Her Captor

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M+F/f; bond; blindfold; training; slave; whip; flogger; cane; pain; sex; cons; X

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Chapter 9: The Inspection

Chipper as a child

still flying on endorphins

she meets some High Ones

May bounced from room to room following the ‘Pings’ that Duke was leading her with. After lunch he made her change her pantyhose because he’d spotted a small run starting and let her change back into the knee boots. The micro-mini went back on and Duke added an over the elbow pair of leather gloves. Duke knew that the gloves, skirt, corset and boots all were the same bone-ivory color but May had no way of knowing that. To her these things were just fine leather and all she knew was that Duke liked to see her in them.

Duke had assigned her to carry a large serving tray with her from room to room. On this tray were stacks of rope, a single strap ball-gag, a trainer plate-gag with a larger ball, her suspension cuffs, her single-sleeve, her collar, nipple clamps, more crotchless pantyhose and her Lycra hood. 

Coming out of her cell she hears a strange male voice say, “Stop. Turn to your left and pay homage.”

May froze for a second and then turned to her left and got down on her knees as gracefully as she could. She laid the serving tray off to her left and then abased herself in the individual homage position. She heard a woman clear her throat and immediately changed her position to the multiple homage position and after adjusting it to what she thought was appropriate, she froze.

“Oh Duke. We’ve come to visit,” said the Lady Vinzini in a sing-song voice.

Bowing, Duke greeted them with, “Good afternoon High Lord McMal, High Lady Vinzini and High Lord Sung. This is an honor.” And he used his house remote to set off two series of triple boings, so the cleaning chattel knew that they had guests and to get in the multiple homage position.

“Duke, let’s adjourn to the audience couch in the playroom,” said Lord McMal, who seemed to be the most authoritative of the three. “We want to question your latest charge.”

“Certainly, High Lord McMal.”

Duke pinged the playroom once, and then set off a series of three pings. He was hoping that May would put it all together and resume the multiple homage position once she reached the playroom.

May desperately wanted to impress the High Ones for her Duke, so her mind was racing at the possibilities. Riding high on endorphins gave her extra energy. After they had passed her going to the playroom, May picked up her tray, got up as gracefully as she could, turned and hoped her step-count was accurate so she’d arrive in the right place. She wanted to be perfect for her Duke, in front of his guests of honor.

Abasing herself in front of the audience couch, May again laid the tray off to her left and assumed the multiple homage position.

“Duke, pull up one of these chairs in front of us and relax. As far as all three of us go, and the rest of the Lords and Ladies, this is just a formality. In our minds you’ve more than paid your dues for this promotion, and you make us all proud of the job you do with these women. Roy too should be proud of the job he did with training you. You’re a very positive addition to our family here at A-H Estates. You do know that Roy was the one that first suggested the name for these estates. He was kidding with the older Lords, but they found the humor and wisdom in the jest of that 25-year-old man who would become our best trainer. So, for this little chat, you are on casual protocol with us. Understood?”

Leaning forward in his chair, Duke replied, “Yes, Jackson. And thank you for this consideration. I appreciate this opportunity to chat.”

James Sung picked up the conversation asking, “You take a very casual and informal approach to training these slaves, allowing them to call you by your first name and talking to them like you would a woman on the street, so why did you adopt this method?”

“James, I’ve tried the high protocol method, and the low protocol method, both of which Roy taught me as an apprentice, but once I was given some latitude when I became a journeyman groom, I developed this style and I’ve found it produces quicker results and more intuitive slaves desirous of learning more and pleasing me.”

“I can attest to that,” said Jackson McMal. “I have a slave that Duke trained with this casual method he’s developed, because we were keeping Roy too busy, and she is a joy to be around. She’s not stiff and formal like some of the others around here. In my mind, serving with a true desire to please is much better than the robots that the high protocol method usually turns out. That is why we had Roy develop the low protocol method. Duke’s just taken it a step further.”

Lucretia Vinzini said, “Slave, I see that you’ve already been caned this morning. What did you do wrong to earn a caning so quickly, considering that you just got your first flogging last night?”

“High Lady Vinzini, I don’t think I did anything wrong to be caned. I did not consider it a punishment. M’Lord Groom was just introducing me to the type of beatings I should expect from Master.”

“And what did you think of your first caning?”

“High Lady Vinzini, I loved it, and have already asked M’Lord Groom to cane me again, soon.”

Duke watched their eyes widen and they all leaned forward a little.

“And why do you say you loved it? Most women I know tolerate a caning, at best, and many hate the sharp crack of a cane splitting their flesh.”

“Because M’Lord Groom makes it fun. He motivates me so that it’s fun for both of us. I want to please him and Master, and I know they desire to dress me up, tie me up and beat me. So, if this is what they desire, I am excited to do it for them. Besides, I ‘like’ the endorphins.”

