Her Captor

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; M+/f; training; slave; flogger; oral; sex; bond; rope; blindfold; corset; lingerie; tease; cons; X

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Chapter 11: More Surprises on Day Three

He wakes her with sex

she loves being used by him

and it gets better

May woke up to someone holding one of her knees and telling her to keep the other knee as far apart as possible. Groggy but trying to obey, she lifted up and felt Duke fanning something that was pushing cooler air across her crotch. Just then something descended onto her pussy and her world lit up. She was no longer tired or confused. She was fully awake and still very helpless.

“I said keep your legs open.”

“Yes Duke.”

He continued to use short, quick, fanning strokes with a soft suede flogger on her most tender flesh. After twenty or so hits with the little tormentor he moved down and gave her pussy some lips-to-lips resuscitation. When she started to buck her hips into his face, he re-positioned himself and imitated a pile driver, using long heavy strokes to pump into her until he came. Lying still, deep inside of her, he listened as she made whimpering little endearments thanking him for such a beautiful wake-up call.

“Good morning May.”

“O – M – G Duke, you are so wonderful. I love being woken up just to be used by you. I’m helpless and disheveled and you still find me attractive and desirable enough just to use me for your needs. I love that. Nothing starts a day off better than a quick endorphin rush and having your brains pushed out of your vagina and back into your head where they belong. Being tied all night gives me such magnificent dreams, and then to have them come true with a man like you, how lucky can a girl get?”

“Well, that was a mouthful. How about some exercise and then some breakfast? After that, guess what? I’m going to tie you up again. You game?”

“My Duke, I’m game for anything you want to do to me, anytime that you want to do it to me. Just lead me M’Lord Groom and this slave will happily follow you and do whatever it takes to make you happy.”

Duke continued doing his preparations for this upcoming kidnapping while May exercised, scheduling three auditions with beginner grooms for that afternoon. May would be the model and they would have to display their abilities to make her helpless. He made other plans but that was the only one that affected May or his time with May. The rest of the day he’d work on bondage positions with May, and then teach her how to fast-step her pace from room to room.

May chattered about her observations of her bruises during her yoga exercises, and how much fun she was having feeling this way. She speculated on Roy and thought that if he was the one that taught Duke, then he must be really good with all of this stuff.

“What’s his favorite thing he’ll use on me Duke?”

“He likes all of them, but I think you’ll be pleased to know that he prefers a hard cane made from an aluminum shaft to everything else. That’s why I gave you a taste of it yesterday morning. Roy is really good with canes and when he gets on a roll, he can use eight to ten different canes on you during one session and make the pain play out like a melody from an instrument.”

“Eight to ten canes - - - in one session? Wow.”

“He’ll use a short thin cane of coated fiberglass, a long thick heavy one that I call his walking stick, his aluminum shaft cane, a long whippy poly-carbonate cane, his twin flexible Delrin canes, his heavy round rubber cane and who knows what else? He has quite a private collection of canes and sjamboks, not to mention the other whips, quirts, crops, paddles and floggers he’s collected over the decades. The rest of his collection of sundry instruments is truly awe inspiring.”

“What instruments?”

“Oh, nipple-clamps, knives, various scrapers from fur to sandpaper, clothespins of every shape and size you can imagine, feather dusters, Wurttemberg wheels, friction gloves, vampire gloves, rose thorn stems, dildos and vibrators, tens units, violet wands, electro-stim units, and lord knows what else he has in those cabinets. He has a museum collection of ancient instruments of torture, but he never uses them. To Roy, this is not torture, this is stimulation so that he and the woman he’s playing with will have a good time and it will make the interpersonal fun they have more fun.”

“And how much of that will he use on me?”

“Everything, eventually, except for the torture devices.”

“Wow! Being Master’s slave sounds like it has its perks.”

“Alright little slave girl, it’s time for breakfast, then a JS&S session, and then for your first bondage session. Yesterday you mentioned an old print from the middle of the 20th century by John Willie. I did a little research last night and with what we have here I think I can reproduce that bondage for you.”

“Oh Duke, really? I’ve always wanted to be tied like she was. You can do that for me?”

