Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

by Bookwriter

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Story continues from part one

Part Two

Day in the Dungeon

Master untied us and had us put on our cuffs on our wrist's and ankle's. Master dealt with Kim first. "Hand’s behind your back".

"Yes master" said Kim softly.

Master grabbed her wrists and locked a small padlock through the D-ring's in her cuffs. He knelt down and locked a 12"chain between her ankle cuffs and then buckled her ballgag into her mouth. He clipped the lead to her collar and Kim was ready for her journey.

"Turn around and put your hands behind your back." Master commanded me and I complied instantly. He locked my cuffs and then attached my hobble and I opened my mouth without any prompting from master to accept the huge ball in my mouth. With my gag in place he clipped my lead to my collar and he finally had 2 bound and gagged slave's ready for our trip to the dungeon. I had been outside in bondage before but I Knew Kim hadn’t and it was dark and not in the day time. It was around 10 in the morning so I thought most of the neighbour's would be at work. I knew in my mind that the chance of people seeing us was high with it being daylight but the slave inside me reminded me that I was proud in my bondage and I was proud to be master's slave so it really didn’t matter that much.

After master collected the keys he returned and grabbed both leads and walked us towards the front door our heel's clicking loudly on the wooden flooring. Master led me out first and turned to watch as my breasts bounced as I hopped down the stairs at the bottom he stood me at the side in full view of the street and anybody who looked would see me in my bound form. I watched as Kim took a deep breath and then hopped down the stairs her huge boobs bouncing with each step. Once Kim was down the step's the car door was opened and I was loaded into the back seat of the car my seatbelt put on and the door closed.

I watched as Kim was loaded into the car on the opposite side and finally we were nestled safely in the car. Master drove us slowly out of the street and we were on our way. We took the motorway to the studio and I bet a few cars on the opposite lanes got an eyeful. When we arrived at the studio the car park was busy with cars from the people in the offices beside the studio. We were taken out of the car for the short walk to the studio and I could feel a lot of eyes on us. Master unlocked the door and led us inside closing the door behind us.

Master led us through the studio downstairs towards to dungeon and once he opened the door we noticed the metal door was open. He led us through the dungeon to the torture chamber and we all got quite a surprise. Inside the dungeon was Clair the makeup artist. Clair was standing in the middle of the dungeon wearing black stockings, heels, and an underbust corset. She also had a blindfold & ballgag in her mouth, collar and cuffs locked onto her wrists and ankles. Her ankle cuffs were locked to a spreader bar and her wrist cuffs locked to a metal frame above her with a piece of ice hanging on a chain in front of her. She also had clover clamps on her nipples and a crotch chain tightly nestled between her lips.

Clair looked beautiful in her bondage with large firm breast's I thought were about a D cup at least. Master looked at Kim & I before leading us into the dungeon where Clair was standing. Clair heard heel's clacking and begun to struggle and pull at the cuffs in panic. Master left us standing next to each other as he went to remove the girl's blindfold and unbuckle the gag from her mouth. Clair blushed red in the face when she saw the 3 of us.

"Clair are you alright?" Master asked the obviously self bound girl.

"Omg I am so sorry".

"What for?".

"I thought the place would be empty and well I wanted to see what bondage was like so I let myself in and well as you can see my predicament. Please don’t sack me I need this job".

"Clair Jamielee told me you want to be a model and I told her to set up an interview if you still want to. Don’t worry I am not going to sack you. So do you like bondage then?".

Clair lowered her eye's and softly replied "I do".

"Well don’t be ashamed of it. Let me introduce you to Kim. Kim is our neighbour and has just decided she like's bondage as well after spending the day in self bondage with my slave wife JamieLee, she has decided to offer herself to me as a second slave and she will be modelling as well in time". Kim blushed.

"Mrs Goss is your slave?"

"Yes she's my bondage sex slave as Kim will be. We came here to use the dungeon. So what shall we do with you? That ice looks to have a good hour to melt at least".

"I don’t know I am not in a position to say at the moment".

"Well here's an idea. I will give you 3 options. Option 1, I release you and you can go home. Option 2, I can leave you here for the ice to melt or option 3, I put you in a cell for rest of the day in bondage of course".

