From Vanilla Girlfriend to Femdom Wife, A Journey

by lockedup4eva

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Storycodes: F/m; chastity; dungeon; buttplug; chain; cuffs; collar; toys; electro; mast; horse; punishment; crop; gag; cons; XX

Continues from

Part 8

Chris woke slowly, stiff and achy, to the gentle clanking sound of his chains as he stirred from his fitful sleep. His wrists, weighted by the steel cuffs and chain, felt the body-temperature steel collar round his neck, so comfortable a fit but the weight was a constant reminder of its presence and significance.

After a minute or so he became certain he was awake this time; the last few sleeps (he couldn't say 'nights' with any certainty any more) the dreams had been so vivid and all of them had been related to his current predicament, that it was starting to mess with his conscious mind.

He glanced over to the cabinet by the cell door- yes, this was real. Half a slice of bread - all of his remaining food - and a terrible hunger that his unlimited water supply could not diminish, settled the point. He had had no contact whatsoever from his Goddess since she had left to "visit some people" what felt like it must be days and days ago, and given him the ultimatum that until he could get a replica butt plug of her largest ex boyfriends cock into his arse, the door of his cell would never open again.

He had achieved this task after a lot of trying - he'd always played with butt plugs but this one was a thick, 8 inch cock, pure and simple. After the 8 inch length it tapered down to a narrow stalk with a metal contact ring and then the safety stop was a moulded rubber pair of testicles one side, and a curved flange at the other side. Gripping those as he tried to ease the purple head of the cock into himself was extra humiliating for him but he couldn't deny the swelling of his steel caged cock as he did so. The first time he felt it pop past his ring it hurt - he breathed deep for a full minute as he got used to the girth and felt that his own body had sucked it in, greedily, betraying him. That time, he only gave it a few gentle, tentative pushes before popping it back out and replacing it with a smaller size one - again a mould of one of her exes - to keep him stretched for another go in a little while. This one was still a good size by most male standards, but it slipped in relatively easily by now with plenty of lube and his arsehole clamped shut around the base, activating the metal contact ring and setting off the powerful vibrator and e-stim that felt as of he was getting a nice, deep, slow fucking back there, and acted as an incentive to get that big bastard's dick seated home to see what that felt like. After all, it was 2 inches longer and about 2 inches thick...he knew he could cum in the cage, but he hadn't managed it with purely anal yet...that was one of the thoughts that kept him going. Her abandonment of him was starting to cause despair.

A few sleeps later and he found quite by surprise the plug slid in after just a few minutes fucking himself with it, and the sudden, almost violent vibrations sent his eyes rolling back into his skull, even before the e-stim kicked in and, though he didn't exactly cum, it definitely milked his prostate to exhaustion. The sensation was so great that when it was over he passed out with the plug still filling his arse. This would be a humiliating way to wake up; she couldn't have planned it better if she'd tried!

This really full feeling was how he had now woken up. Groggily he felt between his legs; just past his own locked up cock and balls was that rubber set of balls and he winced in pain and pleasure as he sat up, forcing the plug to restart its vibration sequence. He moaned a deep, guttural, primal moan and at that very moment the cell door creaked open, light flooding in and there was Goddess Jo, standing tall over him with a devilish smirk on her face, hands on hips, naked but for shoulder length black latex gloves, matching thigh high hold up stockings, and 6 inch patent heels with platform toes and 4 straps. Two crosses of black tape covered her nipples and her hair cascaded loose about her shoulders and her skin glowed and shone with oil she had applied.

"Tut, tut, tut, you filthy little bitch," she said in a sultry, low voice, wagging her index finger in mock admonishment.

He had immediately snapped out of his reverie and in shame (and in vain), tried to hide what he'd been up to whilst scrambling into the kneeling presentation she demanded of him. The plug kept buzzing away however and his cock was dripping.

"Just look at you," she said with mock disdain, though it felt real enough to him. "Is that my ex's cock you're having fun with? Turn around. On your knees, face on the floor, ass up." He did as he was told and presented himself to her, feeling tiny, dirty, and exceedingly horny.

"As I thought, well, you seem to be enjoying his cock even more than I did, and I'm impressed you've managed to take it balls deep already, kudos for that, but of course I know just how good that dick feels buried in your ass, I've had it all the way in mine often enough...the original I mean, not the copy. But then perhaps I just underestimated how much of a cock hungry slut you'd turn out to be if left to your own devices. Have you anything to say?"

He hadn't spoken a word for several days, so a little croakily he said "Goddess, thank you for honouring me with your visit, I hope you are pleased I completed your task. May I ask how long I have been down here?"

