Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Part 16: Duke's Visit

May gets a surprise

and welcomes Duke home again.

She makes him feel loved.

Before they got out of their slutty secretary clothes, both May and Brigit took a series of pictures of each other. Karl even took them into Duke’s office and tied them to Duke’s office chair so they’d know what they looked like as secretaries, bound to do a good job. Instead of watching a movie that night they pieced their own movie together, of May in her hot red and black outfit, and Brigit in her white and yellow outfit. Yellow ropes on May and red ropes on Brigit made their video pop with some color. Both even wore glasses, with non-prescription lenses for their movie. Karl was tickled at their sophomoric antics as they hammed it up for their home movies. They were having fun together after a long day of fashion consulting. 

When they were done Karl had them take off their outfits and change into some lingerie for the evening. This made it easier for them to work on their editing project and play around with each other when they thought Karl wasn’t looking. He really didn’t care, but it gave them something to do that seemed elicit and sneaky.

They worked on their project for the rest of the evening and then when they got tired, Karl tied their hands in front of them and locked them together in the playroom again.

Morning came and so did they as Karl found them much as he did the morning before. This time they were still tied though and that made their antics more amusing for him. When he figured that they’d had enough fun, he pinged them like he had the morning before. After exercising, getting cleaned up and dressed they went right back to editing their slapstick video from the night before. Karl laughed when they wanted to get dressed in the same clothes for double takes. He’d already sent their clothes out to get cleaned by the chattel earlier that morning. It had gotten to the point that May wasn’t even sure when the chattel came by to clean anymore. Sometimes she was surprised to turn a corner and see one cleaning some part of their quarters. When she specifically needed them she would call for one, but she would always let the groom in attendance take care of what the chattel were doing that day. May accepted deliveries, but the responsibilities of the chattel were up to the grooms, and lately, either Karl or Vince always seemed to be in attendance to do just that. Both were doing a good job and learning to be better grooms every day.

Both of the women should have known something was different when they were told by Karl to dress in pantyhose and leotards instead of May’s uniform and whatever Brigit would have worn. May chose black pantyhose, a red French-cut leotard that barely covered her braless nipples, and four-inch red T-strap pumps because she figured out they would be dancing a little later. Brigit put on a pink leotard with leg-warmers on over her nude pantyhose with three-inch dancer Mary-janes. May also added black lace half glove sleeves.

“I guess this is the day my master has decided that I should start taking dance classes with you. I kind of wondered when he said to pack a leotard. Do I have to do anything special to prepare for these classes?”

“I think stretching would be a good idea Honey. We don’t want you tearing any muscles trying to do too much.”

May showed her some simple stretches and when Bethany showed up and realized she had a new student she showed Brigit more of what she needed to do to warm up. While Brigit stretched out, using some of the playroom equipment as a bar to stretch on, Bethany put May through some high kicking exercises. Brigit thought it looked very reminiscent of what the Rockettes used to do with angled knee lift, high kick, skip to angle the other way, knee lift, high kick and then start all over again. Bethany got May panting quickly but just kept pushing her to do it more uniformly. Giving her a moment to rest, Bethany started Brigit on this type of leg exercise. Pretty soon she had a chorus line of two going, making corrections to how high to kick and how to do that uniformly each and every time with both legs. After a short break Bethany added hip action to the routine and started to spice it up for their audience, which now consisted of both Karl and Duke, who had snuck in while they were busy pretending to be showgirls.

“DUKE!” May ran into his open and waiting arms and got smothered with kisses that she tried to return in kind.

“Are you back?”

“For an extended nooner. We still have a lot to do with these new slaves. I thought I’d drop in this afternoon, have my way with you, get the taste of untrained meat out of my mouth and then go back to work later this evening when it was time to put them all down. I spend the late-night hours training the grooms on how to better work with this new meat. They’re put through their paces during the day with standard training procedures and then at night I go over the training recordings with my grooms and fine tune how they can better sink the psychological hooks into these new slaves late at night. I haven’t, nor will I get a good night’s sleep for at least another week or so. Hell May, training one slave is tough enough, but eleven is almost too much. Then training my men so that they do the best they can with this new talent makes my job worth every penny they’re paying me.”

