Her Captor

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; training; slave; heels; corset; toys; latex; bond; armbinder; cuffs; outdoors; cons; X

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Chapter 17: Just the Two of Them

With his new duties

private time is a treasure

her world is now him

Over dinner May asked, “Duke, should I be calling you Master?”

“We’ll save that for the title you use for me around others, like the new grooms and everyone else. I still like to be called Duke though. In your case I’ll accept the ‘my Duke’, but around others that should be kept to a minimum. That’s a private endearment.”

“Earlier, was I wrong to refer to you as M’Lord Groom Duke?”

“No, that was correct, especially to a High Lord. I haven’t officially been promoted, so I can’t really own a slave, yet. After the ceremony everything will fall into place. Everyone knows I’ve already been promoted, and that I inherited you, but it’s just not official.”

“Yes, M’Lord Master my Duke. How’s that for a private endearment?”

“You’re still buzzing off the endorphins, aren’t you?”

“Yep, got a good buzz going and I’m so horny I can’t believe it. We just had sex a few hours ago and even though I know I’m still swollen and sore, I could take anything you gave me and beg for more.”

“We might just have to test that out later. Have you made the connection to your station as a slave and your heightened libido? As a slave you are absolutely dependent on the will of another. You have no choice in what happens to you. Therefore, your libido is free to be the horny little woman that you are deep in your heart. The truth is real. Out in the world it is different, but here there is no shame, no guilt, no penance, no games and no recriminations.”

“Yea my Duke, I feel the same way. No regrets either. I was chained to their rules, their judgments and their mores out there. Now I’m free. Free to say, ‘I like being tied, and kept, and fed, and beat for fun, and dressed up, and fucked six ways from Sunday, and I want more of all of it. I love being used for your pleasure Master Duke. That word never had meaning before, but it suits you so naturally.

“Duke, tell me more about you please.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Oh, who was your first girlfriend, and did you tie her up?”

“I’m pretty sure I tied up all of my girlfriends. When I was 14, I had a neighbor who must have been at least 30 or so. He had this gorgeous 18 or 19-year-old girlfriend and he tied her up all the time. I would sit in my darkened room, which was right across the driveway from his room and watch, whacking off like a crazy kid. She was so hot.”

“Hotter than me?”

“At 14, she was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. Now, you’re hotter, but back then, whew. This lasted for about a year and a half and I’ve tied up every girlfriend since then. I got more young pussy than any other kid in the neighborhood, and nobody could figure out how I did it. I hadn’t filled out yet. I wasn’t a jock; I wasn’t a brain, and truth be known I was just another skinny kid with a secret.”

“Wow, no wonder you’re so good. What kind of a student were you?”

“I got a few ‘C’s, a few ‘D’s even a couple of ‘A’s, but for the most part I was a solid ‘B’ student. Not the smartest kid in the class, but I was meticulous with reading and homework assignments, so they took pity on me and gave me ‘B’s. I think the good Sisters-of-the-Faith broke me of heavy discipline. They were where I learned the deal about setting someone up for failure. No matter how hard you worked it was never good enough, and I always suspected that they just gave you what they thought you deserved instead of what you earned on your own merit. Anyway, they’re gone, and I’ve learned how to give positive feedback instead of demanding perfection from less than perfect humans.”

“You’re a good teacher Duke. I like serving under you,” and May giggled.

 “We’ll examine that later too.”

“How long was Roy in your life Duke?”

“I was about ten when he started showing up for dinner. Mom was a good cook and very active in the church. She was always bringing home strays for a good meal. I just thought that Roy was one of those, but he stuck around. He would take Mom and me to the movies, to the circus, my ball games and we were always having treats, like ice cream. Roy was good to us without spoiling us, and Mom was smitten. As time went by, Roy and I became buddies.”

“Once you learned about tying up girls did Roy help you out with any tips or anything like that?”

“Oh no, I never learned what Roy did until after my unfortunate separation from the Army.”

“Did he ever tie your mother up?”

“Not that I was aware of. I never had any inkling that he did anything with Mom, or anybody. He never gave us any idea what he did, except he said he worked for a conglomerate and that he was a mid-level manager.”

“So, it was a surprise when he introduced you to this lifestyle?”