“Not just for you May. Anyway, in the print there’s a blonde, but she’s not quite as blonde as you with your platinum locks, so I decided to put you in a brassy blonde wig. She’s wearing a black corset with attached garters, long black gloves, a see-though bra with black trim, tan hosiery and black high heels with little bows decorating the toes. She’s gagged, with a white cloth cleave gag. I can reproduce this almost exactly with the exception of the bows on the shoes, which was a 50’s style. In the print, her panties have been shredded off and the tatters are trapped in the ropes around her pelvic girdle and the bra cup covering her left breast has been torn off. To save the lingerie, I’ll just remove one of your breasts and not give you any panties to begin with. I have a number in mind for how long I want you to stand there, but in the print, she looks worn and haggard, so it will be a while. There will be ropes around your ankles, ropes crossed over your shins, ropes wound around your thighs which wind up to cross your Mons and that long rope continues up to tightly wind around your waist and upper arms. It appears that your wrists and arms are tightly tied to the pole so that they are parallel to the pole and finally ropes circle your chest, above your tits and hold you tighter to the pole. Is that how you remember the print?”

“Duke, I’m amazed! Your eye for detail is astounding. To me, it was just a blonde, in tight black clothes, tied to a pole. Now that you’ve given me the details like that, I’m sure we’re talking about the same print. Wow! You’re the most wonderful man I could ever imagine. When can we get started?”

They got started right after they got cleaned up. Duke had rendered the apartment dark again, got her dressed, strung her up on the bar to tighten the corset she’d be wearing and then let her down. While he tied her like the print, he talked to her. It was one sided because she was already gagged, but this was for her education.

“This is something that grooms are called on to do fairly regularly for a certain set of the High Lords. We reproduce specific images for the High Lords. For whatever reason, these images have imprinted on them something very erotic. Some used to have life-sized images sculpted into statues for their private quarters. In fact, if memory serves, this very image is a statue on the grounds. Maybe Roy will take you there one day and show it to you when he allows you sight again. At any rate, some of the High Lords wanted living sculptures after seeing these, and it’s been up to the grooms to reproduce these living sculptures. We have a very extensive library on our servers, considering we have a backdoor into the library at the Kinsey Institute. We have to do research all the time for some High Lord’s project, study the image, find the costumes or duplicate them as closely as possible and then tie the slave of choice, who has to match the image in the picture. On several occasions, the High Lord just ponied up the modeling fee and we brought the exact model in and reproduced the image he wanted to see on her. Some of the bondage models out there are real pros, coming out of retirement sometimes for special gigs like these. It’s amazing what unlimited resources can do.”

When May was totally helpless in her special pose, Duke used his fingers to bring her close to orgasm, and then let her calm down. He did this several times until May was frantic.

“Like I said, in the print the blonde looks worn and haggard, so I thought I’d add another layer of realism to this living sculpture. Now, let’s see if your mind really does power that beautiful body of yours. Your assignment for the time being is to see if you can use just the feel of the ropes and the stimulus I’ve offered to get yourself off. I’ll be watching you on camera while I’m working in another room. Try hard to make yourself cum, and if you can, get off as many times as you can. Remember, the capabilities of these cameras will show me the IR images of what areas of your body get hotter than the rest, so I’ll know if you try to fake it or if you’re really getting off. Your time will be determined by how well you please me with this little assignment. As much of a sexual being as you are, it should be easy to do this for me.”

Duke left, closed the door to the playroom, walked down the hall past her cell, past the kitchen and into the refresher where he closed this door, sat on the couch and linked his iPad to the flat-screen TV. He opened two viewing windows and set one to record IR. He watched May on regular low-light TV, and he watched her body under the IR detector that would tell him if she was getting all hot and bothered. He also set it up to record both of these images. While this played out, Duke brought up the individual files on each of the prospective women and plotted the best ways to take them.

To Duke’s delight, May did manage to get herself off several times before she just slumped against the ropes that were holding her up. After a while she came to and straightened up. She fought the ropes for a while, more to re-assure herself that the bondage was inescapable, and then settled down again to just stand there and wait for the next aftershock.

A half hour before lunch Duke closed all of his files and typed up part of the day’s report. The chattel had finished up the kitchen area and waited in homage position until Duke signed off on her duty list. He dismissed her and she left. He then went into the playroom and with a large Hitachi vibrator rocked May’s world. He started to untie her and had to wait until she could at least stand on her own again. Duke then walked behind her into the kitchen area, tied her ankles but left her otherwise unbound. He also loosened but did not remove her corset.