Clair thought for a moment before answering. "Option 3 sounds nice" she said it in a calm soft voice.  The girl clearly was enjoying her predicament and planned to take full advantage of the offer of a day in bondage.

"You’re sure?"

"Yes sir".

I smiled round my gag. Master cut down the ice and stepped on it a good few time's to break the keys free. He unlocked her cuffs from the frame and then roughly grabbed her wrists and locked the behind her back. He knelt down and unlocked the spreader bar and then locked a hobble between her cuffs.

"Thank you sir".

I could tell this girl was enjoying being put in bondage by Sean and he certainly knew how to master a woman maybe he would take her as a slave as well. Would I mind? Absolutely not. He buckled the gag back into her mouth a soft moan escaping her lips. He put the blindfold back in place and locked a chain to her collar and led her down the hall, a cell door slamming shut a few moments later.

Master returned and removed our leads and had unlocked our cuffs only to lock them to the metal frame of which Clair had previously stood. Standing side by side arms cuffs above our heads. Our hobbles were removed and replaced with spreader bars. He stood in front of Kim.

"Ready to become a well used bondage sex slave?". Kim nodded enthusiastically.  "Good girl. Time to restrain those breast's of yours". Master approached my sister slave with rope and tied her breasts in a tight harness.

"Your turn gorgeous" he said as he tied my breasts in the same way he had Kim's. He put a blindfold over Kim's eyes and repeated the process with mine. "Now I am going to leave you 2 slaves’s to think about what I should do with you both. I have some things to attend to. Don’t go anywhere" he told us with a devious laugh. I heard him open and close the cell door leaving us with our thoughts & fantasies.

A while later I heard mixed voice's and footsteps in the dungeon. "It's not what it looks like".

"Be quiet we will let the girl's answer that question". I heard the door slide open and then footstep's approached me. The gag was removed and then the blindfold. "Are you alright?".

Standing there was a hot young police woman. Blonde hair blue eyes a pretty looking girl. Another police woman a lot older had my master cuffed at the side. "I am fine what's going on?".

"We got a call about a sex slave ring and we came to check it out". The young officer couldn’t help but stare at our bound bodies trussed up in sexy lingerie.

"This is 100% safe sane and consensual. That man is my husband and he is also my master. I am a bondage model for him and this is our studio. Please release him".

"And who is this?"

"Kim our neighbour and she is also a bondage model".

"I see. Cut him loose Martha I will finish up here you go and grab the coffees and I will meet you upstairs". Martha let my husband go and then left the room. "You look so hot like that I must admit. Are you really his slave?"

"Yes I am" I said loudly and proudly.

The blonde officer's eye's glistened with a wanton look. "Ok no harm here. You’re a lucky lady" she whispered into my ear before leaving the room.

Sean just looked at me. "Are you ok?".

 "Yes I am ok darling".

"I think that young officer would like to be in my shoes she says I’m a very lucky lady".

"And what do you think?"?

"Me? Well I think I am more of a bondage slut than a lady".

"I couldn’t agree more dear I think we may need to move to a bigger house..... one with dungeon potential.

New beginnings

A few months later and a few big pay checks Sean bought a large farmhouse on a 200 acre plot of land. Sean chose this land as it was very private and the land was walled around the whole 200 acres. The house was large with 10 bedrooms, a master bedroom, attic space, a very large basement and various barns and outhouses. Nice gardens and various footpaths for long walks. We lived in our old house for several months until Sean decided the new house was ready. One night after a shopping trip with Kim, Sean informed me that our house was ready. During the day Kim had confided in me that she feared that when we moved she wouldn’t be required anymore and she would never see us again. I decided to tell Sean how she felt.

"I love her as much as I do you darling that will never change now let’s go and see the new house".

We arrived through the steel gate's and Sean drove up the dirt road to the house. He helped me out the car. "I have left some things on the table inside. Go put them on and be out here in 10 minutes". He unlocked the big wooden door. "Yes master" I winked and scarpered inside to see what he had left. To my delight he had left an outfit and some fun accessories to go with it. A note was left on the table.