"Very respectful answer, and I'm happy to come visit now and again as long as your suffering still entertains me. I'll always keep my loving husband safe," she said in a more demure tone. Then switching back to strict and dominant, "As for your task, yes I'm happy you managed it, but I'm not sure about all that pleasure you seemed to be having when I caught you - that may need to be...balanced out, shall we say? As for the term of your imprisonment, that is none of your business, you don't need to count the days, you're mine for life, remember?"

"Y...yes Goddess, of course," he said, still face down to the floor. "I'm sorry, I just missed you so much and I'm so hungry, and I want to get out. That's why I tried so hard to succeed with this plug...oh god, the e-stim is pulsing up again!" He couldn't speak any further, returning to that base moaning as the sensations got the better of him.

Jo stood there in the doorway and bit her bottom lip and without noticing, her gloved right hand began working her clit. Before her was a man that she had taken, bound, imprisoned, and now it seemed she had started to change his very being. He was nowhere near 'broken' yet though, as he had just mentioned once again about getting 'out', but she had him squirming like a wanton slut after just a relatively short time in isolation. This time was crucial - she had him teetering on the edge of total submission.

"My, my, that IS a lot of precum you're leaking! Estim plugs are wonderful aren't they? But electricity can be such a fickle mistress; pleasure on the one hand of course, but she can also be used to administer…" With that she pressed the button on the shock collar remote, on a fairly low setting compared to what it COULD provide, but strong enough so that he yelped and wound up flat on the floor, and fully awake and present. "...Pain. That got your attention, had you forgotten about my little gift? Get up on your knees and look at me."

He struggled in his heavy chains and manacles, into a kneeling position and looked up into her eyes, drinking in the heavenly sight of his wife as he did so. Whimpering slightly as well, he noticed to his own surprise. The steel restraints had such a powerful effect, he looked every inch like a prisoner in a medieval castle dungeon, though the steel was highly polished rather than rusty.

"Hope that little buzz didn't hurt too much, but do try and remember your place and bear in mind that was setting 2 of 10, won't you? Good. Now then, you may stand, slave, and remove your butt plug."

He did so, carefully so as not to cause any damage to himself, but he couldn't help slumping onto his knees again as the big head popped out of his hole. He dropped the toy next to him with an exhausted sigh and stood back up, facing her. "Thank you Goddess," was all he could think to say.

"You may not wish to thank me a little later," she said seriously, "but that was quite the little show - I may have to film you and make a pornclip site with you as the star - hooded of course - make you earn your keep that way, huh?" She didn't wait for an answer but went on "I guess you'd like to know where I've been all this time. Well, I've made some new friends; they loved hearing all about my little prisoner and I’ve also learned some new skills. But enough words, let me give you a...demonstration. Lift your wrists to me."

He did so, walking forward to the extent of the chain that held his collar to the back wall of the cell, as she unlocked the chain from one cuff. "Turn around, hands behind your back. Quickly, bitch." And before he knew it his wrists were secured once more, the chain gone since the padlock joined the D rings on the cuffs together directly. He wriggled a little, testing the bonds. "You're right, still too much freedom. Hold on a moment, don't go anywhere."

She went over to the equipment rack and cane back with a few items. He remained exactly where he was, fearing another jolt from the shock collar. That thing was terrifying.

A wide leather strap encircled his arms above the elbow and he grunted as the buckle pin slipped into place and was then padlocked shut - totally unnecessary but in spite of himself and his current doubts he loved her for adding it. The excitement grew as he was turned to face the door and the chain was unlocked from the collar, replaced by a leash clipped to the chastity cage, by which she led him out of the cell for the first time in over a week.

"How does freedom feel?" She laughed. "I figured you earned a change of scenery for completing my challenge. Let me give you the tour of my dungeon. You know every inch of your cell by now, I'm sure, and you see before you the main playroom - or punishment room depending on how I'm feeling."

Tugging on the chain she led him round the large room, allowing him to take in each piece of bondage furniture, the racks of equipment, restraints in leather and steel, harnesses, clothing, straps and other hardware, hoods, manacles, whips, floggers, a cabinet full of different lubes and lotions, dildoes, plugs, a couple of rolling carts for moving bits and pieces like e-stim machines, clamps etc closer to wherever the victim was restrained...there was too much to take in. She must have spent thousands on all this. The furniture alone consisted of a wooden St Andrews Cross, a throne, a heavy bondage chair, bondage horse, several cages of different configurations, one of which had a padded top, a winch, and that's before all the smaller but no less substantial items like wooden stocks and other items in the corners that he couldn't quite make out.

But he wasn't allowed to see behind the other locked solid-steel cell door, which she dismissed as unimportant.

"OK bitch, now it's time to balance out all that pleasure my ex-boyfriend's dick has been giving you, and this little bit of freedom. I've allowed you. As I said, my new friends have been teaching me some techniques - they're kinky people too, though not as dark as you - and I want to test out my skills, now, bend over this horse."

