From Vanilla Girlfriend to Femdom Wife, A Journey

by lockedup4eva

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Storycodes: F/m; bond; hogtie; cuffs; chastity; collar; climax; messy; rom; cons; X

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Part 3

Once they had both recovered (she was just as in need of catching her breath as he), she turned back to her interrogation.

"So, as you see, none of what you have said so far is scaring me off. Far from it. Continue."

"Very well, my goddess, here goes. So, I mentioned cages and so forth. Well, I once read a story online about someone being tightly bound, then locked into a box, which was then screwed shut and buried under the floor. The victim had a catheter and enema butt plug and feeding tube...if it were me I’d also have earphones to hear what's going on in her bedroom after I’d been incarcerated and a tiny chastity another story the man asks if he can be locked in a basement cell and not be let out unless he can escape...but his wife keeps adding more and more bondage making it impossible and eventually takes another man as her lover upstairs and then fakes his disappearance so he can realise his secret fantasy of being permanently bound in her cell. He regrets it of course but by then he's signed the contract and is already locked in a cell wearing serious amounts of metal restraints and she has convinced herself that his pleas to escape are all part of the 'scene'.

“I guess I get off on the "careful what you wish for" phrase and long term or permanent bondage, permanent chastity, slavery to the woman I love. I'm ashamed in a way to say that I also get a kick from you needing me, but because I'm locked you need something else too, and...maybe you go and find that while I'm under your lock and key, I don't know...Oh and concrete."

"Concrete? What does "concrete" mean?"

"I once read a story where someone asked their Domme to have them bound, and I'm talking seriously bound, in a steel box and then at the end the box was filled with concrete. Once it was set the sides were taken off and he was just a concrete block with tubes coming out and was then used as a kind of platform in a dungeon. Inside he could hear through earphones, and had vibrators and electro pads all over for stimulation."

She had no idea how to take this but after all she had asked, and if these were truly his fantasies then it was very, very brave of him to tell another person. This was some heavy stuff, was it even possible? Some things were, they just needed the right kind of house and a secure income. Her mind raced on but he had stopped talking now. She cleared her throat.

"Alright, I get it, kind of the ultimate form of bondage I suppose and I get that you would already be bound first. And with plenty of locks added I guess? Concrete would ruin those even if we could ever break you out of it...I have to say I wasn't expecting to hear a lot of what you have said. Remember I said leave out anything you never want to happen or that is impossible? Well I'm glad you held nothing back but I'm going to need some time to think about all this. How are your arms? Not too tight? That's good." Walking over to the pile of restraints they had she pulled out a leather armbinder and pulled it up his bound arms; she proceeded to tighten the laces up, and padlock the straps that crossed over his chest.

Straining once again in its little steel prison, his cock showed her that his desire to be under her control was real, and that she was doing well in her role. For his part, he was loving where this evening was going, even if he had confessed way more than he meant to...but still it was unlikely that the really dark stuff was actually possible and he really was glad to have a confidant; he could now tell her anything and know that she would at least try to understand. She now knew what made him tick, sexually. Should he tell her about the treasure trove of bookmarked stories and captioned photos?

"Ok, here's what's next. We are going upstairs and I'm going to finish you off up there, then I'm going to have a relaxing bit of time with a glass of wine or two whilst reflecting on what you've shared with me." Upstairs they went, and she pushed down on his shoulder, forcing him to his knees. Taking hold of the straps behind his neck he was guided to the floor face down and then tightly bound into a hogtie by means of leather ankle cuffs and a short leather strap. It was snug, but not too tight. "How does that feel, baby? Think you could stay like that a while?"

"Yes Goddess, thank you this feels amazing, I'm not sure I have ever felt so secure, I love it!" Noting the gag in her hand, he continued. "Please, Goddess, if I may say...I have told you my deepest fantasies tonight, and more than perhaps I should have. But...there is more. If you want to look deeper into me??"

"How can there be more? Of course I want to know, you've come this far, you're too deep now to not finish the job"

"Well maybe not 'more' but...more detail. As I said I was very nervous and I may have garbled a bit, missed things out or glossed over things. If you check my laptop you will find bookmarks to my favourite kinky stories, and a folder of captioned pics from before we met, all found online. It may help with your...research and your decision."


"Whether or not you want me. I know I have shocked you tonight, how could I not have? My deepest desires are not exactly normal. I love you, like I've never loved anyone before, and I know you love me, but never the less I know you have a decision to make and maybe that extra information will just make it clear what my wants are, and help you decide where you draw your red lines, if you decide to stay with me. Please, read everything as if the Domme is you, and I am the sub, even if the story is a female sub and male Dom."

