Her Captor

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; training; bond; blindfold; cuffs; gag; knifeplay; oral; slave; rope; hood; collar; cons; X

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Chapter 10: Learning to Move Faster and Slower

Position bondage

teaches her to understand

patience and reward.

Waking up next to May was fun but throwing her over his shoulder and carrying her laughing and giggling into the refresher was more fun. Setting her down, he rotated her to a direction he wanted her to travel in and then swatted her butt, eliciting a giggle and a long moan of pleasure. She played blind woman’s bluff until she got to the shower. Instinctively May reached over and picked up her heels. After leaning her butt against the cold glass of the shower, May squealed, again, and rapidly got her heels buckled on.

“That was a good nap May. Join me in the sauna.”

“No jacuzzi Duke?” as she was sitting beside him on the bench.

“Never question your orders when a groom or a High Lord or Lady tells you to do something.”

Cowering a little, she replied, “Yes Duke. I’m sorry.” 

“We will in a minute, but I purposefully reversed the order because of your condition.”

“I think I’m in pretty good condition for having so much mileage,” and she laughed.

“Your body is hot and desirable, but at this moment it is also deeply bruised, and we should respect the natural healing process. No more beatings for a while, probably until Roy gets home. And quit pouting. See what happens when I do this,” and he ran his fingers up the flank of her leg?

May moaned and produced a full body shiver.

“This evening we’re going to work on one form of abrasion play, but first I want you to loosen up.”

They stayed in the sauna for a little longer than normal and then he helped her into the jacuzzi. As he suspected, it was a bit too soon for this, so they got out and showered off. Soap on bruised flesh was a different matter altogether. May loved the feel of warm, slippery, soap exposing all the oochies and ouchies under her skin and pumping fresh waves of endorphins into her system, especially with Duke soaping her up. 

After toweling each other dry, Duke tied her wrists. He ‘pinged’ the kitchen and then tied her ankles when she got there and knelt down. Trying to stay busy, waiting while his potato baked, he rubbed some seasoning into his one-pound Rib Eye for the grilling. While he did, Duke chatted with May.

“You know you made me very proud today. First with the way you accepted that impromptu caning this morning and then the way you won over the High Ones. They were impressed with you.”

“And you too Duke. I’m so happy being trained by you. That other job sounds like a fascinating assignment for you, although I do hope you won’t stint on my training to get a chance to go after those other women.”

Duke detected just a hint of jealousy in her words.

“Oh no, I am a thorough man that gives full measure, especially when I’m training a slave for a friend like Roy.” 

“Oh, you give full measure all right,” and May giggled, amused at her double entendre.

“Those other women will still be out there, and the High Lord’s plans will be implemented to perfection. My biggest concern now is who to choose as apprentice grooms. I’ll probably have to start interviewing them while you’re doing your contentment and patience exercises.” 

As they ate, Duke gave her a lecture on what he would need from apprentice grooms and the potential rigors of trying to train so many women at once. Tied as she was, May just listened to the voice that was so deep and rich in measure and timbre that his words got lost after a while. The hypnotic quality of his patter mesmerized her and May’s love for this man grew.

Back in her cell, after dinner, May changed into the outfit Duke had laid out for her. He took her blindfold off and everything was still dark to her. By feel, she put on sensible panties, a lacey bra, regular pantyhose, four-inch pumps, which were practically flats for her now, a blouse with ruffles down the front, a skirt that went down to her knees, a vest and a business jacket. Sitting on her cage/bed with her legs crossed, May let Duke put on mascara and fluff her eyelashes out a little. He even put lipstick on her.

“Now, don’t you look like the perfect little secretary? Ready to play?”

And with that he grabbed May up off her cage/bed, held both of her arms behind her back with his left arm, and put a very sharp, long knife against her throat. 

“You’re being kidnapped again, don’t make a sound.”

Duke half carried, half dragged her into what she believed was the playroom. Standing her against the thin bondage pole, holding her in place with his body, he wrestled her hands behind the pole and handcuffed her. He then took off a waist belt and after making one wrap around her ankles he buckled the ends around the back of the pole. Wadding up a bandana from his pocket he shoved as much as he could cram into May’s mouth and cheeks and then tied another bandana over that one, pulling it as tightly as possible between her teeth, knotting it off behind her head.

With the same knife he had threatened her with, Duke began slicing the buttons off of her suit jacket. When they were off, the buttons of her vest went next and finally, the buttons of her blouse failed to withstand the edge of his knife. Like some bizarre tailor, Duke started shearing off panels of cloth, making clean slices with his razor-sharp blade.

May didn’t dare move for fear of him slipping with that Bowie of his and slicing into her. She was excited at the unexpected role-play, but terrified at the realism of his attack.

Slicing up her jacket sleeve and then her blouse sleeve, he removed her clothes in layers, taking his time for the most erotic effect he could produce. The skirt didn’t come off with a vertical cut. Instead, he made several wide horizontal cuts, making her skirt shorter and shorter with each cut. Finally, it was little more than a belt. Her pantyhose were cut a little to get them started and then shredded off of her with his hands ripping them. Her tits were pulled out of her bra and slapped. He then put them back into their cups and made the bra a nippleless bra with strategic cuts to the cups. Scared, May was panting and huffing through her nose for more air. Duke cut the cups out of her bra making it a true peek-a-boo style. To continue, he cut up her sensible panties into a thong and then yanked it up until it was wedged between her labial lips. May was trembling as he did this to her but getting so wet that she could smell her own arousal.

