Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

by Bookwriter

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Part One

Becoming a Bondage Model

Hi Jamielee here and this is how i became a bondage model. My husband hated his job and one night in bed i jokingly suggested he could become a bondage photographer as he could combine his passion and get paid for it. Now when i suggested this i thought i would get the job as the model. How wrong i was. My man decided to get in aspiring models as he wanted to keep private and business apart. I was furious and thought what an asshole it was my idea in the first place and he gets in some tarts to be his models. Well for weeks i was "too tired" for any playtime when he got home and it was meant to be his punishment but all i did was punish myself and get myself all worked up. So a few months down the line and some very large pay checks and my persistent complaining about the fact that i loved bondage as much as i loved him but i wasn’t good enough to be his model, the tension had grown to boiling point. No intimacy tends to do that. My husband had been very busy the last week or so and his phone hadn’t stopped going. Friday morning i heard the door bang shut waking me up. My husband had left for work. I got up and slipped on my robe and went downstairs to make a cuppa and noticed a large box with a note on top.


I invite you out to dinner with me tonight. I will pick you up at 6 love you x

I opened the box and found a long red velvet dress. In the box was matching red & black satin thong and bra with a waist cincher as well. Black stockings with red trims and garter along with red & black heels topped and a black shawl would make quite an outfit. It looked expensive but , maybe this was his way of making it up to me. I hoped so because i was desperate for things to get back to normal. I decided i would go and wear the things he had got me. At 4 i went and showered and made sure i was hairless from the neck down. I put on the thong and oh my it was very snug and the satin i was certain wouldn’t hide my arousal. The bra came next.

Now I am a 38DD  and this was a 34DD. Silly man i thought he's got the wrong size. But i realised his reason when i finally had the garment in place. It struggled to contain my large breasts and they threatened to escape at any moment bouncing around more than normal. I applied my makeup and eyeliner then my red lipstick and blusher. I straightened my hair and then put on the waist cincher and garter. I slid the stockings up my curvy legs and attached both to the awaiting garter belt.

The dress came next as i caught a glimpse of my lingerie clad body. I felt sexy and hoped for some much needed attention later tonight. The dress was finally in place and the plunging cleavage would appeal to my man anyway. The dress also accentuated every curve. I looked like a model i thought. The heels i put on last thing then wrapped the shawl round me. At 6 on the dot my date arrived wearing a black suit and tie with a white shirt. "You look stunning my dear shall we go?"

"Thank you, you do too honey. Yes i could eat". I wanted to make him work for it but truth be told i was like putty in his hand. We went to this expensive restaurant and all eyes were on me. I could tell the kind of things they were saying. But i only had my eye on the man across the table. We talked and although it was still kind of awkward dinner went well. We left after a few hours then back in the car we kissed passionately. 

"I have a surprise for you if you’re not tired?" He grinned.

"Ok i used to like your kind of surprises".

"Well i think you will like what i am going to show you. Here put this on" it was a soft blindfold.

"Oh now i can’t see don’t you take advantage". I said in a playful but stern voice but really there was nothing more i wanted.

We drove across town about half an hour later the car stopped. The door opened and Sean took my arm and helped me out the car and walked a short distance then stopped. I heard a locked being opened and another then i was helped inside. I was walked up a set of stairs which was a giggle as i had no idea where i was or where we were going. A short walk and we stopped.

"Ok you can take the blindfold off".

I took off the blindfold and let my eyes adjust to the light again. I was standing in a large room with cameras and lights and such. I also noticed a lot of bondage props. "So what do you think?"

"What is all this I’ve never been here before is it yours?".

"Yes it is my new studio. I used some plain aspiring models to build up the cash for this place. I still need a full time model".

"It is quite a studio honey".

"Yes it is and i want to be the lead model from now on.... if you still fancy that line of work?".

"Oh i don’t know about that....what kind of things would i have to do?" i bit my lip and sucked the tip of my finger between my teeth.

"Well you will wear very little or nothing at all, you will be tied up or restrained in various positions and poses, work with other models in a similar position as yourself and when everyone else is off set you will get paid extra on a more one to one basis" he grinned and winked at me.

I walked up to him slowly and seductively. "Sounds like too good an offer to pass up on......sir".

"Also you will handle the recruitment side of things. I do however need to put you through a trial to see if you fit the requirements for the job. I am sure you understand?".

"Yes sir of course. What is it you'd like me to do?".

"First of all take a seat and we will record your first interview".

"Ok...this is exciting".

Sean took out his phone to record the interview. "Ok shall we begin?" I nodded in agreement. "Hello and who do we have today?"

"Jamielee Goss"

"And how old are you Jamielee?"

 "I am 24".

 "And your measurements?".

"I am 38DD and wear a 12 to 14 in clothes".

"Very good. So tell us how you got into bondage/BDSM?".

"Well it happened the first time when i was dating my now husband. We were talking about turn-ons and fantasies and he told me seeing me in bondage was definitely a turn on..... so the next time we were alone he tied me to the bed and spanked me a little".

"And how that make you feel?"

"Excited and more turned on than i had ever been my life. So naturally that led to more and more bondage and eventually i couldn’t live without him or bondage i love both equally".

"So what is it that excites you the most about bondage/Bdsm?".

"Being honest it all excites me. Its different and i definitely enjoy being submissive and my husband is naturally dominant so he doesn’t have a problem putting me in my place".

"And who inspires you the most to become a bondage model?".

"Oh without doubt Jewel Merceau! She's thick, Curvy & busty like me and looks incredible in bondage definitely my favourite".

"Good. So today you are here for your first shoot. Are you excited?".

"That's an understatement as i am always excited for bondage".

