From Vanilla Girlfriend to Femdom Wife, A Journey

by lockedup4eva

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Continues from

Part 10

Goddess Freya pulled into the large driveway of Jo and Chris' House, bringing her blacked out SUV to a stop with a scrunch of gravel and the driver's side door facing the house so as to be shielded from view by the vehicle's bulk. The key taken from Jo's coat pocket turned in the lock and creaked open. Once the alarm had been disarmed using the phone she had also taken from her bound friend, the tall Goddess stood there for a few moments just listening to the silence. The basement dungeon was certainly very well sound proofed it seemed, unless the prisoner down there was just keeping very quiet. He had been left for over 36 hours now with no references to time at all, and no reason to believe there was anyone to hear him if he did make any noise.

After a quick snoop around the luxurious above-ground rooms, she opened the secret door to the couples' subterranean playroom; a dungeon complex built specifically to enable Chris - Jo's husband - to live out his long-held kinky fantasies of total submission, incarceration, bondage, fetish (and some very dark desires besides) under a signed and binding contract giving up his free-will for life. In other words, his wife had agreed to own him, and to enforce his submission with no limits, no safe word, no time frame, no matter if he should think he had changed his mind. Jo had access to his entire internet history including all the darkest stories, photo captions, his BDSMLR blog...everything he'd saved over the years.

Right now, he was locked behind a solid steel door in a small cell, within a much larger main dungeon space, wearing a permanent steel collar, matching but not yet permanent steel wrist and ankle cuffs, and waist belt, and a feeding tube gag designed to allow him to be left alone for days at a time so Jo, his Goddess, could explore and live her life without his needs getting in the way.

Right now she was, in turn, strapped into a bondage chair in Goddess Freya's interrogation room - which is where HER exploration had led, somewhat unexpectedly.

Freya entered the dungeon and opened the cell door, first donning a rubber hood so only her eyes and mouth were showing. Keeping her identity secret would be key to really breaking this guy completely. He quickly got into a submissive kneeling position, eyes tight shut due to the sudden brightness. Without a word the gag was removed, and a full face leather hood replaced it. Freya laced, and then buckled the straps tightly so it would muffle her voice, too. She noted the quality of the piece as well; it had two short rubber tubes, only about 1/2" long but enough to seat into the nostrils of the subject and prevent the hood from shifting in such a way as to cause breathing problems. Jo really does have "long term" in her mind, she thought to herself, whilst snicking a small padlock into each of the four buckles.

"Stay on your knees, bitch" she ordered harshly, before spending a good few minutes closely inspecting Chris' bondage, chastity, cell, and then the main dungeon room itself. After a thorough examination of the facilities and equipment available, Freya decided to keep it simple and play the long game, letting him believe she was Jo - unlocking the chain from Chris's collar, she led him out and strapped him over the bondage horse just as Jo had done a couple of days before. She weighed his steel-caged cock and balls in the palm of her hand, impressed at the security and noting how quickly his cock grew 'hopeful', straining in its cage and crying chastity tears of precum just from being bound.

Lashes from a leather flogger rained down on his exposed arse, and though he was glad she hadn't abandoned him and to be rid of the feeding gag, he was freaking out at the near silent treatment, and the harsh punishment. Counting 30 strokes or so, more than double last time, though not as painful thanks to the change of implement. The significance of a short pause in the blows became evident when the punishment restarted, the very first thwack he had ever received from a cane at first took his breath away and then, as the pain grew, turned into a loud but muffled scream inside the tight, thick leather hood. 

Goddess Freya was a sadist; her pussy got wetter and wetter as she caned Chris, his screams reaching an anguished fever pitch until realising she might be getting carried away, she dropped the cane behind him, and unzipping the crotch of her jumpsuit whilst walking round to the slave's head, started to grind her sopping cunt into the firm, smooth leather of his hood until she came to a shuddering orgasm over his moaning, bound form. A devilish grin spread over her face as the orgasm subsided and she found herself fondling the heavy duty D-ring sewn onto the very top of the hood. Still drawing sexual energy off his muffled panting, thrashing and groaning, she collected a couple of items from the selection of toys and returned to her captive, giving his bright red striped arse a very firm spank on her return.

For his part, the pain overwhelmed his now quite fragile mind; he was somewhat frightened of his seemingly ever more cruel wife (he still had no idea it wasn't Jo). The silent treatment, the beating, and his total helplessness terrified him, though he was glad that she'd come back at all and judging from the moans just now she was at least enjoying herself. That was what he wanted most of all; for her to be happy. His preoccupied mind therefore offered no resistance as Freya's gloved thumb pushed into his arsehole and began lubing him up, ready for the ass-hook whose ball was greedily sucked in with only moderate pressure. He felt his bound arms winched upwards again, a now almost familiar position but what he was NOT ready for was the length of chain being clipped to the top ring of his hood, run through the pulley holding his arms up and down to the ring at the end of the ass hook!

Freya gently pushed his forehead back whilst taking up the slack through the hook, and once she felt he was just starting to suffer, clipped the end of the chain to hold him helplessly bound in an arched position where the slightest struggle would be transferred straight to his ass - and he would be struggling soon enough with his head pulled back like that!