And from James who asked, “Okay Duke, just what do you do that motivates them to like and look forward to something like a caning?”

“James, I mix bondage, which many of them learn to love early on, with pain, for the endorphin rush, and sex. I hit upon the theory that the neurotransmitters identified with sex, along with a good load of endorphins from pain; mixed together with helplessness, go a long way to motivate a submissive woman to want to please you. Now the key word there was submissive. I still believe that headstrong, recalcitrant women learn best from the high protocol method, at least until they quit fighting their new lifestyle. Then they should be transferred to Roy’s low protocol system.”

“So,” asked Jackson, “is this a fully fleshed out system of yours, or are you still experimenting with it?”

“To be honest Jackson, I’m still working the kinks out of my system. I’m keeping a detailed log of May’s training, and I will be using that as a guideline for any future parallel slaves.”

“Two things,” continued Jackson, “I want a copy of that log and I’d like you to explain what you just referred to as parallel slaves.”

Duke got up and handed Jackson a thumb-drive. Jackson nodded.

“For updates, just go to the address of the log on our internal servers and log in under the password ‘MAY’. I update it whenever I get the chance, usually late at night or very early in the morning.

“Thank you, Duke.”

“Jackson, I knew May was submissive material when I kidnapped her. I had suspected it from definable clues in her background check, but as soon as I got my hands and ropes on her I knew she was a prime candidate for this casual approach to training her. Submissives want to please whoever is in complete control of them, and in my opinion, they make the best slaves.”

Lucretia asked, “Do you think that using our background checks that you can screen for truly submissive women?”

“Lucretia, there are earmarks that suggest that I can, but you never really know until you put them under the strain of discipline and then push that strained influence in certain ways. That is the defining proof as to whether they are submissive to begin with or are just malleable enough to train.”

“So, Duke, if we offered you a list of say ten women, you could test them with your methodologies and tell us which ones would make the best slaves.”

“I believe I could make a very respectable guess, but that’s just on paper Lucretia. But again, it takes a hands-on approach to be sure.”

“Maybe I misspoke. I meant to say, if we had ten women chosen, allowed you to be the kidnapper of each of them, brought them here and stored them in a special kennel, then with your hands-on estimation along with their detailed background checks, you could choose the best slave out of the bunch and train her to superb standards.”

“Yes, under those circumstances I believe I could. That’s the type of challenge that perks me right up.”

“Good,” said Jackson, “because when you are through with slave May here, we have a list of one dozen of the most beautiful trophy wives from a company that we want to destroy from the inside. Removing the wives, mistresses and the adult daughters of their executives will throw considerable chaos into the hierarchy of that company, which should completely erode the pillars of their internal structure. And not only will we bring them down, but we’ll get another dozen slaves or chattels for our stables.”

“Then I’m the groom for the job. I may need some assistance in controlling so many, because the time I’d normally spend with the slaves will be taken up with reports and log entries to coordinate this effort, but it’s a challenge I’ll take on just to prove my theory.”

“Duke, as a full groom, you’ll be able to pull grooms from the apprentice program and actually have up to three permanent apprentices assigned to you, if you want them.”

“For a project this size I’ll need them.”

With a change of voice to a husky bedroom timbre, Lucretia asked, “If I wanted to flog this slave, would she respond favorably to a different hand wielding the flogger, or are you the only one that pulls this response from them?”

“No, it shouldn’t matter Lucretia. Would you like me to put her suspension cuffs on her?”


“In fact, I think all three of us will pick up a flogger for this test. Duke, are they still kept in the same cabinet?”

“Yes, they are James. Take your pick.”

Duke buckled her suspension cuffs on May, unzipped and tugged the leather micro-mini off of her and then attached her to the central bar in the center of the playroom. He used the house remote to lift her off her toes and then stepped back.

Jackson chose a medium length, heavy, bull-hyde flogger and began to loosen up his arm. Lucretia chose a light stinger with the tails made from eighth-inch square rubber stock. James chose a soft, light elk-hide flogger. Jackson went to work on May’s back, alternating 13 strikes per shoulder blade before changing to the other side. Lucretia started on May’s breasts, stomach and ribs. Her impacts, because of the flogger she’d chosen, were lighter but very stingy, rather than thumpy like Jackson’s. Lucretia’s flogging was offering May a whole new and different type of pain. James was attacking the areas where May had been caned just a few hours earlier. He especially seemed to like flogging her Mons Pubis and the insides of her thighs.

