Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

by Bookwriter

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Storycodes: Solo-F; silk; robe; stockings; collar; cuffs; chain; M/f; D/s; naked; bond; public; hum; tease; denial; meeting; offer; facility; prison; cons; X

Story continues from part 4

Part 5: Positive Steps

It had been a month since our demonstration and a lot of things had or were about to change in that short amount of time. My master was away with a friend on a special trip, code for we are going to do a job that will take half a day and we will spend the rest of the time in a bar getting drunk! He thinks I button up the back however its almost adorable seeing him squirm as he makes up his excuses as to why this trip is going to take 4 days. Nothing really changes when he is away. I still wear only stockings, garter belt and heels around the house & I always wear my collar, cuffs and chains as if he were here, I just become my own master for a few days but, I do long for him and the mere thought of him makes my juices begin to flow uncontrollably.

Anyway so up I get out of bed & slip on a robe and head out to retrieve the morning newspaper from the front gate. Once back inside I hang the robe up on its peg I take the paper through to the kitchen and set it down on the counter before pouring myself a coffee. It was a lovely sunny day so I thought to have my coffee outside and read the paper before doing my usual household chores.

The headline on the front page certainly got my attention. Public to vote on consensual slavery and public nudity! I never in my wildest dreams expected our little private demonstration to create a movement, a movement for change. A movement that was tired of the BDSM community being labelled as perverted, sick or twisted and immoral. The movement was at first a group of students who were involved in the kink scene, but this grew into a wide spread movement FREE KINK (FK) in such a short space of time. They organised speeches, information days, marches on the local and wider government departments they went door to door and gained support from the big businesses. The LGBT community gave their group huge support and after 3 weeks took part in the biggest massed protest in the country’s history.

The politicians took note that this wasn’t going to go away and that another march like the one they had just witnessed had the potential to bring the country to a standstill, something they could and would not allow. Some wanted to deploy the police or even the army. However the more experienced leaders in the government chamber decided against this. This group has united the country quicker than we could have ever dreamed. It has been peaceful and non violent. Do we really want to set the police on them and turn this into a social and political disaster? This changed minds and swayed them away from any erratic decisions that could lead to violence.

So the alternative was to talk culminating in the latest news headline. There was to be a country wide vote on several things. Revoking the nudity in public act, this was so to set up areas where public nudity wouldn’t be frowned upon. BDSM practice as a whole, on whether BDSM was to be outlawed. Consensual slavery, upon proof of consent would allow to register legally & officially slaves. This was huge, I had always campaigned for fairness on BDSM. If you can have rights for every other creed why not mine? This vote was to take place in 6 months time, this appeased the masses who had been protesting. Now not all these people were into BDSM, however saw this as a struggle against discrimination and wilfully joined the cause of the FK.

 Reading that headline put me in a really good mood, far better than the usual tripe you get in the paper this was actually something that could be good for a change. I finished my coffee and headed inside to begin my chores, a slave my always keep her masters home nice and tidy even in his absence, at least that’s my opinion. I was just about to load the washing machine when the phone began to ring. “Hello its Amber” “Hey sweetie how are you”? “yeah I’m good, actually I was phoning to arrange to come over and speak to you & Sean about something, when would be suitable?” “Well he is back on Thursday, a job with a friend or so he says more like getting drunk ha-ha. What about Saturday, around 12?” “Sounds good to me, you should let him know that he shouldn’t just abandon his slave to go drinking ha-ha” “Oh I dont mind sweetie, after all I am just his slave, a master can and always should do what ever he wants” “that’s true honey, OH well see you Saturday”

Amber & I had become very good friends and I trusted her totally. I did wonder what it was that she wanted to speak to us about and the thought did cross my mind that maybe she wanted to explore the BDSM lifestyle a little more. She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself when I tied her for the first time and was almost too eager to take part in our display, almost!

 Things had been pretty hectic at Goss Bindings since our display. Women with all kinds of different backgrounds flocked to sites like ours as an avenue to see for themselves what BDSM was really like. A lot of young girls applied, hoping to get a chance to get noticed in the industry. There was also married women looking for a thrill or their very set of naughty pictures to give to their spouses. Divorced or widowed women looking for a thrill and of course the women that had a genuine interest in the BDSM lifestyle and wanted something similar themselves.

