From Vanilla Girlfriend to Femdom Wife, A Journey

by lockedup4eva

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Part 2

The first week was a rush. The steel cage was heavy, and he felt it all the time. It was a constant reminder of her, and this was a good feeling. Not so helpful were the dirty messages and photos she kept sending him, as trying to get hard in this cage was totally impossible and it quickly became uncomfortable when he got physically aroused. In his old cage there was maybe an inch of spare space and the slit at the end was large enough that the very tip could poke out and reduce the discomfort. Steel does not yield however, and this cage was just the right size to allow no lengthwise growth at all, just a thickening which made him bulge through the bars. It looked hot a fuck.

Things started to settle down around the end of the 2nd week. But then he was away for work staying in a nice hotel, and she was at home as there was a party to go to. They chatted on the phone that Friday early evening as she was getting ready to go out, and he was thinking ahead to his night away from anyone he knew. He had always found staying in big hotels fun. There were many online stories he'd read about hotel room self bondage, often going wrong and room service or housekeeping finding the person and taking advantage. He didn't want the taking advantage part, but had brought his gear with him for a session. The question was whether to involve his girlfriend or keep it to himself. This question was answered for him as they talked.

"So, when are you going to start tying yourself up tonight?"

Taken aback, all he managed was, "Errrm err what do you mean?"

"OK, you can relax, baby. I know about your selfbondage, and I know you wont have gone away without at least a tonne of gear. So, what's the plan?"

"Oh, you know me so well! Nothing major, a simple hogtie on the bed with a timer set for a couple of hours I guess."

"Simple? That doesn't sound like much fun. Ok, do you have ALL your gear with you?"


"Right. Here's what you are going to do. First of all, remove the Do Not Disturb sign, just to keep you interested. Then I want you naked, except for your permanent jewelry on your cock of course, and a leather cuff on each wrist and ankle. Chain around your waist, locked at the back with a metal ring through the lock then run the chain down between your legs, up your front, over the back of your neck back down your front and through your legs then lock it at the back of your waist. Then get your full face hood ready, and hogtie yourself on the bed using a ratchet strap but loop this under the waist and neck chains, I want you nice and tightly packaged up. Set your phone with your alexa earbuds, I'm going to call you to let you out. Make sure you do this bondage so that releasing your ankle cuff buckle allows the ratchet strap to come free. Enjoy!"

He did enjoy. For about an hour. Then the arch hogtie got uncomfortable, then he fell asleep. The dreams whilst bound were intense and extreme. He was woken suddenly by his ear buds ringing, and he answered quickly.

"Hello my sexy bound man, I hope you didn't cheat and are still tied up for me?"

"I am, my goddess, and exactly as you instructed."

"Good, I've been thinking about you like that, tied and alone, all evening. You may release yourself now. We must find a better way, maybe an app controlled lock or something - it can't be all that fulfilling knowing you can cheat and release yourself whenever".

"You're right, my Goddess," he said, slowly stretching after the cramped hogtie. "It's really good but it's not real bondage. You know how I like it to be truly inescapable…" he stopped short. How much had he told her? How much had she guessed?

"What's the matter baby? Realizing I know you better than you thought?"

"Something like that, yeah," he chuckled. "Just thinking how all my dreams seem to be coming true, you're amazing, thanks for indulging my weirdness".

"Maybe it's not as weird as you think, not these days. And you know, I was a bit put off at first, but that was before I had experienced bondage, even as a sub. I'm still not that confident I could do a full dominatrix-style session over you, but chastity and being the dominant in the bedroom and elsewhere is definitely me, at least some of the time! And I love thinking of and seeing you all trussed up, even if I'm not very good at doing it to you yet, so you can carry on with the selfbondage and we can have some fun with that while we're apart. I've got some fun ideas I want to try. Can't wait to see you, it's only a couple of weeks now, you should be well and truly used to your cage by then."

It was a long month. Not only did they miss each other's company but both of them were basically horny the entire time. He did not help himself by reading bondage stories online (the cage made him do it) and continuing his journey down that path of ever darker fantasies and genuine desires. The longer he was locked without release, the wilder his mind got and the only outlets he could turn to were selfbondage and adding to his bookmarked library of the darker stories he kept coming back to. This collection of stories he had not shared with her, he thought she would run for the hills. It's one thing for your boyfriend to want you to lock his cock and sometimes be tied up, it's quite another to want to be kept as her permanently bound prisoner in a secret dungeon cell, all metal cuffs welded shut, used only as and when she needed his tongue… nothing more than a bondage toy for a Domme, not a boyfriend at all.

He knew she was a long way off that, and that really she wasnt all that dominant, loving as she did to get roughly fucked herself, with her hands held behind her back, cuffed even… she was more of a switch, really, and he sighed, grateful for the amazing woman he was with, though a little regretful that his deepest fantasies would never be fulfilled. He lifted the heavy steel package that was his caged and swollen cock and balls, four weeks of pent up sexual tension building up to what he hoped would be a release that night. He had had zero problems with the cage since settling into it, and this was scary and exciting. Truly it could be worn for some time without issue.

