Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f+; F/f; bond; slave; training; rope; oral; cuffs; vinyl; cons; X

Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 12: Separated Again

While Duke is busy

May invites Brigit over

and they learn and play

Early on the morning of the big mission, Vince delivered Brigit, who was carting several bags, to Duke’s apartment. Both she and May were still bleary eyed and half asleep as they hugged and kissed each other good morning. May put a little extra into that kiss and when Brigit responded favorably, she put a little more into the kiss as she cupped her little sister’s breast. Brigit’s breath quickened and she pulled out all the petting stops, stroking her friend like a long lost lover. Breathless and panting with the sheer energy of it they made it to the floor before Karl broke them up.

“Alright May, stop. Duke said that you had permission, from him, to have sex with Brigit, but I’m still waiting on confirmation from High Lord McMal to see if Brigit can have sex with you.”

“Oh, M’Lord Groom Karl, you could tie her down and I could rape her. Then it’s no one’s fault but mine and I’ll take the heat for it.”

“You can’t rape the willing.”

“Hush Honey, let me work this out.”

“Neither one of you are doing anything but your morning exercises, and that’s now going to be at least six feet apart, or one of you can be confined in a cell while I exercise and feed the other one, and then you can switch. I’m all about giving you choices.”

“You used to be more fun, M’Lord Groom,” said May in a pouty little girl tone.

“And you used to be more obedient.”

All three of them broke up laughing. Both of the women were still giggling as they stayed a safe distance apart to do their morning exercises. However, there were furtive glances between them and even a few appreciative and longing gazes. After building up a good sweat, Karl tied them up in the kitchen area and fed them their morning gruel. Duke had started stocking the different packages of porridge designed specifically for Brigit, and Karl made sure that each one got their proper nourishment.

Slave gruel was not a punishment, but it was designed to psychologically remind them at every meal that they were no longer free women and as such could eat whatever they wanted, like the grooms and High Ones. The actual porridge was thick and hearty, designed and prepared for the individual needs of each woman. May’s was different from Brigit’s and both of theirs were different from all the other slaves. Meals varied in portion size, specific nutrients, contraceptive drugs, and if they needed it they even got certain life sustaining drugs administered to them in their packets of gruel. Gruel was actually a misnomer. There was nothing thin, pasty or watery about this porridge and it was made to keep the individual slave healthy and fit. Nuts, and pieces of dried fruit in the gruel gave their teeth something to work on. Weight could be easily controlled with slave gruel, and so could dietary needs. Also, not all slaves were on the gruel regimen. In some ways, slaves were spoiled by their masters, and in other ways, they just had to accept what was offered to them. May was on the regimen, but Duke always slipped her a treat of some kind, usually a square of rich delicious chocolate.

After their meal they got to take a soak, a sweat and a shower, wearing wet-heels of course, and then they were offered a chance to use the make-up table. May put on her uniform, which for this day was orange, and one of Dukes smelly old T-shirts. Brigit put on crotchless pantyhose and went commando under a very short and very tight, scoop-necked sweater dress. The two of them looked very leggy wearing those particular outfits, and Karl made his appreciation noted. Then they started to use each other as models to learn more about their cameras.

After looking at the first shots, both of them went in and changed into higher heels. At May’s suggestion, Brigit decided to get more practice with the skyscraper heels. They both agreed that their men were right when they said that they looked better in higher heels. May posed Brigit in a lot of pin-up poses, with props from around the apartment. Brigit posed May more like the whore of Babylon, bringing out a depth of May that was even more lewd than she already was naturally. They played photographer and model all morning switching roles and generating plenty of stills to work from.

After lunch they sat down with the computer and Brigit showed May how to cut and crop the pictures they’d taken, showing her how to emphasize one strong point in a shot or how to downplay a weak spot in a pic. She showed May fading techniques and highlighting. Basically, they went through all the tricks you could conceive of with a good Photo-shop program. This kept them so busy they didn’t even notice when Karl got a phone call.

“May, Duke just called and said that he was Okay and would be back on property tonight. However, he still will not be able to make the time to come and see you for at least two more days. He told me that if you started going a little crazy again that he could take time for a quick phone call, just to help calm you down. He said to remind you that he loves you.”

May crossed her eyes and did a silly little dance around the room while scrunching her face up into different goofy expressions. For a couple of moments she babbled nonsense and then started laughing and finally said, “I’m sorry M’Lord Groom Karl, but being apart from the man I love so much it hurts, always makes me a little” and she emphasized that word, “crazy. I’ll be okay, but if you would text him and tell him that I miss him and that I love him too, I would feel much better.”

