Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 13: Training Day Two

It’s never easy

to train even one woman,

much less eleven.

Duke spent the entire night going over the raw footage of the slaves’ first day with his grooms. He used it more as a teaching tool for his groom corps than as a checklist of which slave did what, and when. He showed them how small expressions signified how well or how poorly the slave responded to the actions of the grooms. He pointed out the significance of body language with the new slaves, from when they were behaving to when they were defiant. Every one of them made the mistake of thinking that because they couldn’t see that they didn’t have to hide their expressions and body language. This was an invaluable tool to the newer grooms learning how to read slaves. While Duke was detailing his observations of the slave’s actions, Lee’s techno-grooms were highlighting parts of the video with arrows and subtitles and recording Duke’s voice over the footage. Duke’s new groom corps would be recording every minute of the slave’s training and using all of it to help train future grooms or grooms on different duty assignments.

Tired, but not exhausted, Duke periodically took power naps and then went right back to analyzing and creating training tools. By morning they were all ready to go again, so they flipped on the overhead speakers.

“Good morning slaves, this is your wake-up call. Again, I am High Lord Grandville, the ultimate authority during your training, which will soon resume. The time is, --- well you don’t need to know the time because it’s morning, to you. Your whole day will be spent training, and you have nowhere else to go and nothing better to do. Now, some of you woke up warmer and more comfortable than the others. If you want to keep this privilege, then behave today as well as you did yesterday. If the other slaves want a chance to earn more comfortable bedding, then they should emulate those that behave and try to please us with their demeanor and enthusiasm. Remember, good behavior is rewarded, and bad behavior is punished. As of this morning the slate is clean for all of you. All of you start off today with zero demerits, so your behavior during the day will show me and my fellow grooms how well you learned your lessons yesterday. We will start with you putting your high heels back on as soon as a groom unties you. Remember, we will check to see if you were a good slave during the night and stayed tied. After a quick bathroom break, your grooms will tie your wrists behind your back, so cooperate with them when they do. Over your breakfast of slave gruel, we will quiz you on the rules of conduct you learned yesterday. Any slave that can recite all nine of them in order will get a treat after the meal. Anyone that doesn’t get at least six right will earn a demerit. There will be no arguing or negotiating. You have nothing to bargain with except your mind, which we are training to be pleasing to us. Show us a positive attitude in learning to please us and we will make this as painless as possible for all of us. So, wish your grooms a good morning and doing it correctly will be noticed. Then, do what they tell you to do. Smile number five. It’s a bright new day with a fresh start. If you want to avoid sleeping on cold, diamond-plate steel again tonight, then you will improve your efforts today, right?”

She nodded but did not smile. That defiance was noted.

When the grooms entered their cells, they were greeted, correctly, by numbers one, two, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven. Checking, the grooms found out that number four’s ankles were unbound and that number five had wriggled out of all of her ropes. Both four and five were given demerits for not staying bound, and numbers three, four, and five were given demerits for disobeying Duke by not pleasantly greeting their grooms. All of the eleven put their heels on and then submitted to having their wrists crossed and tied behind their backs. The grooms checked how well they did with putting their strappy heels back on in the dark and all seemed well. During breakfast, numbers one, two, eight, nine and eleven recited the rules correctly and in order. After breakfast all five of them had their hair brushed out. Some of them moaned or hummed in pleasure at this bit of grace. Number five made a disparaging comment about the rewards some of them were getting and earned her third demerit that morning. Number three only got four of the rules right, so she gained one demerit and was drilled on the rules again before she was allowed off of her knees.

After listening to number five receive her first flogging of the day, their lessons started out with the donning of hobble skirts to help the slaves train their gait. These were eighteen-inch gaits limited by the midi-length of the leather skirts. Some of the slaves took to this training very well, like numbers one and eleven, while others had a crisis of coordination trying to either hurry or not walking in a full stride, which caused many a slip-and-fall situation from the high heels they were wearing. Making them count their steps from the particular table that they ate at, back to their cell and then back again to the right table kept them occupied for the rest of the morning. Apprentice grooms, wearing night vision goggles, kept the slaves walking in straight lines, which was for some harder than learning to walk with an eighteen-inch gait. The slaves were constantly asked if they could get back to this point on their own? A simple yes or no laid the course for their instructions.

Just before lunch they were given the chore of walking from their particular cell to their normal eating table. If they got even close, they were promised a reward, and if they became totally lost and confused, they were given a demerit. Rewards were given out to number one, who was very comfortable in a hobble-skirt and heels; number eleven who got very close to her target table; and number eight, who just squeaked by. Everyone else except number ten came within the acceptable distance from their tables and were guided in by voice commands. Serenity, number ten tripped several times, falling and losing count, so she was given a demerit for clumsiness. All of them were quizzed over their lunch of gruel as to the number of steps and directions they were taught all morning. Geneva, number five picked up three more demerits for making obscene comments about dickless little bullies and their torments towards helpless and innocent women. Considering it earned her a second beating for the day, she got the fronts of her thighs caned after lunch and before everyone started their afternoon chores.