10 minutes she left him bound this way, the movement of his head milking his prostate to a satisfying degree. More than long enough for a first time, but it was clear this guy was deriving some real pleasure from her attentions. In her years as a Domme she had trained a good dozen lifestyle guys like him, true sluts who could endure and even enjoy much suffering in order to earn the odd reward like this, even if gaining that reward created suffering of its own! This one would be easy to fully break- once they got him through the despair and hope phases that is. He had to be brought to understand that he now only existed as property, and no longer had any agency of his own. But what about Jo?, she thought as she cleaned up the dungeon. A few more weeks of this treatment would have HIM needing to be kept, not just wanting to be, no matter how much he might protest, but the wife was the real prize; how would she react to today's treatment?

Once he was safely locked back in the cell, freedom relatively restored but still chained from collar to the wall but without the feeding gag and hood and with at least a weeks' worth of food, his hands chained loosely in front, no gag and just a simple blindfold he would be able to remove himself (as and when he dared), she left for home with him blissfully unaware that anyone but his Domme wife had been there, and certainly unaware that she too was currently bound and helpless at the hands of Goddess Freya and her slaves.

It would be time to free Jo soon after she got back; by now her friend should be a quivering, sweaty, desperately horny mess since slave 1 had been instructed to edge her with a wand vibrator and give those lovely breasts plenty of attention while she was gone. Freya was looking forward to making Jo beg her for the orgasm she would be so desperately craving, her favourite sound was a gagged slave trying to make themselves heard, especially a reluctant one...but maybe that would be going too far for a first time.

The door locked with a click behind her and she ascended the concrete steps, her shoes clacking sharply, the sound echoing up the enclosed staircase. Sìhe closed the secret door at the top with a satisfied look on her face. He would be easy; Jo she would have to tread more carefully with however, and so thinking, she locked up the house and made her way back to her estate. The clock in her car told her it had been nearly two hours since she left her friend cuffed to the interrogation room chair which was quite long enough for her plans to be well and truly in motion.

She hoped beyond hope that her judgement was sound. It had only failed her once before; in her early days in the kink scene (Freya was herself only 22 at the time) a situation had arisen whereby a sub had claimed they were held against their will at a bondage club night. It had all been smoothed out eventually and no charges pressed (they had in fact forgotten their safeword and panicked), but it did mean caution was now paramount before she went balls-deep into enslaving anyone. Hence the months of messaging with Jo, and her playing along with the idea that Jo was a full Domme (Freya could smell a switchy sub from a mile away), as well as wanting to see Chris' conditions with her own eyes, and 'try him out' before proceeding, as he was going to be a key component in her plan.

The only room she had been unable to access was behind the steel door next to Chris' cell, her so-called 'Oubliette'. None of the keys hanging in the dungeon opened the lock, so its contents remained a tantalising mystery. Oubliette meant "to forget", she knew that much; was it to do with Chris' darkest fantasies? Jo had told her about the saved stories he'd read the most and they all ended up with the subject in some kind of bizarre or extreme bondage of some kind or another, often permanently.

Well, perhaps that was a question to keep for Jo's next visit to the interrogation room...


Jo was furious. She was also extremely turned on, angry, confused, horny, sweaty, and absolutely desperate to cum. Slave 1, Freya's permanent female house slave, had been following her Mistress' instructions to the letter by edging Jo (through her black jumpsuit) using a magic wand on and off, as well as clamping and pinching and massaging her nipples and breasts. She had no conscience over torturing her so exquisitely since her ass was still sore from the lashes Jo had taken such joy in giving her earlier in the day. By the end of the following couple of hours, Jo was desperate to escape the bondage and sort through her feelings - but wanted desperately to orgasm first, no longer caring that she was taking pleasure a) from not her husband and b) from a woman. She was trying not to enjoy the bondage, or the teasing, but could not deny that her one turn on in that regard was metal handcuffs. Specifically their bands digging into her skin when she struggled against them, unyielding and inescapable. And as for a magic wand on your clit...Well it's hard to fight against pleasure when it's forced upon you in this way.

On arriving in the room the first thing 1 had done was to gleefully exclaim in her prisoner's ear "payback’s a bitch baby, I'm gonna enjoy this!" but a moment later, since after all she really liked her and hoped at some point they would submit to Freya together "hope you do to..."

Slave 1 had quickly worked out the little tells she needed to know in order to keep her new playmate just the wrong side of satisfied. Since she herself was horny and frustrated due to the steel chastity belt encircling her waist and crotch, there was no chance of her making a mistake and allowing another to achieve complete satisfaction; 1's best chance to escape the belt was to follow Freya's instructions to the letter and create a gibbering wreck for Freya to manipulate when she came back. Plus, though a masochist herself, she wasn't a sadist and much preferred to be forced to give others pleasure rather than pain.

Back when she was still called Kate, 1 had discovered she was bi in her late teens and that she was submissive soon afterwards during a college hook-up that had taken a rough turn, the guy taking her doggy style had put a hand over her mouth and pulled her hair back harshly and lucky for him Kate loved it, backing up her firm butt onto his dick by way of encouragement.

Meeting her husband at a bondage singles event wasn't exactly a Hallmark Movie plot, she would be the first to admit; her confident, bratty nature had got her locked naked in a double ended groping box facing another sub named Craig, a similarly submissive 'golden retriever' of a guy who, though outwardly straight, did not put any restrictions on his club entry form regarding the gender of those allowed to play with him when bound, nor on what they were allowed to do to him (within the clubs basic but strict limits of safe, sane, consensual, and no 'wounding').

