Her Captor

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: MF/f; M/f; training; collar; gag; hood; cons; X

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Chapter 7: A New Influence

The safety of May

makes her inspection forthright

and the groom is judged

The Lady Vinzini walked over in front of May, took her right nipple between two long dragon nails and pinched. May moaned and shook with an aftershock but it wasn’t a full orgasm by any means and there was no energy in her response.

“In your opinion groom, what should be our next step with this one?”

“She needs to come down High Lady and one of us should administer some form of aftercare.”

“That’s two steps, but you’re right. She’s starting to touch on being a bit shocky, so go get your pants on and bring back something to keep her warm. I’ll stay with her until you’re back.” 

While Duke was gone the Lady took off the trainer gag, got a bottle of water and a flexi-straw from the cabinet and began to rehydrate May. She also made a thorough and careful examination of May’s back and butt. As an afterthought, she used the house remote to lower May’s feet until they touched the ground. When Duke got back with a heated bathrobe the two of them took one arm down at a time and wrestled the limp noodle into the robe. Duke picked her up and carried May to the audience couch on the far side of the playroom. There he sat down and got May comfortably curled up on his lap and in his arms. Lady Vinzini scooted one of the EZ-chairs over in front of them.

“Okay Duke, what do you do now?”

“Well, I had every intention of holding her until she started to come around, at which time I’ll remove her suspension cuffs, loosen her corset, remove her crotch-rope, and …”

In a weak and barely audible voice that sounded like a drunk was slurring her words, May said, “Noooooo, tha-sh m’fren!” She then stuck her nose back against Duke’s chest, inhaled deeply and sighed.

“… I’ll examine the area and if it’s getting raw, I’ll remove it anyway. Then May and I will have a little debriefing session as to what she thought of the experience and what she can expect in regards to her corporal training. After that, I had every intention of feeding her. I know it’s late, but she should have her nourishment.”

“Has she been drinking?”

“No, but she’s obviously got a whopping load of endorphins in her system and isn’t near getting them to dissipate.”

“Okay, that’s what I thought, but I had to ask. Well Duke, you seem to have things well in hand for tonight. Three of us were going to come by tomorrow and give you the once over, but I decided to sneak in tonight and catch you off guard. I must say I’m impressed. Short of screwing up something big, you have my vote for becoming a full groom. I think your selection committee is mostly a formality anyway. Roy’s judgment carries a lot of weight around here and you have no blemishes on your record. Congratulations young man. We’ll be in touch.”

“Thank you High Lady Vinzini,” and he started to get up.

“No, I let myself in, I’ll let myself out. Good night Duke.”

“Good night High Lady Vinzini.”

About 45 minutes later May started to come around. True to his plan he took her cuffs off of her first, then her robe, had her kneel facing the back of the couch and drape her arms over the back. He inspected her crotch and decided to take her ‘friend’ off anyway. He loosened the laces on her corset enough to reach up under there and untie the knot. May moaned in a negative way when he peeled the rope out of her.

“Don’t argue with a dominant and don’t complain about his decisions.”

“I’m sorry Duke, I’m just kind of out of it.”

“No harm done. After all, I’m the one that did this to you. Just be a good girl and let me do what I need to do.”

“Yes Duke.”

“Now wait here, I’ll be right back.”

“Yes Duke.”

When he got back May hadn’t moved. He pulled her arms behind her back, slipped them in a single-sleeve, adjusted the retaining straps and started to lace the sleeve up. Duke didn’t lace it as tight this time as he did the last time. A 30-degree angle to her forearms was good enough for now. He wanted to control her but not strain her after a good flogging like that. There was a time and a place for tightening the reins of control, but tonight wasn’t the time.

“Let’s go get you fed and I’ll debrief you while we eat.”

Duke made himself a quick sandwich and after tying her ankles fed her the bowl of gruel.

“So, tell me, how did you like your first flogging?”

“I loved it Duke. I want an experience like that every day. I want to experiment with crotch ropes more and if that is your idea of beating a woman, bring it on. I want more.”

“Ah, my little heroin junkie,” and Duke laughed.

Indignant, May said, “I am not a heroin junkie! I’ve never had any heroin in my veins.”

