Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 15: Day Three of Their Training

Vivian is primed.

She is ready to be hooked

to the seventh barb.

Duke opened the door to Vivian’s cell, walked in quietly and just as she showed the first signs of waking up he cupped her mouth with his hand. He sat on the edge of her cage/bed, slowly unzipped her sleeping bag and with his right hand began to caress her bound body. At first she tried to resist until he started to talk to her in that unmistakably deep voice of his. 

“Shhh, Vivian. Good morning. Did you have pleasant dreams last night?”

Surprised, she nodded, timidly, under his large hand cupping the lower half of her face. His right hand toyed with the curve of her hips while he slowly raised her level of excitement and awareness. Duke pitched his tone, cadence and the timbre of his voice to be slightly hypnotic.

“I’m going to whip you this morning. For you this will be an experience and this particular whipping will not be for punishment. I will warm you up nicely, flog you with a heavy but soft whip and then deliver an appropriate amount of aftercare. At no time will you be injured or marked up. You will be bruised a bit, but that will just help you build up a special neurotransmitter called endorphin-b, which is your body’s natural pain-blocker and analgesic. Endorphins give you the same type of buzz as a safe, naturally produced and then eliminated opiate high. We know you know what an opiate high is because we know about your drug history. This is your body’s natural high, created from carefully administered pain. I want you to get used to pain for pleasure because it pleases me. That is why I am giving you your first whipping. I want to whip that lovely body of yours as much as I liked tying you up last night. You’re learning to appreciate the soft caress of ropes on your body, aren’t you?”

Again, Vivian nodded under his hand gag. She even started to squirm under the touch of his other hand, signifying that she was beginning to feel the first stages of arousal.

“Do you see that cooperating with your masters doesn’t have the same negative connotations as one might think of when they hear the word slavery? Ropes aren’t so bad, and you’ll soon discover the positive side of being whipped. You like the manifestations of power, don’t you?”

Vivian nodded, but this time she whispered a mumbled “Yes Master” under his hand. Her breath was noticeably hotter now than it was when he first covered her mouth and whether she realized it or not, her nipples were crinkled and flushed with body heat as he touched her breasts. She had already started moving with his hand that was touching her.

“It’s time to whip you Vivian.”

Duke untied her ankles, put on her high-heeled boots from the night before, and then untied her wrists from behind her back. Pulling her gently by her upper arm, Duke took Vivian to one of the discipline rooms. After putting on suspension cuffs like May’s, that crossed straps over the backs of Vivian’s hands and supported a hard brace that ran from the inside of her wrist, up her palm and only allowed the tips of her fingers to curl over the brace. This firmly and ergo-dynamically supported her wrists for suspension without putting undue stress on them when she hung from a ceiling winch. Duke raised her up just off the ground, spun her around and kissed her with passion for a long moment before he started to smear the tails of a heavy, soft, flogger over every inch of her exposed skin. He made sure to keep it as erotic as he could, letting her smell the leather and then touching obviously sensitive parts of her body. He let the tails of the flogger trail up her body, teasing more excitations out of her already charged up body. Duke mixed in plenty of lingering kisses and caresses that kept her excited and at a fever pitch.

In her ear he whispered, “You can already feel and hear how different this whipping will be compared to the punishment beatings the others got for their defiance. It is so much better to obey and behave, isn’t it?”

Vivian whimpered her assent as she writhed under his touch. His first strikes across her shoulder blades were light yet thuddy. There was no sting to them at all. He hit her and let the tails trail off of her skin scraping them sensually across her back. Duke slowly built up the impact of his hits with her until he was rocking her whole body with each swing. As the rhythm of his swings stayed steady, he increased the impacts gradually. He concluded her first whipping with several uppercut swings to her ass cheeks, impacting each cheek separately but with like intensity. Spinning her around again to kiss her, he could tell by the redolent scent of female musk on her breath that she was ready to be taken sexually, so after slipping out of his boots and jeans Duke lifted her up by her tenderized ass and lowered her onto his hard-on.

