Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M+/f+; bond; slave; training; gag; corset; rope; predicament; tickle; tease; flog; cane; whip; oral; cons; XX

Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 5: May's Turn in the Barrel

May is now ready

to play with Duke and Jackson

for the fun of it

When Jackson walked up to May and took her trainer ball-gag off, she slurped back some drool and looking him square in the eye said, “Bring it on, hot stuff.”

“Did you hear that Duke?”

“I most certainly did. Shall we?”

“Yes, let’s.”

“Do you think we ought to reward Brigit with a chance to practice her art? I mean, instead of tying her to a pole so she can watch us work over May, why don’t we stuff her penis-gag back in her mouth and let her follow our play with her Nikon?”

“Excellent idea. It accomplishes the same thing but also gets us some very intimate stills. I like it. What do you think of the idea Brigit?”

“I’d love to film my big sis getting worked over by you two. She doesn’t seem nervous at all, so this should be a real treat to photograph all three of you.”

“Well c’mere, let’s get that mouth of yours filled.

While they’d been chatting, Duke had been freeing May from the whipping post. He removed her sheer, high collared robe and threw it far off to the side. Standing behind her, he loosened the bindings on her corset to give her some breathing room but did not take it off. May did some loosening up stretches as Duke started playing with the ropes that had held Brigit up. From the cabinet he got two steel rings approximately six inches in diameter and tied one to each of the depending ropes. Adjusting the length of each ring from the floor by using the winches, Duke positioned them so that they were right at shoulder height for May. He then moved the winches so that they were just a little over five feet apart. His final preparation was to remove May’s cuffs and take off her gloves.

“May, we’re going to play a game with you. I call this the harlequin game. Your part in this is to put your hands through the rings and keep them there. You are not allowed to take them out of the rings, and if you do there will be consequences. I will not tell you what these consequences will be. That’s part of the rigor of this game. You are allowed to grab onto the rings, for support, and that won’t count against you. You just can’t remove your hands from the rings. Are these instructions clear?”

“Yes Duke.”

“Good girl,” and he kissed her, lingering for a moment.

“I’m not exactly sure what this harlequin game is, but that kiss looked inviting, so I want one too,” said Jackson as he kissed May, caressing her tit as he did.

“Okay Jackson, just take my lead. We’re going to checkerboard May’s skin from head to toe, but before we do, let’s sensitize that skin. Do you want the knife or the pin-wheel?”

“I’ll take the pin-wheel. Do we start anywhere?”

“For this part of the game, any exposed skin is fair game.”

“Then shouldn’t we remove her stockings?”

“Good idea. May, remove your hose and then put your heels back on.”

She did and then put her hands through the rings, twitchy from the expectation of the tickle torture she knew was coming. The whole time, Brigit was moving around them and taking pictures of their preparations.

Duke started teasing her with the tip of his boot dagger on her hands and arms, while Jackson started on her legs. May squirmed from the sensations but had no trouble keeping her hands inside the rings. Both men touched her often with their hands as well as their chosen instruments of torture. Duke put a heavy rubber glove on his left hand that had a roughened texture on the palm and fingers to give it more gripping strength. This pulled at her skin as he touched her with it and moved it up and down her arms and over her tits. With the knifepoint drawing trails across her skin, May was getting lost in the sensations. Jackson was doing his part on her lower extremities with the pins-on-a-wheel. On his left hand he had chosen a vampire glove, with dozens of protruding pinpoints on the insides of the fingers and palm. May was breathing heavily and whimpered as the two took great delight in torturing her. She loved this form of attention.

Calling a halt to this after a long period of time, Duke looked at Jackson and said, “Alright, this is the time to start the game.”

With short measured shots that were tempered to sting but not hurt her, Duke started slapping the left side of May’s face. May moaned but leaned into each one, loving this form of foreplay. He then moved to the right side of her neck and delivered a vampire bite, which made May’s knees so weak she almost collapsed. She had to grab the rings to keep from letting her hands slip out.

“Okay Jackson, for this next part I need you to select a flogger and flog May’s left breast, but just her left breast. Then, when you feel that her tit is tenderized sufficiently, I want you to choose something to beat the front of her right thigh with.”

“I’m beginning to see the pattern Duke. This is diabolical. Are we going to do this to her entire body?”

“We’re going to alternate beating as many areas of her body as we can, sticking to the prescribed target areas.”

“I think I’m seeing the genius behind this. One side is over-sensitized, and the other side is touch-hungry. Truly diabolical my friend,” and Jackson laughed as Duke smiled.

Jackson selected a short deerskin flogger designed specifically to flog very sensitive skin and turned May’s left tit a bright pink. May writhed but the smile on her face told everyone how much fun she was having. Using just his hand to spank the front of her right thigh Jackson was encouraged by May’s giggles. He left bright red, overlapping handprints on her skin but May still seemed to be having more fun than the law allowed.

“Now comes the tricky part, so if you don’t mind Jackson, I’ll do the next two parts.”

