Grandma's House

by Paultt

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© Copyright 2018 - Paultt - Used by permission

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story continued from part one

Chapter Two

I awoke to find a naked woman in my bed.

Well when I say naked I mean she was wearing a tee shirt and nothing else; and her hair was tumbling in a mass on the pillow beside me.

I rolled over and kissed her nose.

I felt sorry for her. Yesterday's revelations must have shocked her. I meant to find out. She'd just learned that her grandparents were perverts. That's one thing, but to find out that they ran a successful porn company was another; not to mention the thousands of photos, clamps, whips etc. that went with it.

She opened one eye and smiled.

"Hi," she breathed.

"Hi yourself. How do you feel?"

She paused. "A lot better. Not so confused now. Chris, what shall we do about the orders on the computer?"

"I don't know; we need to think maybe about sending out a closing-down letter."

"But I'm thinking that maybe we could continue to supply the tapes."

" you know the penalties for that?"

"But Claire, you don't need the money! I showed you the amount in the Swiss bank. Admittedly it's in Euro's, but for god's sake, Claire, it's nigh on a hundred thousand pounds!"

Claire smiled at me, "Well, I need to find out how granddad did it. Also don't you fancy editing these sorts of things? We could stay here and make our own films."

"Oh yes; and where the hell are we going to find a model who would let us do these sort of things to her?" I paused for a breath. "And also we could get locked up for this: first because the model could change her bloody mind and second because it is illegal."

"Well, one, the bloody model wouldn't complain because she would be running the bloody business and two, they must have had a distributor outside the country as they were both respected members of this community. I told you that granddad was a judge, and a bloody Queen's councilor."

Now call me thick but I didn't hear that bit about the model. It didn't sink in until later.

"We need to search the office down below before we do anything else on this if you are really determined to become the porn queen of the dales."

She hugged me.

"Thanks; I am grateful." She snuggled in and breathed in my ear, "Later I will show you just how grateful I am."

We both got up and showered.

Breakfast was rushed. We both guessed that we were on a ride that would take us into who knows what. Claire's mood was quiet and I guessed that she was trying to change her opinion of her grandparents.

Together we went out to the local Tesco's to get milk, bread and a few supplies.

By the time we got back to the house Claire was her old self. Her silly persona was showing its edge as we descended the stairs. "So we begin our life as Briton's premier porn industry."

I looked shocked. She giggled all the way down the stairs into the cellar. Claire sat at the computer and started to search for clues while I catalogued the master copies of the tapes. There were over three hundred. God, at one time they made more films than Hollywood.

We both took a break for lunch and actually watched the last tape they made together. Gran still looked forty or so and bloody attractive. True her breasts sagged a little and she was a little heavier but by god she still hacked it. The date on the film made her at least fifty if not older and probably that was why granddad wasn't the male star.

The film starred her and the old boy who had been in the other film we'd looked at yesterday. Gran was well whipped in this one; she actually hung arms outstretched and her legs pulled wide so that her whole weight hung from her wrists. The whipping included a between-the-legs whipping using a soft strap.

"Shit that must have hurt," Claire said munching on a bacon sandwich as she paused it just as the strap impacted and curled up to the slightly rounded belly at her front.

 The most incredible thing was that she didn't seem to think anything bad about her grandparents doing things that would make a normal girl die of embarrassment or at least be disgusted.

"He is the key to our problem." She pointed to our torturer as he placed a huge dildo under Gran and lowered her onto it.

We watched as she moaned her way to a climax and more torture was applied until she was again hung at the end.

I worried about this bit. "This is weird; it's as if they are making these films for the snuff market but whoever buys them must realize that it's not real." I paused the video and looked closely at the tee shirt covering her body, searching for a harness or something.

It beat me. I couldn't see how they did it.

We decided to look at some more films to see if we could get a clue. But that would be later as Claire wanted to search the computer and all the paper records.

It came to pass that we found an email address in Belgium that seemed to send hundreds of emails. The emails begged for contact as he/she had some more money to transfer to their account and a need for the last film made and edited to be sent for distribution. Claire seemed to be totally excited, "He must be the contact, the distributor, the man!"

