Her Captor

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; training; naked; heels; bond; blindfold; rope; gag; crotchrope; susp; spreader; whip; flogger; cons; XX

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Chapter 6: Her Best Efforts

Needing to please him

she works hard to learn her job

and to make him proud.

Back in the refresher, Duke took off her cuffs and replaced her blindfold with another type. This one had an inner foam pad with circular eye holes cut out of the dense foam, and a flexible opaque plastic cover that blocked out all light. It was held on the head by two plastic straps that buckled for security. One went over the ears and the other was fitted under the ears.

“May, this is going to be your shower blindfold. You just heard Roy tell you how important it is not to peek, so whether I’ve got the lights on or off, you will not peek under it or take this off unless you are told to.”

“Of course, Duke.”

“Good girl.”

Coming from Roy, a ‘good girl’ meant as much as someone saying, ‘thank you’. From Duke, those two words got her nipples to crinkle, her cheeks to glow and made her mind smile even if she tried to hide the smile on her face. Just that deep manly voice of his entranced her. The power in his words, even when he wasn’t being serious, commanded her.

“Now, I want to have a soak. Would you care to join me?”

“In the jacuzzi Duke? Oh, yes, please. That sounds like heaven right now.

“Well, before we get in, I want you to put these on,” and he handed her a pair of high heel pumps with an ankle strap.

“These are cheap throw-away heels that we buy by the gross in certain sizes. You can get these wet, and if they eventually get too floppy to wear or they fall apart, we just throw them away and pull out a new pair. The rule is, you are not allowed to take them off without permission. This pair is white, to suit my mood and to match the ropes I’m going to put on you. Now that you have them buckled on, hold your wrists out in front of you palm-to-palm but this time about four to five inches apart.”

While he tied each wrist separately and then used the long end pieces to tie these wraps like they were a pair of cuffs, making vertical wrap after wrap as the connecting piece, May asked a question.

“Duke, may I ask you something?”


“Considering I’m effectively blind, have no idea where the exit is, nor would I know where I was if I made it to the outdoors, why do you tie me up all the time? I mean even now; we’re just going to take a soak in the jacuzzi and you’re tying me up! The heels I can see because they make any woman look more attractive, but why do you tie me up?”

“It’s a control thing May. New slaves always train up better when they have physical manifestations of being under someone else’s control. It just intensifies the Stockholm Syndrome in your mind as you are being trained to forget the world you grew up in and adapt to the world you live in now. But, the main reason I do it is because I like to tie women up and watch them deal with limited mobility. Like the heels, ropes make you look more attractive to me.”



“I like it too. I like how it makes me feel, especially now that I know that you like it.”

“Good girl. Now let’s get wet,” and Duke turned the jets on after slipping out of his boots, pants and vest. He held May’s elbow to help steady her as they walked down the steps together and then went to separate sides to soak.


“Yes May.”

“While we’re soaking, and by the way this feels so wonderful, thank you, please go over some more of the rules I’ll have to learn to be a better slave.”

“Well, one that you have adapted to rather naturally is when you ask to speak and then wait to receive permission before you actually blurt out what’s on your mind. That’s a good thing and the way it’s supposed to go. Also, it shouldn’t have to be said more than once, but you never argue with what a dominant tells you to do. Nobody at A-H Estates is stupid, or doesn’t think before he speaks, so no one will ever tell you to harm yourself. Even if something they tell you to do seems completely against common sense. Until you’ve been considered fully trained, in about ten years or so, you never neglect or postpone what a dominant tells you to do or argue with a dominant. Understood?”

“Yes Duke.”

“In the same vein, you never tell a dominant here at A-H that something he is doing to you isn’t right. You never tell a dominant that a tie is too loose, or too tight. If it is, you can be sure he wants it that way and did it on purpose. What we do is not always for your comfort. Sometimes bonds can be punitive. I don’t know what they get away with in the outside world, but here, every groom, High Lord and High Lady has been instructed in how to use but not abuse by carelessness, any slave. Grooms do it best because we get so much practice. We are very precise. Now, a High Lord or Lady can always override any groom no matter what the circumstances, but as it stands, you are one step above the bottom of the food chain. Obviously, the bald chattels are the very bottom around here.”