Vivian wasn’t expecting his size and she moaned wantonly as his hands gripped her thighs. He pushed his way deep inside of her. She was self-lubricated and ready for him. From experience he’d positioned her at just the right height for doing this. Vivian wrapped her legs around his hips and rode him as he pistoned into her. Her very vocal encouragements were all suffixed by ‘High Lord Grandville’, and this pleased him that she was following the rules. She had slipped once, earlier, but this was not the time to be petty. As he mauled her tits she moaned loudly and came with body spasming results. Pumping into her until he came, her aftershocks made her twitch like a fish on the end of a line. Still firm inside of her he let her feel him and then he pulled out. After that he began to softly and sensually touch her freshly whipped body, both front and back from side to side, teaching her what bruised flesh felt like after an orgasm. Vivian responded well to the hook that Duke had just set in her psyche. 

 “That didn’t hurt, did it slave Vivian?”

Barely able to breathe she panted, “No High Lord Grandville.”

“Did you like what I did to you?”

“Oh, very much High Lord Grandville.”

“Do you want to know when I will be doing that to you again?”

“Yes, please High Lord Grandville.”

“When you’ve pleased me with your behavior and demeanor, slave Vivian.”

“Then I will... ooops!”

“Go on.”

“Then I will try extra hard to be pleasing to you High Lord Grandville.”

“Good girl.”

Duke lowered her back onto the ground, removed her suspension cuffs, tied her wrists behind her back, palm-to-palm and even tied her elbows very close together with a second rope before leading her back to her cell where he removed her boots and crossed and tied her ankles before re-zipping her into her sleeping bag.

As her door to her cell closed, Vivian had no way of knowing that similar encounters had just happened to other slaves who had been, until now, unaccustomed to the whip.

Ariel was used by a journeyman groom named Brent. He was tall, and lean, yet strong and he’d been determined, by his peers, to be the one she would relate to best for her initial whipping. They had studied her files, compared her previous choices in men to the available grooms and he was chosen as the best match. Duke had coached them all, the night before, on how to comfortably ease new slaves into their first whippings. All three of the journeymen watched Duke and the full grooms, Paul, Dennis and Sam, entice, flatter and win over their slaves before the journeymen walked in to do the slaves they had chosen to introduce to the whip.

Dillon had been determined and chosen as the best match for Jackie, number six, while Leigh, number seven, had Aaron chosen as her best match. Both of them and Brent did good jobs and brought back slaves comfortable with a mild but heavy flogging. Other than Duke’s job with Vivian, the best jobs were done on Malory, number eight, Phyllis, number nine, and to everyone’s surprise, Serenity, number eleven. Malory had been paired up with Dennis who approached her like a father figure and charmed her with wisdom and his experience of how to play a younger woman. Sam did a number on Phyllis, who was reluctant at first but with time and the right amount of attention and affection, he turned her into a spirited and eager woman wanting to be trained. She ate up his form of discipline, bouncing off his iron will, only to be enveloped and absorbed in his tenderness. 

Paul was the best choice for Serenity because from the very first moment they’d had the best chemistry. The head strong and rebellious Serenity melted when he began to explain the course of action he was going to take with her. He started with an over-the-knee spanking right there in her cell, moving her around like a ragdoll and pinning her with obvious ease. His voice was hypnotic to her and his aftercare convinced her that she wanted to see what would happen next with this man she was in instant lust with. He started slow but whipped her into a delirium of half-conscious yet searing desire for more. Fearing damage to her intercostals he moved down and continued to flog her ass cheeks and thighs until she was thoroughly beaten. When he went to have sex with her, Serenity was a wild woman totally engrossed in her desire for Paul, whimpering and begging for even more pain, as long it was from him. He discovered that she was a masochist and that suited him just fine. He knew Duke would let him and he was anxious to sign up for the full training of this slave. He convinced her that to keep these good feelings, with him, she had to obey, instantly upon command and without rancor, any groom that was training her at the moment. He promised to feed her from now on and both of them knew this was the start of something more than just training. 