“Okay, I’m curious now as to what you’re going to do to her next.”

Duke got out the violet wand and plugged it in. May looked a little apprehensive, especially when Duke picked her left leg up and locked it with a wrestler’s bar so she couldn’t pull it down without a fight. He then turned on the wand and started to shoot short sparks of lightning into the top of her foot. May grabbed both rings in a death-grip and started to howl, begging for mercy.

“Oh god Duke” --- “Oh please no” --- “Oh Master not there” --- “O – M – G Duke, oh please” --- “Whoa, oh no” --- “Duke!”

In response, Duke told her, “Remember my slave, ‘no’ is not a safe word.”

“I know Master, but” --- “Oh god not there again” --- “Oh please no” --- “Anything Master, I’ll do anything” --- and her pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears.

“Duke,” asked Jackson, “Are you thinking of doing what I think you’re going to do?”

“Bastinado, my friend, bas-ti-na-do.”

“I’ve never seen it done right. I’ve seen a fool half cripple a slave one night doing it like he was caning her bottom, but I know you don’t want to hurt May, so this is going to be very educational.”

“It’s all a matter of cane choice and wrist action. I don’t want to injure the woman I love, but I do want her to feel pain in an area she’s never felt this type of pain before. So, watch and learn, my friend. May, grab on to those rings and don’t let go.”

Duke selected a short, very thin, very light carbon-fiber cane with a handle and a red rubber tip on the end.

“I chose this one because you don’t ever want to let the tip of the cane hit her foot. This should all be shaft impact. Now Jackson, if you’d help me hold her leg up, I’ll get started.”

With Jackson holding her right thigh, Duke grabbed May’s ankle in one hand, pulled her high-heeled pump off with the other and stuck it toe first into the pocket of his robe. Then balancing the small cane between thumb and index finger and with a loose wrist, Duke snapped the shaft against the sole of May’s foot. May howled, but it wasn’t a scream of agony, just intense sensation. Duke focused on the sides of her arch, the ball of her foot and her heel. He avoided the hollow of her arch as much as possible. After her initial exclamation May decided that she wasn’t getting injured, and with a good load of endorphins coursing through her mind, she just settled back and absorbed the sensations. Duke was true to his word. It was painful but would not be injurious. After a couple of dozen impacts Duke put her high heel back on her foot and they let her put her foot back down on the ground. May gingerly tested the pain threshold by putting her weight back on her foot and then released her death-grip on the rings but kept her arms inside of them when she discovered that it just hurt to stand and hadn’t been crippling.

The entire time he did this, Brigit came perilously close to getting in the way so that she could get just the right angle to take a pic of this amazing discipline. If she didn’t have her lens on the sole of May’s foot, she had it on her face, capturing May’s expressions.

“Thank you, my love,” said May in a husky and sultry voice. “Your expertise never ceases to amaze me.”

“You’re welcome May,” said Duke and then he kissed her. Her breath was hot and redolent of her excitement.

“Now my friend, what are you going to choose to beat the back of her left thigh and then what will be impacting her right cheek?”

“I was thinking a quirt for her thigh and a stout plastic paddle for her butt cheek. Does that sound good to you?”

“Excellent choices my good man.”

“Why thank you, good sir.”

“You are most welcome,” and both of them snickered at their mock formalities.

Using a cattleman’s quirt, commonly called the Devil’s Tongue of whips, Jackson marked up the back of her thigh with the sizzling fast forked tips of the leather. He covered her thigh with coin-sized marks and May jumped around a lot but never took her hands out of the rings.

Laying down the quirt when he was satisfied with the job he’d done on her thigh, Jackson picked up a half-inch thick slab of Lexan, sized and shaped just like a ping-pong paddle. It had a leather wrapped handle and was clear. May cringed when she looked over her shoulder and saw what he had in his hand. This was not one of her favorite paddles. If someone knew how to use it properly, like Duke did, and hold it against the skin as soon as the impact was delivered, the resulting burn was super intense. Admittedly, a paddle that size dispersed the impact out so that it didn’t feel as painful as a cane did, but the weight of that paddle made sure that the bruising went deeper than it did with other paddles. And with his first impact, May’s worst fears were realized. Jackson had learned from the same heavy-handed school for sadists that Duke had. May again grabbed onto the rings and just rode out the punishing blows to her right butt cheek.

At one-point Brigit squealed with excitement, saying, “Yes, yes, yes, I got it,” as she snapped pics as fast as her finger could depress the shutter button.

Duke went over to the cabinet and chose the heaviest flogger made from that buttery soft kangaroo hyde. He started flogging May’s left shoulder blade, lightly at first but gradually built the intensity up until he was throwing his weight into each blow, really rocking May’s world and causing her to moan and pant with excitement as Duke came just a hair’s breadth from knocking the wind out of her with each blow.

