Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 20: May as a Diplomat

May might be nervous

because this is something new

but she will succeed.

Lee flipped the lights off on the ramp, gave both Duke and May a chance to put on their night vision goggles and then opened the vault doors for them. To May’s surprise, wolf-whistles heralded her arrival into the training facility.

“Will you look at what the boss brought in to tease us” --- “May, baby, looking hot” --- “Now that’s what a woman should look like” --- “Duke, you lucky man” --- Hefe, now that’s what I call a hottie” --- “If you ever get tired of her boss, I want first crack at her” --- “May, we love ya darlin’” --- “You never smelled better May” --- “Can’t stand to be away from a hot-looking babe like that, can you boss” --- “Come over and give me a hug May” --- “Yes May, then come over and rub some gorgeous woman on me too” --- “Hey May ...”

“Alright guys, I brought May with me to talk to a couple of these women about being a slave, so May, who’s first on your list?”

May walked over to Paul and Serenity, gave Paul a hug and a kiss and then knelt down next to Serenity.

“He’s one of the best,” she whispered to Serenity. “M’Lord Groom Paul continued my training after Duke, my master, the man you know as High Lord Grandville was recuperating in the on-site hospital after taking several bullets that had been aimed at me by a crazy woman. Yes, my Duke got shot, actually pulled the gun into his own gut to keep a slave, me, from being gunned down by a crazy woman. We’re valuable, as a person, to them Serenity. You wouldn’t think someone would risk their own life to save a slave, if they didn’t cherish us, would you? M’Lord Groom Paul was right there to pick up the slack in my training, and he did a great job with me while my master was healing. This happened a short amount of time after I’d gotten here. I’d been kidnapped, like you, and had just been taken off the darkness discipline. If you continue to grow at the rate you are now, I predict that you and I are going to end up being like sisters, because Duke and M’Lord Groom Paul are such close friends. If they hang out together, then we, you and I will be able to too. There are all sorts of activities for slaves to do on these Estates. Would you like to go somewhere with me, have a little girl-talk, and I can tell you all about the things you’d never believe about your slavery, or about these Estates?”

Not even realizing she did it, Serenity looked up toward Paul for permission, because she was still under a silence edict of not talking unless a groom or high lord talked to her first and expected an answer to his question. May was surprised when Paul looked up to Duke first, got a sign and then said, “You may converse with May, Serenity. You have our permission.”

“I’d love to talk to someone that really knows what’s going on around here. Yes, please, where can we go? Will it just be the two of us? Can we really talk? You’re not a plant, are you? Are you really a slave too? They all seem to know you! How long have you been here? Can...”

May held up a finger to Serenity’s lips to quiet her down for a moment and said, “Yes, I do know what’s going on around here. We’ll be led to a place where we can sit and talk. It will just be the two of us and we can really talk. No, I’m not a plant, and I am a slave to High Lord Grandville, like you will be for M’Lord Groom Paul one day. I am their boss’s personal slave and I’ve been on these Estates for only a few months now. Now, we’re going to go to a private room to finish this little talk, OK?”

“OK. Thank you so much. This has been so unreal, and I’m so confused about, -(long pause fraught with emotion)- things.”

“Just come with me Honey, you need a little girl-talk.”

May got up off the floor and helped Serenity up. Because Serenity still had her wrists crossed and tied behind her back, May looped her arm through Serenity’s and they walked behind Duke who was leading them to an interview room, with Paul following behind. Duke let them into one part of the room and then he and Paul went into the glass-partitioned room off to the side. May saw that it was like a police interrogation room. Serenity didn’t know they were going to listen, and it didn’t bother May that it wasn’t going to be private. The only one that it mattered to was Serenity and she was happily thinking it would be just her and May.

When the door closed the two women were silent for a long moment, and then Serenity blurted out, “Are we alone?”

“Yes, we’re alone in here.”

“I think I love him May, he’s all I think about, and oh my god the things he does to me! Is he really...?”

“Yes Honey, M’Lord Groom Paul is that good of a man. He’s six-foot-four, 280 or so pounds of muscle with these huge arms. Did you know he was the martial arts instructor for all the groom corps? He’s a full groom, which is the highest classification grooms can get. He’s personally worth over a mil or more and does this because it is that rewarding. He’s kind, gentle, loving and compassionate and only as hard-core as he needs to be. You cannot bend him, or trick him, or manipulate him into doing anything he doesn’t want to do. He’s all tempered steel on the inside with this teddy-bear exterior and a huge heart. You are definitely one of the lucky ones, sweetie. He’s a keeper.”

“What do I have to do to keep him though? I don’t want to be sold off to one of the other masters or god-forbid one of the mistresses around here. That would be horrible. I want to be with him. Please tell me what I have to do, May.”

