Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

by Bookwriter

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Story continues from part 5

Part 6: Back to Reality

The next morning I awoke with a slight sore head due to all the alcohol I had consumed the day before. I wasn’t drunk but, I could feel him watching me. “Good morning master” I said sleepily.

“Good morning darling....we need to talk” I could sense something was in the wind.

“Well I am all ears master”

“What are the key principles of BDSM?”

“You know that silly! Safe, Sane and Consensual”

“That’s right. This venture however, it goes against everything we stand for. A few weeks ago we performed a demonstration about bondage was meant to be safe, sane & consensual with only consenting adults, this is far from it”

“Yes well I did kind of think along those lines myself”

“And so you should! This law change is great for people like you & me, we wont have to hide our lifestyle and be proud of it. However making it into some sort of tool to reform criminals? No its just not right”

“Yes I know, I just thought the idea was hot” I said putting my head down almost shamefully. “  Perhaps for a scene not in real life. I need to turn this down and I will be looking more into it for Amber’s sake”

“You think she’s in danger?”

“Maybe, I don’t know yet. Can I ask you something?”

“What is it sweetie?”

“If you could go back in time and change our lifestyle, would you?”

“No of course not! What made you ask that?” I never got as amber gently knocked on the door. “Come in” I said slightly irritated. “Jamie, I think you need to see this” My whole world was about to fall apart. 

6 months later: Spiral

I walked quickly & full of rage carrying the bag of vodka & cigarette’s up towards a place I used to visit during my school days. I finally reached the top of the hill to the little clearing & the bench I had sat on many times as a young girl. I discovered this place when I chose to take an alternate route home from school, fed up with the constant insults and often physical attacks by the other girls simply because I wasn’t like them, out every weekend  drinking & sleeping with all different boys. So I walked along the backroads with the walk ways and one day came across this bench in a little clearing. It was a place I would regularly visit. I felt safe here, looking down the hill at all the goings on and knowing that no one usually came here. I finally reached the clearing, I was wearing a thick hoodie really not keen to hear the usual ‘ look at the tits on her’ comments I normally did. I sat down on there bench and took a swig of the vodka I had bought and then lit up a cigarette, one of many vice’s I had taken up since my quick-fire divorce. How did it get to this? Divorced, heart broken, dead end job, depressed and to top it all off accusing my mother of fucking my ex husband! I was at rock bottom & I knew it. And it all started when I stupidly got involved with Kim. My intentions at the time were pure ,but they did begin a string of events that led me to this point. When amber showed me the link to the article in the paper, I was gobsmacked. Kim had been rescued and after a month of rehabilitation under a false name she agreed to do a story for the paper. She held nothing back & told them every last detail of her involvement with Sean & I right up to her abduction. It didn’t make for good reading & painted us as though we had brainwashed her into the BDSM lifestyle. She also made claim that we were behind her abduction & eventual sale to slavers overseas. She blamed me especially and I quote ‘ I thought I had finally found someone in my life I could trust like a sister, but she ended up being the same as all the other monsters in my life’ that was hard to read. Of course I tried to contact her, but was visited by the police & told to stay away from her and that she had restraining procedures against us. I was crushed, we both were. After that things changed big time! I self destructed. I decided to call it a day & resigned from Goss Bindings. Then when Sean left for work, I picked up the bag I had packed & left. I went to mums who very understandably let me stay there to get my head straight. Sean was devastated. I avoided him & a few weeks later I filed for divorce. I made my lawyer handle everything. I signed over my half of the business and everything else we shared and settling for £10000s. I had hurt the person I love the most & I didn’t understand why. Why had I just abandoned everything? Why didn’t I fight? I suppose the fight had withered and died when I read Kim’s article. It wasn’t her fault, she is entitled to feel betrayed. After all it must of looked very suspicious when no one had came to see her when she arrived back. We simply didn’t know. I spent most of my time in my room, drinking and taking up smoking, which I had never been interested in and always found it disgusting! A few months later I read that Sean had decided to call time on Goss Bindings. ‘ It is with deep regret that I have came to the decision to shut down Goss Bindings. This was a joint venture between my former wife & I and to be 100% honest my heart is no longer init. I wish to thank all those who have supported us over the last few years and I wish Kat all the best with her new site. Sean Goss’ I didn’t think I could get any lower, I was wrong. Claire came to visit me to see how I was. She was always loyal even though I did notice her interest in my former master. “this is so sad, I always that that you two would be together forever. He is totally lost and you can tell he’s hurt. Look what that girl wrote about you both is totally wrong. I know that & so does everyone else in our community and those who know you”