May writhed under all of these impacts, unable to get into the flow of any one of them because they were all impacting too quickly. None of the pain was as intense as the caning was though, so May started getting off on the attention and the desire they had to use her like this. Her responses became more affirmative and she began to subconsciously mutter and mumble for more, which just drove all three of them to continue. After a while, James quit first, then Jackson and finally Lucretia. Angry red stripes covered May’s chest and crotch area, but Duke knew that these would be the first to dissipate. They were just from the sting of the rubber and would be mostly gone by tomorrow. James’ strokes brought a rosy glow to the welts from the cane and would last long enough for May to get secondary and tertiary endorphin rushes from touching them or just brushing against something for days. Jackson’s were a layering of deep tissue thuds over fresh and similar impacts. In all reality, they caused the most damage because of the effect they would have on the inner-costal muscles and connecting tissue. Duke knew that May should not have another heavy flogging on her back for several days, to a week.

Jackson said, “Now let’s see if she can be coherent. Duke, take her down and give her some light after care and let us know when we can question her. You know her best. We want to see for ourselves just how attuned she is to this.”

As he got her down, May whispered, “M’Lord Groom, Duke?”


“I can speak to the High Ones now if you’d like me to. If nothing else, I’d like to thank them for this.”

As they sat back down on the couch, Duke had May kneel right in front of his chair. He gave her a superficial examination, more for May’s peace of mind than his, because he had carefully watched the floggings and then started to run his fingers very lightly over her flesh. As an afterthought, Duke got up and got an energy drink that was high in electrolytes and protein, and brought it back to feed to May.

“Okay May,” said Duke, “tell them what you just told me, in case they didn’t hear you.”

“High Lords and High Lady, thank you very much for honoring me with your attentions. I enjoyed being flogged by all three of you at once. The different sensations just got me soaring. Whoever was flogging my breasts,” and May was touching herself there, “was too kind to me to offer me that new form of stimulation. I never knew someone could flog my breasts, but I know now, and I like it. I liked what all of you did to me. Thank you.”

“Duke” asked James, “can you do this with all of them?”

“James, I wouldn’t say all of them but with the right material and the time to train them, I can reproduce this in quite a few of them.”

“I want one trained like this Duke,” stated Lucretia.

“Lucretia,” said Jackson in a calm measured voice, “you’ll have to wait your turn.” And he laughed at the expression on her face.

“But you already have one,” exclaimed Lucretia in an exasperated tone! “Didn’t you say your current slave was trained by Duke in this new protocol of his?”

“I want three of them, total. I’ll keep the one I have, and I want the first two choices from this new group we’re kidnapping.”

“Oh, you greedy men. All right. I’ll take the third one trained in his new protocol out of this new litter.”

“You’re going to be a very popular and busy ‘full’ groom young man,” said Jackson. “We’ll have the ceremony in the main hall and sign all the contracts there. Will you want a vacation before you get started on our project? All promotions do come with a paid vacation, and you’ve certainly earned one.”

“Normally I’d choose a vacation, but your proposition sounds so interesting, and challenging, that I’ll get started as soon as I finish with May, which will all depend on Roy.”

“Of course,” said James. “None of us like to see shoddy or unfinished work. Be well Duke and we’ll let ourselves out,” and all three of them filed out.

Duke caused a boing to go off in the playroom and when the chattel appeared, he dismissed her for the day, ordering her to return early the next day and finish up the kitchen.

When she was gone, he picked May up and unceremoniously dumped her on the bed. She squealed and began to giggle when he tied her gloved hands together behind her back. Flipping her back over on her bound arms, Duke started to touch and fondle her bruised genitals. May went nuts, but in a good way though. Within minutes his face was buried in her crotch causing May to scream with excitement and crush his head between her thighs. He stroked the bruises under the hose on the outside of her legs and brought out more squeals as he scraped her with his one-day growth of beard.

“Abrasion play May, want more?” which was rhetorical because he didn’t wait for an answer before continuing to scrape her labia and inner thighs.

May whimpered and moaned for more as she writhed underneath him. When Duke got up to take his pants off May could only dream of what she wanted most in the world. May was so wet and ready that he had no effort slamming into her with one smooth stroke. Pile-driving a woman in the missionary position with her arms tied behind her back is very inspiring to some men and Duke was no exception. He pumped and pumped into her with mindless need as May went into a delirium of bliss. His ejaculate seared into her much like a hard cane stroke, and she purposefully contracted the inner muscles of her vagina to harvest every last swimmer. Duke’s kisses, after the fact, were hot and needy, leaving her with the ultimate of warm fuzzies. Slipping out of her, Duke pulled her close and untied her.

“Get undressed, but leave the blindfold on, and then we’ll nap for a short while. When a very excited, naked woman slipped in beside him she found him already asleep. May tried to cover him with as much of her skin as she could and then just sniffed the scent of man on him.

May’s been rewarded

for learning to be pleasing 

and she is happy.

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