Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; crotchrope; spread; bedtie; susp; whip; paddle; oral; cons; X

Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 19: Fun Before Work

May misses her Duke.

She especially misses

what he does to her.

Watching May slide the hose up her long legs was a treat in and of itself for Duke. Knowing her man was paying attention to her preparations, she made a production out of this simple act. Sitting on the side of the bed she twisted and turned, lifting her leg straight out for his amusement, toes on pointe and then running her hands up her leg to smooth the hose. With both legs encased in coffee colored hose, May slipped into her white five-inch pumps before standing to fasten the hose to the suspenders dangling from her garter belt. Duke helped her with this so that she got the seams straight in the back and so he could run his hands up and down her legs, which made both of them smile.

Having her hold her arms up, Duke made some four-strand wraps above her breasts, and below, knotting them off in the back with flat hitches. Playing with her tits while they were lightly compressed like this got May humming. Starting gently with his fingertips, Duke worked up to scratching with his fingernails. Each progression caused a different level of soft moaning from deep in her throat. While he had her undivided attention, he took a long rope and while he kissed her passionately on the mouth, he tied that rope around her waist, made some strategic knots along the long ends and then brought it up between her pussy lips for a tight little crotch-rope. His mouth never left hers while he tied this stimulator on her, and she cupped his face to hers as they necked.

When Duke went down on one knee to start kissing her rope parted lips and scratching his one-day growth of beard along her upper inner thighs, May threw her head back and just moaned the words, “More, Master.”

Taking his time down there, he mauled her legs by squeezing, slapping, and cupping her legs with both hands while his mouth and beard got her feverishly hot and sensitive to his slightest breath.

Throwing her back on the bed, Duke pulled her right ankle up to her butt and with yards of rope he attached her ankle to her upper thigh. He then ran the cinching strands around her high-heeled foot, and under her heel, trapping her shoe on her foot so that no amount of effort would free it. This was all tightened down to the ropes around her leg, and May continued to purr and moan as he made her helpless. Pulling her up so that she knelt on that tied leg, he let her adjust her position until she was more comfortable and then started to tie ropes around her other leg. Wide individual wraps went around four parts of her left leg, at ankle, upper calf, above her knee and around her upper thigh, all with long end-ropes dangling and loose after knotting off the wraps. With a short fifth rope Duke made sure that he tied her other shoe on her foot and to the ankle rope. Knowing May loved the non-essential confinement of foot bondage too, Duke did it more for his enjoyment though, because he liked the way it looked, and it made May squirm in a sexy way.

Pulling her left leg out so that it was at a 90-degree angle to her body and her supporting leg, Duke tied the long loose ends off to different sides of the bed frame so that her leg was fully distended. When he finished, May could not move her leg forward or backwards. Anchored to the bed like this, she began to maul, grope and stroke her body, especially her tits. Using another long rope, Duke made quick wraps around the center of her folded leg, and with another long end-piece he tied it off to the opposite side of the bed frame, stretching her, but not straining her. To further anchor her so that movement proved next to impossible, he attached long ropes on the sides of her chest wraps, cinching the top and bottom ropes and then running them off to the sides of the bed so that she became even more trapped.

With May body-bound but not arm bound, yet, Duke took some time to pet her and make-out with her. May was already breathing faster and deeply flushed with excitement, but this just added to it. Panting she tried to encourage him but all that came out were guttural syllables. His mouth on hers didn’t help her articulation any. 

Moving behind her, Duke started to massage her shoulders, kneading her flesh with skilled hands that made her melt under his touch. When he thought she was relaxed enough, Duke tied May’s wrists together, palm-to-palm and then tied her elbows close together. With long ropes cinched to each of these ties he tied them off to a six-inch metal ring, adjusting the tension until it was even on both of these ropes and the ring was in the middle of her arms. Lowering a winch from the ceiling he attached it to the ring and then began to slowly lift her arms up behind her in a strappado. This locked May into position for her whipping.

Ungagged, May moaned and whimpered as Duke pulled out a four-foot single-tail, with a rounded leaf-blade tip of soft leather rather than a cracker. To May it looked like a very flexible, snake-like crop, which in all reality it was. Duke proceeded to snap, wrap and flap that whip all over her exposed flesh. The sting and flash-pain was momentarily intense, but faded quickly, especially when a different part of her body was being snapped. Duke worked her whole body with that whip, leaving little red welts everywhere. May tried to squirm, but those ropes held her to her fate. She also became adept at begging, whimpering, pleading, moaning and whining for more of this new torment. Loving it, May zoned off into the ether and before she knew it she’d been released from most of her bonds and was snuggled up in her master’s arms.