“Oh, my poor Master, let me take you in and give you a massage. I want to pull all those built up toxins out of that lovely body of yours. But to be truthful, I just want my hands on your body Master, because I’ve missed you so much, and I always love touching you.”

“And I’ve missed you too May. You have no idea how much I missed you. These new slaves are all beautiful, but not a one of them is you. As soon as things get into a regular mode of training, I’m going to take a mini-vacation with just you and me. Training them is not fun like it was with you. Besides, they’re still under darkness discipline and green girls may have been sexy on Star Trek, but here they get so boring.”

“Green girls Duke?”

“Oh yes, I forgot. Under the night vision goggles, everything looks green. Remind me and I’ll turn the lights off one day and show you. But right now, I want a massage. So, follow me, my slave. Brigit, you stay in here and continue taking lessons from Bethany. I have temporary custody of you until Jackson’s wheeling and dealing is done so this is home for a few more days. If you need things, we’ll have them brought over. At any rate, May and I are going to be in the refresher. See you when I’m sated with her for a while.”

“Big sis, you are always so much luckier than I am,” and she pouted while doing high kicks with Bethany.

“He’s mine Honey, and I get him first.”

With that she ran into her closet, traded her good dancing shoes for some red five-inch wet-heels pumps and caught up to her man just as he was getting out of his clothes. Her focus was absolute as she put everything she’d ever learned about massage into relaxing her man. At the same time, she babbled a low-key monotone commentary about how much she missed him and how her heart was soaring just having him back for a little bit today. She promised to be whatever he needed her to be for his happiness and that she’d pleasure him in any way he desired because she loved him so much. She told him her devotion to him made her extremely happy and that everything she had was his to command. This hypnotic babble of hers helped with his overall relaxation and had been something she’d been working on in her mind to relay all the feelings she’d developed when he was away from her. Just hearing the sound of her voice helped, but the words she was saying over and over in heart-felt sentences of devotion were a true balm to his soul. On a primal level he knew she meant everything she was saying to him and it relaxed him listening to her proclamations of lust, love and happiness. This had not been part of her training and Duke had never heard of another slave making statements like this to their masters in this way, so he was pleased when she came up with this on her own and mixed her message with her massage.

Relaxed, but far from drained, Duke got up, pulled May over to the couch and from the cabinet under the recreational screen he pulled out a heavy leather paddle. Freeing her tits from the leotard was easy enough and after scraping them up with his scratchy beard, his lips sensitized them even further. They kissed deeply and long, exchanging tongues as a matter of course. Tongue flutters to her neck got her to focus on his ears because she knew they were sensitive and a favorite of his for foreplay. His large hands mauled her legs, just short of bruising them with his grip. May writhed and whimpered for more of his physical attentions. Turning her willingly over his knee, situating her comfortably across his lap, he started pounding her ass with the paddle. Her warmup was brief but welcome and as he bounced that slab of leather across her pantyhose covered ass and thighs May cried out for him to be hard and cruel with it because no one had touched her in far too long and this was exactly what she wanted and needed. He knew what an endorphin junkie she was, and he also knew that he couldn’t hit her too hard with something as broad and as flat as a leather paddle on the largest muscle mass of her body. So he pounded her, and she cried out her bliss and joy from his attentions. May begged him over and over again to keep hitting her when he switched from the paddle to his hand, squeezing and groping her bruised flesh with each smack of his oversized palm. Her pleas made him hard for her, which just drove her to beg for more.

Tearing open the snap covering of her leotard, Duke picked May up bodily and placed her on the tip of his hard-on, letting her sink down on it like she was being impaled. The pain from her thighs and butt, combined with the ecstasy of his penetration made her scream. Both of her hands flew up to cover her own mouth as she realized how loud her exclamation was, even to her. When Duke pulled her hands away and replaced his left hand across her mouth, grabbing a handful of her long platinum hair in his right and squeezing the two together to quiet her, she came so violently that she passed out for a moment, lost in the delirium of the joy.