“Actually, yes. I had no idea other people were doing things like I did. I was delighted. I took to it like a duckling to water, and learned, or should I say I re-learned everything I thought I knew about women. For a while, in the beginning I had a crisis of conscience, but as soon as I learned that these women liked what I was doing to them as much as the young girls did, even more so in many cases, I dove right into this lifestyle and never looked back. Roy taught me the tricks of bondage and beatings so that I rarely got any complaints. Not that random complaints matter from slaves, but it does give you a standing of sorts in this microcosm of a society. Most slaves complain sometime or another. The trick is to see the problems and correct them before they complain too much. Now that ‘standing’ has gotten me a chance to prove myself to both my peers and superiors, and possibly a chance to revamp this system from the ground floor up.”

“I really like your system Duke and I’ll do anything you need to help you. God bless me but you make me so horny. Do we have any lube?”

“Yes, of course, but we won’t need it for a while yet. I have something planned for us to do this evening and there’s good news and bad news attached to this. Which do you want first?”

“I’ll always take the bad news first. It gets it out of the way.”

“Well, we’re going to be taking a walk, and you’ll be wearing six-inch heels, and a stiff corset. The good news is that we’ll be taking this walk outside, under the stars.”

“Oh REALLY! Oh, Duke, that is so wonderful. Non-filtered air and a fresh breeze. How perfect?”

“Well then, let’s get you dressed.”

Panties and a not too tight crotch-rope went on before the double layer of seamed nude and then fishnet patterned support hose, with a strap-on RC butterfly vibrator in between them. Next came a full-line pair of latex panties. May was already starting to squirm. After that, Duke cinched her tightly into an over-bust long-line wine colored corset without suspenders. Long, leather gloves that matched the corset were the next item Duke handed her. Over all of this came a long-sleeved mini sweater-dress that was patterned with diagonal stripes of harmonizing wine colors with both gray and black accents. This sweater-dress had a high thick turtleneck design meant to accentuate the legs. The last thing Duke did was to slip each foot into a matching pump. He buckled the wide ankle strap and then all three of the thin straps that went across her insteps, before starting on her other foot. Again, these were very expensive heels and as comfortable as possible for having a six-inch arch.

“Okay, now close your eyes, go to the dressing table and don’t open them until you’re seated. Put on some evening make-up, with Whore-Red lipstick, apply some perfume that you’ll find on the table, give your hair a quick brushing and I’ll get your single-sleeve and hobble cuffs.”

Duke locked black leather padded cuffs on each ankle that had an 18-inch thin chain hobble already attached to the cuffs. It took May a little getting used to because this was a new measured gait for her, but the principle was the same as with the other two. May took a look in the dressing mirror at the effect this outfit had on her as Duke tightened up the single-sleeve. She looked as hot and as beautiful as she felt, dressed and bound like this. Her tits seemed to stick out a bit more than usual and the sweater-dress hugged all of her curves just right. As a finishing touch he buckled a single-strap ball-gag over her turtleneck as a necklace. He then put an earpiece in her ear and she immediately started to hear paramilitary chatter.

“Those are the roaming guards outside. I don’t want you to be scared if a couple of dark shadows pop up and greet me. I used to pull many long hours on duty out on the grounds, so I know all of those guys. I’ve disabled your mic function so you can listen as we stroll. I’ll wear one too, but I’ll be in touch with the patrols, so they know we’re out there on purpose.”

“Yes Duke, this is getting exciting. Master?”


“May I orgasm?”

“Sure, as soon as we get outside. Hold it until then.”

“Yes, my Duke.”

Sure enough, as Duke led her to the door, through the seal and up the ramp, he could hear her starting to change her breathing and as soon as they passed the outer door, May knelt down on one knee, shuddered and shook with an uncontrollable spasm. After he saw a couple of aftershocks take her, he helped her back up and they started walking. As they walked around the outside of the small surface cottage, Duke showed her the BBQ and porch area as several of his friends greeted him.

“Hey Duke, is she the one, --- Duke, buddy, bring your slave over to post four and show her off a little for us, --- Duke, this is six, we have you and your slave five by five by five, --- Hey buddy, she’s a hottie, --- (wolf whistle) Duke, you brought backup Ha ha ha, --- …”

“Hi guys, just taking the inheritance for a stroll. You’ll all see and meet her either before or after my promotional ceremony. She’ll be the naked one in ropes and heels (chuckling). Tonight, though it’s just going to be the two of us. I’ll bring her out another night for a fox and hound scenario. Stay vigilant, Duke out.”

