Her Captor

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; M+/f; training; slave; bond; rope; gag; toys; cage; tape; mittens; blindfold; clamps; sendep; sex; cons; X

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Chapter 18: Pressure

Pressure stresses him

duties are priorities

and enemies lurk.

Duke sat May down in a lawn chair, crossed her legs, produced a piece of rope and bound them like that. He then popped her ball-gag in, buckled it tightly and turned on her vibrator. It may have taken May longer than he would have thought, but before long she was jerking around from an obvious orgasm and wracked by powerful aftershocks before starting the whole cycle over again. The grooms on guard smiled at what he was putting her through.

“May, I’m disappointed. You should have hit your knees for individual homage when I identified her as a lady. Just because I don’t respect her doesn’t mean that you are allowed that privilege. I know she disrespected me, and Roy’s memory, but I’m still going to get called on the carpet for your insubordination, not to mention mine. I’m surprised these two weren’t sent to arrest me.”

“We were, but we’re disobeying direct orders from the council. No groom will touch you tonight, and when the council heard about this, they said to just detain you. They’re pulling together an emergency review board and heading over here. That’s why we reminded you that we had recordings of what went down. By now, every groom on the Estates has a copy of the incident on their phones and so do many of the High Lords not associated with Sylvester. 

As the High Lords and a few High Ladies came over to Duke’s above ground cottage, each one of them was shown a copy of the incident from the phone of one of the growing number of grooms showing up too. Lady Sylvester’s crones were the exception to this procedure. Everybody knew who sided with Lady Sylvester and when they showed up, they were politely ignored by a large percentage of the people gathered there. When a group of eleven High Lords and Lady Vinzini congregated together, a groom dressed in camouflage handed each of them an iPad. 

As this gathering of High Lords and Ladies started to arrive, May had immediately assumed the homage position, as best she could. One of them told Duke to turn May off, and he did.

When they were ready, the head groom in camouflage coded in a sequence of numbers on his iPhone and the official recording of the incident was shown to all of them. They watched it and then each of them watched parts of it again. Some started to chat amongst themselves and a few others watched the privately recorded copies of the same incident. Finally, they all stepped off to the side and conferred. Their decision was heated. In the end, one of them stepped forward, followed by three others. 

“Duke, front and center please.”

Duke stepped from the crowd, bowed and asked, “Have you come to a decision High Lord Montgomery?”

Facing each other, Montgomery said, “Duke, you were rude to a Lady, but you did not directly break any of the official rules of conduct. Your comportment was actually well-restrained under the circumstances. Your slave however needs to be chastised, severely, for not showing homage to her betters. We took the circumstances into account, and we will allow you to punish her for her lapse of judgment. Do you have any questions?”

“High Lord Montgomery, what of the Lady Sylvester’s threats to take my slave away from me?”

Moving a little closer, he looked Duke in the eyes and said, “You know as well as I do that in the constitution and by-laws, it clearly defines how she can do just that. She’ll pay the intent fee, place a bid and wait for someone to counter-bid to compete with her. We all know they’ll lose if she wants your slave bad enough. Her tens-of-billions makes her one of the richest members of the council and as such she will just out bid anyone foolish enough to bid against her.”

“High Lord, is there no exception to this rule?”

“Duke, I know you know the rules as well as I do, and no, there is nothing to save this untenable situation.”

Disheartened, Duke turned away, and then snapped back around asking, “Is this incident going to affect my promotion?”

“No, the committee has already recommended your advancement, and although this is a smudge on your record, it’s not enough to deny you your due.”

“Thank you,” and those who knew him could see the gears turning in his thought processes.

“Alright Lords, Ladies and grooms, if I’m not to be drawn and quartered, then I’m going to retire to play with my soon to be ex-slave while I still can.”

