Her Captor

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; training; slave; bond; rope; oral; sex; naked; armbinder; heels; cons; X

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Chapter 20: Pomp and Promotion

May spent her morning

getting mentally prepared

for Duke’s promotion.

Duke woke up to a very horny slave trying to gobble his hard-on as deeply down her throat as she could manage with her hands tied behind her back. He allowed his mind to fully rev-up and appreciate what she was doing before he disengaged from her, flipped her over on her bound arms and took her with long and powerful strokes that shoved her, little by little to the head of the bed, eventually banging her head against the headboard. Exploding the morning-load into her, he bent down and after scraping his teeth over her areola, he bit down on her nipple just hard enough to elicit a squeal.

“Good morning Duke,” she said trying to catch her breath.

“Good morning slave. That was a nice way to wake up.”

“I’ll have to do it for you more often. It will naturally take practice to learn to be graceful with my arms tied behind me, but I’m willing and eager to practice achieving that level of grace that your satisfaction will require of me.”

“You do like to talk in the morning, don’t you?”

“Is that a bad thing Duke? I don’t want to annoy you.”

“No, you just talk as much as you want to, when it’s just us. I know how to shut you up if I want quiet time.”

“Of course, my Duke. Did I mention how much I’ve grown to love the larger ball-gags. The strain on my jaws really allows me to focus on being quiet because you want me that way. I’m much more tempted to make noise with the smaller or more esthetic gags. Severity puts me in the right headspace to be quiet on purpose.”

“I’ll remember that. You also eventually get a bit of an endorphin rush from the severity of the more intense gags.”

“Well, there is that too,” and she giggled.

Over breakfast they started talking about the day’s activities.

“So, we have to start working on your part for tonight’s festivities. It’s not going to be hard for you. All you have to do is heel and kneel at the right time. You will be naked except for some red heels, the collar you’re wearing and your ceremonial single-sleeve that will match your red patent high heels. Your hands will be taped into fists using red electrician’s tape like we did the other day and then you will be fitted into your new sleeve. This bondage is designed to please me and not the others. You will see many variations on this theme. We require all slaves that attend to be naked and bound. The exceptions are the use of shoes, i.e. the heels, and the choice of bondage is up to the individual masters. I happen to like the idea of matching single-sleeves and high heels, so I ordered this item for you and it got here just in time. As far as the others go, some will be in manacles and chains, some will be wearing just rope. At any rate, the bondage is a matter of personal preference between the master and his slave or slaves, and you will see a wide variety of different types of bondage. Some of the High Lords get very extravagant decorating their slaves in various forms of bondage, and some are simple. The rule of thumb is that a slave should not be able to escape no matter how hard she tries.”

“I would never try to escape your bonds, my Duke. I like being bound by you. May I wear a gag?”

“No, although some might be gagged. Gags are a symbol of discipline at a public function like this, and because you haven’t done or said anything wrong, there is no need to discipline you.”

“I can’t wear one because I like wearing them?”

“No, not this time around. I want you to be able to greet my mentor, High Lord McMal and some of my sponsors. You can’t do that if you're gagged. If they talk to you, answer directly, always use the correct titles and always be truthful. And for the record, truthful also includes a level of diplomacy. If Sylvester asks you how you are, saying you’d feel better with her head on a pike is not politic. No matter how true it is.”

“Yes Duke. I’ll be polite and do nothing to tarnish you in any way.”

“Good, this is going to be a hell of a night, so let’s go over what you have to do. The first thing is that wherever I walk, you have to heel me. Heeling requires that you walk one step behind me and one step to my left. Because your heels will be so high, I don’t expect you to stay in-step with me. If you take two or three steps to my one, we’ll still be fine. You must walk heel-toe in your heels and one foot should always go in front of the other. We’ll start practicing in a few minutes. You’ll want to walk like a runway model, with plenty of hip action. A swishing butt is always the sign of a frisky slave. We’ll use the recording equipment so you can see what you look like, and how you’ll look to others. Whenever I stop to talk, or during my acceptance ceremony, you will be kneeling in bound homage position because of the number of High Ones in attendance. In bound homage it is acceptable to widen your knees for a better balance point because your arms will be bound behind your back. When I move, you get up, catch up and heel until you determine whether I’m just greeting someone or if I’ve stopped to chat. Basically, watch my right foot. If I’m planning to chat for a while, I’ll lightly tap my right toe. That will signal you to hit your knees immediately. Without a tap, wait for the count of seven seconds, at one Mississippi, two Mississippi et cetera, and then kneel in homage. I’ll warn you now you’re going to be kneeling and getting up many times tonight, so try to think about your movements first, instead of being in a hurry and being clumsy. Graceful is always better than timely.”