 I had decided to give Mum some much needed time to think about the direction she wanted her life to go in. She told me she was thinking of planning a holiday and I told her I would pay for it. She decided to go to Hawaii. I never thought anything of it at the time but, for her there was a reason why she chose Hawaii as her preferred destination. She told me at the time when we were speaking about the holiday that she would love to go to Hawaii & I asked her how long she wanted to go for. She said she didn’t know and suggested 2 weeks, I paid for four, giving her a little extra time.

Doing paperwork in the office before heading for home I got a message from mum saying that things were a lot clearer now and she would explain when she got home. I couldn’t wait to see her, I missed her and the suspense of waiting to see what her decision would be plagued my thoughts regularly. Deep into the paperwork that was the biggest bore to me of all, going through all the rejections for various reasons. I far preferred the fan mail that was fun to read. All the naughty and kinky ideas by fans of our work.

The phone rung and I was glad of the interruption. “Mrs Goss?” “Hi Lynn what’s up?” Lynn is our receptionist. She is around 40 and recently split up with her husband of 10 years, irreconcilable differences. There was rumours that she & her husband are both submissive and that was the cause of their marriage breakdown. Lynn is very good at her job and has never asked for time off, never let us down and is very loyal. Any problems she will attempt to sort it before it reaches Sean or I. She’s a very beautiful lady, long legs that go on for miles and an ample chest. She always dresses so conservatively has never given herself away as to her true wants likes and desires. However she does a bloody good job and is a joy to employ her.

“I just had a call from the police that they need to speak to Mr Goss, what shall I tell them?” “Oh right, just tell them to come over I will wait on” Oh well that is my night ruined I thought, I wonder what they want? About half an hour later Lynn came by my office. “Mrs Goss? Is it alright to head off now, its getting a bit late for my bus?” “Yes certainly Lynn thanks again, NO WAIT! Here get a taxi, that bus will be full of morons at this time of night” “Thank you Mrs Goss” now I had to wait on the police showing up, they could be ages. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water and returned to my office to continue the drag of the paperwork.

I got to my office and realised someone was sitting in my chair. They spun round and there he was, my master holding a few bundles of rope as flowers, I always said to him after I became his slave that id prefer bundles of rope to flowers. “Hello darling I’ve missed you” I practically run to him and he passionately kissed me and begun running his hands over my clothed body. “I missed you too master, the police are on their way over, they want to talk to us” “Oh dont you worry about that my dear, that was just a ploy to keep you here until I got here, i went home first and saw that you must be here” “Ah I see, well what do you intend to do with that lovely bouquet of ropes?” “Well why dont you strip out of those clothes and I will show you!”

I wordlessly removed my vest top and slid down my skirt leaving me in just my red bra & thong and my heels. “All of it!” I complied with his request and I was soon as naked as the day as I was born standing before him with my arms folded behind my back and my legs slightly parted.

“Now lets get some rope on that lovely body of yours” “Yes please master” he tied my arms together behind my back and then begun my chest harness, it was wonderful to haver his masterful hands trapping my body in his ropes ready for whatever he had in mind for me. “Amber left a message on the voicemail, she says she cant make Saturday, what’s happening on Saturday?” He said as he begun wrapping more rope around my body.

“Oh yes I haven’t had the chance to speak with you about it yet master, Amber told me there is something that she would like to speak to us about although she didn’t tell me what, anyway I told her that you were away and that Saturday would be more appropriate seeing as you were due to return tomorrow master” “I see, well why dont we phone her tomorrow and ask her if she would like to come over tomorrow then?” “Whatever you think is best for you master”

I was by now bound in a tight box tie with a tight crotch rope and finally a rope wrapped around my neck to lead me with. “Come along slave girl lets go home” I was by now no stranger to being seen naked & bound in public but, it was still and incredible thrill knowing that people would see me. I was loaded into the back of the car to endure the painfully slow drive across town and then towards our home where upon the last mile I would be made to walk alongside the car.

Even after all he time I have subjected myself to slavery its times like this I realise exactly why It was such an obvious choice for me. There is always something new & exciting. No one could love me more than he does. No one could show me more attention and cater to my needs than he can.