Duke walked over to May, picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and walked inside. Once behind a closed door he sat May down and sent a thank you to all the grooms in one mass email and several personal emails to the High Lords that he knew supported him. He immediately got a mailbox full of ‘What are you going to do?’ to which he replied, ‘tell you tomorrow’. Back in their quarters Duke untied May and released her from the sleeve and the gag.

“Strip,” was the single command. May knew she was in trouble and had no defense for her actions. She messed up and now would have to pay. The pantyhose were ruined from the concrete, but she put her heels back on and put her latex panties, gloves, corset and dress in the ‘to be cleaned’ bin in her closet. When she reported back to Duke she looked like a scared and contrite child who knew she was due a spanking with daddy’s belt.

“Go get in your cage,” was all he said, and May broke out in tears. In her mind, she needed to be held, and couldn’t figure out why, if he was going to lose her, he wasn’t taking advantage of every moment to be with her, to hold her, to have sex with her, to reassure her that she was really his. Had he given up hope already? Was he just going to turn her over to that old harpy? 

May cried as she got into her cage. Duke came in, locked her in and then walked out, turning off the lights as the cell door locked into place. All of her darkness discipline had not prepared her for how dark it was in her cage with her cell locked. She couldn’t even hear him stirring around outside. She cried and sobbed until exhaustion overtook her. Nightmares made her sleep fitful and by the time the morning rolled around she was a wreck.

To make matters worse it wasn’t even Duke that released her from her cage. Both Vince and Karl opened her cell door and informed her that she was to report to the playroom for morning exercises. After that she was to take a shower, in wet-heels, put on make-up, do her hair and then report to the kitchen to be fed. They also told her that this was a non-uniform day. While she stretched out on her yoga mat, they outlined what Duke wanted her to do. For the rest of the morning the two grooms would take turns tying her up and critiquing each other. They had an agenda of positions obviously assigned by Duke. She was to offer suggestions on how to improve their technique while maintaining a positive demeanor of respect for the two grooms. She could hear Duke’s voice and phrasings in their instructions to her. May worked hard to get the most out of her yoga and palates. After her shower they tied her on her knees and took turns spoon-feeding her.

Over the morning she was hog-tied in several different ways, spread-eagled, both on the bed and vertically. She was ball-tied, frog-tied and then bound to different sized chairs in a plethora of positions. They tied her to the two posts in the playroom and then to the kneeling prayer bench. They tied her ankles to her thighs, and her wrists to her upper arms. They tied her wrists and elbows behind her, in front of her and tied her wrists to her thighs. They bound her arms in a typical box tie and then tied her in a reverse cross. 

By lunchtime they just kept her in the reverse cross and fed her like that. With Duke nowhere in sight, they just continued on with the bondage training. They tied one arm above her head and the other one stretched out to various hard points. They tied both of her wrists over her head, behind her head and used rope to tie her like she was in a straitjacket. They tied her wrists when they were crossed, palm-to-palm and back-to-back with ties around each set of fingers. They tied her wrists under her bound legs and then to her ankles. By mid-afternoon they were working on asymmetrical ties with each bound limb tied in a different way. Just before Duke showed up they were experimenting with various thicknesses and configurations of crotch-ropes and where to best put the knots.

As Duke walked into the playroom he asked, “Has it been a productive day so far?”

“All three of them started nodding and smiling. May told Duke where each of their strengths and weaknesses were, and Duke had each of them re-tie her to work on the ties she didn’t think were up to snuff. He checked their work and taught them tricks of the trade, and then had them tie her again. By suppertime Duke simply tied her crossed ankles and crossed wrists behind her. He and the two grooms had slow-cooked pulled pork smothered in BBQ sauce on Hawaiian rolls, with beers. May had gruel and an energy drink. Everyone was all smiles and the meal felt very comfortable, like family. May giggled when she got a square of chocolate.

Duke showed them out and then just carried May, still bound, into the refresher. Once in the jacuzzi he really began to question her on the progression of ties that each performed on her, and what she really thought of their technique. May was very open and forthcoming about what each did well and what they needed work on. She told him that both grooms seemed to take a couple of hours to get over the nudity, but once they became comfortable with manipulating her naked body the bondage got better.