“I can do that for you May, but I’ll wait for a while first. He sounded busy when I talked to him. You should feel honored that he took the time to call in just to reassure you. He must love you very much.”

“I know he does, but I can never hear it enough.”

“Any word from my master?”

“Nothing yet, but I do know he’s busy making business deals that will further destabilize TTI and make their chiefs run double-time just to catch up. I don’t expect an answer from him until late tonight at the earliest or early tomorrow. I could be wrong, but from what I know about this attack on TTI, I know that both of your masters will be very busy for the next few days. This is designed to be a crushing blow to TTI. Duke’s part is to distract the chiefs while High Lord McMal’s part is to pressure them so badly that they have to make quick decisions and the right decisions while grieving. Those two are not the only ones involved with this attack either, they’re just the two that concern you. Most of the High Ones of A-H Estates are working on this attack on TTI in one way or another. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something.”

They worked on their photography projects until suppertime and then put it all up for the evening. After they ate, Karl kept them arm-bound and escorted them into the refresher for the evening movie. The feature for the evening was a horror movie about kidnapped women being tortured and killed by a shadowy psychopath. Karl positioned the two of them together, had them cross their legs at the knee and tied their legs like that so that they couldn’t undo the position. All through the movie they tried to squirm closer towards one another, burying their faces in the other’s shoulder and turning into one another during particularly gruesome scenes. Being bound, they had to accept the slightest body contact as all the comfort they were going to get from each other. Karl wondered if the illusion of their increased body heat was real or imagined, but they were undeniably becoming aroused just sitting next to one another. He watched as they touched as much skin together as possible at legs, arms and fingers. Petting each other, tied the way they were, was obviously difficult but the little gestures were still noticed.

During the movie Karl got a text from Jackson giving Brigit permission to have as much fun with May as she wanted to have. Karl waited until after the movie to tell them. Both of them glared at him, so he untied them, stripped them down to skin and then immediately put leather cuffs on each of their wrists, connecting them with a six-inch chain. After putting their heels back on them he escorted them into the playroom, turned his back on them, closed the door and returned to the refresher to watch another movie.

With May’s longer arms going over Brigit’s arms and around her body, Brigit reached up to caress May’s oversized tits before cupping her face in her hands and pulling May in for a kiss. Soft and passionate, the kiss was needy but not demanding. They took their time with nibbling lips, darting tongues and gentle caresses exploring the other’s sensitive skin wherever they could reach. Caresses turned to tingling tickles as fingernails explored the others heightened senses. May closed her eyes and let her lips map her little sister’s face and neck.

Slipping down to her knees and out of May’s hug, Brigit moved to excite her big sister’s abdomen and hips with her tongue and lips. May wound her fingers through Brigit’s hair and traced the edges of her ears with her fingertips. When Brigit would hit a very sensitive spot on May’s belly, May would grab a handful of hair and grind herself into her lover’s mouth until Brigit started to bite and nibble on her. As Brigit began to suck on May’s mons pubis, stopping just short of leaving little hickies above her labia, May let out her first wanton moans.

With a double fistful of Brigit’s short blonde hair in her chained hands, May face-fucked her younger lover, grinding into her hungry mouth and relishing the scraping of Brigit’s teeth along the insides of her thighs. The scent of two lovers was thick in the air, and pheromones were condensing on the furniture around them. May screamed behind clenched teeth feeling that Brigit’s tongue was like scalding mercury as she licked May’s cleft and labial lips. When Brigit began fingering May’s anal sphincter, May popped off her first orgasm that had been building for quite some time. As she sank to her knees facing her tormenting lover, they smothered each other’s faces with kisses.

Supercharged rather than mellowing out, May lifted the both of them to their feet, maneuvered Brigit until her back was toward the bed and then pushed her down onto the bed. Reaching down, May lifted both of her lover’s high-heeled feet into the air, and then raised Brigit’s arms so that she would fit her chained hands over her heels, down her legs, around her butt and finally lay on the chain with her hands now manacled behind her back. Once Brigit figured out what May was doing, she helped May trap her arms to become the bottom of the pair. Kneeling over her, May held Brigit’s shoulders down while she attacked her little sis’s neck. Hickies appeared as Brigit moaned and whimpered. Flipping the short-haired blonde over onto her belly, May attacked the back of Brigit’s neck and then started down her spine. Scraping her fingernails down her little friend’s sides, and tonguing and sucking on her spinal column, May had to straddle Brigit’s hips to hold her down. Scraping her fingernails down her lover’s arms, one at a time, got Brigit writhing.

