Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; M+/f+; bond; slave; training; rope; susp; naked; wrap; tease; sendep; oral; toys; cons; X

Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 3: The Set Up

With her sister slave

May works on her party plans

for her Duke’s pleasure

Brigit had brought three chattel slaves with her when she came over to help May get the party set up. With cleaning and leather treatment supplies she had them take out all the whips, canes, paddles, crops, quirts, cuffs, and straps and perform regular maintenance. Brigit also had one of them wash all the ropes in the washing machine, dry them in the drier and then spend the time to unravel the Gordian knot they made coming out of the dryer.

Watching these five women work, Alan, an apprentice groom being trained in Duke’s experimental protocol, made sure that the chattel cleaned or renewed everything correctly and watched May and Brigit as they worked setting up the lights and photography equipment in the playroom. Duke had felt some supervision was required, but not the heavy hand of micro-management.

One of the art forms that Brigit had learned was photography. She set up a series of remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras and wired them all into her MacBook Pro. She also tied in the four existing cameras that Duke had in the playroom area. With nine different angles now, she could produce a very interesting core video. Brigit also set up a number of small LED floodlights to add lighting to the area. Digital videography would capture the play scenes from several different angles and at some later date, Brigit would be able to select certain frames and enhance them into stills. She would also be able to edit the various angles together to form a video that was more professional looking. She would share the final projects with her master and Duke after she found some pride in what she was creating.

Both May and Brigit hammed it up on the different stations so Brigit could get the rough angles of certain shots. May wanted to see what she looked like tied up, so she put her request to Alan.

“M’Lord Groom Alan, would you tie me up for some test shots?”

“Did you have anything in mind?”

“We’ll leave that up to your choice M’Lord Groom. We just need some test shots.”

Today May was dressed in a lavender brocaded front-lace corset, matching gloves and purple boots, bra and panties, so Alan chose red rope to compliment the colors. He tied her in a standing strappado suspension with her wrists and elbows tied tightly behind her back. A snug and bisecting crotch-rope kept her wriggling. He limited her mobility with ropes around her legs above and below the knees and at her ankles. To keep her from accidently falling over, Alan tied a framework of support ropes around her upper torso and arms, and then attached all of them to a triple suspension rope from one of the winches in the ceiling. May could twist and turn in her confinement, she could even spin around in a circle, but if she lost her footing she wouldn’t fall, nor would she wrench her shoulders out of socket.

While Alan was stuffing May’s mouth with a clean white cloth and then pulling pieces of tape across the lower half of her face to keep the wadding in, Brigit walked around with her handheld Nikon and took a video of May’s reaction to this attention from Alan. She panned up and down May’s bound body and recorded her bondage from front to back. She even zoomed in on the flesh bulging around the tight ropes. Bayoneting in a wide-angle lens Brigit took shots that got the whole of the scene from the playroom with May highlighted in the center of the shots. Next she put on a longer portrait lens and focused on how May looked moaning past her gag. Switching back to her general lens that she used in the beginning, Brigit popped the front closure on May’s bra and freed her breasts for the camera’s hungry eye. She also untied the side-tie panties and pulled them out from under the crotch-rope, readjusting it so that May’s glistening vulva could be captured by her camera.

Alan untied May while Brigit sat in front of her laptop and downloaded the video and the still images she took. When May was able to look over her shoulders, Brigit showed her how she could segregate scenes and then mix a little of this scene with another one to make it look like a movie. May knew she wanted to ask Duke when he could arrange for her to learn photography like this. She realized you could produce real art with this media. May’s mind soared with thoughts of what it would look like to take videos of her bound in the refresher with her master and then editing it later into an erotic representation of their time together. Having some of the playtimes recorded from so many different angles would give her something to play with during those days when Duke would be busy elsewhere training others to love this lifestyle. She’d have to ask, but she hoped that Brigit was the one to instruct her on how to blend photography and videography for this exciting new way to express herself. Besides, she was more convinced now than before that Brigit was like a little sister she’d never known before.

