Her Coordinator

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Disclaimer: This novel is intended for adults only. No one under the age of 18 years old should read or be offered this material. This is meant to entertain adults with specific tastes within the BDSM lifestyle. Any similarities to any persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and the personalities, habits, actions and predilections of my fictitious characters are not intended to represent the habits, rituals, or personalities of any real person. This is a fictional story, with characters coming from my imagination, only, regardless of any stated similarities to any persons living or dead.

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Part 2: Going Out on a Date with Duke

Today she learns art

so she can sketch images

of her life with Duke.

“Knead your eraser and take off some of that heavy shading around the rear of the figure. It should be lighter. Don’t forget to blend it in with the lighter shadows and highlights.”

May was learning shading techniques in her art class today. Gina, her instructor for art classes was the classic tall blonde hippie-chick. She dressed in a long cotton sundress with pockets for her pencils, erasers, blending sticks and brushes. She held her hair back with a headband and wore espadrilles. Gina’s movements flowed with a grace for her height. Svelte best described her body style and her sky-blue eyes seemed to see every little detail of something. May hadn’t been taking her art classes for very long, just a couple of weeks now and saw Gina every third day like her other two instructors, Bethany, for dance and Nora, who was teaching her how to cut hair and apply make-up.

This whole cross training among slaves was designed to teach them how to be more sociable and help others learn something to keep them productive. When one slave finished training a newer slave, another one would step in and train the younger slave how to do something else. This rotating cycle kept them from stagnating and all of them learned to work together.

“Good, now take a number eight pencil and darken that same shadow just a couple of percentage points. Good, now let’s start with a clean piece of paper and try the second figure on the lighting table. Make your rough, general sketch of the amphora, and then start gradually filling in the detail.” --- (long pause) --- “Good.”

May went on sketching all afternoon, until Duke got home. She ran into his arms and covered his face and neck with kisses. Duke groped her up and got squeals of happiness for his efforts. Gina hit her knees paying homage.

“Hello Gina, please stand up. When it’s just the three of us, I do not expect you to pay homage just because I’m a High Lord now. Didn’t I tell you that the last time? At any rate, how’s my slave coming along?”

Getting slowly up, Gina said, “She’s doing very well at this stage but it’s early. If you don’t need me anymore High Lord...”

“Duke. When you’re here it's Duke.”

“High Lord, unless you make it an official order, I’ll just call you High Lord. It’s less confusing for me. I’ve been here too long to change much.”

“No, it’s now an official order. I can’t set a bad example for my slave by granting you your will. When you’re here, you will call me Duke or face discipline. Is that understood?”

“Yes,” --- pause --- “Duke.”

“Good, you may leave. We’ll see you in three days.”

Gina left politely but she seemed just a bit huffy. Duke knew that in her old age she was starting to get a bit bossy because she no longer had a master that cared what she did. Duke knew the master she had, and he just let her cook his meals and then farmed her out to teach. That was no way to treat a woman, much less a slave. Sure, she was a little long in the tooth, but she was still a handsome, talented, and intelligent woman.

“OK then, it’s time to get refreshed and then get you dressed. We’re going out tonight. First off there’s a quartet concert at the big hall at eight. We’re meeting Jackson and Woodrow there, and then there’s an after-party at Jackson’s place.”

“Oh Master, that sounds divine. But you said dressed. I thought I had to be naked for special events?”

“Only the official events or when it is posted for slaves to be naked. Tonight, you’ll be in a gown and heels and we’ll socialize with our friends. Do you think that’ll be fun?”

“Oh Duke, that will be marvelous fun. What do you have in mind for me to wear?”

Duke stripped her out of her day uniform, which consisted of a front-lacing corset, a matching front closure bra, pantyhose, and boots. Because of the potential for her to ruin one of her master’s shirts and a pair of long gloves she had been given permission to substitute those two pieces of her uniform with an apron, like Gina’s. All this came off as May luxuriated in the feel of Duke’s hands stripping her down to her skin. May loved being stripped by the man she loved. She also loved it when he dressed her in something that would excite him to see her wear.