"Good well let’s get started". Sean stopped the recording. "That was good. Now let’s continue with your trial. We will do your consent sheet now. Fill it in truthfully and i will collect it when you are ready".


Model consent

  1. bondage  Y/N
  2. Gag's    Y/N
  3. clamps Y/N
  4. working with another male besides mr goss   Y/N
  5. working with another female Y/N
  6. shooting bondage/Selfbondage videos Y/N
  7. role play Y/N
  8. torture/punishment Y/N
  9. sexual acts/sex Y/N
  10. Location changes Y/N


I was up for everything except working with another male so circled firmly no. Everything else was ok. So i signed on the line and handed the form to my husband. "Good only one limit which will be respected unless you decide to change it. Now slip off your shawl and we will take your profile picture".

 I slid off the shawl and Sean had me sit in a metal fold out chair and cross my legs leaning forward a little with a seductive smile my profile picture was taken. "Ok now a full health check will be submitted on the day of your first shoot. Now would you like a tour of the studio?".

"Before we proceed i owe you an apology".

"What for?"

"I was a bitch and tossed my toys out the pram when you didn’t choose me to model for you. I understand now that you wanted it to be special on my first shoot. So i really am sorry".

"It’s ok but, now you understand. So now a tour?"

"I would like that very much but, we have a problem that needs dealt with".

"Oh we do? And that might be?".

"Well i have been a bad girl so i think a tour in bondage would begin to remind me of my place. I am sorry but naughty slave's deserve to be punished when they step out of line. Don’t you agree?". I could see him delighted at my idea.

"I agree if i let you off without reprimanding you it may cause you to become unruly".

"I am glad you agree....master".

"Ok slip off your dress slowly and remove the bra and wait here".

"Yes master".

I slipped off my dress and then unclipped the tiny bra from my frame releasing my bosoms with great relief. Sean returned with a holdall of stuff. He placed on the table a black leather collar with red trims. Next to that the matching wrist and ankle cuffs with a 3 small padlocks. A large red ballgag with black straps.

"Ok remove the thong and reattach your stockings to the garter. Hand me the thong".

I handed him the soaking flimsy garment after i had completed my task of rearranging my stockings.

 "Someone is having a good time i see" he grinned as the soaking garment betrayed my arousal. "Ok put the ankle cuffs on make sure they are firm but not too tight. Then put the wrist cuffs on each ankle and then the collar".

I reached out for the ankle cuffs and wrapped one around my left ankle pulling the buckle tight but not too tight as my master had commanded. I repeated the process with the right ankle and then buckled the other set of cuffs on my wrists, the D rings rattling with each precise movement i made. I wrapped the collar around my neck and buckled it shut.

"I am ready master".

On the table was a length of black rope, a 12" chain and a leather lead. "Take the 12" chain and lock it between your ankle cuffs with 2 padlocks".

I picked up the chain and knelt down and locked the chain to each cuff creating a very effective hobble. "Done master".

"Good now hand me the rope and turn around".

"Yes master" i offered him the rope with both hands extended out slipping deeper & deeper into a submissive state. He wrapped the rope around my chest above and below my breasts squeezing them until they were jutting out proudly and perky. He wrapped the rope between both ropes and led the ropes over both shoulders leaving me in a tight chest harness. "The lead" i instantly grabbed it and handed it to him the same way as before. He clipped the lead to my collar and handed me the last padlock.

"Behind your back lock the cuffs".

"Yes master" i quickly locked the cuffs behind my back. He picked up the gag and put it in his pocket. He grabbed the lead and tugged me behind him.

"This is the general set up area where most models will be shot. Now let’s go through here to the medical part of the building". I followed behind him submissively enjoying being bound behind him. We entered a large room filled with medical props. "This is the medical wing. Here medical scenes will be produced such as naughty nurse or doctors plaything. How does that sound?"

"Interesting master".

"Good now onto the office area". We entered a small office section. "Here is the office scenes. Naughty secretary and such".

"Very good idea master".

"I am glad you agree now would you like to see the dungeon?"

"Absolutely master".

Master led me down a set of stairs with great difficulty hobbling behind him. He opened a large metal door and led me down a long dark corridor with numerous metal doors. Finally we reached a large dark clearing where i could finally see beyond a metal sliding door the dungeon. It was the most beautiful sight i had seen full of bondage furniture, restraints and devices of torture.

"This is the dungeon this is where models will shoot punishment scenes. And along here is solitary".

I was led down a small corridor and through a metal door there was a cell block with a simple metal cot with a dirty mattress on top of a concrete floor and various rings to be attached to. I grew instantly wetter.

"Master this is incredible".

"Glad you like it i have a feeling you will spend a lot of time here".

"Sounds very promising master".

"This is what has been built so far and further extensions are planned".

"Its beautiful master it really is".

"Glad you like it. Now it is getting late and you have a shoot tomorrow so let’s go home. I think as punishment for your behaviour these last months we will take your dress but take you home as you are".

I was shocked anyone could see me but then realised if i was going to be his model then i would be seen by everyone. "Yes master".

I was led back through the building to where my dress was. "Open wide". I opened my mouth wide as Sean lodged the huge ball gag in my mouth buckling it tight behind my head. "Ok slave girl lets go".

He once again took the lead and led me out the building leaving me standing while he locked up. I was sure everyone could see me and it got worse as i was led over to the car my heels click clacking on the pavement. He opened the door and helped me into the car. The drive across town was slower than normal and he stopped at every set of lights allowing passersby and other drivers must have got an eyeful. We finally reached our street but instead of pulling into our driveway he parked at the end of the street!