“Until tonight. During your flogging your own body produced a neurotransmitter called endorphin-b. It collects on the same receptors and acts like heroin in your system to suppress pain. Now endorphins are safe because your body produces them, and then naturally dissipates them, but you can still become just as addicted to the endorphin’s effects. Mix your endorphin buzz with the sex-based neurotransmitters, like dopamine, nor-epinephrine, oxytocin and serotonin and you were flying pretty high.”

“I still feel a little buzzed Duke.”

“If I would have let you keep your crotch-rope on, you would have just kept on jacking your body up with orgasms and then tomorrow you would have been really hung over. As it is you’re probably going to be a bit spacey tomorrow anyway.”

“Then why did you do it to me?”

“You have to learn to get beat. Roy’s a sadist. He likes to beat women. There’s nothing wrong with this, but the various ways do take some getting used to. You were a little afraid tonight when I said I was going to beat you, but just a few minutes ago you said you wanted an experience like that every day. If I said that tomorrow I’m going to take a thin rod of flexible plastic and beat your bottom, what would be going through your mind? Will it hurt? Yes, it will hurt if not done with some consideration. If I’d hit you as hard as I was hitting you earlier, during the first strokes of the flogger, you wouldn’t have liked it very much either. Roy and I like to tie and beat women, but we have heart. We want you to go, ‘Okay beat me’, instead of cowering in the corner and crying when you see us get a whip out. It’s like your bondage that you’ve come to love. When we want to beat you, you are desired, and we want a favorable reaction out of you. Roy and I very rarely use beatings for punishments. Neither of us ever subscribed to the ‘set a woman up to fail’ school of sadism. Yes, we’re sadists, but we want you to like what we do to you. If I asked you if you’d like another flogging, I’d get a positive response, wouldn’t I?”

“Oh, yes Duke. Just talking about it is getting me all excited to feel that delicious whip on my back and butt.”

“Well, it’s all in the same family. You have so much to learn and Roy and I have so much to teach you. We don’t want someone to just take our frustrations out on. We want a slave that reciprocates our love of this way of life. We want someone that looks forward to what we’re going to do to them, not cowers from us thinking that we’re sickos. You like our bondage. You like being dressed up to please us. You liked the spanking. You like the flogging. You like to be desired and used to make us happy. So just keep your mind open to what we have to teach you. I’ve spent many long years, and Roy’s spent decades learning and perfecting our craft. You’re adapting well to your slavery and this is just the end of your second day of training.”

“I will Duke, but may I ask a question?”


“If you don’t use beatings as punishment, what do you do to punish?”

“Oh, we have ways of administering pain without injury. You see, your flogging was what we call good pain. Making you kneel on rice, or marbles is what we call bad pain. Your punishment starts with you feeling guilty over something. You’re undesirable because you’re guilty in a way that’s very negative and then you’ll be made to suffer. There’s no way to wrap your head around it to turn it into a pleasurable experience. Another method is being hogtied, naked, and laid on sharp gravel. Being strapped onto a milk crate for several hours is one of my favorites. That one doesn’t seem too bad at first but the pain creeps up on you and gets very intense. We have our ways of punishing if we need to punish.”

“You’re scaring me Duke.”

“That’s the idea. Don’t make us punish you or scary, painful things will happen to you and you won’t be able to learn to like it.”

“So, what else is out there that you two like and I’ll have to learn to like because I want to please you?”

“Let’s see. There’s caning, I already mentioned that. Canings have a much quicker sting with their delivery of pain, but once the initial intense pain dies down and when the endorphins kick in, the good feelings last every time you touch the beaten area.”

“What do you mean Duke?”

“Lean forward.”

Duke began to run his fingertips and fingernails over where he flogged her and May began to wriggle and writhe, moaning her pleasure.

“Oh god Duke, that felt wonderful! So sensitive and every nerve reminded me of how much fun I’d just had.”

“Well, the more intense the initial pain is, the longer that ‘feel good afterwards’ feeling lasts. That sensitivity to the flogging will begin to fade within a day or so. Canes do a really good job with making that feeling last but single-tails are the best. Have you ever heard a whip crack?”