Slipping his belt off her ankles, he pulled his own clothes off, sliced through the remainder of her panties, reached down and picked her up off the ground, holding her with an arm under each of her thighs. Finding her pussy hot and waiting, he pushed into her and started pounding her against the pole. The grip of his big hands on the backs of her bruised thighs sent sparks and electricity up her spinal cord and into her brain. Fresh endorphins flooded into her again and this role-play rape just added brighter colors to her fireworks. 

Before she could pop off an orgasm, which wasn’t long, Duke pulled out, helped her slide down the pole to her knees and tore the gag off of her mouth. As soon as the wadding was out, his club of circumcised man-meat took its place. Slamming into the back of her throat twice, Duke then eased up and let her take over the motions of giving him head. 

May was in heaven. She’d been wanting to do this since he took over her training. Using every skill she had, she positioned her throat, controlled her gag-reflex and did her best to deep-throat this wonderful man. In no time at all he was spasming and she began fighting against the handcuffs because she so desperately wanted to grab his rock-hard butt-cheeks and slam him into the back of and down her throat. She didn’t want to waste a drop of his seed. But she was doing nothing to break free of the cuffs except bruising her wrist-bones, so she let him cum naturally in her mouth. Her efforts with her tongue and lips did not stop when he came but continued until he pulled out of her mouth. She moaned her desire for more.

Holding a handful of hair on each side, he went down on one knee and kissed her, long and with passion, then said, “You are fun May. I know you’ll show this same level of spirit and passion to Roy when he comes back.”

He then released her handcuffs, grabbed the remote and pinged the refresher. Those are new wet-heels so take off the shreds of your bra, use the facilities and then meet me in the sauna. I’ve got some things to collect before we carry on tonight.

Duke came into the refresher, threw a load of things on the sofa, turned on his favorite easy listening station on the commercial free A-H Estates radio, arranged what he wanted May to wear, and then joined her. With his goggles on, he could see she was starting to sweat and that was a good thing. Surprisingly, he could still detect the fear stink on her and the smell of a well used woman.

“Was that fun for you?”

“Duke, the word fun doesn’t seem to adequately cover how much I enjoyed that. I loved it. That was so unexpected and so blisteringly HOT! I can’t find a word to substitute for ‘fun’. I’ve wanted you in my mouth since we met, and I’ve tasted enough of you to know I would suck you whenever you wanted me to do that for you. I’ve always had secret fantasies about being tied to a pole. I saw a John Willie print one time with this blonde tied to a pole and I’ve wanted to be her ever since. May we do more of that please?”

“So, you’re saying you’ve wanted me in your mouth since the night I kidnapped you?”

“Duke, in the past I’ve had so much success with getting whatever I wanted from a man by giving him a blowjob that, yes, it went through my mind that if I could wrap my lips around you that first night, I might have been able to sway you from kidnapping me. I especially would have traded that so you wouldn’t hurt me. So, yes, from the time we met. Can I do it to you again? Now or later, I liked it and really want to do it again.”

“You don’t think I’m too big?”

“Oh god no Duke, you’re just the right size for me. I like long and thick, and as I said earlier, you certainly do give good measure,” and she giggled.

“You do realize now that you are here to stay, and nothing will get your former life back. You are Roy’s slave and I will not allow any silly delusions of escape to even get started in your head.”

“Oh Duke, you’ve shown me that this is a much better life than any of the drudgery back in that other world. I’m desired here. You care for me, making sure I lead an exciting new life, yet you don’t let me get hurt. Beat, yes, but not hurt. Master cares for me because he got me off the chattel list and made me his personal slave. You can’t imagine how wonderful, and hot, that is to me. I’m not hungry, I get expensive shoes and clothes, and it doesn’t matter if they get shredded off of me or not. I’d bet you could find another suit just like that one if you needed to. I’m warm and dry, and I live in a combination spa and dungeon. How much better could my life be? I am desired, and I’m making people happy, which is basically all I’ve ever wanted to do anyway. And I only have to pay rent with my body! All I have to offer anyone is this body and this mind that powers this body, and I’m able to make others happy with them. What more could a girl really want? Some of us just aren’t cut out to be mothers, or tycoons of industry.”

Duke moved her into the shower and once the two of them were freshly scrubbed and dried off, Duke started handing her things to put on for him. High-cut crotchless pantyhose went on first and then an ultra-sheer long-sleeved leotard went on over that, making it almost look like a body stocking. Long leather gloves and her matching knee boots made this a smolderingly hot costume. Using colored rope to highlight this outfit, Duke tied her wrists and elbows behind her back, and then proceeded to tie a rope harness around her torso, webbing it so nothing could move. He then put a blindfold on her, compressed a dense foam gag and buckled it behind her head. Then with practiced ease he put her heavy leather hood on her again, buckling the collar but neglecting to lock it on her. From there he put her on the floor, kneeling between his legs, with her head leaning against the inside of his thigh.

