Her Captor

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; training; slave; bond; rope; whip; flogger; pain; cons; XX

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Chapter 16: Playtime and Planning

Dressed for his pleasure

she assures her man his due,

and her fealty.

“The first thing we’re going to do is establish a uniform of sorts for you. This is what you’ll wear every day that I don’t lay out what I want to see you in or phone in what you should be wearing. As a foundation, you will wear crotchless pantyhose and a corset. I will get you front lace corsets for this, although sometimes I’ll have to work with the new grooms, so they get used to putting one on you. That’s actually part of their apprentice exam, but that’s far down the road at this point. Lace it on yourself corsets never get the right effect but they are a good starter for the corset training. Today we’ll use a regular corset and just turn it around so that the laces are in front and you can lace them up yourself. Next will be a high-heeled boot or shoe of at least five-inches. A style of bra that I will choose and stock, that has a front closure and shows a lot of cleavage and tit-meat above the nipple line. The next part of your uniform will be opera length gloves, satin as a standard, but leather if there is to be a lot of arm bondage that day. I don’t want them bruising you up so that I can’t appreciate you when I get home. That’s my job. And finally, the last part will be one of my smelly old dress shirts or at least one of my stinky T-shirts.”

“You do know the way to a woman’s heart. So, few men understand what it means to us to wear their shirts. It’s a woman thing, I guess.”

“So, let’s get started. Pantyhose are already in your cell, so let’s pick out the rest. Just for today, I’m going to have you wear two pair of support crotchless pantyhose for the compression on your thighs. It’s reported to be an interesting sensation. Let’s use this rather severely boned black and gray corset. It’s more generic than fitted and will reverse adequately. Next, these black boots ought to do nicely. They look like they have a five and a half-inch arch. We’ll also use these black leather gloves, because you’re going to experience a special positional bondage this afternoon. Now for a bra. There are only a few styles of front closure bras that Roy ordered for you. Like I said I’ll fix that but try this one on for today. It looks to be the sexiest. Fortunately, it’s red, so it’ll go with the basic black theme. Here, these red side-tie panties will help the symmetry. I’ll use red ropes later to coordinate with the outfit. And last but not least, here’s the gray shirt I wore when I got to the hospital and went to work on Roy’s last wishes with him.”

Duke watched her as she dressed for him. He made suggestions on how to squeeze every last inch out of the lacing of the corset and helped her tie the lacings on the boots because the corset wouldn’t give her a full range of motion. The rest she did on her own. When she was finished, he handed her his shirt. May stuffed her nose in it and sniffed for about a minute before she put it on and rolled up the sleeves. Looking at how shapeless the shirt made her appear, Duke used a long red rope as a belt that made wide wraps around her waist. He also adjusted her buttoning to emphasize her cleavage.

“This will be your new uniform for when I’m on the road or in meetings all day. I’ll inform any of the grooms I have sit with you to check this before they turn the lights out or blindfold you. None of them will have sexual privileges with you so there is no need to wonder. This experiment is going to be unique, so we will be scrutinized. Speaking of that, I’ve invited High Lord McMal down this afternoon and we can fill him in on the proposed training method. So, let’s eat.”

Tying her minimally for the meal, they chatted about the intensity of the morning’s session and both seemed very pleased with themselves and each other. May liked the inverted cross bondage, and Duke described how similar the inverted prayer position was. May asked to try it, soon, because it sounded like a challenge. Duke untied her and showed her how it would feel getting into that position when the doorbell rang. 

“Take my shirt off and assume the homage position.”

Duke answered the door and just Jackson McMal was on the other side of the door. Bowing, Duke greeted him with, “I’m honored you could clear your schedule on such short notice High Lord McMal. Welcome and please come in.”

“Hi Duke, and when it’s just us, automatically go to low protocol. Even with the SNAFU, that little exercise you pulled off was well worth the effort and consequences. Their Tac-Team attacked a carryall transport on the highway yesterday, and all they got for it was a hired driver and some more negative scrutiny from Homeland Security and the FBI. We found a low-level mole and plugged another hole in our system. What’s your next move gonna be?”

“That’s part of why I’ve invited you down here. Part of it is the training method for my soon to be partially neglected slave, May, and the plan I have for moving forward with my situation. Part of it is a petition for mentorship from you.”

“From me?”

“Yes Jackson, I’d like to give you open access to this domain, and count you as a friend, over and above the fealty I have to you for all your help. I petition formally to be your groom, like Roy was.”

“You know that this will add even more to your already overflowing plate.”

“I know, but I still want to earn the status Roy had and I know that once I break the momentum, I’ll make a good replacement for Roy.”

