Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

by Bookwriter

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Storycodes: M/f+; D/s; display; stage; audience; M/f; rom; bond; rope; sex; climax; Sbf; cuffs; chain; gag; hobble; heels; collar; bdsm; spank; slave; toys; denial; cons; X

Story continues from part two

Part Three

The Aftermath

After a particularly thrilling and tiring demonstration and collecting donations bound as we were Master led Mum back behind the stage and removed the collection buckets. Gags were removed and Master got to work removing the bindings from the girls on stage, I noticed Claire looked a little disappointed that her bondage was being removed. After the girls were dressed Master went to handed them both a small brown envelope. “Thank you so much for being part of our special day”.

Clare handed the envelope back. “Mr Goss I was honoured to be part of it, please accept this as my donation”. Sean smiled and nodded his approval. Amber tossed her envelope into my bucket. “When’s the next one” we all laughed and said our goodbyes and Clare and amber were seen out by the Master, leaving mum and I as we were. “So spill it” I said turning to mum. “Spill what?” “Dont act all innocent with me, I can tell you loved what happened here today” I grinned. “I think you & I need to have a little chat anyway, we can talk then”.

Just then Sean returned and kissed me on the cheek. “Thank you Mrs Green for joining in, the crowd seemed to love you, both of you. I suppose We better get you out of those restraints then eh?” “Actually Mum & I wanted to have a chat, just girls for a while. Would that be ok Master”? Sean looked into my pleading eyes. “ Ok. I will remove your cuffs and you can get your mum out of those chains and I will go and count the donation money”.

After Sean disappeared I begun removing mums bindings then my own. I then put on a robe and mum put on her dress, although it seemed utterly pointless pardon the pun, her nipples were like bullet’s through the material of her dress. I led mum inside and fetched us some wine and took mum into the conservatory where we sat on the sofas and got comfortable for what promised to be a long discussion. “Ok. I want to know everything” mum blurted out straight away. Something I never imagined myself doing was explaining to my mother how her own daughter her sweet & innocent little girl had grown up to be a slave that craves bondage and is utterly devoted to her Master. “Alright, let me start from the beginning......”

The Beginning

I had just turned 18 and I had just been focused on my studies like every other good girl out there. I got a job in a hardware store, remember? Well it was in the hardware store I met Sean. He was installing a broken light in the store. He was handsome, well spoken and friendly. He paid me a lot of attention, I caught him a few times staring a few cheeky glances at me. At lunch time I went outside the back door for some fresh air. Sean was there having a smoke. “ Hi there. I’m Sean” if I remember correctly is what he said before offering me a cigarette. I declined of course me being a good girl & all that. So we spoke at length and we had totally different interests but they do say opposites attract. So at the end of the week he asked for my number and I gave him it, not totally convinced that he would call. So when he did he asked me on a date to which I went.

We had a great time and quickly fell in love with each other. A couple of years later we moved in together. We had your approval I remember even if a little reluctant. After a few months of living together things were great. We were deeply in love and our physical relationship was good. Sean was always a very attentive lover and always left me satisfied. One evening in bed Sean told me he wanted to tie me up and dominate me. I admit at first I was dubious to say the least, scared almost. My mind was beginning to race away with fearful thoughts until Sean calmed me down. He explained that it was about trust and he would never hurt me. He liked women in bondage and wanted us to try it out. So reluctantly I agreed.

The following Friday he came home with a few bundles of rope and asked if I was ready. I nervously said I was, as I would ever be. He picked me up and carried me through to the bed room. He kissed me and I started to relax. He stripped me naked and tied my arms above my head to the head board and tied my legs apart. Then he caressed my whole body, placing soft kisses at various places. He played with my nipples and teased me with his finger being careful to avoid my by now wet pussy. He played me like a fiddle and after about 5minutes of teasing I was putty in his hands. He tormented me then fingered me to the most powerful climax I had ever experienced up to that point at least.

After a very passionate night I begged him to tie me up again. He did in many different positions. Obviously I wasn’t the most confident of girls but in some way bondage helped me immensely. I would wear stockings and dress up in kinky outfits for him and eventually high heels! Over time I begun to realise some things about myself. Growing up a good girl I am used to doing as I am told, but now an adult in a very loving relationship where marriage had already been discussed I realised that I was deeply submissive. I enjoy being told/ordered around, I enjoy being put in bondage & dominated, I adore this man that had shown me the delights of bondage. I wanted Sean to become my Master. To submit to him body & soul.

I kept this to myself until after he had proposed to me. I toyed with the idea of telling him but eventually I spoke to him about it. At first he was reluctant. Telling me that maybe it was just a new thing for me and that maybe over time it would pass. It didn’t!!! After we were married I longed for to be his slave. So badly. We had found out that I couldn’t conceive children and I felt like a failure as a wife. Sean told me that it didn’t matter and that he chose me because he loved me. He tore off my housecoat and tied me up very tightly and hogtied me on the living room table. Giving me a firm spank he left me alone. My god was I horny an frustrated.

