Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 14: Was It Too Much Fun?

Was it too much fun?

Will they enjoy it again?

Or was it enough?

When Karl looked in on them, very late that night, the two slaves were so entangled together that it reminded him of what his younger sister used to call a kitten-puddle. They were so wrapped up in each other it was hard to tell which arm or which leg belonged to which woman. Brigit had untied May and the room was redolent of their escapades. He decided to leave them like that for the night and just lock the door so they wouldn’t roam around on their own while he got some sleep.

Waking up the next morning, Karl wondered what they were doing, so he turned on the room monitor, and they were at it again. In his mind, female-to-female 69-positions were so much easier to follow than for a mixed couple. He decided to let them have a few more minutes of fun and then get them started on their daily routines. When they stopped to rest, Karl pinged the room and both of them scrambled to get to a kneeling position, with their wrists crossed behind their backs. He let them wait for almost a half hour before entering the room.

“Good morning May, Brigit. Did you have fun with each other?”

Both of them flushed deeply and giggled, telling him everything he needed to know. They also straightened their posture and smiled, sneaking glances at each other and barely stifling their beaming joy.

“Okay. You two stink. It doesn’t smell that bad, but it is quite intense, so I want the two of you to do your exercises and then hit the refresher. Do your make-up too. Get dressed after that and over breakfast we’ll talk.”

After he fed them, Karl explained what was going to happen a little later.

“Do you remember Candice?”

Both of them nodded and May said, “Of course we do M’Lord Groom Karl. She’s High Lord Greenway’s slave.”

“Well, she’s coming over in two hours and wants your help on some things, so I’m going to untie you and send you off to get dressed. I’ve received special instructions to have you look like slutty secretaries today. Duke has sent instructions that for today the core uniform will be impractical, but you should use your best instincts to pick an outfit that you would be proud to wear for him. He said to tell you that you should look very Duke-approved for this visit. Brigit, do you have some outfit that’s close or will we have to raid May’s closet?”

“I didn’t bring anything like that, but I have the perfect outfit back at master’s place if someone could pick it up for me.”

“I can arrange that. Give the groom I get on this phone an exact description of the outfit that you want him to bring here and it will be delivered. Here, talk to this groom. His name is Andrew.”

“Good morning M’Lord Groom Andrew, this is High Lord McMal’s slave. Would you be so kind as to pick up an outfit for me from his condo? --- Thank you. The outfit I’d like you to pick up for me is a white bustier, with a white with yellow pinstripes suit jacket and matching shorts, my yellow collar and cuffs set, and my yellow four-inch pumps. I’ll also need some white print fishnet pantyhose, at least three pair and those white gloves in the third drawer of my dresser. Thinking about it, I’ll also need my white and my yellow miniskirts, my white and yellow dressy blouses and my white boots with the five-inch heels. Can you bring all that to me at High Lord Grandville’s quarters? Oh, thank you, thank you, M’Lord Groom Andrew. Here’s M’Lord Groom Karl.”

Karl told Andrew that this was a special assignment given to the slaves by Duke, to help High Lord Greenway, and then hung up the phone.

“Come help me get ready Honey. That outfit sounds deliciously provocative for you and has given me an idea of my own. M’Lord Groom Karl, will you lace me into a corset please? I don’t think a front-lace corset will do for today.”

“Of course, but we’d better hurry.”

“Then we can skip the suspension cuffs. I’ll just hang on the bar while you lace me up. That’ll make it faster. I’ll go get the corset I have in mind,” and May raced off to her closet.

The corset she chose was a dark red, almost the color of a fine merlot with bright-red brocade patterns of roses across the silk of the heavily boned corset. Karl cinched it up tightly while she hung there and then waited for it to settle before he cinched almost another inch out of it.

“Oh god big sis, your waist is getting so small. Do you think I should start corset training like you have?”

“Honey, you’ve got delicious curves, so until Jackson tells you that he wants you to get curvier, then just stay as you are.”