“If you’re sure, I accept your petition here and now, between men of honor, and I’ll make the official acceptance of you as my personal groom at your promotional ceremony. Now, I am curious what you’re going to do with May. I can’t believe you’re going to let that much potential go to seed for lack of training. What’s your plan?”

“I’m going to break all the rules Jackson. I’ve talked it over with May, and with a little help she’s going to train herself.”

“She’s what!”

“OK, let’s start at the beginning. You, Lucretia, and others want the type of slave my relaxed training protocol turns out. I’ll never be able to churn out enough slaves all by myself, so I’m going to need some help. Being the newest full groom on the Estates, I’ll have last choice among the waiting apprentices. That means having a low percentile chance of getting the right personality fit for the type of training I’ll be teaching them. I’m not giving up hope of finding a good apprentice, but I am being realistic about my chances. So, thinking back to the fact that Roy started training me from a beginner groom on up, I decided to do the same thing. I’m going to pick and choose from the ranks of beginner grooms and teach them my method first before I teach them the high and low protocol forms. I want their minds flexible and open to a different way. Then I’m going to double them up into rotating teams to work with May, to form a camaraderie and to instill a little friendly competition. I will actually show May what I want her to accomplish when I have the time to be with her, and then turn two or more beginner grooms loose on her with very specific instructions on how to assist her in training herself. She is determined to show me that she can do this for me, and this method will work like a hydra. I will instruct her and the beginner grooms. She will train herself and be an inspiration to each pair of beginner grooms to learn how to entice this level of service out of a new slave. These beginner grooms will also be able to watch and assist me train the acquisitions we bring in from our project. They will learn to endear rather than dictate, control rather than coerce, encourage rather than belittle and all of them will progress further, and faster than I could train any one of them individually.”

“I see you’ve thought this through. So it all hinges on May’s desire to please, is that the gist of it?”

“Yes, Jackson. Would you like to question her on her commitment?”

“I think that’s necessary and appropriate at this junction. Let’s go take a soak in that jacuzzi.”

“Of course, Jackson. Let me untie May and, …”

“No Duke, I would like to question her alone in the jacuzzi, so if you don’t mind, I’ll see for myself how up on this project she is and where her head’s at with all of this. Here, use my card to access Roy’s computer in your office, and see what kind of holdings you’ve inherited. The last I checked they were impressively extensive. I’ll phone you when I’m done with my interview and then we’ll talk more about your plan. So where is your new slave?”

“She’s in the kitchen area, still ankle bound.”

“I’ll call you when I have my answers.”

Duke left for the office and Jackson went to retrieve May. He untied her ankles, pocketed the rope, picked her up out of homage position and said, “May, I’m surprised that Duke allowed you your sight back so soon. Do you remember who I am?”

“Of course, High Lord McMal,” and she smiled. “How may I serve you?” 

“You must be very pleasing for something like that to occur.”

“M’Lord Groom has his reasons High Lord McMal.”

“And that’s what I’m here to discover. You and I have some talking to do. If I told you to meet me in the jacuzzi what would you do?”

“I would get up, go to the refresher, and get in the jacuzzi and wait for you High Lord McMal.”

“In that outfit?”

“As per what you hypothesized, you didn’t tell me to take them off so I would trust that you had your reasons for wanting them, and me, wet.”

“Good answer May. Now, I want you to get up, go to the refresher, remove all of your clothes, lay them on the back of the couch, slip into some disposable heels, and meet me in the jacuzzi.”

“I’m at your command High Lord McMal.” 

Stripping out of his clothes as he went into the refresher and just throwing them wherever, Jackson watched her strip. She knew now that she had an audience, so she made steady progress, but still managed to make an alluring production out of disrobing. Retrieving and putting on the heels by the heated armoire, she stepped lightly into the jacuzzi and seated herself next to Jackson. He pulled her arms behind her back and crossed and tied her wrists.

“I see Duke beat you today.”

“Yes, High Lord McMal. M’Lord Groom Duke does such a wonderful job of beating me. I love each and every mark he puts on me.”

“So, you like being beat?”

“High Lord McMal, I would say it goes beyond liking, to a strong desire for and a deep satisfaction from being beat by M’Lord Groom Duke.”

“Then it’s just Duke that you like to get beat by?”

“High Lord McMal, I remember fondly being flogged by you and the other ones, High Lord Sung and High Lady Vinzini. I will always smile to myself when I remember that day. Would you like to beat me again High Lord McMal?”

“So soon after Duke beat you?”

“I liked your touch High Lord McMal.”

“Another good answer May. Where didn’t Duke beat you this morning?”

“High Lord McMal, M’Lord Groom Duke had my hands tied in the inverted cross position, so my back was not touched during this morning’s beating.”