Put on the stockings and corset, attach the garters to the corset. Put on the collar and buckle the cuffs onto your wrists & ankles. Lock the heels on and put the ballgag in your mouth. Put the clamps on your nipples and then lock the hobble between your ankles. Lock your wrist cuffs behind your back and come outside. Love master

I got to work sliding the black stockings on the locked the strappy 5" heels in place. I wrapped the corset around my waist and fastened the zipper. The cuffs, collar and gag were next. I put on my clover clamps and locked the hobble to my cuffs. I looked at the note once more and checked everything was in order before slipping my hands behind my back to lock the cuffs together. I hobbled back outside to where my master was waiting.

"You look adorable darling" he said as he clipped a chain to my collar. He fastened little bells to my clover clamps and led me on a tour of the new surroundings. Back at the house my gag was removed. "I have a surprise for you", he opened a large door under the stairs and led me into the basement. He had transformed the basement into a dungeon prison with numerous cells and every piece of dungeon equipment a master could ever need. On the table lay 2 pieces of paper. It was 2 slave contracts one in my name and one in Kim's. "Master you’re quite wonderful". I turned and pressed myself into him.

"It is your decision, you will be a fully owned official bondage sex slave registered at the town hall. If you like Kim can have the same contract and move in here with us. If Kim agrees and you both will be fully owned slaves but like I said the decision rests with you".

"Master there is nothing I would love than to sign that piece of paper. I love you and I equally love Kim. I think Kim would be happy to sign".

"Good because you are going to ask her".

"With pleasure master. Can I sign now?" Master unlocked my wrists and handed me a pen and I signed on the dotted line.

"Good girl. I love you" he kissed me and I felt my cuffs behind locked behind me once more.

"I love you too master".

The choice is yours

The next morning I woke up and got ready and put Kim's contract in my bag and headed over to Kim's. I knocked on the door. "Hello?"

"Kim honey it’s Jamielee". Kim opened the door and invited me in.

"Hey how does the new house look?".

"It is wonderful and I have a moving gift for you well more of an opportunity".

"Ok you have me curious".

"Not for the first time" I grinned. I put the contract in front of her and she read it thoroughly.

"Is this for real?".

"It's your decision honey. A lifetime as a bondage sex slave with a master to love & care for you alongside a sister slave that loves and cares for you as well. You would move in with us and we can enjoy life the 3 of us together. Or you can become Kim again with bondage scarce and the chance of us meeting on a regular basis become more rare. It is your choice sweetie but just so you know I would love to have you as my official sister slave" with that statement I leaned in and kissed her probing her mouth with my tongue.

Kim returned the kiss our tongue's softly massaging each other. I grabbed hold of her breasts through her top and she caressed my thigh. "I can’t think of any reason not to accept this contract. Give me a pen". She signed the paper.

"I am glad you made the right choice babe. Now at 5pm you will shower and be clean shaven from the neck down. You will wear your black satin underbust corset & matching thong, black stockings and attach them to the corset and put on your black strappy heels put on your black opera gloves as well. A box will be left at the back door with further instructions. Do you understand?".

"Yes I understand".

"Good I must go now see you later". We parted company and I went to see what master had in store for Kim.

"How did it go?" asked Sean when I got back.

"You now have 2 bondage sex slaves to register".

"Good. Are you happy?"

"Of course darling". 

"Ok I am going to get thing's ready for later what do you want to do for the next few hours?".

"Well I suppose if it really will take that long. I can amuse myself I am sure".

"I bet you can see you in a couple of hours".

I basically ran upstairs to the bedroom and opened the bondage container. I took out my black stockings, thong, underbust corset and 5"heels out of the box and added a little black choker. I took the keys to my cuffs and went to the top of the stairs and tossed them down. I went back into the bedroom and put on my outfit. I looked sexy all in black. Next I put on my black opera gloves to complete the look. I took out the box a pair of handcuffs & leg irons, a ballgag, rope and nipple clamp's.

I took my collection to the hall and knelt down to put the leg irons on my ankles. Next I tied a crotch rope in place and threaded my handcuffs through the rope. I hung the ballgag around my neck and buckled it loosely and then I put the clamps on my nipples. I put my hands behind my back and quickly locked the cuffs onto my wrists. I hobbled downstairs in search of my husband. I found him in the kitchen. "Master I need your help my gag fell out".

"Well we can’t have that now can we" he forced the ball into my mouth and buckled it tight and gave me a firm slap on my bum and told me to run along.

