Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 21: May Gets Disrespected

Trying to explain

what it’s going to be like,

May finds jealousy.

May held up her thumb to the window and the door opened. She moved over by the door and held a finger up to the lips of Ariel. May noticed that Ariel was trembling a little so she gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and then May untied her wrists. Moving her right in front of her sister, May said, “Girls, get reacquainted. This is your...” 


“Lori?” and they both squealed, jumped into each other’s arms and started crying as they hugged and babbled little greetings to one another.

“… treat for adapting so well to your training.”

“Oh, thank you, thank you May. I was wondering if Ariel was here too...”

“Oh, like thank you Miss May. I was, like, so worried about Malory and I, like, suspected she was here, but, like...”

Both of them were talking at the same time and saying basically the same things. May got them seated so they could still hold onto one another and then May perched herself on the desk, crossed her legs and started talking.

“Alright girls, alright, we have some things to talk about. Ariel, my name is May...”

“Airy, she’s the one they were all yelling about when she came in. I bet she’s just beautiful. Don’t you just love that perfume she’s wearing?”

“I, like, figured that Lori, the way they were, like, all hooting and yelling. Yes, that’s like a potent scent. Are you beautiful May?”

“My master enjoys the way I look and that’s all that’s important to me. If others appreciate the esthetics then all the better, but I only have to worry about one man to please, and I work hard, every day, to make him the happiest man on these Estates. If I’m beautiful, it’s because of the smile he puts on my face and in my heart. I hope your master finds you as pleasing as mine does me. I’ve already talked to Malory about who she’s going to be assigned to, so now it’s your turn Ariel.”

“You can call me Airy if you like.”

“Thank you Airy, that’s a nice nickname. It seems to fit you.”

“Thanks, I like it. So, who’s this guy that’s like going to own me?”

“I’m not allowed to tell you his name yet, but he’s a doctor, and in fact he’s a plastic surgeon. I’ve seen pictures of some of the work he’s done and he’s an artist. He’s one of the High Lords around here and he’s a very nice man. I’ve met him before, and he treated me like a person and not a piece of meat.”

“Think I could, like, get some bigger tits out of him? Like, these are not,” and she grabbed her A-cups, “what I asked Mother Nature for.”

“I’m sure he’ll give you whatever he wants to look at and play with.”

“And like maybe some J-Lo butt pads? If I’m going to get beat like this, I want some, like, padding, ya’know.”

“You get used to the beatings Airy, and eventually learn to like them when they come from someone you care about.”

“Look, miss May, you seem like, well very nice, and you’ve probably got like a woman’s butt to take the beatings on, but I got blessed with these, ya’ know, like wide hips and a little girl’s flat butt, which is like practically no butt at all. I’m just like skin and bones down there, so I want some like padding. If he’s going to beat me like a stepchild, he can put in some padding, is all I’m like saying.”

 “Being the slave of a plastic surgeon will have its benefits for you. Going under the knife was good for me, and I went through my surgery days when I was your age. I’m happy with what I’ve got now, and so is my Duke.”

“So, like, who is this Duke whatever, and why can’t I belong to him?”

“Duke is High Lord Grandville’s first name, and you could belong to him, if he wants you, but I keep him very satisfied at home. So, that said, I don’t think he’s really looking for a second slave at the moment. Who knows though, it is and always will be his decision as to who’s a member of his household.”

“OK, I, like, want to belong to this Duke guy, ya’know. Tell him I’m your like replacement, because like, men always want a younger, newer model, ya’know, and I can, like, do things you’ve never even heard of. I bet I’m like a lot more flexible than like you are. What are you, like, in your late thirties or forties or something? Like no man can refuse a willing eighteen-year-old. Just tell him, like, he can turn you out to pasture like ya’ know and that I’ll, like, take your place.”

“I don’t have to tell him. You just did.