Finally we arrive at home where he has prepared a candlelit dinner and a movie night. A casual reminder that even though I am his slave, he loved me first even before the bondage. A wonderful evening was topped off by some much needed sexual attention. He made me suck him off whilst he teased my clit with his fingers. However when he came in my mouth he simply gagged me, tied my legs together and flung me into bed and whispered in my ear “Goodnight my little slut” OMG this was torture, expertly getting me ready then cruelly denying me the climax I craved. Sleep was hard to come by but, eventually I dozed off enduring the agonizing torture of sexual denial he thrust upon me. I love it!


The next morning I was released at least from my bondage & went for a shower whilst master went to arrange the meeting with Amber. After my shower I dried myself and then when I came back intro the bedroom I smiled. Sitting on the bed waiting for me was a red rose on top of a silk throw. I picked up the rose and smelled it then with one fast motion removed the throw to reveal a pair of stocking, heels and my collar and cuffs. I grinned with satisfaction then I remembered that amber was supposed to be coming over! Oh well nothing she hasn’t seen before I suppose & I am totally comfortable with her seeing me in my every day state. She accepts who I am and certainly doesn’t judge me although I do have a tiny suspicion that she longs for someone with the same array of qualities as my master.

I sat on the bed and rolled the stockings up my legs. These were elasticated stocking thus not requiring a garter. Locking on my little heels I then locked my collar & cuffs into the places they were destined to be, locked on me! Bending down I locked the first length of the chain on to my left ankle cuffs and then grabbed the other and duly locked in in place, the lock sending a tiny shiver of joy through my body. I then descended the stairs in search of my master, ready to obey any commands he set me. He came over when I entered the room, head bowed with my arms folded behind my back. “You look beautiful as always darling” he said kissing me full on the lips. “thank you master” “now amber will be over about half 11, its 10 now so you better tidy up before she gets here and be ready to greet her, preparation is everything my dear so dont take all day! I’m going upstairs to fill out a tax form before our guest arrives” “Yes master at once” He kissed me on the lips and left to do his tax form leaving me to my task.

First things first was the kitchen. Master has just had breakfast and always leaves an absolute mess, secretly I think he enjoys the thought of me cleaning up after him which, I’m all to happy to do. I tidied, swept and cleaned the whole place before taking my place at the end of the hall. Master didn’t stipulate what I was to do after my task of clean up so I took my place at the end of the hall, legs parted as much as the chain would allow & arms folded behind my back. I enjoy these times where master is too busy to deal with me and as I take my place quietly awaiting his return my mind begins to wander.

I think of my life up until now & it pains me to think if my life had taken another course. What would have happened if I had gotten into my desired course of study? Perhaps I wouldn’t have gotten a job at the hardware store & never met the wonderful man of my dreams. It doesn’t take much for me to realise just how lucky I am. Some men would have run scared at the thought of their spouse entrusting them with full power on their relationship, though it had been so easy for me to come to that conclusion.

I wondered how mums holiday was going, was she having a good time & what did she mean that things were a lot clearer now? Would she indeed tell me? Or would she go back into her shell and hide it from me which she did before. Of course I couldn’t exactly hold a grudge against her, I mean how do you bring that up in conversation with your teenage daughter, Oh by the way you are probably going to end up a slave like most of the other women in our family. It simply couldn’t have happened and I can’t talk as I had kept the reality of my own life a secret from her for a lot longer than I should have, but again how could I have brought that conversation up? I hoped she had found peace within herself and hoped that whatever her decision that she be happy & content with it. My train of thought was interrupted this time by a knock at the front door. Our guest as master had called her had arrived.

The key to the job

Walking to the front door my heels loudly clacking on the wooden floor I opened the door to where the lovely Amber was waiting. “welcome back sweetie, how are you?” amber hugged me and playfully grabbed my ass and kissed me on the cheek. “All the better for seeing you babe, you look stunning as always and I see that your master finally stepped up to his obligations” she said grinning pointing to the still evident rope marks. “yeah he sure did, but he never let me cum & still hasn’t!” “aww poor baby” she said with an unfeeling tone. “please make yourself at home and I will see if the master has time now?”