Later that evening I was told to deliver the box to the back of Kim's house. Hour's passed and still no sign of Kim. Sean and I decided to go over to Kim's to check on her Sean went round the back and a few minutes later opened the front door with a grave look on his face. "Come in honey I have bad news".

I entered the house and Sean told me the back window was broken and drag marks on the grass towards the wall. Kim had been taken and Sean & I were heartbroken. We called the police and who showed up but the cute blonde officer from before and that horrible Martha. She took my statement and told us to wait at home whilst they investigated. We were worried sick and the wait was long. After a few days the young officer phoned to inform us that there was no trace of Kim. We hired a private investigator to try and find her but found nothing.

4 months later

There was still no sign of Kim and things went back to as normal as possible. I continued my work as a model and Clair begun to do more & more shoot's sometimes together in one shoot. After one of my shoot's I went into town to shop and grab a coffee. I was sitting at a table reading a magazine when a soft voice sounded in front of me.

"Hello there Mrs Goss how are things?"

It was the pretty blonde officer and she looked a lot better out of uniform. A summer dress with high platform shoes and her hair in a pony tail the dress showing the top of her cleavage.

"Hi Amber isn’t it?"

"Yeah that's right. May I sit down?"

"Sure go ahead".

"I subscribed to your website it is very sexy I especially liked ‘Christmas a time for giving’ you looked incredible".

"Thank you. So you’re into bondage then?"

"Well after the callout to the studio that day I got intrigued by the idea. It does turn me on but I have never tried it, being single I don’t have a lot of time or a lot of people wanting to tie me up" she smiled.

"I can assure you that isn’t true. I know a lot of people who would love to tie you up. In fact you’re sitting with one now".


"Yes of course if you wanted to try it that is?".

"It would be nice to be on the receiving end of the cuffs for a change". She winked.

"Well how about this, my husband is going away on a football trip to Germany and will be away until Tuesday. He leave's on Friday so are you free on Friday night?"

"Yeah sure where do I go?"

I wrote my address down for the girl and told her to dress in something sexy. She smiled and was gone. I wish I knew where Kim was I thought to myself. When I got home Sean had prepared a lovely table lit dinner. The man is incredible. After dinner we spoke at the table.

"So what are your plans for the rest of the evening?"

Sean & I hadn't done much bondage at home since Kim went missing and I thought it was time to get back to normal in that regard.

"Well that lovely dungeon in the basement is still to be broken in I believe".

"Are you sure you are ready?"

I rose up from my seat and took off my vest top and jeans revealing my red bra and thong and my flesh toned elasticated stockings. I slipped off my canvas shoes and slid the jeans off. I walked slowly over to him. "Yes master I am more than ready".

I stood beside him and folded my arms behind my back and spread my legs waiting for him to take control. He rose up from his seat. "Are you sure you want this darling?"

"Right let me get this off my chest. I married you because I love you. I also married you and begged to be your slave because I adore and crave the wonderful things you do to me. It's been a while and I am ready to get back to normal. So please just make me your slave again".

"My pleasure my dear".

On Friday Sean left for his trip and I took a shower and watched a bit of TV in the living room. On the news was a police scandal over several states’ where girl's had been abducted and turned into sex slaves. I wondered if Kim had been one of those girls. About half an hour later I received a call from Amber. "Did you see the news?"

"Yes I did its terrible".

"Well, wait till you hear who is involved. Do you remember my partner Martha?"


"It’s Martha! She's the Black widow".


"That's not the only thing. I found out that I was used as bait to see if she tried to kidnap me. I feel used and I am thinking about leaving the force".

"I see that's not so good. Any plan's for today?".

"Nothing at all is it still ok to come over tonight?".

"Come over now if you want Sean is already gone".

"Ok I will be with you in about an hour?"

"Yes that's fine, see you soon".


I went upstairs and put on my black stockings and garter belt, black mini dress and heels and went back down stairs to wait for Amber. Exactly an hour after the call the door went. "Hi Amber come in".

"Hello this place is huge".

"Wait till you see the dungeon".

"You have a dungeon? That is so cool".

"So you came to be tied up am I correct?".

"Yeah that's correct".

"Ok then take off your dress and let's see what were working with".

"Yes mamm" the girl unzipped the back of her dress and let it slide off her shoulder's to the floor.

She now stood in a pair of red elasticated stockings, red 5"heels with a tiny red G-string that left nothing to the imagination and a tight red push up bra.