"Out you get". He helped me out of the car and i was sure i could see blinds twitching. I was so horny by the time we got to our steps. Master stood at the top of the steps and had me hop up the steps making my boobs bounce all over the place. Once i reached the top master grinned and picked me up and put me back down to the bottom. I grinned around my gag as i began to hop up the steps again. I knew the next door's blinds had slid open but this just made me more turned on knowing people were watching my humiliation.

"Ok slave in you go" the door slammed behind me. Master led me upstairs to bed and upon unlocking my hobble he parted my legs and shoved his cock into my sopping cunt and pounded me until we both came harder than i had in months!  Tomorrow would be my first shoot and i couldn’t wait.

My first shoot

The next morning i was awoken by a text from one of the neighbours Kim. Kim is 20 years old and lives alone across the street. We have known her since we moved in and i had some coffee's with her.

‘I hope you don’t mind me asking but i wondered if you were ok? I saw you come back last night and thought i saw you being mistreated. Call me when you can x’

Well i thought i had better call her. “Hi Kim its Jamielee i just got your text is it ok to pop over before i go out? Ok see you in a minute.”

 "Sean i have to go to Kim’s for a bit i will explain when i get back".

"Ok but your shoot is at 12 its half 10 now"

"i won’t be long". I headed over to Kims. "Hi come in".

"Thankyou. Ok first you don’t have to worry about what you saw last night. Sean and I are into bondage. He is my master and I his slave. It is consensual and i enjoy it. I also want to let you know that i have my first bondage shoot today so if you want to know anymore i won’t be back till late but can fill you in tomorrow".

"Ok that is a relief but bondage i would like to find out more as i have never experienced it".

"Ok tomorrow morning i will come over for coffee?"

"Yes that’s good with me. And btw you looked incredible last night i must admit".

"Thank you Kim. I must go now but i will see you tomorrow".

I left Kim’s and went back across to the house where Sean was waiting. "Ok ready to go?"


We drove to the studio and Clair, the hair and makeup artist was waiting. She was a pretty girl about the same age as me. I instantly thought she could be a model as she had a nice full figure. Sean made the introductions and once inside instructed Clair to take me to the model's room to get ready. Once there Clair handed me a robe and told me to strip naked and put it on.

"So Clair why aren't you doing a shoot of your own after all you fit the bill"

"Thanks Mrs Goss well i can’t say i wouldn’t be interested as i do find it all very exciting but Mr Goss hasn’t asked me so i haven’t brought it up".

"Well if you would like i can bring it up with him?"

"I would like that Mrs Goss now let’s get you ready".

"Please call me Jamielee".

"Ok Jamielee makeup first". Clair put on natural makeup and then applied red blusher. My hair was then put into a high bun. "Ok that’s you ready. You’re shooting a naughty nurse scene today so here is your outfit". I looked over to the table she pointed at.

On the table was a white blouse with a red cross on it, white stockings and heels and a white g-string and bra. Clair helped me put on the stockings and heels that were about 4". Next she helped me put on the bra which was a 36DD a size smaller than my own. I put on the flimsy g-string then put on the blouse that barely covered my ass and buttoned only half way up my chest. A little nurse’s cap completed the look with a small red cross in the middle.

"Mr Goss wants you to keep your glasses on and meet him in the medical wing".

"Ok Clair and thank you for the help and i will see what i can do for you" i winked and she smiled. I headed down to the medical wing where Sean was waiting.

"Wow you look perfect".

"Thank you now where do you want me?".

"Ok we are going to shoot a short video here is the description" i read aloud.

"Naughty nurse, nurse Jamielee is feeling very naughty and decides a self bondage session is in order. So she sneaks into the abandoned examination room for some solo fun".

"What do you think?"

"I like it. Do i get caught by the handsome doctor and punished?"

"Perhaps in later scenes my dear".

"Oh well".

"Now tell me what you need and it will be provided. It’s a solo bondage shoot so you get to choose the bondage".

"Ok well i will need a white posture collar, white rope, handcuffs, ring gag, clover clamps, numerous pairs, vibrating egg, spreader bar, bags of gloopy custard and string.

"Sounds interesting i look forward to what you come up with".

I already had in mind what i intended to do. When Sean delivered the things i requested the camera's were set up and i was left to perform my first video.

Naughty nurse

“Hi i am nurse Jamielee and after a long day tending to the sick and needy i got a familiar feeling in my loins. I was desperate for some me time. So i snuck down here to the abandoned examination room. I planted all the toys so that anytime i am feeling naughty i can come down here and punish myself. First i need to cool down so i must remove my nurses’ uniform.”

I slowly stripped off the offending garment and tossed it towards the camera.

“Oh no i am still too hot! What should i do??? I know i will take off this bra maybe then i will be cool enough! It was corny but i wanted to play the part of a slutty nurse that craves bondage. Oh look at my rock hard nipples mmmmmm.”

 I took my nipples between my fingers pinching then for the camera.

“Now before i get any naughtier i must put myself in bondage and punish myself. First things first my keys need to be put in this gloopy custard bags and hung up from this string as it will be my release mechanism. Now i need to put on my collar to symbolise my submission.”

 I wrapped the collar around my throat and buckled it behind my head.

“Now i need to take care of these huge breasts.” I tied my breasts in a tight chest 8 harness making them jut out proudly.

“Ok now i have to bind myself so i can’t escape. This rope should be able to bind my thighs and ankle's together!”

 I got on my knees and wrapped the rope around my thighs and ankles cinching it tight in the middle leaving me bound on my knees.

“Now for a little fun this vibrating egg should do the trick and look a handy remote!” I slid the egg past my moist lips.

“I need something to keep it in place. But what could a naughty bondage nurse use to do that? Oh look i have one last rope!” I tied the crotch rope in place trapping the egg.

