Her Captor

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; training; slave; bond; rope; tease; cane; whip; flogger; cons; X

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Chapter 15: First Sight

She waits patiently

for lights to illuminate

her lover’s true face.

Duke stripped her wet clothes off and after a shower; he fed her. He allowed her to stay bundled in the warm robe while he told her things that he and Roy reminisced about.

“For the longest time he was ‘uncle’ Roy. My mother had a devotion to Roy that I always felt was unusual, but he was so good to us that it didn’t matter. When I enlisted in the Army, over 20 years ago, just in time for the first Gulf War I went to sniper school. I was good, so I rose quickly. After two tours I seemed to start going from one specialty school to another without ever being assigned anywhere for more than a couple of months. Those brief periods of dead-time were usually the time it took for another one of those specialty classes to open up and start a new cycle. Roy would write to me regularly and always seemed well-informed on my progress. I was young then and full of myself, but no matter what I did Roy always seemed to have a finger in the pot.

“That last night he told me how big of a part he had in getting me those specialty schools and how he had pulled serious strings to keep me from going to Leavenworth.” 

“What did you do to get threatened with a prison like that?”

“Let’s just make a long story very short and say that while on special duty assignment, I caught a Light-Bird Colonel sodomizing and beating a nine-year-old girl.”

“What did you do?”

“I pulled him outside and shot him in the head. There was a real stink because of how well he was connected to the Pentagon crowd. Suffice it to say I got a dishonorable discharge due to the political maneuvering of me not doing any time for the assassination, and again Roy was there for me. He explained what a mark on my record like that would do to my chances of a decent career. So instead, he offered me a job where I’d get paid six figures to start, just for an oath of secrecy. I’d get full medical, living expenses, and I’d get to screw as many beautiful women as I wanted to screw.”

“So, how’d that work out for you?”

They both laughed. May thought it was good to hear him laugh and she was determined to try and get him to do it more often. He untied her, took her robe off and pinged her cell. While she went there, he got her more clothes.

This time it was a satin and stretch lace bustier, wide satin garter-belt, stockings, side-tie panties, another pair of opera-length satin gloves and an expensive pair of six-inch T-strap pumps. May suspected that they all matched but she’d just have to wait and see. 

May was so excited about being able to see again. She knew she’d still have to complete a lot of her training under the darkness discipline. She knew it built muscle memory and that would be an aid to her. Duke had explained to her the psychology behind it and even though she didn’t like it, she had to agree that it did make the subject, her, focus her mind to accomplish things that seemed common and trivial. She’d do it for her Duke though and do it to the best of her ability. She’d turn herself into everything he could ever want in a slave.

To May’s surprise, Duke positioned her arms so that her crossed wrists were high and in between her shoulder blades. He tied them there with the same efficiency that he did when he tied them lower on her back. To hold them in position he added wraps around her chest and arms to keep her wrists high on her back.

“This is called an inverted cross. You’re limber enough to wear this comfortably for quite a while. This should last you until the lights come up and you can see what you’re wearing.”

“M’Lord Groom Johan suggested that you like having your women costumed for your enjoyment. Do you like to see me wear sexy things for you?”

“Yes, May, I’m always interested in accentuating what a woman displays with her body. Nudity has its place, as you well know, but lingerie and costuming, in an environment like this, makes the attraction and closeness so much more than just skin. I’m fascinated by the chameleon like powers women have with clothes, hair and make-up.”

“Actually Duke, I like your skin. A lot! I love wearing whatever you want to see me in, but it’s special for me when you are naked and I’m wearing something that you find sexy. Have I mentioned how hot it is when you tie me and take my clothes from me, or cut and shred them off when I’m tied for you?”

“Admit it,” he mockingly chided, “you just like to be tied up.”

In a shocked Hollywood voice, with a bit of a southern drawl added for affect, she replied. “Why YES, M’Lord Groom Duke, my Duke, I do like to be tied by you. Would you do it more often, kind sir?”

“My little endorphin junkie.”

“I like it when you refer to me using the possessive, ‘mine’. That’s an instant oxytocin burst of knee-weakening lust.”

“Okay, I’ve got another idea. You said Karl had a good touch when it came to tying you up, right? And Vince had potential.”

“Yes Duke, but they’re just beginner grooms, aren’t they?”

“They’ve got to start somewhere. The problem with bringing them in before was the light issue. Both still need their sight to tie properly. Neither has enough experience to do it by touch, yet. With you gaining your sight back so soon, I can start the two of them off as co-grooms, so they play off each other as they work with you. I do need to start training some grooms in my experimental protocol, especially with this mission escalating the way it is predicted to. You could wear a blindfold and do your practice training then, with the two of them watching you. It would be better than a single apprentice groom. They don’t need to teach you what you need to do, they’ll just have to watch you practice, and report to me later.