Without saying another word, the gag was pushed in, the straps tightened over the hood, and a small padlock snicked into place to seal everything up.

Stepping back, reeling with all this new information, her stomach turning butterflies as she thought about his desires and wondering if she could be his Domme, the Domme he needed, she took in the vision of his bound form. At the side of the bed, he lay hogtied in leather, hooded, gagged and locked in chastity. She had done this to him, and right now only she had the power to decide how long he stayed that way. She felt her pussy - it was soaking, was it the power, the authority, or his submission to her that was turning her on so badly? All three possibly, plus the trust; he had placed his life in her hands as well as his desires and secrets. No one did this lightly. Snapping out of her thoughts, she turned her tone much more stern, mostly for effect.

"You can stay here like this, just like you wanted until I have decided what happens to you, and us, next. I will take a look at your computer too. This may take some time and you can fucking stay like that all night if necessary. I need to work out who you are...and who I am."

Logging onto his computer she soon found the material she was looking for and started reading through some of the stories. They had titles like "Caught in Selfbondage, and a Fantasy Fulfilled", "The Cell", "A Permanent Arrangement", "Steeling Staci", and there were a couple that made her sit up, including "Considering a Stay" and "The Box" by Thndrshark. Actually that last one kind of made her feel sick...surely he must just get off on the helplessness of the subject, not actually want it for himself? Though the subject had requested the exact fate they got AND made it clear their pleas to back out were to be ignored, they still clearly wanted to do so once it was actually happening...should have been more careful what they wished for she thought, her hand wandering to her pussy again.

Some of the scenarios had men being the subject, that made sense, but in others it was a woman being bound. Did this mean he harboured desires to do such things to her? Or was it the scenario that he liked regardless of the sex of the victim...there was one captioned pic where a couple ended up BOTH bound and enslaved, partly by misunderstanding...again that sickening/butteflies feeling hit her...but again, her pussy was getting wet reading it and seeing the woman's wide eyed face as she realised what had happened.

In others the Domme had locked up her sub's cock and eventually made him a "cuckold" by fucking other men to fulfil her needs. This she did not want but she had wondered what to do about getting her kicks whilst also achieving long term lock-ups for him. Moving onto the captioned photo folder, she found her answer to this, but even here there were images she didnt understand, like the male slave bound and chaste, licking his mistresses pussy but getting fucked in the arse by another man at the same time?! What the fuck? Some photos were empty cages, or tiny concrete lined cells with steel restraints on chains awaiting a prisoner, others were of men locked up in them with sexy dominant women locking them up.

So much of what she was reading seemed extreme, far-fetched; kinky was far too light a word to describe some of it. But there was a tonne of more possible stuff too, where the woman simply took control of her man's cock (which she had already done - the key nestled between her tits at this very moment) and gradually enslaved him further and further until some of the darker stuff here just became a natural progression. Why not eventually move to a place with a cellar that could be made into a dungeon, or have a cell or floor cage added to it? They could be basically normal upstairs in the main house and kinky fuckers below.

She thought back to tonight, and her worried prisoner bound next to the bed upstairs. He must be panicking, hours had passed since she left him there to decide the fate of their relationship. There was no doubt he loved her and she him, but was this enough for somone so sexually deviant? Getting eaten out on demand was awesome, it had to be said and if keeping his cock caged meant tongue-on-tap then bring it on. He loved her being stern, she had seen his cock harden earlier and she had yet to release it since locking it a month before. Well, no rush. She wasn't going to leave him over this, it was just a matter of getting herself far enough down the rabbit hole to understand what she needed to do so that they would both be satisfied to the fullest. He, it seemed, wanted her to control as much as possible of his being, and was not worried what that may morph into down the road. She, however, knew also that she was not all THAT dominant yet, and loved rough sex when she was the one taking it. So there would have to be some compromise somewhere.

All in good time. It wasn't like she could lock him away tonight, anyway. So they could build up to the more extreme stuff... there was plenty else to be going on with, after all! Whatever else this relationship was turning out to be, it was certainly interesting. Popping onto the net she quickly placed a rush order for a couple of items she needed, it was still just about early enough for next day delivery...

It was terrifying being in his position. His soul was laid bare, she was picking through his innermost sexual fantasies and desires as he just lay hogtied tightly on the floor, unable to explain anything of what she was seeing. The bondage he was in was really secure and struggling only resulted in delightful failure to find a weakness in the restraints. He loved it but also wanted out so they could go over the stories and stuff together so she would really understand which parts turned him on most and could really happen, and which were just wank fodder.

Another 30 seconds of hard struggling got him nowhere. How long had it been? Hours now. She was either still reading and researching, thinking it over... or she was gone. Oh no, she wouldn't just leave him tied up like that, surely? Or would she? No. She had enjoyed binding him up as he was, and she had clearly been extremely turned on during his interrogation.