Not wanting to let anything destroy his advantage, Paul took her out to the main room instead of back to her cell. There he put headphones on her and danced with her while the others took a calm-down period after their beatings. Serenity was still flying high as she danced in his arms. To one of the other grooms in attendance, he told him to fetch her a pair of high heels and with these on she wasn’t quite so short. Even with five-inch heels on, he still had five-inches on her. When she was thoroughly enchanted, he tied her arms tightly together behind her back and with her kneeling between his knees he fed her, her gruel. He maintained one hand in her hair with the spoon in the other. He didn’t need this level of control with her, but both of them enjoyed it and for them it seemed right. 

While the others were re-awakened, re-bound, and brought out for their breakfast, Paul went over the rules again with Serenity. This time she got them right, and in order, just like reading them off a cue card. Everyone watching, including Duke from the next table over was amazed at the natural chemistry between these two. Paul had now officially replaced the journeyman groom that had been scheduled to work with Serenity. Even before giving her a whipping, Paul had arranged with Duke to be a bigger participant in her training because there was something fascinating about her that Paul found very desirable. Duke also started mentally re-adjusting his placement roster to allow his friend Paul to choose this slave if they continued to get along this well and if he wanted to petition the High Council for the privilege.

Duke finished feeding Vivian, symbolically giving her the sustenance she needed from his own hand while she was helplessly bound and on her knees. He slipped her a piece of chocolate and then got up.

Flipping on his mike, Duke said, “Good morning slaves, this is High Lord Grandville, your ultimate authority here at this training facility. I see that some of you have had better mornings than others of you. Always tell yourselves my favorite saying, which is, good behavior is rewarded, and bad behavior is punished. This morning, all eleven of you know what the whip feels like now. Some have felt it just as punishment, while a few of you have experienced the more positive sides of a good whipping. Today, after you clean up and do your morning exercises, we will start your day with corset training and homage instructions. Outside of this training facility you will have to pay homage to all High Lords and High Ladies. I am personally being very lax with you because of the nature of your new service to these Estates. Outside of this building, if you do not pay me homage, I can have the hyde peeled off your back with a cat-of-nine-tails. When we allow you to talk amongst yourselves, you can ask the one of you that has already felt the cat how different it is from a good flogging. And that is not the worst of our tools that will be used for slights and disrespect. Your status will be earned by your respect of the dominants on these Estates.

“Beauty is demanded on these Estates. Luckily, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, I like hose, heels, dresses, skirts, corsets and cleavage along with a pretty face and well-coiffed hair. I know other High Lords that like pantsuits and business attire, while others want you to look like you just stepped off the farm in the rural south. Your job will be to act and dress in a pleasing way to whoever your master or mistress will be. Everyone here is different, therefore you must be malleable and pleasing. What pleases me might not please the master or mistress that you are assigned to. That is something that you will have to adapt to.

“Once the basics of your training are ingrained in you, you will learn at least one art form. Other slaves around these Estates teach everything from dance, to secretarial services, to painting, to music, to computer science. There are other things, but you won’t have to worry about that for a while yet. Think about something you have always wanted to learn, but never had the time. Now you will have time to pursue special talents, because you will not necessarily need the skills you already have from the outside world. Also, if you have special talents, you could be called upon to teach others those talents. You are here for the rest of your lives and boredom is an ugly monster.

“Now another thing you will have to learn is various protocols. Some of you will be taught in what we call the high protocols. This means that your new master or mistress doesn’t want much from you except exacting and immediate service in whatever they need you to do for them. You will have to watch whatever your owner is doing, very attentively and be ready to serve them exactly what they want and need before they order you to serve them. This is the height of service, because you must be empathic and intuitive enough to second guess your new owner and know if he wants you to light his cigar, cook his meal, or suck his cock before he asks you. The more he has to direct you, the lower your status will become. I will tell you now that most of the High Ladies on these Estates prefer this high protocol for their slaves. If you are bi-sexual and prefer working for a woman, let your training groom know and we can adjust your placement. However, never presuppose that working as a woman’s slave is easier than being a man’s slave. The High Ladies here expect the highest quality of service from their slaves. Any thoughts of lighter service because of some misplaced ideas of sisterhood united against tyrannical males is ludicrous. In my opinion, knowing my peers here, you will labor harder under a female on these estates than you will for a man. Service is just that, service. You are slaves and only that, whether you are paired with a man or a woman. Personal tastes will be taken into account, you are a slave and will be for the rest of your life. 