“Yes Duke.”

“Now, I have to warn you about this. If any of Sylvester’s crones grab you, just go with them. All the grooms are on my side, and we will retrieve you before they can get you to a door. I’m going to upset the applecart tonight, and you never can tell who will react before thinking. No groom will touch you for the crones, but some of the High Lords in the crone’s inner circle may take you off to the side without your or my consent. Just go with them. My grooms will make sure you’re safe from the crones.”

“Your grooms?”

“You caught that, huh? I’m glad. That’s going to be a big part of the surprise tonight. I won’t tell you any more right now, but what happens tonight will explain everything. Like I said, I’m going to upset the applecart tonight. So, do you see why I want you to be a positive reflection of not only me, but of my more relaxed protocol of training?”

“Yes Duke, I’ll make you proud of me.”

“Okay, let’s get you practicing. To save your feet we’ll practice with three-inch kitten-heels for a while, and when you have the walk fine-tuned, then we’ll pull out all the stops for a rehearsal.”

“I am so in love with you, my Duke.”

For the rest of the morning they worked on heeling and walking. Duke would walk from the playroom to the refresher and back, and then pull out his iPad so the two of them could watch how she did. He would always make his criticism in the most positive way he could, continually trying to build her up rather than set her up to fail. Soon, she had the walk down and they started to work on the bound homage positions just before lunch. After a half of an hour they took their lunch break.

“Okay, after we eat, I’m going to put you in some heels and a single-sleeve and we’re going to do a rehearsal, recorded of course, and then we’ll start getting ready for tonight.” 

“Duke, those recordings really helped me see what I was doing right and what I was doing poorly. I’m glad we’re still doing them for the rehearsal.”

In six-inch pumps and her standard single-sleeve, May heeled after her Duke, up and down the hallway, being very mindful of her walk and what Duke’s foot was doing. She followed her cues as Duke simulated the way things may go that evening. After several runs and reviews, both Duke and May were certain that she had it down. Duke removed her sleeve and had her take off her heels. Both of them headed for the sauna and then into the shower where they scrubbed each other pink. 

While May went to the dressing table to do her hair and make-up, Duke headed into his office/living quarters to put on his tuxedo. Duke had given her specific instructions on how he wanted her to look and she spent extra time on her eyes so that they were perfect for him. She did her hair in a high ponytail the way he ordered it and then whitened her teeth. Waiting for him, she did some quick yoga positions to loosen her arms and shoulders and then just waited for her master to come back to her.

If she thought her Duke looked dashing in a suit, seeing him in a charcoal gray tuxedo was thick icing on the cake and she almost started to drool. His chest looked bigger and in his black patent boots he looked even taller. As Duke was leading her to her closet to get her dressed in her single-sleeve the doorbell gong sounded.

“Must be my escort. Slip into these heels while I answer the door.”

May admired the bright red patent pumps with three thin straps going over her instep. She smelled the new leather smell and giggled at how much she loved getting and wearing expensive shoes for her Duke. The six-inch stiletto heels looked daunting, but she knew she would be graceful in them for her master’s big ceremony. She quickly strapped herself into them and then knelt and waited for her Duke.

“May, I’d like you to meet my friends, Paul, Lee, Miguel and Dennis. Guys, this is May. May, Paul is a genius who disguises his intelligence in this six-foot-four, 280-pound body, and tries to convince everyone he’s just a martial arts instructor. Lee here is a techno-wizard and my favorite geek. You look up ‘hacker’ in the dictionary and they have his picture next to it. Just because Lee and Paul are about the same size don’t get them confused. Miguel here is obviously the runt of the litter at only six-foot-one, and 180-pounds (snicker). He is undoubtedly the best hunter/tracker we’ve ever known. No cliché intended but his Apache heritage helped to make him one of the best members of a Force Recon unit to ever come out of the Marines. Dennis here comes from the Navy, specifically the SEALs. His creds are all wrapped up in that designation. No one ever doubts what a SEAL can get done.”