After a round of soaking in the jacuzzi, sweating out the day’s impurities in the sauna and then cleaning up in the shower, Duke and May took a light supper.

“I’ve been waiting all day to see you in this gown.”

With a scooped cowl-neck that barely covered her nipples, this hobble-tight gown gathered just below the knee and then flared out with the look of old Hollywood haute couture. It was a shiny halter-dress, bright red in color and seemed to match her whore-red glossy lipstick and red patent six-inch T-strap sandals. The gown was fitted to hug her curves that had become more defined because of her corset training. Long matching gloves completed the outfit and helped protect her arms as Duke tied them behind her back at wrist and above her elbows, drawing them close but not together.

“The concert tonight will be performed by four slaves that have been working and practicing together for a few years now. They all got together from a surprising confluence of volunteer slaves. One came to us with no experience but a natural raw talent for music and submission that couldn’t be developed in her home life. One of our recruiter grooms convinced her that the tradeoff was a good way to realize her passions, and here she is. One of the girls was a concert cellist that had a mental breakdown from stress and just wanted a simpler lifestyle where she could still play and work with others. Serving a master’s needs was trivial compared to the stress of competition inside a renowned orchestra. Two of them are slaves, like you, that learned an art form and just love to play. Tonight, they’ll be performing selections from The Four Seasons, by Vivaldi, for string quartets.”

“Oooh I love the Four Seasons. It was one of the first works of the classics I ever remembered. I’m not up on the classics but I do recognize the Four Seasons. Thank you so much for taking me tonight.”

“Now that I’m a High Lord, we can go to as many of these events as we have time for. There’s some kind of gathering almost every night, even if it’s nothing more than a cocktail party or an impromptu get together. I’m not a big fan of the party circuit. That’s more for the politicos like Jackson, who like to keep a finger on the pulse of what the others are doing and thinking. Next week there’s an art exhibit of one of the slave’s watercolors. She’s another one of Gina’s students. You might like that and sometime this month the Blues/Jazz band ‘For Gerty’ is scheduled to play under the dome.”

“Duke, what do these outside bands think of playing for a group like this? Aren’t they shocked by the whole thing?”

“You might be surprised at how open-minded many people are, especially if you pay them enough. They don’t really care what we do here as long as we appreciate their music and pay them what the recruiters and agents offer them. In fact, I’ve heard that some groups, especially the Rock and Roll bands, even party with us after the concerts enjoying the open sexuality of some of our slaves. We have a big dungeon-party using their groupies and our slaves.”

As they walked out to hop in their newly acquired golf cart May asked, “That’s twice you’ve mentioned recruiters tonight, and I know you’ve mentioned them before. Just what are recruiters?”

“It’s simple. Recruiters are full grooms that scour the local dungeons of the bigger cities and the smaller rural groups that have members that are being underutilized and convince the women with a slave’s heart or the best and most beautiful to come and live the life, instead of just playing at it on the weekends. Sure, Roy had me kidnap you, but I’d bet that if someone had asked you to, you would have volunteered for this lifestyle.”

“Maybe, I don’t know and it’s kind of a moot point now. I’m up to my eyeballs here and loving it, so yes, if I’d been approached in the right way, I may have said yes. So, tell me, do these recruiters go after anyone not already familiar with this culture?”

“The way I understand it they approach all different types of women from all sorts of backgrounds. I know they poach the high-end social circles quite heavily because some of those women seem to be more amenable to this lifestyle than many of the middle-class soccer mom set. Some richer women hear about us on their own and hunt down the recruiters so they can volunteer to be slaves. I’m not even going to try to justify their individual motivations, but I do know that we get many more volunteers than we kidnap women off the streets. A woman has to be very special in many ways for us to just kidnap them. And I’m not talking about beauty. We can find beauty anywhere, and not all the High Lords demand beauty. Mindset is very important around here. If you don’t have a slave’s heart, then it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth to train the outside world out of you. We do our homework before we open the doors to legal liabilities.