“I know, thank you Claire. I just need to find myself honey. I’m not the same woman you knew before”

“Yes, you are! She’s in there somewhere, I know it and deep down you know it too” Claire gave me a peck on the cheek and told me if I needed anything I was only to ask. It warmed me somewhat & I knew she was right, but I just didn’t have it in me. Mark and Alice came to see me too. We had been friends since Sean introduced us. They hadn’t  even sat down when I asked about him. “How is he?”

“Truthfully, he’s not good Jamie, he’s totally devastated. His whole world has fallen apart. And you know that you you are his world” Mark bickered to me. “Why dont you go and help Mr’s Green with the tea honey” mark left the room and Alice sat next to me and took my hand. “Oh Jamie, come here” she said as I burst into tears. “Mark doesn’t mean to upset you babe, he’s just worried about you both, Sean is in a right mess”

“I know & its all my fault” I barrelled out through my tears. Mark came back into the room. “YOU! GO & TAKE MR’S GREEN OUT FOR SHOPPING OR TEA ANYTHING JUST YOU STAY OUT MY WAY FOR THE TIME BEING” Mark was taken aback by his wife’s commands, realising he’d severely irritated her. “Oh Ok babe um if your sure”

“I’ll deal with you later now off you go” it was funny to see Alice being strict with him as she has always been so timid. “Ok love you babe”

“Love you too” Alice melted and they shared a kiss before he left. We were left alone and Alice could speak to me on my own which I did feel more comfortable with. “Jamie you cannot let this girl destroy everything Sean & you have, this is crazy!”

“I know, but I cant help it. I dont know what is wrong with me. Everything I love and hold dear I seem to be destroying”

“You are punishing yourself that’s what. Look this girl feels hurt & betrayed by people she thought she could trust & doesn’t know the time and effort you spent trying to find her” I could tell Alice was alluding to a point with this. “Yes that’s true”

“Well hear me out here, Why dont you do an interview with your side of the story and give both issues a bit of closure”

“I cant, how could I?”

“Well what’s stopping you”

“Because it means dragging up the past”

“Only way I can see any way past this honey” She was right & I knew it, but I couldn’t. “You going to be ok?”

“Yeah I’ll be fine” I said as Alice & mark got up to leave”

“I didn’t mean to....”

“Its ok mark dont worry”

“Remember what I said” was the last thing Alice said to me before she got in the car. After dinner I went to my room with Alice’s words ringing loudly in my ears. I decided that she was right and I could also give Sean some closure at the same time. I felt that after I had left him the way I did, he wouldn’t want me anymore anyway. That night I cried myself to sleep, what do I mean that night it was every night. I wake up. I’m not in mums house! I look up to see my wrists tightly bound above me. I try to speak , but my mouth is filled with a huge ball. I look up and see a mirrored room and I am the star attraction dressed in slutty lingerie and bound & gagged. I wait and wait until I hear footsteps. The whip lands all over my body, the clamps bite harshly into my flesh and finally I am taken roughly to an explosive orgasm. I wake up with my hands inside my PJs and mum burst into the room. “Good god you need to get this sorted and soon!” I knew what she meant. I had dreams like this every night . Months passed and still nothing was further forward. I had been to the doctor & she recommended counselling. I went and it helped a lot, being able to speak freely with someone who didn’t know me was a great comfort. Fast forward to today and it couldn’t have started worse than it did. I woke up and scrolling through social media, I came across a piece on Sean and the mystery woman who had spent the night. I was devastated! I thought it was over, I was too late. If I had managed to get my shit together before now! I heard the door open and quietly close. I got up to find mum creeping across the room towards her bedroom. As she did the long coat swung open to reveal very slutty lingerie and she was covered in rope marks and her hair was a mess and her lipstick drawn over her face. Putting two and two together I lunged at her and pinned her down on the couch. “You slut! With my man! WTF is that all about!”

“Jamie what are you talking about! Get off me!”