“And Duke here, whether you know it or not, is one hell of a sniper. The Army trained him well and he can brag to you later about his number of confirmed kills. By the way, what do we call you now?” asked Dennis.

“Uh, Duke” replied Duke in a flat but quizzical monotone.

“But aren’t you a, …”

Holding a finger up to his lips, Duke said, “May doesn’t know yet and I don’t want to jinx anything until it’s officially announced at the ceremony. Yes, I signed all the contracts yesterday and everything is in motion, but I have to make it through tonight so that nothing unforeseen happens. As the others will still stand on formalities, titles must be observed in public, but anytime, and I mean anytime we are amongst our own, it’s just plain old Duke. Senseless discipline and proprieties be damned. We will never form up the groom-corps, the way I envision it, without a level of camaraderie and mutual respect.”

“So Hefe,” asked Dennis, “are you fully prepared?” and with that he hit Duke right in the center of his chest with a short but vicious front hand punch. Duke staggered back and started to laugh.

“You hit like a kicking mule. Does that answer your question?”

“I see the lessons I taught you about always being prepared for the worst have been learned and adhered to. I hope wearing that is an unnecessary effort, but I feel better knowing you have it on.”

“Me too Dennis.” 

Lee handed him a special earpiece that looked just like his Bluetooth receiver, but Duke knew that this one was so much more. Paul came over and under the guise of checking the lay of his tux patted him down. He was smiling as he pulled back. Miguel was staring intently into his iPhone.

“Duke,” said Miguel, “she just left her residence and is headed to meet up with her covey of crones. I imagine they’ll head directly to the hall for the ceremony. It’s probably a good time for us to make our way over there.”

“Okay, will one of you help me get May taped up?” and he held up two rolls of red electrician’s tape. Dennis and Paul taped up a fist each and Duke then slipped her waiting arms into that new single-sleeve and zipped it up.

“Oh, I like the zipper rather than the laces my Duke. It’s so much faster and more efficient. Am I pretty enough for you Master?”

“Yes May, you are definitely pretty enough. What do you think guys?”

“She could heel for me anytime.”

“I like the whole package. The legs, the face, the tits, the butt, the belly, it all works for me.”

“Me, I like the glow she has around Duke. There’s no doubt she’s head-over-heels for our Hefe.”

“You’re a lucky man Duke. I wish I had time for one just like her.”

Before they left, Duke went to the cabinet in the playroom and got out Roy’s favorite aluminum cane with the milled aluminum handle and stuck it under his arm like a swagger stick.

Dusk deepened as they walked down the sidewalk towards the gardens and the main hall, Dennis and Miguel led the way, with Duke next, being heeled by May and then Lee and Paul pulled up the rear. May heard Duke say a continuous series of ‘Thanks’ or ‘Thank You’ into his Bluetooth headset and imagined that the same type of voices she heard the other night were talking to him and congratulating him on his promotion. She also heard him say ‘Yes, she is hot, ain’t she’, a few times too, which made her stick her tits out and hold her head up even straighter.

By the time they got to the courtyard gardens which were now brilliantly lit with subtle lighting that emphasized the plants, sculptures, fountains and walkways without looking like searchlights and streetlamps, people were starting to gather and make their way past the columnated entrance and into the rotunda. Duke stopped and chatted with several High Lords that he had worked with, who all seemed to have two or three other High Lords in attendance that were also interested in greeting Duke. For a half of an hour, Duke was quite the social butterfly. May was always by his feet, kneeling in homage as Duke glad-handed the High Lords and High Ladies. Duke’s attendant grooms stayed back, but they were always close. May tried to keep her attention on what Duke was doing, and not on what he was saying, but she still heard things that made her think that this was more than it was intended to be. Several small groups that Duke chatted with said that they’d be members of the quorum for him if they were needed. This got May to pay more attention to what was going on. May did listen in on one exchange. Duke was asked why he was carrying that cane with him?

