From Vanilla Girlfriend to Femdom Wife, A Journey

by lockedup4eva

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Storycodes: F/m; F/f; mpov; bond; cuffs; collar; chastity; horse; straps; gag; cell; feeding-tube; chair; cons; XX

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Part 9

Down in the dungeon, her prisoner had had altogether too much thinking time; strapped along the bondage horse, exhausted, sore and unable to move after his cropping; there hadn't been much else to do. The problem was that in his previous life, before accepting his Goddess' collar and now surrendering to her his free will, body and soul in perpetuity, safeword-free, he had always been something of an over-thinker. This is not good when you have nothing but thinking time and your free-will has been given over to another, and that other is making way more of it than you thought her capable of. The identity of these "new friends" she had mentioned, who had taught her about administering pain, and their possible other influences on his Goddess was turning his mind inside out, and back to front. She hadn't been in the scene, or known much about BDSM until meeting him, and he wasn't aware of any local acquaintances - kinky or vanilla - so who WERE they?

And also WHAT were they? All women? A couple? Men? D or s, or both? Were they lifestyle or Pro? And what would their motivation be towards teaching his Goddess how to inflict corporal punishment on him?! For all he knew they could be sadistic lesbians who dislike all men and were working Jo up to some really harsh treatments just out of malice, or they could simply be people in the scene giving her genuine tips to be a better Domme.

What had she been up to? He knew they had taught her how to use that crop. Some lovely images of such a lesson played out in his mind's eye…his cock twitched slightly in its small steel cage.

Eventually some submissive part of his brain reminded him that his Goddess wouldn't let him come to real harm; she loved him. And that he should be grateful she was getting so into the kink and doing so much to make his fantasy reality…then he remembered the permanently locked metal around his neck, and the paper he had signed giving her no-limits ownership over him. He remembered what she had said about no longer being a real husband but just her property, no more switching, about not having her needs met by him now…and some other images came into his head that he should NOT have found so arousing…

The dungeon door crashed shut, slammed from within, and he woke with a start, having not heard her open the door; he couldn’t see as he was facing away, still strapped along the horse. Knowing it would be foolish to ask any questions through the large gag packing his mouth, he wondered in silence what was going on behind him with all the stomping about and annoyed sounding sighs coming from her.

He had no idea how long she had been gone, but his arse didn't hurt any more after the cropping earlier so maybe it had been a few hours. Next the straps were cast loose and the gag taken from his mouth. The built up saliva dropped onto the leather padding and increased his feeling of helplessness. Without a word he opened up as a new gag with a straw-like tube through it was forced in and locked around his head. The design allowed him to suck and swallow but not to speak. Still working from behind and out of his view, all the rest of his restraints were removed, except for the more or less permanent metalwork encircling the neck, wrists and ankles.

This meant that Chris was standing up, gagged, ankles chained together by a 12-inch chain between polished steel cuffs, wrists in matching steel cuffs padlocked close together behind the back, matching permanent steel collar - the lock had been filled with epoxy and the key snapped off in it - and of course his snug fitting steel chastity cage which had now been locked on his cock for over seven months without a single removal.

Facing into his dark cell, Jo began to speak for the first time since her arrival. Her voice tone was cold, matter of fact, tinged with annoyance.

"Bitch, I've had to come home to put you away, instead of being able to go out for dinner and clubbing with some people I've met at my gym class. This cannot become a problem for me, I want to live my life and not become YOUR slave so I've decided to accelerate my plans for you by a few weeks. The gag you have in your mouth will allow you to drink and once you go back into your cell it will be connected to your sustenance supply of water and essential vitamins and minerals to keep you alive - I don't know when I'm next coming to see you and this feeding system means I can be free to explore the area, and myself for a while without having to be YOUR fucking maid!"

With that, a firm hand between the shoulder blades pushed him into the dark cell and his collar chain was locked back in place with a mechanical grunt from his mistress.

