Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f+; bond; slave; training; gag; susp; blindfold; chain; tease; cons; XX

Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 4: One of May's Fantasies Comes True

May asked for this tryst

between two friendly couples

to bring them closer.

Before Duke left for the day, he went over what he wanted May to be wearing when he got home. He told her to knock off her preparations early enough so that she had sufficient time to soak, sweat and shower, and to give herself plenty of time for her hair and make-up. He would feed her when he got home and while he got ready for the evening’s adventure, she could go over any last-minute preparations. She kissed him passionately, with the unspoken promise of more and walked him to the door. May then went directly into the playroom and started her morning pilates and yoga. When she was done, she got into her uniform for the day, which today was different tints of pink and white.

Brigit arrived about an hour after May got her food order delivered from the commissary. Brigit was dressed simply in a tank top and a tight little mini skirt. She was braless and going commando. May’s alcohol order had been shorted, so she ordered again, and the replacements got there just shortly after Brigit showed up. Alan made his appearance fifteen minutes later with the two chattels and put them immediately to work cleaning the residence. May was busy fixing the snack trays, while Brigit ran last minute checks on the cameras and lighting. When that was done, they sat down and just gabbed about what Duke did to May the night before.

“My god M’Lord Groom Alan, Brigit, it was like I was there. Here I was mummified, and he transported me to a tropical island. I felt like my feet were in the surf and there was a sea breeze, and a saltwater spray in my face, even though my head was just as mummified as the rest of my body. I could feel the waves pound onto the rocks, and the waterfall was deafening.”

“Oh May, you have got to ask Duke to share that recording with my master. That sounds like such a fun one-night vacation.”

“Brigit,” said Alan, “I think that there may be more to it than just a recording. I’ve read the reports from Alfred’s first forest glade recording, and although the general consensus was that it was a relaxing diversion and a fun ride, it stimulated no hallucinatory effects. I can’t see how his second recording can be that much different.”

“M’Lord Groom Alan, I swear I had hallucinatory experiences with this one. Just ask my Duke, he was there. He’ll tell you how I reacted to this recording. I tell you I could still feel and smell the salt on my skin before my shower this morning.”

“Oh, believe me, you have my curiosity up now. I’ll be asking Duke what he did and how he did it. Apparently, he has all sorts of tricks to teach me.”

“I just want him to tell master how to do that to me,” said Brigit. “I need a vacation like that,” and both of the women laughed.

“So, Honey, are you staying here and getting ready with me or are you going back to your place, get ready there and coming back with Jackson?”

“I asked my master about that last night and he told me to just go ahead and bring what he wanted to see me in and that he’d tag along with Duke when they were done. I left my garment bag up in the above ground cottage just to make sure, in case you didn’t want me. We’re quickly becoming sisters, but we don’t know each other that well yet. You sure you don’t mind the company?”

“Of course, not Honey, I love your company. You’re like a breath of fresh air, and you’re always welcome here. I know my Duke likes you, and you’ve already been with him during your training so there’s never going to be any jealousy issues, so anytime Jackson allows you out, you can always hang out here. I hope we can find a class we can take together and learn something that will please our masters at the same time.”

“I was so hoping you’d feel that way big-sister. Knowing Duke, I even brought two different styles of wet-heels, along with the heels I’ll be wearing tonight. In fact, I’m sure I over packed, but I’d rather err on the side of being over prepared than under prepared. I even brought my favorite penis-gag, just in case. I have no idea what M’Lord Original Groom Roy left to Duke, or what Duke still has, but if I can get my mouth stuffed by my penis-gag while I watch them work you over, I’ll be a happy girl. It’s the exact same size as my master and I love it in my mouth. I’m a very oral girl and would love nothing more than to give every man I know a blowjob, just to say ‘Hello’.”

“Oh god Honey, I’ve never seen so many toys. I’m not sure that Duke will be able to use them all on me before I get too old to play anymore. C’mere, I want you to try on the first gag I had put on me by Roy. You may like it.”

“Girls, you know I can’t let you use equipment on each other without specific permission, so May, you show me which one and I’ll put it on Brigit.”

Going to the cabinet in the playroom, May got out Roy’s special penis-gag and handed it to Alan.

“Oooh, that’s so big. I may be in love.”

Alan slipped it into Brigit’s mouth and buckled it tightly behind her head. Brigit immediately started to slurp back the saliva and began humming because she was so happy. Pulling her arms behind her back and getting her elbows as close together as she could she Mmmmph’d into her gag.

