Her Captor

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; M+/f; training; slave; bond; rope; gag; vampire-gloves; electro; wax; abrasion; cons; X

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Chapter 19: Last Day Before the Promotion

She still feels nervous.

She trusts him to protect her

but she still worries.

Up on her knees with her face buried in the pillow to help muffle her screams of passion, May helped her Duke celebrate the morning. She was still bound hand and foot, as she had slept, but being taken from behind like this was a great way to start her day. After untying her, May did her morning exercises while Duke relaxed in the sauna, went through the morning triple-S ritual and then dressed for his meetings. As he fed her, she just stared at him. Seeing him in a suit made her heart melt with desire. Tied like she was she couldn’t rape him like she dreamed of doing, so she waited and fantasized while burning the image of her dream man in a suit into her brain.

Duke left her when Karl and Vince showed up for another day of bondage lessons. This time May was wearing pantyhose, Daisy Dukes, white open toed five-inch T-strap pumps, and a bikini top that matched her denim shorts. To the grooms, she looked hotter today than she did when she was naked the day before, and both said so.

The morning was pretty much a repeat of the previous day, but May guided them, like Duke wanted her to, until both were getting more proficient. After they fed her lunch, they worked on gags and other forms of head bondage. May told them what was working and what was mostly esthetic. After that they had her strip off the pantyhose and shorts, and they finished working on crotch-ropes like they had done the day before. May discovered she liked the thin cord braided like a cargo net over a thicker piece of rope. It got her hotter quicker than many of the other configurations. Duke had told her that there was a wide variety of crotch-ropes and that over time she’d experience them all and find ones she liked and of course, ones she wasn’t fond of. May didn’t really care for the double strand that captured her clitoris between the two ropes, but she loved all of the nubby knots and twisted configurations that they tried on her. After a while, May was getting raw, even with all the lube they used and before she put the pantyhose back on Karl insisted that she put on some special ointment made just for raw sensitive skin and a pair of white cotton panties first. Dressed again the way Duke had left her, the three of them went back to practicing the basics of bondage.

Duke came in and snuck up on them in the playroom. Their heads snapped around when they heard the ‘POP’ of a champagne cork.

“May, go get three flutes and a straw. Vince, when she gets back, I want you to tie her hands behind her back.” 

When she returned, Duke filled up the three glasses and he and the grooms clinked glasses and drank. Duke only had a long sip before he stuck the straw in his flute and allowed May to have a drink. He refilled all the glasses and they all had another drink, including May.

“I’ve been in secret meetings all day with some of the High Lords, and we’ve finalized a plan so that I can keep May. We’ve just finished signing the contracts and tomorrow night at the ceremony we’ll rock this establishment. Karl, would you fill us all up again and we’ll all drink to the ruin of Sylvester and her crones.”

May began squealing with excitement and eagerly finished off her Duke’s glass of champagne. Duke thanked the grooms for their help and ushered them out. Back in the playroom he drug a very willing May over to the bed and they made out for a long while.

“Duke, I love kissing you with my arms tied behind me. It seems so right, and with your hands on my body I can’t think of anything but how wonderful you are. You look so dashing and manly in a suit.”

“Well, don’t get used to it. After tomorrow I may just burn them all. I know I won’t, but I’d like to. So, tell me, have you ever done any swinging?”

“Swinging? No, I’ve never been with a friend and gone to those types of parties. I’ve had men ask if I would, but I always chickened out. Sex with strangers just wasn’t all that appealing.”

“Silly woman, I’m not talking about that kind of swinging.”

“Then what kind of swinging are you talking about?”

“Let’s get you fed first and after a soak and sauna then we’ll play.”

“Oh, so you’re just going to torture me with all sorts of wild thoughts going through my head about what you mean by swinging.”

“Well, I am a sadist.”

Giggling, she smiled and replied, “You are a mean man, my master.”

“It’s about time you noticed,” and Duke broke out laughing.

Between bites May tried to wheedle it out of him, which earned her a ball-gag while they went from the jacuzzi to the sauna and then the shower. 

She tried sulking but that just got her tickled and tormented, so that strategy didn’t work either.

After they dried off, Duke tied a long rope to each one of her wrists and one to each of her ankles. Holding the dangling ropes from her wrists, and letting the ankle ropes trail behind her, Duke led her into the playroom.

In the center of the room was a large rectangle of what looked like heavy gauge rubber. It was about six-foot by four-foot and had heavy brass grommets on each corner and midway on each side. Duke laid her down on this rubber mat and started to tie each of her dangling ropes to the appropriate corner, anchoring them to the grommets, effectively spread-eagling her. As soon as Duke started attaching the six carabiners attached to insulated wire rope, May knew what he meant by swinging. Using his house remote to control the six winches up in the ceiling, May was lifted off the ground into what felt like a flexible hammock. She was only raised a little over three feet off the ground but as soon as Duke pushed her, she began to understand how much fun this could be.

