From Vanilla Girlfriend to Femdom Wife, A Journey

by lockedup4eva

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Storycodes: F/m; bond; chastity; collar; strapon; dungeon; X-frame; buttplug; mast; cons; XX

Continues from

Part 5

Six months later and much had changed for the couple, having married in a small ceremony, and had a collaring and slavery contract signing in an even smaller ceremony. This was just them and a notary who would make sure all of everything was in her name only and that the envelope containing paperwork with his signature giving himself to her in limitless perpetuity was kept safe and secure. This was placed in an envelope along with two small keys and marked "for her access only". The notary, being by design a person of discretion, asked no questions about these. The man was a willing participant, had shown no sign of being under duress, and after all this was not the first of these arrangements they had attended to.

Having sold his house, and nearly all his possessions when they moved in together, there was a good chunk of cash there on hand for making the alterations she wanted to do to their marital home.

As promised all those months ago she had taken complete charge of the home buying process, and had settled on a three storey victorian detached and secluded house with a large cellar underneath. The house was what you would call a fixer-upper, which helped with the asking price and left more budget for her plans to adapt parts of the place into a bondage paradise for him and her to play in.

The main two floors were as normal as normal could be. They did these up themselves, redecorating, fitting a new kitchen and refurnishing throughout. But she kept the cellar and attic conversions secret from him, engaging specialist contractors to carry out the works. The plan was to move in together after they returned from honeymoon, which would be spent on a perfectly vanilla tour of Italy and Southern France (well, apart from him being kept caged the whole time, and her finding as many ancient castle dungeon tours to go on as she could…) and from that point on he would live as her slave/sex toy/husband full time, only pretending to be normal in public and when entertaining people who didnt know about their unusual marriage.

Coming home in a taxi from the airport after their month-long honeymoon, he couldn't keep still. This was really it, from today he was going to live as a submissive to a beautiful Femdom Wife who had fallen so deeply in love with him and with BDSM over the last few months that he was more than a little apprehensive over what was to come tonight. His caged cock didnt even twitch at the thought these days, he had now been locked away for the better part of seven months without a single release from the cage. There had been no need, there was no discomfort to the skin, no problems with fit, or hygiene, she had a large strapon he could fuck her with and he had on more than one occaision cum from her fucking him whilst locked up! His (or rather her, he corrected himself) cock was so used to the cage that it didn't strain fit to bursting in the cage any more, it had adapted to its confinement and though he swelled up when horny he was sure if unlocked it would not get to full size. Thinking about this ironically made him get a little hard…

His mind wandered back to tonight and his entrance into slavery. They were both tired but he was sure she would start straight away. He looked across at her, she looked amazingly good despite the long travelling day, and nervous too, he thought. This was a big moment for her as well.

They pulled into the drive and paid the driver, then both stood in silence facing the house. Pulling herself together, she got into character and without turning her head, moved towards the flight of steps that lead up to the front door. "Bring the bags, slave" was all she said and he immediately complied, keeping 3 paces back but enjoying her swaying hips and sexy arse as she ascended in front of him. Once inside, their bags against the wall out of the way, she fished in the top drawer of the hall table and turning back to him, she had that steel collar in her hands.

"Strip and kneel". He did so without wasting a second, and bowed his head. "Ask me for the collar and it shall be yours, and you mine. It will be your only indoor attire other than my cock cage whenever we are alone, unless you are dressed in anything else kinky."

"Please my Goddess, I beg you to collar me and make me your sub for ever."

"As you desire, baby." And with that she slipped the cold steel around his neck, closed it, held it shut with one hand and with the other filled the lock with superglue, pushed in the key and locked the internal lock, snapping the intentionally weakened key off flush with the keyhole and stood over him, smiling devilishly.

He had NOT been expecting this and his eyes went wide, his hands flew up to his neck to feel if it had really just happened and finding it HAD he cried out in despair, fear, and…lust, his cock filling the cage for the first time in ages and bulging through the bars!

"What? I told you this was for keeps, and I wasnt fucking around. I've put a lot of time and money into this house and you won't be a normal husband now we are here. You're my slave, my prisoner my fuck toy, and not only will you be dressed as such, you will live as such too, look, he agrees" she said, cupping his locked up cock. "Now time to show you your 'man cave'."

"My what, Goddess?"

