Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 18: May's Diplomacy Discovered Over Pillow Talk

Ambassador May,

spokesperson to the new slaves,

Duke’s new assistant.

“Ambassador? Are we going international? What’s on your mind May?”

“Okay, the way I figure it is that these new slaves are making life difficult for you, and that’s why you’re spending so much time away from home. I want to help you, and all I’m trained for is to be a slave. Now I try to be the best slave I can be for you...”

“And you make me very happy being my slave.”

“So, if I could tell these new slaves what it’s like to be a happy slave, with a rich and full life, then maybe they would cause you less trouble and you’d come home to me sooner and more often.”

“Out of the mouths of babes.”

“I’m not a baby my Duke,” May said with a slight pout.

“But you are a babe.”

“Oh, that’s different,” and she giggled.

“I think you have something there, May. Several of these new women are on a fence post trying to come to grips with the fact that they’ll never be able to go back to their old lifestyles.”

“And I could show them how happy I am, tell them of the perks and benefits for the High Ones and their rewarded slaves, and make them aware of the fact that life is not over when you are enslaved to these Estates.”

“I’m thinking for this to be effective; you may need to know more about the Estates, and about more of the people here.”

“That would help. I don’t really know that many people here. I mean I’ve been around a few, but I don’t really know them, know them.”

“Let’s see, you know Jackson and Brigit, and that means you’ll get a first-hand view of at least one of your new sisters.”

“Brigit isn’t being replaced, is she?” May asked in horror.

“No, of course not. But if you remember, Jackson wants two more just like you and Brigit. I’ve got one of the young girls that will be perfect for him. She’s bright, relatively inexperienced and timid to a fault. Never gives us any problems. She’s a little on the thin side, but she’s shapely and will grow into anything Jackson will want to augment her with, like a bigger pair of tits. Her baby-girl barely-B-cups just beg to be enhanced. She’s five-foot five-inches tall and 110 pounds of eager, submissive 19-year-old woman flesh finding this to be an adventure that takes her far away from the stodgy life of a spoiled debutante. Her role and limitations are clearly defined, and she doesn’t have to decide anything for herself now. I think Jackson will like training this one to be Brigit’s little sister. 

“The other one I have in mind for him is a definite trophy-wife construct. This woman is only 23 years old and five-foot-three if memory serves, weighing in at approximately 110 pounds. She was gifted early in her womanhood with a massive pair of double-D’s and for her size they’re almost too big. Her face is years behind her body and mind. She looks 16. We’re not sure about this one though. Right now, she’s uncommitted, and we’re not sure if that’s some kind of passive/aggressive rebellion or just culture shock from her new plight in life. She’s submissive enough and learning, but as one of my grooms put it, she’s lackluster. What could you do for these two?”

May thought about it for a few seconds and then said, “For the first one, what is her name please?”

“Malory O’Connor, or just plain old number eight.”

“OK, Malory needs a big sister to guide her through these perilous waters. She needs time to grow into these surroundings and carve out a niche for herself. She needs Brigit. Brigit is a ray of sunshine, and as long as her position as number one slave isn’t threatened, she’ll be the perfect den mother for these two. I do hope they’re bi-sexual, or at least open minded about that, because after the past few days with her, there’s no doubt about Brigit.”

“I got that impression when she tried to bust in on us yesterday!”

“Yea, that kind of surprised me too, but I’ll handle that with my little sis. She can be feisty, but purrs very loudly when you pet her.”

“I remember now. Brigit can be a bit of an attention-slut. I’ll keep that in mind as I’m laying out their training schedules. So, what would you do with Phyllis, the trophy-construct?”

“I won’t know what’s really bugging her until I can talk to her. Can that be arranged?”