He was led back to the bondage horse. The leather was cold on his bare chest but it warmed quickly with his body heat and he enjoyed the sensation of thick straps being tightened all over him, holding him tightly along the length of the padded top. It was a solid wooden contraption, painted black, about 2 feet wide at the bottom and tapering upwards to the 10 inch wide black leather top like an old fashioned gym horse, but with many straps and eyebolts riveted to it. The top was the perfect height for her prisoner to have his legs spread apart (as far as the chain between the cuffs would allow) and tightly strapped to the horse at the ankle, knee and thigh, everything pulled taught. The latter straps lifted his round butt cheeks the same way a jock strap does, and made it an even more inviting prospect. The final touch was to haul his steel bound arms upwards using a chain hoist to give him a sort of super-strict yet comfortable strappado, and leave his sexy arse totally open at her mercy, his caged cock and exposed balls trapped up against the wooden front of the contraption, the leash pulled down tight and tied off to a ring bolt near the floor, adding a delicious pull on his manhood while making any movement on his part somewhat more exciting.

This position was absolute heaven to him. Not an inch of give in the bondage apart from being able to jiggle his bound arms a little from side to side. Subspace was beckoning to his consciousness. Slowly, she strutted round in front of him, in her shiny, rubber stocking feet now but wearing a black military officers cap and ominously tapping a leather riding crop into her gloved left palm. Up went his eyes and met hers; she allowed him this transgression and caught herself looking down on him with love, tempered with lust, and more than a little pity, for she knew what he was going to experience next and was certain that when she was through, that loving look in his eyes would be gone, replaced either with despair or fright, anger or anguish - she couldn't wait to find out.

Roughly catching hold of his hair, she squatted down bringing their faces level, and ran the leather flap of the crop down the side of his face before licking the sweat from it and giving it a sexy bite. He swayed with desire in his strict bondage.

"Balance, baby. The universe exists in balance, and your life now is to be no different. To balance pleasure, we have to inflict a little...pain, to balance it out." The rubber gloved fingers of her crop hand found their way to her soaking pussy again and as she pulled his head backwards causing an open mouthed gasp from him they entered his mouth, the taste of her cunt juices melted what was left of his resolve and he started begging, hand-gagged though he was. Her mind translated:

"Please, Goddess, please let me lick your pussy, please let me taste you and make you cum!"

She removed her fingers from his mouth and slapped him hard across the face, still holding his hair in her tight grip. She'd never done this to him before and he was stunned into silence.

"Trouble is, this pussy is currently out of bounds to pathetic little bitches. And what are you?"

He paused half a second too long and received another slap. Still holding his hair she lined his eyes up with her own so they were looking deep into each others' gaze.

"What. Are. You?" Her tone now took a more serious, stern tone and immediately, almost before she finished the question he blurted "your pathetic little bitch!"

"Say it again, say it properly"

"I'm your pathetic little bitch, Goddess"



She smiled a dangerous, devious, victorious smile and let his hair go as she stood up. "That's right. My pathetic, little, bitch. So no, no more pussy for you unless it pleases ME to use you in that way and I think I've made it QUITE clear that today that is not the case. With you locked away down here behind two steel doors and in all those steel restraints it is honestly a bit of a faff getting you out - so don't expect me to be using you all that often. Lucky for me the long term bondage fantasies you shared with me mean I could lock you away and forget about you for months on end and you'd still love me for it, wouldn't you?"

She was circling him again with the crop tapping ominously once more, inwardly, he admitted to himself that, yes, he would love her all the more for that. She went on "no, no, I'm not here today for any other reason than to tell you about - that is to say demonstrate - my new skill, or perhaps hobby, if I like it! Pretty sure I'm gonna love it and I hope you'll get some kind of enjoyment from it too. As for my own pleasure you needn't worry about me, I'll make sure I'm looked after in that regard".

The next thing he knew was the stinging pain across his arse as the crop came whipping down, and the involuntary "ARGHHHHH FUCK! What are you doing?!" that left his mouth as a result. Immediately, he dreaded the next few minutes. Previously he had been spanked, of course, and pretty hard too, even by her. But this was his first real experience of real impact play, or corporal punishment as it had never much interested him before. Who the hell were these "new friends" and what else might they lead Jo into doing to him? Before he could process these thoughts she was in his ear again.

"That's a funny way to say 'thank you Goddess, may I have another?' As it was a surprise I'll let it slide but I don't want any more slips in your manners, so let me help you out. Open wide."