Karl peeked in on them but neither of the women noticed him. Satisfied that they were uninjured and still at it, he closed the door quietly and went back to his movie.

Bucking to be let up, Brigit tried to roll over on May, but May swatted her butt with both hands at a time and with an exclamation of surprise Brigit settled back down as May attacked her anus with her tongue taking her around the world a few times. This drove her little sister into spasms and she started popping off orgasms as May reached around with one hand and began to finger her clit while still playing with her ass. Tiring of this May let her flip over and then started planting happy little puppy licks all over her pelvic region. May ran her lapping tongue down one leg and then up the other making Brigit tremble and do little flutter kicks as the spasms of aftershocks kicked in. Quite suddenly, May went from teasing her lover’s legs to nose diving directly into Brigit’s sodden pussy. Brigit whimpered as May buried her tongue as deeply as she could between her sister’s swollen lips. With the middle finger of her hand, May found the sensitive insides of Brigit’s canal and frictioned her to another panting orgasm that was followed almost immediately by trembling and spasmodic aftershocks.

Trying to catch her breath, Brigit said, “I like it when you take charge of me like that darling. You would make a great High Lady.”

“As much as I’d like to continue Honey I need a breather for a few. Let’s get your hands back in front and then let’s just hold each other for a while, okay?”

“Okay, but when we start up again, it’s my turn to be the top. I may even go out and get our little buddy Karl to tie you up nice and tight for me.”

“I think I’d like that. How do you want me tied up, my little dominatrix?”

“Oh, you should be helpless, big sis. So helpless that you can’t just overpower me and throw me down like you did earlier. I had so many things I wanted to do with you but you got on top and just raped me.”

“I thought you said you couldn’t rape the willing?” and they both giggled.

“Well, this time I want you to be really helpless, with your arms tied tightly behind your back and your legs spread and tied to the corners of the bed. And I want you gagged with a big, bright red ball-gag.”

“Oooh that sounds delicious. What will you do to me then?”

“That’s the surprise now isn’t it?”

“Oh you are so mean to me my little sister, my Honey.”

“And you are so beautiful my big sister, who is soon to be my bottom.”

“Okay, go get our groom and have him do with me what you want. I am all yours my Honey.”

A half hour later May was lying on her bound arms, gagged with a huge red ball-gag with her high-heeled feet tied out to the corners of the bed. She was even anchored to the front of the bed by a rope around her upper chest that went under her arms. She could sit up about four-inches off the mattress but no further. Karl had released Brigit from her shackles and chain and let her change into a pair of very short, tight black vinyl shorts, a black vinyl vest and black vinyl thigh boots with three-inch spiked heels on them. She looked the role of the dominant and that just excited May even more.

When Karl left them, the first thing Brigit did was take May’s heels off, bend down and start to suck her toes. May went wild, bucking and writhing as much as she could but that wasn’t much. Brigit worked her way to May’s arches and then started nibbling on May’s ticklish flesh. Teeth found the hollow of May’s foot making her toes go crazy, curling up and then stretching out, trying to wriggle free. The sensations were almost too much. Brigit saw this and went to work massaging May’s foot, using some of the accu-pressure techniques she had learned in massage class. This would calm May down for a while and then Brigit would go back to molesting May’s feet with her mouth, teeth and tongue, which would start her bucking and writhing again. Brigit was good at torture.

Eventually she got tired of this game and started working her way up May’s legs, hitting sensitive spots May didn’t even realize were sensitive. Just before Brigit was ready to attack May’s pussy, she turned around and focused on May’s tits. May’s tits had always fascinated Brigit and now she had the perfect chance to explore the objects she so admired. May’s tits were large, heavy and almost square in size, with small, high-set, light-tannish pink nipples that were obviously super sensitive to a lover’s mouth. Brigit’s small hands mauled these breasts, pinching and tickling May’s nipples as May writhed to her ministrations.

Scraping her fingernails along May’s sides just added to the ceaseless movement and got May to start babbling behind her ball-gag, trying to tell her little sister to keep going and to give her a breather at the same time. May sucked in huge gasps of air through her nostrils as Brigit got off the bed and slowly did a striptease for May. Climbing back onto the bed, Brigit buried her face in May’s crotch and didn’t let up until May had all but passed out from multiple orgasms.

She was incoherently babbling and whimpering behind her ball-gag when Brigit unbuckled it and pried it out from behind her teeth. Brigit continued to untie May, but May was unresponsive except for the spasms from her aftershocks. When May was free, Brigit wrapped the two of them up in a quilt and rocked her lover to sleep.

Truly lovers now

May and Brigit became one,

body to body.


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