Duke put a pair of gloves on and to May’s apprehension she saw that there were tiny metal spikes covering the inside of the fingers and the palms of these gloves. When Duke started to mold his hands lightly around her feet, she squealed with delight. Instead of the possible injury he could have caused, his carefully controlled caress lit up her nerves in a positive way that was at once the most intense tickle she could have ever imagined and with that tickling came a mandate of self-preservation to not move, or flinch, or even shiver. Those needle-like projections were so sharp yet the way her Duke controlled the pressure, the feelings were a stimulating excitation. Her feet were just the start. Duke molded his spiky gloves up each leg, inch by inch, driving May nuts with fear and excitement. She didn’t dare move, but not only did Duke dare to move, he bumped her rubber hammock to get her swinging and swaying back and forth. She wondered if this would affect his masterful control, but she was soon distracted by the sensations. When he cupped her Mons Pubis, May screamed into her ball-gag, and when he went directly from there to molding his gloves around each tit, May popped her first orgasm.

As she calmed down from that, Duke took off the vampire-gloves and replaced them with another type of stimulation inducing pair. On his left hand he put on a rabbit fur mitten, and on his right, he slid his hand into a currycomb mitten of rubber. The small nubs on this mitten would pull at her skin, stimulating her in a different way. Using a variety of speeds and patterns designed to excite and soothe with the fur, he would follow the path with the currycomb, pinching and pulling the skin and driving May crazier than she already was. Tickling took on a whole new dimension when he used the fur on the soles of her feet and the currycomb on her ribs. May’s spastic, jerking moves caused the hammock to bounce and swing wildly.

Duke just laughed at the reactions he caused. He whispered a query into her ears, “So, how do you like my idea of swinging?”

May squealed and whimpered for more but was secretly worried about what he would come up with next. To add to her pseudo-horror, she watched him plug in something about nine inches long that had an attachment that looked like a glass comb on one end of the contraption. She sucked in her breath when he turned it on, and the glass comb began to glow purple. That breath fed the squealing scream when tiny bolts of electricity traced their path along her skin where he touched her with the glass comb. Then, in his right-hand Duke produced a knife with a long, thin, double-edged blade and began to trace patterns all over her abdomen with the lightest feather touch of the point of this terrifying knife. She tried not to jerk around but that was impossible with Duke wielding lightning in one hand and the sweetest kiss imaginable with something so phallic and deadly in the other hand. To her continued amazement she watched her Duke unplug the glass comb from the end of this electrical toy and plug in a cable attached to a flat piece of metal. He tucked this into the waistband of the jogging shorts he was wearing and then he touched her with his fingers. Again, like the comb, tiny bolts of electricity came out of the ends of his fingers. May almost fainted. Using the knowledge he had of her body, Duke danced the electricity around her exposed skin until she came again, this time making her swing look like a ping pong ball in an earthquake. Unplugging the violet wand and removing everything from his hands, he massaged the skin of her over-sensitized body until she glowed with a fresh pinking of a full body flush. Looking closely at her, her eyes were moving, but not with the parallel focus of someone in control of their senses. Duke set the hammock into a gentle forward and backwards swing and let her just rock until he saw her close her eyes and relax. Well, relax in between the aftershocks that had her legs spasming and her arms tensing as she tried to control them.

“So, how’s my little swinger?” he asked as he removed her ball-gag.

“Oh, you are a mean man, my master. I’ve never been so terrified and so turned on in my life! God what lethal combinations! Have I told you that I love you so much my heart just wants to explode? You are indeed a master of your trade. Such masterful skill and control you demonstrated. Oooh, (another aftershock), and the hits just keep on coming. Being terrified by you is so marvelous and exciting. When you pulled that dagger, I wanted to shrivel up and hide, but the way you touched me with it made me want to offer you as much skin as I could. My body, your canvas! And what was that electrical demon? It didn’t hurt but that was some of the most fantastic sensations I’ve ever experienced. Will you do that to me again? I’m a greedy little slut, aren’t I? Electric arcs coming from the tips of your fingers. Wow! That’s a new one.”

“Yes, you are May. You’re my greedy sensation slut. Over time, I’ll do much more to you. You’ve really only scratched the surface. Wait until I molest you with a razor-sharp Katana sword.”

“Oh god, what do you do with one of those?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see.”

“You are a mean man M’Lord and Master. That sounds so good calling you my master, because you are always so masterful in everything you do to me. All women should have this much fun serving a man they love.”

“So how are you going to handle it when you see me training up a couple of new kidnappees, and they’re getting the attention you’d like to have happening to you?”