"Very nice. What's your cup size?"


"Ok well I can tie you up here in the living room, the bedroom or the dungeon it’s up to you?".

"Oh the dungeon please".

"Ok everything we need is down there anyway just let me lock the door and I will take you down".

I locked the front door and the busty blonde waited on me nervously playing with her hands. I took her hand and led her downstairs into the dungeon.

"Don’t worry about a thing sweetheart you are in safe hands".


I took her down the hall to the restraint room and she gasped at all the bundles of rope neatly coiled on the table and devices of restraint hanging on wall racks. I picked up a rope and turned to face her. "Bra on or off?"

The pretty blonde instantly unclipped her bra and slid the straps off her arms, her full firm breasts spilling out of the bra. "You have lovely breasts my dear".

"Thank you".

"Ok put your hands behind your back".

Without a word she put her arms behind her back and I wrapped the rope around them 4 times and cinched the rope in the middle before tying a couple of knots to keep it in place.

"How does that feel?"

"It feel's nice".

"Good now for your elbows". I picked up another rope and wrapped it around the girl's slender arm's. "Is that ok or do you want it a little tighter?".

"A little tighter please". I tightened the rope and then cinched it in the middle.

"Now let's get those lovely boobs tied up in rope".

"Yes please. Yours looked stunning that day I saw you bound in the studio".

"Thank you dear. You will look just as good when I am done".

I wrapped rope above and below her breasts and then looped the remaining rope between the 2 ropes cinching her breasts tight in the confines of the harness that I tied behind her back. "How's that?".

"It feel's wonderful".

"Good it definitely beat's any bra".  I was able to see that her tiny g-string was very damp. "Look's like you are enjoying yourself sweetie".

"Oh yes it feels wonderful".

"Well I think it's time for your crotch rope". I wrapped rope around her waist and tied it tight and then brought the rope between her legs and nestled the rope between her puffy lower lips. "How's that?".

"It feels good". I picked up another rope and wrapped one end around her right ankle and tied it in place and took the other end of the rope and tied it around her left ankle creating a rope hobble.

"Well my dear how do you feel?".

"Very sexy and sensual. Just knowing that I am tied up and completely at your mercy, knowing you could do anything you wish to me and I would be powerless to resist is such a turn on".

"Someone is unleashing the submissive in her?".

"Yes I think so".

"Good I like submissive women being one myself. Speaking of which time for me to enjoy a little rope too".  I stripped off my dress and grabbed a length of rope and begun to tie my chest harness.

"Wow you make it look so easy".

"It is with practice. So you said you were leaving the force?"

"Yes I need to find a new career one that I can enjoy".

"Bondage model?"

"You think I could?"

"Yes of course actually I have something to ask you I am sure Sean wouldn’t mind. Next Saturday we are hosting a house warming party. All our friends & family will be there and Sean & I are going to put on a special demonstration on the stage in front of everyone. We are coming out as Master & slave and we were going to hire another model as Clair is going to be on the right side of the stage. If you would like I can put you forward for the left?".

"What would I be doing?".

"You would be naked except for black stockings and high heels and tied, gagged and blindfolded. After the show we will be doing a collection for the victims of the black widow sex trafficking ring and I think 3 naked bound girls would attract a lot more donations".

"That a lovely idea I am definitely down for that".

"Good". By now I had my chest harness & crotch rope in place and had tied one side of my rope hobble. After tying the other one in place I grabbed a rope and made a loop through my crotch rope, I put my hands inside and pulled my hands back pulling the rope tight. "Ta Da".

"Wow that's amazing I’d love to know how to do that. How do you get out?"

"A knife in the kitchen. Would you like to come on a bondage walk with me and I will fill you in about the show?"

"Yes mamm".

The Demonstration

The large stage had been built around the back of the building facing the backdoors of the house. 2 large drapes were installed at the front of the stage leaving most of the stage covered. Sean constructed the metal frames that Clair & Amber would be tied to when the time was right. The dress code was formal. Sean dressed in a suit and black shoes, very handsome indeed. I dressed in a black dress that stopped just below my knees and zipped up the back. Underneath I wore my black satin thong and garter. Black stockings and heels and a little black choker completed my outfit. The guest's would start to arrive at 10am giving us a little time to confirm the schedule of the day.