Their first conversation therefore occurred in the dark, with neither knowing what the other looked like, and was continually interrupted by one or the other's moans and various other noises as those outside explored their intimate parts for their own pleasure. By the time they were freed from the box some time later, sore and very horny, they had already shared their first kiss and agreed to meet again for a date a few days later. The fact that they both fancied the other physically was nothing more than a lucky coincidence; a deeper connection had formed between them somehow and - skip to the end - they married some months later, in love with only each other but completely sexually open to involving others in order to fulfil their deep-seated kinky requirements.

For the first few months they tried switching but neither was at all comfortable topping, and so the best sessions they managed on their own were dual self-bondage - but as always with self-bondage, both were left a little short of satisfied knowing they could free themselves. Fetish parties became their outlet and outside of having to go to work, all they focused on was learning to become better subs together and the two were often to be found as the centre of attention at any given event. Perhaps this was because they were genuinely liked by the local kink community, perhaps because a cute, married, genuine submissive couple with very high limits was such a rare thing, but they were never charged entry or for drinks, and always came away sated, though longing for the 1st Saturday of the next month to roll around again in order to be spanked, bound, whipped, fucked, humiliated, and forced to lick, suck, and serve in almost any way imaginable all over again...

Every way imaginable that is to amateur kinksters attending a glorified swingers club in an English commuter town. The daily grind of unfulfilling employment, during which both of them fantasised constantly about future BDSM possibilities drove a hunger for 'more'. And it was this drive that brought the couple into Goddess Freya's World.

Looking online for a kinky weekend away, maybe a dungeon B&B or something, Kate stumbled upon her website, offering besides other services, 'weekend (or longer) residential domination and imprisonment for individuals & couples in a secluded but fully equipped fetishist paradise in the English countryside at the hands of a beautiful and experienced lifestyle Dominant'.

The weekend package was expensive, but Kate's knickers were already wet at the thought of being able to submit with her husband to an actual lifestyle femdom and Freya was powerfully stunning with her height, long black hair, thick, toned thighs and strong arms, though an elegant neck and waist and perfect round breasts helped maintain her femininity.

Not even consulting Craig, she booked the first available dates and filled in the form describing their relationship, experience level, likes, limits, kinks, and their looks, heights, weights and vital statistics. There was a lot of detail required for a simple weekend of submission, she thought.

An email came back from the Domme a couple of days later probing further into the kinky couples' contacts with the scene. It turned out Freya had gotten wind of their antics from another dominant she sometimes worked with and her interest having very much been piqued, wanted to be sure of her targets before planning their particular weekend, though they wouldn't know about any of this until much, much later.

Craig was so excited about the prospect of their dual submission weekend and spent the preceding week prepping himself in order to pay her the greatest of respect. All hair from the neck down went, he got a penitent #2 haircut, and made sure to be clean shaven on the day of their self surrender. Kate followed his lead, getting a mani-pedi, waxing her legs and going full Hollywood with her public hair too. Each wanted Goddess Freya to be impressed with themselves and the other.

That weekend was everything they had imagined and more. Freya liked what she saw as soon as they arrived, each naked under loose black jogging bottoms and hoodies which were removed at the door. The scene was immersive, meaning that all the preliminary discussions were done with, and allowing Freya to get to work without a moment lost, processing them into her dungeon immediately. Collaring her prisoners and putting them both in leather armbinders before inspecting both intimately without any delay. She liked what she saw. Her research into the couple had been deep and detailed, using her network of scouts in the scene as well as her influence and an accomplice's hacking skills, and even before the pair had willingly got themselves bound in her dungeon, she knew she wanted them for her very own.

The young couple could not have picked a better Domme for their dual submission; Freya got inside their heads and by the time their weekend was over both knew that they would be back as soon as they could afford it. The whole weekend had been spent in some kind of bondage or another, in various amounts of latex, leather, or nakedness, and in a delicious mixture of pleasure and pain. They had been made to flog each other, been whipped together, been pitted against each other, been caged over night, hooded inside separate cells, unable to communicate and cruelly both made to think the other had been taken into Freya's bed (when in fact she had been totally professional the whole weekend and not allowed herself to make them touch her even once, though it had taken every fibre of her willpower not to force Kates face into her soaking cunt at least 15 times).

As it turned out, they didn't have to save up any money to see Freya again. The Goddess had her network of contacts arrange for her to get an invitation to Kate and Craig's next local bondage party as guest of honour - it took them both quite by surprise when she made her fashionably late entrance, stopping the room dead as she strode in wearing black leather leggings and over the knee boots, a tight black long sleeved top with short leather gloves, and deep purple leather under-bust corset with her trademark high single pigtail whipping about her waist.

As she had secretly arranged, the couple were each strapped naked and spread-eagled to St Andrew’s crosses bolted vertically to the back wall of the room, helplessly gagged with leather panel style harness gags tightly buckled round their heads. No-one had been allowed to touch them since their limbs had been stretched taut and secured, and about an hour had gone by before Freya made her grand entrance, meaning they both were getting frustrated by the unusual lack of treatment from their friends.

Kate and Craig looked at each other with wide eyed delight upon sight of the Dominatrix they longed to serve again, and then Kate wondered how exactly this had come about since they hadn't shared much personal information... No such worry bothered Craig; his cock was growing thicker and harder at the thought of any attention from Goddess Freya (he would pay for this in due course) and at the captivating vision of her closing in on the helpless couple.

