From Vanilla Girlfriend to Femdom Wife, A Journey

by lockedup4eva

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Storycodes: F/m; bond; chastity; collar; strapon; dungeon; X-frame; buttplug; mast; cons; XX

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Part 6

How easy it is to lose track of time when all reference to such a concept is removed.

The dimly lit cell into which Chris was locked had no access to natural light, no radio, tv, or screen of any kind, and no clock. His wife had not visited since chaining him up and abandoning him down here on their return from honeymoon, and after a while he had stopped trying to work out how long he had been alone down there.

It had been late afternoon when they had arrived home, and she had wasted no time in getting him collared, and then subsequently jailed in their brand new underground dungeon, not even stopping to show him around. 'All business', is how he could best describe her manner as she had bound his wrists infront using thick steel cuffs, and locked him away, permanent steel collar chained to the concrete back wall of the cell.

He had been hungry and thirsty several times, had slept what felt like the right amount for a whole nights' sleep three times, and had spent what felt like hours on end enjoying living out his fantasy of being truly helplessly held captive, in bondage, with literally no way to escape except if she decided to release him.

He'd been horny most of the time, playing with his buttplugs often, and had moved up to the middle sized one; it took a bit of work but had eventually slid into place after a steady fucking which felt amazing, especially when he worked out they each had a powerful vibrator inside (this he only worked out after realising the rack they were in was a wireless charging station), which only activated when fully inserted into his rectum. Quite the incentive.

How long HAD it been? He guessed 3 nights, maybe, and that was only based on his bodily functions, though the bread and water diet was hardly going to make that a reliable timer… great though all this was, he wanted to see his wife, to thank her for making this come true, and to get out for a break! Not to mention the food had run out at this point.

She lay stretched out on her Egyptian cotton sheets (a wedding present), naked, enjoying the warm morning sun cascading through the chiffon curtains and playing on her creamy skin. At the same moment as he was wondering how long he'd been in her cell, she was herself wondering if it was time to go and pay him a visit. It had in fact been 2 1/2 days and although her plan was to go much longer, the thought had ocurred that he wouldn’t know how long to ration his food, and there was no way to provide more without heading down to the dungeon. Perhaps a quick visit, but without physical contact would be ok. She could even tease or maybe scare him a bit, that could be fun…

After dressing sexily, she made her way down to the kitchen and grabbed some more bread, and some fruit to keep him healthy. A cup of coffee for herself was really more a prop to tease him with, he loved coffee but would have to really earn it as a prisoner. She headed to the study and opened the secret bookcase door.

Down in the cell, he pricked up his ears as faint footsteps sounded on the concrete stairs - she was coming! He shuffled towards the door and was brought up sharply by the chain on his collar, still 2 feet away from the door itself. The dim sound of a key opening the steel dungeon door cane next, the footsteps then died away as she reached the rubberised floor of the main room and approached the cell. He was standing with his face level with the viewing hatch when it simultaneously opened and she flicked the dimmer switch up, flooding the room with bright white light. So used had his eyes become to the dim bulb that he couldn't see for several seconds, and dropped to his knees, shielding his face with his hands.

"Haha!!" She laughed cruelly and triumphantly, "down on your knees where you belong, that's a good little bitch, I think we'll make that a rule from now on. Whenever I grace you with my presence, you will greet me by kneeling and bowing your head, k?" She took a sip from her cup.

"Yes Goddess, thank you for coming, how long have I been here? I'm so glad to have a break, oh God and COFFEE!!". He gazed up at her, his eyes growing accustomed to the bright light, and saw a vision framed in the little square panel in the door. Her face and deep red hair looked fantastic, scraped into a harsh, high pony-tail, and at that point she opened the cell door fully, presenting herself to him in the process.

His jaw dropped; she was out of this world and he was so lucky to have her. Knee length black patent flat-soled platform punk boots laced up to her knees, meeting sheer black nylon crotchless tights, and a very high cut white halterneck thong-backed bodysuit just barely covered her pussy and arsehole, her hard nipples showing clearly through the clingy material. Short black leather gloves with fishnet backs, and smokey eyeliner completed the look.

"So, how's my little prisoner been enjoying his incarceration so far? I see you've been using your new toys, you horny little fucker. You've got one up your arse right now, haven't you?" Noting the middle one missing from the rack, it wasn't exactly Columbo-level detective work, but the look of hand-in-the-cookiejar across his face was priceless all the same. "Well turn around, let me see. Oooooh yeah that's allll the way in, I'm impressed! I loved that guy's cock, just not the guy it's attached to. Looking at all that precum you love it too, huh?"

"Yes Goddess, thank you, I've been horny almost all the time! Thank you for this. It's been amazing, what an awesome job you've made of this playroom, and that letter made it all seem so realistic too, thank you so much for indulging my fantasies. Are we going upstairs now?"

Without comment, the additional food was put down by the door. On standing back up, she met his hopeful, even expectant gaze with a cold eye. Her Domme friend had advised that breaking him now, early on, would be best for both of them. He needed to know that this was real, totally real, and equally SHE needed to hold her nerve ao as not to risk 'going soft' and maybe letting him move back towards 'husband' status - this would not be her fulfilling his fantasies at all, even if it seemed like he wanted that. Even if she might want that…no. She hardened her face, and spoke sternly, words she had partly rehersed over and over the past hour or two.