“These clamps need to go on my pussy lips and nipples after all i am down here to be punished!” I put a set of clover clamps on my nipples and then hooked the chain between a second set and attached them to my pussy lips.

“Now just the gag and the handcuffs!” I put the ring in my mouth and buckled it tight behind my head. I locked my hands behind back and finally i was bound. “Mmmm hhhmmm.”

 I struggled in my bondage and after a while began trying to get the custard filled bags in my mouth. After about ten minutes the first bag of gloopy custard spilled its contents all over me but no key in that bag! I had to repeat the process another 3 times to finally get the key to my freedom. I put the key in the lock and unlocked the cuffs then removed the gag.

“Oh my i have been naughty but that i am afraid is all i have time for i need to get back for my shift! Love you guys bye bye!” i blew a kiss to the camera.

"Well done honey that was incredible and you have some imagination".

"Thank you now i need to go and shower but first i wanted to talk to you about Clair".

"Ok honey i sent her home for the day so go shower and we can talk after that".

 I took a long shower and then afterward i put on the robe i had worn before. I went to find Sean who was in the office working on my video. "I feel so much better now all that custard is off me".

"Good you were great and you are really creative as well. This afternoon we will do your first photo shoot. Now what is it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"Well Clair and I were talking and i asked her why she wasn’t modelling herself she does have a great figure and she is a pretty girl. She told me she was excited by it but since you hadn’t asked her she hasn’t brought it up".

"I see and you told her you would speak to me about it i assume?"

"Well yes dear" i slid onto his lap. "I told her i would see what i could do. How about i arrange an interview just me and her and see if she fits the bill?"

"Ok but it’s on you if not it was hard to get a hair and makeup specialist who didn’t run a mile when they found out what kind of work we do here".

"Ok honey. I am sure it will be fine. Now what is involved in my next shoot?"

"Well just a simple lingerie and bondage shoot nothing to drastic".

"Sounds good to me".

"I also have an idea to run past you".

"Go ahead".

"Well do you remember my Christmas present last year?"

"Yes i do what a day that was".

"Well i was thinking we could recreate it for our members".

"I'm game for that i still have that corset as well fine you know".

"Good we can do it during the week".

"Good anything planned tomorrow?"

"You have the day to yourself i am off to the football and won’t be back until Monday afternoon".

"Ok darling". I was fishing to see if i would have the day off seeing as i had a lot of things to discuss with Kim the next morning.

It was time for my photo shoot. I was given a pair of black stockings and heels to wear and a tiny black bra and thong set. I quickly put them on and joined Sean in the studio.

 "You look incredible my dear now a few shots and sexy poses in the lingerie then we will lose the bra and get you tied up and finally gagged".

 "Sounds good to me".

Sean had me pose in some pretty revealing poses then pouting my lips and nibbling on my finger.

"Ok now slide the bra off and i will take a few shots". I did as he said unclipping the bra and slowly sliding it off slowly as he snapped away.

"Good now let’s get your hands tied folded behind your back". I folded my arms behind my back as soft red rope was wound around both wrists and knotted a couple of times. He again snapped away from different positions.

Next he wrapped rope around my chest above then below and finally up & under both ropes leaving me in a firm chest harness. Then my arms were tied to my chest harness leaving them positioned just above the small of my back keeping them out of the way. More snaps and poses.

Next i was helped down onto the floor. My ankles were tied together then more rope further up above and below my knees. Then i was laid on my front and my legs brought up towards my bum. A single rope was tied to the rope that bound my ankles together and then tied to my chest harness putting me in a tight hogtie. One of my favourate bondage positions.

Sean snapped away taking some good close-ups of my most intimate parts. Next a rope was threaded through the top of my chest harness and another at the bottom. A rope with a steel ring was brought down to which both loose ropes were tied to. Sean used the winch and the ropes pulled me up into the air leaving me in a suspended hogtie. At about head height the winch stopped. Rope was wrapped around my waist and pulled down between my legs the rope nestling between my lips. The rope was threaded through the rope at my waist and finally tied off creating a snug fitting crotch rope. "Enjoying yourself?"

"I love my work sir".

Without saying a word he began snapping again and then produced the red ball gag. It wasn’t as big as the one I’d worn last night but it was still effective. More pictures were taken then finally my shoot was complete. Sean disappeared from sight leaving me bound, gagged but happy and content. Saliva drooped from my gag as i hung there awaiting my man to come get me. After a few hours i was taken down and untied. After getting dressed we went home. I had enjoyed my first day as a bondage model and couldn’t wait for more.

Planting the seed

The next day Sean left mega early for his football trip and since i was awake i got up and looked out the window to see that Kim's blinds were open. I sent her a text. ‘Hey Kim Sean is away until tomorrow afternoon so pop over when you are free x’.

I was just about to jump in the shower when the door rattled. I thought Sean had forgot something. I opened the door and there was Kim. "Not too early am I?"

"No course not come in".

"I brought some wine i hope it’s ok?"

"Bit early but yeah sure why not". I grabbed 2 glasses and took Kim into the living room. Kim is lovely with long black hair, brown eyes and a full womanly figure. I thought she must be at least a 40EE. "So what exactly would you like to know?". I caught her off guard.

"Well i um... well i um wanted to know about bondage and the whole master/slave thing".

"Ok well it started for me a while back.. .." i told her how i got to becoming a bondage slave.

"Wow and the orgasms are more powerful than normal sex?"

"Oh Kim absolutely. I love nothing better than submitting to Sean and have him dominate me to be his compliant love slave. I love bondage as much as i do him. It’s also helped my confidence issues and i am more confident in myself that i wear a lot of things i wouldn’t have prior to meeting Sean and more importantly the bdsm thing".

"What kind of things?".

