Her Captor

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; M+/f; bond; enslave; hobble; training; hood; blindfold; armbinder; tease; rope; sex; reluct; X

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Chapter 5: Desires vs. Reality

Motivated now

She accepts the discipline

So she can please him

“All right, rest now”

For the remainder of the morning May had paced off what seemed like miles of measured steps in a hobble skirt and five and a half-inch stiletto heels. Duke had removed her leash and walked behind her giving her verbal directions. Occasionally he would reach up and tickle her ribs, or lightly pinch the sides of her tits as a distraction, but for the most part he helped her form a mental map of her new living quarters.

“Stop” --- “Forward” --- “Straighten up your path” --- “Turn around” --- “One foot in front of the other” --- “Now how many steps was that” --- “Where are you now” --- “Are you sure” --- “Don’t slouch” --- “On you left is ...” --- “On your right is ...” --- “Take full steps” --- “Let the hobble skirt standardize your gait” --- “Head up, tits out” --- “Take one step to your right and continue” --- “Turn left” --- “Turn right” --- “OK let’s start all over again” --- “You’re doing very well May. It’s pleasing to see you motivated like this.”

According to her mental map they were back in the kitchen area and Duke helped her kneel. He immediately tied her crossed ankles, although May was convinced she couldn’t have gotten up anyway in this hobble skirt. While he started grilling his lunch, Duke quizzed her on her morning’s lessons.

“How many steps from here to the door of the refresher?” --- “And from that doorway, in which direction is the sauna?” --- “And how many steps is the sauna from the door?” --- “And from there how would you get to your cell?” --- “Good girl” --- “Now, from there, tell me how you would get to the playroom” --- “And from the playroom to your cell?” ...

Duke continued this all the way through lunch between bites of food. Finally, he popped another square of chocolate in her mouth.

“Okay, time for another short talk-time? What’s on your mind?”

Not wanting to swallow her treat too quickly, May used this time to sort through the questions spinning around her brain like electrons around an atom. Finally, the question that had been bursting around in her brain just came babbling out.

“Why did you feel it necessary to blind me?”

Duke laughed at her, saying, “I would have thought that that would have been your first question this morning. Okay, to be fair,” and he moved his chair a little closer, “you are not blind. You just aren’t being allowed to see.”

A sob escaped her lips so loudly that it sounded like a stifled scream. May started crying and would have fallen over onto her side if Duke hadn’t pulled her into his arms. He held her until she calmed down.

“Then I’m really not,” – (sob) – “really blind?”

“Nope,” he said in a calm almost casual tone, “just sightless.”

“Then,” – (sniffle) – “why?”

“It’s a training aid.”

“A training aid!” she blurted out indignantly.

“Yes, it makes you concentrate harder and learn quicker.”

“But wouldn’t I learn quicker if I could see?”

“No, you’d be surprised at the experiments we’ve run. In fact, all of the bald chattels are trained with hoods on for the first few months. You’re being trained with the latest hi-tech version of a simple blindfold. The extended use of hoods does terrible things to a woman’s complexion, by the way. But, speaking of hoods, that’s this afternoon’s rigor. You, wearing a hood and me removing all the excess hair from your body.”

“But why do I have to wear a hood? They scare me. Even more so now, since I learned what you do to the bald ones.”

“Well, considering I’ll be removing hair, wouldn’t you rather have all that lovely hair on your head all covered up with a hood when I go a depilating? You know what it’s like when a man gets going on a project. You never know how far we’ll go. Now, do you want me to hood you or would you like to join the ranks of the unloved bald chattels in the pens?”

“Duke, pretty please with sugar on it, if you would be so kind, good sir, please hood me. After all, you’ll be right there with me, so I’ll suck up my fears and trust that you’ll do the right thing for me. I am scared of them though. I saw one in a magazine once and it scared me, thinking about how claustrophobic it looked.”