That afternoon they all learned their new regimen of exercises to keep each of them trim and fit. Their wrists were untied, and each of them had their very own coach for the pilates and yoga. Not all of the exercises were universal for all eleven of them, but some were. Some needed work in certain areas, while others needed little more than the basics. A few didn’t know they were being fattened up to emphasize their curves and they therefore got different exercises. As a whole their yoga was geared heavily on the stretches and positions that would keep the women limber. No one was gigged with a demerit during exercise classes and that was what brought them up to supper. While they were being fed, Duke addressed them.

“Slaves, we’ve actually had a successful day of it. Only our problem child got beat today, twice, and she’ll eventually learn that cooperating with us is less painful than persisting to express her self-righteous arrogance and think that she has any rights left, much less the right to do things her way. You don’t. You all have the responsibility to do things our way. The faster you acquiesce to our way of doing things the easier your life will become. We can be very generous and kind, or we can be very sadistic. The choice in how we treat you will be up to you.”

“Now, for some of you, tonight is clothes night. Clothes are a reward. Those of you with good records will be offered the chance to try on some of the clothes that are being made specifically for you to wear. However, your sense of fashion is now in the hands of those that you must learn how to please. We are no longer dictated to by the fashion industry. We offer you clothes that we think make you more attractive to us. Pants, jeans, sweats and even Bermuda shorts will be nothing more than a memory for you. None of you will be offered any to wear. Skirts, dresses and even the occasional short-shorts will be your wardrobe from now on. Hose and heels will be mandatory. Corsets will be the rigor of your new closet, and we will be reducing those waistlines. Lingerie and provocative underwear will be a mainstay. Your choices of what to wear, or what you think you look cute in are no longer relevant. We will decide what we want to see you in, and you will wear it. The same rules apply to this. Please us and get rewarded. Displease us and get punished. It really is that simple.”

“Now, after we’ve fed you and we untie you, you will be sent back to your cell. You should know how to get there by now. On your bed will be packs of pantyhose. You will put them on and then stand up for the approval of your grooms. If you haven’t put a run in them, you will be given a treat. Let’s hope your nails have no snags. If you suspect that they do, ask your groom for an emery board and repair them before trying to put the pantyhose on. Then you will be given clothing chosen specifically for you. We have chosen these items of apparel because we’ve been watching you in your birthday suits for days now and frankly, we want to see a change.”

They all stood up to get untied.

“Any complaining about your new attire will gain you a demerit. Cooperation will gain you favor. When you are attired, you may come back to the main room to show off your new clothes, or you may disrobe and go to bed. Again, the choice will be yours, however, we want you to look and feel pretty for us. And remember, not everyone will be getting clothes. You will all be tested on putting pantyhose on, but some will go directly to bed afterwards while others receive their treats.

Everyone except number two, Ariel, the youngest, passed their coordination tests as far as putting on pantyhose. Ariel hadn’t worn anything but tights in so long she kept running the hose, pair after pair. Her sister, Malory, number eight, Amelia, number one, Jackie, number six, Phyllis, number nine, and Vivian, number eleven all received clothes and new heels to put on. Geneva, number five was put back into the cage part of her new bed, without even a blanket to shield her from the diamond-plate steel floor. The only difference this time was that not only were her ankles bound, her legs were further tied together below the knees and at mid-thigh. Her arms were tied together behind her back at wrists and elbows. She also got torso ropes and a shoulder harness, which were then anchored off to the bars of the cage. She was also gagged with a rather large penis-gag. This night would prove very uncomfortable for her. Cecelia, number three, Diane, number four and Serenity, number ten, were all laid down on their cushioned bed for the night. Their wrists were crossed and tied behind their backs and their ankles were crossed and tied. They received no cover and were given no treats. Ariel, number two, was put to bed too, but she still had her sleeping bag to cover up with. Like the others, her wrists and ankles were also tied, but her wrists were tied in front, palm-to-palm and her ankles were tied side by side. Leigh, number seven was put to bed and tied the same way as Ariel was and she was given a sheet to cover up for the night.

Malory, number eight received a short pencil skirt, push-up bra, silk blouse and a waist-cincher vest to wear with classic open-toe pump stilettos. They had also provided her with a pair of glasses to wear. She decided to go back to the main room to show this off for the grooms watching her.

Amelia, number one was given a Daisy-Duke outfit. Short-shorts that did nothing to hide the lower quarter of her ass cheeks, a sleeveless cotton button-down midriff top that showed off her flat and toned abdominals, cowgirl boots with five-inch tapered heels and two pieces of elastic hairbands to put her hair in pigtails. She too decided to go show off for the watchers.