“You’re welcome to him! I will be out of your hair by tonight then you wont have to sneak about!” I stormed out with mum clearly confused and speechless as I ran down the street. So now here I am on this bench wondering where it all went wrong, and then..... “You’re hard to find”

Trials & tribulations

“What do you want!” I bickered to Kim as she approached me. “Can I sit down?”

“Oh I dont know, are you going to have me arrested for coming closer than 25 yards?” I said as I took another large gulp of vodka. “Dont be like that, I come here in peace” “Its a free country I suppose” I said irritated at both her presence and her natural beauty. “Can I explain?”

“Oh I cant wait to hear this” I said as I offered her a cigarette. “I thought you’d never ask” Her smile was as infectious as it had been before and I felt myself calming somewhat to her presence, although I was still filled with emotions anger being the main one. “Well let me start from the beginning, the very beginning” 

I was born into a family that had its fair share of problems. Dad had been wounded in Iraq in 90 & was given a medical discharge. He couldn’t work & that killed him, so he turned to drink & hard drugs. Mum worked at the local shop and struggled to make ends meet & also became a drinker, not to the extent of my father though. One night I was lying in bed and my drunken father came into my bedroom looking for the toilet and urinated all over my room. That shocked me! Things got steadily worse, he became violent towards my mother & me and the fights got worse and so did the consequences. Eventually both my parents took hard drugs and one day after school I came home & found them both dead due to an apparent overdose. I was only 12 at the time. We had no other family, my grandparents were killed in a road traffic accident and my other fathers parents died due to drugs as well. I ended up in the care system. I was moved around for a few years and never settled with one family. Some of them were nice and I was disappointed when they moved me again for numerous reasons. Some however were a nightmare, worse than my real parents. I was 13 and had already begun to develop if you know what I mean. The father figure of the family I was put with was a creep and many nights used to creep into my room and masturbate over me before ejaculating all over my room. I always pretended that I was asleep for fear that if I ever did wake up and tell him what for that something worse would happen. Another family I was put into had severe differences between them. The daughter was to put it mildly was a whore, bringing all different men home and loudly having sex with them all night. The brother turned out to be gay and that all kicked off with the dad being a devout Christian and was dead against gays. I was finally put with a lovely couple, Bill & Shirley who couldn’t have any children of their own, but didn’t have the time for the sleepless nights. They read my story and instantly wanted to give me a home. At last, I had a place to call home and 4 years there very happy indeed. During that time I had my first sexual experience. With boobs like mine |I was never short of attention from the opposite sex, most of which was just randy boys looking for a quick fuck. I had just turned 15 and got involved with a boy from school. The usual telling me he loved me this and that, then he got what he wanted and I never seen him again. I was always a shy girl and was even more so after that. Then not long after my 16th birthday, Bill became seriously ill. Over the next year was filled with hospital visits. The last time I spoke to him & Bill ushered me close to him. “I loved you like my own darling” I think he knew it was coming because he died that night peacefully in his sleep. That affected me deeply. Shirley was never the same after the death of her husband. I tried my best to comfort her and try and cheer her up, but in the end I believe she died of a broken heart. After Shirley’s death I was the only beneficiary in the will so I inherited the house and all of their possessions, but I couldn’t sign until I was 18 which was still 3 months away. A friend of Shirley who had came over for the funeral from Australia. She approached me and told me that she would stay with me for the time being and when I turned 18 she would leave me to it and go home. I was very grateful. She was very kind and had a loving personality and we got on very well. We kept in contact & still do now, however she has distanced herself somewhat after everything came out. So at the age of 18 I had a house of my own and money in the bank, but the price was too much to bear. I had lost the only two people who had ever shown me any affection & respect. Once I got settled and had things the way I wanted them I decided to look for a job to keep things going, something Bill had drummed into me since I arrived. I got a job in the local shop & was never short of shifts and was able to build up the bank. I didn’t have any friends due to moving around all the time and I’m not the easiest girl to make conversation with. Mainly due to my childhood I dont easily trust either. I was 18, had my own house and was completely miserable. Then you came into my life and things begun to change for the better. All over a spilt bottle of milk ha-ha. We struck up a friendship and I looked up to you. You were always so warm & accommodating towards me. We spoke of many things and it was good to finally have a friend. As I got to know you more I begun to trust you and 2 years later we were still good friends, even though you were busy a lot and now I know why ;). I looked on you as the sister I never had. I was outraged at first when I seen you being led along the street bound, gagged & naked. And I messaged you the next day after being up most of the night thinking about it. The next morning when you came over and explained I was relieved, but also found it an interesting concept. Two people who love each other dearly enough to live that kind of relationship. I found it utterly arousing. The next day I will remember for the rest of my life. You showed me love, affection & were genuinely interested in my well being, enough to share your husband & master with me. I meant what I said at the time. I love you Jamie lee, I always will. The only thing that kept me going when I was kidnapped was keeping the dream of being with you & Sean like we had planned. When I was taken overseas I ended up in some sort of compound in the middle east. I was kept naked & bound, but apart from that I was treated well and never went short of food. Most of my duties were domestically oriented & some field work which was exhausting, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Then one night I heard lots of shooting and after a while it went quiet. I heard lot of loud shouts in English, making me scream out for help. The door was kicked in and their was soldiers who quickly freed me and covered my naked form with a burka. I was sunburnt somewhat and fatigued, but otherwise unharmed. we moved away form the compound which when we got to high ground went up in a huge explosion. Then a helicopter landed and I was scared shitless, I hate heights! I was taken to an aircraft carrier and that begun my rehabilitation. When I landed back home I was devastated. I thought it would be like the films, you and Sean waiting for me getting off the plane, but you weren’t. No one was. Then I see on a magazine that the law on slavery was about to be changed and that you were the face of it surging ahead as they quoted. I admit in my ignorance I was hurt, angry and betrayed. I felt my life had no purpose. I was approached by a journalist that wanted to hear my story and at the same time I wanted to get back at you. All the people who wronged me in my life, I had never got any revenge or got my own back, I thought it would make me feel better, it didn’t. All I did was hurt the people I love and return me to my secular life. I didn’t mean to cause all this, I guess my life is just one big fuck up”