"You'll see" she smiled to herself knowing he had no idea what she had created downstairs for him. Clipping a leather leash to the front of the collar she dragged him towards a bookcase in the study. Touching the hidden latch it swung forward and revealed concrete steps going down into darkness. Flicking a switch, dim lighting below showed a stone floor at the foot of the stairs and a heavy looking steel door with a barred viewing window in it. Before descending, she lifted a pair of 2in steel cuffs, joined by a 6in chain, down from a hook on the wall and he obediently placed his wrists into them in front. They went down and she opened the prison style door which, without the key, no one inside was ever getting out. It groaned on its hinges, a sound that would bring mixed emotions for him in time - the dread of it closing vs the excitement of it opening.

The door was only the start but it was certainly a harbinger of what was to come. Entering the underground room his eyes got used to the low light levels and he stood in the doorway shocked at what he saw. The main room was about 30 feet across by 30 feet deep and must have been a good portion of the footprint of the house above. The black floor was a kind of firm rubbery texture, the walls and ceiling painted matt black, too. A pulley hung in the centre of the room over a drain, and around the room were various pieces of bondage furniture including a St Andrews Cross, a throne, pillory, bondage horse and a huge rack of restraints, clothes, whips etc AND he noticed two more metal doors opening off the main room. He struggled to take it all in and just stood there, stunned. She had created an absolute submissive's wet dream of a dungeon right under their own house!

"What do you think baby?" She gestured grandly at her creation and then came around behind and gave him a squeeze running her hands over his chest, thighs, and stomach, before changing from a firm caress to a light dragging of her nails across his skin. Resting her chin on his shoulder she spoke sexily into his ear, "Welcome to your new home; this is all for you my slave and you will be spending a lot of time down here so I hope you like it. I'm going to make sure you don't entirely like it of course…I've done all this to fulfil ALL your fantasies in time, and of course I know now that this has got to be real for you to get what you need from it so there will be some genuine punishments, pain and discomfort for you as well as sexy fun and games. Now, I'm tired from the journey and am sure you are too, so we shall save the tour for later. I want to get unpacked, shower and relax in my beautiful new marital home."

So saying, she stalked over to the steel door on the left of the throne, and heaved it open, revealing a small, dark room behind. Once his eyes had adjusted he realised it was a cell. An actual prison cell with a toilet and sink, mattress on the floor, and nothing else. He followed the tug on his leash and went inside, kneeling in response to the downward pressure of her hand on his shoulder. The leash was taken off and replaced by a heavy chain, one end secured with a heavy duty padlock at his collar, and cemented into the back wall at the other. It was long enough for him to reach the toilet, but not the door. She did not remove the cuffs, but walked backwards from the cell admiring her steel bound husband who had so willingly become little more than her property. He looked really sexy in collar, cuffs, and cock cage all matching, but also somewhat pathetic, helpless, and scared. It was making her wet but she HAD to stamp her mark on his psyche right away, so she took hold of the door handle on the outside, and before swinging it shut said, in as serious a tone as she could, "goodbye for now husb- slave, you'll be safe in here until I need you."

With that the door slammed, and then the locks clanked shut, sealing him behind a second layer of bondage. The viewing hatch slid open and there was her face again. "I cant imagine there are many new husbands with wives as hot as me, who would shun taking her to bed and fucking her non stop in every hole, but prefer being locked away in an underground jail cell instead, not even able to wank thanks to their dick being locked in its own little prison, but…it takes all sorts to make a world I guess. Take this time to get used to your new surroundings, there is bread and water in there with you, I won't be back all that soon. But then since there is no clock in there, or natural light, time will be pretty meaningless to you and let's face it, we have the rest of your life to play with this. Love you!"

Without waiting for a reply, the panel slid shut and then he faintly heard the outer door lock too; there truly was no escape.

Heading up the stairs, she felt a bit…odd. What was it? Lust, for sure, she had totally loved the feeling of locking him up, and his helpless, shocked expressions as he worked out what was going on. But more than that. She was suddenly uncertain. They were just married, and home from their honeymoon, any normal young couple would be enjoying their new home, settling into their new lives together, planning for the future etc. Instead, she had barely got through the door before guiding him into the basement and locking him up so that they were NOT able to be together. And this was only the beginning of what she had planned for him long-term.