“Thank you, Duke,” and May started to giggle.

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh Duke, it’s nothing about what you just told me. I just stretched my leg out and the jet down there was blowing bubbles inside my shoe, and it tickled. It feels so weird having high heels on in a jacuzzi.”

“Get used to it. Around here, especially with Roy and me, high heels are like the ropes and the bondage. So are tight sexy clothes and glamour. We like them on our slaves.”



“When you say ‘our’ slaves, do you own a slave of your own?” and May held her breath.

“No, only full grooms are allowed to petition to own a slave, and I’m still just a journeyman groom. I do have several charges I help others with, like you, for Roy, but I have no one of my own. It would be less than advantageous anyway. As a groom, you are too busy to give a slave the attention they need to thrive. You can take the time off to train one, but once trained they would be neglected more often than not. Roy never took a slave until he retired. You’re his first, and he’s still too busy to train you personally.”

She tried not to let her breath out as a sigh of relief. There was still hope.

“All right, are you about ready for a sauna with me?”

“Of course, Duke.”

“Before we get out, I want you to slip your legs through and over your wrist bonds and scoot your arms back over your butt, so they are behind your back.”

“Like this Duke?”

“Exactly. Now let’s go get sweaty.”

He helped her out of the pool and led her by the arm into the sauna.

“Oh god Duke, it takes your breath away doesn’t it?”

“Only for the first few breaths and then you get used to it. Try to breathe through your nose.”

Duke moved closer to her and started stroking her tits, which made May moan. When he got into a steady rhythm and May got more used to his attentions, he moved close to her ear.

“So, tell me May, why do you like to be tied up?”

“Well Duke, the first thing that comes to mind is because it pleases you.”

“And Roy.”

“Oh of course, because it pleases Master too.”


“Well, I like how my tits stick out when my arms are tied tightly behind my back.”

So Duke pulled her arms closer, used one hand to hold her elbows together and really started to tease her tits, alternating between her nipples with friction and light pinches, scraping his fingernails over her flesh and tickling the undersides of both tits. May just moaned, whimpered a little for more and bit her tongue to keep from complaining when he quit.

“Duke,” (panting) “it’s the being under someone else’s control. I like it that someone takes control of me and just has their way with my body. It’s so pure, with no games on either side. It’s so wonderful that someone, like you, or Master wants me, and because they want me, I want him to just take me. It’s so much simpler that way. Bondage just makes that desire so clear to me. Someone tying me up wants me, otherwise, why would they be tying me up? Also, if I’m tied up, I can’t unthinkingly push someone away. If I’m gagged, I can’t tell them ‘No’ or complain in any way about their use of me. Someone taking the time to tie and gag me is a very plain expression of desire. They want or need something from me, and because I like to be used, I get off on that need. It’s the not being needed that would be hell for me. I definitely have abandonment issues. I’ve worked hard for this body and the mind that controls it, and it makes me happy to be just taken because someone wants me. It fills that lonely little hole in my soul. If someone wants to dress me up to please them, then dress me in any way you want me to look. In the real world there are too many games. We dress up to look attractive to a potential mate, but in the social scenes there are too many games that have too many rules. After being kidnapped and enslaved like this, because someone desired me, my gaming days are over now. If you or Master want me, you dress me up, tie me up and use me for your pleasure. I like pleasing someone in this way. You’ve made it abundantly clear I may get hurt, but never injured, so what’s there for me to worry about. It pleases me to get tied up for Master’s or your use. I so loved it and got off on it when both of you had your way with me earlier. I would have done anything to be pleasing you both, sexually, at the same time. I loved it. I love being used, and bondage is being used, and I like it. I like it a lot. I need it and I don’t want it any other way.”

“Good answer May. That was quite a speech.”

“May we go cool off, please? I’m starting to feel overheated.”

Duke got up, pulled her up and they went directly to the shower. He told her how to work the multiple showerheads and then had her sit and move her hands back to the front.

“Wash me May and then wash yourself.”

There were built in dispensers for shampoo, conditioner, and liquid soap. Duke just stood there while May got enthusiastic washing his body. She was in no hurry, especially when it came to soaping up his crotch.