“Don’t be like that Kim, We all make mistakes. For what its worth I forgive you, life’s too short to hold a grudge and besides, I still love you” I said smiling drawing a tear of guilt to Kim’s eyes. “Look I want to help, I want to fix this. You are nothing without him & he’s nothing without you. he needs you and you need him, more than you realise”

“He didn’t need me last night when he was fucking my mum!”

“Wait, what?”

“Last night, its all over the papers. ‘mystery woman spends the night in Goss mansion’ then I catch my mum sneaking into the house this morning covered in rope marks! You do the math. Look lets face it, its too late! He’s moved on and I’ll never get him back now” ” Well I know for a fact that he wasn’t fucking your mum last night”

“How would you know!”

“Because it was me who spent the night. I arranged to meet him and find out what happened before I tried to find you. Trust me, your mum may very well have gotten some action last night, but it certainly wasn’t him”

“Oh god, I have some explaining to do, what were you doing there?”

“I want to fix this. No I need to fix this. You two were made for each other and this isn’t you!”

“Meaning” I retorted as I was just about to take another swig of vodka when Kim grabbed the bottle out of my hands. “This isn’t the answer either! Now listen, you have self destructed for far too long now. Forget about everything that happened. It wasn’t your fault nor Sean’s and your not punishing yourself, your punishing your relationship. Now do you want to drink the rest of this? Or do you want to get a grip and get your life back?” said Kim in a matter of fact manner as she lit up a cigarette and handed me another. “Your right, give me that” I took the bottle and launched it into the undergrowth. Lets go back to mums first, I need to apologise” 


I arrived home and mum was just getting off the phone, now wearing more appropriate attire. “Mum, I’m so sorry” I flung my arms around mum and she returned the favour. “I was wrong & I’m sorry to accuse you”

“That’s alright, no harm done. Who’s this?”

“This is Kim”

“Well you have done some harm haven’t you”

“Mum! Lets talk inside. The next few hours were spent with Kim & I telling mum the entire story of how this all came to be and she was then a little more understanding and they actually got on well. It was nearly time for bed and I said goodnight to mum and led Kim to my bedroom. “I’m going to take a shower, wont be long. Make yourself at home” I went for a shower and the water felt great against my skin. I could have fallen asleep and then when I got out the shower Kim had made the bed and had pj’s waiting for me and herself wearing one of my nightgowns. “Thanks sweetie” I dried myself and slipped into the PJ’s she had left out for me. I sat on the edge of the bed and Kim brushed my hair and rubbed my shoulders. It was nice to have her taking care of me with her soft hands. “Its so good to have you back in my life Kim, I missed you terribly”