“DUKE! Would you move your hand again? I thought I saw something.”

He made several gesticulations, some small, some larger but she gave no response.


“No, I guess it was my imagination and wishful thinking. Duke, may I ask a question?”

“Sure, we’re on the lowest of protocols now. Just talk to me normally.”

“Why do you like to see me sit with my legs crossed at the knee? I thought all guys wanted instant access to my pussy, so I’ve always been told to keep my legs accessible for touching and fondling.”

“May, open your legs wide.”

She instantly spread her legs to over 90-degrees of separation for him.

“See, that’s all it takes to get your legs apart for, how did you put it, touching and fondling. Now cross them again. May, it’s all about the differences between the sexes. Your wider pelvic girdle gives you the ability to comfortably cross your legs like that. Men can do it, but it is difficult sometimes and for the most part uncomfortable, unless you are really thin. Because I enjoy looking at the differences between us, I have you accentuate your femininity by crossing them like that. I think it looks hot. You’ll only rarely feel me tie your legs open and to the chair legs. I prefer to see that angle from your wider hips as it tapers down to your slim ankles. Highlighting that angle with horizontal ropes just emphasizes that femininity I was speaking of. I tie you to make you even more female than you already are. I like that you are female and I’m not. I could never enjoy tying a man up. There’s something unattractive about it for me. I don’t blame the ones that do. That turns them on and that makes it alright for them. I just prefer to tie up women. I like the differences.”

“Then that works out splendidly for me, because all I want to be is all the woman you want and need. I like how my tits draw your hands to them. I like the way my waist is getting more of that hourglass shape when you put a corset on me. I like that my wider hips excite you when I cross my legs and I like the way my legs are appreciated by you. I like being a woman for you because I love you. I love what you do to me. I love how you make me feel. I feel whole and complete when you tie me and take me for your pleasure. There are no games with you. You want me, you take me, and that makes me very happy and content.”

“Good, then it’s time for another one of those little differences. It’s time for a crotch-rope-walk.” Duke double pinged the playroom and followed her there.

When they got there, May exclaimed, “A, --- what? O – M – G Duke! Please move your hand or whatever you moved before you said that. This time I’m sure I saw something.”

“Anything?” And Duke stood perfectly still. 

“No, nothing. I’m sorry, I just thought, …”

This time Duke did make a sweeping gesture with his arms.

“There! There it was again. I did see something. This time I’m sure. It looked like a maroon-tinged shadow moving in a darkened room, but I saw something. Oh Duke, I’m not blind!” And May started to cry.

While she was experimenting with trying to see more and more, Duke took a hundred feet of rope, doubled it up and after tying an anchor loop in one end, he started tying overhand knots in the doubled strands about every nine inches apart, all the way down the length. He then used a short rope to attach the anchor loop to the thicker, whipping post pole, just a little under waist height for May. Running the knotted rope diagonally across the playroom, Duke had May come over and positioned the knotted rope between her legs. Tying it off to the thinner bondage pole so that it was firmly lodged between her labial lips and up against her clitoris he went over and picked up a squeeze bottle of lube. Using both hands to lube up the knotted rope and May’s crotch, he slathered everything up until it was slick and slippery. 

Wiping his hands off on a towel, he said, “Now walk May.”

“Wow, --- Oh WOW, --- woo, --- Ooowie, --- Whoa, whoa, whoa, --- woo, --- O – M – G, --- Oh, --- Oh, --- OH!” and that went on as she walked her clitoris over each knot until she got to the other end. 

Duke took a thinner string and attached it to the knotted rope with a lark’s-head loop. He helped May step over the knotted rope, turn around and then re-straddle it. This time as she walked, he used the vertical rope at the other end to quickly heighten a few knots to make her squeal a little more as she rubbed herself over them. He had her go back again and by this time the effect was taking its toll, and several times she had to stop and catch her breath and balance. About the middle of the fourth trip across, May just shuddered and collapsed into Duke’s arms as she had a very dynamic orgasm. Helping her off the knotted rope, Duke had her kneel on the prayer bench and strapped her legs to the padded kneeler. 

Going over to the cabinet, he got out several sizes of canes all made of different materials. Starting off with very light and rhythmical taps from the short twin Delrin canes, he started to warm May up for a good caning. He worked over the backside of her lower body from just above her knees to just below her hips and tailbone. He was specifically trying not to welt her, just get the pain receptors firing so that she started pumping some endorphins into her system. Reaching down he made a point of mauling her butt-cheeks and then going back to the tapping. He played rhythms, like she was a drum, and he the drummer. He did the slow chaotic mind-bending arrhythmical taps in so divergent an area that she had no idea where the next one would fall.

All the while he was doing this, he would stroke the sides of her breasts, and reach up, grab a handful of her hair and make a fist in the thick of it pulling her head back for a sloppy but quick kiss.