After Alan bound, fed lunch to all five of the women and then untied them, the chattel went back to cleaning the cabinets of toys, equipment and ropes, while May watched intently as Brigit edited some of the video she took. May watched as she pulled up program after program to help her add special effects like fades, blur outs and starbursts to her production.

By the time Duke got back and released the chattel and Alan, his slave and Jackson’s slave were just giddy with excitement and bursting to show him the video they had produced. Duke praised them as he sat mesmerized at what he saw and couldn’t wait himself to sign his slave up for photography classes, once May asked for them. He also decided to augment his playroom with a few full-length mirrors. The voyeur in Duke had surfaced. After making several calls he discovered that Brigit would be able to teach May the basics, until the slave Renee could free up time to add a fourth art form to May’s busy schedule. He’d have to reschedule the other tutors, but that could be arranged with a little logistics. If nothing else, he’d substitute May’s art classes for her new interest in photography. One seemed to be a higher priority in May’s mind than the other, and besides, he really didn’t care for Gina as an instructor. Maybe he could find someone else to teach May when she decided to go back to her art classes.

Before dinnertime Duke called for a groom escort to help take Brigit back to Jackson’s condo and then he stripped May down. They went in and after May put on some wet-heels, they soaked in the jacuzzi and looked at the video file Brigit had transferred to the A-H Estate’s cloud-servers, so that Duke could download it to his MacBook pro. Duke decided to add more stationary PTZ cameras to both the playroom and the refresher, and hook them all up to a Mac Mini as a recording hub for storage. He called up the images from the cameras he already had in the refresher and decided that four more at chest-level would give him the coverage he wanted for video files. He could always get one of the photography students, like Brigit, to come over when he was in the mood and take more personal angles with a handheld camera. Duke was quickly developing a real yearning for recordings of him with his slave, May.

Getting out to get some ropes, Duke tied May’s wrists in a reverse cross and sat her up on the side of the jacuzzi. With more ropes he tied her ankles out wide to each corner of the jacuzzi, making sure her heels were showing for the recording. With a ravaging need, Duke attacked her thighs and crotch area with his mouth as May began to squeal, giggle and laugh at his enthusiasm. He’d build her up until she was close to orgasming and then let her cool off while he checked his video feed to his computer that was set up on a small stand on the other side of the jacuzzi. When he got the improved angle that he wanted, he went back to eating her out and giving her love bites all along her inner thighs. Again he would build her up and stop just short of letting her come. He played her like a rollercoaster until she was moaning and whimpering for release between fits of giggling. When he finally let her trip over the edge, May screamed a ragged moan of satisfaction and shuddered as much as she could, roped up the way she was. Relentless in his disregard of her over-sensitized flesh, Duke plunged his right middle finger into her vagina and quickly found the all too familiar G-spot. Continuing to stimulate her, Duke ripped out a series of quick, mind-numbing orgasms that brought May to a slobbering delirium of bliss.

Duke released her ankles and pulled her back into the jacuzzi with him, holding her until she came back to some semblance of consciousness. Kissing May in this half-conscious state was something that Duke really enjoyed. She responded favorably, but with complete abandon and no thought to technique. When she was back to normal, he helped her into the sauna to sweat a little of the pheromones out, which always made her smell better. Duke couldn’t tell if it was all in his imagination or if May actually did smell better coming out of the sauna after sex. He did know he liked it though. Untying her arms, he continued to support her as they went into the shower to clean each other off. May tottered around in her cheaper wet-heels that she could get wet without worrying if she ruined them, and they had soapy fun just touching each other in the shower.

After feeding her they talked for a while.

“So is everything ready for our get together tomorrow?”

“Well, I still have to phone in a food order for our snacks and drinks, but I think that Brigit and I have the videography all set up and ready to go. So have you and Jackson figured out who gets tied up first and get’s to watch the other one get worked over?”