The guest's begin to pour into the car park and the men dressed in suits and the ladies in dresses each receiving a drink upon arrival. My mum arrived. Mum looked lovely in her blue dress. The party was by now in full swing and the food and drink was flowing. At 12 my husband came to me. "Ready?"

"Yes time to get ready".

 I went to get Amber and Clair and took them backstage with me. Sean joined us a few moments later.

"JamieLee you get Amber ready, I will deal will Clair." Clair smiled I knew she would love to be his slave but she was too afraid to ask. "Ok ladies strip to your underwear and let’s get you ready".

The girl's stripped to matching black satin underbust corsets, g-strings, stockings and strap on 5" heels. Both looked very hot. Black rope was used to put both girls’ in a chest harness and then their wrists were tied in front of them and tied above their heads to the metal frame. Crotch ropes were applied and both girls were gagged with a black ballgag. Blindfolds were put over their heads and then their ankles, knees and thighs tied together.

With both girl's in place it was time for me to get thing's ready. I placed on the metal fold out table rope, collar, wrist and ankle cuffs in black leather, padlocks, ballgag, clover clamps and chains. I slipped out of my formal black heels and strapped on my black 5" spike heels and locked them on with a tiny padlock. Sean was getting things ready on the table next to mine. Floggers, crops, whips and paddles next to an array of vibrators and dildo's of all shapes and sizes.

"Nearly ready honey?".

"I am ready, assemble the crowd master".

"Can all guests please take your seat's in the back garden in front of the stage the show will begin in 10 minutes." Sean said into the speaker system. The guests gathered in their seats and as the time ticked down Sean came to me. "There is still time to change your mind".

"There is no need darling people either accept us for what we are or they can leave, simple as that. This is our party and I am already wet thinking about what I am about to do".

"Ok honey. Let's do it".

The clock ticked down to zero and the curtain flew open. I spoke in a loud clear voice with the microphone hanging above us. "Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to our home. In light of the recent news about the black widow sex slave ring, the media have associated Bdsm and the black widow gang as the same thing. I am here to demonstrate another side, one that you won’t hear about in the media". I had their attention and they listened intently.

"My husband introduced me to bondage when one evening he tied me up and made me climax multiple times. I loved it and it became a regular part of our love making. But for me it wasn’t enough. I wanted to become his bondage sex slave. I begged him and he finally agreed. We live our lives as master and slave. It is safe, sane and consensual. I am now going to demonstrate some of the things I wear as a bondage sex slave. Enjoy the show".

People were shocked but none left surprisingly. I put my hands behind my back and unzipped my dress, soft music playing low in the back ground. I let the dress slide off my shoulders baring my huge breasts to my audience. I took off the little chocker and replaced it with my black leather collar all eyes were on me it was such a thrill. I put the matching cuffs on my wrists, ankles and then locked a hobble between my ankle cuffs with 2 padlocks.

Now I wrapped a chain around my waist and locked it with a small padlock and then brought the remaining chain through my legs and snapped another padlock between the 2 chains, the link's of the chain snug between my lips against my labia. I tied my breasts in a tight chest harness and then threaded a small chain from the back of my harness locked with a padlock and leaving 3 links hanging. I picked up the huge red ballgag it had been chosen by me because it makes me drool a lot when I am wearing it perfect for the demo. I forced the huge ball into my mouth and buckled it tight.

Next I threaded one end of the clover clamps through the D-ring in my collar and fixed them onto my pinky large nipple's. I gasped as the clamps were put in their rightful place. I took 2 padlocks and put my hands up my back and fumbled with the tiny chain hanging from the back of my harness. I locked the padlock to the chain on my left cuff without trouble but the right was a little tricky but finally I got it in place a loud click echoing through the speaker's. I stood in the center of the stage and looked straight ahead.