"We really must not stop meeting like this", she said playfully, running her finger tips down the ribs of each slave and giving a wink to Kate. "I do hope you don't mind my having tracked you down here, but I simply had to have you both again and not in a...professional capacity".

A gloved hand grasped Craig firmly by the balls and squeezed hard. The discomfort was deliciously and painful and his cock betrayed him, hardening perceptibly. "Your husband seems to be enjoying my advances," she taunted Kate cruelly, "Though judging by this," her right index finger rubbed the bound woman's slit from arsehole to clit and came up shining with the young woman's arousal, "you're enjoying the sight, you absolute slut. I think a punishment is in order for you both! Mmmmmm you taste fucking amazing, I knew you would", she said after sucking her own finger clean.

Freya abandoned Craig and pinned Kate to the cross with her whole body, kissing the sub's neck and working two fingers into her pussy to cause some super hot gagged moans as she whispered into her ear between kisses, still working gently with her gloved fingers and thumb, "Don't panic my dear, enjoy yourself. If you want, at the end of tonight you and your husband can start to live out the lives you've only dreamed of. I have to have you, but the choice will be yours to make. At midnight I will make you an offer, you will decide yes or no, simple. To be clear I will never make the offer again should you choose 'no'". She took her fingers away and a moan of desperation escaped the gagged woman's mouth, her frustrated eyes meeting Freya's in a mixture of pleading and defiance. She stepped back and addressed the room.

"Hmm, for now it seems some discipline is in order for these two sluts! Friends, I wish to see these two pathetic specimens flogged; dungeon master, please take them down and strappado them - I want it to be stressful and for everyone to have their turn at punishing them, six strokes each! You may leave their gags in place, we don't want to have the neighbours knocking".

There was a general hubbub of laughter at this, and then something only just short of a stampede as folks lined up with their crops, floggers and paddles ready to punish the lucky couple.

"Don't spare the horses Ladies and Gentlemen, I've checked their limits forms and both of these pieces of meat appear to be quite adventurous. Let me finish my personal additions and then you can all have at it!"

Kate felt her cuffs clipped together behind her back, and a second pair added above the elbows. Looking over at Craig she smiled in satisfaction as his elbows were forced together by a tightening belt, a feeling she knew could almost make him cum just from the feeling alone, indeed she noticed the string of precum leaking from his straining dick. She was placed facing him in the centre of the room, their eyes smiling at each other lost in the fun of it all and unable to believe their luck. As the winch clicked, pulling her arms high behind and making her bend at the waist the dungeon master (who was also the house rigger) busied himself adding three foot spreader bars between their legs, doubling the stress of the position and exposing them deliciously as the winch continued to turn.

The burning in their shoulders started almost immediately, but was soon drowned out by the clover clamps biting into their nipples. Lengths of chain linked the pairs of clamps together and the devilish Goddess locked them together with a heavy padlock, causing further sensation to one, whenever the other moved in reaction to a stroke from one of the many guests lining up to punish their helpless but very willing victims. The heavy weight swung almost continuously during their beating, which went on seemingly forever whilst each guest had their fill. Some came with paddles, others with a crop, one sadistic master chose an actual bull whip to use on Kate (the searing pain almost brought her to orgasm) and his erection, caused by the gagged screams he brought out of her, was so obvious to all that Freya suggested he jack off and finish over the prone slaves. This he did, ropes of spunk landing over Kate's face and hair making Craig jealous at her degradation.

Freya completed proceedings with a dozen plain open-handed spanks to each of them. Two others held their heads up so they had to look into each others' pain and pleasure-filled eyes whilst she alternated between painful spanking and pleasurable massage of both their buttocks and more sensitive parts. Each knew the other was in heaven, just by the smiling shape of the others eyes.

She wasn't finished yet however. His swollen, heavy cock and balls hung enticingly between toned thighs. Gagged protest and a pathetic but genuine attempt to move away from Freya greeted the sensation of thin cord wrapping around behind his balls, then winding round separating them downwards as well as splitting them in two, before being laced round the dick itself making a bulging, tortured package. The skin of his nuts was taught and smooth, that of his manhood was criss-crossed with cord making little diamonds of straining flesh. Any touch would be exquisite hell especially to the head, and he could of course do nothing at all to stop her or any of the other guests from paying him such unwelcome attention. All his struggling yanked the nipple chain at the same time and - very sore by now - Kate pleaded with him audibly through her gag and with her eyes to calm down and ease her suffering a little! Mastering himself purely for her benefit, he managed to keep at least his legs still and the tugging on her tortured tits reduced back to its previous level of pain.

All well and good until thin rawhide cordage was tied around her waist and turned into a tight crotch rope with large knots placed at clit and arsehole intervals, before being tied off at the back, some trickles of water running down between her legs as it squeezed out; "oh god, soaked leather!". Her body squirmed at the realisation that as this dried out in the hot atmosphere of the club and from her own body heat, it would shrink and tighten ever further, the knots becoming impossible to untie, the leather thongs cutting into her belly, cunt and arse crack.

Craig looked at her both in sympathy and also to try and give her a "come on, you can stand this baby, we're in this together" boost to help her to endure the type of treatment they loved so much and had desired for so long. The sight of his wife being so tightly bound and in such lovely discomfort was keeping his own predicament going, and one of the party goers was taking great delight in rubbing his cock head with the flat of her palm, whilst another lay flat on her back slapping and crushing his bound balls with the toes of her bare foot.

