From Vanilla Girlfriend to Femdom Wife, A Journey

by lockedup4eva

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Part 7

Jo was in need of company. It was mid Friday morning and she had just left her husband chained up and locked in his underground cell. He'd been there alone for two and a half days since they came back from honeymoon and she was dressed up like a fetish model, having done so to show him what he was missing. Having explained to him that he wasn't getting out of the cell any time soon, and that to even have a chance he had to take a buttplug up his arse that was a lifelike replica of her largest ex, she had left the dungeon horny as could be, and all dressed up with no place to go.

They didn't know anyone locally, having moved away to pursue their new lifestyle in private but even after less than three days she craved company, company that she could speak openly with about her prisoner. Only one thing for it, she logged into boundforum and created a direct message to her Domme friend, with whom she had been chatting online for 6 months, but not met in person yet. They had loosely spoken about where each other lived, but nothing specific, Jo just knew that Goddess Freya had her dungeon in the next county, where she took appointments with paying clients, as well as having her own slaves; a man and a woman who had come to her originally for a session as a sub couple, and then signed themselves over to her ownership.

She wrote:

"Hey fellow Goddess! Please don't think me too forward, but are you free for drinks today? My husband is a little tied up ;-) and I'm at a loose end, thought it was about time we met!


Goddess Jo x"

Before she could back out, and with her stomach doing cartwheels with the nerves, she pressed send. Not 20 minutes later, whilst having another cup of coffee, her phone pinged with a reply.

"Hi Jo! Well this is a turn up for the books! What happened to 'anonymous online, eh? LOL. For what it's worth I've been wanting to meet you for ages, do you want to come here? The slaves and I have a client until 2pm, then after that we'd love to have you, you can have the tour, stay for dinner and drinks. Can't wait to hear all about your husband's predicament!

Do come

Goddess Freya x"

No going back now. Jo dashed off a reply asking for the address and when it came back, realised they only lived 20 minutes drive from each other, Freya's home and dungeon being in the next town all along. Three hours until the appointed time, just enough to get ready and buy a bottle of wine on the way. Checking her maps app, it turned out there was a nice cross-country walk which made the trip on foot only about an hour, and it meant she could have a drink or two and not need to drive home. She could wear what she had dressed in to tease Chris, with her thigh length fitted black leather overcoat covering her modesty. The white bodysuit she had on under her black crotchless tights was very high cut, very tight over her mound, and thong-backed, leaving very little to the imagination. But her chunky punk boots were just the job. She packed a backpack with a few bits; phone, wallet, keys etc and just before leaving she popped in a pair of ben-wa balls to make the journey there that little bit more interesting. Leaving Chris chained in his cell downstairs, she slammed the front door behind her and headed excitedly and nervously for Goddess Freya's house.

She arrived a little later than expected; the route had been muddy and she'd stopped for a drink to calm down and had clean up her boots at a nearby pub. Freya lived on a small, 3 acre country estate that had been a farm once, and consisted of a large Manor type farmhouse, and an extensive set of outbuildings arranged around a cobbled courtyard, all of which was situated well out of sight from the road down a gravel driveway about a quarter of a mile long. High hedgerows around the perimeter and a pair of tall gates kept prying eyes at bay. This great level of privacy was one of the reasons she bought the place; it meant there was no problem with her now clacking her way down the grand stone front door steps to greet Jo in her full Dominatrix outfit of purple latex long-sleeved, high collar catsuit and black leather stiletto heeled thigh boots, her long, black, single plait pony tail swishing about near her bum like a bull whip.

"Hiya!" She called, and embraced Jo warmly "so good to finally meet you and don't you just look a treat! My slaves will love you in that outfit, they're both bi and not shy of showing it around my friends. You'll meet them soon when I give you the tour but for now come inside and let's get acquainted better."

"Awwww it's great to meet you too Freya, or should I call you Goddess around here? And what a place you have! I can't wait to see where you keep your slaves."

"Freya is fine whilst you and I are equals, but you'd address me as 'Goddess' should that ever change, or when in my dungeon and slaves are present. Come me inside and let's get that bottle open shall we?" Jo handed over the wine she had brought and said "Lead on! I confess I've been a bag of nerves all day and could do with a drink."