He came back a short time later and tied a magic wand to my crotch rope and turned it on the lowest setting saying "have fun rope slut". I nearly came right there but my devious husband knew I couldn’t cum on the low setting. It was delightful. I knew I needed to be his slave to find peace within myself. So I hatched a plan to lay my cards on the table sort to speak. When Sean came home from work on Friday, I chose Friday because it was the weekend and we would have at least 2 full days together. So on Friday when he came home I was in bed with the “flu”. Pretend coughed a couple of times and my concerned husband made me a tea. I asked him if he could pick up some things from the shops for me and he agreed. Now he is hopeless at shopping, and I included some items that I knew he would have a nightmare trying to find, giving me a little more time to get things ready.

I got up out of bed and put on my black holdup stockings and then strapped on my little black heels. I wrapped my black leather corset that zips up the middle stopping just under my boobs lifting and displaying them better. I put my hair in a pony tail and then wrapped my black leather posture collar round my throat locking it with a small padlock. I took the items I had purchased through to the living room and taped the letter I had previously prepared earlier, which I still have I will go fetch it in a minute. After taping the letter to the living room door I pulled it shut, the curtains and blinds closed prior to me going to bed. I laid a red cloth made of silk on top of the living room table and begun arranging my “gifts” accordingly. A flogger, nipple clamps, rope, leg irons & handcuffs, riding crop and an assortment of locks and chains.

I then put on my black leather wrist 7 ankle cuffs and locked each in place with a small padlock (the keys to my locks taped to the letter inside the envelope I had taped to the door). I inserted the bright red ball gag into my mouth and buckled it snugly behind my head. Kneeling down I locked a 12 inch silver chain between the cuff on my ankles. Hobbling over to the middle of the room & parting my legs as much as the chain would allow I put the blindfold on top of my head & took a deep breath. This was it! After the blindfold was pulled into place and I locked the small chain to connect my wrist cuffs behind my back, all I would be able to do is simply await my fate. Would I become a slave? Or would I be opening a can of worms from which there would be no coming back from. I did not pause long before I slid the blindfold into place and quickly locked my cuffs together..... I waited!


Now where was I ah yes....

I do not know exactly how long before Sean came back but, to me it seemed like years. My mind was in overdrive. What would he think when he read my letter... more importantly what would he do? After what seemed like an eternity I heard the front door close. The footsteps stopped short of the door. Then silence. This is the letter I wrote him...

Dear Sean

For a long time now I have harboured fantasies that indecently I have conveyed to you before, but you brushed these off as a bluff. I assure you what you are reading now is my own thoughts, wants and desires that I hope you will accept. First of all let me assure you that my love for you burns as bright as it did the first time we dated. I have discovered through you, that I am extremely submissive. I love you being in charge, the idea seems right to me. I crave the bondage you put me in & the punishments I receive. I want to live as your bondage sex slave. I want you to become my full time Master in total charge & control over me. I only ask that you keep me bound in your presence, punish & discipline me for your pleasure. Use & abuse me as you see fit. I can't give you a child but, I can give myself to you in both body & soul. I hope to give you my full submission. If you accept your slave is in the living room come an play ;) if you dont want this then release me and we will never discuss this again.

My love

My husband

My Master

Love your obedient slave Jamie lee


I sent you to the store to give me time to get set up. Only a little white lie but, a good Master always irons out his slave for infractions ;)

So after what seemed like an hour the door opened. I stood there my legs shaking slightly at the sheer apprehension of my self imposed plight. The footsteps circled around me. The suddenly I could see light. Standing hungrily ogling my bound form was Sean with the biggest grin I had ever seen. He told me to nod 4 times if I meant every word in the letter. To which I returned 4 deliberate nods. You have made me a very happy man said Sean. So that was how I became my husbands slave. Not forced or talked into it by my own desires. It makes me happy and life is too short to be unhappy.

Just then my Master came to see us. “I am going out to meet Mark and have a few drinks so if you dont mind staying here tonight I will run you home tomorrow Mrs G”? “Yes that’s fine”. Sean left leaving mum and I alone. “Ok I’m going to go get a shower & put on some fresh attire, you can use the guest bedroom and I will leave a robe and some toiletry’s on the bed for you getting out, then we can continue our talk over some wine”. “Sounds great to me said mum”. “Besides I think you need to calm down judging by that damp patch on your dress” we both laughed out loud as mum retired upstairs to the guest bedroom.

It promised to be an interesting night!

Story continues in Part 4

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