Four Hands are Better then Two! 3

by Jim Williams

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© Copyright 2016 - Jim Williams - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; bond; cocoon; sleepsack; gurney; transport; cockring; sleeve; machine; wrap; storage locker; stuck; tease; cons; X

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Part 3

Chapter 5

After sleeping off my rather exhausting evening of fun and excitement I was awaken by the ladies laughing and joking about what Lorene had done to us, Jen was full of laughter and in high spirits it seemed, Lorene reminding her that her Sexual Bondage Fantasy was now fulfilled. As they were clowning around I could feel them releasing the straps that held me in place, they then rolled me on to my side and un-zipped the passage way to my butt hole and carefully removed the toy that was once filling my Ass. They then rolled me back over and removed both Rings that were in place around my Balls and Cock. I was now thinking to myself that it must come to an end sometime, but was it? I felt them lifting my legs and sliding something up my body, I felt it getting tighter around my body as they worked it up past my Cock and Balls, which were still through the elastic holes that were in the first Mummy bag, one of ladies started rubbing him through the material making him Hard as they continued to work the bag up my body past my hips, I could feel my Shaft and Balls getting compressed against the other object, then up it went, everything becoming tighter, then I felt it come over the shoulders.

They then rolled me onto my side and I felt this zipper being pulled up my back again, Damn I thought, I forgot that I had the older Mummy bag in there as well but in a different compartment, it seemed like they had other plans for me. I felt this light material going across my face as their voices became lower, what was it I thought. Then I felt the straps again being put across my body and being pulled tight and fastened, again I was unable to move an inch. Then the table began to move as if it was being pushed, I tried to remember if the massage table even had rolling wheels on it, thinking about it for a second this whole table felt different, all most like the type you would find in an ambulance.

As I was being pushed I heard Lorene say get the door open, then as we went through this area a breeze kissed the sheet that was covering my face and chills ran down my spine. I then heard these doors being opened, and then I feel the table being pushed against something, then with a simple shove it seemed like it collapsed and slid in to this vehicle. A slight bump and the back collapsed and I was being pushed on a rather loud surface. The doors slammed shut and I heard the girls talking as both side doors opened and slammed shut, what was happening here? A motor starting, movement, we are now on our way to a destination of some sort, what am I to expect next?

We have reached our destination, I hear something mechanical opening up as we pass through it, and I hear it closing behind us as we continue to move on. We make a few turns and then come to a stop, both doors open and the ladies get out, I can hear them joking as they reach the back of the vehicles doors, they open and I feel the table being pulled out, I hear Lorene telling Jen to roll up the door, it sounded like a garage door being opened. They slide me out and I hear the table wheels hit the ground; they push me inside, the doors slam shut. I hear a man’s voice walking up as Lorene whispers to me, don’t make a sound or else. The man’s voice sounded familiar, who was it? I then realized that it was there friend from the storage place, he asks, what are you two up to?

Jen quickly tells him that there going to do a little fabric work, and that they would try to keep the noise down, he laughs as I hear him walk away. Then I hear the garage door being closed and a locking sound shortly followed. Once inside they removed what was covering me, then they removed my Blindfold, as my eyes focused I could see that we were in their storage bin. The ladies came over and unfastened all the straps that held me to the table; they then got me off the table and in to a standing position. Me still in two Mummy bags as Lorene holds me up, I tried to squirm around but it was unsuccessful.

Jen came over to help Lorene quickly pushed me back so that I was sitting on the large white monstrosity that we left in the center of the storage bin. Lorene and Jen got up on it and got me back into the standing position once again, pushing me back I was now leaning against there fabric machine. I then felt my upper body being pulled and tied to what I was now leaning against, they continued to tie me up all the way down until they reached my ankles. I was now secured to that ugly white fabric machine. I see Lorene go over to where all the fabric was piled and she reaches for this roll of material with a cheetah pattern on it, she then brings it over and smiles at Jen and says this should be perfect for what’s next.