"Well stockings and suspenders for one. I also couldn’t wear heels and now i wear them all the time. I like to wear appealing clothes for him. I really like corsets, waist cinchers and basques".

"Wow i wish i had the confidence to wear that kind of stuff... or have someone to wear it for" she laughed. I had an idea to help her out.

"Ok go home get ready i am taking you shopping my treat. Give me an hour to get ready and then i will call a cab when you get back".

"Oh ok". Kim hurried off and i took a quick shower. After drying myself i put on white bra and thong set with red pokerdots. I put on a black v-neck jumper and a pair of jeans, socks and little high heeled boots and after my hair and make up i was ready and waiting for Kim.

Kim arrived wearing a frumpy baggy jumper and jeans... something i will help her with today i thought. "Ok i will call the cab but i need to stop at the bank first"


We got the cab into town and i stopped in at the bank and withdrew £2000 of the £6000 i had been paid for my first shoot. I handed Kim £400 ok lets go get you a new wardrobe that’s on me. Push up bras, cute thongs, stockings, heels, clothes that show off your figure. I want you to spend it all and as i said it’s my treat".

Kim wandered around the store and by the end had £400 worth of new clothes and lingerie. I took Kim to a lingerie store and i knew the owner Martha well. "Kim do you fancy having a slumber party with me tonight? Sean isn’t back till morning".

"Yes i'd love to".

"Ok well to help with your confidence issues i want you to pick out an outfit for us to wear tonight. You will need an underbust corset or waist cincher with matching thong or g-string, garter, stockings and heels. Select one for you and one for me in different colours".

 "Oh um ok are you sure?"

"Yes go on". Kim scanned the racks of sexy outfits and then came across a blue satin underbust corset with matching accessories.

"I like this one".

"Good now pick mine".

Kim continued to scan then picked out a pale orange set matching her's. 

"Good are you sure?".

"Yes" replied Kim on a mousy voice. I paid for the outfit's and then took Kim for lunch and then paid for her to get waxed from the neck down and paid to get her hair done. "Ok i have an errand to run i will be back soon." i winked at her and left her in the salon.

I went down to the bondage store i knew on the outskirts of the town. PRETTY BONDS. Not many people knew about it and i was a regular. I entered the store and was greeted by a familiar voice.

"Hello Mrs Goss what can i help you with today?" It was Amy the shop owner. Amy helped me a lot in fitting and choosing items i wished to buy. "Hi Amy. Ok i have something special on tonight so i need colour co-ordination. I need in pale orange and satin blue. Collar & cuffs, wrist and ankle, ballgag, nipple clamps, pussy clamps, 4 bundles of rope, extendable spreader bar, ice release, butt plug, vibrating bullet, tease gel and blindfolds. Both in their corresponding colours and a pair of handcuffs & leg irons and each packed neatly in a case".

"Ok that’s quite an order do you need it today?"

"Now if possible?"

"For you of course give me half an hour to collect the things you need".

I browsed the store whilst she collected the things i requested. While i was waiting a young couple entered the store and i could tell instantly that the girl was the sub. They browsed the restraints. I heard him tell her to pick out her restraints. The slight girl chose a collar and cuffs set and a flogger. They quickly paid for the items and were gone. I wondered if it was her idea or his but both seemed pretty excited. "Ok Mrs Goss here's your cases".

"Great put it on my account and i will forward the money tomorrow".

"Ok enjoy".

"Oh i will". I went back to the salon to pick up Kim.

When i entered Kim looked incredible long hair with curls and her makeup eyeliner and lipstick on she looked gorgeous. "Wow you look incredible honey lets go home". We took a cab and stopped by the local shop to get dinner and more wine. When we got to our street Kim went home to drop off her bags and i took our outfits and the cases to my house. Kim reappeared in 10 minutes and i planned to help her find her confidence... one way or another.

Be careful what you wish for

Kim entered the house and i locked the door. "Right that's us in for the night. Time to change into our outfits".

"Ok i think i am ready".

"Good here is your outfit i am going upstairs’ to change you can use the spare bedroom if you like?"

"Yes that would be nice". I led Kim to the spare bedroom and told her to come get me when she was ready.

I rushed into my bedroom and stripped off my clothes and tore open the packaging to my outfit for the evening. I took out the corset and wrapped it around my body and fastened the zipper at the back. The garter and stockings came next, then the tiny thong put on over the top of that. I attached the garter to my stockings and put on my 5"heels. I took out my opera gloves i had bought and i also had a satin blue pair for Kim. I sat on the bed and crossed my legs waiting for Kim. About ten minutes later a soft knock at my bedroom door. "Come in Kim".

The door gently opened and Kim gently walked into the room. "Wow you look stunning Kim".

Kim stood there in her satin blue outfit identical to mine, her corset supporting her huge bust with big pink nipples standing proud. " it. It makes me feel good about myself. What do you think?"

"I think you look beautiful. You have a fabulous figure and those breast's are huge and definitely should be displayed whenever possible".

"Hehe thank you. You look like a goddess, very hot" Kim giggled.

"Thank you put these gloves on. Now i believe these 2 hot women need a drink". Kim followed me downstairs and i shut all the blinds and curtains. I grabbed 2 glasses and poured some wine and handed Kim a glass. "So how is your confidence doing?"

"I do feel confident and sexy thank you" Kim hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. "So tell me the other night when i saw you did you enjoy being paraded in public like that?".

"To be honest the idea shocked me at first but then i remembered i wanted to be a model and everyone could see me on the website anyway. To tell you the truth it turned me on".

"Well it did look kinda fun if i am honest".

"Wanna see my shoot?"

"Yes please". I loaded up the computer and logged onto our website. GossBindings. I logged in and let Kim look through the photo shoot. "Wow JamieLee you look very hot tied up like that".