“It’s simple, and the same thing I did for my Duke. You have to be the best slave you can be, learning everything you can learn about all the ways a woman can please a real man, and most importantly living the rules they want us to follow, and working every day to do whatever it takes to please him. He will not make it difficult for you. Duke didn’t. He trains all his grooms not to set women up to fail. There’s no reason to tell us to do something and then punish us for not doing what they didn’t tell us to do. That’s the old bullshit about spanking a slave for being a bad girl. They spank us because it makes them happy. Not for something we did wrong. They’re grown up around here. They know we like a spanking when it’s for fun, and between two people that care for one another. I love it when my Duke beats me and then ravishes me like he did just a couple of hours ago. They all want us to succeed at being good slaves that are vital and happy and sated and ready to please. They tell you what makes them happy, and you do it for them. It’s really very easy with someone you grow to love like I did with my Duke. You can do it too because of the way you feel about M’Lord Groom Paul. Don’t you want to make him happy? Don’t you want to do anything he asks you to do for him? When he beats you, is it out of anger or because he wants you to feel exceptionally aroused before he takes you? M’Lord Groom Paul is one of the best men around here and he wants you as much as you want him, so don’t fuck this up Serenity. Just do everything he tells you to do and try to make him the happiest man on these Estates. Can you do that for him?”

Serenity started to cry, but they were happy tears. She was anything but unhappy hearing this from another slave. May held her while she cried.

“Oh May, thank you so much. I was thinking all of this was too good to be true and kept looking for the other shoe to fall, but I see now that it doesn’t have to. I was hoping he was everything I dreamed he was, and here you say he’s all that and more.”

They chatted a little while longer about May’s personal experiences with Paul and what to expect next in training and then Serenity said, “I bet you’re beautiful May. I wish I could see you.”

Without really thinking it through, May took off her night vision goggles and held them up for Serenity to look through. Before Duke and Paul could get all the way up, they both looked at each other, resigned to the fact that it was already too late, so they may as well accept the fact.

May stayed standing after putting the goggles on Serenity and twirled slowly to show off. She ran through a couple of quick poses and then reached out until she could grab onto Serenity. May removed the goggles from Serenity, putting them back on her own head.

“I can see why all the grooms made such a fuss when you came in. You’re gorgeous.”

“My Duke gets all the credit for who and what I am. He demands the best out of me and offers me every chance to give him everything I have. I’d do anything for my Duke, be anything he wanted and love every minute of it, just as I’m sure you’ll do for M’Lord Groom Paul very soon. And by the way, you’re no slouch woman. M’Lord Groom Paul chose well when he picked you.”

“Beauty doesn’t mean much when you can’t bargain with it to get what you want.”

“But they still demand beauty. That and obedience are our only coin of the realm. Beauty excites them, like any man, so we have to be as beautiful on the inside as we are on the outside. They demand that our beauty is more than skin deep. Yes, the way our skin looks helps, but we have to be honest, and sincere in our need to serve them or they will find someone that is. They were not kidding or lying about women volunteering to be here to serve the men of this estate. I know they’re here. I haven’t met many of them, but the numbers the tech-grooms tell me about are that there is a disproportionately large number of volunteers compared to those of us that were kidnapped and brought here. And the High Ones demand beauty. They have surgeons here that can fix flaws in a woman’s outer beauty, but the High Ones demand that we are beautiful on the inside first. You have a good start Honey. You’re beautiful on the outside, so, if you devote yourself to making M’Lord Groom Paul as happy as you can make him, then that will count towards him keeping you, because you’ll then be considered beautiful on the inside too.”

“I so want him to keep me. What that man can do to me is like nothing I’ve ever known was possible, and I’ve played tie-‘em-up and spank-‘em games before. They were nothing compared to this! Nothing. That man doesn’t just make my toes curl; he makes my toenails curl. Does High Lord Grandville do that to you?”

“Honey, he made me pass out from coming just last night, or was it this morning? I can never tell, but it was within the last 12 hours, and then he does more to me. We played together for hours and I am totally jazzed and energized from it. He does that to me all the time when we play. It is so worth making them happy. These men know how to work a woman’s body and play it like the whole fucking symphony, not just like a single violin. They take classes on how to be the best they can be, and then they offer us classes on how we can be better too! You would not believe the resources available to us here. With wealth comes leisure, and with leisure comes time for sex that’s meant to be savored, not just endured or taken for granted, or squeezed into a schedule. They demand the best and make it easy for us to be the best. All we have to do is what they tell us to do.

“My Duke dresses me in handmade clothes, shoes fitted and sewn up on molds that were made of my feet so that they fit perfectly, and we’re not even going to mention their personal closets, yes, closets of toys. Honey, my wardrobe alone, if we were on the outside, would be worth six figures if not seven by now. It’s easy to have them dress us in what they want to see us in when they give us the best there is to wear for them. I’m taking classes in dance, photography, hair and make-up styling, and art, just so I can do more things to make my Duke happy. Another slave and I are making our own home videos of some of our escapades with our masters and having a ball learning. 