And from over the speaker in the room, Duke’s voice said, “Yes you did Ariel. That’s one demerit for being disrespectful to my slave. First off, it would take too much of my valuable time to discipline all that slang out of your lexicon for me to appreciate you. And no, you can’t do things that May can’t do. In fact, she can do many things that you’ve never even heard of. She’s old enough to be your mother and I’d take her over two of you, or any two eighteen-year olds any day. At this stage of your life you have no idea what it takes to please a man. Boys, yes. You can please them by flat-backing it for them, but not a man, especially a sophisticated man that has been out there in the world. In fact, you can’t afford to be out of training for another minute with that attitude. This was Malory’s treat for being a good slave-in-training, not yours. Malory, you now know she’s here, being cared for as well as you are and unhurt, so say goodbye to her because she’s going back into training, now.”

Malory went down on her knees, faced the speaker and said, “Thank you High Lord Grandville for showing me that my sister was alive and well. I apologize for her rudeness. She’s just scared and in survival mode. May, I’m sorry she was rude to you. I know you meant well and didn’t deserve any of the things she said to you. Airy, will you ever learn to keep your big mouth shut? Daddy always warned you that it would get you in trouble, and once again it has. I love you, but you deserve it this time. Maybe these men can teach you some manners.”

“Fuck you Mal, you sanctimonious little suck-up. They’re just going to, like, beat you into like submission and tell you that you have to like it, ya’know.”

“But I did like what M’Lord Groom Dennis did to me, and now what M’Lord Groom George does to me, since M’Lord Groom Dennis was assigned to someone else. M’Lord Groom George’s hands are some kind of magic on my body, and he doesn’t whip me that hard at all. I mean it’s hard, but it doesn’t hurt me the way he does it. Daddy hurt me more with his belt when we were kids than either of my grooms have with that heavy flogger they use on me.”

“Oh, like, Daddy only beat you because he like got off on pinking up that round little ass of yours, ya’ know. Daddy was like a ya’ know, pervert, pulling down your panties and trying to like be all mean and stuff. I used to watch him and he, like, grinned when he like, spanked you. And you like, just wriggled your ass ya’ know and cried, which like egged him on all the more, ya’know.”

“I still think you would have turned out better if he’d used the belt on you more.”

“I didn’t like have the cute ass like you did ya’ know, so he like, didn’t want to spank me like he did you.”

“Alright,” came the voice over the speaker, “time to get you back into training mode. Cross your wrists behind your back Ariel and wait for your groom.”

When she was gone May got up and hugged Malory, who just cried and sniffled for a moment or two.

“Was your daddy really a pervert, Honey?”

“Well, he did rub my bum when he was done spanking me with his belt. And he seemed to want to spank me all the time for the slightest little things. I always thought rubbing my bum was to make me feel better after he’d spanked me, but now I’m beginning to wonder.”

“Well, don’t let it bother you because you are definitely in the middle of a bunch of people with refined tastes and fetishes, and you are an adult now, so it’s no longer a bad perversion. You do like what the grooms do to you don’t you? I mean, you did say you kind of liked it.”

“Actually, I didn’t say I kind of liked it, I said I did like it! It really gets me all excited and really horny. Is that what they do to you around here? If they do, then that’s not too bad at all. I could learn to like it here.”

“You’ll like my master’s friend then. And he’ll like you. I’m getting a really good feeling about this match-up.”

“You really think he’ll like me?”

“Oh, there’s no doubt about it. Just learn everything our grooms can teach you and stay open minded to tailoring your personal service to him and you’ll be my sister-slave before you know it.”

“Sister-slave. I like the sound of that. Thank you May.”

“Alright,” came Duke’s voice over the speaker, “it’s time that you resume your training number eight. George will be in to tie your hands and collect you momentarily. Are there any last questions for my slave, May?”

“Are you really happy May? I mean...”

“Deliriously happy Malory, happier than I’ve ever been.”

“Then this is the life I’ve been looking for.”

George walked through the door then, re-tied Malory’s hands behind her back, got a hug and a kiss from May, and then escorted Malory out.