Her right leg and left ankle were still tied, and so were her wrists but all the other ropes lay in a pile on the floor. Duke and May lay side by side on the bed and May whimpered for him to do more to her.

“You are an insatiable woman, aren’t you?”

“Tie me, beat me, just take me and make me yours. I can never get enough of what you do to me, my Duke.”

“Yep, that would be my definition of insatiable. Okay, round two is going to be a balancing act, so let’s get your left leg tied like your right. As he did, the redolent scent of woman caused Duke to stick his nose between her legs and inhale deeply. Wrapping rope, sniffing and wrapping more rope made this a pleasant experience for him. With short pieces of rope he made sure to tie her left high-heel to the cinching to completely capture her feet again. May moaned her assent. Throwing a pillow down on the floor under the winch Duke untied her wrists from behind her back and re-tied them in front of her with long, wide wraps halfway up her forearms. Lifting her down to the floor, he centered her on the pillow. Then, with a cinching rope going up to the winch, he pulled her bound hands up until she hung by them, then he lowered her back down until she was only balanced on her kneecaps.

Using the dual flapping tips of a heavy pig-slapper paddle to fan the leather against her flesh, Duke kept her squealing for long minutes before he laid that toy aside. For a switch-up, he put on rubber chemical-worker’s gloves and started rubbing and slapping her skin all over her body. He never slapped hard, just enough to sting. The great thing about these gloves was that they grabbed and held on instead of sliding on skin the way many gloves did. Slapping and cupping her tits made May’s eyes roll back and she whimpered for more. 

Removing a switchblade from his pocket, he snapped it open in front of her face and then began tracing designs in his head onto the canvas of her skin. Duke took his time using just the needle-sharp point of his knife to doodle all over her exposed skin. He thought about doing some scarification play but his medical kit was in the other room and he didn’t want to take even the slightest chance for an infection to set in. Scratching her skin was one thing but doing a cutting with no antiseptic was another.

By this time, he was rock hard and ready to burst, so with May in this position he did the most logical thing he could and let her orally service him. He carefully did not allow her to get him off immediately. He wanted a big popper, so he would let her service him and then pull out when he was getting too close to coming. While he calmed down, he used some ice from the mini-fridge next to the bed to tease her sensitized skin. When the ice melted, he let her fellate him some more until he got close to popping off and then he withdrew again. May always bemoaned her loss because she was greedy for the taste of her master in her mouth. May was very oral. During this next break he used a pair of Wurttemberg pinwheels in each hand to further sensitize her soft and feminine hide. May was squirming and dancing on her knees, sometimes holding the suspension rope and lifting herself off the ground to re-adjust. After adding a pair of clover clamp nipple pinchers to her, Duke let her finish fellating him until he spasmed a heavy load into her mouth, splashing into the depths of her throat.

He lowered her into a regular kneeling position and undid her wrist bonds. She hugged him around the waist offering little kisses to the body of the man she loved. As his fingers touched her skin, she wriggled around telling him how much she appreciated his attentions. Tugging on her clover clamps made May come again, which she’d done several times during their play. 

May was easily excitable and always multi-orgasmic when Duke played with her like this. A hard-core masochist, May could come just from pain as long as it was not delivered in anger, which Duke had never done to her. Even being tied was enough to bring May to orgasm most times, especially when Duke was doing the tying. Since being enslaved, her focus on the sexual being inside of her had become so refined that May could spontaneously orgasm from just playing with Duke’s toys and ropes, without any other external stimulation.

Untying her legs and slipping her heels off her feet, Duke said, “Let’s go soak for a while. I think better when I’m in the refresher.”

As she padded along behind him, May walked with her wrists crossed behind her back, feeling that was a more natural way to walk in his presence. When they got there she automatically slipped into some white, wet-heels so that she could look as sexy as possible for their soak in the jacuzzi. Duke always told her that a woman was fully dressed in high heels and a smile. She smiled and dipped her body slowly into the heated bubbling water. May now kept an assortment of wet-heels in the refresher so that she could cater to whatever whim her master was in at the time. That day, from the attention he had paid her earlier, she knew he wanted to see white pumps on her feet, and until she was told otherwise, that’s what she’d wear for him.