Alan didn’t tie her because he’d been given specific instructions by his coordinator, Duke, but he did hold her arms behind her while she stuck her tits out and got the feel of it. When he released her a couple of minutes later, he also took the gag off. He needed to hold a rag under her chin to catch the drool, even though Brigit was trying to slurp up as much as possible.

“Oh, I love that thing! I’m going to beg my master to convince Duke to trade something for it. Oh, I’m sorry big sis, does that have any special meaning for you, or is it a favorite of yours?”

“No Honey, I haven’t worn it since that first day and I wasn’t all that fond of it then, or now. If it was up to me, seeing how happy it makes you, I’d give it to you right now, but we can ask our High Lords about it tonight. Personally, I’d rather have Duke in my mouth than any rubber phallus.”

“Just as I would rather have my master in my mouth, but when he can’t be there, I would just as soon have something in my mouth rather than nothing.”

“I guess it’s just a matter of personal choice. So, what did you bring to wear honey?”

“My master loves to peel me out of this rubber hobble skirt that goes down to my knees. It’s so tight that it makes me feel all hot and sexy in it. I also brought some fishnet-print crotchless pantyhose, three different colors of teddies, all with matching gloves just for Duke and these open-toed Oxfords with five-inch stilettos. I have such small feet that a five-inch heel is a bit of a stretch for me, but for tonight, I’ll suffer for the cause.”

Looking down, May said, “You do have small feet Honey. I never noticed before. I guess I don’t have much of a foot fetish, huh?” and they both giggled. “Let’s start getting ready.”

Both of them stripped down and held hands walking into the refresher. Alan checked on the chattel, sending one of them up to retrieve Brigit’s garment bag and getting the other to pick up the discarded clothing. He then rejoined the girls in the refresher. While they soaked in the jacuzzi, Alan lounged on the couch playing combat-oriented video games between trips out to check on the chattels. He could have just used his iPad to check the camera feed and observe what they were doing, but Duke had been instilling a more hands-on approach to supervising females. He claimed that you got better results when they could see you taking an interest in what they were doing.

Beginning to wrinkle, the girls moved into the sauna. They sweated for about twenty-minutes and again hand in hand they walked into the shower.

Soaping each other up, Brigit commented on May’s tits. “They’re so large and full big sis, what cup size are you?”

“When I was 18, a lover hung a pair of D-cups on me, but I was too skinny back then to support the look. Once I started dancing though and developed some muscle tissue, another lover upgraded them to what you see now. These are an E-cup and I’m especially proud of them because the nipple replacement surgery left me just as sensitive as I was before. I was blessed with a surgeon who wanted me for his own, so he did an excellent job at re-attaching as many nerves as he could find. I just love it when my Duke mauls these babies with those big hands of his.”

“He does enjoy mauling titties,” and they both broke out in giggles again.

“These are natural, aren’t they?”

“Yep, all mine, but I’d like to give my master a pair similar to yours. Well, I’m not big enough for a pair of E’s like yours. I’m only five-two and hovering around a buck-ten, but I’m sure I could easily go up to a C-cup, or maybe even a D. I so want my master to be proud of me, like Duke is with you. You do know we have some wonderful plastic surgeons here, don’t you? Dr. Stinson is one of the best in the world.”

“Yes, but I don’t think I’ll need a face-lift for a while, and just about everything else has either already been lifted or doesn’t need lifting,” and May giggled.

“Oh big-sis, you’re gorgeous. You always look so alive and on fire.”

“I can thank Duke for that. He makes me feel 25 again, and randy all the time, especially when he’s close. His libido is phenomenal and fuels mine with his enthusiasm.”

“I want to be like you when I grow up.”

They compared Duke stories while they did each other’s hair and make-up. When that was as perfect as they could get it, the girls started to get dressed. May was strapped into her suspension wrist braces, and after Alan lifted her off the ground with one of the winches in the playroom, he fitted her with the corset Duke had selected for her. It was orange leather with hand stitched red, yellow and white flames roaring up from her pelvis to flick the undersides of her tits. Once the last inch was reduced from her waist, he let her down and removed her wrist braces. Brigit helped her put on some black full-length hose with a white seam in the back and attach them to the eight suspender straps descending from the corset. Orange leather opera-length gloves, that matched the corset, went on next and as soon as they were smoothed on Alan fitted her with black leather cuffs and locked them on. May slipped into some orange pumps with a six-inch stiletto heel and finally belted on a very sheer floor-length long-sleeved robe with a high starched collar that stood up on its own. She twirled for everyone’s approval and got wolf-whistles from Brigit and some tongue-wagging stares from Alan.