"Well what do we do? Do we risk making contact? How do we do it without making contact?" I asked, starting to feel her excitement.

"Well the tape we watched is the one he wants. Why don't we arrange to meet him over there and give it to him? That way we find out all about the business and the things we need to do."

We read some of the other emails and found that most of the orders came to gran's email address and then she forwarded them to this JC, the Belgium connection.

We sat for a couple of hours compiling the numbers and orders.

"Shall we send them to this JC with a cover letter saying that we have the film and here are some more orders to send out? Also can he tell us how to get the tape to him?"

"Do we tell him about your gran's demise or not?"

She looked at me and we agreed with a nod.

"Shall I send a photo of myself to him so he knows that I am really gran's?"

"Well if he has been working with them since the beginning he will know about you."

Claire was very excited now and her whole body exuded a type of excitement that I'd not seen in her before.

She sat and typed an email. It was rewritten ten times. Finally she attached a photo and sent it.

"Well that's that. We know he is not dead as the last email from him came in last night; asking if everything was okay. I would hate to think he's died or something like that."

She looked a little shocked at herself. "Oh Chris, are we doing the right thing? What if he is a monster or something?"

"Claire, do you think your gran was a weak person; would she have let him into the business or would your granddad deal with a crook?"

To be truthful I was starting to get a little worried about what we had done. Granddad was not quite the right honourable person Claire thought he was.

What the hell were we getting into?

It seemed that the day was flying by; it was now mid-afternoon and the cellars were revealing all sorts of things.

The editing room had a huge memorized computer that had lots of movie files on it.

These showed some of the things we'd seen earlier and looked like early videos and super 8 films transferred into the digital world.

The old couple had compiled all their sexual bondage activity. They must have been very active and also there seemed to be a hell of a lot of film not for tape. I was mesmerized by Claire's gran's beauty, charm and very dirty mind. She seemed to have had a large editorial impact on the whole business and she controlled the film making and decided what was done to herself.

They'd had a loving, weird sort of love.

I left Claire working on the computer and wandered back into the office. She wasn't there when I returned.

Walking around the cell complex I found her in the stable part of the cellar. She was handling an item of tack; its size told me it wasn't meant for horses.

The harness with blinkers and a thick rubber bit were shiny and seemed to be well tended.

"Hi, you okay?" She was startled as if she was miles away.

She looked at me and smiled. "I was just thinking about gran and how it seemed that I never really knew her.

She was so brave to do these things with George. Gran must have had a lot of fun doing it, as I know gran loved granddad very much. They were always a loving couple: touching, holding hands, that sort of thing. I just hope that we can feel the same way."

It startled me that she seemed to want a relationship with me. We hadn't really discussed our feelings much as we'd always been close friends. I have said before, we once kissed at a disco but not to this depth.

"Well I'm willing to give us a try if you want. You don't think that you just feel a little vulnerable with the events this weekend? I would hate to rush this and balls it up!"

Claire smiled that soft smile that I love; her eyes moist as she held out her hand. I took it and we hugged. It turned into a kiss and I lifted her up to my height and kissed her hard.

We parted and she had a glint in her eyes.

"Will you do me a favour?" I nodded and she held out the harness. "Can you put this on me? I want to see what it feels like. I was going to try it on but can't work out how to buckle it up."

I unbuckled the straps and held the bit out in front of her mouth and she opened her moist lips and let the flat bulb cover her tongue. The bar filled her mouth. A strap split either side of her nose up to a forehead strap that buckled behind her head as did the bit strap.

Next was a strap buckled under her chin making her bite down onto the rubber bar. The final one ran from her forehead over the top of her head. This was attached to a collar which completely covered her neck. This meant that Claire couldn't do anything to remove the head harness until the collar was unlocked.

"How's that?" She mumbled something. It sounded like "tighter" so I worked around the buckles and tightened each one again.

She mumbled something else and wandered off in search of a mirror. Upon her return it was obvious even to me that she was turned-on. Her tee shirt showed a lack of bra and the presence of hard nipples.