After that they quieted down, May relaxed her shoulders. She’d been sticking her tits out for them as they offered their appreciation. She heard all the different voices and wondered just how many guards were out on the grounds and where they were, because she didn’t see anybody. The stars and the ¾ moon were bright tonight and she could see the silhouettes of the tree line in the distance surrounding the grounds, and of some buildings far away, but no men on guard duty. Looking behind her, there were the silhouettes of several other buildings like the cottage she’d just stepped out of, all dark and seemingly lifeless.

“Duke, are those other residences like ours?”

“Like mine, you mean.”

“Please, Duke, allow a girl her delusions.”

“Okay, like ours. Yes, they are. Most are privacy conscious High Lords that aren’t as sociable as the others, a couple are retired full grooms that were Roy’s peers, and a few are empty and waiting for someone to purchase them.”

“Purchase them?”

“Nothing is free here. Roy bought this one for a modest quarter of a million and I now pay ten thousand a month on that debt. Even when I get the principal paid off, I’ll have to pay a monthly fee for maintenance and upkeep. Chattel service does cost. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m paid a handsome fee for training, coordinating missions, and profit shares and stock options for each mission I go out on. I make way more than enough to support my lifestyle, which includes all of your high-end wardrobe and a collection of the best toys. Did I ever mention that you are an expensive hobby? Many men buy women jewelry, but I buy you shoes sewn to your foot size that are comfortable to wear even if they have a six-inch arch. Store bought knockoffs, like the wet-heels, would have your feet screaming and do actual damage to the bone structure of your foot if you wore them for as long as these other heels. May, all of your dresses are hand sewn to your exact size. That sweater-dress was knitted by hand to hug every one of your curves. All your leather gear, especially your corsets are handmade just for you, and your closet is worth close to or over seven figures. Sure, you’re fed gruel every day, but otherwise you live a high lifestyle. Even your gruel is designed to meet your specific dietary and health regimes so that you neither gain or lose weight, stay nutritionally balanced, and even your contraception is included in your gruel.”

“What about medical and dental Duke?”

“All covered. We have a small but highly staffed and equipped hospital here and considering the number of High Lords that are Doctors, you’ll never be at risk. Ya’know, if I wanted any cosmetic surgery for you, we have some of the best surgeons in the world that are members here. Any one of them would do phenomenal work on you.”

“And the legalities of this place?”

“Technically, you’ve been admitted to a high-end recovery home for your sexual addiction and other mental aberrations, like your nymphomania and paranoid-schizophrenic belief that you have been kidnapped and are a slave. This facility is licensed and staffed as a legitimate mental institution, and as such gives us a layer of anonymity if some do-gooder ever stumbles in here to stir the pot. You’ll sign all the proper paperwork, on camera, voluntarily committing yourself after my ceremony. We postdate the timestamp on the recordings for another layer of legitimacy and from that point on you will be under the hands-on treatment of your personal psychotherapist, me. I have all sorts of current certificates and paperwork accrediting me with the skills to work toward curing you. Unfortunately, I think you are probably incurable, and will need a lifetime of personal care to help rid you of the symptoms of your aberrant need for constant sex. They say you’re chronically kinky and your personal perversions need constant supervision. Restraints are recommended for someone as depraved as you are because you may be a danger to yourself.”

“And I’ll bet in the closet is a super secure straight jacket sized just for me, so that escape is impossible. Lock me up my Duke, my psychotherapist or is that my psycho-the-rapist, my groom, my master and my love.”

“Besides that layer, many of the High Lords are lawyers and judges, not to mention the high ranking federals we have for members. They keep us safe from undue and unwanted scrutiny. Does that put your mind to rest?”

They had been walking on sidewalks that skirted the forest of trees surrounding the central meadow and now they turned onto a wide path going through a courtyard. Through the trees May could see larger buildings nestled into the tree line. 