Encouraged by God's Freya, others took interest in Kate's vulnerable body, spanking her arse, tickling her inner thighs to make her squirm, and one even pinched her nose to make her struggle for breath around the gag.

After what seemed like hours of this, Freya addressed the crowd.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Masters, Mistresses and slaves, I hope you have enjoyed tonight's entertainment. The time has come however for our sexy little couple of masochists here to be rewarded for bearing our attentions with such fortitude this evening."

With a wave of her hand the house rigger let them down from their strappado and removed the spreader bars, clipping instead a 12 inch chain between their cuffs, locked to a ring in the floor, though for now their other bondage remained in place, arms bound behind them, her waist and his cock and ball bondage perceptibly tight about their bodies as they stiffly straightened upright. Each screamed hard into their respective gags when the clamps were taken off their nipples, as the blood came flooding back a kind hand massaged them roughly to help ease the pain, though at the same time, supple brown leather collars were being buckled round their necks and, with rope clipped to the rear, hauled up just taught enough to make them feel it flat footed.

"Perhaps we should give these two a choice?" A small adjustable stand with a wand vibrator was placed in front of Kate and Craig, the head of each pressed into her crotch and just touching underneath his cock. The very lowest setting was selected and when switched on, did nothing more than increase their hope for a much needed orgasm.

"Ah, the agony of choice, ladies and gentlemen. Our victims here are, as I'm sure you are all aware, possibly the kinkiest couple of fetishists any of us have the pleasure to know, but what you good people may not realise is just how deep these two need to submit to another. Thus, I intend, in front of all you witnesses, to offer them a choice - right here tonight".

Here, a slight nod to the rigger increased the vibrations a notch, and the winches attached to their collars by another click. She carried on, stalking to and fro, enjoying the raptures of her audience and the frustrated moans of her prisoners.

Kate was really struggling now, her body heat having almost dried out the leather thongs cutting into her crotch, so she barely noticed the proceedings, focusing entirely upon her clit and trying to gain as much pleasure as she could to balance out the pain. Craig was dripping precum and also trying to reach the crest of his own wave, but the bondage prevented him perfectly.

"Here's the deal, my dear slaves. I will order your vibrators turned up to max so you can cum to your heart's desires in front of all your friends, and we can all go away having had a thoroughly fun evening. Just say the word."

Another nod and the buzzing increased in pitch again. Another click of the winch. But this time their gags were removed as well, and Kate drooled the pent up spit down her front, making her tits glisten under the lights.

"Or, you can beg to be denied your climax. Denied for tonight, that is, but also beg for me to take you both as my property, to enslave and imprison you on my estate 24/7 for the period of exactly one year, limits as per tonight. I will only take you both, you will each get to make your own choice but unless both want to submit to me, I will leave you to your part time play with this lovely bunch but you won't see me again. Every year on this day you will get to choose freedom or another year with me, so my offer extends to permanence. But as before if either of you want to be freed I free you both, permanently."

The next signal only tightened the collar chains, both were rocking onto their toes by now, straining in their bondage, still trying to reach climax but unable to communicate with each other about their impending choices.

"So what's it to be?" She asked Craig, from behind him with his bound balls in her hand. "Nice and loud please, for my witnesses".

"Pl...please Mistress, please make me your slave, I need it more than anything."

"Well, that depends on what your lovely wife has to say". She let go of his balls and hooked her finger into Kate's already super-tight crotch binding, and whilst pulling this and wrapping her hand around her collared throat with the other, asked "well little one, do you want to cum under my commands, or take a leap into my grasp?"

"I..." she panted, gasping to master her emotions, and her breathing, "I beg you Goddess Freya, deny me, I want to be your property, please take me, and make me your permanent prisoner, please?"

"Louder, so they can hear at the back".


"Very well, I have the contracts here, you will both sign in front of all these witnesses, and you will begin your servitude in a week, once you have put your affairs in order."

The vibrations ceased and once freed from their bondage, their contracts hesitantly but excitedly signed, Freya left them, instructing their flat to be cleared out, notice given on the lease, possessions either dumped, sold, or put into long term storage. They would need nothing where they were going, as property cannot own property and the terms of their slavery meant accommodation, sustenance etc was to be provided. In turn, the new slaves would be given work on the estate, around the house as Freya's personal slaves, and to help in the dungeons with paying clients - after a couple of months' breaking-in period.

Just for fun, she had them unexpectedly 'kidnapped' on the appointed day by three men from her dark network who roughly bound, gagged and hooded them before driving them in a van to an abandoned warehouse where they had their way with them in turn. Remaining anonymous to their victims by means of balaclavas, Kate and Craig were eventually pushed out of the van at Freya's Estate and immediately collared and locked in separate cells, relieved but bewildered, excited to begin their new lives as slaves. 1 and 2 became their names, Kate being 1 as females in Freya's World are always above males of the same rank.

Their lives were a balance between housekeeping for Freya, back and front of house staffing of the dungeon complex, some relatively free time, and of course sexual slavery including some harsher treatment at her whim including random bouts of short, medium and long term imprisonment or isolation in her cells or cages, sometimes together but often apart - either for punishment for actual infractions or just to enjoy wielding power over them. This included one entire month where slave 2 was kept bound alone in a padded cell, straitjacket and leather hood locked in place, waist chain locked to the wall, only being visited for hygiene and feeding purposes whilst slave 1 was put to servicing Freya and any of the higher-paying, trusted clientele.

