Grandma's House

by Paultt

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story continued from part two

Chapter Three

The week had been hell for me at work. The whole time I couldn't take my mind off the past weekend's events.

To be truthful with you I'd wanked myself silly over the couple of videos I'd smuggled out from the house. We'd talked a lot over the phone and she was looking forward to the weekend's trip to Belgium. The frustration of Debbie turning up had added to the sexual tension that was growing.

Gran was such a sexy woman I found myself wondering how far we would go with this. Was Claire like that enough for the films distributor to want us to make more? We had moved far along the relationship quagmire. I had seen her naked and even tied her up and whipped her. But I still hadn't made love to her. Weird isn't it?

Still here we were at the ferry terminal in Hull. I'd picked Claire up from the old house and we'd sped to the port making it only just in time to catch Friday's 1800 sailing to Zeebrugge. Claire was very happy; her arm was linked in mine as we watched the organized ballet of slipping the Norsea into the lock gates and out into the river.

Claire booked us a very nice cabin and I (having only flown everywhere) was fascinated by all the different sights on the ship and dock. Claire's thin jacket made her shiver and snuggle into my chest to shelter from the wind blowing down from the Humber Bridge.

Having had a nice meal we got drinks and settled down to watch the group and show. Football was the main topic of conversation as we conversed with a couple of lads who were sitting close and looking at Claire's short skirt. Her leg crossing had them distracted. I smiled as she stood up and said softly, "Come to bed and make love to me" just loud enough for them to hear.

I slapped her bottom as we wandered down the endless passageways to our cabin.

"Tease," I said as she skipped along lifting her skirt to show her lack of knickers.

"You bet," she laughed and stood waiting for me to catch up and open the cabin door.

The light clicked on and Claire spun and pulled her top over her head, breasts bouncing. Within six seconds she was naked.

"I've waited for this all week," she said dropping onto my bunk and striking a pose with one leg bent up and leaning up on one arm. I'd been struggling with my tie as I was still dressed from work. Pulling my clothes off as fast as I could I stood naked before her and she slid out and stood.

She moved over and kissed me hard. Gripping my erection in one hand she pulled me close. She breathed, "Tie me and fuck me master."

I looked at her.

"Can't we just do it without rope?" I asked.

"Yes we could, but I want you to try to think of a way to fuck me here with the aid of rope." She dropped to her knees and I thought `great, a blow job.' But no, she was rooting through her bag and pulling out lengths of rope. She turned and placed her hands together and I tied them quite roughly, my cock twitching and leaking. Now there was not a lot of room so I looked at the bunks.

Yes! Tying rope to each ankle I asked her to lie on her bed and place her bum on the edge of the bunk. Pushing her down so she was lying on her bound wrists I lifted her leg and tied it to the left side rail on the upper bunk that stops you from rolling off. The right leg was tied the same and she was left with legs spread and the perfect parting of pussy and anus. A shine of juice was showing from her lips and leaking onto her anus.

Kneeling between the outstretched thighs of this beautiful woman I took my finger and rubbed her clit.

This created a soft groan so bending my head I licked along the lips. She moaned out loud. And then she lifted her hips for better access.

It was so good to be here that I sucked on her left lip and gave her soft little bites as her breath began to pant. Little hip thrusts pushed against my nose telling me that she was about to come.

I stopped and sat back. It took a while for Claire to realize that things weren't happening. I climbed up the side ladder onto the top bunk, turned out the light and said, "Good night."

"Please master fuck me," she whispered. I pretended to snore.

"Master please fuck me," she begged. I snored louder but lost it and giggled out loud. And dropping off the bunk knelt and in one long slow thrust sank deep into the superheated depths of her. Using my thumbs I pulled on her nipples and listened to the sounds growing in her throat as I felt her internal structure milking my dick. I groaned myself. God it had been to long since the last time I'd had sex.

I began to thrust deeply in and out, Claire's muscles milking me for all they were worth. Her little yip's were getting louder and louder.

"Chris, get my gag will you," she moaned. Reaching into the bag I pulled out a ball gag with a strap that covered her lips. Buckling it tight behind her lifted up head I dug through her bag and found a pair of clothes pegs.