“From our profile of you we knew you were submissive, and we suspected very strongly that you had a slave’s heart. Once we made this determination, we had your IQ and EQ checked and when Roy did his calculations on you, he decided to pull you off the scrap heap of the chattel slaves and make you his. Because you angered powerful people, you were destined to be kidnapped and brought here, but Roy saved you from being scullery chattel.”

Arriving at the main hall, Duke milled around out front while May knelt in homage to the other High Lords and Ladies, along with a covey of other slaves on their knees, as they all waited for their masters to socialize before the event. Most were dressed in evening wear, like May, but some were naked and some were in casual clothes. All were bound in one way or another and the types of bondage didn’t run concurrent to the clothes they wore. Some slaves in casual attire wore the most elaborate of expensively designed chains. These were adorned with what looked like gemstones, while some of the slaves wearing gowns wore ropes or even zip-ties. Whatever they wore to restrain them, everyone knew it was the choice of their individual master’s.

When the time was right each High Lord collected his slave or slaves and they all walked in and got seated. Surprisingly, it was not like stadium seating at all. Each High Lord or Lady had their own easy chair and room around that chair for their slave or slaves. Some of the slaves resumed their homage positions while others, like May, were directed by their masters to assume a specific position.

Kneeling between his feet, facing forward, May glowed and giggled to herself because she was so happy. All the work she had done to get herself to this position of trust and respect, all the self-training with Duke’s guidance, all the practicing to learn how to be pleasing to the man she loved, all of it was paying off as she took her place, proudly at his feet.

During the concert, May knelt enthralled at how well the slave quartet played and wondered if she’d ever be good enough to showcase her talents for a grand audience like this. May knew she had a lot more work to do and that to please Duke, she’d find an art form that she was passionate about and perfect it so that he could be proud of her. More importantly though, she wanted to do this for herself, so that she could feel the pride of accomplishment. She had never had the opportunity to develop talents like this. Going round-robin with various slave instructors now gave her a chance to pick and choose what she was passionate about and to find out where she had a hidden talent for something. May was learning there was so much more to being a slave than just obeying Duke and fetching after him, although that was the most important thing in her life right now.

When the four slaves took their bows, May wanted so hard to clap for them that she fluttered her bound hands, smacking the tips of her fingers together. When the High Lords and Ladies stood for a standing ovation, May wanted to stand too, but she noticed that no other slave stood, so she remained on her knees, determined to ask Duke about the protocol necessary for a situation like this and how to comport herself at other such events.

Heeling Duke as everyone filed out, she followed him to where Jackson and another man were standing. Both had a beautiful, bound slave in attendance, but they were not kneeling in homage. As soon as Duke arrived, the three High Lords took off for the condominiums in the next building. May continued to heel Duke, like the other two did for their masters. She also noticed that many of the High Lords and a few of the High Ladies went down wide flowing staircases. She made a mental note to ask Duke about that later. She had her suspicions but didn’t want to assume without confirmation.

As she suspected, Jackson’s third floor condo displayed a lavish luxury that was to be expected of a man of his standing within the Estates. As Jackson gave Duke and the other High Lord a tour he talked about the art on his walls and the collection of real fossils and fossil reproductions he had on display. His domicile provided room for an enormous master bedroom, two guest bedrooms, an office with a waiting room, a personal den, kitchen, dining area, playroom, refresher, and a large social room with a fireplace.

The first thing Jackson said when they entered the condo was, “In my place I prefer a very casual atmosphere. Is that alright with you Woodrow, Duke?”