“Remember who you’re talking to, woman,” and Duke just started laughing. “I run the facility and coordinate all the groom activities. It’s my responsibility to train the grooms on how to train these women and ultimately, it’s on my shoulders how these women get trained. It’s also my job to place these women with the right master or mistress, and even if that doesn’t work out, it’ll be my job to retrain and to place them with someone new, until I find a good fit. So, yes, you can do whatever we agree on when it concerns these new slaves. You can interview them, talk with them, have a one-sided conversation with them or talk to them all at once over the loudspeaker system.”

“Oh, that sounds wonderful my Duke. When can we get started?”

“Whoa darlin’, throttle those jets down and let’s develop a plan of attack. Only the foolish rush into something without having thought it through. Now I see nothing wrong with having a little chat with Malory because she’s pretty much a sure thing. But throwing you in alone with Phyllis has too many variables without some coordinated planning. And we haven’t even discussed the more troubled women. This has been a real culture shock to all of them.”

“Well, you could start by giving me a rundown on the others.”

“OK, I guess I should start by saying that Malory has a younger sister here. Ariel is 18, five-foot-one and a hundred and five pounds. They may suspect it, but they have no proof that the other one is here yet. Ariel is much like her sister and co-operating nicely with her trainers, but we suspect that she has a rebellious streak that just hasn’t shown itself as of yet. What I predict from my observations is that because she’s so far out of her depth that she’s playing it smart and co-operating for now, but when she has her feet under her, I suspect she may cause a bit of trouble. She’s almost certainly destined to be placed with Dr. Stinson, one of our plastic surgeons. It’ll give him a canvas to work on and create whatever he wants out of her. She still has a long way to go, but that’s what we have so far.”

“Oh, that’s simple Master. Just put the two of them together long enough to let them know that the welfare of the other one depends on their cooperation with your program. They should fall right into line after that. Did their profile say that they liked each other?”

“We believe they had a warm and sororal relationship.”

“Well there you go. They should be willing to do anything for the other’s well-being. OK, that’s settled, what about the next one?”

“Their step-mother is also with us in this group. Jackie is another trophy-wife construct who I haven’t got a good enough read on yet to even imagine who to place her with. She’s a five-foot-five, 120-pound bombshell of beauty with D-cups, long legs and a gorgeous face. She’s one of the fencepost walkers I was telling you about, and not sure whether to dive in or to try to run, even if the running is impossible. Right now, she’s co-operating though.”

“How old is she Duke?”

“Twenty-eight, and soon to be twenty-nine in three days.”

“Don’t forget to throw her a birthday party. Nothing fancy, just a celebratory cupcake, with a single lit candle for a birthday present. I presume she’s still under darkness discipline, correct?”

“I see where you’re going with this. Sugar and the realization that she’s really not blind, just being kept in the dark. What a dilemma?” he mused. “Blow out the candle to get your wish or keep it lit for as long as possible just to be able to see. I think I’m going to enjoy this party.”

“You are so mean my beloved,” and May started to laugh with him.

“So, do you really think that little thing will bring her around?”

“It would me. I remember the day you let me see for the first time. You could not have given me a better present, and when I went back under the darkness discipline to continue my training with M’Lord Groom Paul, while you were recuperating from that awful gunshot wound, it wasn’t nearly as oppressive as it was before. By the way, how is he?”

“We’re pretty sure that Paul has found himself a girlfriend in this new crew. One of the new slaves was the mistress of a Russian mobster and had a real attitude until Paul took a personal interest in her training. For the past couple of days, they’ve been inseparable, and he’s got her ahead of the training schedule. Serenity reverts from a hard-nosed bitch to being all girly and feminine when Paul’s around. She is naturally submissive to him, but head-strong and rebellious to everyone else. I know he likes her so we’re covering his other duties, and we’re letting him be her sole trainer. I have no doubt he’ll petition the High Council for her to be his personal slave, and the only thing that will stop him is if another High One wants to bid on her. Even if that happens, we’ll figure out some way to keep them together. I may just have to pick her up myself, as a second slave, and then build on a suite for Paul so the two of them can cohabitate under my knighted status. Paul’s a very good friend and I’ll do what I have to do to keep the two of them together.”