“I’m jealous. You’re going to get all the attention tonight. I look like a beggar compared to you!”

“No, you don’t Honey. You look scrumptious and hot in that outfit.”

Brigit had chosen to wear her yellow teddy when she saw the theme was for bright colors tonight. Her super tight black rubber pencil skirt kept her gait to about a foot at a time and that was just from the knees down. She’d been right about the heels too. They looked as pitched as a pair of six-inchers did on May. Also, Brigit was not as used to wearing the skyscraper heels as May was. Again, May had Duke to thank for her practice with them. She saw now how being graceful in high heels was a definite benefit. Her little sis tried hard but was still a bit clumsy in the skyscrapers. Alan locked another pair of black leather cuffs on Brigit over her yellow satin gloves and then locked on a six-inch connecting chain between them. He also connected May’s cuffs in the same way.

“That should give you enough room for any last-minute fussing or fixing you need to get done before the bosses get here. I’m going to take the chattel and pass them off to another groom that will take them back to their quarters. I’ll wait here until Duke and High Lord McMal are safely on premises.”

May checked the snack trays while Brigit checked the cigars and the booze. Brigit took several stills of May with her Nikon and checked all of her connections again. And then they waited, legs crossed at the knee with a foot impatiently wagging.

An hour later May was ready to find a deck of cards. Instead, she got Brigit to start a tutorial on how to work her Nikon. Her little sis was very informative, telling her all about digital photography and how much a couple of good computer programs could alter any digital image.

Without notice, both Duke and Jackson came strolling down the hallway. May and Brigit hit their knees, bowing as their individual lovers picked them up off the floor and smothered them with affection.

“You look,” --- (staring her up and down) --- “Wow! Smokin’ hot May. I thought that this would be a hot outfit, but you just make it sizzle. I approve. You remind me of one of the pin-up girls from the golden age of burlesque.”

Blushing furiously, May forgot all about the waiting she’d done and just melted into her master’s arms. Brigit was getting the same treatment from Jackson, but in their style of affection.

Pushing their respective masters into chairs in the dining area, Brigit served each one of them a shot of 30-year old Glenfiddich scotch, neat, with a soda water back, while May clipped two cigars, offered them and then lit them for her master and his guest. When she bent over to do this, she made sure that her ankles were together, her knees locked and that she bent over at the waist, in proper pin-up form. May inhaled the rich smoke as they stoked up their cigars and smiled. With this done, she got out a tray of food from the refrigerator and in the same pose offered something to Jackson first and then to Duke.

Duke selected two bacon-wrapped croissants and after popping the first in his mouth, offered the second one to May. He fed her something every time she served him from the tray and May was in heaven from all the tasty treats. Jackson was feeding Brigit, like May and if they noticed each other they would have seen that each was blissfully happy.

Brigit went to refresh their drinks, but Duke held his hand over his glass and when she turned to her master, he did the same.

“We want all of our faculties when we start in on you two. One was enough to loosen us up. What we’re going to do now is feed the both of you your meal and then tie you to one of the posts in the playroom while we shed the day’s sweat off of our bodies. When we feel more human, we’re going to flip a coin to see which one of you stays tied to the post and which one of you gets put up on the spanking bench in the center of the playroom, for our amusement. From there we have to wait and see how things go. Any questions?”

Both of the girls shook their heads and knelt to be fed. When each was given an energy drink to wash down their gruel-du-jour they smiled. As they were led into the playroom, May’s connecting chain was unlocked long enough to pull her arms behind the whipping post and then they were relocked to the chain, pulling her tightly against the post. Brigit was disconnected, but considering how much thinner the bondage pole was, Jackson just pulled her arms behind the pole and used one lock to connect her cuffs behind her back. He then stuffed her mouth with her favorite penis-gag and blindfolded her. As a last measure of restraint, he took two straps from Duke and bound her at the ankle and below her knees. For May, Duke used more straps to bind her ankles and knees together. He gagged her with a large trainer ball-gag, with straps totally encasing her head, but did not blindfold her. Pinching each of her nipples until she squealed and giggled Duke kissed her on the tip of her nose and both he and Jackson headed toward the refresher. As an afterthought, he used his remote to hit the record button.