A large, but soft, leather gag was forced into his mouth, packing it fully, and his caged cock twitched as the lattice of thin leather straps tightened around his head and under his chin, a padlock being added to the main buckle for no reason other than she knew it would increase his libido still further. "I love locking that mouth of yours away" she whispered in his ear.

Again the crop came down without warning, harder this time and a quiet but powerful "MMMMFFFFF! NNNNNNGGGGGG!" and a good deal of whimpering interspersed with quick breaths through the nose told her that the gag was effective, and the crop was having the desired effect. It sounded like he might be trying to request that she desist from cropping she ignored this of course as his opinion was worthless, and continued.

Twelve more swats with the crop and it looked like he was genuinely trying to break out of the totally inescapable bondage she had him in, and he was making such sexy gagged noises that rubbing her naked, soaking, clit with her free hand gave her waves of pleasure through her whole body, topped up with each successive stroke. At 14 strokes he went limp in his restraints, but the breaths came short and fast as he tried to breathe through the pain. The look on his face that she had been so keen to see turned out to be more a mixture of shock and exhaustion than anything else, and at this point the blows stopped; he'd had enough for a first time. As his breathing returned to normal the winch was released, dropping his arms onto his back. Another long strap snugged his arms down tightly, this alone told his pained mind that this wasn't over yet. But at least the cropping must be, since he could now shield his butt with his hands, if he dared.

"I'm impressed at how well you took my crop, not that you had any choice of course. I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy it and I'm almost ashamed to say it gave me great pleasure causing you to make such sexy noises... and it appears I really enjoy you suffering for me. It didn't sound like you entirely enjoyed it... but that's not my problem - sorry not sorry, right? You can stay here a while, your day isn't over yet but I badly need to get off, and you haven't earned the right to enjoy the sight or sound of me cumming just yet. See ya later honey, don't go anywhere!"

With that she was gone the steel door of the dungeon creaked shut and locked behind her. All he could do was wait.

Why had she not done this before? As Jo ascended the stairs back to the normal part of the house, with that familiar feeling of butterflies in her stomach, and soaking wet cunt, she almost asked this question aloud. It had been her friend Goddess Freya, a local pro and lifestyle Femdom, who had suggested that punishing Chris might be a useful part of the 'breaking in' process. Apart from a bit of moderate spanking, corporal punishment hadn't formed part of their play when they were a 'normal' couple, nor had it been prevalent in the wealth of kinky material that he had collected online and shown to her when she had wanted to learn what his deepest and darkest fantasies entailed. This collection of stories, captioned photos and even a couple of videos had indeed been deep, and dark - she had warned him not to show her anything he didn't want to possibly become reality, but like any kinky man he had thought only with his dick, gone balls-deep and just let her loose on the whole lot - extreme bondage, permanent slavery, chastity, femdom, anal, cuckolding, denial, abandonment...even some packaging and burial stories were in that folder.

But nowhere had he saved anything that was purely about pain. Jo had said this to Freya when she had asked how she was punishing Chris, and batted away her protestations that it "wasn't one of his kinks''; since Chris was now no more than Jo's possession, her bitch, her toy, prisoner, plaything...victim even, and as they had deliberately and willingly specified no limits, it was going to be important to do things to him that he wouldn't have chosen. This would be especially important during the breaking-in phase; he simply HAD to be shown that he had literally given up all his choices. That first, relatively short 14 stroke session with the riding crop had clearly been moderate in its intensity and the red lines on his ass would probably be gone by morning and definitely wouldn't bruise or anything. Plenty of time to work him up to that if made her as hot as this; new kink unlocked! She couldn't wait to see Freya again and show her the video of it all.

Heading up to the bedroom Jo sprawled on her huge bed and finished herself off with her magic wand, bringing herself to a shaking climax in under two minutes before unintentionally falling asleep exhausted still in her fetishwear.

A couple of hours later the afternoon sun, warm on her skin, and even warmer where she was covered in rubber, woke her as it moved round and hit her face. She started up quickly and peeled off the rubber leggings, gloves and tape before shoving her legs into bright blue seamless gym leggings and pulling a tight long-sleeved matching crop top down over her breasts. Not bothering with a bra, her nipples poked out strongly through the thin, clinging fabric. Catching her hair up in a simple, high, ponytail fastened with a basic hair-tie, she checked the ensemble in a full length mirror; perfect for a bit of attention in the gym, she was really getting into being a tease and as her body was already sweaty it made sense to head there next and shower afterwards.

On the hardwood floor her sexy bare feet left little prints of moisture as she padded towards the stairs, but he wouldn't get to see them this time as a pair of trainer socks and white sneakers were pulled on in the hallway - making herself ready for a workout. This body didn't just happen, after all. Checking the camera app on her phone to see all was well, she grabbed her gym bag and headed out for her session.

Her bitch could wait - he had no choice.


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