Her Captor

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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Storycodes: M/f; training; slave; blindfold; oral; bond; rope; chair; gag; cons; X

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Chapter 12: Day Four Starts Well, Until

Tied and gagged again

she is bound for his pleasure

and gets off on it

May woke up restless. She dared not move lest she set off another cycle of orgasms. At first, she had used the crotch-rope to get herself off and fall asleep, which she did, but she also dreamed. These dreams were some of the most vividly erotic dreams she’d ever had and in her dreams, she was running from one erotic adventure to another. This must have caused her to move her legs in her sleep because without notice she was wide awake having another orgasm. Being bound in a single-sleeve, she couldn’t adjust the lubed, twisted rope that was rubbing her private parts raw, making them so sensitive that almost any movement, including aftershocks, set her off again. May lay there, panting, wanting to ask Duke to untie it, but she didn’t want to wake him, so she just tried to lie there as quietly as possible. She’d fall asleep and the dreams would come back and cause her to move again, which set off another round of this vicious cycle. In the wee hours of the morning Duke just got up and moved to the audience couch. Her frustration set off another go around. Finally, she just decided to stay up for the rest of the night, lie there and not even twitch. That lasted about an hour. 

Duke got up sometime and pulled her shorts off and untied the crotch-rope. However, the sweet lovable demon-man decided to kiss her goodnight, which got her all wound up again. It didn’t help at all when that marvelously evil man tried to comfort her by kissing her raw and swollen pussy goodnight. She popped off another one. Passing out was a godsend, but it wasn’t too much longer before Duke was waking her up. She was restless because she wanted more but just couldn’t stand the thought of any more right now. Taking off her single-sleeve, which was sweat soaked, her boots and her crotchless pantyhose, Duke used his remote to ping the shower. Stumbling and walking a little bow-legged, she lost count several times and had to continue with her hands out in front of her.

Duke took pity on her and cut her exercise workout short. He only tied her ankles for breakfast and talked to her as he cooked.

“Rough night huh?”

“Because you’re a man you may never know just how rough multiples are on a body trying to rest. What’s on the agenda for today, please?”

“Well, I was going to make sure you knew the new step counts, but I think it’s time for another classic bondage position. I think I’ll sit you down in a chair and tie you to that chair. If you should feel comfortable enough to lower your head down and catch a nap, well, I guess I can’t stop you, now can I?”

“Can, … may we skip breakfast and get me tied to that chair, please?”

Duke dressed her in fresh crotchless pantyhose, her ankle boots, a different miniskirt that came to mid-thigh standing, a skimpy bikini top and a midriff see-through blouse. 

Sitting in a heavy wooden chair that reminded May of a dining room chair with a low back, Duke tied her ankles together and then tied her legs together below and above the knees. He tied ropes from her ankles to each of the four chair legs, completely immobilizing her lower legs. Duke then tied wide wraps of rope over her lap and under the seat of the chair. More rope secured her waist to the back of the chair and more wide wraps went under her tits and were tied off to slats in the chair back. Duke pulled her arms over the back of the chair and tied her crossed wrists before tying her arms to the back of the chair and off to both sides of the chair back removing any option of movement. Duke even taped her fingers together. Comfortable but unable to move, she cooperated when Duke stuffed her mouth with a large pair of silky panties and then layered tape all over the bottom half of her face. He put a blindfold on her and then compacted and inserted foam earplugs into her ears before smoothing her Lycra hood over her head. After checking her bonds, he turned the lights up and started reading reports on his iPad. May was already snoring lightly.

Hours later May started to stir. At first, she tried to move but couldn’t. Then she began to struggle and fight her bonds but that lasted just a brief amount of time before she relaxed. To Duke’s surprise, May then started humming, softly, more to herself than for attention. Duke recognized specific songs and after the fourth one he decided to go ahead and untie her. After all she had already missed breakfast and it was past the normal time for lunch.

While he fed her the gruel she had every day he asked, “May, I noticed when you woke up you struggled and fought your bonds for a few moments, and settled down and started to just hum. What was going on with that?”

“Oh Duke, a woman just has to struggle against the ropes to make sure she is as secure as she feels. Loose or unsecure ropes tell us you don’t care enough about us to make the bondage make us feel as helpless as we want to feel. I don’t want to escape; I just want to feel their loving embrace. It’s like you hugging me. If you were to give me the same type of hug you’d give your less than remarkable third cousin twice removed, I’d feel so unloved. However, if you pull me into your strong arms, crush me to your chest and don’t just let go if I wriggle a little, I’d know you cared for me and wanted me in your arms. It’s the same way with bondage. I want to feel those ropes tight against my skin. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but I love playing with the little dents in my skin that the ropes make when you untie me. They are continual reminders of how much I felt cared for. Rope marks last for several hours after you untie me and even when they fade, I can still feel the steel embrace they had me in earlier. I love what you do to me with ropes. The sleeve is very comfortable, but sometimes I’d just like to feel the bite of ropes digging into my skin. I guess it’s a woman thing Duke. Just keep tying me up, please. Oh, and I was humming because I was happy, but a little bored, too.”

“I’ve heard that before, but I just wanted to hear it from you to make sure you’d made the same connection to the ropes. I’m glad you’ve thought this through and come to such a positive conclusion.”

“Duke, I imagine that the magic of ropes has the same impact and effect on most women. You give a woman enough time to think things through, and sort through the conflicting messages her conditioned mind tells her versus what she is experiencing and feeling, which happens when you’re tied up, gagged and blindfolded, and the truth comes out. Ropes feel good when they’re applied by someone you trust and where there’s a mutual compassion and caring for each other. Something happens to a woman when the man she cares for constantly holds her. It doesn’t matter whether it’s his arms that hold her, or if his mind captures hers, or if it’s ropes that he’s tied around her holding her. That level of intimacy does something to her. It doesn’t matter how many times he tells her he loves her, it’s not the same. Showing her by holding her interest, or her body, or both, like bondage does means so much more.”

“I see you have thought this through. Good girl.”

“Well, you give a woman time to think and there’s all sorts of things that run through, …”

Just then the gong doorbell rang. Both of them were surprised, especially Duke. He hadn’t scheduled any auditions or interviews today. Making sure May was securely, but minimally bound hand and foot, and blindfolded, Duke got up to answer the door. On his way there he turned the lights up to full.

 Bowing, Duke greeted the two men waiting for him. 

“Good afternoon High Lord McMal. Hi Johan. What may I do for you High Lord?”

“First off you can switch to low protocol. Johan, take possession of the slave please. Duke, we need to talk. Let’s go to Roy’s private office.”

“She’s in the kitchen Johan.”

“Anything I should know?”

“This is her fourth day. Still under darkness discipline. Freshly beaten several times. Raw pussy. She’s been trained, so far, under my experimental protocol. She’s fond of bondage, likes corporal discipline, training in 5-plus-inch heels, learning a two-foot gait, and is learning to sleep bound. Full leather hoods scare her but we’re working on that and she’s deeply enamored with me. Got that?”

“I’ll take good care of her while you’re gone. I’ll do nothing fancy, just maintenance. By the way, congratulations on your promotion. I shouldn’t be that far behind you, myself.”

“You’re a good man Johan. You’ll have my support when your name goes up for consideration.”

“Thanks Duke. From you that means a lot.”

Leading Jackson McMal into Roy’s office, Duke took the visitor’s chair while the High Lord sat in Roy’s chair.

“Duke, Roy’s been poisoned, and he’s asking for you.”

Duke’s mentor is down.

The foundation is shaking

and Duke has been stunned.

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