“Standard or low protocol means that you still must observe and serve constantly, but that there is more interaction between you and your new owner. Under this protocol, you will be given a list of assignments along with your personal service to accomplish everyday and that you will work more with your owner than for him or her.

“The newest protocol is something that I developed. If you learn to love serving and enjoy being a slave to whoever your new owner is, and if you have a very positive and cheerful demeanor most, if not all of the time, then you may be trained under what they call the Duke protocol. This protocol is very relaxed but demanding in the roles of service. I expect my slaves, i.e. those trained under my protocol, to learn more than one specific art form. I expect perfection and enthusiasm in sexual service. I expect intelligent conversation and I expect interaction with any of the High Ones to be enlightening and thought provoking. I expect a woman, trained in my protocol, to be an active participant in her slavery, working with whoever owns her to enrich her owner’s life by her improved slavery. In other words, she actively becomes a better slave so whoever owns her can be the best at whatever they do.

“Considering that all owners are different, just as all slaves are different, my job of placing you with the right trainers and then with the appropriate owners will be challenging. Remember, I am the ultimate authority in many things around here. Who you are assigned to is totally up to me. Now on to the disheartening news. Like everywhere in life there are reprobates. Some owners are reprobates, but they pay heavily for the right to be assholes. However, slaves can be reprobates too and they have no status and no rights to be rude, obstinate, obdurate or obnoxious. For those that are we have the lowest order of slave service here that we call the chattel or bald chattel. 

To distinguish them from other slaves we shave their head bald or wax their heads to keep them bald longer. Their job on the Estates is to do the dirty and menial work that well behaved personal and pleasure slaves should not be required to do. Chattel come into the residents of High Ones and scrub the toilets, do the dishes, clean, vacuum, mop and scrub whatever gets dirty. They are sexual surrogates for any distasteful perversions that come from the minds of High Ones. The sad part of it is, I have to decide if a woman in training is so unredeemable that she has no use but to be a scullery slave. Unfortunately, one of you seems to be headed down that path. Let me say that it is not too late to redeem yourself. I would not be happy having to condemn you to a life of total drudgery. I would like to find the perfect match for each and every one of you with those that have entrusted me to make that level of decision for them. But I am not infallible. I may make mistakes with placements, which would send you back here for re-evaluation and re-assignment. That is one of my jobs on these Estates. My other main job is the coordinator of all groom activities. All these grooms and many more work for me, so when you give one of them a bad time, you are giving me a bad time, and guess what? Shit rolls down hill and you slaves are in the bottom of the valley. I will always take the word of one of my grooms over anyone else’s. Every one of them is my personal friend, welcome in my home anytime, and their well-being is my well-being.

“So, work hard at learning anything and everything they can teach you. Show me what you deserve, and I’ll be as fair as I can be with placements. I have orders coming in for certain types of girls. Don’t think it’s for gorgeous knockouts with big tits. No, I’m talking about orders for intelligent women that can carry a conversation and are happy serving powerful individuals. I have more orders for women trained under the Duke protocol than I have for all the other protocols combined. One of you is already earmarked for a certain man. I won’t say who, but it looks like a good match.”

Both Serenity and Vivian perked up.

“So, let’s see how well you adapt to corset training. Grooms will soon be applying suspension cuffs to each of you because hanging by your wrists is the best way to elongate your torso to get the right fit for a corset. We do things here the proper way. Do not fight your grooms. They are specially trained in how to adjust a corset to a particular body. Your individual corsets have already been sized to you specifically and they were all hand made to your particular size. All right slaves let’s begin with your exercises so that you stay fit enough for your training.

They know their duties

and what’s expected of them

during their training.


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