"Oh my dear Jo, why on earth have you been nervous? We're all friends here". She took her hand and they walked through a spacious hallway into a large modern kitchen as they chatted, making smalltalk and learning about each others' pasts as Freya took Jo's coat - had a discrete but lingering and appreciative look at her new friend's revealing outfit and figure- and poured the drinks. She was a little older than Jo at a discrete distance over 40, but with the figure of a 30 year old gym bunny, and the eyes and smile of a down to earth and genuine person. Her DD boobs, rounded butt and toned, thick thighs complimented her hourglass waist perfectly but at almost 5'11" nit including heels she had a powerful, Amazonian confidence about her while Jo had more of a sexy-metal/rock-chick-with-an-attitude kind of persona.

They perched on stools at the kitchen island and after pouring them each a second glass of Sauvignon Blanc, and with nervous small talk over, Freya decided it was time to come down to business. "So, let's see him then," she said, holding Jo's gaze just long enough to subtly seize control of the conversation and gently assert her dominance.

"See who? OH! Of course" and pulling out her phone, Jo opened the security cam app to show Freya her husband in all his bound and imprisoned glory. A few moments later at the press of a button, the outer dungeon cam loaded onto the screen so her friend could see the whole facility she had created.

"Oh Jo he looks SO hot like that, those manacles look heavy! And that dungeon you've built looks fantastic, I can't wait to see it in person. Is that a real prison cell door? Where on earth did you find that?"

"He does suit the cell, doesn't he? I love the slightly frightened look on his face. I left him like this just this morning after adding the ankle manacles. He already had the steel collar, wrist cuffs and chastity, they are ¼” stainless steel and lined for long term wear, and the collar can shock him if he tries anything. Each time I visit I'm going to add more steel to his body until I've fully broken him in. Anyway I got the cell doors from a scrap yard of all places, they had three and I bought them all when I was fitting out the dungeon, all still in their frames and luckily they're all keyed-alike. Came out of a prison refit apparently!"

"Three? So where is the third? I can only see two."

"Well one is the door to the whole dungeon, so he is actually locked behind TWO jail cell doors, and the other is for the oubliette, you can't quite see it from this angle but it's next to his cell, the two doors are in the same wall with my throne in between. I added the night vision cameras without his knowledge, and he's kept with minimal lighting constantly so he can't keep track of time. I love the idea that he has no idea we can see him! Look", she said, holding the phone so Freya could have a closer look, "the dirty little pervert is fucking himself right now! Good boy." The last two words she kind of whispered to herself, lost in viewing her husband trying to get a lifelike copy of her ex-boyfriend's dick into his arse.

"Oh my, you have GOT to give me a tour of this place, if you don't mind me seeing your slave in person of course. I simply must see what you mean by an 'oubliette'."

"Of course you can have a tour, I'd love to have you over to visit. For a while I had been against anyone but me seeing him, after all, he's my husband, but….since we got back from honeymoon a few days ago and he became a full-time, permanent submissive prisoner, I realised that he's not REALLY a husband anymore, though I still love him completely. He's just my property now, so I can show him to anyone I trust….he'd probably love that to be honest and right now I only know you round here and you are the only one who knows I have a real prisoner in my cellar."

"And it's, what, 6 months now locked in that chastity cage too?"

"7 actually, and he's not been unlocked even once, I'm really proud of that. Health wise he's perfectly safe as it's a surgical stainless steel device and it fits really well, I inspect him regularly of course. We got lucky nailing the perfect fit first time. I've got SUCH a cool mindfuck planned for his eventual unlocking too."

"I bet you have! You seem very creative, but are you not worried about using his cock again some day? That's a very long time to be in chastity without a single unlocking…"

"No, I'm not worried at all." She replied, matter of factly. "As I said, he's perfectly healthy skin-wise and there's no reason that would change now. When we first started playing with chastity I noticed that after the longer lock-ups - back then 2 weeks was a long stretch for him- he didn't get back to full size straight away, and I often get myself off thinking about that. Like, he's given me the power to shrink his cock, maybe permanently, who knows? That was also a theme of a lot of the bondage stories and porn captions he had saved on his computer, it's definitely a kink for him and I warned him repeatedly not to share with me anything he did NOT want to happen to him. So no, I'm not worried. If I need dick I've got several strapons and dildos cast from moulds of my exes, and a magic wand or two of course."

"You're dark, I love it! And I can tell already that you have the will to see it through for him. So many chastity couples are just playing and regularly or even frequently unlock for intercourse. But tell me, what was his state of mind when you discussed your permanent contract, hard limits etc?"