“Tell you what we’re going to do. First off, I’m going to untie you, help you up and you’re going to go back to your cell all on your own. Then I’m going to strip you down to your skin. You’re going to put your heels back on while I store your skirt and sleeve and then with nothing to impede you, you are going to try on your hood. You won’t be closing it; you’ll just be putting it over your face and pulling it closed behind your head. After you put it on and take it off a few times, then I’ll lace it closed and you can get used to the feel of it. I’ll be right there and if you need a little cuddle time to feel more secure once you’ve got the hood laced on, I can handle that. Now how does that sound?”

“Okay Duke, I trust you. That sounds like a plan.” 

And to herself, May was thinking that if she wasn’t bound like she was she’d be racing back to her cell just so that she could get stripped by him, get hooded and get to that cuddle time he promised her. She’d go through the torments of hell to be wrapped up in his arms, feeling all girlie and helpless in her hood and heels. She wondered if he’d play with her body a little or if he’d just hold her like a doll. She so wanted him to get familiar with her. To touch her. To love her. She ached to have his hands on her body. Just thinking about it she felt her nipples crinkle up and some moisture start to form below. How bad could a hood be, if she got to curl up against him, stick her nose in his chest and smell the man she was quickly falling in love with.

May just smoldered as he took the single-sleeve off of her and then unlaced the hobble skirt. He had her sit on her cage/bed and stretch one leg out at a time so he could unbuckle and take her heels off. Then with her standing, he slid her pantyhose down and off. When he left to take her skirt and sleeve to another room, May was weak in the knees and almost shaking too hard to put her heels back on. She was still trying to buckle the second strap around her ankle when she heard him come back into her cell. Luckily, he didn’t seem to notice.

“Okay May, kneel down in front of me,” as he sat on the edge of her cage/bed. She did and as she sat back on her heels, he put the inside of each of his boots against her folded legs for body contact.

“Now, realize there is also a blindfold and a gag that goes with this, but what I’m about to fit around your face is a brand-new hood. You’ve actually had this over your face before, but you were unconscious, and we were sizing and fitting it to your head. We sized all sorts of things, just for you when you first got here. I’d slipped you a needle of a special concoction we sometimes use, and you were out for over two full days before we let you wake up. At any rate, this is a brand-new hood, sewn up and sized just for you. This isn’t some hand-me-down with some other slave’s cooties still in it. So, I’m going to fit it around your head so you can get the feel of it, then I’m going to hand it to you so you can get a bit more comfortable with it. Remember, no one is forcing this on you, and until you calm your anxieties down enough to wear this, you have full control over whether it stays on or you take it off. Understand?”

Duke then fitted the hood over her head, maneuvered her ponytail out of the hole in the top and just held it in the back for a moment before he pulled the whole thing off of her face.

May was trembling when he took it off and not from anticipation. He could tell she was genuinely afraid. He watched her run her hands and fingers all over the outside and inside of this leather contraption before she fitted it loosely over her face. She quickly pulled it off, breathing rapidly. 

Duke petted her cheek and stroked both of her upper arms until she quit shaking. 

“It’s okay May, I’m right here. And remember you are the one that has control of this thing, so whenever you’re ready, try it on again.”

Feeling braver this time, she got it all the way around her head and held it for a moment before she pulled it off and handed it to Duke.

“Duke, may I speak?”


“I’m a sissy. Please, just kiss me, put the gag and the blindfold on and then lace this thing on me. I’d really, and I mean really appreciate being cuddled once you get this damned nasty thing on me, but you’re the trainer, so just don’t give me a choice in this. I’ll submit to this horrible thing that still scares the good sense out of me but cuddling up in your arms wearing just my hood and heels sounds so delicious that it could get me over the obstacle of my fear hump. Just be gentle, please.”