"Upstairs? I don't understand why you're asking to go upstairs. This is your home, I built all this for you! Didn't you read my letter? Upstairs is for husbands, downstairs is for submissive little bitches - like you. Pathetic little bitches who would rather spend the first three days of their married life chained alone in a cell with a cock up their arse and their own cock locked up, than ravishing their gorgeous new wife on their feather bed, fucking her pussy, cumming deep in her butt, or over her tits…" she was basically scolding him now, and he felt shocked, and small, like he'd done something wrong. "I've come down now with your food and to make sure you understand. Look at me, hot as fuck, right? No need to answer, I can see your cock bulging in its cage…I'm going away for a couple of days to meet some new people, dressed like this and you're staying locked in my dungeon. Just so there's some incentive for you, this cell door will NOT open again until you can take that biggest buttplug right to the hilt". Her tone shifted to sexy, playful even. "Once you can take that big boy all the way, maybe you'll earn a reward of sorts. Maybe." Switching back to stern, "but let's be clear, Goddesses do not serve coffee to their slaves!"

"But, Goddess, where are you going? And I…I don't…please, you can't leave me alone here again what if I need to get out? What if it gets too much?" He scrambled to his feet and was again brought up short by the collar chain.

"Wow, OK so you don't get it yet? Ha! Oh my, this is priceless! Firstly, what the fuck are you doing asking where I am going? That's no longer your business. Secondly, I can do with my property whatever I damn well please and that includes you, my little bitch. Finally, dont worry, if it gets too much, you can rely on the concrete walls, locked steel door and of course your manacles and chains to keep you imprisoned. There isn't a man alive that could escape this dungeon, so you're quite safe; I love you and would never allow anything really bad to happen to you. Anyway, as they say, the bondage isn't real until you want out."

"But I want out now, Goddess, it's real, it's real!!!" he pleaded, getting desperate now.

"Right…so what? I didn't say you could get out once it was 'real', you're in there until I decide I need my little bitch for something and I can't imagine when that might be. Just knowing you're down here trying to fit a replica of my ex's monster cock in your ass to earn a *possible* opening of this door is hot enough to get me off… but I guess I'll check in on you in a couple of days when I get back, if I remember…oh, and I think you have altogether too much freedom in there, put these on". She handed him a pair of steel 2 inch ankle cuffs joined by a 12-inch chain, all polished to match his chastity cage, collar and wrist cuffs. He must have taken in a defiant look, as she suddenly exploded "Don't look at me like that!!" A shock caused him to crumple to his knees. "That's better, didn't know about your collar's hidden security feature? That's just in case you ever get the idea you could overpower me. Can't have that. I've decided there's no more switching either, I don't want you getting the idea you're in any way dominant over me. Now, cuff your ankles bitch so I can get going. Don't make me shock you again!"

He sat down to snap them shut and increase his bondage. As soon as he felt them he knew they were designed for long-term wear, like all the rest of his restraints. Pulling the key from the concealed lock, he passed it to her by sliding it across the floor, his neck chain prevented him reaching her.

Smiling victoriously, and without even so much as a goodbye, she slammed the door on him, and his hopes of talking his way out. He scrabbled to his feet just in time to see her grinning face through the viewing panel, and her winking before that too was shut with a bang, and the light returned to its previous gloomy dimness.

The lie about her going away had been for effect, but this exchange had got her hot as hell, and dressed as she was it seemed a shame not to do something about it. Time to see if her Domme friend was online for a bit of advice…time they met for a drink, too. A fresh wave of heat passed through her as he started wailing and shouting from behind the steel door; another shock silenced him immediately. Only she in the whole world could free him and delighting in that thought, her boots ascended the concrete stairs to daylight.

After about 20 minutes when it was clear she had gone (he'd heard the outer door creak shut but despair had gripped his mind), he was actually sobbing on his knees. He had to get a hold of himself; come on, this was great - she was actually holding him captive shackled in a cell, just like he'd always wanted…hadn't he? This situation was pretty extreme but it knocked the self bondage he used to do into touch. That was just masturbating with props, this was actually real, and my word it seemed she was enjoying herself! The shock collar frightened him though. Why did she feel that was needed? Unless…unless her plans for him might make it likely he would struggle to stop something happening to him…that was a scary thought given the "no limits, no safe word" situation he had so willingly put himself in. He pulled himself together and sat back, the plug making itself known once again.

But… who on earth was she going to meet dressed like that??? He glanced down at the largest of the replica buttplugs and began to worry about its significance. Even before his 7 months in chastity his own cock was about 3 inches shorter than that one, and not as thick. God she'd looked sexy in that outfit but there surely weren't many vanilla places one could visit in a white thong backed bodysuit and black crotchless tights!? Suddenly, the image of her sucking on that huge cock popped into his mind…and he thought about doing the same, his cramped up cock swelling in its cage. "No more switching" meant she may be taking steps to get her own satisfaction…this was a super hot fantasy scenario but made him feel a bit off in reality. The pressure of the cage on his dick gave away his true feelings however and right then and there, it was clear that whatever the hell was going to happen long term, he had a task to complete, and daunting though that task was, he'd better get started if he ever wanted to leave his cell…


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