These were applied to her nipples with not a little groaning and moaning. Once again I rubbed my dick up and down her wet crease. Edging it in a little I inserted the bulbous end just behind her lips and thrust it in and out. Oh the feelings of tightness and wetness. Sooooo good.

And having far too much stimulation in that area I began spurting all over her hairy mound. Still semi-hard I thrust in and out and felt myself stiffening up again. After much thrusting in the marsh my partner came with dick-snapping strength. I dropped onto her chest for a breather and flicked the pegs on her nipples. She groaned. I picked one off and sucked really hard on the crushed nub listening to her little screams as the blood rushed in.

Then doing the same to the other I smelled the pussy juice and sperm smell as I came just lying there on top of her, still inserted.

I stood up and untied her ankles from the rails and then tied them together and covered her with the duvet.

After showering I walked back in and lifted her still tied and stood her in the shower and did what I could with all her bondage still in place. Washing her off I kissed the mound of her hidden lips. She moaned and tried to rub her breasts against me as I stood up.

Picking out some more rope I tied her elbows together tight.

Helping her lie on the bed I crossed her ankles and tied them and pulled them up to her wrists forcing her into a bent back hog-tie. Patting her on the buttocks I opened the cabin door and walked out to go for a drink.

I wasn't away long but my return was met with much approval as I think she was hurting. Untying the link rope I let Claire unfurl her legs and watched as her body did the little pins and needles dance I do sometimes when I've sat too long on my knees.

Good thing I left that gag in place as her groans were quite loud even with her gagged.

Checking her arms I saw that they were not too bad so I decided to leave her tied.

Helping her walk to the bathroom I even got to wipe her after her pee. And to be very truthful I found this sort of power quite a turn on.

Breakfast was eaten at a table we had to share with another couple as we'd slept in and had only just made it as the ship slipped into the harbour walls.

I was now totally in love with Claire. I awoke that morning to a strange feeling in my groin and looked down to see my beloved one's eyes looking up as she gave my dick a long lick and popped its head in her mouth.

We chatted with each other as we ate the bacon and eggs I'd fetched while Claire got the coffee and orange juice.

I noticed the woman sitting opposite us looking hard at the tabletop and finally realized it was the rope marks on Claire's wrists that held fascination for her.

I noticed her eyes widen as Claire smiled at me and took my hand and placed it on her breast and said, "Darling feel my heart beat. It's in time to my libido."

And both her nipples became hard showing through her tee shirt. I squeezed one and then returned to eating my slice of toast.

We both were very nervous as Claire navigated us down the lovely coast road to the outskirts of Ostende.

Soon we were parked and I removed the disk from the changer and slipped it into a case. And holding hands we wandered and explored the old harbour. The sea gulls cried and turned over the top of us as we headed towards the café.

It had a clientele of old fishermen in their old blue overalls and a group of old ladies drinking coffee.

It smelled of old smoke, coffee and food; a perfect place to be on a day like today. It had an air of tradition that made me ache not to be British.

There was no sign of our contact. `Shit,' I thought. I was thinking like an old spy novel.

Claire caught my grin and I told her and she cuddled into my arm as I ordered both of us coffee cognacs. We were both quiet and wondering just what would happen.

The door opened and there he was: tall, old and bloody good-looking. He saw us and looking us straight in the eyes walked towards us. He nodded and stuck his hand out and standing we both shook his firm warm grip. Claire seemed to be entranced by him. Her eyes locked on his as she sat and he asked the waiter for the same as us.

We sat and waited for the drink and he smiled and started to talk. He was actually a nice man. His voice was gravely, accented but clear.

"Did you have a nice crossing?" he asked as he took in Claire's face and looked at me as well. We both said how nice it was and he chatted just as if we were meeting by chance...

I watched his face as he talked about Claire's grandparents. I got the feeling that he loved her grandma and really liked her granddad. Soon he started to talk about the secret rooms in the house and how he used to go over and stay for weekends and how after he retired he stayed for weeks.

Claire looked at him and asked, "JC, if you don't mind me asking, when did you first meet gran and how old are you now?"

He smiled and looking her deep in her eyes smiled and said, "We met through the videos that George wanted to sell. It was not for the money but for a part of your gran's shame. We had to ensure that they were never sold to the UK but I think some got there. Your gran was asked if she was a film star once in a shop. I am a distributor and sell mainly to Saudi Arabia and places that are out of the way." He smiled and looked at me.