Then the two men got down to business. The warmup was done, so now it was time to tickle, tease and torment May’s flesh. One side of everything was super-sensitive, and the other untouched side was starving for sensation. As they touched and titillated May, on both sides of her body, her writhing got to be an erotic exercise on the hanging rings. May’s hands held them tight as they explored every cubic inch of area that they could reach.

“Dance for us May. Grab the rings and don’t let go, but dance for us,” said Jackson, and she did.

May kicked her legs up and out one at a time and her writhing took on a much slower and more rhythmical dimension of movement. As she bent down and swayed her way back up, shimmying her tits for their approval, May was like a woman in a trance. Thrusting her pelvis out, the scent of her excitement told all of them that May was caught up in the moment. High stepping to one side and kicking to the other she torched their groins with passion. Grinding her hips and shaking her tits just made her moan and writhe some more. May would support herself on the rings, pick one knee up, and kick out with her other leg before doing the same thing on the other side. Her dance was a display of total abandon and carnal lust.

Finally, Jackson couldn’t take anymore, so he pried May’s hands off the rings, laid down on his back and pulled her down so that she was kneeling over him. As he penetrated her, she just screamed, “Oh yes, yes.”

She might have said more if Duke hadn’t stood in front of her and offered her his dick to suck, which she gobbled down, trying to deep-throat him. May rode Jackson like a stallion at full gallop and seemed to inhale every inch of Duke’s horse penis. When Brigit ran her fingernails across both sides of May’s back, her big sister came and almost collapsed in a full body wracking orgasm so powerful she had to stop giving service and just hold on to Duke’s hips to keep from going to the floor.

Jackson continued to pump into her until he came but Duke just let her suck on him with no thought of coming in her mouth because he could tell she was just totally exhausted.

“Run and get me a heated robe Brigit. Go.”

Back in a flash, Duke made sure to wrap May up as he picked her up off of the floor and carried her over to the audience couch in the playroom. He cuddled her for a while as Brigit took a few last stills of them. She then ran back and got three more heated robes after Jackson told her to. She made sure that each of the men got theirs on before she snuggled into hers.

“Can I do anything else for you masters?”

“Yes, you can get each of us another double of scotch and another cigar.”

“Make that three doubles. I want to reward May for keeping her hands inside the rings, and I think that after a working over like we just gave her she could use a good stiff drink, wouldn’t you agree Jackson?”

“Oh, by all means. That was one of the most amazing scenes I’ve ever done. I like your ideas Duke. What did you call this? A harlequin?”

“One day, when I saw a picture of a harlequin in that funny suit they wore I got this idea and refined it after serious thought. Ah, here we go. Now sip this May, it will help. Would you like ice or a back of some kind?”

“Oh god, I didn’t think scotch could taste this good. Thank you, my Duke. Yes, a soda back like you have would taste wonderful.”

Duke gave her his and Brigit got him another. When she got back, she clipped their cigars and lit them, lighting her master’s first, and then Duke’s. May sipped her drink very cautiously lest she get sick and waste her precious treat. As an afterthought, Brigit got a tray of snacks and brought them in to their makeshift picnic in the playroom. Duke fed May so that the scotch wasn’t ingested on an empty stomach and Jackson fed Brigit too.

“I’ve got to thank you wonderful men for one of the all-time most mind-blowing experiences I’ve had,” exclaimed May out of nowhere. “My emotions and sensations went all over the spectrum and I can’t move without feeling either something you did to me or wishing that you had done more to me. I’ve got spots on my body that I want to beat myself, just so one side can feel as good as the other side. This whole day has been such a rollercoaster of excitement. Little sis, Honey, I loved watching you get played with, but I felt so sorry for you that you never got to be beat like I was. Maybe one day we can talk them into doing a harlequin on both of us together. It really is amazing, and I know you’ll love it. These are a couple of magical men when it comes to just enough and not too much.”

“Oh, big sis, I don’t know if I could ever take a beating like you just took. I’m a wuss compared to you. You were marvelous up there, never taking your hands out of those rings, even when they attacked your foot! I could have never done that. I lose my mind when my Master just tickles my feet. I know I said it earlier, but I so want to be like you when I grow up.”

“Honey, once the endorphins start to flow, it all just melts into goodness. Besides it only hurts while they’re doing it. I can remember what it felt like and I can feel what it feels like now, but I can’t even remember the hurt of it. You could do it with the right buildup of foreplay, to get your endorphins flowing.”

“You just like getting beat more than I do.”

“Maybe, but the sensations afterwards are so worth it. If you could live in my skin right now, you’d know what bliss the attentions of two wonderful men like our masters is like. It’s really all good little sis.”

In Duke’s arms it was like someone turned the lights off in May. One minute she was talking and the next she was snoring softly, curled up like a child on daddy’s lap. He looked up and said, “You two are welcome to stay here tonight. I’m going to go and put her to bed and then I’ll be back out to finish off some more of this scotch and my cigar,” and he carried May into his bedroom.

Jackson started to cuddle with Brigit on the couch as she showed him some of the stills she’d taken.


May loved her session.

She survived a harlequin

and made Duke happy.


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