She picked up another collection of straps, and held them out to me.

Holding it I worked out how it fit and I buckled the waistband around her waist. Two more straps were buckled up under and above her breasts. These tightened the tee shirt on her chest highlighting her nipples even more.

Two shoulder straps crossed between her breasts and the middle of her back buckling to the waist belt.

Attached to the top of the back straps was a pair of crossed cuffs.

Lifting her wrists up behind her I buckled the first leather cuff tight. I pulled her other one up and thus completed the bondage with her wrists up between her shoulder blades.

She stood and shrugged at the bonds. The way her wrists were held thrust her chest out into the straps.

She walked into the cell with the mirrors and returned, eyes glowing. A tight smile showed as she grimaced around the gag.

"Hell you look good; just like your gran." Claire smiled and curtsied as I walked around her.

She followed my movements by turning her body as the blinkers made peripheral vision impossible. I picked up the camera. It was a digital one. I snapped a couple of photos.

Leaving Claire I went to the computer and ran the photo program and printed a couple of the photos using the printer. These I carried back to the stable cell to find that she'd disappeared.

Another search and I found her in the bathroom. Claire was looking at her reflection turning this way and that.

"Like what you see?" She nodded and I noticed that she had a wet patch in the crotch of her jeans.

"Well you are as photogenic as your gran." I held out the photos. Her look deepened as I pulled the second one out and showed her the shot I took as she looked in the mirror. Her resemblance to her gran was startling.

She asked to be released and I did as told.

Claire noticed her wetness and dashed upstairs to change.

I continued my inventory of the videos and the photo sets.

"Dinner," Claire shouted down the stairs. I walked upstairs to find Claire in a long flowing dress.

"What do you think? Can I pull it off looking like gran did?" She spun and pirouetted around and I caught a glimpse of stocking, suspender and bare flesh. High heeled dancing shoes with ankle straps adorned her feet. Claire spun faster and showed me her old style French knickers.

I found myself grinning. She was beautiful.

Claire had also applied make-up and done her hair in an old forties style.

"You look bloody marvellous! I like you hair and how you have done the make up. God, who would have thought the tomboy you normally are could change into a beauty like this?" She smiled at my compliment.

She made a curtsey and imitated a serving girl's voice as she said, "Oh Master Chris, anyone would think you are trying to squire me. For it is as if I am a mere serving wench."

I started to laugh and she joined in.

"I will tell you something. These clothes make me feel sexy. This dress is so light. And look what it does to my breasts!"

"I have a feeling you are a cup size bigger than your gran." Her chest filled the dress' cleavage to the bursting point. Claire looked down and laughed.

"Trust a man to notice that."

We smiled and talked all through dinner. Claire was actually a good cook. Well, to be fair her gran was, but Claire made the desert of apple pie and ice cream.

Washing up, we opened a bottle of wine and went down to the office. Claire insisted that we take some more photos and print them up.

Again the resemblance was actually scary and I found the whole thing a little unnerving.

Claire sensed it too and we both compared the photos on the computer to hers.

"God you could be your gran, if I slightly change your eye colour and you smile more with your teeth rather than with your lips." I took another photo as she did as asked. The computer program changed her eye colour and then, hey presto gran was reborn.

"Shit!" Claire exclaimed. I nodded. And printed it off. Claire looked at the photo shaking her head. "We could make films and only we would know that it wasn't gran - provided we didn't get too close."

"Yes, but would you want to make this type of film? Your gran seemed to be able to suffer a lot of pain and different torture. Hell, Claire, we haven't even made love and you are saying that I should film you tied up, whipped and all that goes with it." I paused. "It would be a turn-on for me, I admit, but hell Claire if I get it wrong you could get hurt really hurt."

She smiled at me as she took my hand and kissed it. "We could try it slowly so we both learn the business. Also if I look like gran we should get away with the law side; we can always say the girl in the film was her."

I somehow didn't think that would work, but as a bloke and being horny the chance to see Claire naked and tied up gave me a raging hard-on.