“Oh, I like him a lot, Master, so what can I do to help them. I’d love having a sister living here that belonged to M’Lord Groom Paul.”

“There’s really nothing that you can do May. She doesn’t need persuasion. All she needs is Paul. He seems to have the magic touch with her. We figure it’s a pure chemical lock, because she obviously hasn’t seen him, so it pretty much has to be chemistry.”

“I’m happy for them Duke. That sounds so great. So, who’s the next bowling pin that I might be able to help you knock down?”

“I’ve personally taken a hand in the training of another trophy construct named Vivian, or number eleven. She responds to power, so I’ve decided to pair her up with Woodrow Greenway, the requisitions administrator. Candice will go back to be trained with my protocol and then depending on what Woodrow wants, she’ll either go back to him or be placed with another High One that wants a woman trained like you. You’ve definitely had an effect on how slaves are perceived around here.”

“But Duke, I came from you. The attitude I have is all you.”

“Nice sentiment, but not entirely accurate. If you hadn’t been the person you are, then I couldn’t have molded you into what you are today. Now I can replicate the training to a large extent, and Stinson can replicate the body, but I can’t replicate the attitude. That’s all you. That’s what you can do to help me. Give them a taste of what a positive attitude will get them, and then just be their friend. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes, my Duke, I can. I can do anything you ask me to do if it makes you happy. I love you and I want to make you happy with every fiber of my being. So, who else is having a hard time with this?”

“For right now, Leigh and Amelia. Leigh is a tall, willowy, blonde haired, blue eyed model that was a mistress to their head of human resources, so she knows people, and how they interact. She’s another one of those lackluster women, with no discernable purpose yet. I have no idea about who to pair her up with or whether I should try to train her at all.”

“Not train her? I don’t understand.”

“She may just end up on the chattel scrapheap doing scullery work for the Estates.”

May thought about this situation again and finally said, “Good idea Master. You have to show her the bottom before she can reach for the top. When I was in recovery, I learned that you can’t help someone that doesn’t need help, and if this woman has been a model and a mistress to an executive, then she has no idea what the bottom of life is like. Train her as chattel. Show her what the bottom is like, and then offer her a chance to regain her dignity. That will give her purpose, and a reason to train hard to please someone. If not, you still have another bald-headed chattel. Can you imagine how traumatizing it will be for a model to have all of her hair shaved off, and being told her only job for the rest of her life will be to scrub toilets, clean after other people and be locked away at night like a dog? Especially long beautiful blonde hair. I’d be devastated if someone did that to me.”

“You make a lot of sense. I’d forgotten you had a cocaine addiction. Are you doing okay with that?”

“I’ve substituted cocaine for you,” and she giggled. “You’re my new drug of choice Duke. I so would rather sniff you than snort some coke. You’re highly addicting though,” and she laughed.

“Good to know. Now Amelia is a paradox. She was the investment lawyer for their CFO and when she came here, she was quite rebellious, but now she’s done a 180 and is becoming one of the better trainees. I smell a rat though.”

“Tell me about her Duke.”

“Amelia is 32, another blonde haired, blue eyed beauty, with a reconstructed set of D-cups on a five-foot-four, 115-pound frame. Her hair is layered with streaks of coal black under the outer shell of blonde hair, which is her natural color. She’s very smart, especially about finances and how to manipulate people to get done what she wants. She’s been around the block more than once. We can’t dredge up old partners that will admit to it, but we suspect that she’s played on both sides of the BDSM coin in her past and likes it. If not, she’s gleaned more from how-to books and videos than anyone has a right to get out of them. When we started showing kindnesses to those that had been cooperating, like letting them get dressed after their dinner and giving them shoes, well, high-heels, and sleeping bags to snuggle into at night, Amelia started to co-operate to get these perks. Actually, she’s just crossed over into the group that gets the perks and she seems willing to play the game now. Amelia’s whole attitude seemed to change when others started getting simple things like warmth, clothes and shoes, so we’re playing on that aspect of her personality. We’re figuring her to be a status seeker and we’ll just bribe her into co-operating. We figure the first time she back-pedals then we’ll just take everything away from her and let her start all over again accumulating the pleasantries.”