May couldn’t keep her eyes off Brigit. Watching her teeter back and forth trying to balance on her heels and at the same time strain against her bondage so she could get the feel of how helpless she was, fascinated May. Both of them could hear the other one moan from behind their gags. Surprisingly, May didn’t struggle much because she was so amused by her little sister’s efforts to remain sedentary. Brigit would do a limited little quickstep and then pull and pull against her cuffs. She would twist her hands around as far to the front as she could and then look down at them with her blindfolded eyes like she could see them. From the noise she was making you could tell she was fellating the hell out of her penis-gag and then she’d just stand motionless for a few short minutes before starting to struggle all over again. This pattern went on until their men got back.

Wearing a bathrobe each and laughing, they made an obvious pretext of flipping a coin but really didn’t look at the result. Duke undid the straps and released Brigit from the pole before taking off her blindfold and gag. Jackson made a show of unzipping her skirt and he peeled it off her body that was now glistening and kind of sticky from the sweat. It took him a while to tug and pull it down to her ankles but soon she was stepping out of it. Brigit looked like a doe in the headlights when Duke produced two sharp looking double-edged boot daggers and handed one of them to Jackson. Sticking the knife between his teeth, Duke took a piece of rope that was attached to an overhead winch and tied it into the hasp of her cuff. He then used his remote to pull her arm up over her head. Jackson repeated the same motion with her other wrist. The two of them then proceeded to cut and shred the teddy off of her. Duke made it an art form to tease her flesh with the tip of the knife and then suddenly slice through some part of her teddy like it was nothing but butter. Jackson’s knife play was a little more cautious but his intent to shred the teddy was a bit more intense than Duke’s. Continuing with this theme, one of them cut off one of her gloves down to the cuff, while the other cut off one leg off her pantyhose, down to her Oxfords. Making toys out of things like the wire brush that drummers use, Wurttemberg pin-wheels, dragon-claw finger picks and vampire gloves that had dozens of tiny spikes on each finger from the cabinet of toys, Duke and Jackson started sensitizing, scratching and scraping Brigit’s skin until she was a squealing, writhing, dancing puppet on two strings.

Some of their ministrations tickled Brigit, some of it titillated her, and some of it was nothing but torture. Brigit couldn’t decide which was which. She was so used to just being worked on by Jackson, and being able to predict his moves, getting worked over by both him and Duke was just a bit too much. She loved it, hated it, languished in it, feared it, laughed at it, cried with it, and told them so in her barely coherent babblings. Recognizing overload, Duke got Jackson’s attention and the two of them began to pet her until Brigit started to calm down. They used silk and fur on her skin along with warm hands and hugs. After a while Brigit started to get into this level of attention. Duke took her heels off and Jackson removed the last shreds of her pantyhose.

Releasing her from her bondage and moving her over to the bed, Duke got up on the bed with her and positioned her so that she was up on all fours. Entering her easily from behind he stroked slowly into her as Jackson positioned himself so that she could suck on his hard-on, which she did enthusiastically. Brigit could understand this treatment and got into it.

May watched this entire scene enthralled. If they would’ve asked her, she could have told them that Brigit was a bit too manic for their level of intensity. She’d been anxious since they had to wait for so long for their men to get home. She got even more anxious bound to the pole and then to be selected first was just too much for her. Talk about performance anxiety. Poor little sis didn’t even know what hit her. However, they didn’t ask her and with a gag in her mouth she couldn’t volunteer any useful information.

What May really considered was whether she was up for what these two very virile men were prepared to dish out. She knew that with their partial failure with Brigit, they’d want to make up for lost ground with her. She decided then and there to get in touch with her inner hedonist. May had faith in the knowledge that Duke would never injure her, or let injury happen to her. She’d already had a fairly severe beating with a cat-of-nine-tails from Jackson a few months ago. She’d survived that and flourished. She liked everything that Duke had already done to her and she couldn’t imagine Jackson coming up with something Duke wasn’t aware of. Duke seemed to always be about three steps ahead of Jackson anyway. She wanted to play and have the two of them play with her, using her in any way that made them happy, so May settled down and just decided to accept whatever they did to her. After all, how bad could it get? She was just back from a vacation on a tropical island.


She watched her sister

lose it to anxiety,

but May was ready.


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