I played with the images in the memory. The lot was so horny. Before this I hadn't thought much about bondage. These images made the rope and chains seem very exciting.

"Chris, we have an email back from JC. He wants to meet in a cafe in Ostend on Saturday."

I wandered in and looked over her shoulder. JC had even included a map to the café and told us how to get the film over to the continent: simple really, just turn it into a CD and place it in the car's multi-changer.

We looked at each other and smiled.

It dawned on me that I had to be back to work in the morning.

I pointed it out and Claire with decisiveness unknown before decided to stay as long as I came back after work. The journey wasn't that long so I couldn't turn down her plan.

So leaving Claire to plan the Friday night trip on North Sea Ferries to Belgium, I went home.

Lying in my bed that night I realized that I wasn't sure how much I wanted to try this. It was quite scary and I worried that we might end up in jail.

The next evening I returned to Claire's house as I supposed it was now and got a nice surprise. Claire had cooked a lovely meal and was dressed in her gran's dress-up clothes. She looked gorgeous with her hair piled up on her head. She was so different.

We ate and she told me to go to the main bedroom and put on the clothes she'd left out for me.

This was so unusual that I did as asked and found an SS officer's uniform ...and a script. I read it and felt a knot growing deep in my stomach. God she was serious. Fucking hell!!

I dressed finding it a bit itchy but a good fit. It even had leather riding-type boots. Pulling the hat down I looked in the mirror. Well, mum and dad might recognize me but that was about all.

The pistol belt had a proper pistol on it and I checked to see that it was not actually loaded or real.

Walking down to the living room I found myself falling into character and made the heels slap on the wooden floor.

Claire was sitting reading the script.

"Hi! God, you look like the hardest bastard in the SS," she smiled. "I found this script in the lockers in the cell block. We should try some of the things; and then if we can do it, film it and take it to Belgium as well."

"Having read the script I doubt that we will be able to do much. Have you read it?"

She looked up and smiled, "Of course I have, and I feel that I can do it if you go easy on the harshest things."

"You have balls girl; I have to admit that. But hell, Claire, I would like a normal relationship with you before I get to spank and whip you."

"But Chris, for god's sake this will be fun!"

I had my doubts but as she was set on it and well, what could I do? And if it meant that I got the chance to make love to this beauty then hell, charge!

She showed me how clever gran was at making the props for her movies the dress was made for ripping off. Press-studs and a line of thin muslin would make the sound effects.

We went into the cellar to get acquainted with the tools of the trade.

Gran had hand-written the script. It seemed to revolve round the electro table (which I had no intention of using), and the whipping post, and the chair that was in the workshop.

We did a read-through and she just didn't seem that bothered. It would frighten me if the things described were about to happen to me. Claire just didn't seem scared.

We carried the chair with the twin prongs gleaming in the spotlights' glare. Placing it center stage I wandered over to the video monitor and realized that the cameras were on a type of autotrack and focus set up so all you did was start them rolling and the cameras did the rest.

Sitting down to read the script, Claire sat on my knee and stroked my neck. I looked at her and she kissed me. God, this was a strange relationship.

"Okay shall we start?" She stood and walked over to the desk. Picking up the thick shackles she fitted them around her wrists. They clicked into place. I bent down and locked them around her ankles. She picked up her handbag and hat that I positioned on her head. Reaching over to the start button on the control panel I checked that everything was working and walked outside with my prisoner.

Grabbing her by the arm, I kissed her. She smiled bravely and we opened the door to the torture chamber. She resisted and I had to pull her in.

I dragged her to the desk set up with a spotlight just like in the films. I sat her on the chair. The script said to pace around her while asking questions. These had been set out in the script as well so I didn't have to think about them as I wondered if the cameras could see the action.

Walking up to her I slapped her face with my leather gloves and she rolled with it making it look as if I'd hit her with force. Claire groaned and started to cry. Worried that I'd hit her too hard I stopped the cameras to check if she was OK.

"God, no! But I love this acting! It's like my drama lessons at school. I love this! Go on, start the cameras."

I did so and continued the questions. Her refusals actually started to bug me.

"Stand up!" I ordered in my false accent. She stood, quivering.

