Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

by Bookwriter

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Storycodes: M/f+; D/s; F+; silk; robe; chat; discovery; bdsm; whip; history; fantasy; force; bond; rope; sex; climax; slave; offer; M/f; naked; submission; cons; X

Story continues from part three

Part 4: Its never too late

After taking a lovely warm & relaxing shower I dried myself and slipped on a red silk robe that covers me, but certainly doesn’t leave much to the imagination! I went downstairs into the open plan kitchen and prepared a platter of cheese sandwiches and 2 large glasses of fresh orange juice, without the bits! I got a strange feeling whilst waiting for mum. Today had been quiet a day of revelations for her and I had an idea that she would have some revelations of her own to share with me. Mum and I always had an extremely close bond and we shared everything with each other, well I had thought.

I never heard her coming into the kitchen her small bare feet masking the sound on the hardwood floor. I am starving she announced startling me a little as she entered. "Cheese sandwiches alright for you"?

"Great, I thoroughly enjoyed my shower.... now where were we" mum said smiling away at me. "Well I had just finished telling you how I got into the lifestyle, so now I suppose I better fill you in on everything else".

"Ok darling, I am all ears".

I told mum everything, the website, the modelling, the whole thing with Kim and the many people whom, some of which utterly shocked her to learn that they too were involved in the "scene". Surprisingly to me at least, mum didn’t freak out or try to lecture me about the choices I have made or in the way I chose to live my life. She listened intently with out butting in and was very understanding. Now I am not naive enough to believe that my mother only joined in the days demonstration and collection just to exercise her charitable instincts.

From the moment she came backstage and offered to "help out" I noticed a few things I had never seen in her before. To start with her nipples could quite easily torn a hole in her dress and when my master had told her to strip there was only a split second of hesitation and when he asked her if she was ready, she referred to him as sir, and when the bondage was gradually applied the look on her face was evident that she was thoroughly enjoying herself and was easy to tell of her arousal. I decided to put it to her, I needed to. I asked her and I was about to learn a lot about my mother I never knew about! Mum took a shallow breath and begun to tell me her story.

Well I grew up on a farm with your uncle Bill and aunt Janice after your gran took her own life after I was born, I thought she couldn’t cope, but the reason why would be revealed to me in due course. Anyway I enjoyed a happy and loving childhood and I wanted for nothing. Living on the farm gave me the opportunity to have lots of free time and plenty of privacy. I had the attic room and I loved it there my own sanctuary where no-one would bother me. It wasn’t long after I turned about 15 or so I think I can remember definitely. I had told uncle Bill and aunt Janice that I was staying at my friend’s house, Sara Steinberg.

Well that night sadly Sara’s grandfather passed away and obviously they had to travel there during the night. They offered to drop me off, but I decided to walk, it was only 5 minutes down the road and it was a lovely summer night. Wandering down the dirt road towards the farm. I gently tip toed in through the front door and just as I was about to go upstairs to my room, I noticed a lot of things I definitely didn’t recognize, well at least at that point. Bundles & I mean bundles of rope, lengths of chain in different sizes and a whole load of other stuff was sitting on top of the table in the living room.

Being the curious teen that I undoubtedly was I pawed through it until a noise brought me back to reality. I slipped my shoes off and gently walked down the hall following the noise I had heard. The cracking got louder as I approached my aunt & uncles’ bedroom and I realised the door was open. I peeked my head in and saw aunt J tied legs apart hands bound above her head, her massive bust heaving under the whip that uncle bill was using on her. Just then Janice opened her eyes and clocked me starring. I quickly retreated to my bedroom my head a mess full of thoughts of what I had just seen. It was certainly a long night for me as it took me ages to fall asleep.

The next morning I woke up and remembered last nights events straight away & dreaded going downstairs. After what seemed like years a soft knock sounded at my bedroom door. "Katie? May I come in?". I grabbed the covers over me as I slept naked as I knew no one ever came up here. I called her to come in and she entered almost fearful of what I may think of her. She sat on the edge of my bed and first apologised at what I had to witness the night before and then begun to explain things to me and tell me a lot about our family I definitely did not know about!

She explained to me that Bill was her master & she was his slave & this was the way life had been in our family since the colonial times. I asked why and she told me. Basically the tale is that one of the members of our family was a high ranking officer in the crown forces and was given command of an island in the pacific. The female population of conquered countries were to be transported here in order to breed soldiers for the army. The posting was only supposed to be for a couple of months but, after doing such a thorough job the posting became a 2 year one. So the commander sent for his young wife.