“I’m going to be jealous Master. Just like any woman would be, but I’ll also rationalize it away because I know it’s your job, and you’re doing it right in front of me instead of sneaking around pretending it’s some dirty little secret. I’ll want the attention they’re getting, but I’ll also know that I’ll get my own attention, like some more swinging, when you come home to me.”

“And what if I’m too tired to play with you?”

“Then I’ll just love you and serve you in whatever way you need me to serve. I’ll massage your back, and suck your cock, --- ooo, that sounds like fun, and kneel adoringly between your tired legs and tell you how much you mean to me and how much I love you. I am yours to command my Duke. And I won’t ever get lonely because I’ll have M’Lord Grooms Karl and Vince training me and watching me practice what you have instructed me to do. And I do love your concern for me. I am a lucky, no, the luckiest girl in the world to have been taken by you and made yours. Master Roy would have been a good owner, but you’re the man of my dreams. You are so strong, and handsome, talented and skilled, not to mention you have the cutest butt. You want the best for me, which also blessedly includes the hottest of scenes and play times that I could have never imagined were possible in a thousand years. I am so in love with you.”

“You don’t regret being taken from your home and your life and sentenced to, …”

“To happiness, and expensive shoes, and hand-made clothes, and being owned by a man willing to fight for me, and win, and to be made to feel like every nerve in my body is his to play with so that we both enjoy it, and to have expensive toys used on me, and to finally feel free and fulfilled for our mutual fun, --- yes, I do feel cheated. I feel cheated that I didn’t get taken fifteen years ago. Imagine how well trained I could be and how well I would service your needs if I’d been here with you for the last fifteen years.”

“I’ll remind you of that in fifteen months and again in fifteen years and we’ll see how good you are.”

“So, I notice you haven’t taken me down from my swing. Are there more evil machinations you have planned for this body you own?”

“Yea slave, I was thinking that you need a good wax job with a scrape and polish to get that luster back in your hide.”

“Luster? This body flush isn’t good enough for you?”

“Well, let’s get you waxed up and we’ll see.”

Duke lit several thick candles and just waited for the first few to develop pools of melted wax while he lit some other candles. As the surrounding candles started to raise the temperature a little, May started to squirm. Taking this as his cue, Duke picked up a red candle, about four inches in diameter, and holding it high above May, tipped it so the first few drops of liquid wax spilled all over her abdomen. May moaned, signifying she wanted more, so he laid that candle aside to melt more into the concave reservoir as he picked up a blue one and dribbled a thin line of wax down her right thigh to her knee. The wax from the next candle made a circular blotch of wine-colored wax between her bellybutton and her Mons. White candle wax made an upside-down horseshoe shape over the inside of her tits and on her sternum, and another red and a blue candle made circles of wax on the swell of her tits just above her nipples. After a while, Duke had decorated just about all of the skin on the front of her body and again May was in the delirium of ecstasy.

Using his left hand to steady her body, Duke took a very sharp knife and began to flat-press it into her skin just at the edge of one of the blotches of dried wax. This lifted the edge of the wax up and made it easier to peel away the wax with the flat edge of the knife. May whimpered, whined and moaned at the sensations this caused. It took a long time to delicately lift and peel all that wax off of her. He wanted the sensual approach rather than the rip-n-peel. That was for another form of sensation play, but not tonight. Tonight, the knife would lift the plates of wax away from her skin, pulling the tiniest of angel-fine hair off parts of her that didn’t get denuded with the other waxing she got. May wriggled and writhed as this peel took her to places she was learning to enjoy.

When Duke had gotten 99% of the wax off of her, he pulled out a cordless electric screwdriver and loaded in a brand new, clean, buffer wheel into the socket. Taking out a jar of medicated salve, specially made for this type of play, Duke lubed down the fibers of the buffer wheel, gave it a quick full speed buzz-up to sling the excess off and then on a much slower speed began to polish the red blotches of skin where the wax had been. With Benzocaine (20%) as one of the ingredients, it smoothed out the uneven nerve sensations and the aloe and other homeopathic ingredients further soothed her skin. Naturally, to apply this salve evenly over her skin several tickle spots were buffed out, which sent May into the realm of the swingers, as she writhed and bucked under the tickling of the buffer. Laughing, and giggling, with random exclamations to a higher authority were constant, as well as whimpering and begging for more of everything. May was riding the sensory-overload crest. Duke had to take her down and get her grounded again, so he untied her.

Picking her up out of the swing, Duke carried her to the bed. May had encircled his neck with her arms and had a stranglehold on him as he lay down beside her. Disengaging her hold on him long enough to pull her arms behind her and tie them palm-to-palm, he pulled her close and used the remote to dim the lights. Sex with her was more illuminating than the lights.

Tired but content

she now knows abrasion play

and can’t get enough.

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