“Good, then I’ll beat you there. Go dry off and then retrieve me a robe. I’ll get out when you hold the robe out for me, and then meet me in the playroom,” and he untied her wrists.

“I am at your command High Lord McMal,” and she did as she was bid.

In the playroom Jackson tied her wrists to the whipping post. He selected several whips from the cabinet and began to warm her up with the same heavy bull-hyde flogger that Duke had used on her earlier. As he built up his intensity, he asked May more questions.

“May, Duke tells me that you believe that with his guidance and the help of some beginner grooms that you can train yourself as well as a full groom could train you? Tell me about this.”

“Well, High Lord McMal, --- (puffing, and panting) --- I want to please M’Lord Groom Duke, and --- (low moans) --- and I know he is not going to have time, with everything he has to do, to train me the way he would have for Master Roy, --- (more moans of pleasure) --- so we came up with this plan for him to show me, --- Oh Yes, yes --- how to do things, and when he is busy I would work extra hard, --- Oh High Lord McMal that feels so good (moan) --- to make him proud of me, and learn what I needed to do to please him on my own, --- Oh, (moan and whimper with pleasure) --- oh, you see, I will be training myself to please him with my performance and desire to serve.”

May writhed throughout the beating, but never to move away from the whip, but to feel the effect of the whip strokes on the skin of her back and the muscles underneath. Even when Jackson switched to a braided cat-of-nine-tails, May still did not object to the much harsher pain with each stroke, but moved, writhed and wriggled to appreciate what the pain was telling her.

“So, May, --- WHACK --- you can do, --- WHACK --- what no other slave, --- WHACK --- has ever even considered doing. --- WHACK --- You can train --- WHACK --- yourself. --- WHACK --- Is that what you’re ---WHACK --- telling me? ---WHACK --- WHACK

“OH god, oh yes High Lord, (moan) McMal, (whimper with heavy panting) I can do it for (long loud moan) for my Duke, I mean M’Lord Groom Duke, (Oooh) forgive me High Lord McMal, (whimper) please.”

Jackson pocketed the Cat and went to examine the scored marks left by that brutal whip. May was panting and writhing, but not shirking away from his examination, and when he grabbed some hair and pulled her head back, she was smiling. 

She looked into his eyes and said, “I told you I liked your touch High Lord McMal, thank you.” And she continued to smile and whimper at the same time.

“I take it you’ve never been kissed by a Cat-of-nine-tails before?”

“High Lord McMal, you took my virginity with that whip. Thank you.”

“What you said about this plan that you and Duke have in mind, do you really feel that it will work?”

“I want so badly to please him and make him look good in your eyes and the eyes of the other High Ones, that I’ll work even harder than I would have before to make this work. I swear High Lord McMal.”

“I think I believe you. You are pungent with pheromones, but I detect no fear scent on you. I’ve come to recognize that over the years, and you seem to believe everything you’ve said. You’ve maintained discipline, with just that one slip, even during a beating with a Cat. You have a good focus of mind, so I believe you want to do this. With you and Duke, I believe that this might work.”

Jackson called Duke back in and when he got there, he examined May’s back and then raised an eyebrow to Jackson.

“Duke, she took a full on beating with a Cat, and the whole time she maintained discipline and convinced me that she wants to do this for you, so you’ll look good in my eyes. She also convinced me that she has the will and focus to train herself to your exacting standards. I’m behind this plan now. What do you need from me?”

“Would you mind if we adjourned to the refresher. I’d like to get her something to drink, in a robe and laying down for her aftercare.”

“Good idea.”

Duke untied her wrists, threw her over his shoulder and carried her into the couch area of the refresher. There he found and rubbed some antiseptic ointment onto her entire back, got her into a warmed robe and laid her belly down on the couch. Using some reflexology on her feet he put May into a light slumber and then the two men talked.

“I had no idea she was a virgin to the Cat! She took it like a seasoned slave would. You’ve done a good job on teaching her to appreciate pain.”

“She likes the endorphins, and she likes pain because I want her to like pain. It’s the same with the bondage. She likes it because I like it.”

“I think it may be a little beyond that, but I’ll admit she does like it. So, what do you need from me?”

“The main reason why my system works is that I hook them on good sex, mixing bondage and pain with endorphins and other neurotransmitters, just when the bonding of the victim to her captor is at its height. Just when the Stockholm syndrome starts to set in, if the victim gets a good dose of extreme helplessness, to emphasize that they will never escape or be set free, then they are at their most vulnerable. At this time if you change their focus from ‘poor-poor-pitiful-me’ to one of lust and intense sexual pleasure, then they start to accept slave training as the next logical progression in their lives. This is one of the reasons why the darkness discipline works so well. It makes them trust on a level higher than they would under similar circumstances. Now at this point I add positive feedback to the equation, and you have the beginnings of a May, or your slave Brigit that I trained for you. They’re expecting to be browbeat into submission, but if you make them think that submission will get them more good sex, more endorphins and the right kind of neurotransmitters, then they’ll gladly do whatever you want them to do.