“Sounds like you have the right approach for this one. I could tell her all about the finer aspects of these Estates, like the concerts, events and arts programs. I also think that reminding her firsthand about how bad a lifestyle the chattel have is worth investigating with her. Giving her a straight up choice of doing what you say or becoming chattel should pull her to the light. Do you have anybody in mind to place her with?”

“I’ve given that some thought, and I’m thinking of training her with a high protocol foundation, and then retraining her to my protocol. Once she gets a consistent positive attitude and realizes that things could be a lot worse on her than they are, then I’m thinking about giving her to Lucretia.”

“She did say she wanted one trained up just like me. Thinking about it, that should be a good match for her. Is Amelia bi?”

“She’ll learn to be I guess, won’t she?” and they laughed.

“Yes Master. I got the impression that High Lady Lucretia Vinzini does not take no for an answer. I think this one will win you big brownie points with her. She already likes you, and giving her someone like this, properly trained up to please, well, you’ll be golden.”

“Besides May, I suspect that Amelia is bi-sexual. That’s why I picked Lucretia for this match-up. She may not be as ‘bi’ as Brigit is, but she is by no means straight. That ex-barrister is as kinky as they come.”

May started counting on her fingers and said, “Duke, you still haven’t told me about three of them. What’s going on with these last few?”

“One is my problem child, who will not submit for anything, yet. Geneva has been beaten every day for accumulating demerits, mostly for defiance, and it doesn’t seem like beating her makes a difference in her resolve. So, we have her locked up in solitary confinement and she’ll stay there until her attitude improves. Then we’ll go to more creative punishments if she back-slides. Geneva is skinny, but she has a beautiful face. I was figuring on fattening her up while we train her to be chattel, having Doc Stinson hang a pair of double-D’s, or bigger, on her and sell her off to our Japanese acquaintances just to get her out of our hair.”

“I’d like to talk to her. Maybe I can convince her to come around?”

“I tell you what. When she’s ready to be judged as to whether we can release her back into the group, you can be the interviewer, and depending on how she takes to you, we’ll make the decision as to whether she stays in solitary or gets out. How does that sound?”

“That sounds like a fair deal to me. How long do I have before this interview with her?”

“Oh, you have at least a week. We want her to get good and cramped up and a lot stir-crazy before we open ourselves up to her level of abuse again. This punishment is sufficient for her crimes up to this point, but we will not take much more of her defiance. I gave her my little speech about her life not being worth the abuse she’s giving us. I told her that she’s already served her purpose when we kidnapped her and now, if she didn’t want what we were offering, keeping her alive just wasn’t worth it. Then I threw her into solitary to think about it. You know nothing about the Yakuza slave traders but killing her here would be a blessing.”

“They’re as bad as all that? Wow, I never knew! Food for thought. So, are the other two that bad?”

 “No, but they are openly defiant and barely worth the effort. My staff has convinced me that they can be trained in the high protocol format and that they will make adequate slaves, but I’m unconvinced.”

“Tell me about these last two please.”

“Cecelia is small and venomous. She’s 30, five-foot nothing and about 110. Back in the world, she was married to one of the TTI executives, and the mistress of another, playing both ends against the middle. She still thinks that she has rights, and that we won’t go to extreme measures to get what we want out of her.