“We decided to flip a coin at the last minute and choose then.”

“Both of you are mean men,” and May laughed. “So my Duke, what are you going to do to me tonight?”

“I just downloaded a new white noise program from my friend. This is like the forest setting I used on you before, but this one was recorded on a tropical island when he was on vacation. He just got through editing it and you are going to be his test subject to see if your mind can transport you to this paradise or if you stay grounded in the playroom.”

“Well, I’m ready anytime you are Duke.”

Duke had her put on a pair of full coverage bikini bottoms and then tied a very snug, twisted crotch-rope on her, making sure that the knots over and under her clit were positioned so they would stimulate her as she wriggled. He then had her put on one pair of full pantyhose and a remote-control butterfly vibrator before slipping on another pair of pantyhose over all that. With duct tape he made several passes over her crotch and then anchored it to her hip-bones with tight wraps all the way around her bottom. May giggled, a lot, as she lost all freedom in her pelvic area.

Using a roll of Vet-Wrap for each hand, he made two pillow flippers out of her hands. Placing her hands left over right, over her crotch area, Duke used more duct tape to keep them in that position. He then led her from her closet into the playroom where he had her stand under the winches with her ankles crossed. Taking several rolls of white Vet-Wrap out of the cabinet he started at her ankles and began mummifying her from the ground up. When he got high enough, he made sure that her tits were nicely pushed together and sticking out of the wraps. Duke did not wrap May’s neck area, but after stuffing her mouth and taping her lips closed, he used one full roll of Vet-Wrap to seal off the lower part of her head. Over this he blindfolded her with the type of blindfold with the cutout eye-holes so she could keep her eyes open but couldn’t see a thing. He carefully placed his noise reduction headphones over her ears and with another roll of Vet-Wrap secured them in place.

May was already out of it when he lowered her onto a fishnet hammock and raised her off the ground so that she was gently swinging in the air. Duke then turned on her vibrator.

It didn’t take May long to explode into a body wracking orgasm, but the way she was mummified, her movements were little more than wriggles that caused the hammock to move back and forth. He let her calm down and then jacked her up again, repeating this cycle several times before he turned on the white noise.

Tropical birds, sea gulls and the sounds of surf transported her out of herself and onto a sunny beach on a tropical island. May could swear that the sun was hot on her face, although she knew that she was tied up in a hammock in her playroom.

In reality, Duke had broken out a heat lamp inside a metal canopy to reflect the energy and placed it, with the help of some built in clamps, several feet over her head and attached to the ceiling rafters. He’d also set up a fan a few feet away and had it set to imitate an ocean breeze. He even used a fine mister to simulate an ocean spray.

As the sound of the surf got incrementally louder, Duke started to use a heavier spray bottle filled with actual saltwater to dampen her feet. Over the next hour he gradually raised the spray until it got more and more of her legs damp. By this time, he had raised the heat in the playroom to a balmy 85-degrees. This simulation was designed to make May think that she was lying on a beach, in the surf and that it was gradually covering her as the tide came in. When the spray got up to her thighs Duke let her start to dry off. He had turned a humidifier on, close to her, that was sucking the moisture out of the air. Letting the sound of the birds distract her and as that sound got louder, he raised her head up about 30-degrees. On the recording there was the sound of footsteps scrunching through the sand and the sounds of the jungle got louder. The speakers in the playroom told Duke that the sounds of walking down a jungle trail was May’s reality for the moment. Monkeys chattered at her from the trees, and Duke wondered if she recognized the sound he heard, of a python slithering through some branches as the monkeys screeched to try and raise the alarm that danger was near. Soon, May’s reality opened up on a waterfall. The sound was loud, and Duke helped the imagery by misting some spray into the fan like before. Turning down the heat lamp but not the room temperature caused her to give a quick shiver and the cool mist from the fan caused her nipples to crinkle up a bit.