“I missed you too, I know that someone else misses you too”

“I feel terrible for what I’ve put him through”

“He was actually pretty understanding about the whole thing, of course he is hurt and angry that you never confided in him, but he knows you needed time. He loves you”

“I know, I love him too. I need him”

“I know that honey & he needs you too”

“So how was he with you when you seen him? He must of blamed you for a lot of this”

“Actually he told me it wasn’t my fault and he understands why I gave that interview. He also told me that you were punishing yourself over what happened to me and seemed to have been hell bent on destroying yourself. He knows that his intervention wouldn’t have helped & that you needed to figure this out for yourself. Seems before I met you today, you were struggling with that”

“Well yes I was, he knows me better than I know myself” Kim had me lie down and slowly unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off my arms. “what are you doing?” I said breathlessly. “Giving you a massage” said Kim innocently as her hands grabbed hold of my melons. “Oh look, now someone’s either cold or something else” she said as she bent down and gently sucked on my nipple. I moaned softly giving Kim encouragement as her soft hands glided over my body. She begun to plant soft kisses all over my body before sliding off my shorts and begun planting kisses up and down my legs. “mmmmmhhhhhhhhh this is nice” I gasped. “you like that.....mistress” I sprung up and grabbed her ponytail and pulled up towards me. “What did you say?”


“What did you say?” I said in a firmer tone. “I said mistress I’m sorry” Kim bowed her head and I saw a tear run down her face. “Is that what you see me as? As that what you want me to be?”

“Oh god yes, but I know it will never happen”

“come lie with me” I said as I moved her up to the head of the bed. We lay face to face looking into each others eyes. “dont cry” I said as I wiped her the tears with my finger. “Listen sweetie, I dont have a dominant bone in my body. It just isn’t me. I am totally submissive and I was born to be a slave. I couldn’t be your mistress”

“You could! It would just be different”

“Alright miss know it all, explain”

“Well you would own me & I would serve you, in any way you wished”

“Yes, but that’s still just a mistress and slave relationship is it not?”

“Not if you were owned yourself”

“Oh, I still dont see how that would work”

“Well if you were my mistress and owned me, If you were to become a slave then I would then become your master or mistresses slave as well. Meaning that we can be together like we planned”

“Oh Kim, that sounds wonderful, you need to think this through”

“No need I already have. We both have had very different paths, but You & I were born to be slaves”

“I agree totally” I said as we kissed passionately. Kim reached between my legs. “NO! I didn’t say you could do that, now off to sleep gorgeous we have lots to do tomorrow” and so we drifted off to sleep holding each other tightly in our arms.


The next morning I woke up with Kim sleeping soundly in my arms. She looked adorable as ever & I thought back to our conversation we’d had then night before. I promised myself that no one would ever hurt or let her down again, least of all me! I quietly got up and slipped on my night gown and went through to the living room. Mum was still asleep. I picked up my phone and sent Sean a text to tell him to let me know when he was up, I am up was all I got. I stepped out onto the veranda took a deep breath and called him. “Hello”

“Its me, I owe you a massive apology”

“Dont worry about all that now, are you alright?”

“I’m much better now, can we meet for dinner tonight? My treat”

“Pick you up at 7?”

“Perfect, see you then. I love you”

“I love you too” that put me in a great mood, things were finally starting to look up although I wasn’t looking forward to discussing developments between Kim & I. I went back into the bedroom where Kim had just woken up. “morning sleepy head” I said as I kissed her on the forehead. ““Morning mistress”

“Well you aren’t a slave yet my dear, not without a collar. We can pick one up in town. I called him”

“You did? How did it go?”

“very well to be honest, we both said love you so its a good start”

“Very good start”

“Now up you get shower and get ready, we have a busy day ahead”

“Yes mistress” Kim got up and went towards the door, it was still strange to be called mistress. Very strange! I picked up my phone and submitted a considerable order to pretty bonds. when we were ready we headed into town. 