"Take off your coat." I passed her the keys to the manacles. She struggled to get the key in the lock. I drew my pistol and pointed it at her as I held her bag upside down and poured the contents over the tabletop.

Make up, a sanitary towel of the old type and an old rubber condom stood out as I rummaged through the bag's debris. I held up the condom and looked at her. "So, you are sexually active, you slut!"

She stiffened and I watched her fold up the coat and place it over the chair's back.

Her dress was the right period and I loved her shoes as they had ankle straps and looked very pretty.

She looked at me and waited. The script called for the dress to be ripped off her; but I thought that I knew a more humiliating act. I gestured with the gun and she moved away from the desk "Strip your clothes off now!" I ordered. She jumped at the sound of my voice as I moved the chair to the centre of the room. "And do it sexily and I might let your husband live." Claire looked at the ring on her finger acting for all she was worth.

In her super sexy French accent she breathed, "Mien Herr, if you let my husband go I will give you anything."

I laughed out loud. "Slut, I will take anything I want. It is up to you to earn your husband's release. If you tell me the truth you may even live."

She looked scared.

"STRIP!" I shouted. And I thought that this time the tears were real. Her fingers opened the buttons on her dress' front. She shrugged it over her shoulders. Gently trying to set up a rhythm she danced and dropped the dress to the floor. She then picked it up and folded it.

I tried not to stare as she was beautiful. Her old-style underwear was not too flattering...but the grip-top stockings...oh those stockings!

I pasted a lustful grin on my face as I leered at her, hoping my sunglasses didn't look too daft.

She reached behind her and opened her bra and eased it off her frame leaving the cups over her breasts in a perfect show of modesty.

"Get on with it," I barked. Claire straightened up and thrusting her breasts out in defiance pulled the bra off totally, and then threw it at the chair.

Now I was stunned. I had only glimpsed them once before, so I had to admire them. They were slightly bigger than gran's. Nipples that need sucking; the cold had done its magic and they were hard and crinkled.

I caught a slight look of triumph as she saw my reaction. Claire was getting into her part now and coyly took the French knickers off. And there she stood wearing just a hat, shoes and stockings. One arm was across her breasts and the other hid her bushy pubic hair.

I held out the manacles again and ordered her to cuff her hands behind her back. She did so and I made her sit and then placed her hands behind the chair's back. These I locked into a ring at the back.

Moving my chair back in front of hers I sat and looked at her.

She was blushing. I paused. "So, I need you to tell me who your contacts are."

Claire thrust out her chest and spit in my face. I was ready for it but it still shocked me. I slapped her breasts.

She screamed in shock.

"I will find out. Save yourself the pain."

The prisoner looked at me and I smiled a cold smile. She thrust out her chest again. "You bastard! You will never get me to talk."

I walked up to her and grabbed her chin. "You must talk; if not your husband dies and the children you love will be orphans."

Claire actually spit in my face.

I wiped the slime off my face. And walked away.

I moved the light to her face. I slapped her face again. She cried.

Long sobs racked her body. "I don't know. I don't know."

I walked over to her and knocked the hat off her head. She cried out in mock fear. I grabbed her arm and lifted her up dragging her over to the centre of the room. Fastening her cuffs to the chain I pulled her arms up behind her until she was bent forward with her arms above the level of her head.

Slightly stooped forward, her position wasn't very comfortable. The things it did for her breasts as they swung under her (gravity pulling them down, both nipples rock hard) aroused me.

Bending down I pulled the chains off her ankles and forced them wide apart making her stance even more uncomfortable. These were tied off to two rings. I moved around her looking at her bottom and her hairy pussy. Her head was bowed. Her hair was hanging down. She seemed so helpless.

To be truthful I had a feeling of huge power. It surged through me as I moved around her. I eased my hand around her smooth buttocks. I then moved to her front and cupped her breasts, squeezing the flesh and making her nipples even harder.

Her helplessness was so appealing. The script called for her to be whipped with a crop but as I hadn't used one I didn't wish to start now. So I picked a belt up off the table. Claire had set out the props and I saw that she hadn't put out a crop anyway.

