Her Captor

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; training; gag; hood; rope; tease; slave; corset; susp; cuffs; cane; clamps; cons; XX

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Chapter 8: Day Two of Training

Waking in his arms

wondering when he’ll take her

she wants to be his. 

May wakes to a large hand enclosing over her already gagged and hooded mouth. Her eyes flew open, but the blackness reminded her that she was still not allowed to see. To make matters worse, the other hand of this diabolical man was tickling her ribs! She squirmed and wriggled, but the iron clamp over her mouth held her stationary against his shoulder, for his torments. Muted roars of laughter escaped her lips, betraying the fun she was having from his rude attentions. May would have hated this if it had come from any other man, but not from her Duke. When he’d had his fun, he released her and jumped out of bed. May scrambled around and got into a kneeling position, spreading her knees wide. She could smell her arousal. May wondered if Duke could too, and why he wasn’t just throwing her on her arms, that were still bound behind her back in the single-sleeve and taking her.

“Today starts your morning exercises. Have you ever done any yoga and/or pilates before?”

May nodded affirmatively and Duke said “Good.”

He unsnapped the bed chain, reattached a leash and led her to a part of these living quarters that she didn’t know existed.

“May, these are part of Roy’s personal living quarters, and you are usually not allowed back here, but I have some reports to do. So, after I help you get started, you will do, at a minimum, an hour to an hour and a half of exercises, paying particular attention to your core muscles. After that we’ll stretch for fifteen minutes or so and then we’ll go take a sauna and shower before we eat. Now come here.”

Duke released her bonds, with the exception of the blindfold, and then after unlocking them, had her take her boots off. Taking a few steps forward, May found herself on some rubberized flooring that had a vinyl covering. Duke helped her get started, running her through some yoga poses that she was already familiar with and common yoga floor exercises that worked on her core. From experience, May knew there were much more intense workouts, but like everything, Duke was starting her off slowly. From yesterday, she made it a point not to argue with his way of getting her started or give him any suggestions that would increase her pace. She realized Duke was talented in training women and that she would just let him lead her to where he wanted her to go. After she was proceeding all right on her own, Duke moved to another area of the room and if she listened carefully enough, she could hear him typing. Occasionally she’d hear him say:

“Move your leg higher” --- “Keep your arms together” --- “Slower. It takes more effort to move slower than to go fast just to get it over with” --- “Good girl” --- “Now do those last three sets five more times each, in order” --- “Breathe” --- “In through your nose and out through your mouth” --- “Go lower” --- “Reach higher ---”

Between these words of encouragement Duke went back to typing. After a while he came over and helped her stretch out. He paid particular attention to the flexibility in her legs and shoulders. He did this one position where he put a hand on each of her shoulder caps from behind and used his arms to push her elbows together and hold them there. This got May very excited, feeling him strain to make sure she was loose enough for all the bondage he was going to do to her.



“Why do you do that?”

“May, it loosens your shoulders up for the more severe bondage positions.”

“I know that, but why not just tie me up and let my arms loosen up on their own?”

“May, your shoulders are a very complicated ball and socket joint and pulling your arms in by the elbows is levering them in an unnatural way. This exercise loosens them with minimal strain to the socket of your ball and socket. The last thing we want you to do is pull something loose up there.”

“Makes sense now, thank you.”

“Alright, let’s go find your high heels and some rope and go through the ‘JSS’ ritual. That’s jacuzzi, sauna and shower if you hadn’t already guessed,” and Duke chuckled to himself. In the jacuzzi, May purposefully moved her high-heeled feet under the jets of water so they would tickle her. Duke laughed at her and she just giggled and told him how good it felt to be wearing high heels in the tub like this. Duke had tied her hands in front, close together this time and May was continually playing with them.

“You’re not trying to figure out how to get out are you?”

“No Duke, I just like the way they feel, and I like playing with them tied like this. That’s okay isn’t it?”

“Of course, it is.”

In the sauna, Duke made her spread her legs, and with his fingers manipulating the outside of her vulva and then plunging in, to tickle and stimulate her G-Spot, Duke brought her to a quick orgasm. May was trembling, puffing and panting as he pushed her out the door and toward the shower. She also smelled like an alley cat. Duke made sure she’d be using the douching attachment in the shower this morning. Roy had loaded the reservoir with a vinegar solution when May had been abducted, knowing it would be needed and used. This shower was much more than just adjustable hot water and a variety of spray types.

While Duke was brushing her hair, she just sat there with her arms tied behind her, at the elbow and wrist, and her legs crossed at the knee and tied like that. He’d also turned the visible lights out once they were out of the shower and put his night vision goggles back on.

 To her surprise, May heard a female voice. 

“M’Lord Groom?”