Sean walked over to me. "As you can see JamieLee now looks like a slave. Her collar, a symbol of her submission which she wears with pride". I was standing with my chest thrust out proudly. "As you can see the ball gag in her mouth is large and cause's her to drool increasing her feeling of helplessness that she craves. Her breast's tightly bound in rope which makes them bigger and perkier and heightens her sense of arousal. Her nipples are clamped with clover clamps causing them to ache and tease her at the same time. Her wrists are cuffed to the back of her harness keeping them out of the way, displaying her large bum for view and attention. Her chain embedded in her crotch drive's her wild with arousal and frustration at the same time. Her ankles cuffed and hobbled restricting her movement.  Her small feet are encased in 5" spike heel's as you can see the stockings she wear's make her look very sexy. It is my role to love, protect and make sure JamieLee's needs & desire's are looked after. She possesses a deep need to be disciplined and I will now demonstrate that to you".

He picked up a crop and turned my back to the audience. "Stick that butt out slave". I bent over and stuck my bum out for the attention of the crop. Whack whack whack it was flicked off my exposed bottom making my arse cheek's jiggle. I moaned in pleasure and desire. "As you can see her pale butt is turning a nice shade of pinky red and she enjoys the punishment I give her".

"My slave is only allowed to orgasm with my permission and only when I am ready to let her. However I can tease her and torment her and rest assured she absolutely adores it". He turned me to face my audience once more as people took pictures and videos on their smart phones. He took a magic wand and jammed it against the chain at my crotch and turned it on.

"As you can see from her reaction she is desperate to cum but until I command her to cum she won’t. That concludes our demonstration. A collection will now be held for the victims of the black widow sex trafficking syndicate. Please give generously. We hope you enjoyed the show and thanks for listening".

Silence then led by my mother a rapturous applause. Off the stage my mother came backstage. "Well that was quite incredible. You are both very brave and it must have taken a lot of courage to do what you have just done. You have made quite a fine young woman out of my daughter. Your relationship must be very strong".

"Thank you Mrs G your daughter is a strong, confident woman now and knows exactly what she wants".

"Glad to hear it". My mum wore a silk boobtube style dress and her nipple's I noticed threatened to burst through the material of the dress. Sean took a small metal bucket and threaded a length of chain through my chest harness and locked the bucket to the chain with a padlock. "What happens now?" My mother asked.

"Well JamieLee will hobble around the party collecting donations from the guest's".

"Need any help?".

"What do you mean?" Asked Sean.

"Well family's pull together and if this was any other charity fund raiser I would help out. I think if the 2 of us were collecting we would make more money". I smiled behind my gag knowing exactly what she was saying. My mum had a grin on her face.

"Are you sure Mrs G?".

"Yes it is for a good cause after all".

"Well I will go get some things and get you ready". Sean ran off to get more restraints. Sean came back with a large suitcase. "Ok Mrs G I need you to strip naked and I will get your restraint's ready".

Mum took a deep breath before sliding her dress down her body, a full bodied woman, a little weight here and there and her massive 44FF breasts sagged unsupported. "Ready?"

"Yes sir"

Sean fitted mum with a steel collar and then told her to put on a pair of elasticated flesh coloured stockings and gave her a pair of black 5" spike heels to put on. "That's as dressed as you get, now let's get you ready."

Sean locked steel cuffs around my mum's wrists and another pair above and below her elbows. He chained and locked a padlock between each set of cuffs. He wrapped chain for her chest harness and the used another chain for her crotch chain. Her pussy was shaven with a tidy landing strip and I could tell from the distant look on her face and her eyes filled with desire as she became as much of a helpless prisoner as I. Steel cuff's were locked to her ankles and a small chain locked between them.

"For 44 you’re a very beautiful woman Mrs G and you’re going to look and feel incredible when I am finished".

Mum was delighted at his compliment. "Thank you mas......I mean sir".

Chain was locked to the middle of her hobble and run up and connected to her crotch chain. Another chain was run from her crotch chain behind her and locked to each set of cuffs on her arms.

"Nearly done Mrs G". Sean picked up the harness ball gag and fitted the straps over mum's face and lodged the ball deep in her mouth and tightened the straps. A pair of clover clamps were put on mum’s razor sharp nipples and then a bucket clipped to the nipple clamp chain. Mum looked fantastic in bondage a picture of arousal.

"Ok let’s get you both out there". Sean led us out from behind the stage and sent me to the left and mum to the right. People gave very generously as we hobbled around the yard. There was definitely a lot of sexual tension in the air. The party died down towards 3oclock everyone started leaving. Mum and myself were placed on each side of the gates to collect any final donation's from the guest's as they left. After the final guests left we closed the gates.

Story continues in Part 3


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