`Good,' I thought as I moved over to stand behind her. I pressed the remote stop button and went to check the image on the screen in the recording booth. Yes she was lined up on two cameras.

"Are you okay with what's to come?" I asked, bending in front of her and looking up at her strained face.

"Yes but here I have an idea. This is going to be painful so place a camera looking up at my face. I don't know how to move them so you could tie my hair and pull my head back if you can't work out how to move them either."

Claire saw me looking in awe at her


"Your grandma was exactly the same. I saw her make suggestions to George on a video I watched the other night."

She smiled again. So starting the cameras I laced her hair into a braid and wove some cord in with it. Throwing it over her cuffs I pulled her head back until her neck muscles were taut.

"Will you tell me the names?"

Claire's look at me said it all.

I stood behind her and flexing my wrist slashed the belt across her smooth orbs.

Her shriek of pain told me it was of the right weight to cause her pain anyway.

"Tell me, you bitch!"

"Stuff you, bastard!"

Again I slashed the belt across her butt. Flexing my wrist seemed to increase the speed of the impact. And as my lover-to-be wasn't complaining or giving me the code word, she must have been okay with the level of pain.

So I continued watching her flesh bounce as I moved my aim up and down the now glowing red ass cheeks of my victim. She still hadn't given the code word so I moved over to the table and picked up a pair of weighted clamps and flexing them in front of her eyes, bent down under her and applied them to her hard nipples.

Claire let out a loud groan. I looked at her eyes and saw her smile. These did add something to the tableau as each time I hit her bottom they swung in different directions, adding to her suffering.

I must admit to having different reactions being both slightly horrified by my erection and amazed by the sight before me.

Finally, "Gaston Pierre," she groaned and I stopped what I was doing and lowered her arms.

Her bottom was red and very hot to the touch. Tearstained eyes looked out from runny mascara as her breath came in sobs. I grabbed her arm and escorted her to the cell attached to the torture chamber and locked her in.

Stopping the cameras I let her out and she waited while I unfastened the cuffs. She threw her arms around me and kissed me hard.

"Oh my god we did it! I can feel my bottom throbbing as if it's a steam hammer." Claire held my hands over the abused cheeks and I felt the glow. Her breathing was slowing down and she seemed to be high on something.

"How did it look? As good as I feel, I hope?"

"What do you mean as good as you feel?" I wondered out loud.

"Well after the first ten or so I just found that the heat in my bottom was making me so horny that I thought you could smell me. It just got better as soon as the clamps went on."

She paused, "If I hadn't said the scripted name I would have orgasmed on the spot."

I held her in my arms and wondered about this strange revelation.

"So what's next?" She giggled while pulling me tightly to her.

I wiped my thumb under her eyes rubbing the mascara away. She seemed to be totally unaware of her nudity. I held her and slipped my hands around her waist. Her arousal was apparent as she spread her legs and rubbed her pussy on my leg.

I grinned at her and asked, "Are you ready for the next stage of the treatment?" She nodded and I took two leather straps and strapped her arms tightly together at elbow and wrist. Claire's elbows met with ease and I loved the results on her large breasts. They were thrust outwards and made bigger. More straps were used to pin her arms to her body at waist and above her breasts.

I sat her down in the middle of the room. Claire's ankles were placed into two leather cuffs and these were then attached to two chains. A motor was started and her body was lifted into the air. Widespread legs added to her desperate situation. She looked so sexy, hair hanging to the floor, breasts under her chin.

I moved to her and started the cameras.

"So bitch you have given us one name but that is not enough. Who is the leader of the group?" I pinched the offered nipples and pulled them until her breasts were stretched and she actually moved towards me. The script called for her to be set swinging by pulling her as far as possible and letting go. I did so making Claire grunt as her teats were elongated by the weight of her body.

I let go and she slowly swung across the room. Her face was a picture as I picked up the cattle prod and poked it on my thigh. "Fuck me," I exclaimed, "that bastard well hurts. Are you sure you want this?"