Was it rash of him to reveal his internet secrets? There were all sorts in there that he had just liked the idea of. He didn't really want to be a cuck, for example, but he loved the idea of his locked up dick being replaced by something else and there being no 'need' to let him out. And If there was ever a chance for a 3-way fantasy it would be two female Dommes, or to sub with her alongside him to another Domme (maybe a Dom...depending on the circumstances...), not for him to take a real cock.

Well too late now, the genie was out of the bottle. At that moment he felt footsteps coming upstairs, and into the room. Moment of truth, he thought.

Without warning, she landed a firm spank on his arse, shocking him and causing a muffled moan into the gag. "Glad I have your attention" she said, in her best serious tone. "I do hope you've been comfortable up here all this time. You are quite the kinkster, aren't you? That computer reads like a guide on how to dominate you and, whilst a lot of the themes are going to take me a while to process, I do want to explore this lifestyle with you. Starting right now."

So saying, she landed another 6 firm spanks on his arse and he moaned loudly into the gag, squirming in his restraints.

"I'm going to free your legs now and allow you to use the bathroom to get ready for sleep. You can spend your first night as my sub sleeping in your bondage at my bedside, but I want you to be comfortable and for safety I'm going to change your gag for a bit-gag. In the morning we can talk further about how this is going to work, I have a few conditions to set but I'm tired now, we both need some rest I think."

When he was ready she helped him lay down again, and relocked his ankle cuffs together, before chaining him to the bedframe using a short length from his wrist cuffs. "Good night, slave."

He was freed the next morning, all except for his cock of course, and they breakfasted together as couples do. Coffee was brewed, bacon and eggs cooked and served with buttered toast, and they made small talk, both skirting the elephant in the room. That was until they were both finished, when she put her empty coffee cup down, fixed his gaze with a serious look, and came straight to the point.

"We both had quite a night, didn't we? No, don't speak, let me get this out. It was brave of you to open up like you did and I thank you for it. You have opened up a whole world of fetish, kink, and sexuality to me that I...well I knew it existed but had never thought about getting into, beyond a bit of bondage and rough sex and I was always on the recieving end of that. Until last night I thought I was pretty kinky but now I see I'm a beginner at best, especially as a Domme! Now your needs are pretty extreme, and I am in no way able to meet them to your satisfaction yet, I can see that. But that doesn't mean we can't make a start. There will be some ground rules I want us to live by, and they are non-negotiable. If you agree to all of them then we start immediately with our new lifestyle, I'm not going to put the effort into changing my whole character for you unless it's for keeps, ok?

  1. We are still a couple and I want taking to dinner, theatre, parties, holidays, I want spoiling and for you to be my man.
  2. You will behave as my equal while in company.
  3. But, you will always be my sub, wearing at least 1 item of bondage when we go out, somewhere on your person.
  4. Your cock is mine and will remain locked indefinitely, no minimum term and no guaranteed releases.
  5. I will still want a rough fucking from time to time, this does not affect rule 4. We can work something out on this.
  6. Only I can decide to end this lifestyle, you as my sub have no such say.
  7. There are no long term limits to what we can do, so think carefully about what you have told me you fantasise about and about rule 6.
  8. When we marry I will take your name but own everything, including you.

If all of these rules are acceptable to you, your new life as my sub starts immediately and that will be your last real decision as a free man. I'm going to clear up here; you go into the living room and think carefully about your choice. On the coffee table you will find two items of bondage, if you want to agree to my terms then be naked, kneeling and wearing them in ten minutes. If not, then you may use the key on the table instead and we never speak of this again. I'm not sure if we would stay together in that instance, I love you but I won't be with someone who may feel unfulfilled with me. Not wanting to sway your decision but I am offering you the chance to explore every nook and cranny of your sexuality. You have ten minutes."

Without a word, he stood up from the table, stunned, turned, and walked into the lounge. There on the table were a pair of hinged handcuffs, and a two-inch wide, polished steel collar with a D-ring riveted to the front. On closer inspection it had the same type of internal lock as his cock cage, which sent a shiver down his spine as a lost key or damaged lock meant it was basically irremovable without cutting.

Well, there was little thinking to be done. This could well be a once in a lifetime chance to be with the love of his life but someone who also wanted to try out his kinky lifestyle. He was simply amazed that she wasn't dumping his perverted arse and running for it, most women would after hearing what he fantasised about having happen to him! Thankfully he didn't think the really extreme stuff was even possible, and he just imagined he would become her lifestyle submissive, locked in chastity except when she wanted his cock, and exploring bondage and femdom with her.