When Karl lowered May’s bar, she hurried into her closet and put on some red seamed sheer black hose, attaching them to the eight suspenders hanging off the corset. Over that she put on a see-thru black blouse that fastened in the back and was more sheer than the hose she’d put on. It looked like a shadow covering her breasts. The blouse was long sleeved and had ruffles on the sleeve cuffs. Tucking this blouse into a short pencil-tight red miniskirt, she next slipped her feet into burgundy knee boots and zipped them up. They had five and a half-inch stilettos and red soles under the heels. Over all of this she slipped into a red suit jacket just as Andrew delivered both Brigit’s outfit and Candice.

Going with Karl to answer the door, May was surprised to see a very demure yet professionally dressed Candice in a brown pinstripe pantsuit, with square heeled pumps and her hair up in a bun. Candice took one look at May and broke down into tears.

“I’ll never be as beautiful as you May, it’s hopeless.” 

May pulled her into her arms and let her cry for a while and then led her into the refresher. She sat Candice down at the dressing table and the first thing they did was try to repair the woman’s make-up. By the time they had that started Brigit came in and that started a whole new round of tears and smears. Both of the girls stood Candice up, pulled her over to the couch and let her cry and babble for a while.

“He’s replacing me with another slave! I just got word today that High Lord Grandville has chosen and is personally going to train up a new slave for my Woodrow. She’s going to be all bright and new, probably much younger than me, prettier I bet and trained by High Lord Grandville to please him like you please him May. He trained you too didn’t he Brigit. You can tell by your sense of style. I asked Master this morning if he’d let me ask you for help May and he said you’d give me some advice on how to look sexier when I work with him in the office. I could never wear anything like that! I don’t have the body for it.”

Both of the other two stood Candice up and began to strip her down to skin. When they had that pantsuit off of her, they handed it to Karl and May said, “With all due respect M’Lord Groom Karl, please burn this. And then help us get this woman into a corset please. She can have one of mine until we go shopping online from the commissary. Will you help us with this? Please? We need to give Candice here a total make-over.”

Karl took the pantsuit and Candice’s under-garments out of sight and then put suspension cuffs on Candice and hung her from a bar. He then set everything up for them all on the sofa in the refresher so that they could sync Brigit’s laptop up with the commissary website and do their shopping. May brought out one of her many corsets and Karl began the process of lacing it on Candice. While she hung there waiting to adjust to the first tightening, May and Brigit started to take some measurements of her. They measured everything and recorded these measurements into a special program Brigit had on her laptop for sizing clothes. Actually, the commissary had a similar program, but they just used Brigit’s as a matter of convenience. They measured every square inch of Candice’s body, from the length of her toes to the width of her foot. They were still measuring Candice when Karl finally let her down from the suspension bar, getting secondary sets of measurements from her body after it had been elongated. They recorded the size of her ankles with her foot flat and at several extensions to simulate the height of several different arches of high heels. They did her calves vertically and took three measurements around different parts of her calf. Karl helped them with all of these measurements, telling them what they had done for the new slaves when they came in and were still unconscious. They were this meticulous as they measured Candice’s whole body. 

“Oooh, this is so tight, I can barely breathe.”

“Okay, running a marathon in one of those is out, but the men-folk do pay attention when you wear one regularly. Duke has me put one on every day. I have both the front lace styles and the back lace, like that one and the one I’m wearing now. You do get used to them and after you’ve been ridden hard in one, you’ll learn that they are not quite as suffocating as they seem. Now let’s get some hose on those legs.”

They had to wax Candice’s legs before they put hose on her. Both of them helped her smooth the hose up her leg, attach them to the corset suspenders and then they went back to the couch. Brigit initiated a simulation program that used an avatar with the exact same measurements as Candice had to try on the pictures of clothes from the commissary. They started with suit jackets and skirt sets. They adjusted the height of the skirts until they were sexually appealing and then ordered several colors of that suit for her, in colors much more feminine than dirt brown, like the one she came in with. They were a bit hesitant to start in on prints, figuring that they’d work on Woodrow a little at a time. Then they went back into that same selection and ordered matching micro-minis for the same jacket sets, and then got short-shorts to match.

Candice was almost in shock, staring wide-eyed at their selections and repeatedly murmuring “no” without any conviction. They made sure to order pantyhose by the case and boxes of regular hose like she was wearing now. While they were in that section of the catalog, they started to put her in sexier underwear.

