Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 23: May and the Hard Cases

May finds it so wrong, 

to deny the obvious,

and live in such pain.

“Duke, my love, I’m getting tired, and my brain is getting crispy around the edges. I’m not at the top of my game anymore, so can we go home and do something to recharge me, like you tying me up, beating me, and then letting me pass out in your arms, please?”

“And that’s not trying to manipulate your master?” asked Vivian before she was put back into training.

“No, that’s a report of my status, and a simple request. I fully expect to go right back to working with these slaves if my Duke tells me that that’s what he wants me to do. If he wants to take me home and play with me, I’m just letting him know that I’d be a happy girl with that decision. In my mind, it is always up to what my Duke wants, but through our time together, I do know he likes suggestions from me. This, talking and working with you slaves, was a suggestion from me that just happened to work with his schedule and intent. Under Duke’s protocol, a slave can express herself as long as she doesn’t insist on things being her way, or pout if she doesn’t get her way. I know he wants me at my best when I talk to these other slaves, and I’m just telling my Duke that my mind would be clearer if he tied me up, beat me and then let me get some rest for my brain. I’m a simple girl. Tie me up, let me serve you and I’m happy. I like all this BDSM stuff now that I have a name for it. I always fantasized about this but now I’m living it and I am happy.”

“I want to be you.”

“Convince my Duke that you’re better at this than I am, and ask him. He’s a reasonable man with a good eye for talent. I bust my tail trying to please him, but if someone can do it better, then making him the happiest man on these Estates is my number one job and I’ll step down to make him happy, no, happier. He’s turned me on to a wonderful life and I work so hard at it, there’s no end of men who would snap me up in a heartbeat if he ever let me go. I want to serve my Duke for the rest of my life, but like I said, his happiness is my priority, and if someone can do it better than I can, then so be it. I’ll train them in all his little likes and dislikes and then either step down or step aside. Instead of wanting to be me, try to be the best slave you can be for High Lord Greenway. My Duke is not the only High One that knows how to make a slave giddy with happiness and satisfaction.”

“If that doesn’t earn you some bondage and a beating,” Duke said, “I don’t know what will. Slave Vivian, that’s the attitude that you have to develop. May makes me happy because she gives me everything I ask for and then comes up with ways, on her own, to improve herself for me. She’s smart enough to never overstep her boundaries and 100% willing whenever I desire her. I know men that would kill to own a woman like May, or May herself. I also know that you have it in you to make a man like Woodrow Greenway that happy. Go learn what my grooms can teach you, because May and I are going home and brain-drain ourselves with some good, clean, honest, BDSM fun. Goodnight Vivian. Miguel, we’ll see you later buddy.”

Duke phoned in his decision to Lee, tied May’s wrists behind her back, and led her home.

Many hours later, dressed in a white corset, white skirt-suit, white see-thru blouse, white six-inch heels and nude pantyhose, a smiling May strolled back into the training facility on the arm of her master. She still had her night vision goggles with her, only today she carried a medium sized purse. White of course, with a bondage belt for a shoulder strap. 

Following along behind her and Duke, Vince escorted three of the bald chattel that carried several extra-large cake-boxes containing a total of a couple hundred cupcakes in them. If she thought the grooms were enthusiastic the day before, May, bringing them treats got her more attention than she could have imagined. She’d sat up the night before, with Brigit’s help, for hours baking and icing cupcakes for the grooms. When they found out that she’d baked these confections herself, everyone swarmed her with extra-special affection. Luckily, she’d brought a repair kit for her make-up and a brush for her hair in her purse because she’d been group-mussed.

Duke gave out a general order to the grooms on the training floor to put the slaves back into their individual cells, with the exception of Jackie. Jackie was being cared for and trained by Stony, a full groom that looked like a tall scarecrow. His thin and wiry-strong frame belied a true genius for training slaves and reading people. He was also Dennis’ teammate from the SEALs.

Stony had Jackie kneeling at his feet, unbound and waiting with her wrists crossed behind her back. Jackie, like the other slaves had smelled the fresh baked cupcakes when they’d been passed out to the grooms. They all salivated over the smell of sugar and cake but knew this was not something for them. They’d heard the grooms that passed them out talk about how May had baked them especially for them and everyone wanted at least a crumb. As Stony stroked Jackie’s blonde hair she waited for what would come next.

From around the corner came the tiniest pinpoint of light and Jackie started to cry. As May and Duke walked up to her the light became brighter and when they got close enough, she could see that May was holding a cupcake with a single birthday candle on it.

“Jackie,” said Stony, “that’s High Lord Grandville with his personal slave, May and your birthday cake.”