When she arrived on the island she took definite interest in the many naked slaves bound in rope or shackles. She begun closely inspecting the slaves, not in an abusive way or to degrade them, it was the only bondage she was interested in. She visited the dungeons and cell blocks where the slaves were kept and upon one such visit procured a set of shackles. Collar, cuffs and chains. She wanted to be slave like the slaves on the island, she wanted her husband to become her master. So one night after the island had become quiet she spoke to one of the guards and told him sharply that her husband was to visit her immediately in the deep block, this was the newest uninhibited part of the camp which was to house another 300 slaves.

So she marched into the block and removed her dress. This was the time of corsets and stockings were a woman’s everyday wear so she slipped off her shoes and left 1 shoe at the entrance, another just across the cell block to the other side. Here she left her dress and stepped inside one of the open cells and shut the door behind her. She locked the collar & cuffs on and waited. The story goes that she told him what she wanted, to become his slave and be kept in bondage by his hand like the other slaves. Surprisingly after some thought he agreed. After that they had 3 daughters and all 3 became as fascinated by bondage as their mother.

When they grew up and had children, the women were always submissive & craved the confines of bondage. This continued on down the family line, males became masters & females became slaves. My mother, your gran was interested in the family tradition from a young age. She met your grandfather and became his slave soon after. Then I was born and soon after my father passed away due to natural causes. Well my mother was heartbroken her whole life had been turned upside down. Everything she had ever known was now gone at least she thought. Her true purpose in life, her master was gone and after dropping me off at aunt J’s she went to his grave, stripped naked put on her collar and cuffs and took a load of pills knelt at his graveside.

Aunt J could tell I had some things I wanted to ask. I asked her if I was destined to become a slave and she thought for a minute. Ok dear so far every woman in our family has fell in love with bondage & dominance, I honestly don't know if you will the gene of not. Aunt J explained to me what she could but, she couldn`t explain everything. So after knowing all this not surprisingly nothing changed, I went about my studies, aunt J and uncle B went about there lives as normal and life was fine. After school I went to college in the city and J & B put me up in my own apartment whilst I was studying, Law it was at the time. It wasn`t long after I begun my studies I came across an adult book store. I passed it a few times but, I never went in.

So it was a Thursday afternoon as I recall, our teacher had gave us the rest of the day off after handing in our assignments. So it was on the way home I went in for a look on a whim. Well of course I was attracted the BDSM section and left with a copy of the Story of O. This book taught me a lot about myself & moulded the ideas and fantasises I’ve had ever since. Titles like the widows keeper, yes sir & take me, tame me, break me followed the story of O. So after a wild drinking session with some people from college I ended up sleeping with a boy and ended up pregnant with you, of course the father did a runner & aunt J and uncle Bill were disappointed but told me they would pay for a place for you & I but, I couldn’t continue my studies. After you were born you gave me my sole purpose to exist. I promised myself to be celibacy and focus on bringing you up to the best of my ability. I still had my books and I played out plenty of fantasies in my mind while engaging in a little me time. So today my dear that is why I jumped at the chance to take part, and I am happy for you that you met your master, sadly I never met mine.

"Wow mum, that is quite a story. It also explains a lot about my own life choices. You did a great job of raising me on your own. Why did you never want to met anyone else?

"Well I didn`t want to open myself up to getting hurt again and certainly didn`t want anyone to have the chance to hurt you either".

"So it certainly seems you & I have a lot more in common than just looks, tell me about these fantasies".

"I don't think you want to hear what your mother thinks about while rolling the marble" we both broke into hysterics.

"Actually I do, please please please tell me some".

"Ok then, I am in the roasting hot jungle. Wearing a rag tied around my chest and a similar rag wrapped around my waist, like a female version of Tarzan. As I come to a watering hole suddenly my arms are grabbed by 2 huge soldiers with guns. Your under arrest! Said a big sergeant looking type. But why! I cried. Trespassing on a military facility!!! We will need to take you in. Spotting the large amount of rope the soldiers had with them I made a deal for my freedom. Sergeant may I make a proposal if I may? You may he remarked. Ok you let me go and give me 2 minutes head start to get as far away from this place as possible, if in one hour you have not caught me then you call the search off, if I am caught then you & your men can use that rope to tie me up & do whatever you want with me. The sergeant tried to surpass a grin and then ordered his men to release me. I took off into the jungle, I don't get far when I come across a menacing looking tiger. I froze then seconds later a volley of shots followed by the tiger hitting the deck. The soldiers all stand triumphantly & its time for me to honour my bet. Sergeant I owe you & your men my life! Please accept me as your prisoner. I extended my hands towards them and immediately 2 men grab my arms and fold them behind my back and then begin wrapping loops around my arms binding them together.

