From Vanilla Girlfriend to Femdom Wife, A Journey

by lockedup4eva

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Storycodes: F/m; M/f; bond; chastity; collar; sex; strapon; cuffs; roleplay; spank; hood; naked; cons; XX

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Part 4

Later that day, after a roast dinner at a lovely village inn, they walked hand in hand down a green lane, chatting. Outwardly they were just a standard young couple enjoying each other's company. But a fly on the wall would have blushed at the subject of their conversation.

"So I'm thinking we're gonna need a bigger place when we move in together after the wedding, let's start looking right away! Estate Agents near me are always wanting to value my flat and both our places together must add up to a good sized house. I'll get some appointments, don't worry I dont need you to come along this is the kind of decision a sub needn't trouble themselves over. And once we're married it's all official! Our lifestyle rules are going to be turned into a legal contract, not that we really need that since you're currently in a locked cage and steel collar but, I do like to be thorough. You're very quiet, what's on your mind?"

"Nothing and everything. I mean the turtle neck is a bit itchy..."

"Not lost your sense of humour then" she chuckled. "That's good, but to be serious for a minute, has it sunk in that this is all real, and actually happening to you?"

"Perhaps not, I mean tomorrow night you'll be going back home and I won't see you for another two weeks, I'll just be living my normal life until I see you again for the weekend."

She gripped his hand tight, stopped, and faced him. Making eye contact she took his other hand and continued in a mock-reassuring tone "Oh, baby don't worry, nothing will ever be normal for you again after this weekend, I promise! As I told you, putting on my collar started your new life and you agreed there are no limits and no time limit to what I can...sorry, to what we can do. Admittedly the first couple of weeks apart are gonna be a drag but I'm going to put them to good use, don't you worry. And we still have the rest of today, tonight and all tomorrow to explore this! This evening I want to show you some of your archive and hear from you a little more detail about some of the scenarios.

I'm even going to let you have a little input into how I'm going to bind you for the night. After all, you're still way more experienced and can teach me what's safe and comfortable as a longer-term position, can't you?"

"Ye...yes, of course...wait, you mean I'm going to sleep bound again tonight?"

"Why not? You want to be submissive to me, and I told you you will always have at least one item of bondage on you. Right now you have two, my steel collar and my steel chastity cage, both of which have those delicious hidden internal locks that are SO secure. But you can also expect to be bound at night when we are together, in some way at least even if it's not full bondage like last night. You're mine now, remember? And I like to keep my stuff safe. Not just overnight, either, when we get back home you're gonna strip down to your cage and collar, and I'm going to get you to give me a practical training course in restraining willing male bondage slaves, after which I'm going to demand a good hard fucking, k?"

"Oooooh, yes mistress, whatever you say!" He laughed and hugged her tightly, excited at the thought of an afternoon's bondage followed by a much needed break from the chastity cage and a chance to show he could still be her 'man'.

Things were moving at a fast pace for Chris. His previously adventurous-yet-basically-vanilla girlfriend, who only a few months ago had first learned about bdsm and chastity, was now both his Fiancee, and very much his...well, Mistress? Domme? Owner? They hadn't discussed how he was to address her yet. They had gone from equals to Domme and sub literally overnight and she was already making major decisions for both of them like house-hunting and marriage rules.

It was evening now and whilst watching a film (when they could stop making out for two minutes together that is) and drinking a bottle of wine, anyone would have thought them a normal young couple in love. Apart from the steel collar locked around his neck, that is...which had not been taken off since he had put it on that morning and she wasn’t showing any signs of doing so. Still, at least he knew he was getting out of the chastity cage later on since she had said she wanted to fuck...

The film finished, neither of them could say how it ended as they were both somewhat distracted by their thoughts of what was to come next. There was plenty of evening left and both were feeling the slightly buzzing effect of half a bottle of wine. She had wanted to drop her inhibitions a bit, without getting to the point of being unsafe, and he drank when nervous or excited and right now he was both! Tomorrow she would be going back home and they would have to adapt to this new dynamic whilst apart.

For now though, it was time to put him to the test and show her switchy side. Hot from the last hour or two of touching and kissing, she now wanted more. With a firm push down on his chest she threw her leg over his lap and straddled him, feeling his pulsing restrained cock against her pussy. "Time to switch baby, I need some cock and I need it hard, think you're up for fucking your slutty little fiancee?"

"Mmmmmm I thought you'd never ask!" He replied, excitedly, and as she pulled off her top he asked "where is the key?"

"What key?" She smirked, playfully, losing her bra next and freeing her tits so she could give her nipples some attention. "Ohhhh, your cage key? Oh honey, you won't be needing that. I want you to fuck my brains out and having been locked up a month theres no way you could get hard enough for long enough! I saw how you struggled after two weeks locked up and it's now been 4! No, no baby, we'll have to do better than that" and so saying, she reached over the back of the sofa, pushing her tits into his face, and brought out the strapon she had ordered last night.