“So how did you like being a living sculpture?”

“Duke, my Duke, it was exhausting but it was so wonderful I can barely wait to do it again. I got off on my own so many times, and all I was thinking about is how wonderful it was to be desired enough for someone to go to that much trouble to make me look beautiful like that. The ropes and gag helped focus me, but the thought of being someone’s object of desire did the work.”

“So, I think this is something you should work on. You, in bondage is always special in my mind. Now I’m not talking about the simple stuff we do when I feed you, or for when you are tied for sleep, or for the JSS time, but for those sessions where I dress you up in something special and tie you up for my pleasure. I want you to start using those sessions to heighten your sexuality so that just the act of tying you in some special way will be enough to get you excited enough to come. Do you think you can do this for me?”

“I love it when you tie me up anytime, even for the simple things, but I think I can build that route from my brain to my vagina that makes it easier for me to associate ropes and leather with my sexual being. You will have to tie me up more for that to happen though.”

Both of them laughed at that and just then a gong sounded. Duke got up, got one of her blindfolds and put it on her over her wig. He pulled out his iPhone and dialed a number.

“Hello Dwight. You’ll find some low light goggles on the rack by the door. Put a pair on. The slave here is still new and still under darkness-discipline. This is the new system we’re testing to see if we can move past the hoods. They do some horrible things to a new slave’s complexion. I think blindfolds and the low-light system is the new way. Come in when you’re ready. We’re in the kitchen area and this is a standard luxury apartment.”

When he got to the kitchen, May had crossed her unbound wrists behind her back without being told and knelt there waiting.

“Greetings Duke,” said Dwight, “scuttlebutt suggests that congratulations are in order. Is this an interview or an audition?”

“Actually, it’s a little of both. My first duties as a full groom will be to facilitate a complicated acquisition. I’ve been personally handed the assignment by High Lord McMal and I will need help.”

“If you need help, then this project must be complicated. Thank you for considering me. What will you have me do today?”

“Oh, that’s simple. All you’ll have to do is tie up this slave.”

“She’s quite the beauty for a middle-aged slave. Is she Roy’s?”

“Okay Dwight, considering that you’re just 23 does not mean you can comment on other’s ages, even slaves. We want personal pleasure slaves to think as positively as possible, and no woman likes to be reminded of her age. Yes, May knows she is 37, I obviously know she’s 37, but that’s no excuse to call her middle-aged. Right now, May thinks of herself as a bright and sexual being. She’s as young here as she wants to be, and we, as grooms, want to encourage that. I want May to truly feel that when I look at her, I see a young, beautiful and vibrant woman. She is in my eyes, and she should be in your eyes too. Now, untie her and let’s adjourn to the playroom for some practical applications. As soon as Dwight finished untying her ankles, Duke pinged the playroom and May got up and headed in that direction.

For the audition, Duke had Dwight tie her wrists palm-to-palm, in front and behind her back. He did the same with her crossed wrists, both front and behind her. He made Dwight tie her crossed wrists palm up for the placement of them behind her head. He also had Dwight tie her in the same style of box-tie that she had woken up in that morning. Next, he had him tie her ankles side-by-side, crossed at the ankles, and crossed at the knee. He tied her legs together below the knees, above the knees and just under her crotch high up on her thighs. Duke tested the tightness of the wraps and the cinch on everything, talking to Dwight about how he did something right or how he could correct this tie or that tie. He had Dwight tie wraps above her tits, below her tits, and he tied anchor wraps around her waist and bound arms. Dwight tied on several variations of crotch ropes and finally Duke had him tie her legs in a kneeling position, with each leg tied separately or with both of her legs together. Then Duke watched him put on gags, such as a bit gag, various ball-gags, tape gags, with or without stuffing wads in her mouth, penis gags, and ring gags. He purposefully did not test him on the inflatables.

All the while Duke talked to him asking him questions on why this tie would be used over another one, or why that tie was advantageous to accomplish something special. Duke quizzed him on the psychologies of bondage and why a good foundation of techniques was so important. Knowing theory is much more important than just knowing how to wrap and knot.