“Diane is our oldest detainee, at 41, and our most dangerous. She was the trophy-construct that was married to their head of security. She’s trained in martial arts, the law, and is literally as tough as nails. She jumped out of a car going 35mph that was a few feet off the ground in her first attempt to escape us. She got all banged up doing that, but it just didn’t faze her. However, in my book, nails bend all the time if they aren’t centered just right, so all we have to do is keep her off balance and hopefully she’ll come around when she discovers how hopeless her new plight is.”

“Do you have anything specific in mind for these two Duke?”

“Actually, we were thinking of training them in the high protocol and then offering them to the crones. They don’t like me anyway, and with the positive will I’ll get from the other eight, these three won’t matter much in the scheme of things.”

“Are the crones looking for new slaves?”

“The crones are always looking for new slaves. They wear their slaves out fairly quickly and a large percentage of our chattel, at one time or another, were trained in the high protocols and owned by the crones.”

“I never knew! Is that why they don’t like you?”

“That’s part of the reason, and after a year or two when I get more trained up like you and out there into the hands of more of the appreciative High Ones, the crones will hate me even more. We’ll throw a party to commemorate the good old days when they just disliked me.” And both of them started laughing again.

“Okay Duke, I’ve put my mean girl hat on and come up with a possible solution for your problem child.”


“You said she had no body at all, but she has a very beautiful face, right?”

“That’s essentially it.”

“Then strike at her vanity. Threaten to scar up her face, force feed her until she’s fat, and then make her scrub toilets for the rest of her life.”

“Oh, you are wearing your mean girl hat! Scar up her face, eh? We hadn’t even considered that. And fatten her up, without hanging a pair of big tits on her. Now that’s just cruel. And I think the threat of it will work. I’ll talk it over with the boys and see if they agree.”

“As far as the other two go, and again, I’m still wearing my mean girl hat, I’d find out if M’Lord Groom Paul could be persuaded to beat the crap out of the old broad. Women sometimes need to be shown that they aren’t protected by the moral laws of never hitting a woman, anymore. She surely thinks she was trained enough to take any man. That ain’t going to happen with M’Lord Groom Paul. Then, after she heals from a full contact match with your martial arts instructor, then I would find his smallest, quickest and most vicious student, and let him beat the dog snot out of her again. And I would keep doing this until she was afraid to be around a man, for fear he was going to bust her up again. I would be mean about it too, coaching these martial artists to treat her like the enemy she is. This would also drive her into the arms of the crones. Misandrists tend to stick together, so the crones will take her into their fold and add her to the hate-my-master club.”

“As soon as they are out of darkness discipline, I’ll set up a match. I love the way Paul fights too. He looks like a pudgy Baby Huey character when he just stands across from you until he moves, and then it’s like a striking rattlesnake that keeps striking and striking. I never knew big men could move that fast until I started sparring with him. You can’t imagine how dangerous he is, yet he’s got the most pleasant personality when you get to know him.”

“I know Duke. It’s hard to associate someone as gentle, loving, kind and compassionate as he is with someone that makes you talk about him like he’s deadly, vicious and dangerous. He’ll be perfect to bust that bitch up though. If this doesn’t work, I’d say take her out and give her a bullet in the brainpan, in front of the other women, especially your problem child.

“And as far as the other one, this Cecelia goes, I think that when she sees how you treat that supposed tough chick Diane, then she’ll really cooperate.” 

“So, you really want to do this with me, huh?”

“Of course, I do. I want to help you in any way I can, and this seems like something I can do. I can talk to these women and tell them how good it can be and that even though they’ll be tied up for concerts and other events, the rewards from their masters afterwards are more than worth it.”

“Then I’ll start getting you event schedules, and let you talk to some of the other slaves on these Estates, especially the ones that volunteered for this service. I’ll get you a full list of the Arts that are available to the slaves, and why they should hope to get trained in my protocol if they are interested in learning any of these art forms. 

“Now, let’s get you dressed up in some hose, heels and a smile, and tied up nice and tight so I can have my way with the woman I love.”

May as a mean girl?

She shocked Duke with her coldness

and her rationale. 


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