"I sense that you are not a natural master. And I can tell that you are aware that what we do is not classed as normal. But you can become another George." He placed his hand on top of Claire's, "You are a beautiful young lady." He waved at the waiter and ordered more coffee and cognacs.

"But are you both willing to be as your grandparents were?"

Claire kept her hand under his and nodded at me and I asked, "Do you like classical music?"

He grinned at us and said, "The soft music of a girl's whimpers is the best... heard in private." He smiled and Claire pulled her hand out and put hers on top of his.

"I think you will like my interpretation on the ring cycle." She smiled an innocent smile at him. I passed the CD to him and gave him the name of the posh hotel in Brugge that Claire booked on the Internet.

He smiled and we talked about normal things like weather and such. He recommended a restaurant and we agreed to meet there that evening after he'd watched the CD.

He kissed Claire's hand, shook mine and exited stage rear.

Claire was looking at me. I smiled at her. "What do you think?"

"God, you can see why gran let him do the things they did to her. His hand was so powerful. My god!" She smiled at me. "I think I would have let him do anything he wanted to me."

I wasn't sure what to say to this and felt a little put out. I'd started to fall deeply in love with Claire and didn't know how to take this information. She sensed this and held my hand. "Only as far as the bondage bit goes, I meant." She gripped my hand. And moved over to kiss me.

I stood and helped her out of her chair. We moved outside and I needed a while for the cognacs to get worked out of my head.

Claire realized that I was a little disturbed by her admission, and moved in close as we wandered around the shops. We stopped to get a cone of fries and mayo.

We spent an expensive half an hour buying clothes despite my protestations she wouldn't need many if we made films. After a while I felt okay to drive and we drove the twenty miles to Brugge for a nice day of wandering around and going on a cruise around the canals.

Claire was ecstatic with the hotel room. It had a huge bath and she dragged me in to make love to her. I put up a fight, of course. Mother, if you are reading this you will be pleased to know that I said no at least once.

We dressed for dinner. Claire looked so stunning in (I think) one of gran's old dresses, heels and a leather jacket. Her legs looked great in hold ups. Holding hands we waited for a taxi to arrive and I noticed men watching her. I found it a little odd that I hadn't noticed her beauty before we started this adventure.

Claire's eyes glowed as we arrived at the restaurant. The whole place looked classy. Feeling glad I'd put a suit on we entered and the maitre de showed us to a table saying that Monsieur Pereit would be along shortly.

It was a pleasant atmosphere and after a bottle of red wine we were quite mellow. JC walked in with a tall middle-aged woman. Blonde, tall, tanned and in good nick she gave off warmth that had the waiters rushing to show them to the table.

Claire looked a little unsure now. As they walked towards us the woman smiled at us and I found myself liking her already.

JC held out his hand. I shook it and received the traditional three kisses from the woman. Claire received six kisses. And we sat down as JC introduced us to Peggy. I smiled to myself thinking that Mrs. Woolly of the archers looked nothing likes this in my imagination.

Peggy was Dutch and the ex-wife of a director. Her English, as with most European's, was superb. She chatted and we found out that Peggy was JC's live-in lover. Good company; a looker and very smart.

Claire warmed to her and soon they were talking away and we chatted all the way through the food and I started to wonder if JC hadn't liked the CD.

As the desserts arrived JC lifted his glass and gave a toast, "To new business and many more films!"

Claire looked astounded. "You liked it," she laughed.

"Yes my dear you are a natural. There is hardly any difference from you and your grandma.

here needs to be a little more in the way of torture and a few directional hints but you are so willing. Would you both like to come back with us tonight? I will show you some tricks on the camera setup.'

Claire, still excited about his compliments, gushed, "Oh yes! Any help you can give us would be so wonderful." We left and Peggy drove us in JC's BMW to their house just outside Zeebrugge. Our first impressions were of money and style.

Two Alsation dogs bounced towards us from the back of the house. They were adorable. Claire loved dogs and soon they were both sitting by her legs as Peggy brought coffee. JC took me to a room in the back of this high old barn conversion and showed me a huge editing suite. He pointed out a long rack of video tapes in a library, "These are all starring Claire's grandmother."