“So, who’s next Duke?”

“Her name is Phyllis, and she’s on the fence. You sure look sexy, sitting on that desk like that, with your legs crossed. Anyway, back to Phyllis, she’s another young one, but she is definitely a bit more refined. She’s 23 and was the trophy-wife of a CEO. She’s used to a higher standard of living and being treated like a princess. Lately in her training, she’s gone through the motions, correctly, but there has been no enthusiasm, either positive or negative to her actions. What can you do with her?”

“Who is she going to?”

“I was thinking that she’d be a good candidate to be Jackson’s third slave. He did want two more, ‘just like you’, my dear. Malory will be made available to him and will undoubtedly be his first choice. She’s a bright and shiny new penny, eager to serve and now primed for someone like Jackson. She can be trained up under Brigit to serve his personal needs, and then Brigit can go get fitted for her new tits from Dr. Stinson. With Brigit as a straw boss for Malory, a clear pecking order will be established between those three. Now all we have to do is fit Phyllis into that mixture. In all reality, Malory will be ready to be placed with Jackson way before anyone else would be. Phyllis will need a reality check on becoming third-girl, and not queen of the pile, so we’re going to have to do more work on her here.”

“Duke, I have an idea.”

“Go ahead, speak your mind.”

“As I told you, in recovery we learned that a person with a problem has to hit their bottom before they’re open to learning a new and better way of doing things. This girl sounds spoiled and privileged having been a trophy wife. I see problems arising when both Brigit and Malory start lording it over her in Jackson’s household, so this Phyllis is going to have to hit a bottom before she’ll fit in. Have you thought of making her chattel first, and then as her hair starts to grow back in, retraining her to be Jackson’s personal scullery slave?”

“You are a delight to work with May. You seem to have a natural genius for this sort of thing. Yes, that has been brought up in our meetings, but you put it in a primal format with few embellishments. While you’re on a roll, do you have any suggestions on how to put her in the place and mindset that we want her to be in?”

“Let’s start this line of training right now. I’ll have a talk with her, provoke a response from her and then a groom can come in and shave her head. That’ll put her in an untenable position close to the bottom. From there it’s just a matter of training her as chattel but always giving her a little hope to avoid scrubbing nothing but toilets for the rest of her life. If she has hope, then she’ll allow her princess ways to give in to some humility and fit into a third-slave status for Jackson’s household. May I have a pen, so I have something to drop to get her to pick up for me?”

Duke walked through the door, handed May a pen and mauled her a bit as he kissed and groped her. She squealed and moaned in a happy way, for the attention. Duke warned her to take her goggles off and then turned the lights up enough so that she could repair the damage to her image that he’d just messed up. When she was once again perched on the desk, he turned the visible lights off, and the IR lights back on. She was just adjusting her goggles when the outer door opened and a woman was escorted in. 

Phyllis was five-foot-three, and about 110 pounds, with a pair of tits that looked huge on her frame. In all reality, they were one size smaller than May’s, but because of the height difference, they looked bigger. Being naked, Phyllis had none of the glamour that clothes provided, so she shrank up a little trying to hide her proportions and stature. This was hard to do with her hands tied behind her back, and this time May made no effort to untie her.

“Hello Phyllis, my name is May. I am the personal slave of High Lord Grandville. I am his lover, confidant, and friend, but most importantly and above everything else, I am happy to be his slave. I was kidnapped from my home a little over four months ago and have learned how wonderful this lifestyle can be. I wouldn’t trade my life here for anything out in the other world. Freedom is highly overrated and only worth what you pay for it. I have more now than I ever could have gotten on my own and I have just as much if not more going for me physically than you do, plus I have the maturity to know exactly how to use what I have to get what I want. My master’s household has everything in it that is necessary for us to be happy. We share a rich and fulfilling life with friends and work, which is much more than I had on the outside. We go to live concerts and special events. We go to parties, and he takes me places that would surprise you, considering I am his slave. And remember, I was kidnapped, just like you, and brought here against my will. Now I have more than I ever would have on the outside.