When he considered her warmed up enough, he took a thick heavy rod of rubber and started making horizontal welts across the backs of each thigh, one side at a time using just the end of the rubber rod. He knew that trying to cane both legs at a time, with such a flexible cane, would result in poorly controlled tip marks on the opposite leg he was hitting. Besides, he had to artfully avoid the clasps holding her stockings to her suspenders. Tipping the wrong leg and hitting the clasps would have been unprofessional and Roy had broken him of that sloppy habit early in his training.

May just howled with each impact, but although he knew each one hurt, they were not debilitating or more than surface injurious. He wasn’t hitting her hard enough for the deep bruising effect this cane could produce.

Next came the long thin very whippy polycarbonate cane that delivered sharp crisp stings that were all surface pain. This one didn’t weigh enough to bruise deeply. May started ooowing and ouching as this thin cane stung the areas of skin between the welts from the heavier cane. Duke continued to touch, grope and play with the rest of her body, paying particular attention to the areas above her waist. 

“Oh god Duke, (panting) your hands do such magic things to me,” and with that Duke cupped his hand over her mouth long enough for her to shut up and then he laid a long passionate kiss on her lips, playing dancing-tongues with her. Then molding his hand back over her lips, he ran the fingernails of his other hand over the welted flesh of her thighs. May sang out under his improvised gag and made her sensitivity to his ministrations loudly known.

Picking up the flogger of heavy bull hyde, he ran the soft tails over her unblemished butt-cheeks. This made her wriggle and push her butt out to feel more of the sensations. Using swings that caught May under her butt-cheeks and pulled them up with the full impact, he flogged her until she was moaning and begging him to hit her harder and harder. After increasing the speed of his impacts, because he couldn’t adjust the weight of the whip or the surface impact any more to make her feel it was hitting harder, she moaned her pleasure, continuing to thrust her butt out for her beating.

Unstrapping her from the prayer bench, Duke pulled her to her feet and helped her wobble over to the audience couch where he sat her on his right thigh so he could tickle and tease her freshly beaten flesh. When he got tired of fighting her squirming, he scooted over and flipped her onto her belly so that she was lying in the classic OTK posture. Holding her down with his left hand, he tormented her dramatically over-sensitized flesh with his right hand. An occasional swat with his heavy hand got her to grinding her pubes against his thigh and whimpering for more play. Duke fingered her into an orgasm, and then instead of letting her calm down, he continued to play with her pussy, fingering her G-Spot first and then changing hand position with her clitoris until she just started popping off orgasm after orgasm. He was relentless. Even though she begged for a break to catch her breath, he just kept up the body-wracking sensation play, moving from direct stimulation to re-sensitization of her bruised flesh, to finally tickling her.

Flipping her over, Duke started making out with her, letting his lips do all the stimulating. He whispered little endearments directly into her ear, lightly blowing his hot breath all around her ear, making her shiver and tremble. Finally, he pulled her up to where she had a knee on each side of him and lowered her super-soaked pussy onto his hard-on and just started to push little strokes into her until she started bouncing up and down using her colorful thighs to power her motion.

“Duke, (panting and squealing), I can see your face! (giggling) It’s dim, like we’re in a dark room, but if I concentrate, I can make out your basic features. (shortened puffing breath) Oh Duke, you are so beautiful, and handsome, and wonderful, and HOT!” (panting and moaning)

“It looks like a dark room because we’re in a dark room, silly woman. It’ll continue to brighten, slowly, until you can see more and more, --- slow your strokes and lengthen them, --- that’s better.”

He pulled the cups of her bustier down and really started to torment her tits. This brought out another dimension of moaning appreciation. Using his fingernails to pinch the surface of her skin he tormented her tits until she came again. Suddenly Duke stopped.

“May, no more pumping. Stop. Good. Now using just your vaginal muscles on my dick, and your mind on the bondage, I want you to come from the knowledge of your helplessness. I won’t touch you with my hands. You should have been working on this for me. Now, just concentrate on your bonds.”

It didn’t take May long before she was spasming with a wracking orgasm as she pulled on her wrists bound high up between her shoulder blades. Duke was impressed and kissed her. He continued to pump into her then until he splashed his load inside of her. Then he just rested, housed inside of her as she milked his fading erection.

Setting her off his lap but still in a kneeling position on the couch, Duke got up and lit a cigar. She saw the flare of his blue-flamed butane torch and the awesome glowing yellow-orange of the cigar ember as he puffed it to ignition. 

“There, is that better?”

“My Duke, I never realized how bright that simple thing was until now. I love the smell of a good cigar, and I got an even better look at your face when you stoked that stogie up.”

“This is no stogie. This is a hand-rolled Prima Esclava, from Cuban leaves that the A-H Estates flies in. We fly the leaf in, in bulk, and the chattel roll them for us. That’s one of the skills you will have to learn later on, because it tickles me to think of smoking something rolled on your bruised thighs.”