We first stopped off at a cafe to get some breakfast, it was going to be a long day so I wanted us to have a full stomach. After breakfast we headed for the salon and I had our hair done. After that it was time to go dress shopping. I spent ages looking as I wanted to look good for my date later. Then I saw the one. Kim saw it first actually. A boob tube style dress that came to just under the knee and was all sparkly. Then we went onto lingerie. A settled on a black and red bra & thong set with a matching garter belt that came with stockings. Its as if it was all meant to be worn together because it matched perfectly. I got Kim some new stuff as well and then we went around the shops for a while selecting makeup, eyeliner & stuff. Last port of call was Pretty Bonds. when we walked in Amy looked exhausted. “Hi Amy, you look knackered”

“I am! Its been non stop all day, not surprising considering”

“yeah I know” I didn’t know what she was talking about, my mind was a bit overkill at that moment in time. We paid for my order and then went back home to mums as it was already 4 o’clock! 

When we got home mum quickly got off the phone. “Who was I that?” I asked innocently. “None of your business young lady! ”

“Your master?”

“Shush” Mum got all embarrassed. “I’m only kidding, I need to go and get ready, I’m going out tonight”

““With Sean?”


“Good” mum was happy that I was meeting up with Sean, she could tell that I needed him. When we got to the bedroom I intended to see how serious Kim really was about being a slave. “Strip”

“Yes mistress” Kim immediately did what I told her and in a few seconds was standing before me in her birthday suit. “Last night you told me you wanted to be my slave, did you mean it?”

“Yes mistress”

“Kneel” Kim knelt before me and I picked up the collar and wrapped it around her throat, locking it with a loud click. “Mmmmmmm”

“UP” Kim stood before me, her large pink nipples thrusting out at me. “Good girl” I said as I took a nipple between my fingers ,gently pinching it causing Kim to release a deep moan. “Now I’m going for a shower, inside this box is your attire for this evening. Put everything on and Be ready with a towel for me getting out the shower”

“Yes mistress” said Kim quietly as I hooked the ring in her collar pulling her close to me and giving her a loving kiss on the mouth. I left Kim to carry out the tasks I had set her and stripped off my clothes and stepped into the shower. I couldn’t believe I was playing the part of a mistress! It did give me a sense of empowerment, but it felt so wrong. I’m not dominant in any way shape or form, probably why I never accepted the mangers job when I worked in the hardware store. The thought of ordering people around didn’t suit me! And it still doesn’t. I dont plan on having anyone else see this side to me apart from Kim, after all I was doing this for her & her alone. I didn’t want her to end up in the wrong hands again because of my rejection. And besides having a girl as beautiful as Kim to serve me in any way I wanted wasn’t the worst thing in the world. The power scared me though & I didn’t like it, being in control that is. The sooner I was back ion the clutches of my master & put firmly in my place the better. As the warm water rinsed over my naked body my thoughts turned to my date. Excitement and dread at the same time. For all I knew he could turn up tonight and tell me it was over & he never wanted to see me again. I wouldn’t blame him either, I abandoned him plain and simple and if I ever get the chance to get things back to where they were with us I intended to grab it with open arms. I imagined him in his tux waiting for me outside with the car door open for me. Then I thought to when we first dated. I loved those times with him, that before I’d ever even heard of BDSM. We quickly fell in love with each other & we complimented each other perfectly. That was even before all that. We had always been happy with each other and I hoped ands prayed that those times would return. Time would tell. I hoped I could be that lucky, only time would tell.

The date

I got out of the shower and returned to the bedroom where Kim was wearing the stockings, heels & restraints I had bought her with the towel awaiting me. “Good girl, now dry your mistress & then you can rub my body cream on me”

“Yes mistress, thank you for my collar mistress”

“your welcome darling, now chop chop times is of the essence” Kim dried me thoroughly and then helped me lie down on the bed as she applied a generous amount of cream on my body and begun slowly massaging it into my skin. It felt heavenly. “Good girl, now time to help your mistress look beautiful”

“Your always beautiful mistress”

“your so adorable sweetie” I probed her mouth with my tongue and went ended up kissing for a few minutes. “Now Stockings and underwear first” When I was ready I left the room with Kim following behind me, we had both been around bondage for that long that I had totally forgotten that mum was in the house, not exactly dominant behaviour. Mum  nearly spat her tea out. “Well how do I look?” I said oblivious to the situation. “you look stunning darling, but Kim! Why is Kim like that”

“Oh, Um Kim has decided to become my slave”

“I see, well Kim you look very beautiful. Well MY master has let me down tonight, so let me finish this & I’ll go pout on my restraints ands you & I can have a chat”

“OMG Mum! Please tell me who it is”

“I will tell you darling as soon as you have a master again” mum winked. The car horn sounded and it was time for me to go. “Ok ladies wish me luck & behave yourselves”

“We will said mum”

“Yes mistress” said Kim as I kissed her on the cheek. 