“Obviously you haven’t come to grips with some of your lessons in attitude and comportment. First off, you will never see the outside world again in the same way as when you left it. There, you were a trophy wife, born, raised and constructed, by the size and shape of those tits, to be the high-priced plaything of a rich and powerful man. But you had no other purpose. Well, that’s what you start with here. The difference is that you can become so much more here. I’m sure that’s hard to believe, and I don’t expect you to take my word for it. It’s always better for you to find these things out on your own, so for now, I’m going to give you a chance to ask some questions, and I will answer them for you?”

“When am I being ransomed and how much are you asking for me?”

“You’re in denial. Again, you do not understand. We are asking no ransom, because you will never leave these Estates. You are a slave now, to these Estates, and if you’re lucky, to one particular man or woman on these Estates. Right now, your lackadaisical attitude is putting you dangerously close to becoming what they call bald chattel. The chattel are the ones that do the most menial labor around here for the ones that cooperate with the affairs of these Estates, like me. They maintain the lowest status around here. Would you lower your standards to be a slave to a slave and her master?”


May held her pen out and dropped it right in front of Phyllis, and said, “Pick that up for me, slave.”

“Fuck you, pick it up yourself. I can’t even see where it went, and my hands are still tied behind my back. How do you expect me to find something under those conditions?”

“I expect you to do what I would do under similar circumstances. If my Duke, High Lord Grandville, any of the High Ones, or for that matter any of the grooms around here told me to pick that pen up, I would use my feet to feel around and to find the pen. Then I would get down on my knees, twist my bound hands around until I was in the vicinity and grope around until I found and grabbed the missing pen. I would then get up as gracefully as I could, turn and present the pen to whoever had asked for it. As a slave higher up on the pecking order than you are, that is exactly what I expect of you.”

“Fuck you. A slave is a slave, so pick up the damned pen yourself. I am not your slave, and to hell with the pecking order. I’m better than that. Do you realize who I am? I will not take orders from another slut-slave.”

“Master Grandville, may I hit her for being disrespectful?”

“Once, with an open hand. I’m still going over her fitness reports.”

Expecting a slap to her left cheek, Phyllis cringed, ducking her head and moving her left shoulder up to try and block the slap she knew was coming. Seeing this, May did the unexpected by using her left hand to smack Phyllis’s right cheek, hard. May hit her hard enough to almost knock her off the chair she was sitting in. Phyllis squealed and then tried to head-butt May, which May stopped by putting a hand on each of the smaller woman’s shoulders and then holding her out at arm’s length. Screeching, Phyllis yelled out a long string of mindless obscenities at May and at this whole facility, not to mention the one’s doing the training here. Her acidic accusations stemmed from a pent-up temper that had finally exploded vicious slanders out at the situation and then she made further derogations of the other slaves here.

May just looked over at the one-way glass and shrugged while she pushed Phyllis back into her chair. Just then, Duke and two grooms came in with some bondage materials and a set of clippers. Standing Phyllis up they restrained her to a one-by-eight board that went from her neck to her tailbone. A very wide strap that went through slots in the board and was buckled in the back, strapped her neck solidly to the board. More straps anchored her torso to that board so that the top half of her body was rigid and immovable. One of the grooms tied her ankles and legs to the chair, totally immobilizing her. The other groom stuffed a large rubber ball into Phyllis’s mouth and then taped it in there to muffle her screams that they knew would come.

When they were finished, Duke held her chin in one hand and lifted her face up to where he was standing over her. He passed down his sentence then.

“It has been decided that you are on the fencepost and need to make a decision on whether you want the worst that these Estates has to offer, or whether you want to conform to the way things are done around here. You conform with a positive attitude to whatever you are told to do. You have no will.”

He reached down, hefted one of her double-D tits and then slapped it, which elicited a squeal from behind her gag. He then pinched first one nipple, cruelly, and then the other, gently and with a caress that was meant to excite her. He stroked the same breast giving her a bit more to squirm about.

