Grandma's House

by Paultt

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story continued from part three

Chapter Four

It was cold; very clear and frosty.

Claire was standing looking at the trees as the morning's light glowed off the sun's first rays as it reflected off the shiny white sheet of the lawn. I saw her in silhouette as she pulled the curtains back.

Her breasts were white and topped with those nipples that I'd kissed and sucked on only a few hours before. The curve of her hips and buttocks showed gloriously in the shadows. Seeing me looking at her, she moved to the bedside and slid under the covers.

"Morning my lover," she murmured in my ear as she slid her leg over my thighs and felt me shiver from her chilled skin.

"What's wrong darling?" I asked sensing her troubles.

Swinging over me Claire snuggled in and I felt her nipples pressed into my skin. Kissing my nose Claire looked into my eyes. "We had fun in Belgium didn't we?" She looked at me in a strange way.

"Yes... I think so," I paused.

She looked at me and smiled, "You didn't like me being touched by Peggy did you?"

I had to admit she was right. I was also worried by my reaction to it. Well, I am a sensitive guy after all.

"Why? What's worrying you about it?"

I felt her hand take my erection and guide it into her as she slid down leaving the faint impression of her hard nipples on my chest.

Claire's eyes widened as I made my cock swell inside her.

"Well, it's weird. I wanted to suffer the pain that she was having when I gave her the crop.

I enjoyed the feeling of power in a way. But I need to be loved by you so I won't be too bothered if you decide that we don't go down that route."

I looked at her as she moved her hips and I felt the wet warm glorious clasping of her slick tunnel along my length.

"What do you mean? I am your partner not your master. You decide our fate too. I might find it hard to accept but if you need to try these things, well I would rather be with you than leave you vulnerable and alone in a nasty situation."

I looked at her as she smiled at me and started humping me.

"But you are my master! I want us to do the things gran did with gramps. We are compatible with each other; you can't disagree with that. I see it in your eyes that you love me tied up and I think you even got a kick out of using the belt on me! I never thought I could be able to like a man who hurt me in any way. But after seeing what gran enjoyed, and watching the video of us that JC edited I want this more than anything!"

Her actions were very distracting. The clenching of her puss on me was having the effect she wanted and I lost track of my train of thought.

It was a while before we caught our breath. I had no doubt that I loved her.

However, as mentioned above, I was a still a little confused.

Breakfast was nice. As I had to leave to go to work, Claire was looking forward to a day of looking around the cellar's storerooms.

She had been very busy shutting down her old life in the town where we came from. The solicitor had been surprised when she'd marched into his office and demanded to have the house transferred into her name. He'd made up his mind that she would sell.

I'd returned from Belgium on that Monday morning a changed man in some ways. I'd realized that I loved Claire.

Moreover, although I was scared by the feelings of lust, power, control and down right horniness; it was something that I thought I could control.

:My major concern was being found out by the police.

The thought police in the UK are weird. In addition, although films can be watched, woe be to anybody who makes money out of it.

In addition, the Internet is a two-edged sword. While if frees up people to see things they never dreamed of it makes the world smaller and who knows if stills that were posted would we be recognized?

Still one thing I knew was that I wanted Claire in bondage. She was as if a drug to me.

Claire had become more confident.

Her demeanour had changed from the shy girl next door to someone who was actually moving with an aim to her life. It was admittedly a kinky aim. Take the phone call I got at dinnertime.

"Hi Master. It's your slave girl here, just been looking over the scripts for this weekend's film we are making. Oh you are going to love this!" Her voice dropped low, "Oh Master when you get to use me, oh how you will come."

And she put the phone down before I got a chance to say anything with a giggle, leaving me with the problem of getting to the toilet without showing my hard on.

I found myself watching a couple of grandma's videos that night as I talked to Claire on the phone. Claire was telling me about her day. She still had to finish her task of cataloguing everything.

There was so much stuff. "I will spend tomorrow cleaning the leather gear. I've found some wax to polish and soften them. Oh Chris, this is so much fun. I have some things that I have no idea what they do."

God it was a hard to concentrate at work with the updates I got at work that week.

Claire didn't seem to mind being on her own; to be truthful she was glad to have the time to explore. Debbie had been to see her as well.

I booked Friday off and took my things to work so I could get straight off Thursday night.

So as I moved to the car I admitted that my mind was not on work.

It was lucky that there were no police about, as I would have picked up a speeding ticket.

The house was lit up like a beacon as I drove down the long drive.

Parking the Volvo in the garage I was met at the door by a beautiful Claire; she had dressed in short skirt and a tight top. She glowed with happiness.

"Oh god I have missed you," she says in my ear as I crushed her in my arms.

She kissed me and moved to pull me into the house locking the door behind me. There was a smell of food cooking and I realized what married men feel when they come home to their wives.

It felt good. And as Claire pulled me to the kitchen the aga was giving off the smell. A large pot contained a stew. Claire donned an apron and served up. I uncorked the wine.

We had a really pleasant meal and her constant chatter was a boon. I soon began to relax.

"I want to know something," she asked as she cleared away, "do you want us to continue playing?"

I looked at her. "Why?"

She looked at me and explained, "Chris I want you but as a lover; also as a master. I have been watching the videos of gran and I found a diary gran kept. They learnt the way as they moved into their relationship. Can we do the same?" She looked scared.

I smiled at her. "Yes I would like that." I kissed her as she sat on my knee. Taking my hand she pulled me to my feet and took me to the trap door. "Darling this is our future." A bit dramatic, I agree, but she meant it.