When she arrived that evening, he assumed the submissive position in the hall, awaiting her. Wine, dinner, a clean and tidy house were all waiting…"well, I could get used to having a butler but it would maybe be nice to be swept off my feet occasionally, too," she said as she came in. Quickly changing tack he jumped up, embraced her and they locked lips in a moment of passion.

"Thats better, I want a boyfriend not a slave you know."

Seeing his downcast look, she realized this may go south quickly and followed this up saying "don't get me wrong, Im as horny as you having teased you all week, but look, it's a long drive here, let's eat and drink and catch up; plenty of time for fun later…we have all weekend together." This was fair. He'd made assumptions about the evening, and maybe their whole relationship, and got the tone wrong. Take it easy, he thought, don't want to frighten her off.

Once dinner was done and half a bottle of red was gone from the decanter, she had recovered somewhat from the journey. Secretly she couldn't wait to see the cock she had caged almost two weeks prior, but playing it cool seemed the best way forward, and now she wanted him. Badly. That wasn't the game of course, as the whole point of the cage was to KEEP him locked, not let him out. She absolutely wanted to feel him inside her later but her research had told her to make the most of his full balls and tease his locked cock first, or even ignore them completely and get herself off on his eager tongue before going anywhere near him! There was that lovely thought in the back of her mind too about the control and power she had over him, and the size of his cock after a longer lockup in a smaller cage.

"Ok baby, you want to serve your beautiful girlfriend? Get on your knees, and get to work." Lifting her skirt up she exposed the crotchless sheer black bodystocking, and glistening pussy. "Erm, naked, if you please, I want to see that caged cock of mine." As he stripped, his cock bulged further, the whole package bouncing around in a most satisfying way for her. She reached out a foot and lifted it gently, he groaned in frustration at the slight touch of the nylon on the skin pressing through the bars. He knelt, she remained seated and fixed him with a strict looking stare, her demeanor changing completely.

"Look here. This," she said, reaching down and gripping his package in her hand, "remains mine. I told you this was real now and it is. I can see you enjoy this, and maybe you want the whole D/s lifestyle to go with it. I'm learning more and more all the time about this kink and all that goes with it, and I'll say now I'm sorry if anything I do is not up to how it is in your fantasies, but this isn't a porn film, or a story, and we need to learn this together. You're going to lick me to orgasm now, and then you're going to tell me everything I don't already know about you and what you want and need. Everything. Don't leave anything out, you won't scare me away at this point, but you may miss out if I don't know everything. And if I feel you are holding out on me you may never see me or these keys again. Get to work."

As his head was pushed down into her his mind was a blur. What did he just hear? How would it be best to tell her? Maybe he could let her see the bookmarks… yes, that was it. He could tell her by letting her see the stories he had re-read the most, that way she would understand it was mostly just fantasy, but he needed her to get what it was that turned him on most. He was certainly not going to let this opportunity go to waste; by her taste he could tell she was up for it, she had his hair gripped tightly in one hand, pushing his head down hard, her shapely legs wrapped around his back and as she came, hard, he struggled for breath against her crushing embrace, his cock straining against the steel bars of the cock cage. Letting him go as she came down from her high, she kissed his soaking face and licked his face from chin to forehead, before shoving him away, and stalking off. She came back with a pair of thick, leather cuffs and buckled them onto his wrists, before pulling them roughly behind his back and locking them close together.

A belt was then looped twice round his arms above the elbows and pulled snug. Another, longer belt then went round his waist pulling his arms tight to his body; it felt deliciously secure. Last for now was a thick leather collar which she locked shut around his neck. It wasn't a posture collar but it certainly made him aware of its presence. Clipped to the front o-ring was a length of heavy chain and she wound it round her hand, slowly shortening it and causing him to lean forward in his kneeling position. She crouched and looked him straight in the eye, looking serious.

"Ok baby, time to tell all. This is your golden opportunity to confess all your filthiest fantasies, kinks and desires. Those you want to maybe make come true anyway. Leave out only what you know is impossible or too dangerous, nothing else. How complete I find your confession, will decide whether or not I remove THIS, this weekend."

She gripped him by the balls again, squeezing his packaged up manhood and feeling very, very powerful. And not a little nervous. Knowing her boyfriend was more than a little bit kinky, she was taking a huge risk by forcing him to expose himself completely like this. What if there was stuff she found so disgusting it put her off him? Well, she knew she loved him, and he loved her. It was a risk worth taking and she wanted there to be no harbored and unfulfilled desires that could one day spoil their relationship.

"So, I'm gonna help you by asking a few questions, which you are to answer fully, and then you can add anything extra once I'm done."

"Yes, Goddess"

"I know it can be hard to talk about this, but that cage is not coming off until this conversation is over. Would you find it easier if you were blindfolded?"

"Erm…I'm very nervous about this my love, I would prefer to see your reaction if I may?"

"Hmmmmm…no, I think blindfold is best, I may or may not be taken aback by what you tell me and I'd rather you not hold back, I want to hear everything, every detail. I will be filming this so you can see my reaction later, if you like."

"Very well Goddess, please blindfold me."