Padding thoughtfully up the stairs she walked into their bedroom. A large, sunny room with plenty of wardrobe space, a good sized ensuite bathroom, and a walk in wardrobe. There were no outwardly obvious BDSM items in here so that the room appeared normal to visitors, but even here adaptations had been made to suit their lifestyle. The bed had concealed fixing points screwed into its solid wood frame, it also lifted up to reveal a space inside so she could tie him up in there and sleep above him. One of the wardrobes was in fact a sensory deprivation cell, And finally there was a steel eye screwed into the ceiling which was discretely covered by a fake smoke alarm.

She was sure this was ultimately what she wanted. Above all else she did love him and wanted to give him his fantasy lifestyle - the whole works. Falling in love with him had opened up a world of discovery to her and she had quickly found her inner Femdom. Always being a quick learner, the finer points of bondage, punishment, and all the associated dirty talk had come to her with ease and she got a lot of very helpful tips from online stories, and reading through and interacting with forums too, even making a particular lifestyle-Domme friend online whom she corresponded with every few days. This penpal was an experienced Domme who said she was located in the next county to them, though as yet they hadn't met in the real world. After all, you have to be careful with people you meet on the internet!

As for her marriage, her immediate plan was to keep him locked in that tiny cell for a couple of days at least, and for 24 hours minimum he was going to be completely alone, with not even the slightest contact. She wanted him to really savour her visits. After a week or two she would let him come upstairs, by then there would be laundry and other chores for him to do but he would spend his nights locked away in his dungeon cell and right now she wanted him to think that might be a permanent arrangement. One day maybe it would be…that boy had some fucking dark desires and she loved him so much there was no way she would let him down - all his fantasies were going to be fulfilled here. Her income was secure and required only light touch, being mainly investment driven, so she had time a-plenty to plan and make things happen.

Over the last few months she had gone from what she thought of as 'normal' to being a Dominant Goddess to him, and she actually thought of herself as his owner. Still a couple, but a Female Led Relationship where he had zero input into anything. A small part of her resented that it was all about him, which is partly why she took it all so seriously, and why she had squeezed so much of their 'normal' marriage into the honeymoon. If they couldnt be a normal couple now because of his kinks then fine, but they would rinse every ounce of normality out over time and some of the fantasies on his list would inevitably lead to permanent lifestyle changes for them both…more so for him; plus deep down she secretly hoped he would come to regret his choice to give himself to her in quite such a limitless manner. She had her plans to get her kicks too of course. But how she felt about him was likely to change over time, and as yet she hadn't really processed this fact.

For now, she drew a hot, bubbly bath, poured a glass of fizz and relaxed, thinking of her free time - no compromises for tv, films, shopping trips, decor, meals…it was all her choice from here. Her mind drifted to her steel-bound husband, locked away in his underground cell and completely at her mercy. What was he thinking about? He couldn't even wank thanks to her cock cage which he had now had on constantly for 7 months. Maybe after a few days of solitary she might have to pay his cock and balls some overdue attention…

Down in the cell time passed slowly. Once he had examined his bondage extensively he explored the cell. The walls were concrete blockwork, there was no obvious source of light other than the dim naked bulb that hung from the ceiling, about 10 feet up. The door was solid steel but for the viewing hatch, currently closed and a letter box sized hatch at the bottom, also closed. The cell itself was about 8 feet by 6 feet. He tried the mattress and found it surprisingly comfortable, then inspected the rest of the furniture.

What he had thought was just a toilet, sink and tap was in fact also a store cupboard, inside which were some long-life brown bread, a plate, cup, some books and a photo album where every photo was of him in some sort of bondage position or other. He had no idea she was cataloguing their sessions like this. He put it aside to look at later; the last items were a letter, tube of lube and a set of 3 butt plugs in different sizes, the smallest one was around 5 inches long and about the same girth as his own cock - well, as his own cock used to be before this extended lock down - so about 1 1/2' across. The others went up in increments both in length and girth so he assumed he had to work up to the 8inch x 2inch one. Of course, they were all purple, shaped and textured like real dicks, and the bases flared front and back and narrowed in the middle so they would sit nicely between his arse cheeks; he could sit down with them in, and they could be held in by tight underwear or a harness. She had thought of everything, damn she was creative!

He turned his attention to the hand written note.