Amber walked into the living room and I climbed the stairs to go find him. I approached the door and gently knocked on it. “Come!” “Master our guest has arrived” “I will be right there go & see if she needs anything” “Yes master” I returned downstairs to our guest who was happy to see me, she seemed a little uneasy. “Can I get you anything sweetie?” “ I’m ok thanks” “So how have you been?” “yeah things have been well kind of hectic to say the least, I got my pay out from the force though” “Well I should think so... was terrible the way they treated you”

“Hello Amber I trust you have been well looked after in my absence which I hope you accept my apologies for?” “Oh Mr Goss um yes I was in very good hands & no need to apologize” “Right then lets take this outside on the patio its a nice day” master led the way and I followed behind Amber outside to the patio. They took their seats and master clicked his fingers towards the available chair, I was being aloud to sit!

“Ok so you wanted to discuss something with my wife & I?” “Yes. First of all thank you for agreeing to meet with me, I know you are both very busy” “Dont mention it, were friends after all”

“Absolutely! Now what I’m about to discuss with you is top secret, well at least at the moment. As by now I’m sure your well aware things are about to change around here. Bondage is set to become the norm and Slavery permitted within the right parameters. This ‘vote of the people’ thing is a charade to keep the dissenters happy. The powers that be have already decided to change the laws. The government has already drawn up ways of taking full advantage of the BDSM boom. Full ownership papers will cost a small fee for starters. This brings me to the other part of the reason I’m here today. As you both know I was in the police force and was honourably discharged, eventually at least. So being out of work I had originally decided on perhaps a change of career which I discussed with you before JL. However a few weeks ago I was contacted by a Mrs Helen Harris, you may have heard of her, HER husband was the director of prisons for decades before his death this year”

“Yes I’ve heard of her, she is also one of the biggest funders of the FK movement” said master.

“Correct. Well she contacted me and told me that she heard all about me. My history with the force and said she hoped that I could help her out with a project she had in mind. So she invited me to dinner with her in her home. I went not really knowing what to expect. She greeted me with a warming demeanour and I was immediately at ease in her company. So after a fantastic dinner & a few glasses of wine she finally begun to tell me the reason she had contacted me. She had a pretty normal upbringing and when she met her husband they quickly fell in love & were married. She suffered 2 miscarriages and later was told that she would never carry to full term, which was devastating to the young couple. Around this time her husband was rapidly climbing the career ladder and after a few years became director for prisons after the untimely death of his predecessor.

Being so high up in the prison service the couple could never let their private lives become public. Mrs Harris grew fond of bondage after a holiday to japan where they witnessed a shibari convention. Once they returned from their holiday she begged him to tie her up and after a while they discovered it suited their lifestyle. Mr Harris however kept a secret from his wife. He was far more into BDSM than he was letting on and after a box fell out of his cupboard when his wife was putting away some of his clothes she came across memoirs of his describing in detail his dreams & ideas on bondage and how he longed for Helen to submit to him completely. Submit to his bondage, the punishments he would inflict upon her and the sexual torment & abuse she would undoubtedly suffer at his hands. He wanted to be her master and she his slave.

 At first as most are at the prospect of this she was outraged but, after calming down decided to give it a go. She never looked back. She became his perfect slave and he became her strict and sometimes even cruel master and inflicted harsh punishments on her, however the harder he hit her the wetter she’d get. She confessed to me that she is a total bondage & pain slut and her life with her husband left her feeling very fulfilled. Then her husband passed away leaving her alone without him. Her grief was in explainable and in her deeply depressed state even tried to take her own life after a night of heavy drinking. As this was a suicide attempt she was required to undergo psychiatric  evaluation to get inside her head and get to the source of the problem. She discovered that she longed not only for her late husband but, also her master. She had grown to depend on her life in bondage at the feet  her master and this was now lost forever.

So she dwelled on her past life and struggled to come to terms that she was going to feel like this for the rest of her life. She is only 40 after all and the thought of spending the rest of her life without bondage was seriously concerning to her. She had thought about seeking a new master but, she didn’t want to put her late husbands reputation in jeopardy. One day she was cleaning out her husbands office and found a folder marked Zone X. Curious she racked through the folder and came across plans for a special prison. Special is one way of putting it. This would be unlike any conventional prison. Even then the prisons were overwhelmed & at breaking point. So Mr Harris was in the process of designing a system that could be a long term solution to the problem of crime.