“Well High Lady McGinnis,” he replied, “it’s a consolation prize for someone I’m going to disappoint tonight,” and Duke just busted up laughing.

Duke eventually made his way to the back of the stage area where he met Jackson McMal. The first thing Jackson did was grab May up off the floor and said, “Stand girl and let me look at you. Very desirable Duke. I see she’s thriving under your hand. You do have the touch sir. Now May, you’ve caused quite a stir around here girl. I hope you’re taking good care of our Duke. Don’t you look hot tonight.”

“I’m trying to be the best slave girl I can for my Master. And thank you so much for all of your help and support High Lord McMal.”

“And what are your orders for tonight’s festivities slave May?”

“Head up, tits out, heel, kneel and pay homage to those worthy, --- and be polite to those that don’t deserve it High Lord McMal.”

Laughing, Jackson looked at Duke and said, “She is most definitely your creation my boy.”

“May, if you really want to thank me girl, help Duke turn out a couple dozen more just like you, which will mean helping him train up a groom corps to help disperse the load on his shoulders. Will you do that for us?”

“Of course, High Lord McMal, I will do everything I can to help my Master and you achieve your goals.”

“Well it’s just about time to get these proceedings started. May, follow Duke up on stage and then get back on your knees. Also, listen up and pay close attention to what’s about to go down.”

Jackson walked up to the podium and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats.” And in the traditional and official opening speech he almost chanted, “Lock the chattel up in the pens. Slaves on your knees and pay homage. Grooms to your stations or take a seat, and Lords and Ladies please respond for roll call for this is an official meeting of the court.”

Jackson stepped down from the podium and another High Lord stepped forward to take the roll. As they did, every groom not on duty came in as quietly as possible, carrying a chair and filled the back of the hall. This caused more than one or two heads to turn.

When Jackson returned to the Podium there was a low but steady murmur throughout the audience. He banged his gavel and said into his stationary microphone, “Please come to order.” As everyone quieted down, he said, “Thank you.”

“Now as you know, we were originally going to gather tonight to celebrate the promotion of one of our most accomplished and popular journeyman grooms to full groom, but for the record that is just a formality now.”

Jackson waited for the murmuring to die down again and then continued.

“Two days ago, I went to Duke Grandville with a proposition. He slept on it and yesterday several of you were with me in a meeting and the contracts were signed. I am submitting Duke Grandville’s name for consideration as a full High Lord to A-H Estates. He has the money available, and ratification of his petition will guarantee payment. Few know the rules of these Estates better and considering he is already a member of our family, the vetting process is moot. Few deserve this honor more and this would be a precedent of grandeur. For the sake of procedure, are there any vetoes and if there are, what are your reasons for vetoing his petition of inclusion?”

From the center right of the audience in the front row, six women and two men stood up. Their leader stepped up on stage and moved to the podium. Jackson stepped aside and the woman took the mike and adjusted it to her stature.

“As you know Ladies, and Lords, my name is Wilhelmina Clotilda von Heimschaalf Sylvester. I am one of the founding members of these Estates, a contributor to the constitution and therefore speak for many when I say that it is a travesty of our charter and constitution to allow a mere groom to ascend to the status of a knighted Lord, and I don’t care how much money he inherited, he is just not fit to walk our paths. I veto the petition of Duke what’s-his-name and I carry the proxy vetoes of seven other brave souls who will not sit idly by and watch the ruin of our unique society with the advancement of some Nuevo-riche riff-raff like this low-born plebeian.”

She stepped down and returned to her seat. When she was seated again, Jackson took the mike, re-adjusted it and said, “As you know, in our constitution, we have a codicil that says that a veto can be broken by a three-to-one vote per veto, plus three more. I call a recess for a minimum of fifteen minutes, and a maximum of thirty minutes to see if there will be a veto repeal or if Duke Grandville is disallowed to join our ranks by virtue of Lady Sylvester’s veto. We are now in recess.

Duke has all the grooms

but none of the grooms can vote

so they have to wait

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