social impropriety. In summation, I have always wondered if places like this existed, and what the price was to be admitted into the game. I suppose that you know of my personal worth and I assume that it is not nearly enough for an invitation to these Estates.”

“Not by two decimal places Amelia.”

“Then I am intrigued by getting in the way I did. I can justify devoting my life to this lifestyle if it is all that you say it is. My one regret is that I didn’t find it sooner in life. Is it time to prick my finger and allow me to sign my life away in blood, or is that just a formality? I’ll gladly learn what I have to, train my own body to be prepared for anything that is to be, and my day will be brightened by what I’ve always secretly yearned for. Give me to whomever you feel I deserve to serve, and I will give them my best. I expect the absolute worst to happen to me if I fail to hold up my end of this contract. The threat of becoming a bald chattel terrifies me. I am worth way more than that, and so the challenge of being someone’s personal slave is an endeavor that is up to my personal sense of worth. Besides, it sounds like fun. If May here is any standard of what I can expect to be when I get where she is, then bring it on High Lord Grandville, bring it on.”

“Okay, slave Amelia, don’t beat around the bush. Tell us how you really feel about this,” and Duke just busted up laughing. Soon May and Amelia were laughing with him and they could hear Miguel joining into the merriment too.

Miguel took Amelia back into the training hall and Duke called Dennis and told him to bring Vivian into the interview room. Dennis’s first duty was to muss May up about as well as Miguel did, which left her flustered, panting and squirming. May was always ready for more after Dennis said hello to her in his inimitable way. In her mind she considered his actions a form of a tactical groping assault performed with military style precision.

“May, this is Vivian. Vivian, this is my personal slave. Considering that you two are the same age and now both slaves of these Estates, I want you two to talk a while so that May can tell you a little about what it’s going to be like when I give you to Woodrow. May, I gave Vivian her first whipping and then made love to her afterwards. I’ve also had a talk with her and told her about Woodrow. Vivian is at her best when she’s under the control of a powerful man, so I thought that Woodrow would work best for her. After your talk, tell me what you think.”

“Hi Vivian, you’re a lucky woman. I know High Lord Greenway and he’s a sweetheart. He’s all business on the outside, but he’s ready to explore that special relationship between a slave that cares for his well-being and his new leisure of life. He’s been a High Lord for a while now but is just now coming around to loosening up and appreciating the service that a good slave can give him. His current slave, Candice means well, but she was trained in a much stiffer, less open style of protocol and just needs to be retrained. We’ve talked about this at Duke’s place, with another slave, and she’s anxious to be retrained. Now the question is, can he be happy with just you, or will he bring Candice back into the household after her retraining? Any questions so far?”

“High Lord Grandville told me that I would be one of two slaves in this new household. Now you tell me I may be the only slave. Which is it to be?”

“I can’t predict how Candice will take to her new training. I can’t predict anything about how all this will go, but I do know that High Lord Greenway is a nice guy and will need all the positive loving and service that you can give him when you are reassigned to him. I do know that at first Candice will be with you to show you how he likes the little things in his life. Once you learn these, it’s up to Duke to say when she can be admitted for retraining. When she is, you will be his only slave for a while. After that, I’m unsure. It depends on the rapport you develop with him and whether he wants Candice back or not. Too many ifs at this stage of the game. The one thing I do know is that you have to be at the top of your game and do your utmost to please this man while you are with him. If not, who knows what will happen to you? These men and women on these Estates demand beauty and perfection. You are beautiful enough, but you must give them everything they desire. That is why they go to these lengths to train you.”

“What can I do to be pleasing to a man?”

“Be there immediately when he reaches out to you and smile because you enjoy whatever he does to you. Learn to like what he likes. It’s even more important to learn to like what he does to you. I got lucky with my Duke.”

“You sure did. I wish I was going into his household.”

“No matter which household you go into, don’t try to train him or to change him. Just accept what they do and learn to like it. Trying to train these men to do what you want them to do, or think is best, will get you turned into bald chattel faster than you can imagine. These men are not trainable. The grooms are a constant in your life, and if they catch even the hint of miscreant behavior like that, they will bust you in a heartbeat, replace you, and send you back for retraining.”

“May, what else is there to do other than to be at the beck and call of your master?”

May told Vivian about the secretarial duties associated with Woodrow and how she’d be expected to be more than just a cliché around the office. May then told her about all of the various events that she had told the others about. She went over the 20-plus arts that a slave was encouraged to learn, to better please her master. May talked about outings and parties. When she was done, Vivian was just shining.

“I had no idea! I thought this was all going to be dark and dismal, like chained up shut-ins but it really isn’t is it?”

“Everyone thinks that when they think of slavery. The men and women of these Estates know what they want and offer a way of living to those that want it. That way of living far surpasses anything we could ever get on the outside. Sexual freedom is the most prized possession here, even if it’s limited to us being submissive to them. I tried to run my own program out in the other world, and it landed me in debt, and in prison. My karma battery was badly depleted and not only was I not making anyone else happy, I was not happy myself. Have you ever felt like that Vivian?”

“To be honest, yes, I’ve had many of those same thoughts, but I didn’t know what to do about it.”

“Well now you can make yourself happy by making someone else happy first. It’s a simple formula around here. You make them happy because you don’t have anything better to do. You don’t have to earn a living to pay the bills. You don’t have to pretend to be what society thinks you should be. You don’t have to do chores that waste your time. All you really have to do is make your owner happy with your service to him, and in turn, they make you happy because they want to share their good fortune. They do give you every opportunity to make them happy. You dress for them in the finest clothes and shoes. You do what they want you to do because you’ve been trained in how to do it correctly. You can even get training from other slaves on how to do it better. Then it’s just a matter of catering to their whims, and that just takes a positive attitude and a desire to be pleasing. Tell me, just how much better is that than the doubt and confusion we experience floundering around in the other world, trying to get it right so we succeed, thinking that that will bring us happiness? Here it’s simple. Our duties are cut and dried. And all we have to do is serve them with a joy in our hearts and a smile on our faces.”

“You know May, you make a great saleswoman.”

“I’m just a happy woman that wants others to be as happy as I am, especially my Master.”

The next thing for May

is the challenge of working

with two hard cases.


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