“My day starts with exercising to stay in shape, a soak in our own jacuzzi, a sweat in our own sauna, and then a shower that’s built for two comfortably. Then, after eating, I wait around for my instructor to come over and continue my lessons on what I told you I was learning. Then, hopefully, my Duke gets done here long enough to come home and ravish me or take me out to a concert up in the main hall, or to one of the guest speakers, or to a party with other high lords and their slaves. Shoot, one day my Duke took me camping out in the woods because he thought it would be fun. You can have a full life here as a slave if you make your master happy. You’re not going to be chained in a dungeon somewhere and only taken out to be quickly fucked and then put back in the chains, although the chains part kind of sounds like fun. Sure, the slave gruel sucks, but we never have to worry about gaining too much weight or losing too much either. They have nutritionists tailor make our gruel specifically to us for our best health. It’s a small price to pay for the rest of what you get around here.”

“You make it sound so wonderful, May!”

“Serenity, Honey, I’m happy. Happier than I’ve ever been on the outside. And it all comes from the man I love, like you do with M’Lord Groom Paul. You can easily be this happy, and then we can hang out and do stuff together. We can be happy together, along with other slaves that are happy here with their masters. Think about it. No more earning a living. No more bills to pay. No saving for our retirement. None of the bullshit errands that happen on the outside like the DMV, or taxes, or any of that shit. Here, life has been radically simplified. Please your master and keep learning how to do it better. What could be easier or better?”

Serenity was silent for a while and then said in a small voice, “May, I know you’re here for a pep-talk and I’ve really enjoyed our time. Thank you for taking your time to ease my mind on a few things, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to get back to learning how to make my Paul happy with me.”

“Your, M’Lord Groom Paul. Just because you love him, don’t shirk your duty to address him the way you’ve been taught. Okay, I’ll see if they’re ready for us. You wait here for M’Lord Groom Paul to come and collect you. It’s been nice talking with you Serenity. I hope you make him happy enough to keep you. You’ll make a great sister slave. Goodbye for now.”

May walked into the door that led to the other part of the interrogation cell where Duke and Paul were listening. Duke immediately hugged her and said, “You’re a natural at this. I’m so proud of you. I think Paul has something to say to you too.”

Paul just grabbed her up in a bear hug and squeezed until May gave a little squeal and giggled. Lowering her to the floor he said, “Thank you. It’ll be much easier now that she’s opened up about her feelings. Duke tells me that this was your idea. You rock darlin’. This was just what I needed to take her to her next plateau of training.”

Smiling, Paul left then to collect Serenity and take her back for more training.

“I’m just hoping the others go as easy as this one. Duke, would it be all right to see the sisters next? Or do you want me to take them one at a time?”

“Sure. I’m seeing no problems with a double interview. We’ll just bring them back here, one at a time, Malory first and then Ariel. You just give us a thumbs-up when you’re ready to unite them. Again, both of them will have their hands tied behind their backs for your safety.”

“Duke, would it be all right if I untied them when we get the two of them together so they can hug one another? I think I’ll be safe enough. These are two kids really, and I learned how to handle myself when I did that stint in prison. You don’t survive inside by not knowing how to handle yourself. I’ll be safe with a couple of kids like these two.”

“Okay. That makes sense to me. I was just being cautious of your welfare. So, go back in and have a seat. A groom will bring in another chair for Ariel and as soon as he leaves, we’ll be bringing Malory in. You can untie them anytime you want.”

“Have I told you how much I love you Duke?”

“I never tire of hearing it from you, and I love you too May.”

When they brought Malory in, she went ahead and knelt on the floor. May picked her up and sat her down in a chair, then reached behind her and untied her wrist bonds.

“Thank you. Are you the one that came in earlier?” asked Malory. “The one they were calling May?”

“Yes Malory, my name is May, and I’m the happy slave of the man you know as High Lord Grandville. I call him Duke though. He likes the familiarity. He’s only formal when he has to be.”

“May I call him Duke?”

“Has he given you permission to?”


“Then that’s your answer.”

Still in a cheerful voice Malory said, “Okay, just checking.”

“I hear you’re doing very well in your training. They tell me you’re cooperating nicely, learning quickly, and seem to be adjusting well to your surroundings and your situation. How do you feel about it?”

“I’m going to be a slave to these men for the rest of my life, aren’t I?”

“Yes, but I know the man who’s been selected to be your master. He’s a sweetheart. I know him and you could really do a lot worse. I won’t tell you his name, but he’s handsome, rich, powerful and the most important thing of all, he’s really a nice guy.

“Is he old or young?”

“Middle, I’d say. I don’t know exactly how old he is but he’s not young, dumb and full of cum. And he’s certainly not over the hill. He’s somewhere in between. The most important thing is that he’s not an asshole.”

“Good. Most of the young guys I’ve been around are so stupid and immature that they think it’s sexier to chew the rivets out of your jeans rather than just taking them off, and old, old guys just can’t keep up. The middle’s nice.”

“Well, Ja... Ooops I almost gave it away. At any rate, I think you’ll like this guy. Okay, now, enough on him for a while. Would you like your treat for being a good girl?”

“Treat? Yes, please. What is it?”

Making an effort

to be a friend to the slaves,

May is pleasing Duke.


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