 “So, if I’m going to train up some beginner grooms, I’ll need them to get trained by the harridans and under-utilized slaves, so they wield more than their hard-on when they start to assist me with the new slaves. I need this crash course to be very intensive for them, and they need to learn to separate lust from duty. Maybe if a harridan or two shows them, in say, two shifts a day how to manipulate an older more jaded slave, then it seems to me that in a short time they could use that training on a younger, newer, more naive slave. This would be the rigor with any apprentices I hire too. 

“I’ll also need a training facility other than my home for my new groom corps. It would need minimal individual cells for a dozen, rooms for at least a half a dozen on-site grooms, an expanded playroom, maybe three to four times the size of this one, a larger refresher too, and an on-site strategy room and office. A security system a grade more intense than this one, the new darkness discipline system, and upgraded slave pens for the ones that do well. Is that too much to ask for?”

“We’ll see. I’ll have to go back to my place and crunch some numbers and see about the resources available, but like I said, I’m behind this plan. I want at least two of the first dozen for my household. I won’t ask for the prettiest, but I will ask for the second and third best. The best will be our double agent, but we’ll talk more about that later. A lot is riding on your shoulders Duke. We’re both going out on a limb here.

“By the way, how long can you keep her out like that by just rubbing her feet?”

“Until my hands cramp up to the point where I can’t physically feel them anymore. It’s just a matter of pressure points against the right parts of her foot. Considering the whopping load of endorphins in her system, any relaxation therapy will put her right out. This is a good aftercare therapy because it keeps her from moving around and gives her body’s natural healing processes a chance to catch up from the shock of beatings like she got today. One day when I can breathe, I’ll teach it to you.”

“So, did you get the chance to see what you inherited?”

“Before I forget, here’s your card back. Oh my god! Among everything else, Roy owned a brothel in Nevada? I broke up laughing at the irony of that one. The rest of the list was impressive. I had no idea just how rich he was with his investments. The reality is, I could afford to cash everything in and buy a full membership in the Estates. I could become a High Lord.”

“Give it some thought Duke. I know you’d have the votes for acceptance. We would be honored to have you, and you really wouldn’t have to cash everything in. Most, but not everything.”

“Thanks Jackson, but you know, I’m happy where I am. I have everything and more that I could ever want, and a life of leisure would slowly drive me to drink myself into an early grave. No, like Roy, I’ll stay in the trenches and continue to live the adventure. Did he ever say why he never bought a full membership?”

“The same reason you just gave. He had everything he wanted. He was happy and useful. Some men just have to keep their hands in it instead of on it. We’d be lucky either way with you. Think it through and I’ll support your decision either way.”

“No, I’m good. Besides, you need me for this project of ours.”

“Okay Duke, I’m going to take off and run some numbers. Take good care of our girl there. She’s a jewel.”

“Thanks for dropping by Jackson.”

He waved as he picked up his clothes and headed for the door.

Stripping the robe off his wet noodle of a slave, Duke examined the cross hatching on her back. There were several blood blisters where the tails crossed previous impacts, but there would be no scarring. That blessing didn’t mean she wouldn’t be sore for a couple of days. She would. Few could take a Cat, and even fewer could learn to like it.

Duke woke May up and got her into the shower. They washed each other off and May got a chance to not only soap his body up but to actually see it for the first time. He was taller in the light, maybe four or so inches over six foot, and his shoulders were much broader than they were in the dark. His waist was tapered but thick, and his abs were flat. He was hairier than she’d imagined. She knew he had hair on his body of course, but in the light his fine hair was denser than she had suspected. His hair was a chestnut brown, all over and not one gray hair could she spot. Even his pubes were brown and not black. His feet were wide and long, and his legs made her knees weak. Those hands of his looked oversized now in the light and his nails were neatly done. And his arms! Now, we’re talking biceps. She was blessed with a strong man. This man was perfect. Could she ever be enough for a man like this? She would try. She so wanted to be the woman he called for in the night. Anything and everything for this man. 

Duke teased her thighs to get her endorphins pumped back up, and then mauled her tits for a while. She loved it when he did that. He never hurt her with those big hands of his and she couldn’t get enough of him playing with her like this. 

With both of them in warmed soft robes, and her hands re-tied behind her back, Duke led her, barefoot, into the kitchen for dinner.

Jackson tested her.

She passed with flying colors.

For her love of Duke.

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