From the jacuzzi he called Timothy and asked his friend to compile the lists of things that May would need to learn before she talked to some of the slaves in training. The information was on Duke’s iPhone before he hung up. Duke made sure that everything was running smoothly and then closed by saying that they may be in later. The ‘they’ surprised Timothy but Duke was the boss and he just figured he hadn’t read the e-mail about ‘bring your slave to work day’. Besides, all the grooms wanted to grow up and be just like Duke and they all wanted a slave like May. Those that had met her were deeply in lust with May, especially Timothy, who knew her better than any of them but Paul. If Duke was bringing May in, it would give them all a nice distraction from the trainees.

While they soaked, Duke let her sip on an energy drink to revitalize her.

“Now, my biggest problem is what to dress you in for your visit to the training facilities. And, no distracting my grooms by just wearing high-heels and a smile.”

“Yes Duke. So what do you want me to wear?”

“I missed the whole slutty secretary look, but I did catch the gist of it from the report I got on you two. Considering that’s the role you’ll be playing today; I think that’s what you should wear. If that outfit isn’t back from the cleaners, we’ll improvise with what you’ve got.”

“I love it when you dress me to please you Duke. Do you think your grooms will like the look?”

“If you could see you through a man’s eyes, you’d know just how beautiful and desirous you really are.”

May blushed at the compliment and Duke gave her a quick hug.

The improvised look consisted of May dressed in a black corset, light gray pencil-mini and a very sheer, white short-sleeved pullover blouse with a scooped neckline. To go with that she wore taupe pantyhose, black five-inch T-strap pumps, opera-length black leather gloves and a gray suit jacket that matched her skirt. May had done her hair in a low ponytail and exaggerated her make-up to look a little slutty. Because the slaves couldn’t see her, May had been dressed like this for the sake of the grooms. Duke enjoyed showing his slave off and if she inspired them even a little bit, then it would prove to be a positive thing. May liked dressing up so it was a win/win all around.

Walking into the lighted, ground floor area of the facility all the grooms stopped what they were doing to show their appreciation of May. Like any woman presented to an adoring group of virile men, May preened for them, twirling, smiling and posing like the old pin-up girls. Catcalls, wolf-whistles and admiring compliments followed her as Duke led her through the facility. While he checked in with Lee and his crew in the control room, Duke handed May off to Robert, a journeyman groom, to teach May how to function with the night vision goggles on. When he turned the lights off in the classroom, May squealed her delight at how well you could see with them on. Taking them off and then putting them back on, several times, she marveled at the difference. She flashed back to her darkness discipline days and knew why it was so easy for Roy, Duke and Paul to work with her while she was blinded by the dark.

When Timothy showed up, she greeted him warmly, giving him a hug and a passionate kiss, which he returned in kind, making his appreciation of her attire known. He went over the lists of slave activities, art forms and coming events that he had prepared for Duke and again May was surprised at how easy it was to read these lists with the assistance of the night vision goggles. When she had familiarized herself with these lists Timothy led her to the control room, making sure that she kept the pair of goggles that had been adjusted to fit her. This was a lighted area, so she carried them with her. Again, she greeted everyone politely and twirled for their approval when they began to compliment her. 

May greeted Lee like she had Timothy. Lee and some of the others had been briefed on what she was intending to do, so they gave her personality clues that might help her with each one of the trainees that she’d be talking to. It had been decided that May would only visit with the ones with a positive attitude and those that had been cooperating with their training for her first day. This was so that she had an easier time of getting her feet under her and to find her balance with them. The rougher nuts to crack would come much later, after May had been properly briefed as to what they could throw at her.

As ready as she was going to get on such short notice, May was escorted to the ramp that led down into the basement training area. She knelt there holding her lists and night vision goggles waiting for her master to finish whatever the boss of this facility had to do so that he could join her.

Lost in thought while studying her lists of activities, she didn’t hear Duke walk up quietly behind her. He watched her, beaming with pride that she would do this. Duke knew he was blessed and hoped she could convince some of these women to be even partially as pleasing as she was. Clearing his throat her head snapped around and she smiled.

He held a hand out to help her up and asked, “Ready to do this?”

“Yes Duke. Anything, anytime, for you.”

May wants to inspire

these slaves to be accepting

of their new lifestyle.


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