Both agreed and they then released their slaves from bondage so they could serve better. All three slaves went to the kitchen to bring out what had already been prepared. May served the drinks, pouring generous two-finger shots of 25-year old Macallan, a single-malt scotch. She served each shot neat, for all three of the High Lords, and kept their soda-backs filled. Candice, Woodrow’s slave hand rolled three cigars while they waited, served one to each of the men and expertly clipped and lit the cigars for them. Brigit, Jackson’s slave that Duke had trained up, served the snack tray of meats and cheeses on fancy little crackers. She had several trays of different types of hors d’oeuvres prepared and waiting in the kitchen. To May’s surprise Brigit offered her a choice of hors d’oeuvres after she had served the men. May looked over at Duke and he signaled her that she could have two choices, as a treat. This delighted her because it would be the first real food she had received from Duke, other than her gruel and chocolate treats since Roy had fed her his leftovers. Also, she was allowed to eat them herself, without Duke feeding her. This was just a full night of indulgences. May picked the most delicious looking treat and savored the taste. Her second choice tasted even better.

While the men talked business, the girls got acquainted in low voices.

“You were both trained by Duke,” asked Candice. “What’s he really like?”

Both women started to gush about how they felt cherished under his control, and how he didn’t belittle them or make them feel less than their efforts. They told Candice how feminine he made them feel with his fetishes for high heels, hose and dresses rather than pants or just plain old nudity. They told her about how he trained them to enjoy the sexual aspects of B&D and SM and how they didn’t just have to endure what others had to. They talked about how motivating and natural his training protocols felt compared to what they’d heard about some of the others. All in all, May and Brigit had nothing but good things to say about Duke and his training methods.

When questioned, Candice would not name her trainer, but did say that he was one of the stricter, older, grooms and that he did very little of what Duke apparently did. After fourteen years of service to Woodrow, Candice admitted to just starting to loosen up sexually, enjoying what BDSM could do to augment her sensuality and sexuality. Both of the other two just frowned and shook their heads, trying to imagine not associating service with the motivation of good sexual fun and frolic.

The party broke up a couple hours later. It had turned into one of those men talking on one side of the room, women on the other side types of parties, but May was still tickled that her Duke had taken her to a party. She liked being included in his social life, and she enjoyed the company of those at this small get together. Brigit was becoming like a sister, and Candice was just so sweet. She already knew and liked Jackson and Woodrow seemed very laid back and personable. May was very happy.

As they walked back to the golf cart, Duke stopped and questioned her.

“So, what did you girls talk about tonight? I’m sorry we weren’t more into mingling but the three of us just have so much work to do that this was work time with good scotch, fine cigars and beautiful women to serve them to us, while we worked. We’ll have other parties where all of us will play together and have a good time. In fact, we’ll sit down sometime this week and talk about what’ll be necessary to have them over to our place one night in the near future. Maybe Brigit can come over and help you plan the event. I know it’s unfortunate, but Jackson probably neglects her as much if not more than I do you, so I’ll talk to him about you two getting together on your own when we’re busy with work.”

“Oh, that would be so wonderful Duke. She’s almost like a sister. I feel like I’ve known her for so long and we really just met tonight. Could we ever have just private play parties with Jackson and Brigit? The possibilities are mind blowing and playing with friends sounds like so much fun.”

“What’s running around in that mind of yours May?”

“Well my Duke, all night I kept fantasizing about seeing Brigit tied up and gagged, watching you and Jackson work me over with a couple of floggers. Then tying me up so I could watch the two of you manhandle her. I really couldn’t get it out of my mind. The thought of what would go on as Brigit and I watched each other is mind blowing. Besides, I like the thought of two men I care for working me over. It gives me the tingles just thinking about it.”

“My little endorphin junkie.”

“I like it when you call me that my Master. Thank you.”

“I’ll talk to Jackson about it when we have a free moment. That actually sounds like fun. I haven’t flogged or beaten Brigit in a long time. She was always fun. Have I mentioned how stunning you look in that gown?”

“No Duke and thank you. Thank you for the compliment and thank you for considering my request. Thank you for the treats and the inclusion tonight. This has been just a wonderful night.”

“Well, it’s time to get you home so you can do some horizontal service.”

“Thank you again. You so know how to bring a smile to a girl’s face.”


May feels fortunate.

Her master shows her such love.

She cherishes him.


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