“Candy-girl, all men prefer these to the utilitarian bras and panties you tell us you have. I have a few pairs of those granny panties, but Duke uses them to stuff my mouth for a soft and filling gag. If I wear them at all it’s not for long. Also, these bras make it much easier for him to get your tits free and into his hands. Once Woodrow figures out how to pop these open, he’ll probably never requisition another back-hook bra. Let’s get you a wide variety. You have the tits for it and C-cups are a good size to fit in your master’s hands.”

“Yes, Dr. Stinson gave them to me one year ago, for Woodrow’s birthday.”

“See Candy-girl, he does love you and wants you around.”

“You think so?”

Brigit popped up with, “I wish I had your tits Sweetie. I have got to have a talk with Jackson and see if he’ll arrange something with Dr. Stinson for me. I want to be more like my big sis here, and I mean ‘BIGsis,” and Brigit made hand gestures like she was holding enormous tits in her hands.

“Remember Honey-girl, only if Jackson wants them.”

“Oh, Duke will help me talk him into it. Besides, I need new bras anyway. Might as well get new tits to fill them.” and they all laughed.

“You call your High Lords by their first names?”

“Our two prefer it that way,” said May. “The other night at the party we were out in public, so we used their formal titles until we got to Jackson’s, but when we’re here or at Jackson’s place we’re always on a first name basis.”

“I thought it very odd at the party that they went all informal like that, but I thought it was just a special occasion.”

“No, that’s part of Duke’s way, and Jackson likes it so much he instituted it at his place,” said Brigit

“Slaves, stand up and cross your wrists behind your back,” said Karl. “It’s time to tie and feed you lunch.”

After lunch they went right back to putting together a new look for Candice. Shoes were the next order of business and May went wild with the pumps, open and closed toe, with T-straps and without, and with Mary-Jane instep straps. Some had ankle straps, and some didn’t. Seeing sexy Oxfords for the first time, Candice wanted some of those too. May ordered them all with stiletto heels from four-inches up, and some went up to six-inches.

“I can’t wear those!”

“You’ll learn. They’re like the corset that you haven’t complained about in over an hour. You build up to them slowly and you observe the effect on the men-folk when you wear the higher heels. Trust me. When the skirts get shorter and the heels get higher, you get a proportionately larger share of their attention. I’m going to have some five-inch Oxfords put in the first delivery order we’re getting, and you can totter around in those while you’re here to get used to them. If Woodrow likes the look, you can always have molds of your feet made and then you can get heels that have the perfect fit for your foot with pads and cushions built in for all day wear. If it were up to me, I’d have those chunky shoes burned with that pantsuit.”

Brigit chimed in with, “May and I have taken pictures of ourselves in shorter heels and the skyscraper heels and the difference in the look is amazing. My master likes the influence May is having on me.”

“Duke is a bad influence on me, and I just share the wealth.”

“But I also need to get some pants for these suits.”

“No, you don’t. Business attire is one thing; pants are another. You can always call up the commissary and have them deliver pants to you but try the skirts first and observe the difference in Woodrow. I bet he likes them more.”

“I don’t know...”

“Just try it. Your measurements are already in your file and you can always get tailored slacks that emphasize your butt and thighs. Sure, they’ll be a little tighter than you may be used to, but again we’re considering the male appreciation factor.”

They continued adding to her wardrobe for another hour or so before the first packages arrived. Candice opened them and made a choice. She put on a baby-blue fingertip pencil skirt, a low-cut front closure charcoal-gray bra, an equally low-cut light-gray silk ruffle front blouse, the pair of black Oxfords that sported a five-inch heel and then slipped into a jacket that matched the skirt. Dragging her in front of a three-way dressing mirror by the make-up table, both May and Brigit wolf-whistled at Candice as she twirled in front of the mirror and admired the new images of herself.

“Now, what was that nonsense about never being as beautiful as I am? Look at you Candy-girl and make me believe that Woodrow won’t sit up, get hard and take notice of you. You look hot sweetheart.”

“Scrumptious hot,” said Brigit, and she exchanged a furtive glance with May who caught her meaning instantly. They were on the same wavelength.

“Oh, thank you both for this! I can barely believe the difference and can’t wait to show my master.”

“Oh Candy-girl, we’re not done with you yet. You still need some ‘Throw me down and ravage me perfume and we need to go over new styles of hair and make-up for you. Let’s go back to the computer. Honey, does that program have a hair-style feature on it?”