"Here we go, what do you think of this bad boy?" She smiled playfully at his shocked reality he was reeling. Having fully expected to be released from the cage so they could have real sex, the idea of being kept locked and wearing a dildo to do it was both sickeningly disappointing and hot as hell. But what did she mean about him struggling? She had never complained about his performance, or size!

The dildo on the harness was easily 8 inches compared to his 5.5 inch dick and looked like a realistic cock, though bright purple in colour. It was thicker than him, too, he noted. Pulling him to his feet she slid the harness up his legs and tightened the straps so his new cock was seated just above his caged up package and in quite a natural position. She pushed him back onto the sofa and kicked his feet apart, squatting sexily between his thighs and holding the base of the rubber cock.

"Like I said slave, time to switch. Here are the rules:

  1. I'm still your Domme when we switch, but I want you to play a role reversal
  2. You get to do virtually what you want with me when we switch but we revert to Femdom and slave immediately after
  3. There can be consequences for you once we switch back depending on what you do with me. These could be punishments or rewards…
  4. Make me cum

Got it? Good. Now fucking TAKE ME!"

Quickly coming to his senses and getting into character, he pulled her into a passionate embrace, gently but firmly biting her bottom lip as he drew back from the kiss and then, holding her wrists together behind her back with one hand, grabbed her plaited ponytail and pulled her head back sharply, exposing her elegant, sexy neck. A small, breathy gasp escaped her lips as he licked her possessively in one long motion from her collarbone to her jaw before releasing her hair and turning her round to give her juicy arse a firm spank, still holding her wrists tightly together.

Facing away from him now she could feel his strapon in her back as he reached around to play with her now soaking wet cunt, and rub her sensitive clit through her shiny, black leggings. She play-fought him, struggling a little and pretending to try and break free. "Get your hands off me you bastard you are MY slave, whose collar are you wearing? I'm going to make you regret this!"

"Oh really?" he replied sternly, leaving her clit and moving up to pinch a nipple, lifting her hands higher behind her back in his strong grip as he did so. "I may hold you to that, but first I'm gonna give you something worth punishing me for!" The next thing she knew she was bent over the sofa arm, hearing the steel handcuffs ratchet shut round her slender wrists and feeling her leggings pulled off, exposing her pussy and arse immediately since she had no underwear on. Three more firm spanks landed on each of her arse cheeks, leaving a reddening patch on each and causing more thrashing around from her, trying to get back upright and protect her bum from more punishment. However her position over the sofa arm meant she couldn't get up due to her centre of gravity being forward, and a light press on her back was enough to keep her face down and ass exposed.

"How dare you spank me?!" She seethed in mock anger, "let me up and take these cuffs off NOW, that's MY collar you're wearing and don't you forget it!"

"Ohhhh I don't think so, I'm going to have a bit of fun with you first. You've kept my cock locked up now for over a month, and made me spill my most intimate secrets at the risk of losing you completely, then demanded I still "be your man" before replacing my cock with a fake one and denying me a release! Well, you wanted to get fucked, and now you are. I may be collared but you are cuffed and the tables have turned."

With that, she felt another half dozen firm spanks, painful but pleasurable, and two fingers in her pussy were joined by his thumb in her arse. Her eyes widened and she moaned, struggling again in her light but secure bondage. There was no hiding how turned on she was no matter how much verbal protest she made to the contrary. He was really getting into the role of the Dom, even with his steel collar and tight cock cage, and knew this opportunity would likely be a rare one; he wanted to give her PLENTY of excuses to punish him later even though in reality she loved every second of it.

Continuing to massage her pussy and arse he pulled her head back using her plaited hair once more, making her arch her back and whine with pleasure and that feeling of euphoria that comes with loss of control. "Beg for my cock, beg for it or I'll stop rubbing and leave you hogtied, gagged and hooded overnight, and I know how you'd hate that." He was right, she loved occaisional bondage during rough sex but wasnt a fan of bondage for its own sake. However she wanted to put up a fight, too, so replied hoarsely "fuck you, a Goddess doesnt beg her slave, she orders him, now FUCK ME THATS AN ORDER!" Her speech was ragged and breathy with the pleasure and the position of her head, and as he abruptly took his hand away she moaned in frustration and tried again to assert herself "FUCK ME NOW, YOU BITCH I WANT TO FEEL THAT MASSIVE COCK IN ME!"

"Nope, beg me. Beg me for it if you want it so much more than my real dick, I need to know how badly you need it." Six more spanks landed on her reddenned arse and she struggled again to get up again to no avail. He really had her and she knew it.

"Fine." She sighed and switching to a more seductive, sultry tone, "please fuck me baby, I need your dick in my pussy, please."

"Show me how badly," he said, letting her stand before turning her around and forcing her to her knees. He sat down on the sofa and said "You want a huge dick, you make it nice and wet first, I want to see you suck it like the horny slut you are."

Her performance was astounding. She'd never blown him with such enthusiasm and considering her hands were cuffed behind her it was an amazing effort. He regretted having to watch what he should have been receiving himself if he wasn't locked away. His real cock was getting painful with trying and failing to get hard all weekend and for a brief moment he wondered what might be happening to it.