He turned and saw her as she flounced out of the cell, coming back carrying a five gallon drum of his sustenance and a thin tube which was then connected to the gag in his mouth. This would last a very long time, he noted with fear. Too long to be gagged for, surely? He'd never been treated like this and her attitude was very worrying, they couldn't have been doing this for much more than a week and she was fed up already? Surely not, after all a huge amount of work and cash had gone into converting the house, hopefully this was just a short term bad mood. Still made him feel shitty though as the last thing he wanted was for her to regret her choice to indulge him in his fantasies.

"Better make this last," she said mechanically. "This tank is all you have until I decide to bother with you again. You won't need your hands for anything so they can stay behind your back but you might as well have this little present whilst I'm here. Her arms reached round his middle and closed another piece of steel, this time a rubber lined steel belt about 3 inches wide just above the hip bones, locked with the usual concealed padlock at the front. Quickly clicking the cuffs holding his wrists to a short post in the centre of the belt behind him, the bondage took on a slightly stricter feeling. This would not be a comfortable period of isolation for him and as panic set in the begging, pleading, and struggling became frantic. Advancing on his Goddess in shuffling, desperate steps towards her until the collar chain brought him up with a yank and he fell to his knees as it shocked him strongly for three seconds.

It didn't stop the gagged pleading however which went on for some time after he'd seen the look of disdain plainly etched on her face as the door closed once more, plunging him into darkness for an indeterminate sentence. For some minutes after locking the cell, she stood outside and listened to the gagged wailing coming from within and despite her genuinely pissed off mood, the power felt intoxicating. He was suffering in there, at her whim. All he would be able to do was sleep, drink, use the toilet, and despair until she decided he'd had enough.

Satisfied that there was nothing more to be done in the dungeon, she locked up and went for a glass - which became a bottle in short order - of wine and a bath in the roll top tub that made the master bathroom feel that much more luxurious. Sometime after Jo's third glass, a text message pinged up on Goddess Freya's phone:

'Hey lovely, can I pop over for a chat tomorrow? Need some advice from someone who understands x'

Freya had been working up to inviting Jo back anyway since they had had such a good time and didn't hesitate to reply: 'Hey! I'd love to have you over again, why not come early tomorrow and stay for a couple of nights? Bring some kinky outfit changes and you can help me with a couple of client sessions and continue your training'.

The evening of the 1st day of Jo's second visit to Freya's estate saw the two Dommes reclining on a plush sofa in the living room, each resting their bare feet on the back of a slave. Freya's slaves had once been a kinky married couple but both being subs, had come to Freya for a session together as dual slaves. One thing led to another and they had eventually signed a slavery contract submitting themselves to Freya for the long term. It wasn't a "forever" deal like Jo and Chris had made, but slaves 1 and 2 (slave being the female and therefore slightly above the male) were only given the option to leave once every year and if either took it, Freya would dismiss them both. Of course this meant that neither ever would, not wanting to ruin the other's chance to live out their ultimate fantasies!

The day had been spent hosting a CFNM event and they were both exhausted. It's hard work belittling 6 grown men for several hours, thinking up constant new insults and trying not to use the same words to describe each small dick - and all the while in tall heels and a clingy black nylon catsuit with a webbing harness over the top.

Two of the men were in chastity for Freya already so these guys got the full verbal treatment from Jo, it being an area of some expertise for her having teased Chris long-distance for so long. By the end of the day, two more had been locked up, taking advantage of a free two week keyholding trial (once they had bought the devices) and Jo had got a real thrill when Freya asked her to do the honours and click the locks shut on their cocks, though at first she'd hesitated, wondering if it would be considered cheating.

Freya had reminded Jo that you cannot 'cheat' on a possession and that in any case, she was taking these guys' cocks AWAY from them with chastity, not having sex with them. Quite the opposite!