As the couple had agreed to very high limits, it wasn't unusual for slave 2 to be forced to watch a paying stranger fuck his bound wife, or behave like a wanton slut dolled up to the nines with no bondage involved, giving copious amounts of dirty talk to the client whilst humiliating her bound and chaste husband - outwardly for the benefit of the clients' cuckold/bull fantasies. But as time wore on these became some of their favourite sessions together.

One memorable occasion had seen a particularly kinky customer (a man whom Freya's dark-web contact network had put in touch), who wanted the opposite experience to normal. Slave 1 found herself kneeling on a pedestal, with metal scaffolding poles bolted to it in a cross shape behind her. Her arousal increased as leather cuffs were locked around her ankles, wrists, elbows and thighs, and an electo-buttplug popped into her willing ass, before her elbows were hooked behind the cross-bar, then her wrists pulled forward and clipped to her waist belt at the sides, pinning her back to the upright pole, which finished at neck height to allow a collar to be wrapped around her slender throat. Locked to the top of the pole, this would keep her head facing forwards. Thighs and ankles were restrained next, in a kneeling frog tie, leaving her glistening pussy and juicy tits exposed and vulnerable. Small leather mitts were strapped over her fists and finally the elbow cuffs were drawn together behind the bar, pulling the whole position taught as a drum.

Slave 2 was led in by Freya on a leash and positioned naked infront of her on all fours on top of a padded podium, putting him on display at waist height. "Enjoy the show slave - your husband is going to get used by a special guest of mine, and let me tell you I've never seen a bigger dick. He loves seeing whores beg, make sure he gets what he paid for".

The man came in and Freya left. He stripped, revealing a ripped body, muscular arms and thighs, and slave 1 gasped at the appendage revealed as his pants came off. "Like what you see, slut?"

he asked, and while stuffing a rubber inflatable gag into 2's mouth "it's not for you though, I've no use for a cunt. Your husbands ass is all all mine and you're gonna beg me to fuck him".

Slave 2 was coldly inspected before having his ankles spread and wrists locked in a one piece metal stockade. Face down, ass up, wrists drawn back between his legs, cock hanging down loose, gagged and completely helpless. He looked so hot like that, thought slave 1, and clearly this guy thought so too. A large hand came down hard on 2's ass, the sound, and the reaction from the victim reverberating around the room, the echos rebounding into each other as more hard blows rained down warming both cheeks to a glowing red, his moans filling the room, his cock beginning to swell. The man gave a satisfied and vaguely appreciative smirk before nonchalantly dropping a large ball of spit onto 2's arsehole and working it in with his thumb.

Kate was hugely turned on seeing her slut husband being prepped by such a stud, but that wasn't just long at about 9 inches, it was fat too. She would've had problems just getting the head in her mouth - but lucky for her it seemed like she was going to be no more than a spectator. Could Craig take a cock that big? Being a complete backdoor slot there was every chance he'd be fine but she'd never seen him take something that large.

"Your husband is such a cutie, if he was mine I'd not be sharing him with anyone, that's for sure! How can you stand it? Oh - that's right, you've got no choice." He laughed and walked over to Kate, a smug expression on his handsome face. "I have no interest in female pleasure, in fact I get off on them NOT having it and much prefer causing them pain- but your man here, I'll make sure he enjoys my attention and he WILL get to cum once I'm done using him. You though...wonder how much I'd have to pay your owner to let me have you pierced for one of my denial plates. I promise you'd hate it. Your clit and cunt locked behind a surgical steel bonnet, held tight by bars through your very flesh preventing any belt for you to wriggle out escape..."

She whimpered involuntarily at this awful thought, but he drifted away from Kate, knowing Freya would not allow it and lost in his desire. Hard cock straining for its goal, the man spat on his hand and lubed up the bulbous head, before lining himself up with Craig's waiting hole. The bound man felt it rubbing up and down, and gently pushing against his ring though not entering him yet, not even with him doing his best to back up onto it. It landed on his back with a wet slap, and rough hands gripped his hips, turning the platform so Kate and Craig were facing one another.

"This little bitch has wants my cock, I can feel his tight little butt trying to get me inside him." Looking up at Kate, the man once more placed his tip at Craigs ring, teasing him. "Ask me to fuck your husband. Look him in the eyes and beg me to use him like the piece of meat he is."

Jealous at the treatment and attention her husband was getting, the brat in her rose to the surface; "no."

The man's expression suddenly changed. The coldness returned immediately, and then anger quickly replaced it. "Beg me to fuck your husband" he repeated, a hard edge appearing in his tone.


"Then you'll say nothing!" He declared, and walking quickly to her via the gear wall, forced a simply huge ball gag into her mouth, buckling the harness around her head tightly, and following this with a thick rubber hood zipped and locked shut, making her into an anonymous sex doll. Just out of spite at being disobeyed, he added painful nipple clamps connected to the same wires as the plug in the arse, and set the control box to torture her with rising and falling current.

The two men could barely hear the screams through the gag and thick hood, but it pleased the client, and Craig couldn't help but feel his wife deserved it and briefly wondered what she had been thinking of.

The gag in Craig's mouth deflated and plopped out with the usual pool of spit. That huge cock was right in front of him now and the man laced his large fingers through the slave's hair and yanked it back til their eyes met. He spoke softly.