“Yes, chattel.”

“Permission to clean this room?”

“No. Start with the playroom.”

“M’Lord Groom, I am already finished with the playroom.”

“Then do May’s cell and the hall next, and then clean in here. You can clean up the dining area and the kitchen after our lunch.”

“Yes, M’Lord Groom.”

When the chattel left, Duke said, “Don’t mind her. She’ll be here for most of the day cleaning what we mess up. The dishes are starting to stack up.”



“Is she really bald?”

“As a cue ball. We even wax their eyebrows off completely and any downy little face hair comes off too. They also have heavy nose rings through the central cartilage, heavy nipple rings and heavy rings through the cartilage of their ear, high up on the sides.”

“Why Duke?”

“For leashing. Let it go May. Thinking of their plight in life is not productive for you, so let me, as a groom worry about their behavior and you worry about pleasing me as I train you. Understood?”

“Yes Duke.”

With that he untied her legs and arms, had her put her wet-heels by the armoire again and this time he handed her some different heels to put on. While she laced them up, he told her that they were old-fashioned ankle boots, with laces rather than buttons, and a six-inch arch. He also told her that he wanted to see how well she could walk in them.

May could tell they were expensively made shoes, with built in toe cushions, a high support arch and padded supports on the sides of each ankle. She wondered what color they were but decided not to ask. Her foot was perched up on her very tiptoe, with little to no support from the ball of her foot. However, they didn’t pinch! Like many things in her new home, they seemed to have been made just for her. Because she knew how hard it was for her to find a comfortable pair of shoes, she suspected that they had taken molds of her feet and had these made in just the last couple of days. Oh well, she’d do her best to learn to walk in them. After all, what level of desire would bring them to do all of this just so she looked good to them and looking good to them is why men stacked women up in skyscraper-heels. She wondered how her legs looked wearing these. She did notice that these had the same type of side zipper and locking strap around her lower calf as the other boots she’d had on yesterday did. For some reason though, Duke didn’t lock these ankle-boots on her.

“Go to the kitchen and kneel by the table with your ankles crossed.”

May did and Duke came in several minutes later and started to make their breakfast. His was bacon, eggs, fried potatoes, toast, and fresh squeezed orange juice. May got her usual gruel fed to her, which did include a square of chocolate for good behavior.

After putting a new blindfold on her he said, “So, May, today’s lessons are on comportment. You’ll learn the homage positions, dressing to impress, acceptance of your station and room recognition.”

May just knelt straight and smiled, telling him, “Yes Duke.”

“The first things we’re going to address are the homage positions. They’re very simple. There’re only three of them. All three have the same thing in common: you’re on your knees, ankles crossed like they are when you eat, your butt is in the air, your nose is on the ground and your hands and arms are out in front of you. Here’s the difference. Individual homage, which is your ‘go-to’ position unless you know better, is with your wrists crossed in front of you, left hand over right, palms up. Alright, let’s get you untied and start working on this position.”

Duke had to make small corrections to her position, but it wasn’t too difficult for her to get.

“This position is used when you are alone and someone you don’t know comes in. Like last night, if you hadn’t been suspended, you would have been expected to assume the individual homage position when High Lady Vinzini made her presence known. You didn’t see it, but I bowed to her, because that is what is expected from a groom when a High Lord or Lady enters the room. For what they pay me, I’ll bow to them all day and night. Now stand up and let’s see how gracefully you can go from standing to the individual homage position.”

Again, Duke worked with her until she was as close to perfect with it as she could be without years of practice.

“Now, the next homage position is what we call the personal homage position. This one is used when someone comes in that means something special to you, like Roy or me. The difference is that instead of abasing yourself and crossing your wrists, you touch the sides of their forward foot, lightly, and if they don’t move it away, you scoot forward enough to kiss their foot. Okay, stand up and pretend I just walked through the door.”

This time it took May a lot more time to find the grace that would be acceptable for someone like Roy. She seemed a bit recalcitrant to kiss his foot, so he just kept working her until she did it consistently to his satisfaction.

“Okay, the third and final homage position is for multiple guests coming in all at once. Again, with this position you abase yourself like before, but this time you spread your arms in front of you at a 45-degree angle, as flat against the floor as you can and with your palms up. Let’s try that one.”

May took to this position quicker than the other two and Duke had to do very little to correct her.

“Now May, if someone, like me or Roy, is down here with you when guests arrive, we’ll call out the appropriate position for you to assume. So, let’s work on the call-outs.”