After this she had had no qualms at all when Freya offered her a thick rubber tawse and the chance to redden the ass cheeks of all six as they obediently knelt in a row with their heads down for six of the best to close the session out and give all of the men something to think about on their way home.

Freya included her own slaves in the lineup too, so Jo was forced to discipline them as well - her first direct experience of anything remotely sexual with another woman and she was interested to feel the same rush of power and heat at the sound of her screams and moans as she felt at the men's! The tiny hint of a smile this elicited did not go unnoticed by Freya. "I'll make a sadist of you yet my lovely," she said, giving her a squeeze as they clacked their way back down the stone corridor to the main house, leaving the slaves to clear up the dungeon before following along to be used as footstools and to serve dinner and drinks.

"I don't know about that", she replied coyly, "I love giving them pain, especially knowing its part of their kink too, but I hate receiving it. I never liked spanking, gags, nipple clamps etc when bitch and I used to switch."

"So I need your advice with something", said Jo after the warming confidence of a G&T had done its work. "See, we used to switch as I said, when I needed to get some dick. As you know, I used to let him loose on me with a strap on now and again when I needed a good fucking (his cock has been in chastity for months and I wont need it again), and he was pretty good at it, even cuffed me and stuff but…he's permanently collared now and as you said, I needed to assert my dominance once and for all. Having left him the way I have, I really can't go back to allowing that little bitch to have any freedom, let alone any dominance over me even if I want to. I don't want to cheat on him with another man, slave or not…but when I need to not be in charge for a bit, what do I do??"

"That's a big question, and it depends on a few things. How submissive are you, like, what ratio of Domme to Sub would you say you are?"

Jo looked a little puzzled at this question and replied "Oh, I'm not submissive at all, I'm a Domme all day long I just want to get fucked every now and then!"

Goddess Freya had almost 20 years in the scene compared to Jo's year or so, and wasn't having any of this. She leaned forward, put her gloved hand on Jo's knee and replied kindly "No, Jo, you are not 100% Domme. Very few women are, and from what you have told me over the last few months, I'd say you were about 60:40 Domme to Sub. Your lifestyle may suggest otherwise; let's face it, you've taken your husband and given him his ultimate fantasy, that is to say a total transfer of his power, to you. He can no longer back out of whatever it is you've got planned for him, even if he changes his mind! You know it's what he wants, deep down, and because you love him you'll see it through, no matter how much he might regret it. But you're now realising that it's all on you and YOU might not be getting everything you need from your husband as a result, that's why you've come to me, right? I thought so,"

She reclined again as Jo's eyes dropped and gave her away. "Oh, do you think I won't be able to give him what he needs?" Jo asked, sheepishly.

"Oh no, you're doing great, he'll be loving or hating every minute, it's YOU I'm thinking of. You're his Domme, his owner, his Goddess and that's a big responsibility, and unless you get your needs seen to you'll be as much his slave as he is yours and that's not good for either of you. You don't want to end up resenting him like you did the other day, but you are responsible for your prisoner at all times too, and it does weigh on a Domme, trust me I know. There needs to be balance. Hey look, the good news is you don't have to do this alone since you have me and my slaves here to help. Don't get hung up on who does what to whom and what's 'cheating' and what isn't. You're a Goddess and you should get what you need, whatever that may be, whoever it may be from and don't be afraid to ask for it, especially here! We can help you push your boundaries, learn about yourself, let you switch, and we can even help you with your bitch back home if you'd like a longer break - why should you get him all to yourself?" she winked.

Freya extended her heavily tattooed arm and gripped Jo's hand, firmly, shooting a sultry stare that made Jo lift her eyes until they met; she looked away quickly, feeling that Freya had seen something deep in her soul for a moment, her hands shot submissively to her lap.

"I… I…" she stammered, and with a gulp met Freya's piercing but friendly gaze for a moment. "I…" in this moment all her confidence had been reduced down to nothing, she was confused about her desires, torn between getting her kicks and loyalty to Chris - in that moment she stood up overwhelmed and ran from the room in embarrassment, heading for the dungeon area to get her coat but in her confusion missing the door of the cloakroom, stepped instead into another chamber.