"Hehe i hope so".

"Oh you do". Next i let her see my video. "That is hot. Do you do a lot of self bondage?".

"When Sean isn’t here yes or if i am doing a shoot. But generally whenever i get the chance" i laughed. I told her about my xmas present to Sean last year and she was amazed.

 "What did he do when he found you?".

"He entered the room and knelt beside me and asked if i really meant what i wrote on the note. I nodded leaving no doubt in his mind that i was his to do with as he pleased. He grabbed the flogger and used it on my body. My breasts, ass, legs, arms and back all received attention and i loved every second of it. He then used the crop on my pussy and ordered me not to cum as he turned the vibrating egg up full. Orgasm denial is one of my favourite parts about bondage because i don’t get to cum until he allows me to, which hurts but to cum for him sends me deeper into subspace.”

 I continued, “He removed the ballgag and had me beg to suck his cock. I begged like a cock hungry whore... ‘please master i need your cock please let me pleasure you with my slut mouth i need your cum in my mouth master’. He shoved his cock in my mouth and i licked and sucked every inch of girth and let me tell you he has a lot to tend with. After sucking and licking for some time he came deep down my throat and i hungrily swallowed the lot. He then began cropping me again and then turned the vibe up full and ordered me to cum for him which i did multiple times which was a first for me and after i calmed down it left me in a hot sticky mess on the floor. After that i practically begged him to be his full time slave".

Kim listened intently to my story and by the end of it was subconsciously rubbing her thighs and fumbling her nipples. "Wow that is the sexiest thing i ever heard. I wish i had someone to do this kind of stuff with".

"Well you need to be careful. Bondage is about trust and what i have with Sean is hard to find. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt honey. So... be careful who you do this kind of stuff with". Kim looked disappointed. "But as you know i am into bondage and we do have the house to ourselves". Kim perked up when i said that. "Wait here".

I got up and walked over behind the couch and got the 2 cases. I walked back over to Kim. "I got you a little present".

"Jamielee you have already got me so much".

 "Enough of that. Go ahead open it".

"Ok". Kim opened the case and the smell of leather hit us instantly. "Jamielee where did you get this stuff. It matches my outfit. Did you plan this?"

"Maybe. I wanted to help you. You seemed interested in bondage so thought i would allow you the chance to see if you like it or not. I have the same case matching my outfit and i am planning on spending a night in bondage. Whether you join me or not is up to you honey. I really didn’t mean to offend you".

Kim got up and walked over to me and slid her arms around me. "I am not offended. Quite the opposite in fact. Today you took me shopping bought me a ton of cool stuff and now you have bought me this. I do want to try it and i can’t think of anyone better to do it with than you" she pecked me on the lips and playfully spanked my left cheek and giggled.

"Oh quite the naughty girl now arent we?" Kim smiled.

 I opened my case and took out each item explaining to her what each was and how it was used. "Give me your ice release and keys we need to freeze them first". Kim handed me the keys and popped them into the ice release and i put it in the freezer. "Ok it should take about an hour to freeze giving us time to eat. I have a few naughty ideas of how to use your first time in bondage".

I made us dinner and we chatted about a lot of things and then we washed up and had some more wine. It was about an hour & half later before i took the release method out the freezer. I decided to give Kim a challenge. I opened the back door and went down the back of the garden and hung the small metal containers on the stump i had used before and wrapped it around a few times. Unwrapping the wire whilst in bondage would be a challenge. I put the other one at the bottom of the high wooden gate we had at the bottom of the garden and wrapped the wire around the loop numerous times. I went back inside. As it was still light there was plenty of daylight left so we would need to wait until after dark to try to get free. I had spare keys upstair's in the bedroom.

 "Ok you ready?"


"I think we both are" I pointed to our tiny satin thongs that were visibly damp. We both laughed and i suggested we get them out of the way. We both removed the thongs and i had a naughty idea. "How about we make use of these?"

"Oh and what were you thinking?"

"Wait and see. First collar and lock it on with a small padlock". We began our bondage and once the collars were locked in place it was time for the cuffs. "Smaller ones on your wrists bigger ones on your ankles again locked with the small padlocks". Kim followed my instructions with quick precision. "Now the long chain each end locked to each ankle cuff and use the middle padlock for that".

"Yes mamm".

"You can call me that if you wish sweetie but i am used to more subservient addresses".

"What would you like me to call you?".

"Mamm will do fine. Now chest harness". I demonstrated to Kim how to tie a chest harness and to my surprise she tied her own tight like mine. You'd have thought she'd done this before.

"Ok now take the tease gel and rub it gently over your breasts, thighs, pussy and ass. Its use will become apparent later". We both applied the gel and i knew it wouldn’t be long before it started to work its magic. "Ok do you want to use the buttplug?"

"I’ve never done that before but i am willing to try it". I tossed Kim a satchel of lube and after lubing my own plug and slid the plug deep into my asshole. I watched as Kim did the same.

"Ok bullet lowest setting". We inserted the bullets and then i picked up another rope. "Ok crotch rope to keep everything in place".

Kim watched and copied what i was doing the sound of vibrators softly buzzing away filled the room.

 "Ok now the clamps. One set on the nipples and another set on your lower lips". We groaned as the clamps were put in their rightful places. "Ok now for the kinky part give me your thong and i will give you mine".

"I’m going to put them in my mouth then the ball gag you game?"

"Oh you’re so naughty but, I’m game". We wadded the sopping garments and put them in our mouths i could taste Kim' sweet love juices straight away. The ball gag’s were inserted and then i picked up 4 small padlocks. I took off one clamp from my nipple and threaded it through my collar and attached it to my nipple once more. Kim did the same. I put 2 padlocks on the chain from my pussy clamps to add weight. I then put my hands behind my back and clipped both remaining padlocks through the d-rings of my wrist cuffs leaving me effectively bound. Kim followed my lead and we were finally bound gagged and incredibly frustrated.