Outside there he was just as I had imagined, standing in his best tux and holding the car door open for me. I approached and he kissed me on the cheek. “You look lovely”

“Thank you sir, you dont look bad yourself” I almost called him master, but thought it was maybe a little too soon. We chatted in the car on the way to the restaurant, as if the last six months had never happened. He smelled so good & my motor was already started. If he had pulled over and ripped my dress off then and there I wouldn’t have minded. When we arrived at the restaurant he opened my door and I linked my arm with his as he led me towards the door where others were queuing. “I called ahead, there expecting us” as we passed the doorman he slipped him some money, it was so smooth. We were led over to a booth and ordered some drinks. “Thank you for agreeing to meet me, I know it must of been difficult”

“No it wasn’t. Look you needed time & I understand that. Things were rough and It got the better of you. Do I wish you had spoken to me about things? Obviously, but It is what it is. You needed time, I just wish you didn’t go through with the divorce”

“I dont know why I did and if you came hear looking for answers to that, then I cant say. All I know is I regret it”

“So what made you go the way you did?”

“Well It was that article Kim did for that paper. I blamed myself and felt I didn’t deserve to be happy. In a way I was punishing myself”

“Well you certainly did that!”

“Ready to order sir?” it was the voice of a busty young waitress who obviously was interested in the man sitting directly across from me. I felt a pang of jealousy & scowled at her causing her to vanish after she took our order. “That wasn’t very nice was it?”

“Well she had those fuck me eyes when she looked at you”

“like the ones you’ve been fluttering me since I picked you up?” It was as if he had ripped my dress off right then and there. He had seen right through me like he always did. “No comment”

“Here comes the food” Sean was particularly happy the food had arrived as he hadn’t Eaten all day. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife after the incident with the waitress. After dinner we ordered another drink and the place started to quieten down a little. “I heard you had a visit form Alice and Mark”

“Yeah I did, she was great. Mark was just defending you, Alice gutted him out for it”

“Notice anything strange when they visited?”

“No, why’d you ask?”

“Well lets just say the lovely sweet & innocent Alice isn’t so sweet and innocent”

“What do you mean?”

“She’s his slave, they lived that lifestyle even before you & I”


“Shhh keep it down” said Sean laughing. “I dont believe it! Alice! No I dont believe that for a second. Mark must be pulling your chain”

“I seen it for myself”


“Well One night they invited me over for dinner & I got the nights mixed up. I arrived and there was no answer at the door so I walked around the back and there was Alice, naked, blindfolded and frog tied on the grass sucking Marks cock like her life depended on it. I spoke to them about it the following night when I was meant to show up for dinner and they were shocked that they had finally been outed, but they Alice did tell me that they were going to bring it up with us many times as they have been looking for couples to play with & when they had finally buckled up the courage we split up”

“Wow, I would never have figured Alice for that kind of thing. She always seemed so straight laced”

“Like you when we first started out?”

“Yeah I suppose, you just dont know”

“It was weird today, I sort of though that you & I would be the first”

“First what?”

“Consensual slavery, it was made legal today. Everything you worked towards has came true”

“I totally forgot, guess that’s why Amy was rushed off her feet today then”

“What were you doing there?”

“Well a few reasons. The first I wanted to get something special for my date and secondly some restraints”

“For whom?”

“Look this may come as a surprise, fuck I’m still trying to get my head around it myself. Last night Kim & I spoke at length and she told me everything about her. Some of it I knew, but some not so much. She has been through a lot in her life and she has lost everyone that ever showed her any genuine affection. Last night as we lay in bed she told me that she loves me & wants to belong to me, as slave” the look on his face was priceless, but somehow I sensed that he wasn’t the least bit shocked about what I had just told him. “Ah so its mistress Jamie lee now is it” he grinned at me across the table in a mocking tone. “Don’t call me that! I’m only doping it for her. I couldn’t bear it if she was hurt again. I guess this way I can make sure she wont be”

“there’s no doubt that she loves you & you lover her too, but this wont work”

“Why not?”