"Don't worry, he knew what he was getting into, Freya. True, I may have got him to confess all his deepest desires, fantasies and fears whilst horny and a little tipsy, but he signed his life over to me in front of the notary, stone-cold sober and already 6 months chaste. He still had the chance to call it all off, but he would have lost me in the process, since I knew he would never have felt fulfilled. He's an all or nothing kind of guy and I'm an all or nothing kind of girl".

"As for playing at chastity, that's exactly what we did until I got the steel cage for him. Those plastic devices are fun but they're not for long term serious use. Suddenly it was like wow - he can keep clean, the skin can breathe, we can see what condition he's in, it looks SO kinky with those shiny metal rings, and there's been no actual need to release him! When I found a route to long term chastity it was like the Enlightenment - but there's lots of cock torture and other fun stuff coming before we take the final steps".

Freya gulped a little and asked in a quieter, more serious voice "Final steps? What do you mean by 'final steps'?"

Jo grinned, realising she had suddenly gained the respect of her much more experienced friend, replied in a heartbeat "Permanent chastity. I'm going to lock his cock away from everyone, forever; and he's going to beg me to do it. Plus he's going to love me for it every step of the way, though I imagine he will say otherwise at times".

Freya caught herself getting wet at the sound of all this. She owned slaves herself, a couple that both wanted to experience slavery but being both subs, had willingly come to her and signed themselves into her hands. But their arrangement had certain guardrails to stop it going too far, Jo's husband it seemed had wanted no such considerations in their contract and had specified no end date and NO limits. Lucky bitch had met every true Lifestyle Domina's dream man! If only she had someone like that….her thoughts ran on to Jo herself, who was undoubtedly right up Freya's bi-sexual alley… Stop it Freya, her internal monologue dragged her back to the conversation and out of her daydream.

"All I can say is congratulations, Jo. You've met the perfect man and he's so lucky to have met you, too. Now, you've made me extremely hot with all this talk of permanent chastity and bondage so let's calm down a bit while I give you the tour, yes?"

They took their refilled drinks and started with the perfectly normal ground floor of the house, which was spacious and sumptuously furnished with deep, pile carpets in the living rooms and hardwood floors everywhere else. There were two living rooms, a separate dining room, and a study, plus cloakroom and toilet for guests. The upstairs was similarly decorated in a modern/traditional style with 5 bedrooms (one of which was definitely NOT intended for sleeping), and finally a further staircase revealed a double attic done up as servants quarters - very sparse and plain - this, Freya said, was where her slaves lived, though they didn't always sleep here if she was having her fun with them. Jo noted how much more freedom was allowed to Freya's slaves than she was going to allow Chris, for the time being at least.

Back downstairs, Freya paused with her hand on the handle of a small white painted door that they had not been through yet. She looked thoughtful for a moment and then spoke.

"Jo, my darling, the tour continues with the public playrooms - where I see my clients for sessions, and host my kinky parties. My slaves and I use some of those facilities too, where I am Queen, Goddess, Mistress absolute, do you know what I mean?"

"Of course."

"No….no my darling, I've not been clear. I want to show you my chambers and have you meet my permanent slaves, but I cannot have my authority over them questioned for even a moment. So I must ask that through this door you refer to me as 'Goddess' or 'Goddess Freya' is that clear?"

"Yes Goddess." Jo replied instantly - this was so intriguing she simply had to see what kind of dungeon a real Domme had built.

"Very well, don't forget or I will have to punish you in front of them to keep up appearances." She winked at Jo and continued, "You agree that through this door I am sole Domme and therefore you must go along with any instruction given. Before we go any further do you have any limits I need to know about, around physical contact? I have to attend to my slaves' needs around now and I may require your assistance in one way or another."

"I… yes Goddess, I'm willing to help in any way except for intercourse with anyone I'm not married to".

"That's a fair response, and leaves quite a bit of wiggle room, thank you. Now as far as my slaves are concerned you are my assistant OK? Follow me, three paces behind."

They proceeded through a linking corridor to the complex of outbuildings. Freya showed her the welcome lounge, with a changing room and shower and walking wardrobe opening off it. This was where Freya had a pre-session chat with her clients and got them ready if there were any special clothing requests.