Shit, there were a lot! I wandered along the rack and picked one off the second shelf. It had gran on the cover. Roped up tight. Her whole body latticed like a turkey. Her neck in a noose. "Why do so many of gran's films have this sort of thing in them?"

JC looked at the cover. "I have a contact in Kuwait. He is in love with your gran but loves these films even more. He pays top dollar. Look!" He showed me a cheque. "That is for one film." $12,000 is a lot of money. He smiled and offered me a whiskey. We sat in big leather armchairs.

I worried if he was trying to impress me with his wealth. Peggy and Claire entered. Claire seemed happy and gave me a huge grin and sat on the arm of the chair. "Darling, Peggy and I are going to the studio out back. Peggy and JC have a present they want to give me. We'll be back in a while." She kissed my head and walked giggling out of the room.

"So how was the video?" I asked as we sipped the whiskey.

"Very good. It could have been better but for your first time it was a good attempt. I will show you how to edit it better, but it had a plot, a beginning a middle and nearly an end. I realize you were going easy as you are both new at this game but it will be soon second nature. Tomorrow Peggy and I will show you how to use rope and a whip and all the things you need to make these types of films."

I looked up.

"Oh yes, Peggy loves this and she will help Claire find her natural instincts for this fun we call bondage. I will pay you for every film. You make them and I will sell them, but it must be because you both love the work and not the money!"

I looked at him.

"These films are not really for general distribution. We make them for a very select few who can afford an expensive film. They know when it is being made just for the money. Claire's grandparents loved what they did. It was such a turn on for them to know others loved their work. You are very lucky that Claire looks so much like her grandma.

She was a wonderful woman. She designed most of her tortures herself. Charles was so lucky to have her; and her to have Charles.

He understood how she needed to be hurt and bound to orgasm. I had the chance to make love to her many times. She was a superb lover. But she loved Charles so much. They were so happy. I only hope you and Claire can find some of their love."

He sipped at his drink and reached across and flipped on the wide screen TV. "Are you intending to marry that girl?" he asked as he wandered across to a panel and pushed a few buttons.

"I don't really know; we have only been out with each other for a few weeks."

He looked at me in surprise, "You are so lucky to have found her then. She is worth a thousand other girls. Are you going to be able to give her what she needs?"

"What do you mean?"

Pushing a button he ran through our video disk to the point where I placed the prod against her nipple as she swung. "Look, Claire orgasms here." He wound it back to the whipping scene. "And here she is about to; I know women enough to see her enjoyment. You have a truly remarkable lady there my friend; do not lose her!"

I looked closely at him to check that he was not joking. No, I didn't think he was. So I just nodded in agreement. To be truthful with you I was not at all sure I knew how I felt.

Claire was sexy, fun and beautiful, but this scared me quite a lot. We were making porno films for sale, admittedly not for the UK market, but it is a small world now.

JC switched channels on the TV and I stopped breathing. On the screen was Claire, dressed only in high heels and a corset. Peggy was lacing her into a single arm glove that as she tightened the laces pulled Claire's arms further together behind her back. This did wonderful things for her breasts causing them to lift and separate.

There were straps that held her arms tightly to her body. Peggy seemed to be pulling them tight. Another strap ran from the bottom of the glove up through Claire's legs and attached to the strap that ran around her waist. The camera zoomed in on it as Peggy (dressed in a rubber cat suit I might add) inserted the large plastic dildo into my supposed girlfriend's pussy; and as it took no effort at all I knew she was turned on. Well, that and the look of bliss on her face gave me a clue.

I had to admit as well that I was thinking of changing positions just to ease my erection.

Was I shocked? Hell, yes! Was I worried? Er...sort of. `She does look sexy though,' I thought as Peggy stepped up to the camera blew a kiss at JC and then placed a collar around Claire's neck. This was then attached to a lead and Claire was led out of shot. The camera changed and we saw the pair of them walking across the yard. They were going towards a building out back. The security-type video cameras followed their progress to a door that Peggy unlocked. The door was to an outbuilding. The sight of Claire's body in the shadow of the black of corset and arm binder contrasted with the whiteness of her skin. The security lights cast an eerie glow over the whole scene.

They moved over to the inside camera. The room was large. It contained a platform and a proper hangman's jib.