Jackie, number six received a latex dress that showed off her curves. Her groom had to help her with the zippers. The short-sleeved, to the knee garment clung to her body like a second skin and limited her gait even more than the earlier hobble-skirt she wore. Along with some lace sleeves, a frilly apron of cotton and some classic 5” pumps, Jackie recognized that they had dressed her up as a caricature of a French maid, complete with a feather duster. She too chose to go and show off this outfit to the grooms in the main room. Her personal groom directed her to the main hall because of the extra steps she had to take.

Phyllis, number nine found out that she’d been offered a silk peignoir and opera-length gloves along with some thin strappy six-inch sandals to wear. She put these things on but she opted to take them off and be put to bed. When asked by her groom, she told him that she felt more naked and exposed in that lingerie than she did being nude for two days and that the peignoir made her very self-conscious about this. Her groom tied her hands behind her back, crossed and tied her ankles and then covered her with a sheet, tucking her in.

Vivian, number eleven looked like she’d walked out of a ritzy cocktail party. Dressed in an off-the-shoulder sheath dress that came to just below her knee, she could tell it had been tailored just for her, and that this was not just some dress off the racks. By feel, she recognized that it clung enticingly to all of her womanly curves and draped just right to flatter her. She knew from experience with clothes that it did this without making her look slutty. To go with this outfit, Vivian found a pair of skyscraper-heeled knee boots that laced in the front and zipped up the side. Her groom helped her with the lacing and steadied her while she got used to the ultra-high stilettos. Tottering slightly, she proudly walked out to the main room to show off her new look to the watching grooms.

Once they were all gathered in the main room, they were given chocolate kisses to suck on while their grooms brushed their hair out. Then the loudspeaker over their heads boomed out again.

“Slaves, I am happy to see the four of you out here in the main room. We have a slutty secretary look, our version of Daisy Duke, a French maid in rubber and a lonely woman that just escaped from a stuffy cocktail party. Now it’s time to show off for us. It doesn’t matter which way you walk, or should I say strut your stuff. We will stop you before you walk into the walls. We want you to dig deep and find that sexy woman inside you, and by your movements and poses, show us just how sexy you can be in an outfit like you are wearing. Some of us will come around to assist you to get into the mood. Don’t be shy.”

Three grooms came out onto the floor besides the slave’s personal grooms. The first one plopped a Stetson on Amelia’s head, pulled her into his arms and started to two-step with her across the floor. She only hesitated for a moment before she got into the spirit of the game, dancing and laughing with him. He plopped a pair of headphones onto her and then put her Stetson back on after she got them adjusted. His lapel mike could talk over the music coming through her phones and he guided her around like they were in a country bar. Using his voice and hands to teach her, he got her line dancing with him. She followed along with his guidance automatically.

The next groom, in a suit and tie grabbed up Malory, sat her down on his lap, handed her a steno-pad and a pen, crossed her legs and started to dictate a letter to her. His main goal in this encounter was to grope and pet her until she got totally distracted from the letter. That didn’t take long at all and soon they were necking like kids in the back seat of a car. This new groom used a lot of catch phrases, like, “Well Miss Malory, if you want that promotion” --- “Don’t worry about what my hands are doing, you just concentrate on that letter,” --- “Now, do you want your own parking space, or not,” --- “Oh you nasty little girl, just hike up that skirt of yours a little more,” --- “Yes, that’s right, come to daddy.” Malory got into the role play easily and kept it going while the groom made her feel like the sexy secretary. She chewed on the stem of her glasses and tried to enhance her cleavage with her arms. She also giggled, a lot.

Of the four, Jackie got into the role of the French maid the easiest. She would flutter-step from table to table dusting the imaginary dirt off the tables and the one chair at each table. To do this she would stand close to the table with both of her ankles close together, lock her knees straight, bend over at the waist with one hand on her hip, and she dusted with the other one. At the end of her dusting she would flip one foot up until it was almost touching her butt, give a little squeal and then flutter-step to the next table, feeling around with her outstretched hands until she found it. Her new partner came up behind her, took the feather duster from her and began to sensuously dust her off. On one knee behind her, he grabbed both of her thin ankles with one hand and then began dusting off the backs of her legs. He would gently remind her with the hand holding the duster that she should stay bent over, with her legs locked. As they changed positions, he calmly controlled her, whether it was to cup his hand over her mouth if her moans got too loud, or to position her on a table so that he could spread her legs and dust off more sensitive areas.