Still in her black nylon catsuit and high heels from the afternoon session, the metal chair of the soviet interrogation room sat before her. Standing, staring at the chair, a hand gripped her shoulder tenderly and Goddess Freya spoke softly in her ear.

"It's okay hun. Hey, why not let me take control, and make you tell me what you desire, if you can't find the words yourself? I promise to respect your limits… and that you'll enjoy it. I saw how this room affected you when you first saw it."

Silence. Jo was frozen to the spot, aware of the question, aware that her friend was trying to help, but also aware that some part of her subconscious was screaming at her that this moment, this decision, would change her forever, one way or another.

Freya knew this could be her one chance and slowly encircled Jo with her arms, one across her chest and the other round her waist, hugging her firmly but not roughly from behind. Her breasts pressed into Jo's back as she spoke in a gentle whisper.

"I don't know if you meant to come into this room specifically, but I'm glad you did, it's my favourite. We'll find out all your desires and limits, in here. We already know you like to be handcuffed and fucked, I wonder what else you're into… let me help you find out? You trust me, don't you Jo?"

Jo breathed deeply and made her choice based purely on the butterflies in her stomach "I… I do, Freya. Please, Goddess. Take control of me."

"My pleasure," she whispered in triumph and before Jo could back out, Freya had her right arm looped around Jo's elbows and tightened her grip over her chest with her left, and was hustling her quickly over to the chair. Plonking her down she secured her friends wrists in the handcuffs welded to the back-rest and quickly did the same with her ankles, spreading them to the outside of each front chair leg to which a single cuff was welded. This kept the victims legs spread and since the seat had a cutout, gave full access to the crotch area.

Jo began to protest as the tall, thick leather collar was fastened round her neck and cinched to the top of the backrest but Freya ignored this and carried on securing her, adding an elbow belt, and another belt to each thigh holding her legs to the seat.

All this bondage was so efficiently applied it took her breath away. It held her posture elegantly upright, with a straight back and head facing forwards almost defiantly, unable to look anywhere but in front. Her arms were pulled tightly but comfortably together behind the backrest which thrust her tits forward beautifully. The black catsuit was still clinging to her in all the right places, though the webbing harness had been taken off before dinner. Freya stood back and admired her handiwork- she had not expected to seduce her friend into bondage quite so soon, but was not one to miss a signal when it was thrown out. She had liked what she saw of Jo as soon as they met; not just her sexy figure, curvy but toned, slightly alternative look, but her whole manner and the way she had come from vanilla to keeping her husband in permanent chastity and restraint mainly to fulfil HIS submissive desires, out of love for him so quickly. But she also knew when someone needed to be brought out of their shell and made to see what they really wanted for themselves, and when someone may well possess sexual tendencies they didn't know they had. Jo's nipples stuck into like bullets and this fact didn't go unnoticed.

Jo considered herself straight, but there was something about the taller, stronger, and more experienced Amazonian fem-dom that made her feel…different. She hadn't admitted it to herself until moment's earlier when Freya had got her in that firm embrace from behind and even now, sitting bound into such a strict but vulnerable position she couldn't quite bring herself to consciously think of herself as even mildly bi-curious…but what the fuck else were these feelings?

"Don't go anywhere," chuckled Freya as she left the room, shutting the door behind her. Once her slaves had been given their instructions, she could turn her full attention to the interrogation in front of her, and to decide she wanted it to lead.

Meanwhile, Jo tested her bondage, struggling with a mixture of trepidation, excitement, and a growing sense of having made a rash decision to suddenly switch from Domme to fully bound and helpless submissive. The excitement she felt was new to her and was mostly because of how Freya made her feel rather than the bondage itself, which she didn't care for much, except the handcuffs; the bite of the steel into her slender wrists was always an exciting feeling. Collars had never been something she liked - and then the colour drained from her face; she had allowed Freya to collar her. They hadn't agreed any terms, limits, safewords or time frame but Jo knew that the collaring was significant in Freya's world.