“Personal homage” --- “Individual homage” --- “Multiple homage” --- “No, narrow your arms” --- “Individual homage” --- “Try to get down there a little quicker but still do it gracefully” --- “Multiple homage” --- “Good girl” --- “Personal homage” --- “No, actually kiss the top of the shoe or boot. Don’t just smooch a kiss above it” --- “Individual homage” --- and on and on it went, with May having to stand between each one, wait for Duke to call out a position and then assume that position. Duke was light and somewhat playful about it, but he was still firm with his corrections.

“OK, let’s take a bit of a break and get you dressed.”

Back at her cell Duke had her remove her ankle boots just long enough to put some crotchless pantyhose on and then wriggle into the tightest short leather skirt she had ever worn. Then he had her put her ankle boots back on.

“Very nice. I like you in a leather micro-mini. You’ll notice that this is not like the normal straight-line minis that are commonly worn. This is a pencil-mini, shortened to a micro-mini. This is the style that Roy and I prefer, and it does make you look very hot and desirable.”



“That’s the way I want to look for you and Roy.”

“Good girl. Now let’s get you into a corset.”

Duke strapped her into her suspension cuffs and then told her to listen.


May looked around when she heard it again.


May that is the next training aid I’ll be using. Those are what we call attention tones, or locator pings. If I’m in the kitchen and I want you in the refresher, I’ll use the house remote to ping the refresher, like this.


“Did you hear the difference? The first two pings came from the playroom. The third ping came from the refresher. You’ll have to listen for these, recognize which room you’re being sent to or wanted in, and then go to that room and wait for further instructions. Is that understood?”

“Yes Duke.”

‘PING’ (playroom)

May didn’t wait to be told to go, she just left her cell and walked with measured steps to the playroom and stood right under the suspension bar waiting for Duke.

Like before, Duke lifted her up off her toes by the bar and fastened her into a corset before beginning the lacing process. This corset felt different than the one from last night. May didn’t give it much mind. In her flight of fancy, she just figured it was a different color or a more pleasing style. After all, all she had to do was wear it. He did not tighten it up a second time like he did the night before.

To her surprise Duke unzipped her skirt from the bottom and lifted it, tugging and pulling it repeatedly because it was so tight, and when he had it over her butt and bunched up over her hips he put a long thin bar between her teeth, pulling it back until it distorted her mouth. He then said, “Bite down on this and don’t drop it.”

With his hand he began to play with her pussy, fingering her, stroking her, pinching her from underneath, quickly attacking her G-Spot and just as quickly withdrawing his middle finger. Without any notification he started tapping her lightly with a stick on her butt-cheeks. He moved his impacts all around her body from the hips down to a few inches above her knee, tapping her skin, causing little, but not painful stings. Just as quickly he poked his nose directly on her clit and gave her left and right labia a long lick, which got him a full body shiver. Then he pulled her ponytail and whispered in her ear.

“If you learn to like a good hard caning as much as you’ve liked everything else so far, I’ll do things with my lips and tongue that you obviously want me to do. I’ll build you up slowly, but the pain will be intense from the beginning. You may scream all you like, and while you calm down, I’ll eat you out until you scream again. Do we have a deal? You learn to like the extreme pain of a good caning and I’ll make sure you get off. Deal?”

All the time he’s saying this he was tapping her a little harder all over her butt and thighs. Having a cane in her mouth made talking a little garbled but she said as plainly as she could, “It’s a deal Duke, just beat me with your cane and I’ll love it, no matter how much it hurts.”

And with that his cane strokes started to become more intense. He built her up slowly, touching and playing with her the entire time, not using rapid cane bites but allowing her to absorb a hit, process it, let the searing pain die down a little and then he’d hit her in a different area. He measured the placement of each impact so he didn’t overlap any, which might have caused a blood-blister. May did scream, dropping the cane in her mouth, towards the end when they were at their most intense, but she did not scream with every hit. Mostly she let out short little exclamations when he caned her butt and outer thighs and short screeches when he hit the insides of her thighs. She moaned heavily when he ran his fingers over the welts he left on her flesh and on the few occasions he ran his tongue and lips over them she babbled about how she wanted and needed him inside of her. 

“How are you doing May?” he asked during a break between hits.

“It’s (panting) damned painful, (deep intake of breath) but not as bad as I thought it would be. (long puffing exhalation) Your fingers and tongue have magical healing properties (giggle and a deep inhalation) but I so want you inside me when that cane lands on my ass. (panting) Will you cane me some more Duke and then do what you promised to do to me? Please?”

“You’ve had enough for the moment. I’ll take a raincheck and I’ll cane you a few more times later. It’s very interesting later on to go over the same areas, so,” and he let his deep voice fade off.