“Well for a start you aren’t dominant”

“I could be dominant” I said dismissing his accusation. “That isn’t you and you know it”

“Alright Mr Goss, convince me otherwise”

“Lets go for a walk. We’ll talk somewhere more discreet” We got up to leave and the attractive waitress passed me and again I gave her the eyes, HANDS OFF! We walked arm in arm down towards the green. At this time of night it was deserted for the most part apart from the occasional dog walker and people heading into town. We took a seat on one of the benches. “So mistress, you want me to tell you why this can never work out?”

“Go ahead” I said rolling my eyes although I dont know who I was trying to kid because I certainly wasn’t fooling anyone, least of all myself. “do you remember our first bondage experience?”

“Of course, who could forget?”

“Well I remember you being reluctant & anxious at first, but after that first time something changed. You changed! The door had been opened and there was never going to be any closing it. The next night you wanted to be tied again & again after that. Eventually we never had sex without you bound in some form. I remember the first time you asked to become my slave. I was shocked and turned on by the idea, but I decided that this must just be some phase that you were going through and that you would change your mind about it. Of course at that time everything was very hush hush. People frowned upon that sort of thing. You never relented and that was even before we were married. Every time you asked I declined, fear of the power I would hold over you #& that at some point it would be seen even by you as some form of abuse. It was hard to turn down. Then that night you sent me to the ‘shop’ to get some things that we didn’t even need and me being none the wiser. You put into motion the lifestyle we grew accustomed to. Right there that night you made a decision about the way you wanted top live your life. And I couldn’t say no that time. Fact of the matter is darling, you are submissive. You always have & always will be. You were born to be bound & gagged at the hands of a dominant master or indeed mistress that could look after your needs. You as a mistress, even though your intentions are pure, but it simply wouldn’t work” I looked at him and he looked at me. He was right, he’d never been more right and I simply couldn’t deny it. “I know that. Everything you just said is true, but I couldn’t say no to her”

“I know that darling”

“So what happens now?” I asked quietly, hoping he had the answers. “That is up to you...mistress”

“Calling me that isn’t helping Mr”

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Ok, Tell me what you want. Everything and be honest & remember I can tell when your lying” All or nothing I thought. “Alright I’ll be honest. I want to get my life back in order. I love you & I want you back, I want to be your wife again. I want to be your slave again & I’ll do anything to make it happen. You want to strip me, tie me up and make me service a bar of 50 people I will do it. I want you in total control of me. Keep me in constant bondage unless it pleases you to have me otherwise. Train me as you wish, my submission to you knows no bounds. Have as many slaves as you wish I have no limits when it comes to you. I just need to ask you a few things first”

“Ok fire away”

“Will you love me the same as before?”

“I love everything about you, of course I will”

“Would you love and treat Kim the same way you do me?”

“I think I can do that”

“I will own her tomorrow if she goes through with it which I think she will. What happens then?”

“Well actually I’m going away for a few days to help a friend with some building work. That will give you time to talk to Kim and to think about things and make sure you know exactly what you want. I will phone you in a few days and we will discuss what you want to happen next”

“I love you” I leant in and kissed him on the lips. “Here I brought you something” He brought out his pocket my engagement ring he had given me the first time he proposed. I had left it and my wedding ring on the hall table before I ran out on him. “Oh Sean” I held out my finger and he placed the ring on my finger. “Alright its getting late and I have to leave early tomorrow. I would take you home, but I dont want to cloud your judgement” I was disappointed, but I could see his reasoning. I had to be certain and it would at the same time reassure him. “Alright, I understand” Sean took me home and we chatted and before he dropped me off he had a query about mum. “What’s this I’m hearing your mum is your old bosses slave?”

“WHAT! He’s married”

“Yeah I know, do you think your mum knows that?”

“No mum’s not like that. Oh god now I have to tell her”

“Hey it might not be true, but I did hear a couple of the workers talking about it when I was in  fixing a shelf”

“You back in the building game?”

“No it was just a favour to Bill”

“Oh god I didn’t know he was into that! Do you think he used to think about me like that?”

“Oh definitely”

“Ok well thank you for a lovely evening” we shared a kiss and then he walked around and opened the door for me. I stepped out and again we shared a deep passionate kiss that made me weak at the knees and I felt as though I was on cloud nine again. “See you next week, maybe” A WEEK! Its going to be a long fucking week that I had no doubt!

Story to be continued in Part 7

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