He didn’t need to say another word as Jackie fell into the first homage position, with her hands out in front of her, palms up, wrists crossed, and head to the floor. Duke himself pulled her up and then May, Stony and he sang happy birthday to Jackie, who wept like a schoolgirl. May plucked the thin, long burning taper out of the cupcake and then handed the confection to Jackie. May held the still burning taper up so Jackie could see that the cupcake had Happy B-Day written in thin red icing on the top of it.

“Yes Jackie, I baked that just for you. My Duke told me that it was your birthday, and I remember when I was under the darkness discipline that the best present I could have ever gotten was proof that I wasn’t blind and that they were just keeping me in the dark. See, you’re not blind. Now when this taper burns down you’re back under the darkness discipline, but until then, this light is your present.

May pulled up the chair that Stony had been sitting in and said, “By the way, my name is May and I’m the happy, personal slave of High Lord Grandville here. He asked me to tell you more about your slavery and what to expect in the coming weeks. Would you like a little girl-talk?”

With that said, both of the men walked off to the side, out of candlelight.

“Please. I haven’t talked to anyone but M’Lord Groom Stony and he’s not much of a conversationalist. Am I really going to be a slave here for the rest of my life?”

“Yes Jackie, but you don’t have to suffer during your slavery. What they’re doing to you now is just to help you transition from that other world into this one. There is no escape from this place but there is more to it than drudgery. One of the things I came here today to find out is whether you would prefer to be enslaved to a woman or a man?”

“Oh don’t be mean to me, after making me so happy. I could only ever serve a man. The thought of being enslaved to a woman is something that just makes me sick thinking about it. How can you ever ask such a question?”

“Jackie, please calm down. We didn’t know before. Now that we do it will be an easier decision to make. We’ll just assign you to a man. Do you like burly men, skinny men, smart bookish types or rough-and-ready outdoorsy types? My master needs this information if he’s going to make a good choice to assign you to. We know very little about you, so we have to ask these questions. My master is the one that pairs up other masters with the best slaves. Now you’re very beautiful, but we need to know if you have a positive attitude about serving one of the high lords here. Do you remember the different protocols that my master explained to you the other day? If you do, have you given any thought as to which one of them would make you give your best service to a high lord? Are you a stickler for details? Do you need supervision to get your service accomplished or can you be given an assignment and get it finished all on your own? Are you a self-actuator? If you are you might want to be trained in the high protocol.

“Or do you like the lower protocol, where your high lord has a more hands on approach to your service? Is that more like what you need? Do you require a lot of personal attention to get your duties done? What about the most lax of all the protocols, Duke’s protocol where you are more of a sexually oriented service and personal slave? Do you like the idea of being available to your master’s sexual desires at a moment’s notice? Do you learn quickly and retain your lessons without constant reminders of the details? You do know that you can choose a specific protocol now and then later on, in one of your discussions with your groom, possibly change protocols. Nothing is written in stone until you are assigned to a specific high lord, and it never hurts to learn more than one protocol. It really is all about you giving them your best service.”

“I really haven’t given it much thought as to what would be my choice. I thought you were just assigned a protocol and had to learn what they told you to learn.”

“Well you do have to learn what they tell you to learn, but my master feels that you might be happier picking a specific protocol that you can put your heart into. Anything strike your fancy?”

“I’m good as a self starter and I learn quickly, so could I choose the high protocol to train under? The last one kind of scares me. I’m not sure I would make a good sex slave! I mean I like sex, and I assume that sex is a part of all of the protocols, but to be able to turn it on at a moment’s notice, anytime of the day or night, whenever the master wants me, is something that terrifies me. I like a warm-up, and foreplay, and some romance. That’s the way I’ve always been brought up and this idea of free and easy sex just doesn’t float my boat.”

“We can respect that, although I don’t think you know what you’ll be missing. I was trained under Duke’s protocol and I can’t get enough of him. Once the blinders and the limitations that the other world puts on sex were lifted, I found I liked what was offered to me, but to each, their own. If you like the slow hand, then I’m sure we can find someone that likes that too. So you’re ready to put your heart and soul into training if we assure you that you’ll be trained under the highest protocol and that we’ll give you to a man as a master, is that right?”

“Yes, and thank you for letting me choose like this. I’ll remember this birthday for many a year.”

“If you’re interested, I can tell you about some of the events and exhibits that come through these Estates.”

“No, that’s okay, May, I just want to get back to learning my lessons so that I can get a new master and start my new life off right. But thank you anyway.”

“Happy birthday again, I hope you’re happy with your choice.”

