From Vanilla Girlfriend to Femdom Wife, A Journey

by lockedup4eva

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Storycodes: F/m; Sbm; mpov; chastity; cuffs; straps; clamps; hood; sendep; spreadeagle; oral; cons; X

Part 1

Chris was a mid-thirties, average height, average weight, average guy. Decent looking, not striking, one of the "quiet ones". It's always the quiet ones…

His wife was an amazing woman and they partnered perfectly in music, food, wine, even friends! Couple that with being great in bed together and bang, perfect couple!

She was even very understanding when he "came out" early in their relationship about his various kinks. He had all his adult life, been into bondage in a big way and whilst single, did a great deal of…research… into the subject, reading fiction, watching videos, and learning a lot from the adult shops online that specialised in equipment. When he got his own place, this progressed into selfbondage, and he got pretty good, at first tying, then strapping, and then as he got more adventurous, chaining and locking himself up. More importantly he got very good at getting out again afterwards!

He would be hogtied (usually) or in some other similar position, gagged, hooded, plugged, struggling against his bondage and trying to make himself cum from the position, the fantasies running through his mind…and the friction.

Rope led to leather, which led inevitably to steel. The word "inescapable" gave him pause for thought even if it came up in polite conversation, and would mean a session that same night at home was required as an outlet! Trigger words and phrases like tight, packaged, bound, locked, permanent, caged, careful what you wish for…all made for keeping his mind on bondage and domination.

As time went on, the fantasies got more intense when he was tied up, the stories he was reading got darker, the bondage more serious.

But, there was always that annoying drop in libido once the orgasm came. And the orgasm always came!

He met her, around the time that chastity play became a thing, and chastity devices became more popular; cheaper and in such a variety that there really was a device to suit any cock size, shape, and style! So, as they lived several hours apart at the time, it seemed an ideal way to keep things a) interesting when they were apart, b) interesting for him ALL the time and c) a fun new element in the bedroom when they were together, as well as driving the dynamic of their relationship.

And so, Chris ordered a CB6000S, along with the numbered plastic locks required for a long-distance keyholder's peace of mind, as well as the usual brass master lock. It took weeks to arrive, which only helped to increase their anticipation, and for her to get him more and more worked upduring their often lengthy phone sex sessions!

She would order him to stroke his cock for her, and then stop before he came, numerous times, before finally allowing him to cum. "Enjoy it while it lasts," she would say, "once I have your cock under lock and key you won't even be able to get hard without my permission, let alone cum. Mmmmmmm. I'm starting to get wet thinking of the power I will hold over you once your cock is mine."

This sort of talk would drive him over the edge every single time, as it was exactly what he wanted from the fantasy. But that drop in sex drive was still there once he had climaxed.

Looking back, this was well and truly the turning point of their relationship, the "red pill" having been metaphorically taken by them both. He, ready and willing to hand control of his cock to his beautiful girlfriend, and she, very much looking forward to "giving it a try". At this point she was still very much indulging him in his kinks, not fully sold on the ideas but liking what she saw so far, and doing further research online herself.

The chastity device arrived, and after a bit of experimentation (with no lock up), Chris was able to work out the best combination of ring and spacer size to make for a truly snug fit. He was all ready to hand over control.

One Friday night she was driving the 4 hour trip to his house to spend a week together, and they had agreed he was to spend the evening in bondage awaiting her arrival. This was another favourite game of his, as he could be truly helpless in the bondage, not needing a timed release (though he still kept the emergency release in place), and he could be more daring with the position and restraints he used. He chose a very submissive position, legs frogtied with leather belts, in a kneeling position at the foot of the bed. A wide leather belt round his waist with a pair of handcuffs padlocked to it, another belt round behind his neck and under the shoulders allowed for the elbow belt to be attached, and held half way up his back.

With the chastity device in position, held shut by the open lock with the keys inserted (she wanted to lock him herself the first time), he added foam earplugs, pulled the spandex full face hood over his head, wriggled his arms into the elbow strap, and snapped the cuffs closed on his wrists.

It felt wonderful, he was naked and bound at the foot of the bed, his cock straining in its cage, which though not "locked yet" was as good as locked since his hands and arms were safely locked behind his back, and he could neither see nor hear when his Goddess arrived.

After a long time of being alone, enjoying the fantasies running through his mind, he felt a change. Was it air movement as doors opened and closed? Was it the heating going off? Was it…


He moaned as his nipples were suddenly pinched by well-manicured fingers. He loved nipple play, and was not disappointed as he felt the spring clamps closing onto his sensitive flesh.

She had arrived. Lifting the hood slightly she removed the ear plugs before a thick collar was tightened around his throat, and padlocked to emphasise his submission to the woman he loved, and trapped the hood in place.