She went and retrieved the spandex hood she had laid ready, it had an open mouth but would otherwise cover his whole head. Smoothing it over him she kissed his forehead through the material, then went back to her seat still holding the chain.

"No more stalling…spill"

"Before I start, please know that I love you for you, and that anything I say next changes nothing in that regard and is purely a sexual thing. Ok. So you already know I'm a submissive, I love, LOVE chastity and serving you with my tongue while my cock is locked. Knowing you have the keys is a constant turn on for me and I've really enjoyed this month-long lockup."

"Good, good, off to a fine start…haven't even asked my first question yet! Please go on. I know about the chastity, and the self bondage. I like both. Tell me a fantasy or fetish that I dont already know about."

"Well, I havent yet told you that I enjoy anal…"

"Every guy likes anal!" She cut him off with a scornful tone, "and you already know I quite like it, too, I've not exactly been shy in that department!"

The memory of one particular session a few months ago when she had, during sex, made sure he was well lubed up, and then squatted over him and lowered herself onto his dick, guiding him into her arse and quickly sinking down unill he was balls-deep. It had been a surprise at the time as they hadnt talked about anal at all at that point.

"Yes…but I meant me…taking it…"

"Oh, OH! I see! So, more detail please, what are we talking here, buttplugs? Or are you bi?" She hadn't been expecting to be this surprised so early on.

"Well, I just know I enjoy the sensation of the stimulation back there, either a butt plug, or whatever, and I also like the idea of the dominance. Ive never been fucked, as such but its something I want to try."

She was silent for a moment, not fully understanding.

"I mean, OK, I get partly what you mean, but…I'm not comfortable with sharing you with another person, a red line for me is we are a couple and that's it"

"Oh, er, I think we need to take a step back here, I don't want that either! Im talking about you fucking me, you know, with a strapon. Whilst locked in chastity".

She was somewhat relieved at this, whilst his being potentially bi was not an issue for her as long as they were exclusive, she was sure that a threesome would alter things and that was not what she wanted. Fucking him with a strapon though? Seemed a natural enough desire since he couldn't use his cock whilst locked!

"Right, so a sub wants to be dominated with a rubber dick, got it. Makes sense, and a butt plug could be a fun angle to play with…go on, tell me more. Like, tell me about the bondage part, what do you like about being restrained, and why?"

"Bondage for me is a massive turn-on. Not being able to stop a spank, or a pinched nipple, or a gag being put on. I love the feeling of the restraints going on, being tightened up, I love it the tighter the better and the more restraints the better, even layered up so there's just that little extra snugness. But though tight, and inescapable, I like it comfortable so I would be able to be left that way for a long time, if my captor so desired. Locked, too. Leather is amazing but if there's a padlock to be snicked into every buckle too then that's just another layer. Metal is better than leather, as it can't be cut. If someone else found me, without your keys I'd still be trapped! And of course If I'm to be alone then I should be hooded too…it's such a rush having a full hood strapped and locked around your head and neck, no sight, muffled sound, hard to talk, or shout. And it has to be tight, I hate loose bondage. Like for example if there is play between the cuffs, that's a turnoff if anything. Spreader bars and stocks and things are amazing as they are so rigid.

“Then there is location. Bedroom bondage is great, but I always go underground in my fantasies, a cell or cage in a basement, or a hole in the floor with a barred hatch to slam amd lock shut with me chanined inaide, me in all that bondage while you just go about relaxing in the main house having locked your sex toy safely away…" He stopped, suddenly realizing he had been talking non stop and she was silent.

"Yes baby, I'm still listening, go on please this is all good," she said softly.

"Thank you. So, yeah. Thats bondage and chastity and anal…and you in charge using me for what YOU want of course. But there are a few…more serious, I guess darker kinks too that I have, and keep coming back to over and over. Should I…keep them to myself at least for now?. I love you, so much." He bowed his head, even though he was hooded.

She sighed. In truth, she was reeling somewhat from what she was hearing and was confused about her feelings. Did she want someone so submissive? Was she up to dominating someone, owning them? Chastity was one thing but…he wanted to be kept, what, a prisoner?? How was that being a boyfriend? Then again, her pussy was fucking soaking right now and this guy, her loving man, was opening up his soul right now she HAD to put him at ease and NEEDED to know every secret desire he had.

"Listen. This is your chance. Your one chance. Every secret desire, anything that turns you on, anything you want to happen to you even if deep down it makes you have butterflies, doubts, whatever, I need to know. There is no risk to you here, if you tell me what you like, maybe one day some of it can come true. If you don't, it won't. If you do and I run, then I'm not the one for you. Neither of us would be happy if we werent fulfilled sexually, so, as I say, no risk. No judgment, either, let's be clear. And, look, let me prove my point."

Grabbing his head, she pulled him firmly into her soaking wet pussy, holding him tightly between her thighs and actually cutting off his air. He hungrily started licking her and she moaned, he got quicker but started struggling as he needed to breathe. Swirling his tongue around she came hard, clamping his head tighter as she crested the wave and at last, releasing him so he could catch his breath, collapsing in his bondage, stunned at what his girlfriend had just done and realizing he needed to add ‘suffocation whilst licking you to orgasm’ to his growing list of kinks…


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