Duke left her there for a long while before the sound of the waterfall began to recede as the trek led her out of the jungle setting and back to the coast, only this time the surf was crashing against a large outcropping of rocks on the shore. Again, Duke let her feel the occasional mist of sea spray brought in by the sea breeze. Gulls circled in the air and Duke even discerned the blowing sounds of a pod of whales.

All in all, several hours had passed since Duke had started this white-noise recording so as the sounds of her walking back down the beach mixed with the sounds of sea birds and surf again, Duke used one remote to gradually turn down the recording and the other remote to restart the buzzing of her vibrator. As she built up her excitement, Duke turned the thermostat to a comfortable 72-degrees. As the noise faded off, May’s world again rocked with orgasms. While this happened, Duke turned off the oscillating fan, and the dehumidifier. He removed and unplugged the heat lamp. He let May have several shuddering orgasms and as the aftershocks took over he slowly began to cut her out of her cocoon from her ankles up, just like he had when he put her into it. When she was free of the Vet-Wrap on her body, he slowly unwrapped her head bondage. He removed the tape over her mouth and pulled out the sodden wadding. Duke kissed her as he cranked up the vibes again, so she came again while they were making out.

May’s hands were still taped over her crotch and Duke could see that she was trying to cram the vibrator further against her Mons Pubis. With May kneeling he cut through and pulled on the tape covering her crotch. Being careful he kept her hand wraps intact as he peeled off both pairs of pantyhose. Soon her mittened hands were crossed and tied over her head and May was carried the short distance to the bed where Duke plunged into her and rode her until he splashed his load into her.

When May passed out Duke just lay there trying to figure out how well his little experiment worked. The first time he’d used a recording like this he had just let her listen and get into what she heard. This time he gave her a lead in and a lead out with the vibrator and he’d introduced props to aid her imagination. He’d check with her in the morning before he left for his meetings to see if she was ready to tell him about her end of this experiment or if she’d need more time to digest what had happened to her.


Duke woke up with a very eager slave giving him head.

“And a good morning to you May. I trust you slept well.”

May continued to deep-throat her master, disregarding his greeting so that she could continue to give him the best oral service that she knew how to offer. As Duke moaned and came in her mouth May tried to swallow every last drop, hungry for his seed. Wiping her mouth with her mittened hands she said, “Good morning my Duke. I love waking you up like that, especially after my vacation last night.”

“So, tell me. What do you remember from last night?”

“I was there Duke, really I was. I felt the surf and the sand. I saw the birds as they flew overhead, and I could draw you a picture of the waterfall. I’m surprised I don’t have a sunburn. Can we do that again sometime soon? That was an unbelievable experience, although I am a bit sore and tender this morning. We must have made love sometime last night, didn’t we?”

“We did, but you were pretty out of it and then passed out right afterwards. I kind of like taking advantage of you in that state,” and he snickered.

“I’m sorry that I don’t remember it, but I truly loved everything you did to me last night. The mummification was hot, Hot, HOT! I will be pestering you to do that to me all the time now. We’d better start putting in big orders for that sticky gauze you used on me. I love that stuff. The more you use it on me the more I love how it feels against my skin and it makes me so helpless.”

Holding up her hands she asked, “What do you call this stuff my Duke?”

“I call it Vet-Wrap, but I think it’s got a brand name too, but I can’t remember it. I’ll order a few cases in different colors and turn you into a mummy when we get more of it in. So, are you mentally prepared for tonight?”

“Absolutely my Duke. I’ll put in the food order as soon as I get my uniform on and when Brigit, M’Lord Groom Alan and the two chattels I ordered arrive we’ll get to work on the last-minute preparations. By the way, Alan is a dear and tries hard to be a good groom. I know he’s just an apprentice, but I should give him his kudos for his efforts.”

“That’s kind of you May. So, let me get those mittens off of you and we’ll hop in the shower. Today will be a busy day.”

Taken on a ride

through her imagination,

May enjoyed her trip.


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