"Well, a very fine sight you do make after such a long drive. Thank you for following my instructions so closely." A firm spank of his arse sharpened his focus a little. It was followed by four more.

"I do love your bum, so wonderfully spankable. Now listen. I love you, very much, you know that. We have agreed between us that things will change a little once we go down this road. Your cock is going to be mine now, not yours. When you are locked it is I who will be in control. If you are still okay with this, nod once."

He nodded.

"And you agree that the duration of your lock up and nature of our relationship will be up to me entirely?"

Another nod.

"Hmm," she smiled and chuckled, "as you wish baby, careful what you wish for." With that, she snapped the lock shut and took the keys for herself. "Mmmmmmm, all mine, we can have a lot of fun with this," she whispered, as much to herself as to him, running her hands all over him, especially his locked up, straining cock.

That first week, they learned a LOT about chastity play. Chris loved the feeling of his cock straining against the cage, but found the skin underneath could get sore from the movement. A tighter ring solved this, and a smaller spacer. But they also found the plastic cage got sweaty inside and needed removing regularly for cleaning. Not satisfactory for long distance, long-term chastity play!

Luckily, when they were apart they were using the plastic, numbered padlocks rather than a metal lock, so if he needed to remove the cage when necessary, he could. Unfortunately this got old pretty quickly, and after a couple of months, she decided a change was needed. Even if he did need to keep clean, she couldn't be sure he wasn't taking advantage and using HER cock for a wank without her permission.

For him, it also wasn't real chastity. The idea of breakable plastic meant he was never truly locked, (although he certainly loved the feeling of her ownership of him, and in fact had never cheated the rules once whilst washing himself).

His bondage fantasies had long ago progressed to metal - cuffs, chains, locks, even more extreme steel bondage items like fist mitts and hoods, and location had become a thing, too. Metal bondage in an underground cell? Yes please. He hadn't told her the extent of these fantasies yet, as they were, he thought, still at the experimental stage and didn't want to freak her out because he loved her, bondage or no bondage.

After 3 months or so, she went into full research mode online, hunting around for advice, testimonies, reviews, tips, and any information she could find as to how to make the chastity much more real, and serious for both of them.

She knew he needed it, wanted it, and that she was growing to love the control, the power, and the trust he was showing in her. The internet is often a place where you can stumble over exactly what you're looking for and that's exactly how she found the House of Denial, and their range of chastity devices. Scrolling through the site she read the blog posts of the D/s couple who run the business and started to check out the products. This was much the best range she had found. No novelty items here, but discounting the silicone and plastic cages, as they could easily be defeated by a determined chastity prisoner, she spotted exactly what she needed.

She was looking at the enticingly named page "metal collection" and the HoD S100. It came with a hinged ring, and a choice of small (2cm cage), standard (4cm) or large (6cm) cage length. He had a decent cock when hard, but was quite small when soft, and she knew having played for these last couple of months that the size needed to be right, a snug fit was a comfortable fit. Too much room to grow when aroused could cause chafing and pinching and could lead to the cage needing to be removed early. Ordering the standard cage, which was a little smaller than the CB6000s at 40mm, and the 45mm ring, her hand wandered to her pussy as she looked at images of men wearing tiny steel chastity cages…

On his next trip down for a weekend at her flat, having been locked up for two whole weeks beforehand (barring removal for cleaning), he was in a highly worked up state and couldnt wait to worship her, be dominated and teased, and then hopefully be released and allowed to fuck her a couple of times before being locked back up and sent home. They would be apart for a month this time due to work and other commitments so wanted to make the most of it.

Arriving at the flat, he got buzzed in and went upstairs, pushing the door open and walking down the entrance corridor. Then he noticed the bedroom door was open and went straight in, the sight before him immediately causing his cock to strain against the plastic cage; he dropped to his knees and took in the vision that was his girlfriend. Leaving nothing to chance, she had done her hair in a harsh, high pony tail, and was wearing a black corset, balcony bra, a size too small for her large breasts, and black, shiny nylon tights with high heel leather fuck-me shoes.

She guided him to the bed, undressed him and cuffed him spread-eagle. There followed an hour or so of teasing, sliding her nylon covered pussy and arse over his face, chest, locked up cock, before finally unlocking him. His cock, which had not been hard for the two weeks they had been apart, quickly started getting erect, but, she noted, was struggling to get to full size. Was this a symptom of a longer lock up? The devil inside her made the thought super exciting…did she now have the power in her hands alone to make her man's cock shrink? Would it be permanent? Would he really let her take him that far? This control he had given her was intoxicating and he really had wanted to give it to her…it was making her wet again, too.