"If that bitch wife of yours won't play ball, then you will have to make up for her. I know you want me to take you. And I will, but you are going to have to do something else for me now if you want to cum." At this he shoved his cock into Craig's mouth until he gagged and choked. "Get me nice and sloppy bitch, mmmmmm that's nice, you suck like a pro".

"Thank you Sir" he panted, "please will you fuck my arse now? I want to feel what a monster cock is like."

"So polite- when I have Freya lock up your wife I may have to put in a bid for you." Back in position, and without another word he slid half his length into Craig, who wailed in pleasure so loud that Kate heard him through the hood and her own screams. Drawing back until the head alone remained inside, one long thrust seated him balls deep into slave 2. Craig was a mindless ball of submission a few minutes later when the man reached a crescendo and pumped the young sub full of thick, white spunk. He was rewarded with a milking, still in the same position, cock pulled back between his legs pointing down, the man gripping his balls tightly and using them to hold everything the place whilst the other provided once of the best hand jobs he could remember getting, the lubed strokes occasionally interspersed with a smack to either his arse or sack. The orgasm was intense with everything pulled taught like that - he collapsed into the bondage as it subsided and the man gave him a pat on the back, before whispering into his ear "well done boy, you'll make someone a good fuck toy one day, if Freya ever let's you go."

"Thank you Sir", the reply muffled by the padded top of the podium, "it's been an honour to serve such a cock as yours. I shall be punished no doubt for cumming without Goddess' permission, but it was worth it, Sir".

The man's voice continued in a whisper, but that cold edge returned and brought Craig out of his post-orgasmic glow.

"I'll make sure you are, you little bitch. Freya doesn't need to know I was rewarding you. Your wife has displeased me and I see no reason you two shouldn't suffer together for her behaviour. In fact..."

He broke off and strode back over to Kate (still screaming into her hood and completely unaware of what had passed between her husband and the client), adding a pair of metal clamps to her nipples and connecting their wires up to the electro unit.

Then without another word, he left.

Some time later, a very angry Freya freed them both from their bondage, before locking them up in separate cells while working out how best to punish them. The man had completely thrown them under the bus (just for his own sadistic pleasure) and Freya was not going to let this go. In the end it was a month in solitary & orgasm denial for both of them, though slave 2 was given harsher conditions having had that unauthorised orgasm and spent his nights (and some of each day) chained and locked into a small steel box rather than comparatively roomy subterranean windowless cell Slave 1 found herself confined in.

Over the next couple of years the relationship between the three of them settled down and became almost symbiotic; housekeeping, catering etc was all done by the slaves, who in turn got to be frequently involved in BDSM sessions both publicly and privately, and Freya could call on either one or both of them for personal pleasure her at her whim. Many an evening of paperwork was done seated on her queening stool with one or other bound slave lapping at her soft cunt lips; her usual attire round the house being crotchless rubber leggings, hold up stockings in nylon or latex, or a full leather catsuit with crotch zip for spontaneous access.

Occasionally the couple were allowed leave together, such as when Freya went on holiday or away as a touring Domme - but always were both kept chaste and tagged during these times as a reminder that Freya was their owner until such time as one or both of them chose to permanently end their contract at the annual renewal. At the point in time that Jo found herself strapped in the interrogation chair being really tortured for the first time, neither had come close to contemplating leaving their perfect Goddess (though neither did they have any real idea what Freya got up to in the shadows), and this new development - Jo turning out to be a switch, or maybe even a fellow sub for them to play with - made a break less likely than ever since both of them fancied her like mad and both loved the idea of her being added to the household in some way.

Kate - Slave 1 - listened so the gagged moans reaching their pitch, and watched Jo's muscles tense up against the restraints as she strained her whole being in an attempt to climax on the wand pressed against her pussy, then ripped it away at the crucial moment, laughing with real joy on hearing the desperate, disappointed wail from her plaything. Noticing the time, 1 turned off the vibrator and set it aside before locking eyes with the panting woman before her and reaching round to remove the gag. The pooled spit dripped humiliatingly down her chin and soaked her clamped breasts and catsuit. 1 had prepared herself for a tirade of abuse but instead was taken aback when, in a quiet voice, a little hoarse from fatigue and unused to being gagged for so long, panted softly "please...slave 1...please make me cum? Make me cum or release me. You have to help me, I'm desperate! Freya will never know, I can't come back here after this and I have to get back to my husband...Freya has him...Will you help me? I don't know myself right now...please, please make me cum? No, no let me go!" She dissolved into whimpering tears and renewed struggling before seeing to come to her senses and start screaming and demanding to be freed.

Slave 1 knew Freya would be back within half an hour, and desired to help the mess of a woman under her care as far as possible. With this in mind, she stepped out of her playmate's vision for a moment and then made her presence felt from behind the bondage chair Jo was cuffed and strapped into. "Calm down babe", Jo heard her whisper firmly into her ear. "I'm going to help you, I really like you and want us to play together more". The bound woman stopped struggling and breathed a received sigh but said nothing. "I'm going to help but you have to trust me OK? And don't worry about your husband - if he's a true masochist submissive he'll be in his own type of hellish paradise with Freya."

"But he's mine..." Jo replied, in a hushed and pathetic tone, her eyes pleading for comfort of some kind.