Lorene instructs Jen to un-zip the back zipper where my Ass was and to wait for her, while she loads the machine; I watched as Lorene climbed up onto the machine and drops this roll of material down this long extended arm which went right to the bottom. Lorene jumps down and goes over to this bag that I didn’t notice before and pulls out this rather large chrome looking thing with wires coming from it, she walked over to me with it in her hands and said, look what we have here Jim. Looking at it I could see that it looked heavy, had ridges in it and that it was curved.

Jen started pouring this Gel like stuff onto it and disappeared behind me. I feel this thing pushing my Ass cheeks apart, what can I do, I couldn’t move I had to take it. I could feel the ice cold lubricant starting to penetrate my Ass as one of them moved it and turned it pushing it in a little at a time, my moans and grunts got louder as they pushed it in deeper, finally the lubricant began to do its job and it began to go in easier, one last push a loud moan escaped from my mouth as it completely went in. They then zipped up the rear entry zipper, came around the front and asked, how does that feel laughing? I only moaned and squirmed as they continued to laugh.

The outer Mummy bag had a zipper in front instead of the custom elastic holes that were made for my Cock and Balls that were in the first bag. Lorene pulled the zipper down and pulled out my Cock and Balls, Jen walked over with this other bag in her hands and put it down and started pulling out all these gadgets that had wiring coming from them. Jen handed Lorene this one toy that had a long rubber tube on it and a brass connector. I didn’t know what it was, but they seemed to have a lot of there own toys to play with. I looked down as I felt Lorene fondling my balls, which she did for several minutes, relaxing me and working them towards the bottom of my sack. Taking that rubber tube toy, I felt Lorene taking one of my balls and putting the tube around it and pulling it tight, I moan in pain as she took the other ball and wraps the other part of the tubing around that ball, I continued to squirm as that one was pulled tight, I then feel the tubing being put around my sack and being pulled tight. Jen jokingly saying, that should keep him from cumming for a while.

Bending over Jen reaches into the bag and looks at Lorene and says, my turn to add something, she pulls out this silicone looking sleeve type thing that was probably about three and a half inches long and it had a line of tiny steel buttons on it and two wires hanging from it, Lorene says to her, great choice. Jen smiling at me turns to Lorene and says the ball bondage is working. I am going to have to arouse him to put this one on, with that thought I could feel him starting to twitch a bit. Lorene tells her once you get him hard put it on him immediately and it will keep him hard and the silicone will let him grow harder and larger depending on what we do. Just then Lorene tells Jen to wait a moment as Lorene reaches into the bag again and gets out this tube of lube, then this silicone ring, Ok Sweetie you can start, but before you sleeve him, I am going to push this ring to the base of his shaft; I am lubing him up now.

Jen then takes her hand and starts to play with my balls, squeezing them and rolling them in their bondage, it was painful at first then it seemed like I might have been enjoying it. He becomes rather Erect and Hard as Lorene stands in front of me and pushes this new Cock ring down my shaft until it was completely at the base of my shaft, then Jen using both hands starts opening this stretchy silicone sleeve, now with the Cock ring at the base of my shaft I was Hard as a rock, Jen then stretches the sleeve wide open and starts working it down my shaft, she starts at the base releasing the opening as she works it up towards the top of my shaft until it was just under the head of my Cock, I could feel the tightness of the sleeve constricting my shaft.

Lorene then started hooking up all the wires that were hanging to this larger box, the box had a lot of knobs on it and a lot of lights. Then Jen jumps up on the machines pedestal and ask Lorene to give her the end of the Cheetah material, she pulls it around me and stretches it around the support pole which I am tied to, I could feel it getting tighter as Lorene pulls the looseness out of it and fastened it to the support pole. Jen looks up at me and says, me and Lorene have a job to do and that’s why we brought you here, we knew that this machine and the toys would keep you busy until we returned; we couldn’t pass this job up.

As they started to walk away Lorene turns around smiling and tells me, Oh yeah’ we forgot to let you in on a few things, we will be back to deal with you in probably around two or three hours at the most, but we have something’s setup to keep you aroused if you’re a bad boy, so definitely be careful on what your choices are. They roll up the garage type door and Jen shuts out the lights, turning on another switch the storage bin went to a red glow inside, they both waved as they pulled the door down, I could hear them locking it with a pad lock. I listened as I could hear their van pulling away, this is arousing I thought, but then again it was totally getting weird now, and what were they talking about when they left. This isn’t right I thought, but again I was still aroused by the thought and effort that they invested in this Fantasy. I looked around to see if anything looked different to me, but I didn’t. I then looked at this machine that I was bound to with a Cheetah print material wrapped around me and the other end on a roll that was slid over some sort of pipe, looking at the material I could see that it went from my neck all the way down to my ankles, didn’t know what to make of it.