"My Dearest Chris,

Welcome to your new home, and your new life together with me, your doting wife, and now owner. As you are reading this letter you have by now fully explored your cell, and should be coming to terms with the idea that our relationship now we are married is altogether altered. I have spent a significant amount of time and money making this fantasy dungeon a reality for you and since I am not destined to have a normal husband, you had better believe that I am throwing myself into making all YOUR fantasies come true.

Since you introduced me to your little collection of stories etc, I realised that you didn't just WANT these things, you needed them. To be totally and completely dominated, choices taken away, owned, kept, used, bound, imprisoned and I knew from that very evening of your interrogation that it would have to be me that gave it to you. You have no safeword, as per our agreement, and no way to back out of what you are going to experience.

You see, I love you, more than it's possible for you to know. And I knew that if I broke up with you over your kinks then you would follow your cock down some potentially dangerous paths looking to fulfil your desires and you may come to harm. There are a lot of freaks in this world! So I decided I would be your freak and now here you are, chained up to a wall in a cell, behind 2 locked steel doors, in a secret dungeon under my house.

We are married, yes, but you're not really a husband, are you? You have nothing except what I give you, and no freedoms other than what I allow, and how do you intend to be my man when you are so clearly a pathetic, submissive little bitch? Your cock hasn't been free for 7 months now, what use is it to me?

At the beginning of all this I told you I wanted taken on holidays, dates, spoiling etc and, well, I don't think you have it in you so it may well be I have to look elsewhere for companionship at some point. That is unless you can keep me interested of course, from the confines of your cell.

It doesn't change how much I love you; never forget that everything I'm going to do to you is out of love. You'll need to hold onto this thought at times over the coming years. Don't mistake me, I love that you have placed so much trust in me, and over the preceding months I've come to really get off on being your Domme!

Enjoy your cell, oh, and your little presents, they are modelled on some of my ex boyfriends cocks. Have fun.

Love, your Goddess and owner, Jo x

He re-read the letter twice. The cage grew tight on his cock once again, and his stomach churned butterflies as the depth of her descent into BDSM became clear. She really, really knew how to press his buttons, this fantasy was more than he could ever have expected to live out. What a woman. When she eventually let him out after this period he really was going to treat her like a queen and take her to dinner somewhere special, maybe a show, or the opera…showering her with love and attention anyway!

So horny had the letter made him he needed to have a release of some kind, so lubing up the smallest butt plug and his arsehole, he eased the cock head in until it 'popped' past his ring, and began gently fucking himself until the thing was slid all the way in and his own body held it in place. Moaning in pleasure at the feeling of having a cock filling him up, he lay back and read the letter all over again. Wow, he chuckled, she had made this thing seem so authentic! But…then…he felt the now permanent collar round his neck, looked around the actual jail cell into which he was locked, in the secret cellar of a house no one knew they had bought…and realised there was in fact nothing he could hang onto to suggest this was a game rather than a reality.

Then he started to wonder which ex's dick was in his arse…

Luxuriating on their king size bed, she could not stop thinking about her prisoner and wanting to go and play with him, or get some head from him at least. By now he must have found her letter and, she hoped, was down there either grateful and horny having got what he wanted, or terrified and wishing he'd been more careful what he'd wished for. To be honest both thoughts made her pussy soaking wet so she'd be happy in either case. The one scenario she hadn't considered was him thinking it was all still a game, and that the letter was just part of the effect!

Her plan was to break him in hard by giving him a couple of days in solitary so she dismissed the idea of using him physically to get off, and reached instead for her wand vibrator. It wasn't long before the wave of climax crashed over her, the mental image of her steel bound husband (she really needed to decide what to refer to him as - husband no longer fit) entirely at her mercy pushing her over the edge. Thinking more clearly now, she settled on "bitch" to refer to him, his actual name no longer needed. He would refer to her as "Goddess", when he was required to speak at all.

Her Domme friend online had suggested the breaking in period. "Don't let him think he's still a free man once you're married, enslave him straight away and do NOT give him any hope of freedom. Remember you've given up your own husband to give him his fantasy!". She chuckled to herself as the realisation hit her; she had her own place, her own money, total freedom, and a live sex toy in her basement who had willingly given her full control over his body and mind. Burying her romantic notions deep down in her soul, her plans to show him just how fucked he was, took shape.


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