“These are the personal condominiums of the High Lords that don’t like to live underground. This is a high-end social community with lavish baths, recreation centers and gathering spots that resemble bars with a country club atmosphere. There are large communal dungeons hidden underneath the foundations, and chattel quarters under those. At the far end of this courtyard there is a central meeting place for business and legislation. Hell, one even has a dome and rotunda like the capitol building. That’s where we’ll have my swearing in ceremony and party for my promotion. You will be in attendance as my slave, and you will be naked and bound like all the other slaves.”

“Who all will be attending?”

“As many as can be there. These are always grand celebrations and considering that one day I could opt to become a High Lord myself, everyone will want to mingle with me to one extent or another to satisfy their curiosity. It will set a shocking and unheard-of precedent that someone from inside their structured fraternity exercised the option to play on either side of the line. And it’s much easier for High Lords like Jackson McMal to play among the grooms than it is for grooms to go and play the same games the High Lords play.”

“When you say ‘opt’ to become a High Lord, what does that entail?”

“Like everything else it’s a money thing. To become a High Lord or Lady here it takes a one-time non-refundable payment of $375,000,000.-, US, to the central committee and the wherewithal to maintain your individual lifestyle here. I can afford that from what Roy left me, but just barely. I would still have to make payments on this luxury apartment and buy my necessities from the local craftsmen here. Although they are all high-end craftsmanship, your clothes and shoes are made locally, as are all the toys I use on you. We want nothing to be traced back to us by importing materials like this. We buy things we cannot produce here, like those pantyhose, but we buy in bulk from the manufacturer, and resell everything to each other at cost. Back to the cost of living here, I’d still have a monthly nut of at least15 to 20 thousand dollars, even if I didn’t throw lavish parties, which are sometimes expected. After I become a full groom, Jackson, who is pushing me to become a High Lord, will sit down with me and go over my financial options. He really wants to see someone rise from the ranks and become knighted. I’m not entirely sure of his reasons, but he is pushing steadily for me to take the high road.”

“Duke, I’ll be proud to serve you under any title you want or have. You’ll always be my Duke.”

Standing up from a fountain, a woman dressed in black scarves, worn as an asymmetrical off the shoulder haute dress walked slowly towards them and said in a low key but undeniable tone, “When my mourning for Roy McMasterson is over, I’m coming for her Duke. I want something to remember my Roy, and I’ve chosen her. You, as the loyal dog that you are will finish her training, for me, and soon I will just come and collect her. If I were you, I’d train her in the high protocols because that is what she will need to survive my ownership. Her life will be a misery, until she learns to appreciate women, and serve them in ways only another woman can understand. Train her right groom, because no one can stop me from taking her. I’ll be able to outbid you and that mentor of yours too, if he thinks he can make a difference. McMal is an anachronism and you are nothing but his baying lap dog, sniffing at his heels and waiting for a scrap or bone to fall off his table. Now bow to me groom, as my station deserves and beat her for not falling into homage at my feet.”

“My eternal thanks for reminding me, twice, that I was a dog, Lady Sylvester. I did nod, as per the rules of acknowledgement, but you have not earned my respect, nor did you have the respect of my sire, Roy. He …”

Suddenly raging and practically frothing at the mouth she screamed, “How dare you, you insolent cur. My Roy loved me, and I deserve your respect for that, if for no other reason.”

 “…was the one that taught me how to use the minimum respect necessary, for evil creatures such as you, specifically, and your crones. I will not beat my slave for you, nor can you have her. I would rather put a bullet in her head than turn her over to the likes of you, and I will if you press your suit to that unnatural end. I know how you treat the slaves under your heel, and I will not train this one for you, nor will I train anyone for you. I invoke the right of amnesty, from you, and we’ll take this to the council for adjudication.”

“I am the council, dog, and you will learn to heel when I pull your leash,” she shrieked.

“No, not for you, not now, not ever. I’d leave the Estates before I’d heel to you, Lady Sylvester, and this conversation is now over.”

Duke turned and with his arm around May’s waist he walked slowly but purposefully away from the courtyard. Lady Sylvester’s profanities were heard throughout the entire courtyard. Before Duke could get back on the sidewalk, two camouflaged shadows fell in on either side of him and May, and they escorted them all the way back to his underground cottage. Taking off their headsets, one of them said, “We have the entire conversation recorded, both officially and privately. There’s also video, from when you left Roy’s place until now. We have your back against her Duke. Six says, all of us do.”

With a crone’s venom

a sabot gums up the works

and the fight is on.

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