The 2 strong soldiers then bring me forward to their leader. You remember the deal? Yes sir. Repeat it to me. If I was caught then you can tie me up and do whatever you want with me. Anything? Yes sir. He takes his knife out & begins to cut off my rags leaving me naked. Rope is tightly wrapped around my chest above & below my breasts leaving them bound in a tight harness. I don't know what they are teaching these men during their training but they certainly knew how to properly tie up a woman that’s for sure. They roughly grab me and haul me to the ground and then force me onto my knees then tying my thighs & ankles together, I cant get up now even if I wanted to. They push me onto my front cushioned only by my heaving breasts. By now the heat was unbearable & not the temperature.

Lets hang the harlot from that tree one of them shouts as I am hoisted off the ground until cock height!!! By now In no doubt what their intensions are and who can blame them, most probably kept away from their women at home and I was about to be their plaything and I am totally fine with that. They begin removing their smart uniforms revealing their strong young bodies and revealing to me their thick young meat that I am more than ready to accept by now. Hey look how wet this slut is!!! One of them is now running his hand between my exposed legs. I hear a loud crack and tilt my head as best I can to see the sergeant holding a long thin piece of bamboo in his hand. Then the first hard cock is waved in my face & I immediately open wide to accept the huge cock now fucking my mouth. Then I feel the other cock thrust deep into my sopping pussy, roughly slamming in and out.

The sergeant begins flicking the bamboo against my tits and ass causing me to scream in pain. They change every now & then each getting their fair share of using me. After I am covered in cum, and as excess seeps out my mouth & cunt, the soldiers put their uniforms back on and the sergeant comes to speak to me. You have paid your debt, now we have 2 options. Either we untie you & let you be on your way, or we keep you as our prisoner and take you back to base camp where you will serve the entire camp for as long as we say, the choice is yours. I explode into the most earth-shattering orgasm and without doubt he had his answer......

"You dirty little slut!" mum commented making me open my eyes a realising I was rubbing my pussy under my robe.

"Sorry that`s just soooo hot, hold on I`m a slut that I don't deny, but you just got gangbanged off three soldiers".

"That was just a fantasy" mum retorted.

"Fantasy that allows you to be your true self"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh nothing just that your as big a slut as I am & crave to become the bondage sex slave that I am."

Mum looked at me and then put her head down. "Look hear me out here, I always wanted to give my master another slave, actually I want him to have as many slaves of he wants after all he is the master I`m just a slave. It turns me on to thinking of submitting alongside "sister slaves" all striving to please the same master. I am taking the opportunity to kill 2 birds with 1 stone & do something for the 2 people I love most in the world. I get to provide my master with a second slave & you get to serve your purpose in life just like the other women in our family, a bondage sex slave. I understand you may need time to think about it but, understand this is not an afternoon kind of thing this is the real deal for the rest of your life, you would become nothing more than a slave nothing more but, you will be loved & cared for unconditionally, your needs would be taken care of, you would be kept in almost constant bondage & we may even be forced to perform sexual acts on each other, this is the price that comes with total slavery. If you choose to decline we will forget I ever mentioned it, the choice is yours mum."

I got up and went to fetch some wine & poured us both a rather liberal glass & took it back over & handed mum a glass.

"I don't know what to say, but it all seems so simple, everything I have dreamed about & more but, I would never forgive myself if I ended up breaking up the very special marriage that you both share".

"You wouldn`t I promise you that"

"Ok honey, I will think about it, I doubt if I`ll think about anything else"

With that the subject was dropped & we spoke about anything apart from bondage. Mum was tired and I told her to go to bed if she liked. And just before she disappeared upstairs to bed the door slammed shut my master was back. I slipped off my robe and got down on all fours and seductively crawled to my master’s feet then sat back on my heels & folded my arms behind my back.

"Welcome home master"

Mum quickly escaped upstairs with a lot flooding through her mind I`ll bet, only time would tell......

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