Claire saw it and started to pull against the lead. Peggy pulled hard. And dragged her up the steps.

I looked at JC and he smiled and said, "You have to admire her acting ability."

We watched as Peggy dragged Claire under the pre-positioned noose. The camera panned back and then we saw the noose going over the victim's head. Then there was a real close-up of her face. This went on for a while. Next the camera pulled back and we saw the gag go in. Then the trap dropped and Claire dropped through. Her legs kicked and it faded to black.

Now I felt sick. Even though I knew that it was false, I was scared. The camera came back on and Claire was standing, still harnessed up but alive.

"How'd you do that? I haven't a clue," I said trying to bluff that I wasn't worried.

JC smiled and replied, "I will show you tomorrow." Claire entered still in her arm binder and heels.

Getting a hard-on I moved to her and kissed her over the gag before taking it out. Her face was flushed and she was definitely turned on.

"Did you watch? God, it was scary! I thought I was going to die; the feeling of the rope around my neck was so erotic and the vibrator was such a turn on, so much of a wonder." She paused for breath.

Smiling at her I laughed as JC said, "You are so lucky to have a woman of such beauty and with a love for this my friend." Claire curtsied and groaned as the vibrator moved inside her.

Peggy laughed at her expression. "It gets you doesn't it?" She moved to Claire and looked at her. Reaching between her legs she turned the switch on and Claire's eyes hazed over. She moved over to a post by JC's bar, "Come." Her voice was stern, and Claire did as asked.

"Stand here." Claire did as ordered. And I wondered how I felt as I watched Peggy use a pair of straps to fasten her to the post by her neck and waist.

Peggy started by stroking Claire's breasts using her fingertips. I watched as Claire groaned and moved her hips in time to the strokes. I didn't know quite how to feel. I was turned on and jealous at the same time.

JC was using a camera to film this. Again I didn't quite understand my feelings.

Peggy's hand flashed out and Claire's right breast bounced as the sound of the slap echoed across to me. The hand flashed again. And her victim moaned.

Looking at Claire I realized how much she was into this act. Shortly an orgasm brought the night to an end. Claire was untied and dressed before coming back into the room looking a little sheepish.

We had a short wait for a taxi and soon we were back at the hotel. I didn't say much in the car and I think Claire felt the discomfort I had about the situation. She cuddled in as soon as we left the driveway to the house.

"Are you okay?" she asked as we wandered across the large lobby of the hotel. I nodded and wondered if I was. I didn't quite know how I felt.

The scene with Peggy had left me wondering.

I was in love with Claire but that bit where Peggy brought her off with pain made me worry.

Would she love me as much if she found someone who made her come? Would JC want to play with her as his partner had? Did I want to play with Peggy? He had given me a video of them. Claire seemed to want to see it and I wondered if this whole weekend wasn't a mistake. It scared me and confused me.

Claire went for a shower while I poured us a drink. She'd guessed my mood and came out dressed in a tee shirt and knickers.

"I'm confused," I started, "I don't know if I like other people touching you. Does that sound daft?"

Claire sat on the bed and looked at me. "You're confused? I have gone from a quite un-sexy person to someone who as soon I am restrained goes off into her own world." She smiled at me. "I love you. You must know that. I loved you before we went to grandma's house. Since then I have found a side to me I didn't know was there.

We've made something I like. I want you to tie me and hurt me a little. I trust you. I trust Peggy as well. She made feel so special. As she buckled me into the arm binder and harness I realized it is trust. This whole thing is built on trust. I love this whole thing. We are good together and although I enjoyed sex with Peggy. I want to go back to our house and be with you, tied and given tasks that may hurt. That may be bloody painful. As long as you are there to be with me I will be happy."

She stood and walked to me and hugged my head to her body. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged.

We just snuggled up and I went to sleep. That night was filled with strange dreams...

Morning arrived.

We awoke to breakfast in bed. It was lovely and a nice morning. We talked about anything but bondage. The day was free except for what we dreaded and looked forward to in equal measures.

Finally Claire brought up the afternoon's training. "If JC decides he wants to have sex with me shall I let him?" she asked quite unabashed.

"I get the impression that if JC decided to make love to you it wouldn't take a lot of doing as you will be tied up."