While the other three couples were playing games with each other, Vivian was a bit lost. She tottered back and forth looking for something to do until she heard the footsteps behind her. Her personal groom whispered, “He’s getting closer to you in the dark.” --- “There is no escape from this mysterious stranger.” --- “He’s getting closer to you all the time.” --- “Can you feel his breath on your neck?” and with that a man grabbed her by one wrist and spun her out in a dance move and then pulled her back into his arms. As she caught her breath, her personal groom placed a pair of thin headphones over her ears and music began to play. The stranger pulled her into a classic dance pose and then began to push her around to a soft Latin rhythm. She picked up the dance step easily, being familiar with the genre, and then her world stopped for a moment.

“Hello Vivian, I am High Lord Grandville.”

And she recognized the voice that had talked to all of them from the overhead speaker, but now it was coming through the same headphones covering her ears. She could feel his body-heat, hear his deep male voice up close, smell his scent against her as he held her close and intimately.

“I’ve been watching you very closely for the length of your captivity, and I am quite charmed by the submissive attitude you project,” and he pulled her a little closer. Compelling her by his masculinity and the type of dancing he’d chosen to grind her hips into him and to show off her tits as he dipped her and then pulled her close again, Duke did everything in his power to charm this woman in the prime of her life.

“You look absolutely lovely in that dress and those boots I chose specifically for you. Do you like the way they fit? I had those boots sewn up just for you from the molds we took of your feet when you were unconscious. That dress is a one-of-a-kind, sewn up just to your measurements. We modeled it on the computer to get just the right lay and drape, and then one of our seamstresses hand stitched it just for you. Open your mouth.”

Duke pulled a wrapped square of chocolate from his jacket pocket, unwrapped it with one hand and popped it into her waiting mouth.

“Good isn’t it? I have it flown in from Switzerland. They know how to make chocolate. You certainly are a sexy woman. I’m enjoying the curves you’re rubbing against me. Don’t be afraid of your sexuality. You no longer have the guilt associated with being the woman with a body like yours. Relax in the arms of the most powerful man in this training facility. I know that power turns you on and you are at your personal best submitting to the most powerful man around. That’s me, so let yourself go and get into the dance we are enjoying.”

Reaching down and cupping her breast enough to feel her hard and pointy nipples he continued. As he talked to her, her breath quickened with a deep intake. His soft, even-toned voice mesmerized her as he went on.

“Power and masculinity arouse you. You cannot hide your natural bodily responses to it. You are here because of how you respond to both of those qualities. I’ve watched you lightly struggle against the ropes we’ve tied on you, and then settle into them like they were just more clothes for you to wear. I want you to appreciate and revel in what we do to you. I will be the one that introduces you to the whip, but it will not be because of something you’ve done to displease me, will it?”

Vivian shook her head against his chest and murmured, “No, High Lord Grandville. You will not be displeased by me.”

“Does it scare you that I speak so casually about whipping you?”

“Yes, and no, High Lord Grandville. I am your slave now and I know you will do what you want with me.”

“You are ‘a’ slave. You have not earned the right to be ‘my’ slave, yet.”

“Yes, High Lord Grandville. I will try to earn that privilege.”

“Good attitude Vivian Monroe. If you want the finest lifestyle that can be offered to a slave, then your efforts to become my personal slave will pay off. Are you wet slave Vivian?”

“Yes, very, High Lord Grandville. Make love to me please.”

“Unfortunately, slave, that was your first mistake of the day. I will explain. The phrase you used, ‘Make love to me’ was an imperative statement. Slaves are never allowed to tell a dominant what to do. If you had asked me, politely, and with real need in your voice, well we’d be heading for one of the bedrooms right now, but you must learn proper procedure if you ever want to be a slave of mine. That is my imperative. Is that understood?”

“Yes, High Lord Grandville. I am sorry. Would you please take me to one of the bedrooms and have your way with this body of mine?”

“Mistake number two Vivian. Answering a direct question was all that was required from you. Begging for something denied you is not becoming for a slave. If I had told you to beg for what you wanted, then again, we’d be heading for the bedroom. I know you are an intelligent woman, and I know it will take some time to get used to your slavery. Tonight as I tie you up and cover you up in your nice warm sleeping bag, think of what it means to obey specifically and not how to improvise to try to get your way. Just submit to our way of doing things because this is a whole new lifestyle for you, and obey precisely what you are directly told to do. Now open your mouth again.”

As she trembled against him, he popped another chocolate into her mouth and then picked her up in his arms and carried her to her cell. Duke stripped her down with his large hands, tied her wrists behind her and gave her one last treat. With his lips on hers, his right middle finger entered her sopping pussy, found her G-spot and ripped an orgasm out of her with expert ease. Tying her ankles side-by-side when he was done, he zipped her up into her sleeping bag.

“You’re an intelligent woman Vivian. Think carefully about the lessons you’ve learned today. All of them, especially mine, and try to please me tomorrow.

Duke maintains command

when a slave tries her old ways

and keeps her hungry.


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