Then I thought to myself this was all great but I was getting a little frustrated and that I was ready to call it quits. Well I decided to try and get loose, needless to say that it wasn’t a great idea, I started to squirm around as much as I could, only to find out that it was what they were waiting for, as I moved the box lights up nice and bright and started to hum a bit, me being startled I squirmed even more. When I did I felt the curved steel thing that was up my Ass starting to pulse, slow at first then when I squirmed more it sped up, it was amazing, the faster it went the more I squirmed, I couldn’t help it. Then the Ball Bondage started to stimulate me, I thought that it must be all timed out, my Balls were being stimulated and fondled with know one there, I stopped moving around thinking that it would all stop, but it was already set in motion. I could feel my Shaft filling the sleeve and getting tighter by the second, then the Cock ring at the base of my shaft started going, now with everything on I couldn’t help but move rather violently.

When I did I heard this loud noise and then the Fabric machine started to vibrate, I squirmed even more to get loose, and then as I tried harder to get out I look as the roll of fabric is starting to move in a counterclockwise motion, moving slow, but moving. The Cheetah fabric that they fastened around me started to get tighter around me, I struggled and the roll started to go around me even faster, as it did my Cock was being flattened to my groin area. I realized that I was being cocooned in this material, as I struggled and the toys reacted to my movements and I was getting so aroused and horny that I could feel myself going through the motions of Cumming again, yet everything seemed too tight to Cum. This went on for several times afterwards until finally everything shut off and I relied on that Cheetah fabric to hold me up as my head dropped and the red lights went out and I fell asleep.

As morning came I was woken by the sound of the lock being moved around, I could see that it was already sunny out because of the light under the door. I was hoping that it was them and not management or someone else even. The lock was finally opened and the door was being raised, please be them, please be them, I repeated to myself. As the door lifted up I could see that it was them, they smiled and laughed at what they saw as they pulled the door down behind them. I couldn’t help getting aroused again as they were both wearing Tight Dresses and Heels again, this time Lorene was in this Black Velour dress with was one sleeved and she had on these black pantyhose with a design on them, her Heels were laced up her ankles over the pantyhose, my she was sexy looking. Jen to looked extra special, wearing a White Sweater dress that was really tight and had a turtle neck, No pantyhose but White Stilettos that matched her dress totally.

They walked up to me and Jen started to rub where my Cock was, I was already aroused by seeing them, now this. I couldn’t help but think to myself, how long can this go on, how many times can I get off, but then I thought every time they gave me something to drink it may have been something to stimulate me, how was I to know? Lorene reaching into there bag retrieves a pair of scissors, my eyes were getting big I guess because Jen said Oh’ look pointing at my face. Lorene then pinches the cheetah fabric right at the base of my shaft and cuts a hole; I felt the cool air on him as she finished cutting the hole. Already hard and erect Lorene worked her two fingers into the small hole and gets a hold of him and starts to work him through the material, I started to squirm as she got him all the way out.

Lorene looking at Jen says, No mess, it worked. I thought, I know I came several times, how can that be? As my squirming continued and as Lorene was holding him I felt that Anal stimulation again, it was different this time, I can’t do this again I thought, shaking my head from side to side. Lorene looks up at me and tells Jen he’s saying No I think, really Jim, well were not quite finished with you just yet. Lorene takes him and starts to give me a hand job, as I kept my erection at full swing Lorene stopped and removed the silicone sleeve, and then she continued where she left off. Feeling totally helpless still wrapped up in this material and fastened to the machine I was doomed. Lorene finally stopped and asked Jen should we take him down from it now, Jen quickly says No’ I want to make him Cum standing up first, Lorene looking at Jen tells her ok, but we don’t want him to release anything, if you know what I mean.

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