Claire's eyes were wide as she nodded and I moved the rewind switch on the controls and looked at the picture. I pulled her by her shoulders to set her moving again. As she swung I held out the prod and her thigh connected with the two electrodes. Her shriek of pain was very real. And loud - real loud. Her body was shaking and jerking, adding to the scenario. The next thing scripted was more of the same and using the prod I walked around her defenceless body touching breasts and buttocks.

Claire was crying and as I bent in front of her I felt guilty as sin for hurting this beauty.

She looked at me through her hair and she said, "Renyard Du Pirey."

"Ha! I told you you'd tell me," I said and walked to the winch controls to let her down.

I stopped the filming and moved to unstrap her. "No just get me some water please as I like how I'm strapped. This is fun."

I stared at her. The pain that I'd felt off that prod was not fun at all. "You mean that the prod wasn't too bad?"

"No it bloody well hurts. But no pain, no gain." She smiled a strange sort of smile.

"I have a confession," she paused, "I am as randy as hell."

"You are definitely your gran's offspring." She'd totally shocked me.

I went off and fetched the water and returned to find her rubbing her crotch on the arm of the chair.

"Itch?" I asked as I walked up behind her.

She grinned at me and answered, "No just trying to bring myself off."

"You hussy!" I laughed. And then I grabbed her and pulled her away from the chair. I took her and threw her into the cell. "You'd better cool down in the cooler." I locked the door.

Going to the editing room I watched the film and saw the spark from probe to nipple at the end of the film.

Her confession was accent perfect. She was a bloody good actress, no doubt.

My erection was rock hard and weeping as I sat replaying it. She was not far off from being as good as her gran.

My prisoner was sitting on the wooden bed waiting for my return. "Hi there," she smiled up at me as I sat on the chair in the corner and looked at her. She was so proud of herself as shown by the way she sat with her legs slightly apart to show her pussy and with her breasts thrust out as if waiting to be touched.

"How do you feel?" she asked as I sat drinking a cup of tea.

I stood and held it for her to sip.

"I'm not really sure. Horny, scared, in love I don't quite know...I feel so powerful when I have you at my mercy. While I was shocking you with the cattle prod I actually enjoyed it! It scares me Claire."

"To be truthful I'm as horny as hell. I had no idea that gran got so much fun out of this." She looked at me from under her hair. "Does this mean I'm a masochist?"

I kissed her gently on her forehead. She leaned into me and I rubbed her hair. "Oh this is good!" she breathed.

I helped her up and we moved back into the main part of the chamber. We looked at the script and Claire read the bit about the electric shock table and even she agreed that this might be just too much. We both agreed that we should call it a day as regards the filming but then Claire smiled and said, "Bring the cuffs and the rope." So with Claire still strapped up we went up to the bedrooms.

As we entered the hall the doorbell rang. It was one of those "oh shit" moments. Here we were: one naked with a bright red bottom and bruises on her soft skin with straps wrapped tightly around her, the other dressed in an SS Nazi uniform with a gun on the hip. Well, hell, who do you think should open the door?

We both giggled out loud and ran for the window to see who was there.

"Shit, what's Debbie doing here?" Debbie was here.

`Who is Debbie?' I wondered as I walked out into the hall unstrapping Claire as I sent her to change as I pulled off my jacket and holster. The trousers looked business-like. The shirt was plain.

I opened the door looking up the stairs just in time to see a red bum disappear into the bedroom.

"Hi, can I help you?" I asked, taking in the quite nice looking dark-haired small woman in front of me.

She looked shocked and stepped back a pace.

"Yes. I am looking for Claire. Is she here?" She recovered and walked past me into the hallway.

I smiled at her and shouted, "Claire, darling, someone is here for you!"

Claire came down the stairs dressed in a shirt and slacks and looked beautiful.

"Thank you darling," she gushed and I smiled at her and went to the kitchen to make coffee. And on returning I found Debbie in tears sobbing her heart out over a boyfriend problem.

So it was with a raging hard-on that I left and went home with images in my mind that guaranteed that I wouldn't be sleeping on my stomach that night.


story continues in chapter three

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