Snapping back to his Goddess choking herself on his strapon, he wound her plait round his hand and lifted her head off the rubber cock and locked her gaze. She looked so hot with a loose lock of hair framing her eyes, and her mouth open, panting and covered in saliva.

She licked her lips and panted, "see, proper size dicks get the pornstar treatment," and gave a little, sexy but mocking laugh when she saw his expression of shock, and...shame? Embarassment? "What? Bit harsh baby? Dont be shocked, you cant even see your cock right now, or get hard and you certainly cant fuck me senseless with it, its less than two inches long in that cage and the best part is YOU asked for it!"

She continued to laugh at him. Even from her position of subservience. Tugging her own hair (which he was still holding) she forced her mouth back down onto the dildo and continued blowing him while he sat stunned, considering how much power she really had over him. Sure, for now he was stronger and she was cuffed, but he had no idea where the key to the cage and collar were, and she was right, he HAD asked for this. Also he had pretty much never seen her so horny and it was time to take this to its conclusion and surrender himself again as her slave.

She audibly gasped as he pushed the saliva covered cock into her pussy right up to the balls in one thrust, having bent her over the sofa arm once again so her bubble butt was perfectly presented. Both hands pulling back her hips he railed into her hard and deep until with a guttural, primal moan she came hard, having been pushed over the edge of orgasm by his thumb once again pushing into her arse and the other spanking her hard enough to leave a handprint.

He didn't let her go straight away. Her words about his size and ability had wounded him, especially because he knew it was partly true. Plus, he wanted to piss her off so she would punish him hard in some way - he couldn't think of anything he didn't want to experience with her but he was also genuinely frustrated about not getting out of the cage as he'd hoped.

For her part, the last half hour had been everything she had imagined. It was fun to be tied up and fucked by him before all this and it was even better now he had a bigger dick that didn’t cum and lose interest before she had. Time to put him back in his place though now and she started to struggle upright, jingling her cuffs to remind him to set her loose.

"What?" He said, and putting a hand on her shoulder he forced her down to her knees. "Want out? You've got to clean your pussy juice off my cock first." She gave him an angry flash of her eyes, and refused, keeping her mouth shut tight. She was a Domme now and sucking cock would be on HER terms only.

"Open wide!" he said, cheekily pinching her nipple hard. The sensual pain, and shock, caused her to gasp and immediately her open mouth was full of rubber cock that tasted of her pussy. Fixing his eyes with a very hard look, she started blowing him again, as best as she could with no hands. His cock tried to burst from the cage at the sight of her, but there was no way the steel bars would yield.

Her juices licked clean from the dildo, she sat back on her heels and gave him a scornful but playful look. Internally she was planning her revenge since he had overstepped considerably...but she had also loved every second and was really quite pleased he could still give her the treatment she needed now and then. But how to punish someone who wanted to be punished?

At dawn the next morning, their last day together before she returned home, a drive of some four to five hours, the sunlight fell across the sleeping couple. His bondage was simple; chastity cage of course, but they had thought it might be dangerous to sleep collared in steel so instead there was a waist belt to which, in front, his locked leather wrist cuffs were attached. Other than the full spandex hood he was totally naked.

After last night's little 'switching' session she had reasserted her dominance over him straight away by revelling in her post-orgasm glow and taunting him about still being locked away. She told him how good the strapon cock felt and that she wasn't going to be needing his actual cock any time soon. Shortly after seeing his crestfallen look at hearing this she had bound him ready for bed. It had been a big day and her plan to look at his online stash could wait.

Now, she woke him by pulling off the spandex hood and smiling into his blinking, bewildered eyes. "Time to be a normal couple for a bit, I'm going to free you and we'll have a nice day together before I have to go home, but don't think for a second I'm freeing this…" she said, gripping his bulging, locked up package. "You will be staying locked for the foreseeable future so I hope my cage is comfy."

"Not right now it isn't," he said with a sideways smile "and I cant believe youre not gonna let me out. It's been 4 weeks! How long are you keeping me locked for?"

"Well, who can say? Oh, well I guess I could say since I have the keys...but anyway the point is even I don't know at this point how long you'll stay locked up tight and even if I had decided, you'd be the last to know. Put it this way though; we are about to be apart for two weeks, so I wont be needing your cock during that time since it will be over 200 miles away from my pussy. When I see you again after the two weeks you will have been locked for six weeks at that point so probably best for me to get another fucking from the strapon since you would cum WAY too quick for me - so no need to release you for that its not looking great for a release, is it baby?" She smiled and winked, but there was a serious tone to her voice which he didn't quite trust. So why the fuck was he bulging through the cage bars AGAIN?!

As if she was reading his confused little mind she burst into mocking laughter. "Ha, look at it, getting hard at the thought of being denied indefinitely! What's wrong with you, you absolute pervert?! Don't worry, I love it and I'm going to make sure you get what you need, your dick has got you in real trouble this time! But, before all that - coffee, chop chop!"


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