“No May, you still haven’t earned the right yet.”

Her disappointment showed up in her flagging enthusiasm. Duke just smiled to himself.

May thought about how beautiful his circumcised hard-on was and what that thick tumescent tool could do to her. For her! If she wasn’t in love with him before, she certainly was now. He made her feel so wonderful and now this! She decided to just make herself better and better until he just had to take her for his needs. Oh, she so wanted to be taken by this man, in any way he wanted to take her.

Before they left the shower, Duke untied her wrists and had her hang her rope on a rack to dry and place her heels between the heated armoire and the outside of the shower.

With a robe absorbing most of the water, Duke laid a bombshell on her with a calm and even voice.

“Now May, it’s time to beat you.”

Before she could even register the full impact of that statement, Duke was pulling her lower jaw down with his thumb, like before, and inserting a rubber ball in her mouth. It was large and distended her jaw enough to fill her mouth, but it was also soft enough so that it formed to the space in her mouth rather than her mouth to the shape of the ball. Duke was methodically buckling straps around the back of her head, under her chin and over her head. When he was done it felt like her whole head was encased in straps, and the square plate of padded leather covering her mouth made sure that she couldn’t remove the ball from where Duke had put it in her mouth. May moaned out loud as she realized how out of control something like this gag made her feel. It was delicious. She was surprised at the very muted amount of noise she could make.

Making sure she could feel what he was handing her, Duke put a pair of boots in her hands and said, “Put these on. I’ll help with the laces if you have too much trouble but let’s see what you can do on your own.”

May slipped her foot into the first one and realized that like the other heels she’d worn earlier, the arch on these expensive boots was over five inches. She was fairly comfortable in a five-inch arch, but it seemed that Duke was working her up to even higher heels. She began to lace these boots closed all the way up her shin, snugging them up as she went, and noticed several modifications to these boots. The tongue under the laces went higher up her leg than the top of the boot and when she got towards the top of the boot, she realized that this extra length was an over-the-knee pad to help her kneel more comfortably. She smiled at this. There was also a zipper on the side, but surprisingly there was a horizontal strap around the top of the boot that enclosed and locked off the tang of the zipper and had a hasp-lock on the outside of the boot so they could be locked on her. While she laced up the second one, Duke secured the zipper and snapped a lock through the hasp making sure that she could not take that boot off without Duke’s assistance. When she got the second boot on, Duke locked that one on too.

Duke then began to buckle some rather secure feeling cuffs onto her. These cuffs didn’t just go around her wrists, but entrapped her whole hand to a molded, hard brace that went from the inside of her wrists, up her palm and curled outward so that the last two joints of her fingers hung over the lip of this brace. Covered in heavily padded leather, this brace was held securely on her hand with multiple straps around her wrists, crossing straps across the back of her hands and around the third joint of her fingers.

“These are suspension cuffs May. You’ll be hanging from your wrists as I adjust the corset I’m going to put on you, and then after you hang there for a while, I’ll tighten the corset up one more time to get it adjusted properly. The corset will help keep you stationary while I flog your shoulders and butt. This flogging is not a punishment. It’s something I want to do to you. Many women like floggings. They say the thud of the impact is a lot like a deep-tissue massage. The flogger I’ll be using has 27 tails of thick but butter soft ¾-inch wide kangaroo hyde. I may also use a thin rubber ‘stinger’ type on you, but that’ll depend on how your involuntary messages tell me how you’re adapting to being beaten. Now walk with me to the playroom.

Careful to measure and count out her steps May felt trepidation about getting beaten, no matter how light and playful Duke made it sound. When they got to the playroom, Duke unfastened the ‘Y’ shaped strap on her gag that went up and over her head on either side of her nose. The first thing Duke did was put a Breathe Right strip on her nose and then he put another one of those shower blindfolds on her before re-buckling the strap over her head.

Now that she couldn’t see, Duke used his iPhone app to bring up the illumination in the playroom.