Soon after the tease gel began to work its magic. Making each part it was rubbed on burn with desire and torment us both to no end. The vibrator and buttplugs did a good job of that too as fantasy after fantasy began to play in my mind. I was sure Kim was having her own series of fantasies as well. She looked beautiful in bondage and the fact i was tasting her juices an her mine turned me on even more. I thought back to the time Sean had told me he would love to dominate two busty slaves in bondage and i thought Kim & I looked the part. I wondered what he would do if he walked in now.

Kim moved over to me and rubbed her face against my face in a loving way. The bondage was definitely having the same effect on the girl as me. I backed up against her and grabbed her bum and gave a light pat as best i could. She did the same. It was definitely nice to have a sort of bondage sister that i trusted completely and i decided if Sean were to come back i would have no problem things went further. We fondled each other as best we could in our bondage and then i headed towards the back door with Kim close behind me. Then just as i was about 4 feet away from the door the front door unlocked and Sean walked through the door. Well they do say be careful what you wish for. And i was about to find out what my wishful thinking had gotten us into.

Reap what you sow

Sean was gobsmacked when he saw Kim & I. Both dressed in sexy lingerie, bound gagged and hobbled. I thought i would be in trouble. Would he think it was cheating? Would he throw me out? As my mind went into overdrive Sean approached us and removed my ballgag first and then removed the soaking satin blue thong that Kim had worn. "Well you have been busy haven’t you? What is going on?" .

"Kim saw us the other night when you brought me back in bondage. She thought i was being mistreated so i had to go over and explain. I knew you were away today so i invited Kim over and i told her about our lifestyle and how it has done me wonder's for my confidence and how i love bondage. Kim has low confidence so i took her shopping and got us these outfits to wear tonight but, then i thought i would buy her some bondage things of her own and let her try it in a safe environment with someone she knows and trusts as i could tell she was excited by it. So i set up a night of self bondage to let her find out. I am sorry i should have asked you first master".

Sean's frown turned to an understanding grin. "Oh baby i understand but we better talk to your friend". Sean removed Kim’s gag and my thong from her mouth. "Kim are you ok?"

I could tell Kim didnt know how to address him. "Yes mas....sir".

"Are you sure?".

"Yes sir.... please i didn’t mean to cause any trouble between you and your wife".

"You haven’t don’t worry. So are you enjoying yourself?"

"Yes sir".

"Have you been teaching her?".

"No master".

"You are very polite".

"Thank you sir".

"Ok no harm done i will gag you again and then you better work on getting free".

"Thank you master....i love you". I turned to kiss him on the lips.

"Thank you sir". Kim was enjoying the situation. Sean grabbed Kim’s thongs and rubbed it between her legs causing her to release a deep moan before putting the thong back in my mouth followed by the gag which he buckled tightly behind my head. He then did the same with my thong before repeating the process with Kim. A firm slap on each bum before he disappeared leaving us to concentrate on escaping our bondage.

I wondered if he had plan's for us but then i opened the door and hobbled out the back door towards the ice release and a freedom i no longer knew i desired. After about half an hour fiddling with the wire i was able to get the keys Kim got her some minutes later. We got our cuffs free and then went back inside.

"Well what a rush that was".

"I know i should be careful what i wish for".

"What did you wish?” said Kim as she removed the clamps from her pussy and nipples.

"Well that my master would come back and um... dominate us both".

"Really? Not that i would mind but he is your husband".

"I know i don’t mind sharing with a sister slave" i winked at her.

"Ok well i did kind think the same to be honest. God i feel like such a slut wishing that i feel bad because you have been lovely to me".

"Don’t feel bad it’s not as if its cheating as you have my permission. It will be fun". I said as we removed our butt plugs and vibrators. "Ok put on your leg irons and put your gag back in your mouth i will complete the rest".

"Ok" said Kim as she hurriedly locked her ankles in the cuffs. She put the ball gag in and i slipped on her blindfold. I handcuffed her wrists behind her back and then put my own leg irons on and strapped the ballgag in my mouth. I grabbed my blindfold and put it on top of my head then tied a rope to the front on Kim's chest harness and then tied the other end to the back of my chest harness. I grabbed my handcuffs and led Kim upstairs and then outside his office i slipped the blindfold over my eyes cuffed my hands behind my back and gently knocked on the door.

There i had done it. 2 horny young women in bondage wearing sexy lingerie, chest's bound tightly in rope, waiting for a dominant master to put them firmly in their place as bondage sex slaves.

"Come in". A few moments later the door opened. "Well well well what do we have here?". A finger grabbed my collar and led me into the room. We were put against the wall. I heard Kim's gag being removed. "Kim what can i do for you?"

"I... want um... i wish...... um...." Kim cleared her throat. "I desire you to be my master and i become your bondage sex slave".

"You do? And what duties do you think a bondage sex slave would perform?".

"I think a bondage sex slave should always be correctly attired and available to her master and carry out any order's her master give's her".

I was proud of Kim's answers and knew in my heart she would make a great sister slave.

"I already have a slave. Tell me what you think of my slave and if you have any designs to take her place?". I knew what he was doing. He wanted to know for sure that this was exactly what SHE wanted and that I hadn’t put her up to it. But even I wasn’t prepared for what came out of this lovely creature beside me.

"I have no desire to take her place sir. Your wife is a beautiful woman. Strong, very attractive, confident and even more so when placed in bondage. She is kind hearted and has been lovely to me. If i become your slave i would be proud to serve her and be proud to become her sister slave. She has showed me a new found confidence and sexuality i never knew i had. And i love her for that sir".