Then came the playrooms themselves, each accessed off a stone-floored corridor running round the outside, which also had doors leading outdoors at regular intervals, into the courtyard. There was a traditional bondage dungeon, a suspension room, medical room, a 3-bay stable where she was introduced to slave 1 and slave 2, tack room and barn which even had a small cart, then a prison cell with barred door, and several smaller isolation cells or cages, before they finally reached what she called the "soviet-style interrogation room". This place made Jo shiver - all it had in it was a tiled floor with a drain in the centre, a steel chair with cut out seat bolted to the floor, and a large hook on a chain hanging from the centre of the room, leading to a winch on the wall. And a huge two way mirror in the wall facing the chair. All the rest of the room was clad in white tiles.

"Freya, this whole place is amazing but this room gives me chills!"

"Haha", laughed Freya, "that's good, it's meant to scare confessions out of my victi- er…clients. I could get you to tell me anything once I had you strapped to my chair, believe me."

With that she left the room, Jo staring still at the steel chair, its basic police style handcuffs welded to a ring behind, and one for each ankle to keep the subject's legs apart, the high back had a leather collar attachment and a weird looking threaded contraption. Freya's high heels clacked away down the corridor and she shouted back "Come along Jo darling, dinner's ready!" She snapped out of her trance, wondered why she had a strong pang of heat in her belly, and followed Freya's footsteps back to the house.

After dinner Freya and Jo relaxed into the sofas in the main lounge, wine glasses refreshed once again, both realising what good friends they were going to be in the coming months. Each of them could feel the depth of connection strongly and their conversation was easy, neither holding back and both enjoying the companionship of the other. The topic switched back to Jo's locked up bitch of a husband when the male slave had brought them some after dinner chocolates.

"What are your plans for the next week?" Freya enquired, out of genuine interest.

"He's got a couple of days worth of food, so I'll leave him abandoned until that's been run out for a while. Mess with his mind a bit. I told him I was going away for a few days and before I left him I said he had to be able to take the biggest butt plug all the way in or the cell door would never open again; it's made from a mould of my biggest ex-boyfriend's cock just for added humiliation for him. If he can show me that he can take it, I'll let him out and show him round the dungeon properly, maybe session with him a bit and then put him away again afterwards. I've really not planned much after that!"

"Sounds like a solid plan, can I make a couple of suggestions?"


"OK, well first of all, make him fuck his arse with the plug in front of you rather than just show you it fully inserted. You can add your own commentary about him only being good for taking cock now, call him an anal slut, maybe make some vague references to how good you know that cock feels etc and if his cock leaks precum make him lick it up. Then, when you do let him out of the cell make sure to lock his arms behind his back and keep the hobble chain between his ankles and use a leash to his collar, or cock cage. That will emphasise his submission. Do you usually punish him with any impact play?"

"I usually spank him a bit, but when I stocked the dungeon I just bought a whole rack of stuff we'd never played with before like paddles, whips, crops, even a cane. Corporal punishment was never one of his kinks though, he's a bondage slut really".

"Hmm. Doesn't matter any longer if it was one of his specific kinks or not, does it? His submission to you was total, no limits and trust me, a bit of CP will be needed, along with that shock collar of his, in order to break him fully. It can be a really good release for you, too, beating a deserving man. But we can build you up slowly, he's not going anywhere" she grinned and sipped her wine while Jo blushed. "It's important you remember too that if and when you ever sub to anyone, he, as your property, would also be subject to that person too. Now isn't that a thought…." Freya's mind drifted off into a dark corner as the faint outline of a plan started to form.

Jo felt like she was on a roller coaster of emotions today. She was his Domme and loved it, but in front of the much more experienced Goddess she found herself almost feeling like a total novice, like a student to a teacher. What was that about subbing to someone else?

Freya went on to outline a whole scene for Jo to play out over the next few days to really intensify Chris's descent into permanent bondage, and by the time they realised what the time was, it was quite dark outside and much too late to walk home cross-country.

"Why not stay over?" Freya offered. "As you saw I have a few spare rooms, as we sometimes run as a kinky B&B and it would be lovely to have you as my guest, we have no customers at present and you can make full use of the rooms' extra features".

"Extras? I'm intrigued! But I must get back to my husb- my bitch of a husband, just in case".

"Nonsense Jo, he's as safe as he could be and literally not going anywhere. Tomorrow I can give you a class in whipping a slave safely, too. I can send slave 2 over to house-sit if you like?"

She thought for a second before replying "Oh… no it's OK, I'm sure you're right he'll be fine, and it's actually quite hot knowing he's genuinely abandoned in his cell. I can check he's OK on my security cam app. I'd love to stay, thank you."


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