Duke buckled the blindfold on her first, and then with his left hand on the back of her head and his right cupping her chin he laid one on her. Controlling her enthusiasm, he ran his lips back and forth over hers, nibbling on the tip of her tongue with his lips as it peeked out of her mouth. He continued lip-nibbling on her upper lip, then her lower lip and then suddenly crushed his lips against hers before he went back to stroking that part of her face with his lips. He darted his tongue out to dance with hers and then sucked just the tip of her tongue into and in between his lips. With maddening attention to the eroticism of their first kiss he did not allow her to control any aspect of their mouths touching. Breaking away, he quickly ran his right hand down and over her breast, feeling how excited her body was from his contact. Reaching down and compressing the hard foam insert of the gag, he reached around with his left hand, cupped her cheek and opened her mouth with his thumb against her chin. After buckling the padded gag around her head, he picked up the hood, fitted it to her and then reached around to the back of her head to feed the lacing through the top grommets and start lacing it closed. As he worked the laces tighter, he tried to be as gentle as possible. May urgently stroked his legs as he laced her up. With the final closure of the thick collar around her neck, holding the hood down, he fitted the slot over the staple, but did not lock it on.

Before he picked her up to cuddle her, Duke removed his iPhone from his vest pocket, found the appropriate app and turned the house lights to dim. He pulled his low-profile night vision goggles off and then turned the lights up to a more normal illumination. Seeing her body in living color, for the first time in days gave him a thrill. He picked her up, pulled her over his lap, and started swatting her to take her mind off her hood. He then sat back on the bed and just started to caress her. He touched her with no urgency but petted her with long strokes all over her body. May writhed to his touch, trying to move with him but seeming unsatisfied with what to do with her hands. Several times she moved her hands up to her hood and stroked it like she was petting a snake. Each time she did, her hands fluttered without purpose as she moved them back to touch him. Finally, she slid off his lap, turned her back to him sitting on the edge of her mattress and put both of her hands palm-to-palm behind her back and just held her wrists together.

Duke laughed, but pulled a piece of rope from his pocket, moved her wrists until they were crossed behind her back and then tied them snugly, knotting the ends well out of reach of any questing fingers. This time, when he pulled her onto his lap she just curled up in his arms, content to be caressed and fondled.

It never ceased to amaze Duke how women could turn fear and bondage into a sexual turn-on. May’s body was hot to the touch and every outward sign of arousal was evident. Her scent was redolent of her excitement. After a reasonable cuddle session, he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the massage table. There he took off her heels, so she didn’t poke a hole in the padded top and untied her. Getting a pair of padded leather cuffs out of the cabinet he put these on her wrists and then attached them to the sides of the table with snap-chains. 

After heating his wax and preparing his pads he went to work on her legs, denuding every hair from the front of her legs. He then went to work on her crotch. Using a stencil for straight lines he stripped off the hair with the exception of one narrow strip just above her clitoral hood. Roy liked the idea of a little hair, but not very much. Duke then got his trimmer out and made sure that the hair left was short and uniform in height. Turning May over and refastening her cuffs to the sides, Duke finished the job on the back of her legs. After inspecting her to be sure he’d gotten it all, Duke took some medicated lotion and massaged it into the skin. May had obviously been waxed before. She reacted to the hair being torn out of her body, but not violently, like some did. She did writhe, in a good way, when he touched her though, which was a good thing.

Just then Roy walked back through the door.

“Hi boy.”

“Hi Old Man.”

They did a quick guy-hug and laughed at their private greeting. There was a lot of love and respect between them and they treated each other like they were father and son. Moving over to the sofa, Roy took the remote and turned on some background Heavy Metal so they could talk without being overheard.

“How’s she doing?”

“Well, the hood is making her a bit squeamish, but she has a good start on her mental roadmap of these quarters. I told her we didn’t blind her, but she just wasn’t being allowed to see until her training was much further along. I also told her about A-H Estates and the bald chattels.”

“Good, anything else?”

“Well, she seems very enamored with me.”

“As I expected she would be. You’re young and very manly. I can work with that. Go ahead and encourage her. From here on you have full privileges with her, so at your discretion go ahead and rock her world. I’m going to take my initial piece when we go back to the massage table, and then I’m going to take off on that special acquisition errand the High Lords want me to oversee. To make it interesting, give her a back massage while I screw her brains out.”


May felt two pairs of hands on her legs, just when she was thinking Duke had abandoned her. Roy must have come back. Both had lubed up with massage oil and the attentions of two men were undeniably arousing. When her legs became Jello she felt Duke’s large hands move in front of her and start to knead her back, giving her a deep tissue massage. Roy was reaching underneath her with one hand and from behind with the other. He sandwiched her clit with his fingers, which danced, manipulated, petted and squeezed her tender flesh. This manipulation very quickly popped her off into her first orgasm. He obviously knew his way around a woman’s body.