She looked at me again. "You don't get, it do you? If I decide I don't want to I say the stop word and he will stop, as I expect you to do." She sighed, "It is all about trust. That is all. If I say no, it is rape... and assault."

She encircled my erect cock and bent to kiss the end. "And besides I bet you would like to fuck Peggy!"

I grabbed her head and thrust deep into her throat. "Slaves should be seen and not heard," I muttered as she softly sucked and mouthed me, grinning up at me all the time. She'd hit home.

We wandered the city until dinner when we packed the car and found our way to JC's house. He met us at the door with a grin and a foreign kiss.

"Come in," he boomed. "Peggy is a little hung up at the moment; come, I will take you to her."

He took us across to the barn and opened a little door to a tall dove coft. There in the center was Peggy with her hands above her head and her legs widely spread outwards so her whole lower area was exposed. Naked she was as beautiful as I expected. Her breasts were small but round. Two huge clamps hung from her crushed nipples.

JC stood to the side and said to Claire, "You were naked to my partner last night and here she is naked for you."

"Come my friend, we will film this!" he led me to one side. "Your automatic cameras are good but here I will show you to do things better." We watched as Peggy told Claire to pick the crop up off the table.

She did so and listened to Peggy's instructions. We filmed as she bent the tip back and let it flick the left cheek of the taut bottom in front of her.

The sound echoed across the room. Claire looked closely at the mark it made and reached out to touch it. Peggy looked back over her shoulder to watch as Claire kissed it.

I was gob smacked! Peggy said something and Claire struck the crop across both cheeks making them bounce. A welt came up on the line of attack. Peggy didn't even grunt. Claire kissed both cheeks and moved between the legs of the "victim". I watched fascinated as Peggy said something to Claire who seemed to hesitate; then as Peggy said something else Claire brought the crop up hard between the outstretched legs. Not too hard, but enough that the wet slap echoed across to us. I saw that JC had moved in with a video camera.

Peggy's scream was real and it amazed me that she seemed to be in orgasmic bliss. Claire's stance changed as she kissed the pussy before her and I tried not to freak out.

Admittedly I had a hard-on the size of Big Ben; but fuck, I had a lesbian for a girlfriend. Then my mate's voice entered my subconscious, "Man is only lucky if his girlfriend has a female friend who is as dirty as his mind."

`God, I am lucky then,' I thought as Claire inserted a couple of fingers into her new friend's pussy.

It was ten minutes before we had to go and Claire put a box in the car. She giggled about how customs would be wondering about how weird we were. `But not as much if they look at the CD's in the stack system,' I thought as I wandered into the building with the jib in it. The gallows looked scary.

But they didn't look as scary as Peggy looked standing on the trap naked except for handcuffs and heels. JC was dressed in the garb of a hangman. His hood and dark clothes looked the part as Claire put on an old cockney accent and read a charge sheet. "Witchcraft etc.," and gave the signal and the trap dropped. Dunk.

Peggy kicked, groaned and expired. All very real.

Claire watched with admiration. "She is such a good actress," she muttered as I kissed her neck.

I was fascinated and moved close. There was a thin clear plastic harness around her shoulders. It was engineered to not pinch or crease the skin. It was biased so that the body hung to the side of the knot.

Peggy was lifted up and released.

Peggy kissed both of us and JC handed us a script.

"Will we see you again?" he asked as we sat in the car. Peggy was whispering with Claire. They giggled as I shook his hand and answered, "Yes, no problems, we will try to do a film this week." I looked at Claire and smiled. She smiled back and we were on our way home.

We both ran into the supermarket to grab the usual emergency supplies. Claire was sitting reading the script as we sat in the queue for the boat, the car laden down with beer. She kept laughing out loud.

"We can have some fun with this," was all she would say as I tried to look. "You will have a lot of enjoyment doing this one master," keeping the script out of my vision.

Driving up the ramp Claire hadn't even looked up from the script. I had to knock her to make her aware that we had to get out of the car now. She smiled all the way home.

The night on the ferry home gave us a little time off from these worries and my overthinking of what was happening. A nice meal, a show and  a night just cuddled up on a single bunk gave us a break.

What would the future bring I didn't know but I did know I was going to hang on to this amazing woman.


story continued in chapter four

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