After she finished her cupcake, down to the last crumb and smear of icing, Stony walked back up with his goggles on, blew out the candle, tied Jackie’s hands behind her back and led her off to start her training in the high protocols.

Walking with Duke back to the same interview room they used before, he said, “That was one of the slickest jobs of selling her on a program I’ve seen in a long time. I’m going to have to keep you around and turn you into my chief ambassador and saleswoman to all the new slaves. You just offered her the hook and she put it through her own jaw past the third barb. Who knew the power that a single cupcake and a candle could have on someone?”

“So, by my count we’re down to two, or is it three?”

“Three, not counting the one in solitary confinement. All are problematic and I think we ought to talk about what to do with each one of them.”

Didn’t we talk about the model, Leigh, being forced to her bottom, like we did with Phyllis? I still think she’s going to be too haughty and arrogant to take to any of the protocols and put her heart into learning to be a slave. After all, she was a model and a mistress to an executive. She’s bound to have an ego the size of a bus. However, I haven’t talked to her, so I guess we shouldn’t shave her head quite yet.

“I tell you what. When we bring her in to talk to you, we’ll strap her to the board like we did with Phyllis and then you can explain the reality of her situation. How does that sound?”

“Do we have an extra brush around here? I think that brushing her hair while I talk to her might remind her of how precious the things are that she might take for granted. We do want her to choose to cooperate, right?”

“Yes, of course, but you and I both know the chances of that with Leigh are slim to none, and slim just walked out the door.”

“I always liked that turn of phrase Duke, but you’re the first one I’ve heard use it in years.”

“My father used to use it and I always liked it too. Anyway, back to Leigh. You know she’s 24, taller than you and stunningly gorgeous. Do you want anything else than a brush?”

“Oh my, Duke, do you have any battery acid?”

“May, you can’t ruin her face.”

“No, of course not my Duke, but I can burn out a few nose hairs and threaten her,” and May snickered.

“I get it. I just didn’t see your mean-girl hat on your head this morning. Silly me, I should have looked. May, I think you have a natural talent for this. I’ll get one of the grooms to rustle some up for you.”

“And a beaker of water, very hot if we can get it.”

“Oh, isn’t that feathered plume and that fancy hatband a lovely addition to that mean-girl hat of yours. I like it,” and he kissed May before calling the command center and talking to Timothy. He then called Lee and got a status report on the last three.

While they were waiting, Yuri came in and brought Leigh with him. The first thing he did was to stuff a large ball in her mouth and tape it securely in with tape all over the lower half of her face. He then tied her legs off to the back chair legs so her feet were off the ground. He also tied ropes across her waist and then proceeded to strap her to the backboard so that her torso was immobile. He did an artful job of making her as helpless as possible, and then he and May went outside of the room to talk about what she was going to do.

“Boss,” said Yuri talking to Duke, “I think she’s got some Russian in her. Smart, beautiful, focused and ruthless are all qualities of the finest women from my motherland. Boss, I envy you this woman. I’ll station myself in the other room with Duke, and when you’re ready for the hot water May, just give me a thumbs-up and within a couple of minutes I’ll bring it in and lay it on the desk. It will be just under the boiling point.”

May gave Yuri a big hug and a kiss, did the same for Duke and then went back into the interrogation room.

“Hello Leigh, my name is May, and I’m here to talk to you about your life as a slave on these Estates. You do realize that you are a slave, and that it is for the rest of your life, don’t you? Nod if you’re with me so far.”

Leigh nodded and then lowered her head. May then pulled the tape off of her mouth and pried the ball out of her mouth, letting the collected drool spill out of Leigh’s mouth and fall onto her B-cup breasts. 

“Embarrassing isn’t it?”

Leigh hummed an assent and May slapped her across the face.

“Yes, yes, it’s humiliating. Please don’t hit me again. I hate having my face slapped.”

“Then play nice with me Leigh, and I’ll play nice with you. I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Do you understand?”


“I prefer to be addressed by my name.”

“Why? You’re a slave just like I am, and I …”

May slapped her across the face again. This time Leigh struggled furiously against her bonds, but it only got her some slight bruising where the straps and ropes rubbed against tender flesh.

“So, you’re not going to play nice. Got it. You think you’re better than me, but you’re not. Yes I am a slave just like you. I am the happy and devoted slave to the man you know as High Lord Grandville. I was kidnapped, like you, but I did not fight the process. You are, and I’ve been asked to try and change your mind. Now here’s the deal. You start putting your heart, soul, and positive effort into getting with and learning the program around here and you get to keep your lovely hair, your complexion and some status above scullery slave.”