I found myself welling up as she spoke from the heart.

"So tell me in your own words exactly what you want?".

"I want to become your bondage sex slave sir".

Without saying a word i heard Kim's gag being put back in her mouth. I then felt my gag being removed and my blindfold removed. "So you have heard your friends desire to become my slave. What do you think?"

"I think it is a wonderful idea master".

"Do you think your place would be threatened?"

"No master".

"What do you think about Kim?".

"Kim is lovely in body and mind. She enjoys bondage and i believe she would be an ideal sister slave for me. She is curvy, very busty, highly submissive by the sound of things and i believe with the proper training and of course the right master she would become quite the perfect slave master".

"So you didn’t put her up to it?"

"No master but she confided in me first about sex and i told her not to worry master".

"So what do you want me to do?".

"I want you to make Kim my bondage sex slave sister. I want you to dominate, use & abuse us as you see fit and train us to serve you as you wish".

He kissed me and then fitted my ballgag back in my mouth. "Well ladies you will have your wish. I accept your offer to become sister slave's. Now what shall we do with you 2 on your first night as sister slave's?" He removed our gag's. “Kim what is your idea?"

"Whatever you wish master".

"Good girl but that’s not what i asked you?"

"Tie us up and punish us master".

"What do you need punished for?".

"Naughty girls always need discipline master".

"And you what’s your idea?"

"Tie us up and then leave us frustrated for a couple of hours then come and punish us master".

"I like both idea's but i like the second one more". Sean led us back downstairs into the living room and picked up our discarded thongs and put Kim’s inside her and mine inside me. "Ok who's first?".

I looked at Kim as we both replied in unison "me first master".

"Kim come here".

"Yes master". Kim's cuffs and leg irons were removed.

"Hand me your rope".

"Yes master". Kim moved quickly and handed Sean the satin blue bundles of rope. Kim's breasts were still bound like mine in a chest harness saving time.

"Hands folded behind your back, legs spread apart".

"Yes master". Kim was proving a natural submissive following orders and addressing her master in the correct way every time he spoke to her. He tied her arms together causing her to gasp. Then he tied her arms to the back of her chest harness. She looked so cute and docile in rope.

"JamieLee come here".

"Yes master".

My cuffs and leg irons were taken off and again i was told to hand him the rope. He repeated the process on me and then he had us both tied just how he intended us to be. Sean then went upstairs to get some more thing's and it gave me chance to talk to Kim.

"So sister what do you think so far?".

"JamieLee i feel so alive. I feel wanted and i love being ordered around i will do anything to please our master and i now understand what you meant about the master/slave thing. I have never been more aroused in my life".

"I told you. Did you really mean what you said upstairs? That you love me?".

"I meant every word".

"I love you too". I leaned in and kissed her full on the lips massaging each other with our tongues. I had never kissed a girl before but i thoroughly enjoyed my first kiss with Kim.

"You look cute tied up".

"You do too i hope master thinks so".

"Didn’t you see his huge hard-on in his trousers?".

"Actually i never noticed". I laughed.

Soon Sean was back with a case full of stuff. Sean tied 2 ropes to the beam above us leaving 2 ropes hanging down. He pulled me into place and tied my chest harness to one rope hanging from the beam then positioned Kim about 4 feet away under the other rope to which he tied to her harness. Next he approached me and pulled the thong by now very slick with my love juices from my pussy and stood in front of Kim. "Open".

Kim eagerly opened her mouth as he put the sopping thong in her mouth. He put her gag in and buckled it tight behind her head. He pulled her thong out of her hot cunt and again it was slick with pussy juice he approached i opened my mouth to receive it in my mouth. I tasted Kim's sweet juices in my mouth as my gag was put in. Two tight crotch ropes were tied and then my right leg was tied to Kim's left.

Next thing my left leg was pulled up to my thigh and tied to my ankle. Kim's right ankle and thigh were tied together leaving us suspended from the rope hanging from the beam putting a delicious amount of pressure on our breasts. We groaned in both pain and pleasure. A set of clamps were put on each set of rock hard nipples and a large padlock attached to the chain. Sean took a bucket of spring loaded clothes pegs and began placing them around our boobs. More pegs were put on our lower lips.

"Now that my slaves are tied up i am going to bed but before i go i have something for you both". Sean had crop in his hand. He slid a blindfold over our eyes and then began cropping us from behind. I felt my bum jiggle as the crop landed on my exposed behind. I heard Kim getting cropped at the same time. When our bum's were to his desired shade of pinky red he left. "Good night slave's".

"Ooood iiiiihht massssseeerrrr" we said as best we could. I didn’t know about Kim but i was in heaven. Here we were 2 busty bondage sex slave's tied up & gagged with clamps and pegs on our breasts and pussies and the thought of our master in his nice comfy bed made me feel happy and content. It turned me on to know that master was tucked up in bed as we suffered in silence with the occasional frustrated moan or groan from his slave's.

The next morning master reappeared and removed our gags and removed our leg bondage and took us down from the beam. He removed the clamps and pegs. "So how are we today?"

"Sore master but happy" i smiled at him.

"Sore but happy master thank you". Kim said.

"What for?".

"For tying us up master".

"Glad you enjoy it. Now we have the day off so what should we do?"

"I don’t know master but i am beyond horny" i informed my husband.

"Me too". Kim blurted out.

"Hmm 2 horny girl's and an empty dungeon. I have an idea".

"Take us to the dungeon master please". I pleaded.

"Ok let’s get you 2 ready. It promised to be quite a day. And i couldn’t wait that's for sure!!!!


Story continues in Part Two

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