“My Duke, you did a wonderful job of bruising them this time. The endorphins from this one are making me giddy, not to mention the excitement from my returning vision. Seeing your features flare to life with each puff you take is so endearing. There’s something so masculine about the combination of heavy musky pheromones and the smell of a good cigar. Your celebratory cigar after taking your woman. It makes me shiver with lust for you, my Duke. You are so beautiful.”

“And so are you. Go look for yourself.” 

Duke double pinged the refresher. This time she didn’t need to count her steps, but May did anyway out of force of habit. She could see where she was going this time. It was still dark, but she could make out shapes and guided herself by those landmarks. She remembered every corner and door frame that she had collided with as she maneuvered in the dark. This time she just skirted by them with surety. 

Once in the refresher she saw that past Roy’s barber chair and back by the dressing table were full-length mirrors. May slinked around the chair and stood close to the mirrors looking at herself, twisting and turning to see all sides of her appearance. She was right. The bustier was yellow with black lace side panels and trim with a matching garter-belt. Her heels were a patent-yellow and even the gloves were shiny yellow. Her ropes were black, like the trim on this lingerie and just highlighted everything. Her hose were just slightly darker than her skin tone and she could make out some early bruising on the back of her thighs. She did feel very beautiful and desired looking like this. She loved the way the bondage looked on her, and how it felt when she pulled on it as she was looking at it. May posed in several classic positions, from pin-up poses to the silliness of bending over at the waist and looking at herself between her legs. Before she could do much more, Duke double pinged her cell. 

Arriving back at her cell she found out that she had a full-length mirror on the wall. She saw that her bed was more like a low, long cage with a sofa cushion on it and a sofa back cushion on the floor of the cage. Standing in those heels was a wobbly chore, especially with Duke tugging at the ropes that were binding her as he released her. Duke then stripped her. This simple thing made May feel so cherished and appreciated. She watched him as best she could in the mirror, marveling at his talent and experience. 

Crooking a finger at her, he said, “Bring your heels and the clothes I just took off of you and follow me.”

In the next cell down the hall, May saw her closet for the first time. Two rows of hanging outfits ran ¾ of the way along the front and back walls. Short cabinets lined the walls under the clothes. Two dressers stood along the back wall, and a bureau, while shallower drawers stood along the front wall. On the far side of the room was a wide floor to ceiling mirror with two narrow fold-out mirrors to give her a more rounded image.

“Roy wanted you to be a fashion accessory for his entertainment. I like most of his choices, especially the lingerie, leather wear and evening attire, but his ideas on costuming leaves me a little cold. Over time we’ll go through those and I’ll discard the ones that I suspect will look either hideous or silly on you. I’m a little befuddled about how a ‘Little-Bo-Peep’ outfit with frilly petticoats and full pantaloons can ever be sexy. Maybe it was a different imprinting for someone his age. We’re also going to ‘86’ the jodhpurs and the flat heeled riding boots. Some of the blouses we’ll keep for special scenes, but you’ll see when you and I start going through what he was collecting for you to wear for him that his choices were a little dated. Naturally, I’ll be ordering things for you that are more suited to my tastes, like more stiletto heeled boots. I’m also fonder of vinyl than Roy was. I like shiny. Shiny on you looks hot. I also need to order you some sandals. I like sandals, but Roy liked pumps more. Luckily for me, both of us have, had, shoe fetishes. I’m automatically sending back every pair of mules that Roy got you and having straps that buckle around your foot sewn on them. Like your body, I like your feet in full bondage. Helpless feet add to a helpless body. I’m also ‘86’ing all the slacks, jeans and leather pants. I know. I’ll just make Daisy-Dukes out of the jeans and either trade in or have those leather pants turned into very short, leather short-shorts. Yea that’s what I’ll do with them. I’m also getting rid of all the catsuits in the collection. Roy liked them; I don’t. Considering who and what you are, I cannot see you ever wearing long pants again in your life. Short-shorts yes, and often, but the only times I want those legs of yours covered is with an evening gown or long boots. And pantyhose don’t count as being covered.”

“Oh Duke, just listening to you makes me want to dress as beautifully for you as possible, and always be alluring so that you’ll want to ravish me whenever you get the chance. I can’t wait to try out the make-up at that dressing table in the refresher. I liked it when you did my eyes those times, but I want to do my own make-up to excite you and please your sense of fashion, unless you really want to do my face for me,” and May giggled.

“Good, let’s go try a jacuzzi on those thighs, and at least take a sauna and a shower before we come back here. Then I’ll select something for you to wear to lunch. I’ll choose your bonds accordingly.”

She thinks he’s handsome

beautiful but quite rugged

now that she can see.

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