Before she could calm down, she found herself on her knees, head down on the table with Roy pounding into her from behind while Duke continued to give her a back massage that loosened her muscles as soon as Roy tightened them up with sexual ecstasy. Roy was still reaching around and manipulating her clitoris while stroking into her as deeply as he could. Duke would quite suddenly grab her by her ponytail and pull her hair and head up, then go right back to his deep tissue massage. Once Roy erupted inside her, he slipped out and leaning forward joined Duke in massaging her back, specifically running his thumbs up her spine and then smoothing back the muscles right next to her spine. Duke must have moved to her other end because he was now massaging the cramps out of her feet where she’d been scrunching her toes up during her orgasms and aftershocks.

May was sodden, exhausted, jerking with sudden quick uncontrollable spasms, brain-fried and very happy as she panted through the nose holes in her hood. 

Roy padded over and took a quick shower. Duke left May still attached to the massage table and went back to prepare for the after-dinner exercises. He laid out Roy’s clothes and suit on the sofa and made sure his travel case was by the exit door. He retrieved two sets of night vision goggles, what May would be wearing for the evening and laid out the preparations for dinner. He then dimmed the lights. Roy was already dressed, and they talked for a bit, going over final plans and then Roy went over to May. Both men put on their goggles and as Duke turned the lights off with his iPhone, Roy began to remove May’s hood. He took off the hood and her gag but left the blindfold on.

“Hello May. Duke has told me that you’ve been a good girl today, so, under these special circumstances, I will allow you to speak when you’re spoken to. Is that understood?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good girl. Now do you have anything to tell me?”

“Just thank you Master for being so good to me. I needed that attention.”

“I didn’t do it for you. Now, I’m leaving for a few days. I will leave you in the capable hands of my apprentice, Duke, and he will continue your training. When I come back expect a long hard session in the playroom. Considering what the High Lords want me to do for them I can only imagine the mood I’ll be in, and after all, a slave’s only job is to relieve her Master’s stress and make him feel good. Do you have any questions?”

“Yes Master.”

“Go ahead, ask.”

“Master, when will I be allowed to see again?”

“When you earn that privilege, and not before.”

“Yes Master.”

“Duke, she needs to learn the homage positions. Also, I put your name in for promotion to full groom. One or more of the High Lords may come down here and watch you train May. That’ll be part of their judgment process. You’re familiar with the protocols, so make sure May doesn’t embarrass you. Now, they may or may not use the goggles, so prepare May for this.”

“May, Duke’s testing has a much higher priority than anything you can imagine. Exceptions are always made for the whims of the High Lords, but realize, your blind training will continue after they leave, and go on longer, with any interruption in your training. You must learn how to serve, blind and with sight, and you must learn to be graceful with or without your eyes. Duke can fill you in on the particulars after I’ve gone, but for now, do you understand?”

“Yes Master”

“What do you understand?”

“Master, I understand that I have to learn to serve you, and M’Lord Groom in your stead, with or without my eyesight, and any interruption in my training will just prolong it until I serve you satisfactorily, the way you deserve to be served. I also understand that M’Lord Groom may be tested by the High Lords and Ladies for a very serious promotion and that I should try my best to make him look good.”

“Good girl. I knew you were bright when I chose you.”

Duke walked Roy to the exit door and used the house remote to open it. When they were alone, Roy expressed one final comment.

“Duke, there’s no real pressure for you. Just do what you’ve been doing, and you’ll do fine. When I put in your paperwork, the High Lord Administrator told me that he’s already impressed with what he’s seen of your work and asked me if I just wanted to rubberstamp you for this. I told him that every man needs a chance to be promoted on his own merits. He just smiled and told me I’d done a good job training you.”

“Thanks Roy. Good hunting.”

“Have fun with her boy, she’s all yours until I get back.”

She is now convinced

that helplessness turns her on.

She knows she needs this.

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