Bouncing up and down on his lap, adding sensations to her bruised ass cheeks by grabbing a double handful of her own butt and squeezing until she couldn’t believe the feelings she was getting. Duke went back to mauling her tits, which just sent her to another plane of bliss. When Duke spasmed inside of her and shot his load deep into her she came again. Manipulating her head by a handful of hair, his mouth was surprisingly gentle on hers, but ravenous in his consumption. She tried to maneuver her head to kiss him back, but she was his absolute prisoner, going nowhere he didn’t direct.

To her utter surprise, he levered his left hand under her ass, and Duke lifted her with that hand to throw her sideways onto the couch so he could pounce into her sodden pussy with his mouth and begin a very masculine attack of cunnilingus giving her no chance to get accustomed to the change of pace. He was not gentle. He was devouring her like a meal, savoring their mixed juices, nibbling, gnawing and munching on her hyper-stimulated and aching flesh, so sensitive that she tried to push him away. Just after trying that once she realized what she had done, and then buried her own wrists, untied, behind her back and arched her pelvis into his jaw. His beard scraped her flesh and his lip-covered teeth bit into the fatty tissue of her mons pubis. She screamed, came, shuddered and swooned. 

Waking up in his strong arms, covered with a blanket and snuggling as much skin as she could against his, she couldn’t babble enough of how happy she was. Every inch of her body felt strained, raw and used, from her scalp to her toes she felt every nerve in her body. She couldn’t move her toe without her ear feeling it. Every nerve was connected to every other nerve and they were all firing off signals that she was just completely and totally ravaged by the man she loved.

“Well, that was fun for me. How was it for you? he quipped.”

Her fingertips slapped against him for being so silly and then went right back to petting him just to maintain contact. The last ergs of energy she had were being spent touching and petting him. He held a straw up to her lips and she recognized the taste of an energy supplement drink to replenish the spent electrolytes. It, and being this close to her master were restoring her energies.

“I missed you so much, my wonderful man and absolute master.”

“Unfortunately, we’ll have to take our time together in short spurts for the next few days. I’m training the groom corps and the slaves at the same time and you know what they say about burning the candle at both ends. It doesn’t leave much time for pleasantries like this. As a matter of fact, I have to get back to work fairly soon. I just needed to come by and ravage you and that amazing body of yours. When I need my energies recharged, I need to deplete you just a little.”

“You didn’t deplete me Master, you just made me want you more. I’ll be hungry for you in a short time and ravenous before you make it back here again. I can never get enough of you and what you do to me. I am so in love with you Duke that you are my soul. You don’t just own it, you are my world.”

“Well, I want you to go into your closet, put on that sheer black peignoir sheath you have, your red six-inch heels and wear nothing else until tomorrow. I may have Karl tie you up later, but that won’t count for or against your wardrobe. Now go put that on. I want to see it on you before I leave again.”

May staggered barefoot into her closet and when she returned she found Duke talking to Brigit and Karl in the playroom. Brigit was tied to the bondage pole and a red ball-gag had just been taken out of her mouth.

“She was determined to join you Duke. I figured if you’d wanted company you would have invited her, so I had to tie her up to something solid and gag her. Between you and me, I think she may have been just a little jealous.”

“I just wanted to see what all the noise was about. It sounded like you were beating the hyde off of her in there. Besides, it’s been just as long since my master has been with me, and I was jealous that my big sis was getting way more than her fair share of attention. I want a good time too.”

“The way I hear it, woman, you’ve been having a very good time with my slave, and she has been having a good time with you too. So, you greedy little girl, you’re going to wear your favorite gag after supper until the morning meal for being impertinent. Karl is going to keep you bound, and May is going to be under strict orders not to release you. Karl, please make sure Brigit’s fingers are taped too. May will be given the Hitachi though, but it is up to her if she’ll use it on you or not. You never know. She’s sated at the moment and may just want to get an early night’s sleep, leaving you high and dry. Wouldn’t that be a shame! I could even order her not to let you come. Maybe I’ll order her not to touch you, or better yet, I could order her to keep that Hitachi on you and going until she passes out. Oh, my, how mean am I feeling?”