Surprising her again, the next thing Duke did to her was to start tying a wide band of soft rope around her middle, just above her hip bones. When he had tied this off tight, he looped another rope through this and ran it perpendicular, through her vulva, over her clitoral hood, between her labia and up through her butt where he looped it through the rope above her tail bone and tied it off. This rope felt much slicker than the rope normally felt, although Duke always used soft, smooth rope to tie her up. The only thing May could think of was that Duke must have lubed this one rope up because it would be in tight contact with her sensitive flesh. She wriggled a little to help it adjust and settle into her and immediately began to sense its purpose.

“That is what’s called a crotch-rope. We use it to help arouse and maintain heightened sensitivity between your legs. Some women learn to love them. I like the effects they give the women I train, so let me know what you think of it after this session is over.”

May’s eyes were very wide inside the blindfold as he winched down the suspension bar and began to attach her cuffs just the proper width apart. When they were attached about a foot apart, Duke began to winch the bar up until May was stretched up on tiptoes. True to his word, he pulled a corset around her waist, fastened it in the front and then moved behind her to start the lacing process. Catching her breath as he tied off the ends from the top half of the laces with the bottom half laces, she was feeling like she was floating. That feeling got more intense when he winched her all the way off the ground and let her just sway until momentum settled her.

“What I’m going to do now May is let your body elongate naturally, so I can take up another inch or two in your waist a little later on. I’m also going to start caressing you with the tails of the flogger, so your skin gets used to the texture of this leather.”

The first thing he did was to wad it up close to her face and said, “Breathe.”

Taking a deep breath, May had a very strong effect from the scent of the leather. He let her take several deep breaths and then pulled it away. Holding the handle in his left hand, Duke moved the leather in slow motion over her shoulders, shoulder blades, butt-cheeks, legs, and especially over her pussy. He was in no hurry doing this and went back and forth between these spots. Throwing the flogger over his shoulder, Duke moved in close behind her. One hand reached around and started playing with her tits, and the other started stroking, scratching and petting her bisected pussy. Momentarily letting her tits alone, she felt a few drops of liquid seep from the top of the rope and go over her clitoral hood and down into her labia. May didn’t think she needed any more lube. She felt her natural lubrications saturating the ropes, but she wouldn’t argue with this wonderful man if he wanted more on down there. Going back to playing with her, Duke brought her close to orgasm a couple of times before going back to stroking her with the leather of the flogger. Letting her calm down and then going back to the slow tease was making her a bit frantic. Just before she popped, Duke laid everything down and just let her sway for a while before he finished tightening the corset. This restricted her breathing, but not too severely.

The first strokes of the flogger were mere flaps against her shoulder blades. Duke hit her about ten or twenty times like this before he went down and did the same light build up on her thighs and butt-cheeks. Eventually though, when he moved back to her shoulder blades, the impacts were harder, but still not painful. May was starting to feel like she was soaring through the air on a magic carpet. As his gradually stair-stepped impacts, they became harder and harder, May’s body swung on her trapeze bar, but her mind was far, far away. The first time he swung a vicious upper-cut and smacked into the underside of her butt May popped off the most intense orgasm she could ever remember. The more his flogger hit her butt and thighs, the more intense her world exploded, and the explosion lasted a long time. She rode out the extended orgasm, biting down on the ball in her mouth just to keep from screaming. Duke kept smacking her back, but she didn’t feel the impacts. May was jerking and vibrating from the aftershocks coursing up and down her spine, from her toes that were trying to curl up in her high-heeled boots, to her fingertips clawing at the metal brace running under her hands.

When Duke scraped his fingernails down her well beaten back, May screamed into her gag and exploded again in a body spasming orgasm that left her limp and exhausted. She really didn’t recognize what he was doing, but Duke placed a small hand-held mask over her nose and from a small tank let her breathe pure oxygen for a few minutes.

Duke snapped around when he heard someone clapping. Seeing one of the High Ladies he moved slightly away from May, bowed and said, “Good Evening High Lady Vinzini.”

“Good evening Duke. Was that her first flogging?”

“Yes, High Lady.”

“Well it’s charming to see that what Roy says about you seems to be true. Is there any reason why I can’t inspect her? She smells delightful.”

“She’s still very new and under total darkness training, so if you want to remove her blindfold, please allow me to dim the lights so there will be no potential for eye damage. Other than that, do with her what you will.”

The Lady sneaks in

to watch Duke train Roy’s new slave.

Will she be impressed?

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