"No sweetie, not while you're wearing Freya's collar. He's your sub sure, and beneath you, so whilst you're Freya's..." She trailed off leaving the bound woman to complete the sentence in her confused head, and without waiting for a reply (since they were still playing under Freya's terms of entering the dungeons and being collared). Slave 1 began working a thick, black, full-face rubber hood over Jo's head, quickly slipping it into place despite her renewed thrashing and verbal protests, zipping it shut quickly before tightening the compression straps to silence her almost completely. A single padlock locked the zipper to the collar holding her neck to the chair. More thrashing and muffled profanities followed (she hated being hooded), the metal cuffs digging into her wrists and ankles was divine but she was tiring now and after a minute or so slumped in her bondage, defeated, hearing faintly through the thick rubber the sound of the door opening and closing, as well as feeling the air flow, and then the muffled voices of slave 1 and Freya discussing something just out of earshot.

"Yes Goddess, as you wished she has been edged almost constantly since you left, she's very confused and desperate to cum, even tried to do a deal with me...there's only one worry that I can see...she said she couldn't ever come back here after this. I hope I didn't go too far, Goddess?"

"You did well by the look of her crotch, slave, good job! Don't worry about her comments either, she will just be ashamed of her feelings, and her body betraying her as a submissive. She needs to stew for a while and then we'll let her go - for now. Her bitch husband will be on her mind and no doubt she'll be worried about what I've been up to with him. My god, slave, he's such a find; gorgeous body, pretty face - nice firm arse - he reminded me of slave 2 but with much darker kinks. Worth quite a bit to the right pervert. Another month or so and he will have lost all thought of escaping from that place, or from her. Great house, too, it would be perfect for BDSM parties as there are restraint points in most of the rooms as well as an epic dungeon below stairs".

"I'm going to have to get creative with this one," she nodded at Jo, whose shallow breaths whistled gently through the grommets in the nose of her hood, "but she'll be back here of her own accord and will beg us for more, just have patience. It may take a few months, maybe a year or two but she will slide under my spell and into my collar, the true sub sluts always do it's just a matter of how much time and experience they need to come to their own decision. Like you did."

She winked at slave 1, turned on her heel and took Jo's hood off. She looked dazed, and messy; her hair matted with the sweat, makeup ruined by tears, but still achingly beautiful to Freya. The pair locked eyes and the older woman felt a jolt of connection in her soul, and though Jo straightened her back defiantly she turned her eyes submissively to the ground and broke the Goddess's gaze. It was evident to Freya that her prisoner was happy she was back, but still clung to a vestige of her pride and defiance, willing to try and deny that she was anything other than an unwilling victim who had got in over her head.

"Don't say a word" she said kindly, "I know all I need to know for now. You are going to be released from our bondage, and save 1 and I will leave the room. Your things are all in the locker room and you can shower and dress any way you like and then it's up to you; come to me in the kitchen and talk about your experiences tonight, or leave via the stables and go home to think things over. Either way I am here for you and remember we just want to help you to find your place, to find your true self."

All this while restraints had been dropping to the ground as Freya freed her gently and methodically. Last to go was the collar around her neck, the physical restraint, yes, but also the symbolic ending of her submission. She was a Domme again, though she had seldom felt less dominant than she did now, as she stood on shaky legs, rubbing her wrists where the steel cuffs had bitten into her flesh so cruelly leaving deep red marks that for days afterward would give her butterflies.

She walked out in a semi-daze. After showering and dressing, she sat recovering her wits, still unable to make out how she felt. Donning ordinary street clothes (flat shoes, jeans and a tight turtleneck top in red, with long sleeves cover the marks), Jo left the estate, after slave 2 helped her into her coat, providing what aftercare her thought necessary, and went home, not able to face the woman for whom she now had strange feelings, nor the slave who had teased her for so long and refused to help her orgasm.

Before going to bed however, she paid a visit to Chris. There he was, chained in the cell, chastity undisturbed, but without the feeding mask. The man she had married, whom she loved dearly - enough to have followed what started as some bedroom kink so far that her own sexuality was now completely entwined with BDSM in ways it was hard to unpick. His whole body flinched when the door opened, not expecting to be visited twice in so short a period. Jo looked disdainfully at him, remembering her role as Domme for a moment. Neither spoke. Freya had clearly been here, interfering with her husban- no, her property...wait... remembering the CCTV she pulled out her phone and lined up the footage for the time span of Freya's visit. The cameras had picked her up roaming her house, but only looking around rather than anything untoward, until she went into the basement of course.

Quite a show, her own husband being bound and punished by a gorgeous Amazon dominatrix. As the video ran on and Freya came on his leather hooded face, a wave of climax crashed over Jo, now half sitting, half lying in her throne and working a vibrator over her swollen clit. Coming down, she realised it was Freya she had been focused on, and not her bound husband though to be sure she found herself happy that he'd been used and abused by another, and not jealous or anything as she thought would be the case. If anything she was jealous of HIM...

The combination of long awaited sexual satisfaction, emotional turmoil and plain exhaustion came over her like a wave, and in a daze she staggered up the stairs and to bed, leaving her jeans crumpled on the floor, the lights on and the cell door open, though he was of course still chained to the wall by the collar. If her prisoner had been surprised at the second visit in the same day, he was absolutely KO'd by being allowed to watch her wank over a porno; something she had never done to his knowledge when they were vanilla. Damn she had looked so good just now. A string of pre cum leaked from the cage, and few minutes later he'd created another hot video clip, this time of a chained slave fucking himself using a wall mounted 8 inch dildo.

Sleep followed for him too, shortly after.


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