Female prisons would be the Guinea pig and after a trial period similar facilities could be set up for the male prisoners. The system was very simple. After sentence was passed the prisoner after checking her background to check that there is no family or friends that will come asking any inappropriate queries that would not suit the needs for the trial. would be taken into a holding cell. During this time a representative of the facility would approach the prisoner in questune and give them a form and a pen and then leave them to it. In the form would be an offer to significantly reduce the prisoners sentence by 75% on the condition that they consent to a revolutionary new training scheme to transform them from their life of crime. Training will be completed in 2 years upon which the prisoner will be released on remand with regular appointments to keep them on track. It would be a one time offer and they will not be asked again. By signing the consent form the prisoner in questune consents to all methods of training. Of course the next step depends on the woman. If she signs she enters the care of the facility. If not, she will be sent to a regular prison.

Now that’s where I come in. With the up coming change in the law this venture will be absolutely legal but, will remain however top secret. Mrs Harris wants me to oversee this project. I will need to choose a location to start with and select my own staff to run it. You see this prison will become a BDSM training facility where female criminals will be trained to become submissive slaves with no desire to return to crime. If it works, this will become the standard model of prisons and hopefully reduce crime totally”

“I see, is this legal?” asked master with some apprehension.

“when the law changes which it will have by the time we are ready, then yes it will be totally 100% legal. I also did some research on it myself, and found that the idea is full proof and isn’t subject to international law if the country in which the prison is located has a consensual slavery law”

“Ok, so where do we fit in?”

 “Well to pull this off I need some help. First of all you are an experienced master & have trained your own slave. JL you are an experienced slave and your input will be invaluable. Secondly there is a huge amount I’d like your help with. Such as the safe & secret transportation of prisoners from court to the facility, the induction process upon arrival, routine, uniform, restraints, equipment the list is endless. And finally I can’t think of anyone more qualified to run this new facility. You are experienced and know exactly how to handle & train a woman. Of course you will be very well paid handsomely and will have full control of the facility and how it is run”

Fine detail

“So let me get this straight, you want me to become the head master of this women’s facility & train women to become slaves?”

“to put it simply, yes”

Master looked at me and he could tell by the look of excitement in my eyes that I wanted to know more about it. “Well there is much to discuss before I make a decision. Who will finance this project? I certainly cant see the government funding it”

“Actually Mrs Harris will be funding the project and I have been assured and shown in black & white that there will be unlimited funds for this venture”

“Ok. What about location?”

“Well I have ear marked 3 sites to view. One is an old farm land that has been uninhibited for years due to flooding however it is only 2 miles from a local village. The second is an old firehouse that is scheduled to be knocked down and the plot be made into houses. The last is an abandoned army complex where nuclear weapons where stored during the old war but, I dont know what kind of state it is in at the moment”

“ok send me and email of what your proposals and I will look them over, I will give you a decision then”

“Thank you Mr Goss”

“you know when you said that Mrs Harris is funding this? What does she get out of it?”

“Oh I forgot to tell you that. Basically Mrs Harris wants this venture to be her own personal tribute to the late Mr Harris, if things go to plan and the venture is successful she intends to transfer her savings into an offshore accounts help with the running costs, the rest of her estate will be transferred to me. She has only 2 demands. First that the facility bear the name of her late husband, she has suggested the Harris facility of correction. A fitting name I must say. The second is that she become the first woman inducted through its doors on a life sentence where she will spend the rest of her life in the care of masters or mistresses”

“Wow, she sounds like just my kind of woman” I remarked.

“So that is the proposal and I thank both of you for hearing me out, I know it must have been quite a proposal to listen to”

“Well I will give it serious thought my dear and let you know as soon as possible, care for a drink?” we spent the rest of the day drinking and ended up ordering Chinese and watching films. It was quite a day and my mind was racing at the idea of this facility. And the fact that mum had texted me to tell me she was back and I was to go and see her tomorrow!

I wonder what tomorrow might bring.........

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