Finally, Duke thanked him and told him to show the next man in as he left. Duke introduced Karl to May and started the same audition with him. A couple of hours later, Karl left and ushered Vince in who took his interview and audition in the exact same way as the other two. After Vince left, Duke pulled May onto the audience couch and just cuddled with her for a while. They necked for a good amount of time and then after tying her wrists behind her, he pinged the kitchen and headed in behind her to start his supper. When he got there, he tied her already crossed ankles.

“You were great this afternoon May, thank you for helping me decide. Could you give me some feedback on what you thought, as the one being bound, of their individual techniques?”

“Duke, I felt like Goldilocks and the three bears. Dwight’s ropes were always just a bit too tight; Vince’s ropes were a bit too loose and Karl’s were just right. He tied like you do, with confidence and a sure hand. The other two were a bit ham-handed compared to you, which is all I’ve got to compare them to with the exception of Master, and he hasn’t done that much to me, yet. So, in my opinion, Karl is the best of the three, and then I’d have to choose Vince.”

“So, why did you choose Vince over Dwight. You said both of them were ham-handed and that Vince’s ropes were too loose.”

“The way I figure it Duke, you can teach Vince how to snug up the bonds, but Dwight was, well, he tied like he had something to prove and there didn’t seem to be any compassion in his wraps. With Vince there was. When Dwight tied me, it felt like he was tying up a mannequin, not a woman. Oh, and thank you so much for defending my honor after he made that age comment. It did sting a little when he said that.”

“I meant what I said. I think of you as young and vibrant, and not heading for the sedentary world of sweatpants, 4x-T-shirts and bunny slippers. Obviously, you excite me, so never believe a kid when he says you’re not hot and desirable.”

“Thank you, Duke. I feel 27 when I’m around you. So, what’s on the agenda for after supper?”

“I think it’s time for you to work on a different gait, for getting from one room to another and back.”

Duke pinged her cell and then untied her. Changing out of her Gwendolyn costume, Duke had her put on some pantyhose, her knee boots, and a different hobble-skirt that gave her, according to Duke, a two-foot gait instead of the one-foot gait she had been using. He also helped her into her single-sleeve and her full leather hood. He opened her single-sleeve to a 30-degree angle between her arms for not showing any signs of complaint when he put the hood on her.

In the halls and the rooms he went back to the guiding pattern of: “Use the full stride of the hobble-skirt” --- “Walk heel, toe, heel, toe with these longer strides” --- “Veer left slightly” --- “Be more deliberate with your speed” --- “Stop” --- “You are at the …” --- “The what is right in front of you” --- “Turn around” --- “turn right now” --- “One half step forward now” --- “Good girl, now let’s do it all again”

They did this for a few hours and eventually Duke just started unlacing her hood. He kept the blindfold on, but the collar, gag and hood came off.

“How are you feeling?”

“Tired Duke, and a little thirsty.”

“One energy drink coming up. Cold or room temp?” 

“I can have it cold? Please Duke, I’d love to have a cold drink. Thank you.”

“You deserve the treat. Now how many steps is it from here to the playroom?”

Duke put the can in a foam insulator so that it would stay colder longer, and questioned May about her new skill. Flawless answers got her a square of semi-sweet dark chocolate and for good measure, Duke double pinged her to her cell. There, he took off her hobble-skirt, pulled down her pantyhose and tied several wraps of rope around her waist. This time he twisted the doubled piece of rope, lubed it down and then tied it through her labial lips and snugged the knot tight in back. He then helped her squeeze into a tight pair of denim daisy-dukes, making her bounce up and down a few times while he tugged them over her hips and finally fastened them. A triple strand of ropes went through the belt loops as a belt, and then he put a smaller leather collar around her neck and locked it closed.

Duke double pinged the refresher first and when she got there, he double pinged the playroom. She was walking a little funny when she got there and was breathing heavy. Using the remote he single pinged the couch and had her kneel at his feet. This was her position for the remaining few hours of her day. Duke did some more work on his project and then had her join him on the bed. He chained her to the frame, took his clothes off, turned the lights off, laid down beside her and they cuddled for a few minutes before he fell off to sleep.

Her morning was hot.

An old fantasy made real.

And he did it all.

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