“You can’t scare me with menial labor. I didn’t ask to be a slave. I have a good paying job outside of here, and a man that gives me everything I want, so I don’t care if you make me scrub a toilet or two, I’m not going to submit to being a slave for your perverted assholes around here. If you want to be one, that’s up to you, but I’m worth more than being someone’s bitch.”

“Okay then, I guess I’ve been told. You are, no wait, you were this high-end fashion model, and you were the fuck-toy of some rich jerk who isn’t even trying to get you back. But, you’re here now, and we,” and May slapped her again, “can do anything,” and another slap came to the other cheek, “we want to you, and that includes cutting off these long blonde tresses of luxurious hair, and turn them into a wig for someone that deserves it. Okay.”

May gave the thumbs-up signal to the glass partition and then just sat quietly and waited, letting Leigh rant and rave.

“Fuck you, you psycho-bitch, and fuck all of you perverts that think a modern woman can be tamed into being a willing slave for you, you fucking sick perverted sick fucks.”

Leigh continued on with her diatribe until Yuri opened the door and started bringing things in and putting them on the table, like clippers which he plugged in, turned on to make sure the sound did its part to intimidate Leigh, scissors, a can of shaving cream, a pair of rubberized chemical gloves and finally, the Erlenmeyer flask of liquid with a rubber stopper in it and a beaker of steaming water.

In a strong voice, May said “Be quiet”.

Leigh settled down and May put on the gloves before carefully opening the Erlenmeyer flask. She used one hand to waft some fumes close to her own nose and realized how pungent the acid was. Without any warning, she stuck the flask under Leigh’s nose and watched her react violently when she got a good whiff of its contents.

While Leigh screamed and yelled, “You wouldn’t dare!” May put the flask nearby on the chair next to them, and then dipped her gloved finger in the steaming water. Wafting the fumes from the acid in one hand, and with deliberate strokes from her other hand, May began to draw wet lines across Leigh’s forehead, down each cheek, across each nipple, along her chin line and lips. Leigh screamed until she passed out, terrified and helpless to do anything about what she perceived was happening to her.

When she woke up a few moments later, May was brushing out Leigh’s long beautiful hair. In a soft, pleasant voice she told Leigh, “I didn’t scar up your face or body, but I could have. The acid would’ve burned like the hot water did, only the pain would have lasted a lot longer. When I said we could do anything we want to you, I wasn’t talking about just slapping you around. I only did that to get your attention. Now, I’m going to ask you again. Will you devote yourself to being a slave, learning what these grooms have to teach you and accepting your new life on these Estates as someone’s slave, or do you want to scrub floors and toilets for the rest of your life, bald, scarred up and unloved? Remember, if you’re nasty, I still have these chemical gloves on and an Erlenmeyer flask of acid at my disposal. My Duke, High Lord Grandville, your groom, M’Lord Groom Yuri, and the others put me in here with you and gave me these tools and the right to use them as I see fit. If you continue to be nasty to me, your days as someone the camera loves will be over. Permanently. If you’re nice to me, I will give you a choice of learning to be a slave to a human master or mistress that could learn to love you, or learning to be a scullery slave, the lowest of the low. Now, you may speak your peace.”

“I’m sorry May. I, I, --- I didn’t know you were serious. I didn’t think you were hard enough to take it to the next level. I’ll cooperate, and be nice. Again, I’m sorry, really I am. Would you please tell me how to be a slave? It scares me to think of being a worthless slave that has no rights and no recourse. How do you do it?”

“First off, you’re not worthless, but you are only worth the effort you put into being a pleasurable slave to be around. Before, you wielded your beauty like a weapon, making people recognize it and pay homage to you for it. Honey, all the slaves here are beautiful. The high lords and ladies demand beauty from all of us. The thing is, they demand beauty on the inside too, as well as the outside. I’ve told this to all the slaves I’ve talked to and it’s really a very simple formula. If you try to be as pleasing to the high ones as you can, especially to whichever one you’ll be assigned to, then your outward beauty will be recognized and appreciated. If you think you are something special around here, they will teach you the hard way that gorgeous women, such as yourself, can get their heads shaved and scrub the dirt and filth up off the floor just as easily as any old, fat, ugly woman can. 

“They will work with you to be the best slave you can be, but a slave you will be, one way or another. Now, what we have to decide here and now is what type of slave you can be and what type of person you would naturally serve to your fullest potential. So, do you remember the types of protocols that my Duke told you about a while ago? ...”

And May continued to brush her hair while they talked about which protocol would suit Leigh’s frame of mind and what type of person got her juices flowing. By the time May was ready to deal with the last two troublemakers, Leigh was on board and going back into training with her hair intact and a very positive attitude.

Ambassador May

is learning about selling

slavery to them.


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