Claire walked us down into the cellar and we entered the storeroom. Looking around I saw that she'd polished all the leather gear and hung them from the hooks in the wardrobes. Taking me around the boxes, she pointed out how busy she'd been. All the videos were catalogued. She'd oiled all the cuffs and collars. Rope had been uncoiled and labelled with length and thickness.

"See, I have been a good and busy slave." She changed her voice a little as she said this. I smiled to her as she held out her hand.

"See if you can think of what this is." Claire was pointing at a door. I opened it and there was another wall right there as if it was a dummy door or a prop or something.

"Weird." She grinned at me. I pushed at a brick or two - nope, no movement.

"Watch and learn," she said and reached up on the door frame and with a click the door came open. For the wall was false.

It swung up. In addition, we went down the stairs into the depths. Claire gave me a torch. We entered the gloom. I realized that we were below the cellar upon entering the room; and it was a very strange room. Everything was dusty. Not used and as if it was being built.

A large clear glass tube with valves and pipes was in one corner. There were strange wooden devices and a lid on the floor. Claire moved around and told me how she found it.

"Granddad has a book of ideas and receipts for all his building materials. He was a dude. I found a diagram for the door. Look at this." She opened the lid. Two rails went deep into the darkness.

Pointing my torch deep into the depths I saw water rushing past. She moved to a body-shaped metal frame that looked cruel. Two guide rails locked into the grooves in the tunnel.

"He called this the water room." Claire opened the other lid on the floor and pointed down. I wanted to say no but entered the short flight of stairs. They finished at a glass window below the level of the water rushing by. This was for a camera shot.

"Can we try this?" she asked as I came back out of the tunnel.

"If I can work out how we get you out of there."

"Oh god I didn't think of that," she said. A slight look of horror was on her face.

We tried to find a light switch and failed. Still there was plenty of time to sort it out. Claire and I wandered up to the storage cupboard.

Claire looked at me and said, "I've missed you. Can we play tonight before we make a film tomorrow?" She picked up a body harness complete with head harness as well. "I have wanted to try this on all week!"

Therefore, we did.

Morning started late due to our tiredness. Still, at ten o'clock we were in a cell in the basement. Clare was dressed only in army boots and socks. Her naked body was hooded and stood in a corner so the camera could catch the way I had crushed her arms together from shoulder to wrist with harsh cord.

Her stance was hurting her, as she was standing head in a corner, leaning on her head so her neck muscles were taking all the strain.

"Zo Englander, Ve know you are a helicopter pilot and you claim to be flying a `medivac' mission. Vhy did your helicopter have rockets and guns fitted if this was so?" I stalked the room and swished the riding crop through the air behind her.

"2323 3433 23. Hudson. Kate. Flying officer RAF," she shouted aloud.

I sighed and shook my head. In addition, I swung my arm and brought the riding crop across her buttocks, watching as they bounced. The red welt appeared as the thwack echoed around the room.

Claire repeated the name rank and serial number bit as I asked again.

Again, I swung and left another welt on her soft-skinned bottom. We'd discussed how much pain she should suffer but the good news was that I got to try to make her talk for real.

Claire had said she wanted it to look real so she needed to suffer a lot and we could edit out the boring bits. Claire would be locked in the cell block and we would film it in real time as per scripted lines. However, the rest was up to me to make her talk.

The interrogation continued with Claire's bottom taking a lot of cropping.

It felt so strange to actually hurt the person I loved and to know I was doing it with her blessing.

The scene ended with a shot of Claire's hooded head sobbing.

The beginning of the next scene started with Claire tied to a chair and electrodes attached to her nipples, clitoris and thighs. Her body was roped to the chair so tight it actually dug into her flesh. The design of the chair left all her crotch exposed and vulnerable. I walked around her and gripped her breasts and squeezed them hard. All the time I was hoping that the camera angle was right.

She groaned and moved her face to look at me. I smiled a sinister smile.

"I want you to talk. Save me the guilt of making you talk."

She shook her head and I moved over to the control panel and switched the power on.

We'd both tried it before we started the scene, finding a level she could cope with. It bloody hurts I can tell you!

Watching her body tense as the shocks were automatically sent to her body I admired her so much as the pain grew with each shock.

Sweat dripped from her glistening body as the shocks were getting faster and stronger.

Claire started to scream but not the safe word.

I paused the shocks. "So you must tell me what unit you belong too."

Shaking her head, her eyes stinging from the sweat running from her hair she watched as I threw the switch.

The dance of her body as the shocks hit her was so erotic and scary.

I held out for the end as she pretended to faint.

`She is so horny,' I thought as I eased her to the table and bent her over it. I tied her ankles spread wide to the big chunky legs and pulling her arms out above her head and then tied these as well.

The script now called for me to use her anally and I was excited and scared, as we hadn't done this before. We'd lubricated her before we started and I looked at her and felt so weird. I was totally in control but in love and not happy to be hurting her. It was still hard for me to realize that the whole thing was for her. But it was strange to know that I loved her and could hurt her as she needed.

Gripping her arse cheeks, I parted them and unbuttoned my fly. I was erect and hard as a rod of steel.

Claire started to beg and act her socks off as I pushed and eased the head past her ring. Her scream as I shoved halfway in made me look at her. Her eyes were wide and her mouth opened in a silent gasp.

She nodded and I pushed all the way in.

"You bastard! You dirty German bastard," she groaned as I picked up speed and reached under her crushed breasts and squeezed her nipples. My thrusts soon got out of control as instinct began to take over.

I pounded her so hard that the table moved across the floor. She was meeting my thrusts and thrusting back. I groaned and shot deep into her bowels.

I lay on her back and whispered, "Darling I love you."

She smiled and said out loud, "I love you too."


story continued in chapter five

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