“So, the male in me has something specific in mind for you that ought to reaffirm who is the master bondsman around here. While I sauna and collect my thoughts, I want you to take a hot bath, and specifically over-use the luffa. I want your skin scrubbed pink and completely exfoliated. I’ve got luffa sponges and luffa on a stick in the cabinets. Any questions?”

“Scrub hard, get extra sensitive, and look like a lobster when I get out. Got it my Duke.”

Duke took his sauna, stayed for a long time but didn’t shower afterwards. When May was done, he led her to her cell, had her put on crotchless pantyhose and her bone-ivory boots with the five and a half-inch heels. Next came a baby doll top with a demi-cup underwire bra in a pastel yellow that complimented the boots.

To start her bondage, Duke had her make fists, and then with electrical tape he secured them so that she no longer had hands, just taped up nubs on the ends of her arms. While May got used to these, he led her into the playroom and started tying her to the thinner bondage pole. This time it was a little different. He positioned her left leg against the pole and with wraps around the ankle, lower thigh just above the knee and around the upper thigh just under her crotch he attached her to the pole. With more rope he pulled her left arm up and attached it to the pole at wrist, forearm and just above her armpit. Making sure, by touch, that she would have circulation for her ordeal the next wraps of rope went around her waist. He snugged these wraps off and then with a long end tied her middle to the pole. Running his hands over her to get her a bit more frisky he grabbed her right ankle, made several wide loops around it and then with the aid of the winch, pulled it up and out until it was at a 90-degree angle to her body and straight out to the side. 

“And now for the interesting part.”

Duke put a blindfold on her. He used one of the blindfolds that allowed her to keep her eyes open but still cut off all sight. Using a large sized ball-gag on a wide strap, he wedged and worked it behind her teeth and then buckled the strap. Over all of this he put a pair of padded earphones over her ears and with a roll of Vet-Wrap he made sure they wouldn’t get dislodged. When he had her head wrapped the way he wanted it, he turned the headphones on and May was immediately transported to a woodland setting. 

The white noise coming from the headphones was of a wooded area by a small babbling brook that cascaded over some stones to make small rapids. May could hear the birds of the forest, even the chattering of some squirrels. She could hear the wind blowing through the leaves and for a few minutes, there was even a brief rainstorm. Now she could hear the water dripping off the leaves and some frogs croaking by the stream. If she listened carefully there were even insects buzzing around. As the sounds came to her it was almost as if she was walking around and paying attention to each individual sound.

Duke watched her head move with the sounds. He had the same recording going through the speakers in the playroom, so that when some particular sound came through her headphones, and she moved her head to listen to it, Duke could recognize her reactions. A friend of his had spent days in the forest around the Estates recording natural sounds, and then spent many more days with a mixing board blending these sounds of dozens of different birds, squirrels, frogs, insects, wind, rain, a babbling brook and as many other sounds as his equipment would pick up. Unlike many white noise CDs, this one was a continuous mix, recorded digitally so that the listener could enjoy over eight-hours before the sounds would start to repeat.

Duke observed her unrestrained right nub try to find something to do. At first, she tried to find a convenient place to just rest the arm, but she was restless. After a while she tried to touch herself, but the nub was so strange to her that this didn’t last long. Duke let this go on for a long while before he got her attention by tweaking both of her nipples and then applying a pair of nipple clamps. These were the basic tweezer style, employing a wire of spring-steel that was bent in two with padded curved ends that went around the nipple. They were tightened by a sliding wrap of wire. With one on each nipple, May started to try and be more active with her right nub.

Duke then took her right hand, slowly peeled the tape off and began to massage life back into her hand and fingers. Using some wetted salt crystals from the Dead Sea, Duke continued to massage her right hand and as the salt crystals softened, moisturized and exfoliated the upper epidermal layers, the feeling in her hand was dramatically sensitized. Duke quit when the crystals dissolved and then he just stepped back and watched.