When she was done fucking and she had had her fill of orgasms, it was time for the next step. She hadn’t allowed him to cum this time, but a night of edging and sheer tiredness made him go limp eventually, horny though he was. "Time to get you locked back up baby, gotta put my toys away when I'm done. A little change for you though, I got you a present."

She opened the dresser drawer and pulled out the new steel cage. "What do you think? I know you like a bit of metalwork, and we are both sick of you needing to unlock to clean. In this cage it will no longer be necessary as the bars will allow you to pee and wash without taking it off. Think about that. No need to unlock your cock, ever again." He began to stiffen once more.

"Down boy! Too late for that, its lockup time." She took off to the kitchen and came back with ice cubes in a towel to make him soft again. Closing the ring around the base of his cock and balls, she noted the perfect snug fit as the ends came together. "Hold the ring shut for me will you baby?" He complied, a nervous chill running through him. This was exactly the next step he had been hoping for but the reality of the cold steel was hitting home and he wasn't even locked yet.

She picked up the cage part from the box, and held it up in the palm of her hand for him to see. It looked small. All stainless steel bar construction, it would keep his dick constrained to less than 1 1/2 inches. The head of the cage looked like a dome, with the bars coming together at a small opening for using the bathroom, giving good cleaning access but barely enough to get any sensation on his cock from outside.

"What do you think? Like it?"

"Yes," he gulped. "It's perfect, wow, thank you so much, I knew you were enjoying playing but…this looks like you're really serious about this part of our relationship and…thank you, I really love you."

"I love you too, and you have NO idea just how much I enjoy this. I've put a lot of research into this kink and I don't see why we shouldn't make this a permanent part of our relationship. I want to take this all the way." She held his gaze for a second after that, then went back to the box to pick out the lock and keys.

She fitted the cage over his slightly twitching cock, and seated the pins into the locator holes on the ring. "This cage has this lovely internal cam lock. I like this, it means it's less visible with everyday clothes, and wont make any noise. But the best thing is, it can't be cut off like a regular padlock. So you better hope I don't lose the keys…oh and don't worry about showering, the cage is stainless steel and the lock is brass so it won't corrode. There are no excuses to need to take this off, ever."

At this point she looked at him, and went serious. "If you ever ask to get out, use your safeword BUT we never play at this again. Chastity with us now is no longer a game. For me, it's a lifestyle. You've given me power and control, willingly, and I love that feeling but hear me, it is real once this lock is closed. Make sure in your heart that you want this. I know your horny mind wants this. And I can see he does too."

She nodded down at his caged cock, swelling round the bars of the cage, which she still held to the ring with her fingers. "Ok honey, decision time please," she said kindly.

He swallowed, looked her lovingly into her eyes and said "I understand that this is real, and agree to your terms. My cock belongs under your lock and key and I am so glad you want to do this for me, for us. You are my world and I only want to please you. Please, lock me up."

She smiled a happy smile, pushed the lock into the hidden hold through the top of the cage and turned the key. Taking it out she said, in her best Dominatrix tone, "you're all mine now slave, I seriously hope know what you've done, haha! Now lick me, bitch, locking you up has made me so horny and I want to cum NOW!" She pushed him back on the bed and sat her soaking wet cunt down on his face before he knew what was going on, and licked her to a shuddering orgasm, his cock straining in its new steel prison.

It really did get serious from that point on. Starting from that point, he wasn't released from the device all weekend, and she made sure to tease him constantly, wearing tight leggings, high heels, acting sexy the whole time, and making sure to rub past him as much as possible to feel her cage. This was both to mess with him and crucially to make sure the cage was a comfortable fit, which meant making him try to get hard as much as possible so he could "settle in" to the new device. She was about to send him home for a month, and wanted to make sure that she could safely send him away securely locked up!

Sunday night came and the usual hesitance to start their time apart. Long distance relationships are hard. This time, he had questions he dared not ask. Was she really sending him away with a 2 inch steel chastity cage locked onto his cock? The thought was exciting, terrifying…previously he had been locked for a couple of weeks at most and only with plastic locks on a plastic cage. This device didn't even have an exposed lock! Did she mean what she had said when they locked him, about never playing again if he asked for it to be taken off?

Wait. He could ask, as long as he didn't use his safeword. That was the catch, he could ask, and she could deny him, but at least he would know.

"Baby, I have to go soon, but time for a quickie before I do?"

"Mmmmmm I thought you'd say that, of course you may give me an orgasm before you leave. Kneel." Lifting her skirt, she pushed his head into her naked pussy.

After she came, he looked up at his gorgeous, dominant woman and pleaded with her, "but what about me? I can't go a month without cumming!"

"Don't be silly, baby, of course you can. You will be locked in a small steel chastity cage and the keys will be 250 miles away. Drive safely, and call me once you're home."


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