With her hooded again, he turned up the house lights and started to use the big-screen TV as a projection board for the layouts, graphs and galleries he wanted to study.

May needed some time to just gather her thoughts in bondage and learn the sedentary joys of just being tied up. From Duke’s experience, most women seemed to enjoy being tied and kneeling at the feet of the man that controlled their life. May seemed to be one of those. She was mewling and whimpering happy little noises from under her hood. Duke knew she’d have to get used to wearing a hood, because Roy liked them. So Duke would start using various forms of aftercare to get May used to wearing one. She didn’t act scared this time, so with her so close, Duke saw no reason to worry about her.

“The first thing he did was open the files on the available journeyman, apprentice and beginner grooms petitioning for a chance to train others. Duke automatically discarded the ones that were being trained by high protocol full grooms. He also discarded many, just because of their records and reports. Any hint of misogynism and he discarded them, and finally any hint of excessive sadism got them kicked off his potentials list. This left Duke with a small list of apprentices, an even smaller list of journeyman grooms, and a wide field of beginners. The next thing he did was narrow his search by looking for bondage grooms. He halved his list of beginners and lost all of his journeymen, but he was getting down to something workable now.

May shifted and snuggled up against his other thigh. Duke petted the back of her hooded head, like he would a faithful hound sitting between his legs, and then reached down and kissed May over the hood and gag, holding the back of her neck. This got a long low moan from her and she snuggled back into the position she was in a moment before.

Duke made a list of the grooms he wanted to interview and then sent the appropriate emails out on his iPad. The next thing he did was examine the photo galleries for each of the women on the kidnap list. Each one had an extensive file and each file had a large gallery of candid shots of these women, from views of them sleeping, to their professional career, to their leisure activities, which included photographic evidence of their trysts. Two of the twelve were bi-sexuals, with all the earmarks of being closet lesbians, which put them, at a minimum, on the low protocol list. It was hard to use sex as part of a persuasion process if you were the wrong gender. Now if they were just true bi-sexuals there was still hope, but only time and a groom’s hands on them would be able to tell for sure. One looked like a real hard-case ball-buster. Another candidate for high protocol. And finally, three looked promising. Their profiles had several indicators of a submissive bent and they looked much softer and more pliable than the others.

May was starting to fidget more and more, so Duke sat her up on the couch with him, loosened her elbow ropes and adjusted the body harness appropriately to allow her more movement. He then laid her out on the couch, took her left ankle and bent her leg so that the heel of her boot was just on the outside of her left butt-cheek. With a long rope he made several loops around her bent leg, effectively tying her ankle to the top of her thigh. Knotting it off he repeated the process with her right leg, bundling each leg into a kneeling position. Then with her back towards the back of the couch, Duke put her hooded head on his bare leg and went back to work.

He went ahead and typed up his report on May and sent a copy to Jackson McMal’s email address. Then he sent a preliminary report to the Head Administrator on his needs and after doing a little personal email he signed off and shut everything down. Putting on his night vision goggles again, he unbuckled the collar, unlaced the hood, took off the blindfold and finally the gag. 

May was floating off in space somewhere but came back to life when he unfastened the crotch snap of her teddy. He lifted her up and very gently fitted her onto his hard-on. He did not start to move, just let her grind around on him for a while. She was more than hot, wet and ready. When she tried to initiate a pumping action, she found out how inhibiting it was with her legs tied like they were. Duke just let her pussy muscles squeeze him as he mauled her tits through the sheer material and used his fingers to run patterns along her skin.

“May, do you understand that part of your training is to learn to hold certain bondage positions for extended periods of time?”

“I do now Duke.”

“Good, because tomorrow, after your exercises and breakfast, you’ll be tied in various positions and timed to see how long you can maintain those positions. You must start increasing those times to make me look good during your final testing. Now that’s a long way off but we have to prepare. You’re adapting very well to corporal discipline, and you seem to love bondage for limited periods of time, but I need to see more out of you. Do you understand?”

“Duke, for you, now that I know, you can keep me tied up for as long as you need to keep me helpless. I’d suffer through hell for you, so do whatever you need to do to train me.”

“Good girl.”

“I love it when you say that to me.”

“And I’ll only say it if you’ve earned it. So, for now I’m going to change your torso bondage, leave your legs bound and let you get some rest. I have paperwork to do.”

Duke untied the ropes off her torso and then re-tied her arms so that her forearms were parallel to one another across the small of her back. More ropes went around her torso and arms, so she couldn’t just wriggle them apart and shorter ropes, rather than the longer ropes usually used in a standard box-tie were used to cinch and snug everything until it was very secure. Then Duke carried her to the bed, re-blindfolded her, pulled her Lycra hood down over her head and attached her to the bed via her collar and the bed-chain. He covered her with a blanket, kissed her lips through the hood and left the room. 

The night was still young, and he needed to do some more work on this upcoming business venture because his brain was still rolling like a dynamo.

Her work must improve

she wants to make him happy

then she’ll be happy.

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