As expected, May began to touch herself, tentatively at first, but more enthusiastically as the heightened sense of touch impacted her nerve endings. Standing close to her, Duke knew his clean but unwashed scent was another sense that she was exposed to. Knowing all too well the effect that rich pheromones in the air made, Duke had turned up the heat in the playroom to a warm 80-degrees and watched as both of them began to glisten with tiny beads of sweat.

Completely absorbed in the scenario her Duke had set up for her aroused entertainment, May began exploring her body. Her sensitized fingers moved over the various textures that her Duke had dressed her in, going from pantyhose to skin and up to the texture of her lingerie, including the piping with tiny bows and fake pearls. She lightly played with her nipple clips, not to dislodge them but to experience every sensation they had to offer. She ran her fingertips over the small patch of pubic hair that Duke had left her and down to her labia that was more than just glistening with moisture. She took this moisture up to her nose and inhaled her arousal. Stroking her flat toned abdomen, she pulled on the elastic holding her pantyhose up and snapped them a couple of times around her waist. Her fingertips moved from hose to skin and back and forth until she got her first body shiver. Scraping her nails down her bound arm, feeling the texture and tightness of the ropes holding it there, she moved to the wraps and head bondage. Each different sensation got her a little more excited. Experiencing the weave of the Vet-Wrap versus the silicone of the ball in her mouth, versus the leather of the strap holding it in her mouth versus the strained softness of her lips. All of this was sending delicious messages to her mind.

To send her over the edge, Duke stood close and pulled her hand onto him. She hungrily touched him, playing with his chest hair, moving to his shoulders and then his biceps, even running a finger under his arms and moving it quickly to her nose. She threw her head back and moaned past her gag and then reached back out to try and pull him closer. With her right hand wrapped possessively around his hard-on, May tugged and pulled until the tip was just on her vagina, nestled between her sopping lips.

With his fingers interlaced with hers he positioned her so that her palm was up and she couldn’t move her hand with her wrist bent the way he had it. Putting his other hand around her throat, in a mock choke, he slipped easily into her and started to slowly pump his full length into her bound and receptive body. Removing his hand from her neck, Duke began to manhandle her body. Where she had been soft with her touches, Duke was harsh and demanding. He carefully loosened her nipple clips, and then yanked them off the rest of the way, eliciting a long, loud “Oooh” from her. He squeezed her tits, and ass cheek. He scraped his fingers along her flanks and the sides of her ribs. Finally, when he blasted his load into her, he pulled her hair, and screamed, “You’re mine and I’m going to keep you.” After pulling out of her still hungry pussy, he moved completely away from her.

May was panting and whimpering for more when she felt his hand guide her hand back onto her body. He took some of the mixed liquid dripping from her and smeared a dollop under her nose and spread more across the upper part of her chest. Exhausted, May tried to play with herself, but just moments after she would start she’d fade away and just go limp. Eager, she’d try again, but there was just no spark left. She was too into the forest experience to worry about a satisfied libido. She’d been tied up, woken up, used and satisfied. Now it was just time to recoup.

Recognizing her condition, Duke took her down, removing her head bondage last and then carried her over to the bed. Groggily she looked at Duke and asked, “So, you’re going to keep me?”

“Yep, you’re mine and I’ve figured out how to keep you. Jackson helped me arrange things and we’ve already set the ball in motion. That bitch thinks she can steamroll me, well I’m going to wedge an uncrushable block under her roller and watch it come to a crashing halt.”

“How’re you going to do that?”

“No, there’ll be no jinxing it until I pull the rug out from under her.”

“Yes, my Duke. Can we go to sleep now?”

“I still have work to do, but I’ll be back, and you’ll wake up next to me. Now roll over so I can tie you.”

“Good night my Duke. I love you.”

She’s heard his good news

he’s found a way to keep her

and she is content

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