“It does if I take her picture. I’ll be right back.”

Candice started to cry again. She looked at May and said, “You two have been so good to me.”

“Just being neighborly. Remember that we’re all sisters in this, and that our main goal is to make our masters notice us above and beyond the drudgeries of everyday life. When we keep them happy, they’ll keep us happy.”

Being the handy little photographer, Brigit soon had Candice’s picture linked into the program and they were trying on different styles and colors of hair for her. They filed about a dozen different looks for Candice to show to Woodrow, to let him choose which one he liked the best. May told her that getting it cut and colored was an in-house thing with a stylist and that eventually May would be able to do it herself. However, Nora hadn’t started working with May on coloring yet, so it might be a while.

“I’m kind of surprised Candice. It seems more and more that Woodrow has kept you in a closet and is just now letting you out to explore these Estates! What happened?”

“We just go to work every day and then spend time at home together. That party we went to at High Lord McMal’s was the first party I’d been to in years. My master and I don’t get out much.”

“Well,” said Brigit, “that may change with your new looks. Same prize, different packaging, you know. I just hope we don’t distract him too much,” and they all giggled.

“You should come over here more often and we’ll have more girl-lessons.”

“You mean I can visit more often?”

“Of course. Tell you what. We’ll make time so that the three of us can do this at least once a week or so. I like company, as you can see, and you’ll fit right in. What about sometime next week, we call in a sex-therapist and we’ll all get schooled in how to do it better?”

“Oh, you have got to be kidding me! We have those?”

“Sure. They’re older slaves as I understand it, who’ve been schooled and trained for decades in the arts of pleasing men. Now they pass on that knowledge to us, and anyone that asks for it. The way I understand it from Duke, he’s had them training the grooms so that the grooms are better able to train the new slaves that were just brought in.”

“Oh god, you mean my replacement will be better trained in sex than I am? That’s just not fair,” and she almost started to cry again.

Swatting Candice on the butt, May got her attention, and the stink-eye from Karl. May said, “Now hush Candy-girl. We’ll book one of the therapists for next week and you’ll get a head start on beating her to the punch. You already know what Woodrow likes, so if you get better at that, then you’ll be the one he’ll stick with. New and shiny rubs off quick when you have a fresh coat of paint on a long-standing paramour.”

“May, what would you do if High Lord Grandville found someone new in this bunch of young beautiful trophy women that they just brought in?”

“The same thing that I’ve always done. Make Duke think he’s the only man on the Earth and do anything I have to do to prove to him that I love him above all others. If some new girl thinks she can do that better than I can, she’s welcome to try, and I’ll accept Duke’s decision as to which one of us he wants to spend time with. I have no delusions about what it takes to train a new slave. I still vividly remember what he did to train me. I accept that he’ll do whatever he needs to do to fully indoctrinate them into being a good slave for these Estates. I’ll still be who I am, and do what I do for him, and be ready and willing to do whatever he asks me to do. Are you ready to do that for your master, Woodrow?”

“I never really looked at it like that. Yes, of course I’ll do anything for my master and anything I can to make him feel special. I just pray he still wants me after the new one gets all trained up for him.”

“We do too sweetie, don’t we Honey?”

“Of course, we do. Everything will be alright. We’ll whip you into shape, well, not literally, but you know what I mean.”

“Thank you both so much, for everything. Do you really think he’ll like this new outfit,” and she twirled again for their approval?

“It’s business-wear sweetie, and that’s what your master seems to like to see on you. It’s just much more feminine than what you describe as being in your closet at the moment. The other things we ordered for you can be mixed and matched with various outfits, but they’re all professional looking. My advice to you, buy lots of lingerie when you get back to your place, put on the highest heels you can walk in, and sit on your boss’s lap and talk about the first thing that comes up,” snickered Brigit.

“Oh, I can do that,” and they all giggled.

Karl had already called for an escort groom to take her back to her master’s condo. Good-bye kisses were exchanged, and with her arms full of packages Candice tottered off in heels she’d still have to learn to walk in gracefully. 

May and Brigit high-fived each other and then Karl tied their hands behind their backs for their evening meal of gruel.


The bane of every woman,

until they flower.


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