Wait. They HAD discussed limits; Jo had said she would do anything in the dungeon except intercourse with someone she wasn't married to! And that was all! She hadnt meant to get herself in this position though, the terms she had agreed were intended for her to be a Domme at the time. But the collar and her emotional confusion had changed all that and now here she was, inescapably bound and about to be interrogated about her true fantasies, by a very sexy and powerful woman who she had in fact only met once before, even though they'd been chatting online for months.

Freya had taken the chance to change into an even sexier outfit than the one she had on for paying clients, and strode back into the room in olive green latex stockings held up with garters to a matching boned, latex, thong-backed bodysuit, with long sleeves and high collar, military style insignia on the shoulders, and finished with black polished combat boots and officer's cap. She looked every bit the Russian Interrogatrix with her back hair hidden in a bun under the hat, and black leather fingerless gloves.

If Jo had wondered if she found Freya sexy or not, all doubt was now gone as her mouth went dry at the sight of her friend strutting into her field of vision. Another, final tug on the cuffs to check that she could still hide behind an 'I was chained up and had no choice' defence, and then she froze as Goddess Freya stood before her and then slowly squatted until their eyes met less than a foot apart, and her hands squeezed Jo's spread thighs just above each knee, before pushing upwards until her thumbs were so close to the younger woman's clit that she stopped breathing and her heart pounded with excitement.

"So here we are, Jo. We're both about to learn a lot about you. First, you need to know a little about me. You may already know that I'm bi-sexual - but really I'm more than that, I'm whatever the term is for 'generally just horny all the time and happy to be kinky with anyone'. And so when I come across someone like you, a beautiful, sexy, confident, kinky honey who literally has no idea what she's into or has got herself into, it makes me wet like you wouldn't believe. But then, so does the video feed of your little prisoner; I've wanted to do that to someone for as long as I've been in the scene so I'm properly jealous of you in that regard." Freya stood up at this point, pushing down on Jo's thighs as she did so, and the younger woman started breathing again before giving a stifled "yelp" as her erect nipples were brushed through the fabric of her catsuit by a wandering hand.

"Ohhhh, liked that, did you? Tut tut, I thought you might like your nipples played with when they stood to attention as I bound you, slut. So how's this?" With that question unanswered Jo felt her pinch both nipples firmly and then roll them between thumb and forefinger, eliciting closed eyes, a thrown back head and a low moan.

"Someone getting some confusing feelings? Just relax and let yourself fall into it darling. It's not wrong, you're hurting no one, you deserve to get what you want." Freya spoke now in a reassuring, friendly tone, but her voice never lost that seductive edge.

Jo nodded, eyes still tight shut, her body betraying her completely, squirming in the seat in time with Freya's manipulation of her stiff nipples. She thrashed her arms about to feel the cuffs holding her, enjoying the metal biting into her wrists; as she did so her breasts jiggled too, increasing the sensation on her nipples.

"You have incredible tits Jo, and your nipples are perfect for clamps, they're lovely and plump-"

"No clamps, please Freya, I never liked the idea, or gags, hoods, pain or electrics either," replied Jo, hurriedly, in a moment of clarity and an attempt to regain at least some of her usual dominant persona. Freya let go of her nipples immediately and circled round behind the chair in order to whisper into Goddess Jo's ear. Her voice was still seductive, and calm, but now had a harder, more dangerous edge to its tone.

"Thank you for the list, though how you dare to presume you can speak to me that way when you're in such a position, I can only put down to your inexperience as a sub. Might I remind you whose collar is buckled around your throat? Just be aware you won't get a second chance, you will speak when spoken to, answering my questions only, or you will be punished; and now I have a lovely list of things to threaten you with so if I were you I'd watch my pretty little mouth. OK, so you don't like punishments, tell me what you do like when you're switching."