“I, or anyone, can do anything we want to you, even other slaves, like May,” and he motioned for May to hit or slap her. May slid off the desk and chose to double up her fist and hit Phyllis in the solar plexus, just hard enough to knock the wind out of her. She then got back up on the desk and crossed her legs. Duke stroked May’s nylon covered leg around her knee and patted it for reassurance. 

“Obviously,” Duke whispered in Phyllis’s ear, “she took exception to some of your remarks.” Duke let Phyllis catch her breath and start to breathe regularly again before he continued.

“I’ve been going over the reports that my grooms have made about you. These are reports from your trainers and from those set to observe what you do and how you respond when your trainer is not watching you. We see and record everything you do, even when you’re sleeping. These reports and the recordings we have of you are not pleasing to me. You seem to be doing what they force you to do and then only the bare necessities. You are not acting in ways that make me think that you want to cooperate with us. You are not doing this because you want to please us. You are doing this to avoid punishment. So, if that’s all the effort you are going to put into this, then we are not going to waste our time by trying to train you in the higher orders of slavery. The world always needs another lowly scullery slave.

“That means right now, I am going to assign you to what we call the bald chattel around here. Your new position is to clean up after the other slaves that are trying to please us. You’ll still be effectively blind, but you’ll still have to clean their tables, scrub their toilets, wash their towels and other menial tasks like that. If someone, free or slave vomits? You’ll clean it up. If something spills something, you’ll clean it up. Right now, we’re going to shave your head. This will tell anyone that can see you what your status is and how to treat you. You’ll go directly from here to the latrines and with a small brush and no gloves you will scrub the insides and the outsides of all the toilets there. A groom will be standing over you with a much nastier whip than you have felt up to this point, and he will beat you if you don’t do a good job.”

May said, “If I were you, I’d listen very respectfully to the groom’s careful instructions on how to serve them in a way that is pleasing. This is your new station in life now. You made your bed, and now you have to lie in it. I can’t say for sure, but if you please them at this, while you are still in training, they may offer you a second chance to prove that you are worth more to them as a personal slave than you are as just another scullery slave. That will be up to you and how you please your trainers though. I submitted to their will, and my life is happy now and full of joy and fulfillment. There may still be hope for you, slave-Phyllis. If not, live with the decision you made, right here and right now.”

Then to her horror, Phyllis’s hair was cut off. Clippers were used to buzz-cut the remainder down to a manageable level and then after they lathered shaving cream all over her head, May shaved the fuzz off, careful not to nick her. A groom held Phyllis steady while May did this and then Phyllis was released from all of her bonds, except for the gag. She sobbed and eventually quit crying after she’d felt the baby smooth skin on her head with her hands. Flexible, thick plastic manacles were added to her wrists and ankles with a piece of insulated wire attached between each pair, to hold them a foot apart. 

To add to her humiliation, Phyllis was marched out, stumbling in her hobble into the central training hall where all the other slaves were learning their individual lessons. There, Duke said, “Slaves. Most of you still have your names, but this one just lost her name, permanently. Back in that other world you knew her as Phyllis Harrelman, trophy wife of Phillip Harrelman, CEO of TTI. She has been uncooperative and rude. She is now bald chattel and will continue her training in the latrines as a scullery slave. She is now the lowest of the low. She will not learn how to dress to please a master or mistress. She will not learn how to act in a pleasing way, or how to serve a man or woman’s wishes. She will learn how to scrub, and clean, and how to pick up after you, as long as you remain pleasing to us and try to cooperate with our program of instruction. If you don’t, you can learn what she is learning from now on. There’s always room in the pens for another scullery-slave.”

All they heard as Phyllis was being marched away was the pitiful moaning and sobbing from behind her gag. All Phyllis felt was truly doomed.

Lessons to be taught

to the willing, can be learned,

but not the hopeless.


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