“Oh, High Lord Duke, please, please, don’t be mean to me. I’m sorry for being horny, well, no I’m not, but I am sorry for putting my needs ahead of the harmony of your place. I’ll be a good girl.”

“Okay. You two have fun tonight, but you are going to be gagged, cuffed and taped up for the night. I guess May will have to be the top. Karl, gag her right after her last mouthful of gruel, wrist and elbow cuffs behind her if you would, lock and three links should be about right, and tape her fingers up. Also, put on a wide collar just for fun. Let May have the big Hitachi. She’s probably going to be a little slow moving tonight. We had fun in there.”

“I know boss, we all heard,” and they laughed.

May came in and demurely kissed him good-bye, shaking from the aftershocks that the clingy peignoir was inducing. She walked him to the door and then came back for the evening meal, which she wasn’t really enthused about taking.

Both were tied for their meal, but afterwards, May had to watch as Karl untied Brigit and replaced her ropes with leather. Black leather cuffs were locked on her wrists and they were then locked behind her back. The next thing he put on her was her favorite penis-gag that was the exact size of her master, Jackson. Brigit immediately began to suck on it, and her eyes smiled. Karl added a posture collar that kept her head erect and covered her entire neck. This made fellating the rubber phallus a bit more difficult, but Brigit persevered. He then taped Brigit’s fingers together into shiny mittens. The last thing Karl added was matching elbow cuffs, which he linked together with three links of chain to the locking mechanism of the cuffs.

Brigit was naked, so May suggested that Karl put some dark-brown pantyhose on her and then add her black strappy sandals. They had a four-inch heel and looked sexy with the cuffs when he buckled them on her. A very tight mini-skirt was added, made of red denim and a red bikini top was tied on over her B-cup tits. Brigit twirled for May’s approval and when Karl untied her, May pulled her little sister into her arms and showed her with her hands just how hot she thought she was in that outfit.

Still shaky from the session with Duke, all May really wanted to do was rest and recharge her energies, even if Brigit was looking hot and very desirable. Brigit though radiated horny. Between her body language and her touchy/feely attempts at rubbing up against her big sis, her desires were obvious to anyone in the room. She even whimpered suggestively when she thought May was listening.

Curling up on the couch in the refresher, May held her arm out so Brigit could snuggle in beside her and she asked Karl for a nice movie to watch. Squirming but taking what she could get, Brigit watched the rom-com with May. Doing everything she could for attention and getting no more than an errant child would that was told to sit still, Brigit simmered for May. May however re-experienced her time with Duke in her mind, thinking of little else but that. Watching how the female lead in the movie was helping her man, May got an idea.

“Honey, I’ve got to help him out. If I want more time with him, he needs my help. If I’m helping him do even a portion of what he’s got to do every day, then he’ll be able to squeeze in a little more time for us. Today was fun, Honey, and I mean fun, but I want more time with my man. I want to be ravaged every day for his nooner. Now all I have to do is figure out how I can be helpful to him, and you’re no help all bound and gagged like that. So, I guess there’s only one thing to do. Karl?”

After Karl had belted each of Brigit’s ankles to her thighs, and re-taped her hands into fists with red tape, May plugged in the powerful Hitachi vibrator. For the next thirty-minutes, May got a lesson in just how much noise a woman can make with a penis-gag in her mouth. Even considering the wide posture collar that covered the area of the voice box, Brigit still expressed an exceptional volume of whines, moans, whimpers and screams. Of course, there was no mercy for Brigit. May wanted to wear Brigit out. She needed the down time to rest her brain so she could find some peace of mind. May also needed some time to rest and think about what she could do for Duke. She had a niggling idea smoldering in the back of her brain, but nothing was solidifying yet.

Determined to help

May wants another art form

to ease Duke’s burden.


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