Jo gulped, thought for a moment, and deciding this was no time to be coy, replied "my main reason for switching at all is that I love a good, hard fucking, the rougher the better. Before Chris, I would always go for a bad boy, you know, who could throw me around the bedroom? Hold my arms and bend me over, preferably with a big dick and who wouldn't take 'no' for an answer if you know what I mean… which isn't very woke of me, I know… I guess that's where the handcuffs came in, the only type of bondage that really turns me on. But then I fell in love with Chris, and I realised sex could be amazing in different ways, and the power I had over him once he revealed his desires to me was just so intoxicating!"

She broke off here, remembering her current position and cast her eyes down, awaiting the next question.

"And if we can make arrangements for you to get that kind of treatment, be out of control for a while but know you're going back to being a Domme afterwards, and that your slave is being looked after by us, would that help? I guarantee that he would agree to it in a heartbeat by the way. Subs like him, especially those in chastity always, always should be cuckolded, it puts them firmly in their place and secretly they all get off on watching their owner getting railed by a full size cock and telling them how good a real one feels".

Jo breathed in to protest but Freya saw it coming and added "it doesn't have to be a real cock of course, a strapon has just the same effect, if anything that more humiliating still; think about it, another woman giving you more pleasure than her man ever could? Pretty emasculating, he'll love it". Having circled back in front of Jo, she flashed her a reassuring wink.

"I… I guess… you know, it wouldn't really be cheating…"

"Of course it wouldn't, and even if it WAS, it doesn't matter since you OWN him, he's just a possession now. A sexy, vulnerable, helpless possession… oh yes, that reminds me." With that she picked up an object from a table near the door, crouched behind her prisoner and Jo felt her finger forced to press onto a flat object.

"Ah ha," said Freya triumphantly, coming back into Jo's field of vision with her mobile phone!

Unhappy at this invasion of her privacy she tugged strongly at her bondage, demanding Freya set her free and give the phone back. Silently the Domme tapped on the collar round her friend's neck whilst uttering a sinister "tut tut tut" almost under her breath and without looking up from the phone, on which she had opened the security cam app showing Chris in his cell.

Still trying desperately to escape and now both angry and indignant, Jo screamed in angry frustration, a scream stifled after about three seconds as Freya, making good on her word about behaviour, gave two turns to the mechanism on the chair back that pushed out a metal bar into the back of the prisoner's shoulders, tightening the collar considerably as a result.

Quick as a flash a large but soft leather gag was forced into Jo's mouth and strapped behind her head and under her chin, reducing her cries to frustrated and angry muffled sounds. Suddenly she had to start gasping for breath around the gag as the constriction of the collar partially choked off her air and after a moment or two of panic, the struggling reduced and the muffled screams stopped so she could focus on breathing.

Freya kept one eye on this to make sure her friend was not in any real trouble, whilst studying Chris's situation back at Jo's dungeon. If she'd been slightly envious before she was properly jealous now, seeing what total freedom Jo had to do whatever she wanted to him. Casting a glance down at the bound Dominatrix however, she wondered if the younger woman would in fact be able to go the distance amd fulfil his darkest fantasies, given that she was clearly a switch, and in the right hands - hers hopefully - may even be submissive in truth.

First things first however, this slave on the cam shouldn't be left alone with that new gag/feeding contraption for much longer. 36 hours would be long enough for a first go and as he had no day/night reference points he could easily be made to think it was much longer already. Her quick intellect ran through the best courses of action and in the blink of an eye she decided on a bold course of action. The next few days would hopefully cement her place in the lives of this kinky couple.

Releasing the choke on the torture chair, leaving Jo to her renewed indignant, gagged shrieking, she strode confidently from the room to start putting her plan into action.


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