Without hesitation he picked up the heavy collar, studied the locking mechanism, and lifted it up to his neck, centring the D ring at the front. Closing the other half he noted the snug, comfortable fit and, heart pounding, pushed the barrel of the lock into the receiving hole, and turned and removed the key. Setting it down on the table he got naked, picked up the cuffs, for which she had left no key, and quickly sealed his fate by snicking them shut round his wrists behind his back. Feeling light headed at the choice he had made, he knelt as instructed, cock straining in its cage, collar and cage keys within reach but the locks inaccessible with his arms cuffed behind his back, and very nearly came right there in his chastity.

Where the ten minutes went he had no idea, but the next thing he knew she was standing over him, hands on her curvy hips, looking down at her new property with a sexy/smug little grin on her face.

She had hoped he would choose to be hers and was now feeling a mixture of victory, excitement, and more than a little fear that she would either not live up to his dreams or back out of taking him as far as she had planned in her mind overnight. But all that was way in the future, after all she wanted to marry this man and be a couple for a long while yet, but giving him the fem-dom lifestyle he craved at the same time. She would work her way up to his deeper fantasies in due course. They had little in the way of ties, no close family, and no desire to have kids, so all that stood in the way of some of her plans were money and know-how. Both of which she could work on quickly. For now, she had to cement her position as a Domme and show him how serious his new position as a sub really was.

"Do you like your new collar? It's amazing what you can get online in a rush these days. I hope it's comfy cos you're going to be wearing that thing a LOT. Not all the time as that would be impractical but luckily I also have you wearing a collar around your- sorry - my cock and balls, so there is always going to be a heavy reminder that I own you." So saying she squatted down and squeezed his bulging, imprisoned package in her left whilst her right index finger linked through the collar ring in order to pull him into a deep, passionate kiss.

He returned it with enthusiasm and she pulled him down on top of her, their lips still locked together and their breathing getting heavier all the while. She needed him badly right now and breaking the embrace by pulling his head sharply back by his hair, said "grind that cage into my pussy baby, I want to feel how much you want me!"

As they continued with this new type of sex he began sliding his caged cock up and down his slit, feeling how wet she was and becoming overwhelmed at the whole situation but desperate to make his goddess cum. With his arms cuffed behind his back it was a real workout but that only seemed to be driving her closer to orgasm and then, as she came from the cage rubbing her clit he felt her pinch and twist his left nipple hard, and his head was pulled back again by his hair at the same time; he didn't know it was possible but he could feel himself cumming in his cage! With no room to get an erection it was a mind-blowing feeling, like his cock was exploding in pleasure, but also pain, too. Four weeks of pent-up cum jetted out of the cage and covered her pussy, thighs and belly.

When she realised what was happening to him and still in the throes of her own climax, a devilish sexy grin broke out on her face. If she could make him cum while locked then it was not mainly from base stimulation, it was much deeper than that and it proved to her (as if she needed it) that it was as much her dominance of him as it was the bondage and everything else. He was totally under her spell, and she loved it. What happenned next surprised even her, as she held onto his hair whilst scooting backwards and shoved still shocked face into her cunt ordering him to "clean up your mess slave, I dont remember giving you permission to cum!"

He hesitated for maybe half a second as cum eating wasnt high on his list of kinks, but got to work nevertheless and did an ok job of licking up his own spunk from his goddess' creamy skin. Whatever she wanted, he would give her as a reward for being so understanding. Normally after cumming he got that immediate loss of horniness, but not this time - maybe it was the immersion in the scene, or because he came without his cock being stimulated, whatever it was he didnt care, and neither did his cock, which was still twitching in its prison.

"Oh baby, that was a wild ride wasn't it? Who knew a man could cum hands-free whilst in a steel chastity cage! Now I know I don't need to release you to allow you pleasure, you're on very shaky ground indeed as far as unlockings go. Wow I came hard, thank you." Dropping out of character for a moment, she pulled him back on top of her for a tight but loving embrace.

"Thank you, so much," he said softly, not meeting her gaze. "Thank you for staying, thank you for your understanding and your willingness to indulge my fantasies. Thank you for getting into it so quickly, this has all been such a massive rush it's just how I imagined true submission to be."

Staring up at the ceiling whilst still panting, coming down from her high, she replied " oh baby, no, thank you! You have given me a greater gift than you could imagine...yourself. If you think that was true submission then you may have underestimated me just a bit. I intend to give you so much of what you desire in the coming years, I want to see just how far I can take you. But more on that later, let's shower and enjoy our Saturday together. It's a lovely day, fancy a country walk and pub for lunch?"

"That sounds great, mistress." In truth, he needed a bit of normality to come down from his high.


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