Grandma's House

by Paultt

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story continued from part four

Chapter Five

Naked and hog tied on the barn floor the girl struggles to reach the open door.

Bits of straw are sticking to the mud that smears her bulging breasts.

The rope around the base of each rounded red orb makes them throb in time with her pounding heart.

A look of fear and pain is able to be seen in her eyes which are tear-streaked.

A large strip of duck tape across her mouth shines with snot and tears that runs down to add to her discomfort, as she inches forward again.

She glances at the rear feet of a horse in the raised stall now level with her head, it’s only held in the stall by a chain across its rump. The horse can be heard eating and chomping on something.

The woman’s ginger hair is matted, and she wipes her sweat on some straw that also sticks to her forehead now. A wry smile flashes across her face.

She moves again and as she gets level with the horse, its tail lifts and big hot balls of dung start to land on her head; and as she quickly tries to get out of the way, some of it falls onto her arms and the hollow of her back between her bum and wrists. She mutters some obscenity in to her gag and continues to work towards the early morning light.

Her body gives a large shudder and her breath shoots through her widened nostrils as she orgasms. Clenching her thighs she groans and wiggles on the twin invaders buried deep in inside her two holes.

She pauses to catch her breath resting her head on the ground.

A shadow falls across the hot sweaty body and she looks up expecting to see the man who placed her in this predicament earlier in the morning, before turning the cameras on and leaving her to go attend to the gardening.

A scream echoes in the barn and the horse jumps in its stable and a short dark haired girl darts into the picture.

Ripping the gag of the wide eyed, tied girl, the incomer starts to unpick the knots in the hemp rope that ties her friend. The tied girl tries to protest, having to shout to get the babbling girl to get her listen.

I watched the film and thought back to the results of this encounter.

The first problem was that we lost a morning’s film.

Well nearly, I managed to save most of it.

The first I knew of Debbie’s arrival was a naked, but still harnessed Claire running over to me and telling me of the problem.

Debbie was sitting in the kitchen waiting for us to explain.

And could I undo the harness as she didn’t want to take the dildos out in front of her friend. I walked back to the house after recovering the chips from the cameras so I could get an idea of what happened.

I walked into the kitchen to be greeted the by the very upset-looking Debbie.

"Hi, want a cup of tea?" I asked.

"Where’s Claire?"

"She’s getting changed."

"How could you do that to my friend? It’s so degrading. You are a sadistic pervert and I will be seeing the police about this. I think you have brainwashed her. No normal woman would let any man do that to her!"

My mind was racing with options.

One was kidnap her, tie her up, ravish her and send the films to JC.

Nope, this was the real world and one just doesn’t do that sort of thing.

The next was that either we were finished as a film world or as a couple.

The final one was that this just upset the apple cart and we would end up going our separate ways. And the one I really didn’t want was that Claire loses a friend; for god knows she doesn’t have that many.

Deciding that discretion was the better part of valour, I continued to make us all of us a cup of tea.

Claire opened the door and walked in dressed in a tee shirt and shorts.

The multitude of rope marks on her limbs gave witness to the harshness and Claire’s pride in them. She kissed me and asked me to leave them alone so she could chat with her friend.

I picked up the chips and unlocking the larder door and the trapdoor into the cellar, wandered down into the darkness.

Clicking on the lights, I went to the editing suite and ran the digital pictures into the computer.  My mind was in turmoil from this morning’s events. I sipped my tea and ran the disks.

Watching the transfer I marvelled at the horse’s timing. We bought one for Claire to ride a while back.

Well, we can afford it, as the film side of our relationship has grown and made us and JC very comfortably off.

It was another winner.

We could even keep Debbie’s inopportune arrival in if I knew she wouldn’t object.

I moved to the security controls and tried to work out how Debbie got past the sensors and into the internal area without detection.

No car so how did she get here?

I moved the replay cameras and watched her creep up to the house.

She had bypassed the two movement sensors and knocked on the door. Ergo, the bleepers not vibrating on my belt.

We had the security beefed up after a van load of gypsies turned into the driveway, and I believe, thought the house was empty.

And then she walked around the side of the house, tight to the wall, passing beneath the camera on the wall.

I then saw her walk across the yard to the stables at the front where she patted Barney the horse and gave him something.

He was looking out of the stable door.

The rear of the stables has an open plan and a crap tray at the back and this is where Claire was shuffling down when discovered. To be fair we had cleaned it and laid fresh straw so it wasn't as gross as it looked, well until Barny delivered his load on her back.

I have to admit to being worried.

It’s been five months since the first awakenings of passion brought on by the discovery of all the photo albums.

Five months of falling deeply in love with someone who is complex and wonderful.

As I looked at the photo album for this month, we decided to keep a record just like grandma had done.

I realised that she is so beautiful that I never want her to lose her.

Last Friday’s photo shoot was of Claire riding the wooden horse and then me strapping her to a chair, like her granddad did, but never got to finish.

The two large rubber dildos whose entry to Claire’s holes took a lot of lube and effort filled her so full that when I turned on the vibrators, her whole body shook slightly to their insidious rumblings.

The leather straps pinned her to the chair and dug into her flesh.

The large blue, ball gag forced her jaws open.

Her look of pain and pleasure grew as the whole experience gathered its yearnings and lusts deep inside her.

Another one showed Claire tied in hog tie position hanging in mid-air as she sucked on my dick and tried to work her swing out so she slid back along the dildo that was held on a pole between her thighs.

But it’s not been all plain sailing.

This 24/7 thing isn’t possible: one, you get bored and two, I still felt that I wanted a normal love life.

You know; meals out and holidays. I have also gone back to work three days a week at the TV studios.

That was caused by a remark from the local copper, who was a little curious about how we make a living.