Duke used the remote to lower her feet to the ground and she moaned and screeched when he grabbed a butt-cheek in each of his large hands and started kissing and licking her sodden crotch. Duke used his considerable years of experience to rock her world. Pain, helplessness and a warm tongue that knows what it’s doing makes women spasm, jerk and scream out vulgar incoherencies. Running his fingernails over the welts while lip-nibbling on her very sensitive inner thighs and vulva made May confess to things she never would have under more brutal torture. Several powerful orgasms later May was begging for Duke to cane her some more and then gift her with his beautiful circumcised club-of-a-penis. She moaned but jerked and spasmed with wracking aftershocks when Duke quit his ministrations. 

He pulled her skirt down, re-zipped it until it was skin and hobble tight and then released her from the bar. Picking her up he carried her over to the couch and held her seated in front of him and between his legs while he made out with her for a good long time. May squirmed a lot trying to adjust to the signals coming from the caned areas, but she held on to Duke’s neck like it was a life preserver.

From his pocket he pulled something out and said, “Last night, you asked about nipple-clamps, so here’s your first taste.

He made sure the rubber-covered areas got good purchase deep over her nipples and then let the light chain dangle against her. As he squeezed and lightly mauled her tits the compression of her tender nipples got her all jacked up again. With his right hand up her skirt and his middle finger deep in over the inner cleft of her vagina, Duke racked her with G-Spot orgasms until she swooned. With her so far out of it, he took the nipple-clamps off. When she didn’t respond he knew she was really gone for a while.

After picking up the canes and releasing her wrists from the suspension cuffs Duke got a bottle of sport’s-aide and a straw and began rehydrating her. As May began to come around, she told Duke, “Wow! I certainly wasn’t expecting that. Is everything you do that intense?”

“Only when I want it to be intense.”

“Well, you cleaned my pipes out. I feel like a slightly used but like-new woman. You are some kind of magician, Duke.”

“You taste good May,” (snicker) “but you’re not very substantial. Let’s go eat.”

May heard a ‘PING’ and a ‘BOING’ from the kitchen area. Getting up and finding her sea-legs in those heels was slightly problematic but May soon took off for the kitchen. She was a bit wobbly but grinning from ear to ear.

By the time she got there she was huffing and puffing, and ooowing and ahhhing. 

“What’s the problem?”

“I almost got lost because I couldn’t concentrate on my step count. You didn’t tell me that just walking would light everything back up again. Wow! Those canings should be an Olympic sport. Is there any way to train for those?”

“Yes. Ask to be caned more often,” and Duke just laughed.

“Duke, will you cane me more often, please?”

“Wait until you get a combination flogging and caning.”

“Oh god that sounds delicious. One to build up the endorphins and one to increase the pain and lengthen the buzz. I like that idea. Duke, I am flying so high from your caning. May I play with my welts?”

“Sure, until I tie you up. By the way, the bald chattel is already zip-tied and kneeling on the other side of the table. I have to feed all slaves and chattels under my care during regular mealtimes, unless they are being punished, and if they are, I have to give cause why I punished them with the withholding of food for them.”

“Yes Duke. Wow! O – M – G this feels so good. Ooowie! It hurts but feels good and this is getting me so hot! Duke, I gotta ask again, could we…”

“Not yet, you’re getting closer to earning it, but you haven’t earned that right yet.”

“Yes Duke,” she said with the smallest hint of petulance.

“So put your hands behind your back and cross your ankles because it’s time to tie you tightly for your meal.”

“May I order the gruel-du-jour please, with a carafe of water?” and May laughed at her giddy little endorphin fueled jest.

Duke tied May up and then fed her and the chattel a bowl of gruel each, while he ate a grilled chicken breast with bacon and Swiss. He also had a fruit bowl and gave May grapes for a treat because he had more than he could eat. May was flying too high to miss her chocolate, but Duke gave her a square of dark chocolate instead of her usual milk chocolate. He knew it would help with her high.

As they finished eating, May was still reaching down and playing with her welts where she could reach them. Duke left the chattel bound in zip-ties while he reached over and started playing with May’s back where she’d gotten flogged less than 24 hours ago. He squeezed and kneaded the flesh of her shoulder blades, eliciting squirms and moans from her as she writhed with his touch.

“Duke?” (pant)


“Is that what my butt and legs will feel like tomorrow?”

“Hopefully even better, and that will last much longer than your back.”

“Oh, I love this attention. I love how it makes me feel and I want more of it. Can, --- Uh, May I have more of it, please Duke?”

“Maybe later May, but right now it’s time for both of you to get back to work. When I release you chattel, finish up the kitchen, take the clothes to the cleaners, polish the shoes and boots around here except the wet-heels by the armoire and then I’ll sign off on you after I inspect everything.”

“May, you and I have some room recognition to go over.”

“Yes Duke.”

After her caning

she enjoys the endorphins

excited by Duke

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