“Yes, on a horse ranch I visited. It sounded like a gunshot.”

“When a whip makes that sound, it means that the tip broke the sound barrier, and displaced enough air that when the air came rushing back in it came in so quickly that it popped. Lightning also displaces air and the sound of thunder is the sound the air makes when it’s coming back into the void that the burning heat of the lightning made. During a single-tailing, the tip can either slice into you like a knife, or it can pop the sound barrier just a fraction of an inch away from your skin and kiss you with a puff of air, and/or anything in between.”

“What else is there Duke?”

“Well there are paddles, hard like hair brushes, or soft like thick leather straps. There are crops, which are a combination of a small soft paddle and a cane. There is hot wax that is dripped all over you. Then there’s clothespins, nipple-clamps and crusher frames. Don’t ask, it’d just take too long tonight to teach you.”

“Did you say nipple-clamps?”

“Yes, any real experience with them?”

“No but I do like my nipples pinched. Is that what they do?”

“Okay, we’ll try some out tomorrow during breakfast.”

“Anything else Duke?”

“Well, there’s always abrasion play.”


“It’s never becoming to say ‘huh’. Just ask the question.”

“Sorry Duke. Noted and it will be filed in the ‘no-no’ part of my mind. So, what’s abrasion play?”

“One of the reasons you get turned on is that we make your skin extra sensitive. Sometimes the light stroke of a whip will start to get it sensitized, or even a mental image can do it, but abrasion play makes you very sensitized.”

Duke got up and got a new scrubber sponge from under the sink. Sitting back down he leaned forward and scraped his fingernails across her abdomen, which got a giggle out of May. Then he used the sponge side to slide across the left side of her ribs. This got an ‘Oooh’ from her. Then he took the scrubber side and slid it lightly across her other ribs. May squirmed and let out an ‘oh’.

“So, now you see that different things can abrade you in different ways. Those were just the three closest things I could use as examples. There are dozens of more things that we use, from fur mitts, to rotating feathers, to sandpaper and knives. We use anything we can to scrape the first few layers of skin off to expose the nerves of the lower epidermis. The more exposed the nerves are the more sensitive your skin gets, and the more sensitive your skin gets the more intensely you get off.”




“Scares you, doesn’t it?”

“Terrifies me.”

May heard him get up again, open and rummage through a drawer and sit back down. With the back of the tip of a straight edged paring knife, holding the knife firmly but loosely Duke started drawing little aimless designs on the front of May’s upper chest and neck. After about 30-seconds Duke stopped.

“Oh my! That was a knife? There goes another fear into the trash bin. That felt good!”

“Knives abrade the skin. That’s what makes it so sensitive and what makes it feel good. There are other ways to play with knives, but we can’t play show-and-tell tonight, it’s getting late.”



“If you don’t mind, what’s on the agenda for tomorrow?”

“More of the same. Let’s go to bed.”

Duke untied her ankles and put a heavy collar around her neck.

“Now go sit on the bed in the playroom.”

May got up and walked purposefully into the playroom, sat on the side of the bed and crossed her legs.

Duke joined her and began to prepare her for bed. He left her blindfold on, popped a single strap ball-gag into her mouth and buckled it closed. It was made of the same material as the other one and as soon as it was in, she began to lightly gnaw on it. This one seemed a little bit smaller though. Then, to May’s surprise, he removed her collar. Next, he pulled some kind of stretchy material over her head. It felt like a hood, but she could easily breathe through the material. It was definitely not leather and definitely much better. This one didn’t scare her! Maybe it was just the heavy leather one that scared her? Oh well, she’d figure it out later. She felt him refit the collar around her neck and this time he locked it on.

“This keeps the hood from riding up. I’m attaching a long chain to your collar. This chain is attached to the bed. Obviously, I intend for you to stay on the bed until I release you in the morning.”

Duke, chaining her to a bed, bound for his pleasure and being unable to refuse him anything seemed like such a fantasy. How delicious. How surreal.

Crawling in beside her, very naked and very manly, Duke lay on his back and pulled her into his arms. By the time she was all snuggled in, he was lightly snoring. 

Dreams were wonderful

rolling on his hairy chest

bound for his desire.

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