So we had tried the living off grandma’s inheritance as an excuse.

But he was still interested. More in Claire I think.

We have also somehow, gotten mixed up in the local church.

Claire being a practising Christian, she had gone one Sunday and had been made welcome.

Also the women’s institute had been down to the house for tea and scones. And Claire had started to enjoy being the nice lass from the big house.

She often comes home with a tale about her grandparents: how godly they had been and what a kind caring man her grandfather had been.

The laughs she has when all she can think about is grandma being whipped over the table in the lounge -- the same one the ladies who do lunch sit around.

Deep worry crossed my mind as I wondered how we get out of the Debbie mess. Hopefully Claire won’t tell her about the film making, just keep it that we are just kinky, I think aloud.

After editing the film, I walked back under the stables into the pony girl stable that granddad built. We haven’t used it much as I don’t find it that sexy.

The gear’s good but its just actions that make me uncomfortable.

Wandering back into the storeroom with the secret door, I pushed it open and wandered into the water world as we have come to know it; we think it was never used.

Peggy and JC are coming over to help us do an idea at the weekend and I want to see if we can use this.

Peggy has been over a few times to help us and to have a lot of fun with Claire.

That’s another thing, Debbie might be shocked that her friend seems to swing both ways, mainly when it comes to bondage.

Although she does have fun with Peggy as well...

And being a man, if she has fun, I get to enjoy myself.

Take the whole thing last week.

We were out at the coast, having bought two Labrador pups for me to train as gun dogs.

I too am taking the country house thing as seriously as Claire is taking the WI thing.

We go to the beach and the dogs love the sea.

We have just the normal people in love type day, which I need as I find the bondage does at times get in the way of our relationship.

Claire wants the tied up thing far more than I do, she definitely has her grandmother’s genes.

Then comes the fun part! Claire wanders off into the toilets with the bag.

What bag? You ask.

Well I admit to seeing her put one in the car.

But I was thinking it was a goody bag for the dogs.

Anyway she came back with a secret smile on her face and handed me a box.

Climbing into the car she held out her wrists.

Also there in the box was a pair of handcuffs with a length of chain to attach them to the seat fore and aft bar.

I cuffed her and picked up the other things in the box: remote controls, two of them. I wondered what they did, but I could guess. Both had clips to attach them to the steering wheel.

She is a thorough girl who had the ability to think!

I picked them up and clicked them onto the wheel. I didn’t do anything with them as we left Whitby.

The road between Whitby and Thirsk is a bumpy one and from the way Claire was squeaking on most of them, gave me an idea of what she had done.

Claire had that mischievous look on her face and kept glancing at the controls.

So I studiously ignored them.

It wasn’t until we passed through Thirsk that I pushed one of the buttons.

I heard a faint hissing sound and left my finger on it.

Claire’s eyes went wide and then she groaned the safety word.

Very perplexed I looked at her as I took my finger off the button.

She bravely smiled at me and I just shook my head.

Whatever she was letting me do to her, I had no idea.

I was wondering what she had found in the myriad of cupboards that we still hadn’t gotten around to cataloguing.

I stopped in the town centre and pushed another button on the same box.

This one did what I expected it to and I heard a faint vibrator buzz.

Walking across the town square to the post office of this wonderful old Market Town, I marvelled at my luck.

Sitting in my Volvo was a beautiful girl who loved me, was seriously kinky, and set herself up for me to play with as a toy. James Herriot may have been the town’s best export but we must be making more money than him.

I wandered the streets getting a few things, so we wouldn’t have to stop in Masham where we live.

It was only twenty minutes away but I didn’t fancy trying to explain why Claire was handcuffed with a pre, post orgasmic expression on her face to ladies of the WI.

Arriving back at the car I found Claire was slightly sweaty and lost in her own world and didn’t even open her eyes until I’d backed out of the parking space.

I looked at the remote's and gently pressed the same button as I had pressed previously on the other one.

Very quickly, Claire went up in her seat and said the safe word.

I waited until the traffic light turned to green before pressing the vibrator button.

Claire let out a long groan which made the dogs sit up and look forward through the dog guard as if to say "What's up mum?"

The other buttons seem to cause Claire either pain or pleasure.

So I had great fun for the last twenty miles home and slowed down to make it last.

Claire managed to orgasm a few times but I got very good at catching the pain button just as she got to the top and I think in the end it was the pain that gave her the final orgasm.

On our entering the house she dropped her jacket on the floor and lifted her long skirt, bending over the kitchen table and begged me to release the pressure.

The thing she’d found uses compressed air cartridges to inflate the rubber dildos inside her and the first one I pressed was her anal one, on her clit is an attachment clamp. This vibrated or shocked depending on which button I pressed the belt that goes with it carried the cartridges and battery packs.

Claire muttered something about how granddad must be laughing at her and that was the last time I got to play without reading instructions.

Unfastening the belt I pushed the valves and both leaked the air out of the bases of the dildos and Claire’s groin area seemed to deflate.

Kissing me she staggered upstairs to the toilet leaving me and the dogs looking at each other.

Smiling to myself at this memory I felt a slightly uncomfortable feeling that maybe things had gotten out of hand.

Claire walked in behind me and wrapped her arms around me kissing my head.

I looked up at her.

"How did it go?"

Claire smiled and said, "Not good but also not as bad as it could be. She has lectured me in how I should report you for cruelty and have you shot as a war criminal. Debbie doesn’t believe that I am not brainwashed and that I need physiological help."

"So what's she doing now?"

"Waiting for me to get dressed and we are going out for a walk; I think we need a bit of time on this one. How did the film look?"

"It’s bloody good even the bit where Debbie walks in and frees you."

"Well my lover we will have to see if we can get a new star in our film's!" And with that she turned and left a very confused man behind...

story continued in chapter six

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